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REShow: Todd Archer - Hour 1

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August 25, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Todd Archer - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 25, 2022 3:13 pm

Rich reacts to the possibly season-ending injury to Dallas Cowboys OT Tyron Smith saying it pretty much guarantees the Philadelphia Eagles will now win the NFC East.

ESPN NFL Nation’s Todd Archer tells Rich how big an impact losing Tyron Smith will have on the Cowboys’ offense, why Ezekiel Elliott is still Dallas’ bell cow running back, and predicts Mike McCarthy won’t be the teams head coach next year and neither will Sean Payton. 

Rich debates joining a celebrity fantasy football league with the likes of Jon Hamm and comedian Joe Lo Truglio. 

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. And Mac you trust bro? This is the Rich Eisen Show. What's going on in the world of the offense Devin?

It's a work in progress. I've never worried about the offense. The Rich Eisen Show. Don't worry about the offense Chris. Is he off the phone yet? Uh he is.

I'm very worried. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles, today's guests. NFL analyst and founder of Sharpe Football Analysis, Warren Sharpe. ESPN Dallas Cowboys reporter Todd Archer. Comedians and activists Chad Kroger and JT Parr. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes sir it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. 844204 Rich is the number to dial here on our program. We say hello to our YouTube audience Rich Eisen Show. We also say hello to everybody out there on the Westwood One Cumulus podcast network and the also uh terrestrial radio affiliates coast to coast on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network. We say hello to you sitting on Odyssey streaming us on Odyssey as is your right. And we got a great show in store for you.

Here on the program we've got TJ Jefferson. Let's start with you. Let's light the candle first. How are you over there sir?

You doing all right? Well first I'm really liking this program. I'm really lighting the candle. This means a little bit more today because I'm lighting a candle for uh Tyron Smith and um you know I'm just sending uh if I can use a little real estate to send messages out to you know Andrew Whitworth or our buddy Mitchell Schwartz to see if maybe playing in Dallas might be something they're interested in.

Okay sounds very good. Terrific. Good to see you over there Jay Felley. How are you? What's up Rich? Good to see you and Chris Brockman will be joining us here shortly on the Rich Eisen Show. He's uh he's backstage for the moment um working on a couple of things.

844-204 Rich getting the number to dial. Here he comes. Here comes Chris Brockman. Are we up on YouTube?

Is that what's going on Christopher? We up? We good? Yeah I think we should be good.

Okay that was a conditional phrasing. You have plans to? You have uh we're expected to be? We are officially up right now.

Perfect. Well we say hello to our YouTube streamers. How are you over there Christopher? Good to see you. I'm great. Let me hit mute real quick. Okay here we go.

Very good uh 844-204 Rich being the number to dial here on the program. All sorts all good in the hood here on the program. So uh our guests today on the program we're kind of all over the map. As we should be. We are uh two I guess one would say activists uh provocateurs, comedians, uh performance artists.

All of the above. Uh podcasters. Now uh two guys who have their own Netflix show uh JT Par and Chad Kroger the good friends Chad and JT Go Deep which is available for streaming on Netflix uh starting uh coming up uh available right now. They're going to be on this program together. Won't that be interesting in hour number three.

I have no idea how that's going to go. I have a lot of questions for them uh as they have been um they've been showing up at city council meetings throughout the country quite a bit. Now they've got their own show on Netflix and they will be on on this show in hour number three. Hour number two Warren Sharp will be here. I follow him on Twitter and uh look at this book man. Warren Sharp's 2022 football preview available where all books can be acquired. This guy is as smart as they come. He talks about smart football. He's part of the ringer as well. Warren Sharp will give us his thoughts on the upcoming 2022 season and then there's Todd Archer of ESPN who broke the story that starts this program.

He's joining us in about 17 minutes time. I had this feeling about the Dallas Cowboys months ago. Their month of March and then their follow-up in April in my mind did not make them a better team. In a matter of fact if you look at what happened and the moves and losing Randy Gregory and sending Amari Cooper away and knowing that Michael Gallup wasn't returning and then their draft.

