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REShow: Joey Chestnut/Michael Mann - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 24, 2022 3:24 pm

REShow: Joey Chestnut/Michael Mann - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 24, 2022 3:24 pm

World champion competitive eater and 15-time Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest winner Joey Chestnut tells Rich his reaction to the viral video of a Yankees fan using a hot dog as a beer straw and vows to give it a shot tonight at a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field, reveals which is the only food he won’t eat in a speed-eating contest and more.

Oscar-nominated director and writer Michael Mann and Rich discuss ‘Heat 2’ the book sequel to his acclaimed 1990’s movie ‘Heat,’ reveals what he learned about and from Muhammad Ali while making ‘Ali,’ and does a deep dive into the making ‘Heat’ with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in a round of ‘Celebrity True or False.’

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The Rich Eisen Show
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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. The Rich Eisen Show put it all together live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Kyrie Irving decides you know what I don't think I'm gonna get that money elsewhere. I'll just go back. Durant says you know what I'm out.

Oh you know what I'll just go back. Earlier on the show, Falcons head coach Arthur Smith. Coming up, 15-time hot dog eating contest champion Joey Chestnut, four-time Oscar nominee, author and director Michael Mann, Patriots safety Devin McCourty, senior NBA insider for the athletic Shom Sharania and now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air right here on NBC, pardon me I know I do that, right here on slash Rich Eisen Show. The number of times I would go on NFL Network in the beginning days of NFL Network and say this is Sports Center. I did it all the time. That's two years after Peacock.

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We're assuming you're doing that on a desktop and the Roku channel is available at and it's free there too. And we're starting in September. We'll give you the exact date in short order. 844-204-rich is the number to dial here on this program. The director of the brilliant movie Heat in 1995. Here in 2022, Michael Mann decided to write and publish a sequel. Heat 2 is the number one bestseller atop the New York Times novel best-selling list and he is going to be joining us in about 15 minutes time right here on the program. Shams Sharania will be joining us in hour number three.

He's the one that first popped out there the news that everything was back in order in Brooklyn. That Durant was no longer demanding a trade and he's back and Shams will be joining us in the studio, pardon me, at the top of hour number three to tell us how that happened and what the Nets said to Durant. And then coming up after him Devin McCourty steps off of the practice field in Las Vegas where the Patriots are getting set to take on the Raiders and they're practicing together. McDaniels and Belichick can't quit each other. They can't quit each other.

Never. And so that is another order of business that will be discussed with Devin McCourty when he joins us in just about an hour plus time. So we kick off hour number two recapping our top story from yesterday. Somebody at Yankee Stadium drank a beer through a hot dog.

That was our top story yesterday. This gentleman decides to pop a hole in the top and bottom of a hot dog using a straw. Doesn't waste the innards. Sucks them out even though he doesn't use the straw. He uses the hot dog to drink the beer and a lot of people think it's fake but you could see some of the beer going down.

You could see some of the beer going down a little bit. He sees the beer going down but you yesterday, Jason Feller, took the approach that drinking the beer through a hot dog using the beer as a makeshift straw was in fact genius. We put up the poll question is this man a madman or a genius? And the final results of that was it finally came through 82 madman over 3000. Exactly yeah and you Jason Feller said you know what I think it's genius I'm going to try it tonight.

Yes. At home and at that point in time chiming in from his home where he works expertly handling the digital process of the Rich Eisen show which is anybody who sees all these videos on YouTube right here as soon as it's over. They don't get done unless Shawn Mitchell's handling it and Shawn Mitchell decided to try it himself. He said I'm going to do it in Dodger Stadium. He's going to do it in an actual major league baseball stadium and I predicted you can't do it with a Dodger dog. Now people here in Los Angeles love their Dodger dogs to the point of they're mad they're mad men about it. They're crazy. If you ever say the Dodger dog isn't all that. Oh they go nuts. Los Angeles people think that oh blasphemous.

