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REShow: Warren Sharp/Joe Lo Truglio - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 25, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: Warren Sharp/Joe Lo Truglio - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 25, 2022 3:14 pm

Rich lists his Top 5 NFL Sleeper Teams for the 2022 season among the New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Detroit Lions. 

SportsGrid & The Ringer Lead NFL Analyst Warren Sharp tells Rich why he has major concerns about the Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots this season, why he’s buying stock in Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins, how new Vikings Head Coach Kevin O’Connell can unleash Kirk Cousins in Minnesota, why the Ravens will be much better this season if they can avoid the injury bug again, says how much an impact the Broncos’ Russell Wilson, the Rams’ Allen Robinson, the Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill and the Eagles’ AJ Brown will have on their new teams, and says why he’s predicting the Los Angeles Charger will reach the Super Bowl this season. 

Actor/Comedian Joe Lo Truglio calls Rich to sell him on joining his celebrity fantasy football league with the likes of Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd. 

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. And Mac you trust bro? This is the Rich Eisen Show. What's going on in the world of the offense Devin?

It's a work in progress. I've never worried about the offense. The Rich Eisen Show. Don't worry about the offense Chris. Is he off the phone yet? Uh he is.

I'm very worried. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Earlier on the show NFL analyst and founder of Sharpe Football Analysis, Warren Sharpe. Coming up ESPN Dallas Cowboys reporter Todd Archer. Comedians and activists Chad Kroger and JT Parr.

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844-204-RICH is the number to dial. We've been discussing heavily at length the injury to one of the best left tackles in the game. One of the best left tackles the Dallas Cowboys have put on the field over the last decade plus.

And one of their best left tackles in the history of their team which is saying a lot. Tyron Smith is out for what looks like the season people. I got to tell you when your man this big and your hamstring that big off of your knee that big and it tears away from the back of the bone and it's going to require surgery to repair as Ian Rappaport is saying.

A December return seems like there's a pie and that's the sky. That's what it sounds like to me but Jerry Jones was saying it's entirely possible that they're going to get him back at the very important part of the season for them. He said he should be out there against the 49ers in a game like the one that they were against the 49ers last year.

That's his way of saying that they're going to be in a playoff game. Unfortunately for Cowboys fans they know that playoff game resulted in a loss and so we discussed it at length with Todd Archer who covers the team for ESPN and he along with Schefter were the first to break the news of the significant injury suffered by the left tackle of the Dallas Cowboys. If you missed it it's sitting there on our YouTube stream Rich Eisen show for that. Warren Sharp who covers football for the ringer and other outlets and he wrote this fantastic very thick very dense but also as you pointed out TJ he's reaching for his copy down at the bottom of his workspace right here. You're reading this and you're learning a lot of stuff. Like I'm reading about the Cowboys right now this I mean look at this thing man this book is incredible. Yeah sharp football analysis. Warren and his mustache will be joining us on the phone coming up.

That's a powerful stash too. And also on the show making their way to our studio Chad and JT of Chad and JT Go Deep available for streaming right now on Netflix. They have a very popular podcast as well called Going Deep with Chad and JT. We first got to know Chad on this program when he appeared in front of a local Southern California city council begging for a Paul Walker statue. Yes we did. Right saying that Philadelphia has Rocky what uh San Clemente needs a Paul Walker statue.

RIP. And so Chad and JT activists who are very inspiring in their work will be joining us in studio hour number three on this program. Rich we talked last hour about this back guano fantasy league that you've been asked to join. Yes but Joe LoTruleo is the commissioner commissioner Joe. So someone just tweeted us Ryan Clark at Newfound Glory Kid. He said best ball is it just takes your nine best scores each week so you don't have to worry about having someone on your bench go crazy and you benched him.

Oh really? Yeah so it's literally just your nine best scores. All right so it's nuts I mean it's crazy but it also requires no you have to pay attention to it. You don't have to pay attention you literally just have a lineup.

It's one of those like around around like 3 30 eastern on Sunday and around you know six o'clock eastern on Sunday you'll just check in and just see what's going on. Yeah you're like hey how am I doing in that league and then you check in. Normally when you put you know when you're in a fantasy league you're like I know the most about football but how can you claim that in this league you're just the luckiest so if I'm going against him I mean how do you I mean that guy's got a horseshoe you know. Yeah because you're not the handsomest.

I mean Paul Rudd if we're going against Paul Rudd. Oh gosh. Talk about a horseshoe the guy's my age I look like I'm 80 he looks like he's still in Clueless. He's very. Honestly we watched Clueless the other day with my oldest.

You did. Yes Zan when we watched Clueless showed him Clueless. Amazing. And he knows Paul. Right. And even he's like he looks the same and he's 14. By the way I'm talking about my son not Paul Rudd in that movie.