The way that I looked at it all put it all together. I thought to myself and then said into this microphone that the Cowboys did not improve themselves. As a matter of fact if I'm not mistaken that was the number three item back in June that I said I was willing and trying to talk myself into about the 2022 football season. And I said that the Cowboys were not going to be as good as last year. And now today August 25th I think something happened yesterday to confirm that the Cowboys are not as good as the team that won the division last year and then got one and done by the San Francisco 49ers. Tyron Smith their anchor at left tackle whenever he is healthy wound up hurting himself in practice yesterday and you're reading the first blush reports that Jerry Jones thought it's not that big of a deal.

Right. And you also heard that his teammates thought it wasn't that big of a deal that I guess he gave a grunt as he came off the field and his teammates can now interpret his grunts and his grunt that they thought could be interpreted was that he was going to be okay. He's very far from okay to use the Pulp Fiction phraseology and it appears he might have his 2022 playing privileges revoked by the injury gods. My colleague from the NFL media group Ian Rappaport adding more information to what Todd Archer and Adam Schefter reported yesterday that it was a feared to be a significant leg injury perhaps his knee and as it turns out it was his hamstring his left hamstring torn and according to Ian Rappaport where it tore was not in the middle of it it tore off the bone as it as it attaches to the back of his knee and that sounds as awful or is it sounds pretty awful and it probably is as awful as it sounds so 2022 may be done for them so it goes from Tyron Smith to Tyler Smith and that's the kid that they drafted 24th overall out of Tulsa and they're planning on putting them at left guard because oh by the way their offensive line totally different than last year now. We all know Lyle Collins he's now in Cincinnati Connor Williams gone and now Tyron Smith just take a look at how this team performs without Tyron Smith and how they perform when he's there. Totally different team.