You might as well change staples to crypto. That's how they handle it like you're you're it's an affront to them. And I said you know a Dodger dog is too thin and the bun around it is too it's it's it's it's kind of like wet like the the heat of the the wrapping just totally makes it thin and it makes it very difficult and you're not going to get it done. So here's a video Shawn Mitchell you could see it the hot dog's already falling apart the straw is like midway through and he tries to jam it through and then it comes out the middle and it's just it's just it I mean he couldn't even get he couldn't even get halfway there. Blame it on the straw blame it on the hot dog but he just decided we're not doing it and um it just I'll be honest with you for those on the radio it looks like a freaking catheter it just doesn't look good at all honestly and you don't you shouldn't turn baseball fans into urologists on the spot so he just aborted the mission over over done you however Mr. Feller you created the video but you didn't you didn't show us punching the top and the bottom of your hot dog that you boiled you boiled the hot dog I boiled it yeah okay you boiled the hot dog and um here is the result of Jason Feller having already punctured the the wiener by the way which is I do believe a uh the the second album after smelling the glove by Spinal Tap uh this is the fruits if you will of Jason Feller's labor. All right so this is take two because it turns out that uh it's not that easy to push the straw through and that guy at western pro so I got my Hebrew nationals here sticking with the tribe and Heineken so second attempt here the first one I got nothing out of here oh my god oh my god and once again there's nothing coming through here so it feels disgusting it's starting to taste disgusting then it is disgusting so I don't need to do this ever again thank you for watching there you go that's your ted talk right there thanks for coming to the the uh the j talk so um no longer genius right no I don't think it's genius anymore at all horrible I think it's fake you think it's fake yeah it was so hard to get that straw through there took multiple this guy this guy just popped it in and popped it in but it was much thinner you guys used much thicker straws this guy it seemed like one of those like stirrers from a coffee cup I don't know if it's in the I don't know if it's in the it could be in the hand motion it could just be maybe this guy's a surgeon maybe he's just used to using his hands delicately I don't know but all I know is the man used a hot dog as a straw and when we talked about this on the show yesterday we we were saying we need one man's opinion on whether this is a foul if this is in fact a blasphemous use of the hot dog the man who is the champion of planet earth of consuming hot dogs in the shortest amount of time the champion eater right chris proppin correct he is the greatest competitive eater in the history of mankind joey chestnut here on the mercedes-benz van's phone line on the rich eisen show how you doing joey doing good good good to be on with you okay so did you see this video of this gent using the hot dog as a straw and sucking a beer through it have you seen this video joey chestnut oh I've seen it I was uh I was shocked and amazed also okay yeah it was ridiculous okay so what is your thoughts sir as a man who has made his name on many foods competitively eating them but the hot dog being the one that's you're most known for your thoughts on the use of the hot dog in this manner is what joey oh it's uh just just because he can do it doesn't mean he should be allowed to uh it's it's just because he might have those special hands that can do it it's ridiculous and uh yeah it's I think oh my god I mean I've eaten some gross things and I've eaten I've eaten hot dogs in weird ways so I don't judge people very often but that that's just that's not a line have you ever have you ever um used a hot dog for anything other than just eating it joey no no I haven't used it to help me eat other uh other things or but uh yeah it's it it dang it man yeah I catch myself because I do weird things and I dunk the buns in water to help them go down fast yes you do so uh so it's hard for me to I usually don't cast judgment but uh it's still wrong so wrong to use it as a straw so if instead of it that was our poll question yesterday genius madman is this guy a genius or a madman you would have voted what oh madman I don't know so is the competitive eating world up in arms over this joey chestnut is it I don't think we're up well up in arms uh so up and gullet are you up and gullet over it is that what it is up an esophagus over it's not joey it's not turning our stomachs or anything uh but we yeah I think we I think I think it's gonna go away I think uh I'm a little bit curious I want to I want I kind of want to know what the beer tasted like going through the hot dog the hot dog straw will you do this for me then joey if even though you have said you're you're offended by it would you attempt it would you at least attempt it video it and send it to us so we could see joey chestnut do it and tell us your opinion of whether in fact you've had your opinion changed or not will you will you do that joey for us yeah you know I'll give it a go I'm going to a cup game tonight oh so you're gonna do it yeah you're gonna do it in wriggly field I'll do it in wriggly field oh my god yes all right can you you have to you have to send it to us at rich isin show and then we will we will see and you gotta you gotta include your thoughts you