Okay yeah right right of course. I just saw Paul a couple months ago. He was confused how um um what's her name in the uh I know it's Alicia Silverstone what's her character in that I forgot. Cher. Yeah Cher how Cher and her step brother wind up together he was my son was a little confused by that. Yeah that's understandable but it was confusing when you watched it.

Yes I'm just glad that he's confused by it that's all I'm saying. Not okay with it. 844-204-rich is the number to dial here on this edition of the program. Let's take a couple phone calls right here uh Jimmy in San Antonio one of our favorites. What's up Jimmy how are you?

Oh well it's me and I'm already drinking. Right. What do we got now?

What do we got? Whiskey. Drinking whiskey straight. Not a boy. Never not on the rocks. What are you doing?

You're a neat guy. The Cowboys oh my god it's it's not looking good T.J. and that margin of error you were talking about Rich it did get smaller significant. It did there's no question there's no question I mean when you're gonna throw out there at the left tackle a young uh offensive lineman that you drafted with a lot of people wondering why they did it um and the coach as Todd Archer pointed out last hour said yesterday isn't ready for the left guard position where you normally stick somebody inside um because they're not ready to go outside and now the kid who wasn't ready to go inside better be ready to go outside that sounds like a problem to me Jimmy. Well it is but you know help cheer me up because now you guys are in the DAL fantasy football the dopey ass league I don't know what's going on.

I know that sounds strange. I know y'all are drafting the tight end right what's the one Brockman? Well here's the deal Jimmy let me let me let me do this for you. I'm also down with Dallas Goddard. Jimmy let me do let me do this for you um I'm going to say this I'm going to finish the show on a positive note not only because we've got uh people uh in Chad and JT top-notch activists who make the world better coming in studio in hour number three I'm going to finish this show with an attaboy for Cowboys fans and how it's going to work out well for them in the end. How does that sound Jimmy? I'd like to hear this myself. Stay tuned for that. And if y'all are looking for angel investors I'm willing to invest in your fantasy team on the dopey ass league.

Okay okay. Jimmy uh contact Christopher he is in charge of angel investing and plus it's he's in that I can't I can't I can't and he's part of the RES consulting angel investing wing that's that's that that's his silo uh within the uh the RES consulting. Do we want to trust him with the finances though? No I mean and HR and HR. That's a lot to put. Yes we do because he's got the tightest fist here so that's the way we want to do it. But he's also not good at you know um allocating funds.

Yo six and oh preseason betting. No he's he's he's fine at allocating funds he's terrible at making sure payments are made on time. Okay dispersing is not dispersing yeah. Disbursement is a problem.

Maybe we should let Feller handle this. Okay thank you very much. Thanks Jimmy. Stay tuned for later I'm gonna I'm gonna give I'm gonna give a little uh a little uh uh wet kiss to Cowboys fans later. Enjoy the brown stuff. Okay very good. Wow that was loud. All right.

Oh man. All right you ready for another top 10 top five? I love I love for the top five. At the end of the day my top five uh teams that are the most intriguing to me fascinating teams uh entering the uh 2022 season.

Uh I could see that folks were watching that on our YouTube stream and greatly appreciate that. Here are my top five sleeper teams entering 2022. Normally I choose just the one but since we're into this whole list thing on this program you like my lists? Love lists. People like the lists? Everyone likes lists. All right here we go. Music please.

Thanks so much. Here are my top five NFL sleeper teams for the 2022 season. Chris you've been on this team for a while. You've even said this team might make the playoffs.

Yeah buddy. Which is really what I'm saying about these teams is that I think they can make the playoffs and shock people or at least if that's the high water mark part of their mark will flirt with making the playoffs. They may not but they're definitely going to beat you. At least at the bottom part of my list that's what that's what I'm saying. At the top I think you might be talking about a playoff team.

Okay I like it. But you think they could be a playoff team? I think so. And I think that we're going to see this team improve merely because of their new head coach.

Yes. Not just because of the new head coach being a guy with a Super Bowl ring but also the fact that he's not named Urban Meyer. Bam! Number five sleeper team on my top five sleeper teams of 2022 are the Jacksonville Jaguars. We have no idea how good Trevor Lawrence can be. We have no idea how good Travis Etienne can be.

We have no idea how good this team can be. Javon Walker does he look good or what? Does he look good to you?

He does. So it looks like maybe he was the the right choice and I'm an Aiden Hutchinson guy. Never know right?

Never know. Javon Walker could be the guy and so here we go. Jacksonville Jaguars in the number five potential sleeper team.

I like it. All right number four I'm just gonna go with it because a lot of people are saying it and I believe it too. I'm not just gonna go away from it because a lot of people are saying it because we're seeing it behind the scenes right now on HBO and I'm not talking about the new House of Dragons. I'm talking about the House of Lions. Run by the Grand Maester himself. The Lions are the Lannisters Rich. Okay they don't have a prequel yet.