Yeah. Any Cowboy fan will tell you that obviously when you change your anchor left tackle to somebody else there's going to be a problem anchor left tackle to somebody else there's going to be a problem or a or a defrayment of consistency. That's the way to put it like you won't have the same consistency at the position but this guy has been such a major part of the reason why the Cowboys year in and year out are favorites to win their division and he's not there and I don't know man you could sit here and say we'll have him back in December. Okay good to know but this kid out of Tulsa they were planning on putting him at left guard and now they're going to have to put him out there on that island of the left tackle position and here we go here come the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Also with some awesome troubles. I know but they but okay I'm just putting it everybody's got offensive line problems too my Jets they're they're gonna have to reconfigure but happens outside more than what the Cowboys have. No Amari Cooper, no Cedric Wilson, no Michael Gallup, no Tyron Smith. I mean seriously Smith I mean seriously this is part of the reason why I I'm screw it I'll just say it right now I was gonna wait till the first week of the season or the the week leading up I'm choosing the Eagles to win the division this seals it for me I'm choosing the Philadelphia Eagles to win this division I think they have more of a chance to win it I understand who Dak is I understand who Jalen Hurts is becoming but I look at the weapons that the Eagles have on wide receiver I can't believe I'm saying it but I'm saying it they're better what the Cowboys have and I know CeeDee Lamb everyone is expecting him to have a breakout season who's I mean is Dak going to be upright long enough to find him and why wouldn't somebody shade their defense his way every single time you're gonna put your best corner on him and then you'll maybe maybe you'll shade your safety if there's a problem everybody knows where they're where Dak's gonna be looking and I like the way the Eagles have built their defense I like the Eagles running game I like the way that the Eagles are playing they made the playoffs last year themselves the Eagles had as many playoff victories last season as the Cowboys having both made it this is significant to say the least and for it to happen now I mean Tyron Smith is gonna Tyler Smith pardon me that that's that's the the phrase that I heard for the first time when I came into the NFL every day day in and day out the Parcells phrase you got to drop your drop your Huggies is what he would always tell rookies drop your Huggies real fast he's gonna have to drop his Huggies like right away our buddy John McLean is saying that Jerry should call up the Texans and try to get Laramie Tunsell how many times there's a team going to trade Laramie Tunsell it seems like he could be got for a first-round pick maybe a player in there I don't know they they seem to think they're they're believing in their who they got but here comes Shaq Barrett first up put up the uh put up the Cowboys schedule if you don't mind wow you want to take it to the crack at this tj stop it's Tom Brode no no no no it's it's gonna stay first up first up it's TB12 coming in okay with Evans and it looks like Godwin and Russell Gage and Leonard Fournette and they do have their own offensive line problems that is significant as well that was all that's all I was trying to put out we also have a kind of a beast on defense too that's going to be coming for a 45 year old quarterback who's missed significant time in the off season that's all I'm saying I would just say that um I would I would trust Brady to navigate the problems with his offensive line better than what Dak will do okay I will take that so losing two starting linemen less significant okay no no you've lost three you've lost three from last year it's a totally revamped offensive line and now your best offensive lineman when healthy is no longer healthy again and then the Bengals I just say this I love he's amazing he's great but he has missed he's played 13 games the last two seasons I know so they have a lot of experience playing without him I think this is a majorly significant injury that's the way I'm looking at it and now I'm I'm putting my chips right on the Philadelphia Eagles it is their division to take it is their division to take put up that schedule one more time if you don't mind Hoskins because they take they they take no time and getting deep into playoff intense action two home games against the Bucks and the Bengals before visiting the Giants on Monday night football everybody laugh all you want about the Giants go ahead and laugh you just did okay okay here at the Rams then then it's their first first game against Philly Philly could just take everybody by the lapels snap them back and put right on the table their calling card for the season it'll be at home it'll be on Sunday night it'll be on NBC the whole country will be watching we shall see and then they hope by December really he's going to have surgery to put his hamstring back on his knee bone and we're gonna we're gonna see him we're gonna see him in what 10 weeks 12 weeks really that we're gonna do okay I hope so for your sake because he's that important he really is all right I'm putting up the poll who wins the NFC thank you put all four there let's see if there's anybody out there who wants to put their eggs in the wents basket because chase young by the way did you see that they put them on pup yeah we'll see him till week five it's awful that's quite the dust up in that defensive locker room and then you've got the Giants we'll see what they look like I've got my top five sleeper teams of 2022 all lined up for today's