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REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 1

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August 26, 2022 3:24 pm

REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 26, 2022 3:24 pm

Rich reacts to the ugly brawl between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals and says if the NFL will be able to punish Aaron Donald for recklessly swinging a helmet during the melee, and comments on the “shocking and disgusting” gang rape allegations against Buffalo Bills rookie punter Matt Araiza.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio tells Rich what the NFL and Buffalo Bills’ options are regarding Matt Araiza, why the NFL should try to punish Aaron Donald despite their lack of authority over team practices, why Lamar Jackson should take the Baltimore Ravens’ best contract offer, and why he thinks the 49ers might hang onto Jimmy Garoppolo despite naming Trey Lance their starting quarterback.

Rich and Brockman debate if the Niners keeping Jimmy as injury insurance would be too much of a distraction for Lance.

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And the way that they lost last year is a chip on shoulder that they're gonna cash it. Now that I'm done, I don't think that's gonna happen. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests. Host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio. Co-host of Peacock's Brother from Another, Michael Smith from FX's Little Demon. Actors Danny and Lucy DeVito. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show here on a very busy Friday in Los Angeles, California. We say hello to everybody out there on the Terrestrial Radio Network that listens to us every single day on this station that is smart enough and yes kind enough to have us in your ear gate every single day. Thanks to our friends at the Cumulus Radio Network and the Cumulus Podcast Network is also the spot where you can get this show every single day and download it as you wish every single day on demand. And we greatly appreciate anybody who hits that subscribe button on the RSS feed. And for those of us who are wondering when you can see us on something other than our YouTube stream Rich Eisen Show once again we are coming to the Roku channel starting in September and we're so very excited to be moving to that new home. You can watch the Roku channel on any Roku device Fire TV or select Samsung TVs.

You can also watch on the or download the Roku mobile app. The best part about it all is that it is free and we could not be more excited about that. Good to see you over there T.J. Jefferson are you lighting the candle? We're coming to you first here today on this program.

I mean the candles lit it's Friday I'm sporting the NWO Wolfpack today it's going to be a beautiful day. Fantastic very good. Good to see you Jay Felley how are you today sir? I'm good good job getting your mic on there. You see Rich this is why I tell that's why I got to come at him sometimes. Okay very good.

There's no need for that. No no it's all good it's all good in this hood we're greatly appreciative of that. Chris Brockman just hit the start on our YouTube stream so he's about to join us in his chair uh in just a few seconds right here on the Rich Isaac Show.

Oh that's it right there is that a lot of buttons over there very good. We're like the bloods and the crips today red and blue we're unify unity. I am I was I was unaware of that I appreciate you doing all that so okay very good so good to see you go over there Chris Brockman what you've been up to? Hey what's up?