gotta include your thoughts if this works or not if this is something that you uh would endorse a joey chestnut blue check mark or not will you do that for us please okay you know this is the way to do it I shouldn't knock it without trying it and uh but yeah I'm gonna give it a go well do your do yourself a favor take your time don't rush it okay take your time there's no there's no contest here we just needed to again we've attempted it and it might just be the straw being the issue um and I don't think clearly it'll be your your intake that won't be the issue you've never seemed to have a problem with that but we need to see that joey maybe maybe if I can cut the straw at an angle and that way I can kind of rotate it to almost saw through it see you're the genius you're the you're the professional clearly right here that's not a bad idea because then then it then it can actually get in there interesting yeah it's like a needle like you wouldn't have a needle that doesn't have an angle on it oh man 15-time nathan's hot dog eating contest winner the greatest champion competitive eater of all time joey chestnut you are going to attempt this in regular in the friendly confines what are the play what an iconic spot an iconic spot are you a cups fan or you're just in chicago I'm just going to chicago yeah what are you eating there where do you what am I doing I'm judging a hamburger uh cooking contest and they're pairing the hamburgers with uh setter home wine so okay we're gonna I guess I guess I'm gonna be eating burgers drinking wine and then uh eating a hot dog with a as a straw I love it this will be great so you know I have just a couple questions for you joey chestnut I've always wondered now that I have a an opportunity here so when you just go out to dinner do you do you have the urge to eat it fast or can you actually savor a meal can you do that joey it's weird like yeah I'm not eating like contest speed but I'll I'm definitely eating a little bit faster it's like it's like a race car driver driving on a nice road right they're they're they're not going to drive exactly the speed limit they they like they like the way the car feels they like the way the road feels okay they're gonna go faster I like I like the I like to eat I like to eat and uh when it's tasting good it's gonna go down fast okay so you can't so it's do you have difficulty savoring what you're sitting there and eating um what what about this yeah sorry joey go ahead it did yeah I would I mean I'm never gonna let the food get cold understood I I'll slow down for restaurant situations what about yeah socially so you are you're a socially decent eater is what you're saying socially yeah yeah I can hold back that said uh joey let's say you are are you married joey I'm engaged you're okay okay engaged again okay very good don't rush the altar obviously um so um so let's just say you and your uh your fiance having a meal your food comes first do you wait for the food to arrive for for your fiance before you start or do you just see it and you just got such a pavlovian reaction you got to consume it on the spot no I know I'm a gentleman I'll definitely wait a professional and a gentleman joey chestnut yeah okay those are those are other issues I have uh questions another one is is there anything you won't eat competitively something you're just like I just will not do it what do you think oh my gosh every year there's a contest in new orleans one of the best cities in the world and uh it's it's and I and I love I want to go to it but it's uh it's raw oysters and I just can't bring myself to it is it the consistency is that what it is it's a consistency the salt and just the thought I mean I can have a couple oysters especially when you put some lemon on there and salt and some sauce on there some hot sauce but uh but even in a contest you know it would be like it'd be like 10 pounds of oysters and just it would be gross uh okay I hear you what what does a 75th hot dog taste like joey oh my god it tastes like victory it tastes like victory well we we will be uh flying the w tonight to use a wriggly phrase once we receive your video joey of you doing what we saw in yankee stadium and either agreeing that this is in fact a good way to use a hot dog even though you currently don't believe so or it confirms your belief that this is a blasphemous use of a hot dog by consuming it as a uh beer using it as a straw I can't wait to see that tonight joey I'm gonna give it yeah I'm gonna give it a try okay well good luck on labor day you're in the main one of the majors right one of the one of the season's majors the buffalo wing fest yeah the buffalo wing eating yeah and buffalo yeah uh it's sunday lay live sunday before labor day it's uh yeah buffalo wing fest buffalo wings last year I lost by two wings yeah miko pseudo got you by two right you had 244 unbelievable g8 246 my gosh and then on september 24th you're going to compete in the cases pork roll eating championship in uh the seat of power of new jersey trenton um and you're defending your title of 45 pork rolls in 10 minutes is that true you got that yeah oh absolutely that that one's it yeah you only get pork roll in new jersey and it's actually pretty delicious and you're fresh off of a 24 ounce well 32 24 ounce cups of popcorn in eight minutes at a minor league baseball game you set a record there too that just happened a couple of days ago just last night my mouth is still raw from it uh it all those kernels are actually you got something in one of those back molars came up during this chat maybe I don't know yeah