program and then I've got three guests of all across the landscape and then there's you at eight four four two oh four rich number to dial we say hello to everybody in the four five seven chat room we'll pay attention to what you're saying as well to us and then you could call us at eight four four two oh four rich number to dial when we come back Todd Archer of ESPN who first broke this story along with Adam Schefter what he's going to tell us is going on in that Dallas Cowboy camp because Jerry put on as you would imagine the spin and smile face that everybody's going to be good kid on campus becomes a big man on campus by the end of the year well Tyler Smith you are now on the clock a lot of people thought the Cowboys would have to bring him along slowly that thing is out the window we're back with Todd Archer in a sec back here on the Rich Eisen show terrestrial radio network along with our YouTube stream and also those who are listening in on Odyssey and our podcast listeners as well this man along with the the great Adam Schefter was the one who broke the story yesterday that Tyron Smith was significantly injured now we know it is going to keep the left tackle anchor of the makeshift changing Dallas Cowboys offensive line out for potentially the entire 2022 season on the mercedes-benz vans phone line from ESPN is Todd Archer how are you doing Todd Rich how are you I'm doing well walk me through what's going on with the Tyron Smith sir please suffered a torn hamstring off the bone in practice last night MRI first got some good news MRI hey the ACL's intact because when he went down and you saw the video on twitter it's like oh that doesn't look good but then later on you get more word and it's the torn hamstring he could have surgery as early as today meeting with Cowboys doctors might seek a second opinion as well but just I talked with Jerry Jones after his appearance on first take and he said the battle cry now is to get this taken care of and will be that much stronger when Tyron comes back at the end of the season when the Cowboys are getting ready for a playoff run so clearly Jerry says the optimism that even losing your eight-time pro bowl left tackle and replacing him with a guy that's never played left tackle potentially on your roster is still going to be all well and good for the Dallas Football Cowboys well what do you think Todd what do you think is it just Jerry putting the smiley face on and spinning things what do you think well that's what he always does right as you know but I do think there's an element of the of the people at the Cowboys that say we've played a lot of games without Tyron Smith here lately and if you look at it they're 17 and 16 without him in in in his time here with the Cowboys now the stacks tell some different stories of how effective Zeke is how effective Dak is uh when he's in and not in but they did draft Tyler Smith in the first round to be the left tackle of the future the future this night might now be September 11th against the Buccaneers and see how that works but it was interesting that Mike McCarthy when we talked to him yesterday was saying I have to starting left guard right if you had to play a game today starting left guard of economy governed not Tyler Smith and Tyler still has a lot of room to to learn and grow you don't just put rookies out there well now you might need to put them out there at left tackle uh it's uh it's not the best way for the Cowboys to start the season I mean that's it Todd I mean I guess the best laid plans the the plan was to get this kid up to speed whenever they felt comfortable putting him out there and the idea that so many people were saying on draft night is he's not going to be able to to play uh in this league without considerable seasoning and now uh one day after the coaches and we don't even know if we could hide him at the guard position which is kind of the phrase that you hear when when when a kid is not ready to be put out on the edge um that says everything doesn't it yeah and look the other options aren't aren't great either in terms of what they have in house josh ball was a fourth round pick a year ago didn't play a snap because of an ankle injury spent the year on injured reserve he's filled in for for Tyron Smith here in the preseason when Tyron's not played in the preseason games when they've worked him in and out of the first team group yeah I guess he's been okay uh but again never played in a game uh Matt let's go uh is a fifth round pick this year only returned to practice after missing about three and a half weeks with a shoulder injury he played at north dakota so you go from starting tackle at north dakota to starting tackle for the cowboys having to block and he's going to have to be a little bit more for the cowboys having to block the the Buccaneers front that's quite a leap I'm gonna have to call into the guy spent last year on the practice squad he started one game in his career I asked Jerry you know do you go look look for outside help and he's like we're we're going through all that but I really don't want to comment on it again right now what are the options that are available that are even more palatable than what you have and I guess the name of the top of the list will be Eric Fisher who played last year in Indianapolis obviously played had a long career with the Chiefs helped them get to the Super Bowl but towards Achilles before they won the game um he'd probably be the the highest name recognition uh guy out there but again what's he been doing since last season is he in shape is he ready to go so a lot of questions the cowboys have to answer and how they want to attack this yeah our friend uh down in Houston right uh John McLean tweeted out they should trade for tonsil that's what he just