Okay sounds good. The Detroit Lions are the number four sleeper team on my sleeper team list. It's entirely possible my guy Aiden Hutchinson can come in and make a difference. Let's not forget Jeff Acuda's coming back right? So they kind of get two top notch draft choices from the Big Ten coming back right now.

He hardly played a lick last year before blowing out his Achilles. Let's see what the offense can do. Let's see what the defense can do. Let's see if this team is in fact buying what this coach is selling. It sure looks like they did last year.

It sure looks like they're doing it in hard knocks right now. It sure looks like a team that was rarely out of it. They were blown out in just a couple of games last year but even in the games in which they were blown out many of the times they came right back and were shocking some people and pushing them to the limit. Number three on this list are the Detroit Lions. Number four in this list Detroit Lions.

Number three. I'm gonna say it even though deep in my heart I just can't really believe I'm saying it. I'm gonna say it because I'm hoping that just up the road from here my guy sitting in the waiting room of Dr. Neil Elitrosh hoping that that knee is moving around. I've been there.

I've taken Suzy to see Dr. Elitrosh and he did a great job on my wife's knee. I'll be honest. I'm just hoping he's doing a great job on my quarterback's knee because if Zach Wilson, Zach if you can come back and you can play at the proper speed and you could just trust what you see and trust that you can also end the play without getting hurt without trying too damn hard doing too much play boring as your coach was saying last year with the weapons that are out there for the Jets with the way that the line even though they do have injuries on that line like many the way that sauce Gardner appears to be as advertised and Jermaine Johnson and Breece Hall and this defense that's got Carl Lawson coming back that they have a pass rush and a coach that in the fourth quarter of a preseason game almost gets flagged for celebrating when his defense scores. God I hope the Jets are a sleeper team of 2022 because they sure can be if the football gods will just stop kicking us in the nuts for two seconds.

We kicked them in the ding ding. Number two on this list is a team that used to be a perennial playoff team. That's because they had a first ballot hall of fame quarterback attached spiritually and everything else to his head coach but that quarterback net head coach is gone. I think the New Orleans Saints are a sleeper team in 2022 people. I think we're going to see some W's eaten and I think Jameis is going to make the most of his opportunity if he stays healthy and can't guard Mike is back. You even said Chris Olavic could be the offensive rookie of the year.

Where do you have him? Is it as the over action Monday? Is he's gonna have 10 touchdowns? No challenging Randy Moss's touchdown record. Okay I mean that is saying a lot and if Alvin Kamara is not going to get suspended out of the blue for something that happened in the Pro Bowl and this I've told you this is a defensive team dressed in the offensive guru clothing because of Sean Payton and all of that and you heard Cameron Jordan come on the show the other day and say hey I've got a head coach that doesn't run the play again because the defense won the play in training camp. It's just like okay you got a coach that's going to basically now say that this is just a offense give me 17 give me 21 give me 24 we're going to win so I think the Saints are a sleeper team that's number two number one I'm going to back up. Cowboys yes.

No they're just asleep. Real bad about these words later. It's Rip Van Van den Bosch right? Okay I'm gonna back up one of my most recent concepts I'm talking myself into for the 2022 season and that one is that Kevin O'Connell is going to unlock Kirk Cousins inner winner. It's in there it's in there that you like that guy every single time with the exception of that playoff game that he won. Under the lights as we all know is what is affectionately referred to on NFL game day morning for years as a BGT what's that big game turd and I believe that Kevin O'Connell with the offensive mindset of a Sean McVay and the offensive of Sean McVay with Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook.

Watch out now. And Adam Thielen I'm hooked on that Thielen. Big Z how great was Zadarius Smith when he came on this program?

I love that guy. Harrison Smith in the back I'm talking up a golden donor or domer. I'm saying the Vikings the Minnesota Vikings are my number one sleeper team of the 2022 season as in making the playoffs. I don't think they win the division.

I just can't bring myself to say that. But they're going to take a spot that you think is definitely going to an NFC West team. Certainly with the Cowboys maybe being less than I think the Vikings make these playoffs and I think Cousins plays as good in big games. Again he puts up stats in big games. We're going to see him win big games and it could even be week one against the Packers. Gotta win that one at home people certainly to back my players that they're the number one sleeper team in 2022. The Minnesota Vikings and that's my list. What do you think at home?

844-204 rich or in the 457s? Am I crazy? Oh they have opinions. I see them. Yeah. Let's see. Yeah somebody's saying Kirk can't win the big game.

I know that. I'm saying that Kevin O'Connell is gonna unlock it and maybe he won't have to be on his shoulder. Maybe the offense he brings in it's this again this is the McVeigh from the Shanahan tree type stuff.

This is what Kirk Cousins was drafted in the same draft as RG 3-4. I don't know. I don't know. Come on Kirk.

I can't believe I'm tying myself to his hip. Yeah. I'm doing it. He did it. What do you have last year?

30-something? And he was great last year. Yeah right. I mean his numbers last year you're like wow.