I've been I've lost twice since then and things are still coming out joey I appreciate you um taking the time here and in advance I look forward to seeing that uh video tonight uh at rich eyes and show is all we ask thank you sir appreciate that it sounds like it we got this all right we got it we're gonna be looking for it chestnut here on the rich eyes and show is going to drink a beer through a hot dog at wriggly field tonight you're welcome cubs fans you're welcome somewhere looking down from heaven it's harry carrey saying I wish I could do that oh my gosh let's take a break let's go from this to michelman what a segue let's talk heat we'll talk heat when we come back if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business that's true when your business is growing fast and even more true when there's a lot of uncertainty inflation is running rampant supply chains are clogged and the labor market is tight what does that mean for margins well not every business is in the dark over 31,000 businesses know their numbers because they use net suite by oracle the number one cloud financial system net suite gives you visibility and control of your financials planning budgeting and of course inventory so you can manage risk get reliable forecasts and improve margins net suite helps you identify rising costs as well helps you automate your manual business processes and see where to save your money know your numbers know your business and get to know how net suite can be the source of truth for your entire company right now net suite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to slash rich pod right now slash rich pod it's slash rich pod back here on the rich eisen show terrestrial radio network we all love the movie heat so when this book heat 2 came out and hit the bestseller list we said to michael man would you like coming on the show and he did exactly that from italy where he's on the set of his new movie ferrari star-studded film here's my chat with the great michael man joining me here on the rich eisen show is a very busy man who is in the midst of a terrific year after directing the pilot episode of tokyo vice which is picked up for season two on hbo max but in addition to that joining us from italy where he's directing his new film ferrari amidst having the number one book on planet earth for best-selling novels heat 2 the director of heat from back in the day and the author of heat 2 michael man how are you doing sir i'm doing very i'm doing well thank you i would definitely say you're doing well i mean you're having uh you're having a terrific year congratulations on that thank you let me just jump into it what why heat 2 you know you you wrote it with meg gardner um but why jump into this at this point of your career um well it never really left me i mean i never the characters were were uh vivid they had vast lives before the events of the 90 1995 film uh i was always fascinated about you know how to project them further into the evolving transforming nature of uh of uh you know professional organized crime the way the world works in 95 is not the way the world works and you know 2022 or as far as that goes 2000 when when this when the sequel takes place 2002 in other words those those patterns patterns of transnational organized crime for example were emerging the dark web was emerging in 2000 2002 so um um basically in the word the the movie heat is a slice of these lives and there's a there was a lot before and there's a lot about after so um and what tends to happen when you go as deep into characters as i like to and as the actors i work with like to they really become alive they become their own kind of living entities and uh so you never really you never really leave it and so this story in in the novel picks up uh where we left off or at least part of the story does there's flashbacks and of course there's the present day as well where al pacino's character vincent hannah is searching for val kilmer's character who as we all know um his wife gives him the high sign to not come upstairs at the end of heat and he ends up escaping is that is that a story that you you've had in your brain ever since the end of heat is that is that what that though that part's new what the one heat makes reference to hannah's work in chicago in in the in the 80s um and it says he went after franky yonder at one point who was a uh was a home invader not this home invader not love wardell and and you know as i research other projects or we're working through things you find arenas whether it's batam or chudat-lestay which we location scouted and did some shooting in the miami vice and so all these these these things are kind of rattling around and and the idea of driving this story into it with particularly particularly shaharlas character because shaharlas was post-modern the the new mccauley was very much a modernist kind of character he had rules and regulations for himself and if he deviated from them the outcome was bad he almost determined his own fate uh because he got spontaneous and once he got spontaneous he made the mistake of going for wingrau and that undid him in effect shaharlas just seems to skate on by so in that sense he always felt to me very much like a character for the new millennium and so the idea of um of shaharlas i can't divorce him from vale kilmer in my mind the idea of shaharlas moving forward into a whole new area where where everything changes i say everything changes it's like as good as these guys were in 1995 they were basically being 19th century bandits holding up banks so the