tweeted out I mean is there anybody available like of that name of that ill well I'd say a win in New England's a name that that has been bandied about as he could be on the on the trade market now he's supposed to make 10.4 million dollars this year and it's yes the cowboys have 21 million dollars in cap room right now but a good portion of that was being allocated to their practice squad and in season call-ups and all that so they might have to do some salary cap maneuverings to get and I'd say a win or you know I can't imagine them making a huge play for a guy like uh Laramie Tumsil especially if they believe Tyron Smith is going to be back in in December um but all options have to be on the table if you're the cowboys and if you're Jerry Jones because look we know he believes they have a team that can win so now now you go out and prove it this is why you say player acquisition is 365 days a year seven days a week well and you've kept your powder dry to steal a Jerry term now they can go out and either get the best guy or get something much better than what they have in-house ESPN NFL nation Dallas Cowboys reporter Todd Archer here on the Rich Eisen show what is the current status of the wide receiver room walk me through that right now Todd uh Shidi Lamb and the rest is basically uh what it is again the only other guy that's caught a pass from Dak Prescott in a regular season game right now is Noah Brown and I don't think he has 40 catches in his first five seasons in the league so they're they're banking on Michael and excuse me Michael Gallup not being ready to play the opener the good news there is they've not put him on pup Jerry told us yesterday they don't expect him to open the year on pup so he will be back sometime in September and not miss the first four games after tearing that ACL last January had the surgery in February so but again here's a guy that's been rehabbing the knee how much can you expect from him when he's just coming off that injury to contribute and play so much right away seems like that's that would be an issue they like Jalen Tolbert their third round pick Noah Brown has had a good camp Timmy Fejoko a draft pick last year didn't catch a pass he's had some good moments so if you're a fantasy football person out there draft Dalton Schultz because he's going to catch about 100 balls this year might be for about eight yards to catch but he's going to be a big factor in this in this bashing game and what about the running game I mean Pollard is such a home run hitter I've been talking about Tony Pollard for two years now thinking he's not on the field enough and of course I receive feedback on that that I'm a Zeke hater because I'm a Michigan man that's not true at all I mean it keeps Zeke healthy it keeps him to you know ready to be the guy in December and January with Pollard out there as well what is the plan in the running back position for this offense again now that Tyron Smith is going to be out for the foreseeable future right they were going to lean on the running game regardless and I don't think that really changes in fact it might be more on the running game in some respect if they can and if they can solve that left tackle spot but Zeke is still this the team's number one ball carrier and he'll remain so I don't I don't believe it'll be anywhere near a 50-50 split maybe 60-40 somewhere along those lines but I do think you'll see Tony Pollard mixed in more together with Zeke out there maybe even some at receiver he's a guy that you said it he's dynamic when he gets the ball in his hand I can still picture him running away from everybody in New Orleans late in the year inside the Superdome for a touchdown they're committed to getting the ball as much as they can it might not be in carries because that that'll be Zeke's domain and especially down as in the red zone and down by the goal line Zeke still had 10 touchdowns rushing last year so he's still effective Zeke is a guy rich that he's had a tremendous summer he looks great and if you go back to the first five games last year really before the injury he was on pace for a 1500 yard season so the Cowboys believe that Zeke has got if he can stay healthy and it's always it for everybody that Zeke can still be an elite back but they're you'll see a lot of Tony Pollard out there this year. Todd Archer here on the Rich Eisen show so give me the bright spot what's the bright spot for the Dallas Cowboys over the last several weeks Oxnard preseason games what are they talking about about how 2020 is going to be better than people think right now? Well clearly the the Tyron Smith news puts a damper on everything to a degree because of all the stuff we've just talked about but the the less talked about subject of this team it's just how good the defense is going to be in my opinion Micah Parsons second year Trayvon Diggs coming off an all pro season with 11 interceptions Dan Quinn knowing what he has those guys knowing Dan Quinn you've really seen a team that its identity has kind of changed from hey the Cowboys are all about their offense right go go Romo, Witten, Dez, DeMarco, Murray even through the Dak era where now you're talking about a team that is going to be built in some ways on its defense with Micah Parsons, DeMarcus, Lawrence, Trayvon Diggs, Jaron curse there's a lot of pieces on this defense that Dan Quinn has a disposable disposal that I think will make them better than they were a year ago even if they don't get as many takeaways so the season's not over Jerry said hey still look we're still going to line them up and play we'll we'll be out there I think how they get it done is going to be different and the big part of that it's going to be a defense that will be better than it was a year ago when it surprised a lot of people.