Yeah. Just put those up into big games. Do you have the Viking schedule? Kirk Cousins.

We'll do this and then we'll get Warren Sharpe on the phone. 4200 yards. 33 touchdowns.

7 picks last year. Here comes the Viking schedule and here are the big games I want to see it. These are the big games in which I need to see it.

First one and second one. Home for Green Bay then the whole country's watching on Monday Night Football at Philadelphia. Home for Green Bay then the whole country's watching on Monday Night Football at Philadelphia. Let's go.

Okay. A London game against New Orleans. That's you know going to be seen by the whole country on NFL Network. Then what else we got? We got a Thanksgiving night game against New England. Yep. This is what we're talking about and maybe at Green Bay week 17 that's the old flex right?

Maybe we can flex into that one because the whole country needs to see that. There's gonna be a game against Dallas on the 20th. I mean back into that schedule is favorable. I'm telling you man.

You know. Sleeper team. Vikings. Colts too good to be a sleeper team? Yeah I was thinking are the Colts really a sleeper team? They almost made the playoffs last year. Matt Ryan's there.

The MVP of the league potentially is on it. I think they should win that division. Right.

I don't think you could call it culturally. I can text you last night. Can I use my Raiders pick here again? Yeah you're like Raiders. I stayed away from it.

I stayed away from the west. Could I think are the Chargers a sleeper team? Come on. 49ers. You can't call teams that almost made the playoffs last year or a team that that made it and almost made the Super Bowl a sleeper team.

Just because why? You don't believe in Trey Lance? I'm gonna go back in on the Trey Lance stuff.

I'm just saying rookie quarterback. Keep hearing on. By the way also later on this show there's some serious quarterback slander going on for one guy that I can't believe is being slandered but we'll take a break. Warren Sharp. His football analysis for sports grid in the ringer.

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844-204-RICH is indeed the number to dial here on the program. We all follow this man on Twitter. I follow him but he's never really been on this program so that's about to change. His new book is must read for all NFL fans prior to the season.

Certainly if you are going to go in to your fantasy world knowing what's what. The 2022 football preview, the fastest way to get smart for the 2022 pro football season is available where all books can be acquired. The lead analyst at Sports Grid, The Ringer and Sharp Football Analysis here on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line. Welcome to the Rich Eisen Show.

Warren Sharp. How you doing Warren? Hey I'm doing great Rich. So happy to be able to talk to you for the first time. Right back at you man. I really enjoy following you on Twitter.

You do in fact make me smarter. Let's talk to you first about the story of the day. Tyrone Smith out for the foreseeable future. It sounds like the season. Jerry Jones on first take made it seem like it's possible he returns late in the regular season campaign and is back for a playoff game. How significant is this injury in your mind Warren?

It's massive. I think people are still underestimating the importance of Tyrone Smith out on the field. You could look at splits in a variety of different ways but what I like to look at splits. First let's talk about the run game. The impact in the run game. When Dallas has him on the field and they are running the football with their running back on early downs in the first three quarters and I always segregate stats Rich. I always like to split out things that aren't quite as predictive as third downs or fourth quarters of games.

So I like to look at early downs in the first three quarters. When he was on the field Dallas's running backs averaged the number one most efficient per carry attempt in the NFL over the last three seasons and when he was off the field that dropped all the way to number 31. I could give you the exact EPA minus 0.23 EPA per attempt when he was not on the field but the point is the ranking itself. The ranking they're dropping from one of the most efficient running attacks to almost the least efficient just with this one individual out on the field playing less tackle for them and we know he's missed a lot of time and we know that they've had to work around this injury in the past but it's a colossal impact and also impacts the passing game. Dak Prescott there's a big difference there they dropped to from the number nine most efficient first down passing offense to the number 30 most efficient first down passing offense. He's much worse when he splits. He's much worse when he's under pressure and he's much worse against man coverage when Tyrone Smith is not on the field.

So I think it's going to factor in on every single play basis. They don't have enough other players there. They lost players in the offseason.

Lyle Collins was gone. They drafted the rookie to play less tackle in the future but they've been using them all camp at left guard and so you know it's just it's just difficult for them to replace him and I was already down on the Dallas Cowboys entering the season and one of the reasons was because of their offensive line so now that he is gone it's colossal. What are the teams you down on Lauren Sharp outside of Dallas? Yeah I'm down on the Arizona Cardinals.

I think teams people are higher on the Cardinals and market. Here's a here's a crazy stat Rich that probably a lot of people out there don't know. I didn't know it until I was doing the research to write this book this offseason. The Cardinals converted on third down and seven to ten yards to go so third and long situations last year. They converted first downs 56 percent of the time. That was the highest in NFL history for any team in any season. No team has ever converted third and long at a 56 percent clip before. That is not going to happen. I mean we talk about regression.