sophistication of what they did was no different than it could have been the 1880s they could have told the same story of bank robbers um but when you move into the new millennium everything's different you know through you know through the through the zeros and the odds and um and to sort of bring this push to push the story the stories into this you know exciting new world this territory that to me was is unexplored and very very exciting exactly for that reason michael man the director of heat and now the author co-author of the new top best-selling novel on planet earth atop the new york times bestseller list heat 2 here on the rich eisen show so you are very well known for your research going into a film and before i dive head first back into heat um with you i i do want to ask you what you learned about muhammad ali that you perhaps didn't already know going into ali in 2001 michael man uh everything uh it was spending time spending time with muhammad he was you know he was there during uh all the pre-production which went on for eight months all of the shooting uh that we did in the states because of the parkinsons he couldn't travel or he'd have been in africa as well uh recreating their world the the the i mean everybody's gone the angela dundee is gone harvard bingham is gone but you know harvard bingham angela dundee and muhammad ali they were working with them we were able to build the world and and uh the role that angela dundee had along with a couple of other terrific trainers and training will will uh you know becoming a boxer after eight or nine months of uh five days a week training in the gym we built but but the the uh the parts of ali that i did know um before i met him had to do with the fact that i'm one year younger than he was and and what infuriated him in 1967 infuriated me and many other young men and women of my generation so living through the 60s in particular which is where we focus a lot that's that's something we had in common i'm not black i'm not african-american you know i know the south side of chicago uh you know to to um to understand uh to understand why he had a problem with his father painting white jesus for a black church i get it and that's the kind of understanding is difficult to get to but but it's but it's it's that's the that's the necessary voyage to try to under put myself to try to put myself in muhammad ali's shoes and and see through uh see through his eyes as much as i'm capable but there were a lot of surprises along the way he was very aware of third world national liberation front struggles had to do with who the editor of the nation of islam was in the 60s who happened to be very political and knew knew and wrote about those struggles so it'd be so and so's happened ashley opened up on 64th street on the front page three pages in it's about the struggle of for struggles in angola and mosambique um so the world that he was alive to and the bringing himself to who shall i uh i was everywhere champion the world i'm representative and how shall i be representative to my people in effect uh you know and and then and then and then the expansion of that and to everybody rising up from below that journey of a quest for identity um or the representation um you know that's um to me that's what the that's what the movie was about and uh spent a lot of time talking about that there was a beautiful movie it was remarkable and i'm just wondering you you've worked with so many all-time greats michael and you've been there and you've done that but what was it like for you to have muhammad ali walk into a room where you walk into his for the first time with your his world his story and your care and your hands and talk to him about that what was your feeling walking into that room and having it was it was a lot it was awesome i mean it was it was extraordinary and and uh i wouldn't have been able to do it without howard bingham and he was ali was one of my all-time heroes from early 60s along with two other guys i want to uh work with american indian movement um and no it was it was hard it's hard to describe it was quite extraordinary and then ali spoke very softly howard had a little bit of a stutter and i had some difficulty hearing what ali was saying so the three of us together yes we're the same conversations but we met i think at first meeting i had with them he was in las vegas yeah so uh let's get to uh a little bit of heat if you don't mind um and on my program um we have a segment called celebrity true or false where i've called um things that have been written about either a person or a film and um i've got some some heat celebrity true or false that i'd like to hit and you tell me what's true and what's not if you don't mind michael man we'll play that game with you right now celebrity true or false you can't handle the truth first up for you is true or false heat was originally something that you created in the late 70s and wound up making originally or attempting to is a television series called la takedown is that true or false that's false uh the heat screenplay pre-existed la takedown and i i extracted the la takedown script from heat and could have thought about making a television series but got into a disagreement about casting the lead and then and by reply i owned it so i was able to retain all the rudge and so uh what was the casting conundrum back in the day for television uh there was a uh i was very very close friends with brandon tardikoff who ran nbc at the time and there was one actor who i was interested in having play one role and brandon i had a very friendly