And I guess then what is the hole that Tyron Smith leaves outside of just playing football I mean what how significant is that based you can tell? I mean you have a 40 million dollar quarterback it's awful nice to look over and and see number 77 out there as the protector of the blind side again they've gotten used to life without him and perhaps too much and this might be his final year with the Cowboys because of all the injuries and age and everything catching up to him but he is a staple guy in that locker room a guy that's very quiet and when he does talk to the offensive lineman they'll listen to what he says but this is a this is as the only loss that in my mind that could be bigger than losing Tyron Smith would be losing Dak Prescott for an extended period of time and we saw what happened to the Cowboys in 2020 when he went down with that ankle injury. All right so last one for you I will give you the floor on the story that everybody is assuming will be under the surface the entire season and that is Mike McCarthy coaching for his job is he do you think this year Todd? Yes I do think that's the case we've we saw Jerry Jones be a decade-long patient with Jason with Jason Garrett so maybe you know you always have to remember that out there always remember that Jerry said one of his biggest regrets is only giving Chan Gailey two years but I do think for a variety of reasons that he is coaching for his future I and the Sean Payton shadow will linger over this team but Rich I don't think Sean Payton will be this team's head coach in 2023. Why? I believe it will be somebody else could be Dan Quinn could be Kellen Moore could be someone we're not even thinking of but I don't think it'll be Sean Payton but that shadow every week when they lose or if there's a coaching decision that goes wrong everybody is going to try and tie Sean back to the Cowboys because of the relationship he's had with Jerry being a former assistant all that stuff so but the good part from my perspective on Mike McCarthy is how he's just kind of said hey I don't care about this stuff I can't control it have fun with your narratives I'm just going to coach my team and he seems like a much more relaxed coach this year than he has in his previous couple seasons. Yeah I spoke to him after the draft and that was right in the the moment where you know everyone was was really wondering or was it maybe before the draft I think it was after the combine I spoke that's what it was it was after the combine and after he made those comments Jerry did that was on talking about how so many assistants don't take jobs elsewhere as head coaches because they know they've got a great shot to be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys right you know eventually and so he did sound totally at peace if you will with that although a little bit disturbed and how he had to talk to Dan Quinn saying hey man you know let don't don't don't leave just because you think it would be awkward if you stay and so put that all together why don't you though think that Sean Payton would be the guy why are you so um you know I guess I think that was something that maybe a couple three four years ago almost came to fruition when Jason Garrett was the coach but I just think too much time has passed and the money that Sean may or may not want might be out of Jerry's realm of what he wants to pay coaches remember he's the guy that said I can get 500 coaches in here to win a Super Bowl back in the Jimmy Johnson tie um and you know I I if Sean wants to have full and final thing that's never happening here despite the head coach having an awful lot of influence I still he was still wouldn't get everything he wants I just don't I think it's all of us trying to put two and two together uh and it may equal four but I think for the for the Cowboys for people that have talked with Jerry I just think it's a something that is kind of past it's uh it's it's overdue it's not going to happen now Todd Archer thanks for the call sir really appreciate your work and your time here let's do this again soon thanks for thanks for being here thanks rich I really appreciate it you got us Todd Archer of ESPN covering the Cowboys for them all right TJ what'd you make of that you're the cowboy fan here yeah I mean okay obviously Tyrone Smith one of the greatest linemen of all time plays you know one of the most physically demanding and important positions on the football field we all know how important the left tackle is of course losing him it's going to be tough it's going to affect the run game because you know running to the left side is something that the Cowboys do quite often and why wouldn't you but I mean it's it's football right it's the next man up and that's how you got to look at it you you can sit here and be down but the fact of the matter is you got some highly paid you know experienced professional grown men and out there and you know you just got to step up next man up that's how it's got to be unfortunately well it sounds like again if if the defense is as good as advertised in the way that Todd Archer just laid it out there what do you got you got to give you got to give them 21 a game let's just say that let's be generous and say 21 a game is what will get you home more often than not to win your division 21 a game 24 game let's do that so your kicker can't miss no and you also can't miss in the red zone you can't settle you got to get those points let's hope as well your defense provides some and with gallop needing to get up to speed as well and you just heard Todd Archer describe the wide receiver room is cd lamb and everyone else yeah and that get dalton schultz in your fantasy league because it's going to cost a you know he'll get you 100 catches right 100 targets i wrote his name down and so to me certainly if you've got to play a quick game you got to get that ball out certainly if you're concerned in the first month six weeks of the season that your kid and tyler smith isn't ready completely quick game i'm telling you man that's got tony pollard written all over it you got to get him and zekon a field together you got to put him in a slot you got to you got to use him you you got to make him he's electric jack of all trades you got to make him you got to make him like you're get him in space and let him do his work and get get get in get him running 60 yards because he's in space and he busts one and that's how you get your points i have no problem with that i know you have no problem