This is going to drop big time. In 2020 that number was 28 percent for them. You know the league average is just over 30 percent so they are not going to come close to that. They're going to be worse in the red zone. You've got DeAndre Hopkins. He's out for the first six games. This team always tends to get worse so without him there on the field early I'm worried about how they're going to start the season and then you look at the schedule down the stretch. When they get Hopkins back they play the number one most difficult schedule in the NFL from week 10 onward. So this is just a very difficult season for the Arizona Cardinals with the injury with some of the statistics offensively that are going to regress and I'm also worried about their defense. Another I mentioned Dallas and the third team I'm really down on Rich and I don't think they're going to make the playoffs this year and that may be a bold take but the New England Patriots. I think the New England Patriots even prior to all the camp noise about the struggles of the offense I thought they were going to be due for regression. I think all the other teams in their division got better. Jets maybe not so much but definitely dolphins. I'm really big on the dolphins. I think the Bills are stronger this season than they were last year if Brian Daybal's absence doesn't cause them too many problems offensively and the Patriots are going to play a difficult schedule. They're not going to play as many easy quarterbacks like they did last season and if that offense isn't productive enough and my main concern with that offense Rich is that offensive line. I value playing the trenches.

I value play along the line. We talked about it with the Cowboys. With the Patriots because they went on that massive spending spree heading into the 2021 season after they saw Tom Brady win the Super Bowl with the Bucks that he went out and spent like they'd never spent before. All of the players that they signed a lot of wide receivers or tight ends that they've signed their cap hit this season is over double what it was last year and as a result of all those cap hits increasing they had to let a lot of players go and so they're lost a lot of players along the offensive line that they're going to try to replace. I don't have confidence in the receiving corps so I just have a lot of question marks for the Patriots this year and that doesn't even get into who's calling plays and how that operation is going to work.

Sports grid and the ringer lead NFL analyst and the author again of this book that you should all get 2022 football preview Warren Sharp here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk about the teams that you're high on. I think I just picked up when you were saying the Patriots are a team that you're not as high on as others might be. Did I hear you say you're high on the Dolphins? You like that?

I am. Why? The Dolphins are a hot button team because I know they got a new head coach in Mike McDaniel but the quarterback I want to start with is Tua obviously because Tua is a massive hot button player this season and in my opinion so many people have the wrong perception of what Tua is. Tua is a player who his first season he comes off a catastrophic hip injury.

He is rehabbing during the COVID off season where he can't get into the facility. His offensive coordinator is Chan Gailey who was recently retired and now coming back to the NFL after several years after several years solely to call plays for Ryan Fitzpatrick a quarterback he worked with in New York with the Jets previously. After the season Chan comes out and says I don't even know why we inserted Tua halfway through the season. The offense was designed for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

We didn't do it enough to change it for Tua. Then last off season he suffers I think early in the season he breaks his ribs this is a couple of games breaks his finger on his throwing hand and has to sit out some practice time. He's playing with the wide receiving core that gets the least amount of separation of any receiving core in the NFL. He's playing behind one of the worst offensive lines and the NFL's worst run game over the last two years. What quarterback should we expect to have success in that situation in his first two years in the league?

So I think he's gotten just a bad rap in general with what he's actually done. I think this season when he finally has a better offensive line a much stronger run game and receivers that are going to be able to separate. You know the 49ers people don't realize this Jimmy G over the last three years he's averaged the highest yards per attempt of any quarterback in the NFL and it's not because he's chucking the ball down the field with an aggressive passing attack.

It's because of all the yards after the catch that the 49ers offense has been able to generate year in and year out. They ranked number one in the league for the last four seasons so Mike McDaniel is going to bring elements of that along with of course Tyreek Hill and Jalen Walla. They're bringing elements of that to this offense to make life easier for Tua so he doesn't have to throw into as many tight windows and so he can throw to guys and get more yards after the cap. So I just think Tua is going to look better and as a result this team is going to look better than a lot of people expected.

All right then who else are you high on then this year Warren Sharp? The Minnesota Vikings are another team that's a kind of addition by subtraction. You know Mike Zimmer one of his core philosophies in my opinion was he wanted the team to run the ball a lot early. They were the number foremost run heavy team over the last three years because that chewed up the clock kept his defense fresh on the sidelines and he felt like his defense would look better if the team wasn't as aggressive offensively and if they were just trying to stay on the field a little bit more consistently. But the reality Rich is that a defense is going to look better when the opposing offense is more predictable and the only way you're going to make that opposing offense more predictable is if you are a defense that is playing with a lead and the only way to get a lead in the NFL is to be aggressive on offense yourself. Kirk Cousins numbers if you look at what he did in the second half of games or when the team is trailing they're ridiculous.