amicable disagreement and i decided you know what let's just leave it alone and not do the series and then so you just kept the script and and and is it true i retain i retain i retain the rights and the but the heat script that pre-existed la takedown didn't have the current heat ending and it wasn't until i discovered that ending that i was able to say oh this whole thing clicks in and i want to do it as a movie so how did you discover the heat ending michael man uh something analogous to hitting yourself on the head with a hammer for one period of time and that you finally you get i get it you know it's just i don't uh it had to do with that last image and and the fact and and the idea of of counterpoint or or or like a fugue in music where the uh that of that deniro's character noble cali is writing out of existence into death and is fortunate enough to be in contact with the only other person in his universe who understands him as completely and that also at one the same time is also the man who killed him and that both are true and both are there at 100 percent and and so that then gave me the idea that i want to be when i'm with hannah i want them to apprehend mccauley 100 when i'm with mccauley i want them to evade hannah 100 and then the challenge can you make all that happen at the same time and then take audience and move them from each character and every time you're with that particular character you are empathetically completely connected to that character even though in in regards to story or plot they're totally oppositional they have oppositional ambitions to each other what they want in the world of the film is completely in contradiction to other characters you're also empathetically connected to so that structure was very exciting a very exciting challenge uh for me and it came from the end image then reverse engineered back into the rest of the screenplay via rewriting and so if this is not a challenge enough you decided to shoot it at lax at night with planes landing how did how did you come up with that and what were the logistical i guess uh trappings that you had to run there one additional trapping was there was also the week the unibomber threatened to blow up lax come on no really and then and then to really put total coincidence work the person who obviously had a role in in dealing with the unibomber discovering his location was lol bergman from the insider from the insider yeah oh my gosh that is uh you can't make that up no uh did you i mean who did you have to run that through to say hey i want to shoot something with planes flying overhead and and i imagine that that that you didn't have an unlimited time frame in which to shoot that michael man right well we had well a fantastic location manager who i still work with i just had a meeting with about 25 minutes ago janice pauli managed to get us permission to shoot on the approach to the runways and then when the unibomber threatened to blow up lax she worked magic and we were able to still allow to still shoot there oh my gosh next one for you and uh i guess heat celebrity true or false michael man the pacino dinero diner scene was raw done at dinero's suggestion without any rehearsal before you shot it on set is that you were false that's false the we when when we were in pre-production and we were doing rehearsals all of us were of a mind that no you don't rehearse this scene this scene particularly artists like al and bob you don't the worst thing you could possibly do was rehearse a scene like that feel you nailed it in the rehearsal you'll never get back to that when you're shooting and so you want magic to happen when you're when you're when when you're actually not just filming it but when you're filming it and you're and and you walk towards that groove where it's gonna happen and take five six seven or eight something like that you don't want it to happen on take one because there could be a can a technical flaw or something wrong with the camera so you know film is wonderful what i love about it is that selection you win with one vote you know if you have one great take that's it that's the gem and it'll never quite be that way again so you're looking for you're looking for it to be so real and magical and immediate and spontaneous and so you don't ruin it by over rehearsing a scene like that so we what we did is we discussed about the scene we didn't actually you know uh run it and if anybody spoke the lines it was kind of in a robotic monotone nobody was putting anything anything into it because we all wanted to do it you know that wants something at one time how did you get Pacino and De Niro to do it to do heat um i met i met al because jimmy kahn introduced me to him after we did thief uh i didn't know bob very well art linson did and then and bob and i met a couple times and you know they had never really worked together in the same film at the same time and um they read the script and yes was the answer and you know and and then we put together what became i think a spectacular ensemble cast and everybody it was like an ensemble company val will show up on days he wasn't working to see what bob or al was doing and john voit was considered as significant and on exactly the same stellar plane as bob and al you know and and you know that was that was the feeling around around the making of the film was quite wonderful and then a future oscar winner and natalie portman is the as the daughter i mean when you when you when you take a look back at it now also the cast actually is even better than i guess or or more accomplished now