and i know that is so easier said than done but i think kellen moore is paying attention i don't know why i'm so tony pollard i'm fixated on him well i think you do have a little anti-zeke bias because it's not going to carry over to this you know maybe just in the bowels of your soul man i do not feel that way about him i felt that way about him in fantasy that i want to i want to have players on my team who i like to root for so that seems like a bias that's a bias when it comes to fantasy but when i'm talking professionally about this team i say pollard is there not because zeke sucks no no yeah i don't want zeke to be successful i've been high on pollard you need you need zeke to hit people in the mouth but he's he's your red zone guy how many times have you been just screaming and yelling at the screen give it to him again inside the five what are you doing yeah let him do that whole eat thing feed him right and so you need him in december you need him in january to be strong the way to do that is give him less mileage at the beginning of the season certainly if he's going to be hit behind the line of scrimmage because of your situation yeah but i'm also now saying though that using pollard to spell zeke i think might be now as a best laid plan that you have to scrap yeah because if you need to get the ball out fast you need to get a guy in space you need a quick game you need somebody that's tough to to cover because you also could scheme them free you could also start them in the backfield get a matchup problem that's your guy man that's your guy because they're gonna key like crazy on cd lamb so you're saying don't use them to spells that you're saying have him out there as a well i think the idea of spelling is now that's history you gotta get your best guys i agree with you i agree with you you're taking on cincinnati they're gonna score points i think this defense the way todd archer was talking about as one of the best in the league we saw it last year they have to do it again oh man again you know i'm not again you know i'm not in forever just got really slim you know we can't we can't like crumble and get too worried right now i know that it's this problem it's august 25th i get it but it's also my job a little bit thank you jerry it's my job to assimilate it and then disseminate it and that's why i think this is now the eagles division to take i think they're the better rostered team you might not be wrong about that eight four four two oh four rich number to dial we're eager to take uh your thoughts on the situation uh chris hey rich i know you just wrote something down for fantasy football you should have known that and i know i give you crap for your crazy ass fantasy league that's drafting this weekend because there's no time limit right there's no time limit your guys 14 teams any there's 14 guys who could take as long as they want to choose a pick which is the dumbest thing i've ever heard and what's even worse is that five guys aren't coming five guys haven't made the trip so they're drafting remotely i mean you can't even give them you can't even give them a look right don't turn that camera off and then turn it back on when it's time to pick exactly you should give them time limits no well i'm about to join the i'm about to join the crazy ass fantasy idea world and uh no and you have an opportunity maybe you guys to join me all right that's next right here on the rich eisen show also still to come warren sharp on the 2022 season and my sleepers of the season coming up chrome soft golf balls we use them you should as well there's a whole family of them there's a version of the chrome soft golf ball that suits your game i use the regular chrome soft because it's for the widest range of golfers if you're a little bit better there's the chrome soft x if you want something that gives you a lower spin golf ball and longer shots firmer feel still high spin around the greens that means the chrome soft xls is for you or you know again the chrome soft x is for those who want excellent spin consistency and tour level short game control you know which golf ball is for you if you don't understand those terms if you're like what do you mean by uh high spin around the greens what do you mean by tour level short game control then the chrome soft uh xls or the chrome soft x not for you that's why i choose the chrome soft regular because i don't know what the hell these other things mean i should though i'd probably be a better player if i if i'm like okay i need more uh i need more uh tour to level short game control yeah i'm just out there hacking i'm just out there swinging even i can tell the difference between a chrome soft golf ball or one that is not so it's so simple chrome soft is better for the best and it's better for everyone find out which chrome soft is right for you at callaway slash chrome soft tyler in oklahoma sounds like cowboy's country to me what's going on tyler hey what's going on guys what's up tyler here's my question and i and i got a good i got a good trade proposal for you jerry says everything's fine right same thing same story every year let's shake it up why waste any more years of dak why waste any more years of zek let's go big let's make a trade zack martin and a second rounder or first rounder if it takes it to get larry me tonsil and brandon cooks oh tj sounds pretty uh it sounds it sounds like you're training up you're giving up martin you're giving up like who's who's already been fitted for a gold jacket you need that guy for larry me tonsil and brandon cooks i i i you know i'm gonna have to respectfully disagree yeah i'll disagree i'm i'm not moving any more pieces on the offensive line of bringing even a new piece like larry me tonsil i just won't do it i can't do it and brandon cooks i mean he he's been great on every team that he's at and then they they they send him packing how many teams like rams patriots saints right now texans texans poor brandon cooks i know he's such a good player and then and then and then he's he's traded around so yeah tyler i'm sorry i think we're going to turn you down on that respectfully i appreciate it guys thanks for the call man tyler it's your damn act together thank you jones mr jones i make fun of your fantasy league all the time and rightfully so it deserves over all the time over a decade you've been doing this deserves a scorn i mean obviously rich feel free to come over on saturday if you want 14 teams is too much too much i can't do it