He is capable of being an efficient quarterback in this league. They just weren't letting him throw the ball enough on first down on second down early on in the games in the first quarter and I expect a new coaching staff is going to be much more aggressive. Justin Jefferson is already saying how much this is a breath of fresh air with this new offense plus they play their defense plays a much easier schedule of opposing quarterbacks. So I just think this defense is going to look better even without Mike Zimmer there and then they get one extra home game and no team in the league Rich over the last 10 years since they built that stadium has a better home field advantage has a better win percentage versus expectation. Then do the Minnesota Vikings and keep this in mind in 2020 no crowd right no fans in the stands so there was no crowd noise helping that home field advantage and they were not really as good at home. Last season NFC teams played an extra road game right nine road games only eight home games.

This year NFC games get an extra home game so I really think it's going to be a big difference for the Minnesota Vikings. I don't know if they're going to unseat the Green Bay Packers but I do see this team getting to the playoffs and exceeding expectations. Okay so the Vikings were I just named them my number one sleeper team of 2022 so I guess we're lockstep on that. You got another team you're high on?

You got one more? I like the Ravens simply because I'm bigger than people on Lamar Jackson a lot of people oh Lamar Jackson can't throw Lamar Jackson's not a good enough quarterback and I've tried my best to debunk all of those theories. I was super big on him even before 2019 when he came in and took the league by storm. Every single year I've been really high higher than market on Lamar Jackson but I think people forget you know this team was the number one seed for the AFC. With all the great AFC teams last year they were the number one seed in early December.

Once Lamar Jackson got hurt he hurt his ankle they didn't win a single other game from that point on but they were the number one seed prior to when he hurt his ankle and that was with this team having to make way wide sweeping changes because they were one of the most run heavy teams in the league for several years. They became like the eighth most pass heavy team last season because they had no running backs. Every back got hurt before the season. He's been playing with one of the cheapest least expensive wide receiving cores for four years almost ever since he got there. This year they have the 32nd cap hit for wide receivers.

He's been getting it done without quality wide receivers and last year without any running backs. I think you know their backs aren't quite as healthy as I was hoping they would be at this point. I think they're going to have better team health. I think Lamar is going to have better protection from his offensive line and I think this team has a solid defense this year. They built it up a little bit in the opposite and got a new defensive coordinator in there. I expect big things coming from the Ravens this year. Warren Sharp from the sports grid, the ringer and again his own book of the 2022 football preview Sharp football analysis at Warren Sharp on twitter right here on the Rich Eisen show. So this has been March was insane. I mean I've been through this is now my 20th season in the NFL coming up.

I've never seen a March like the one that we just saw. The number of players, bold face name players who switch teams. I lost track on all of them. Offense and defense. I mean I guess it started with Brady coming out of retirement and ended with Bobby Wagner showing up in in Los Angeles. That's how March went and then you know Devonta Adams, Tyreek Hill in between.