when you look back at it uh dennis hayesburg michael t williamson i mean it's you know who's a close friend you know it's a couple more here for you michael man true or false to prepare for the film by the way michael t williamson's don king is brilliant it's a brilliant turn in ali yes oh no he's terrific i mean he's he's as terrific as they come uh to prepare for the film's climactic bank heist scene deniro kilmer and tom sizemore you had him case a bank in century city with the permission of bank security and then made them recount from memory the layout once they left is that true or false that's true what what what did that accomplish in your mind well you can't imagine the tension that any of us would have if you're if you're you're armed they were they were unloaded weapons but they had what they had the the gear that they were wearing in the actual bank robbery which meant they had a suit over a vest and they had unloaded weapons and they walked and they just just to walk into a bank like that the attention is extraordinary and they were there to do a job they were there to say where the security guards were standing where the cameras were how they would go in if they had to get out where the more than one x or two or three exits and basically cased the bank and the uh like i said we we did this with with the full knowledge of the bank officers or they weren't you know but there were potentially patrons in this bank that day depositing or removing or just conducting their bank business and they look up and there's robert deniro tom sizemore and val kilmer looking like they're casing a bank if not getting set to knock it off you wouldn't recognize them because with sunglasses and everything else that they had on and the hat they didn't wouldn't recognize it as the narrow it wouldn't have been tense for anybody in the bank it was very tense if you're bob or val or sizemore did they did they get the memory of the the layout proper did they nail yes yes yes they're they're they're top-notch actors okay and then last one for you um i'm friends with hank azaria he told me this story so i guess i know it's true that in the scene where uh pacino uh basically you know cajoled him and told him that uh the jig was up for him and he's not going to start working for for hannah that um hank had no idea that pacino was going to talk the way that he did and the line that he did this famous line and hank's reaction of the word jesus was legit and that's the the scene that you kept in the film that's true that's true we had a we would do things uh i mean al is fantastic and we would uh he would typically his tikes that were great tanks that we came prince were always like five six or seven five six or seven he'd hit the zone and that's where all the great takes were five six or seven and then like we did maybe do another one take eight and then he said let me do a wild one and that became a shorthand for al just basically unplug and sometimes it would be outrageous and absolutely terrible and sometimes it'd be absolutely brilliant because he wouldn't know what was going to happen and when we were we were probably 110 days into 120 days shoot by that point and so everybody was kind of you know kind of um a little bit worn out it didn't occur to me that this was hank this was his obvious first day on the show i should explain to him that what we're doing can i do it well yeah sure go ahead so hank had no idea what was coming either did i use it l but that's what that came in al didn't know that that line about the great ass he didn't know that it didn't not necessarily that was you know there was some of that was scripted but how exactly you exposed to it was going to be calm was a big surprise all right well before i let you go uh since you're very busy on the set of Ferrari um with a remarkable cast um Adam Driver Penelope Cruz, Shailene Woodley just to name three are you yourself surprised by the success of Heat 2? I'm really gratified it was a real push to to to to to to bring these stories into the worlds that it goes into and and and um uh everywhere from the kind of the kind of the you know the the the bottom levels of street life in L.A. to to the Straits of Malacca, Batam, and transnational crime in the beginning of the dark web and its significance um and uh because romance and the the the delivery of the of Val's character of Charles into into completion as a human being De Niro De Niro's Macaulay and Elle's Hannah are total self-contained characters they are arrived into their identity and in the in the sequel part of this so too does Christian Hurles played by Val Kilmer in the original arrive into into a total complete man a total complete individual in his romance with a very very unusual woman uh Anna Lou who's based on somebody I met and shit out of last day when we were shooting Miami Vice so is is there I guess I'm mandated to ask I'm sure you get this question on is this um you're gonna make a movie out of this at some point what do you think I'd love to yeah okay yes I mean that would be great you talk to Pacino about it what do you have you talked to Al about it already I'm thinking about it but this is the wrong time to be talking about who I'm thinking about okay sounds good uh all right got it um and so um I I know um the most difficult part about writing a book is selling it so I appreciate you taking the time out of another film that you're doing in Italy which I can't wait to see Ferrari I know you were a part of Ford versus Ferrari as well so clearly this is something that interests you as well Michael so I'm