too many i'm cooking and then on top of it uh the time limit is um the fact it doesn't exist is insane it's just it's we are in agreement okay so very good so i just got invited to participate in a fantasy league that ordinarily i would just reject out of hand because i don't need another one right all right yes um but joel atrulio the most delightful human being on planet earth he is a frequent friend of this program those who know brooklyn i know him and so many other things that he's been in he invited me to a fantasy league and the fantasy league is called best ball you ever hear this no okay so here's how it goes 20 roster spots geez okay 20 roster spots you start nine okay one quarterback two wide receivers two running backs a flex tight end and a defense okay so the usual drill no kicker or is it three wide receivers yeah no kicker i'm down with that no kicker no kicker no kicker i believe that is the case i'm down with that yeah uh let me get this straight i guess i should have gotten this straight from the very beginning he texted me that it is yeah one quarterback two running backs three wide receivers one tight end one flex one defense okay now here's the drill the 20 players that you get are all you get you cannot trade you cannot drop oh if they're injured you're stuck with them you're stuck and you don't choose your lineup the computer chooses it for you based on the point total you don't choose basically all you do is draft wait and let it go so you take 20 guys yes you are in charge of picking them correct okay and then each week you know all these leagues have projected points your draft positions randomly picked by a computer as well then it's a snake draft 20 rounds to fill the roster you have two hours to make a selection and so your pick may come up while you're sleeping so you have to order players so it's so it's not randomly selected by a computer and somebody you don't want so it's it could start at any time could start at any well it starts and then minute it starts the minute all 12 spots the draft starts are started yes so it could auto draft but you can just have your screen open you have your screen open and you you have to order the players oh my god if you're awake and it's your time to pick you can literally make correct this is savage i have no idea who's in the league i can only guess it's did you agree to do this i did and i became the 11th team so there's one slot open and he has offered it to the rich eisenhower because kanevali is snoozing can i be honest with you i kind of feel like i'd rather do brockman's league oh wow and i don't even want to but and you don't even want to do my no but you're just gonna leave it up to like god's hands and fate and you just like no i mean like you could be you get an email hey you're on the clock you then have two hours to make a pick and you don't need to take all two hours you could just go on the site and see who's available but if it's one in the morning if it's one in the morning you sleep through it you wake up the next day and you see it was your brian heartline well i mean you have the best player available right best player available but you can't but it could be a position you already have and you only get 20 roster spots for the whole year yeah also one thing i'm very good at in fantasy football is my legal tell you i'm very good at coming out on top of trades so yeah no trades if i can't use my gm hat then that no waiver wire pickups no nothing then what's the point i don't know man this is i mean no disrespect to this league but oh so you reject it i have another question hold on okay we're back in a second here on the show on the radio okay so um the lineup each week okay you said is it it's all based on whoever has the highest projected point total that i'm not particular familiar with if the computer is whoever the highest projected point total or has already had the most points in the season so far yeah yeah so if i have four wide receivers it's going to take the three who are projected the highest that week or obviously if the guy's out for a buy or the or is injured they're not going to start an injured or a bi-week player for you you literally don't set a roster you just draft 20 guys let it go and then just pay attention the rest of the year see how it goes what is the buy-in i didn't forget it um probably like a nominal amount of money nominal no what is the payout at the end it's a winner take all there's a payout at the end that i'm unfamiliar with right now the thing about this how about this hold on a second the thing about this is yes um fantasy football is like 90 percent luck right you just got to get lucky with injuries and this is 100 this is literally 100 percent except for that well except for the fact that if you are you can draft physically drafting if you're awake and it's your time to choose and you get the email you're on the clock and then you get to choose you're the one choosing otherwise you should spend the time apparently take some time you have to yes you have to sort put them in the queue in your queue correct oh it's a lot of work if it wasn't literally oh and if it was used right if i propose this to you i'd have rejected it you wouldn't even let me you wouldn't even let me get one minute of explaining what's going on you would have me at goodbye right hey i have an idea for fantasy quick joe is you know he doesn't ask for anything he doesn't invite for much he doesn't you know i'm assuming this is a this is a paul rudd john ham included league right i feel like i'm assuming that we should do it just we don't know though until you don't know your draft order or who's in the league until the draft starts and it doesn't start until the 12th spot is taken there's one spot left it's either kanevali or us whoever's first to the altar like we could literally say yes next hour and then the draft starts and if we got the first overall selection we make it yeah sure why not look guys i'll be honest with you this is literally one of the dumbest fantasy ideas i've ever heard and i'm all in let's do it let's do it let's get latrulio on the phone next hour and then we'll officially tell him that we're in let's go this is crazy screw it yeah sure hour number two of the rich isin show right here on slash rich isin show in odyssey when we return in a second for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho men's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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