That's my long wind up for this now pitch to you. Which new player in a new place or I guess it could have been even Russ Wilson deciding to go to Denver that was the biggest first domino to fall. Which new player in new place do you think is set up for the biggest amount of success and the team will reap the benefits of Warren Sharp? Yeah I think it's impossible to say Russ and to not say Russ and so I'm going to take out like all the quarterbacks that change teams and specifically specifically Russ. I really think Alan Robinson is going to have a tremendous season this year and a lot of people are sleeping on what he was having to deal with in Chicago with those players and the production he was still able to deliver on the field when he was healthy. I think he's going to make a big difference for a Rams passing attack this year but the player that I think you know naturally this is also going to be an easy answer so I gave you Alan Robinson first but I will say um A.G. Brown and Ty Retell both are going to make big differences for their respective teams. I think a lot of people are expecting the Philadelphia Eagles to come out and run the ball like they were running the ball late last season and I know he's not A.G. Brown's not going to get the target but the coverage that he's going to command from opposing defenses is going to make life easier not only on hurts but on the run game for the Philadelphia Eagles and I think they are going to pass the ball at a little bit of a higher rate but just having him on the field is going to be massive and that's the same type of impact that Ty Retell is going to make for Tua down in Miami so I don't think either of those guys are going to get maybe the high level of targets and production that potentially Alan Robinson could get because there's a lot of outs to see down in Miami and they're probably going to run the football a little bit more than they have been and although I think Philly's going to pass the ball more they do get the ball to the open guy and they will still run the ball at a high rate so I don't know that either of those players are going to make the massive stat lines that they've had in their prior stops but the difference they're going to make when they're on the field for both of those quarterbacks is going to be tremendous. So now let's insert Russell Wilson back into the equation Warren because that is such a crucial part of the entire football season from the first Monday night game with him returning to Seattle the whole country's going to start to see what the Broncos look like with Russell Wilson there and Nathaniel Hackett now the new head coach there and how how do you see that working out from letting Russ cook in Seattle being the mantra to what now in in Denver Warren what do you think? Well I think I think Denver is going to love having Russ there I think this team obviously has struggled to find a starting quarterback since they lost Manning and now they've got one and they've got one who's able to throw the ball deep with accuracy and efficiency and that's something really that none of their quarterbacks recently have been able to do you know Drew Locke tried to throw the ball deep he liked throwing the ball deep he was like aggressive with it but his accuracy was literally the worst in the NFL they're moving from one of the least accurate quarterbacks in the NFL throwing the ball 20 plus yards down the field to the sixth most accurate in the NFL over the last several years I mean Russell Wilson puts the ball where he needed to go on these deep passes and now he's playing in an offense that's going to allow him to pass the ball in very opportune situations which are on early down they talked to you earlier about you don't want to be predictable the rules are such that offenses are going to have the upper hand as long as you're not predictable and the problem with Russ is he was dealing with his offense previously with a head coach who got involved that got them to run the ball too much on early downs and pass the ball more so on third down and that's when the defense knows you're going to be passing the ball which is why first down passes are so much more efficient than third down passes because the defense doesn't know what's coming and you could be running the ball and I think Denver is going to have a much higher pass rate on first down that's going to make Russ look even better and is going to really increase the ceiling for the Broncos it's to be determined how quickly he gels with his new head coach a play caller but I think once they do gel there's enough weapons I'm really big on Cortland Sutton this season I think he's going to have a tremendous year for for fantasy and his upside is is really tremendous I think he's going to do much better than expectation man there were just nuggets galore right there Warren Sharp do you traffic in Super Bowl predictions or or no do you do that sort of thing I do what do you I do yeah I like the I like the LA Chargers as long as two things don't happen number one is injuries they already just JC Jackson is not a laughing matter but JC Jackson already went down with injury this team is just snakebitten so if they stay healthy the only thing in my opinion that can derail them from going to the Super Bowl is the play calling by the offensive coordinator you know they have such a low target depth with Joe Lombardi he did it to Matthew Stafford Matthew Stafford ranked in his last year 44th out of 44 quarterbacks in target depth when Joe Lombardi was calling plays there it's it's insane how Joe Lombardi wants to shrink the field and throw the ball short and he did it with Drew Brees obviously he did it with Matthew Stafford he did it with uh Justin Herbert last season if they throw the ball deep they're going to have some success so I want him to open the offense up a little bit more but this team they did such a great job in the off season of plugging the holes that they had thanks to Justin Herbert being in his rookie deal and their general manager being very aggressive and I think they have the most talented roster in the NFL so if it's not the play calling or injury I think this team's going all the way in the NFC I like long shots I like teams like the Minnesota Vikings um I like teams not the favorite to go I like the Philadelphia Eagles maybe I'm looking for long shot values in the NFC because I think the Bucks are weaker than they've been I think the Packers are a little bit weaker than they've been um so I like the I like the Ravens and I like the Chargers more than expectation in the AFC I think the Chargers go and I think potentially you know a sleeper team like like the Vikings or like the 49ers you were talking about Trey Lance before I came on um I think those teams all have good shots as well Warren Sharp you're the man look for more of my phone calls thanks for joining greatly appreciate it congrats on the book congrats on the book thank you so much you got everyone should check out 2022 football preview by Warren Sharp at Warren Sharp on Twitter yeah I'll tell you it's close to the season we don't have much time I'll give one dollar the book is one dollar for all of your listeners just enter the coupon code rich you get one dollar I'm not trying to make money off of it right now I'm just trying to get people to read it so all right you got it man thanks thanks for uh for doing that for all uh all who are listening and watching thanks Warren look for more of my phone calls thanks again greatly appreciate it that's Warren Sharp everybody and then what that's awesome what do you got over there so agreeing with you I've you know I was listening but also reading and he's very much hand in hand with you on the Tony Pollard versus Zeke things and he's I wanted to get talk about that but I just got lost in this I got a beard he's got a mustache but we both have the same brain he's he's he's hand in hand with your assessment of the situation we'll just say that all right let's take a break huh a dollar for this there you go one dollar just put in the promo code rich apparently you people get this book