looking forward to seeing what you got cooking up and I appreciate you giving me the time here sir thanks so much thank you thanks you bet that's Michael Mann right here on the Rich Eisen show what a great chat man that was awesome for Heat fans that is right straight up your alley sir and ladies let's take a break um we'll uh unpack a little bit of what we just heard Shams Charania will join us to talk about what's going on with the Heat on the Nets Chromesoft the Chromesoft family of golf balls there is a Chromesoft that is out there for you that suits your game I use the Chromesoft the regular Chromesoft is what it is called because it suits so many different types of games I'm not the greatest golfer I'm I'm part of that wide range of golfers who want a better feel more distance incredible forgiveness that's what I need and and I I truly can feel the difference hitting this golf ball than another golf ball let's just say I only have one Chromesoft on the tee I might have one of those tape delayed swing and slice one into somebody's backyard my apologies bad news um and somebody flips me another golf ball that's not a Chromesoft and I'll hit it I can tell the difference and I'm not an expert at it if you're a better player there is the Chromesoft X that provides excellent spin consistency tour level short game control the Chromesoft XLS is a lower spin golf ball on longer shots you can feel a firmer feel and you get more high spin around the greens if you're expert at this and so there's a there's a Chromesoft that's right for you when you add it all up it's pretty simple Chromesoft is better for the best and better for everyone find out which Chromesoft is right for you at ChromeSoft what a great chat with Michael Mann I could have gone in so many different directions anybody who's a fan of heat if you missed it go to our YouTube stream that you're maybe watching us on Rich Eisen show will post the whole interview there as soon as this show is over so that was some neat stuff right there and coming up at top of hour number three uh Sham Sharania will join us one of the top basketball information men in the business what did the Nets say to Kevin Durant to have him just say okay that trade demand I'm rescinding it and there's a partnership now they call it a partnership which is interesting because normally it's like you know you play basketball for us and we will pay you it's part of management they're talking about partnership is that what helped sweeten the pot for him so we'll talk about that with Shams and then uh Devin McCourty of the Patriots and you if you want to join us hour three so here we are still on our YouTube stream just us chickens as our terrestrial radio audience is now listening to some very important commercials paid him back I know you you you you asked something about heat that I didn't ask him right that you you you you heard something about you said something the other day I wish I'd I'd asked him oh is it about that that Hannah had a drug habit oh yeah out of the movie entirely I had heard the reason why he's so kind of high strung and unpredictable yeah like he was supposed to be on like cocaine basically the whole movie and they kind of scrapped that from the from the from the from the film yeah which kind of explains some of his outbursts from his outbursts there's a ton of them obviously like the scene with Tone Loke and then another one of the great ass scene like another one I didn't get to um is apparently the Scheherazade character played by Val Kilmer they uh they asked Keanu Reeves first cool and he said no because he was playing Caesar and um in a play yeah oh wow the Chris character also had a huge gambling problem which is part of why he couldn't walk away I wish they would have gotten more into that but I had also heard uh they shot every scene on location somewhere in Los Angeles no sound stage is used for the whole movie I was thinking that too like what are some of the greatest Los Angeles based movies heat has got to be one of them it's way up there yeah right LA Confidential sunset boulevard I know you don't watch anything on in black and white Chris die hard obviously die hard is absolutely uh a recent one shot at the north pole I'm sorry I'm confused what else it literally takes place on Christmas Eve yeah um uh the recent movie McConaughey Lincoln Lawyer that's a great LA movie naked gun naked gun how about Friday movie Friday's a great one okay that's terrific any other good LA movies that we're forgetting well Friday too I mean Friday after next Friday where LA is kind of is kind of a star of the movie as well you know what down and out in LA right what eight days in the valley is that another one two days two days in the valley I forgot how many days there are two Charlie Staran makes it feel like it's a month though it's la la land la la land there's a great one Chinatown that won the Oscar for like five seconds but I think it was like 15 seconds yeah okay we're gonna take a couple minute break how can we forget that one that just popped in my head Pulp Fiction that's right Zed's dead baby all right we'll tell you somebody's privileges were revoked right not any we'll take a break right here on the Rich Eisen show when we come back Shams Charanio will tell us what happened with the Nets the senior NBA insider from the athletic and stadium will join us in just a couple minutes time stick with us please for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one well because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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