all right we'll take a break well Joe LaTruleo I think is chiming in when we come back right here on the Rich Eisen Show if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business people that's true when your business is growing fast and even more true when there's a lot of uncertainty inflation is running around like crazy supply chains being clogged labor market is definitely something folk everyone's focused on not every business those in the dark over 31,000 businesses know their numbers you know why because they use NetSuite by Oracle the number one cloud financial system NetSuite gives you the visibility and control of your financials planning budgeting and of course inventory manage risk get reliable forecasts improve margins NetSuite helps you identify rising costs automate your manual business processes and see where to save money so know your numbers know your business and get to know how NetSuite can be the source of truth for your entire company right now NetSuite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to rich radio right now rich radio rich radio I mentioned earlier in the program I have been invited into a fantasy league I would never want to do in any other circumstance other than the fact of the man who invited me to do it I've got two fantasy leagues I got three kids I got two jobs why do I need another one you run a production company certainly certainly certainly when the other one is set up where you know the way it's set up where you draft and then you that your team's your team and the computer chooses your roster every week that and you can't pick anyone up and if they're injured tough luck oh gosh the commissioner said league is on the phone right now I do believe joe latrulio the delightful joe latrulio on our program you there joe I am here I am here and welcome to the surprise party league which is that what it's called it's called the surprise party league yes I blind copied a bunch of friends you among them and the first 12 to jump on this puppy get to go for the ride and then once the 12th says yes that's when the draft starts and it's two hours for each team to pick and if you're if your team's up while you're to pick while you're asleep you you you uh you either get you're good auto drafting yes you're you're uh you're uh the site will pick for you so it's highly recommended you set up your most wanted players at the top of that queue before you lay your pretty little head down on the pillow do you have any chris any questions for commissioner latrulio before you choose to join as the 12th team to start the draft you would trigger the draft I know I have you would trigger yes his entry would automatically trigger the first pick of the surprise party league which is randomly chosen by the way by the computer so it could be us we get an email saying you're you're picking correct the very very very could be us me and tj yes you and tj could be the first up right right I'm in this well are you splitting this team together you're here together well I thought it was you two no he already signed up I'm in we would be the 12th team oh okay you know I'm down yeah yeah yeah okay so I have the email I'm going over it right now uh I do I do like the um I do like the why when I do this section of this email that's right which is which is basically you're very curious to see who else is invited which I am very curious to see who is invited um so yeah so it's not so it's it's automatic so your team whatever it scores and then the computer automatically takes the best nine or is it based on projected points it takes it takes the best nine active roster positions so it will fill all the um the nine active positions roster spots for you by getting the highest total in whatever that position is at the end of the week right within weeks at the at the end of the so so basically because somebody said if somebody's on your bench and they go off that person is is going to be one of the nine by the end of the day correct correct so it's your everybody on your team's alive pretty basically if they're not injured or on above everyone's alive yeah okay all right okay let me just uh enter in the old information here and away we go and there's no waiver wire there's no nothing there's no nothing no if you're ravaged by injuries too bad you'll have to do all year it takes the best part of fantasy just trap and then forget it let the computer and the algorithms do their magic and you don't have to worry about it okay i so we're in right you're in yeah i'm signing up i'm signing up right now and the draft will start it triggers a draft all right let's go hour three coming up here on the richardson show don't go anywhere chad and jt are coming up in studio but we're still here with joe all right joe so we're in let's do it we're in we're in so i have to hold on i gotta create a count here when he says he's in i'll get an email saying we're up and then what what email am i going to get you should automatically you should be getting an email i'm checking my uh computer now uh within a couple minutes uh you should get an email saying that the draft is started and it'll have uh the position the order the draft order on there of which you may be the first okay okay i have not received anything yet wouldn't it be funny if this whole thing was it was it was rigged you mean like the real nfl joe like so many people think i i just you know i get to go on vacation i just you know i just all my buddies just chipped in for a free vacay so let me ask you this question this photograph that we're using of you on the phone are you using this actual headset to converse with us right now i wish i was but i hadn't charged it um otherwise i i faced i i do i take another picture for you do you want to give us a preview who else is in the league right now you want to tell us uh well sure we have um we have the uh wonderful wonderfully talented uh paul rudd it is the the dangerously handsome uh john ham is here we have some uh members of um the brooklyn 99 crew uh some from the legendary mccoy's new york fantasy uh group that we talked about on the show uh a nice uh motley crew of uh a fine gentleman okay ready to uh play a game of chance okay it's because that's what this is man okay it's all that's all it is okay are you and one last thing before i let you go you're you're loving your mets what do you think uh i'm loving my met so much uh yeah i'm feeling really i'm feeling really good about these guys uh you know often september is a trouble month for us but not this year okay uh i think we've uh we've overcome some some great obstacles so high hopes high hopes gotta believe you're channeling your inner vocal bach every day when you go to bed is that what you're doing here can i say something about vocal bach and i love that guy so much and one of the reasons i loved him is because every time i looked at him and i say this endearingly i think of engelberg from the bad news that's exactly one of my favorite movies and i love the guy i love vocal back and and he's just bringing back my nostalgia my love of the game my love of that movie and i could he's in my he's my favorite mess right now vocal bach is like the 21st century engelberg that's like the same right it's the same number of syllables we just need buck to just start drinking beers during the game that's it like walter matha that's fantastic all right so chris you're you're taking care of it you're putting in your information a lot of signups information i need to put in here so uh the draft is going to start soon sir so you better get ready get to the podium commissioner i i wish everyone luck okay thanks for jumping in guys thanks for inviting all right joe we love it that's joe let's really see everybody chad and jt are making their way to the studio and when we come back i'm gonna cape for a quarterback that i can't believe i'm caping for because the guy pretty much wears a cape every single time he plays that's coming up next right here on the rich eisenhower for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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