Oh you know just saving the world. Very good so our YouTube stream people can see us right now is that what's happening? We should be up oh wait hold on we should be up on YouTube I want to double check that actually. Okay very good we're just checking out all that good to see very good yeah. Oh we're up hey what's up everybody 457. Good to see you all and we appreciate you all being patient with us here on this program today 844-204-rich is the number to dial we already got people on hold we always appreciate that we've got a triple wow I guess we've got three guest segments four guests in the first hour coming up in about 17 minutes time is our friend from Pro Football Talk Mike Florio will be joining us on this program Pro Football Talk Live starts the day at at the NBC Sports on Peacock Network Michael Smith who's also on Brother from Another on Peacock but also made his debut on Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video last night and he'll be joining us at 20 minutes after the hour in our second hour of the program and 20 minutes after the hour in our final hour is Danny and Lucy DeVito the father and daughter combo that is not only part of the executive producing crew but also the voices of the new animated show on FX Little Demon and Danny DeVito was live tweeting that last night on his Twitter account without any other indication that he was live tweeting his show people were losing their mind the stuff that he was tweeting last night without knowing he was talking about playing Satan in this new animated show that he and his daughter are not only helping voice but executive produce people thought Danny kind of lost his mind because he also wasn't threading it and that's one way to trend on Twitter so Danny will be in studio along with his daughter in our number three I read one tweet and I was like I had to read it three times I'm like oh wait a second it's a little deal oh it's a little deal and we'll be talking about it with Danny tomorrow so Danny's going to be joining us along with Lucy DeVito father daughter combination coming up in hour number three so the the kickoff of the NFL season Thursday night September 8th boy did that get a a whole new uh look-see to it just in the last 24 hours uh let's start here with the defending Super Bowl champs the Los Angeles Rams who win the Super Bowl Aaron Donaldson's put a ring on my finger and he's one of the main reasons why there's a ring on everybody's finger oh you can't even call it a ring as we all know it's as large as the moon itself and it actually opens up and you can actually stay in there there's a two-bedroom apartment yeah that's inside that ring around a month air conditioning uh there's everything in there so um and uh he yesterday uh in practice with the Bengals how about that by the way right uh winds up with not one but two Bengals helmets in his hand in a scrum and starts swinging it like he's Miles Garrett looking for Mason Rudolph and no I mean but that is what everybody's pointing out today Cleveland Browns fans are clapping back at a lot of people today because if Miles Garrett got six games for doing that to Miles Rudolph what how many games is Aaron Donald going to get now that he's in the middle of a scrum swinging at people with helmets talk about dangerous you know the answer to that though right the answer is going to be zero because the NFL does not have apparently any purview in terms of disciplining players for activities that happen during practice those are team related and team I guess that's the bailiwick of the team to handle any practice related suspensions and the reason for that is is the league's not going to step in in the middle of a practice set to for a team the problem is the problem is though is now in this day and age where there's one fewer preseason games last night a couple of games that we saw last night one on amazon prime between the Niners and the Texans and then another one between the Chiefs and the Packers those teams are done with preseason August 25th done preseason over with one fewer preseason game there are more and more interest squad practices going on and those teams practice with each other all week and then play each other that's one way to tell the coaches we're going to have one fewer preseason game but you're going to still get a nice amount of work in with your guys and there's going to be enough de facto live action for you to give as close to game situations as possible on practice field so you don't have to suit up in a preseason game and put players health potentially and injury prone moments on the line problem is though is when you put two teams together that's kind of like if it's not a game it is enough to maybe rise to the level of the league having purview over anything that happens between two teams one team the league can be told butt out two teams the league might have to step in certainly if you're going to put two teams together on the field that may have an issue with one another like say one team beat the other in the super bowl gee whiz you're going to have two teams that are in the super bowl together practice together just a few months later what could happen what could go wrong oh that old game the super bowl that whole thing that changes lives and legacies and bank accounts that guy yeah and even with two coaches who know each other and love each other in mcveigh and zack taylor when it's 90 degrees out in thousand oaks right what's going to happen when it's 90 degrees out tempers flare and then all of a sudden helmets come off apparently lyle collins had a helmet a ram's helmet in his hand or a helmet in his hand before this happened apparently he kicked it off it's always the second guy though well the second guy happens to be the best defensive player in the league with all due respect to everybody else any first ballot hall of famer who's gonna who's gonna get that jacket one day uh but but uh that's an excuse what he did nope i don't know what what what happened yesterday this is sean mcveigh afterwards i would say this i don't know what i was i just see guys swinging and some guys have helmets on some don't there's a scrum you just never know what can occur and my biggest concern is is just unnecessary injuries uh you know for people that were counting on whether it's for our team or the other team but that's that's to me where you know i care about these guys and um you know especially when you start throwing punches with gear on you know i've been enough of a meathead in my past that i've done some stupid stuff too so um i know how volatile and how fragile it is where you hit it the wrong way and then you break your hand and you know it could affect a guy's chance to um you know be okay or god forbid somebody gets hit in the head with the helmet off and so that was really just i don't know what emotions i was feeling right there i just was glad when everything got broken up and my understanding was uh everybody's okay and thank goodness for that and that's a very uh level-headed response to say the least right there from sean mcveigh he's not going to suspend aaron donald rams aren't going to suspend aaron donald why would they suspend aaron donald it's not going to happen is this the right thing to do that is the right thing to do but you're taking on the bills and josh allen in in in 13 days you're going to suspend aaron donald it's just one game uh-huh he should be suspended we can all agree with that right well then lyle collins should be suspended too right right and and then we should just move on with our lives absolutely and brown's fans are going to be hearing me kind of say that the rams aren't going to do anything about it the problem is is miles garrett did it on a football field in front of the whole country watching and the nfl has purview over that and apparently the nfl is not can't do anything about this they now should be able to they should be able to step in here absolutely they should be able to step in here and if there's a rule against it change it to be honest it's dangerous it's reckless like he should know better and and certainly if you're going to start having interest squad like maybe you make a rule where if it's one guy in in practice against his own guys you have to handle it rams or fill in the blank if you've got two teams out there in an interest squad practice that's not that's now a league issue man i mean that is reckless to say the least anybody out there swinging helmets but as as sean mcveigh said uh this is a he's been a meathead before too i don't know will the league step in that's one of the things we'll talk to mike florio about in about eight minutes time when you say change it then that's going to open up the nfl they're having now to watch every practice the nfl has the nfl has to watch every player every day in the personal conduct policy everybody every day the minute you come into the nfl they overlook what or have to be responsible in disciplining a player for anything that can happen 24 7 365 the minute somebody becomes an nfl player for their personal conduct so why why can't we why can't we so you want them to be able to every practice that goes i don't think the players are going to like or we're some i don't know too bad then don't swing helmets at people i get it but you know we always talk about these guys they're savages they're not like you and i and normal people like so i get it and i understand i lose my head around my kids i lose my head in certain certain situations too where you just lose your head but i you know when you you lose your temper but you don't physically strike somebody with a helmet i don't do that and i understand i'm not in a scrum 90 degree 90 degrees and it's happening and you're trying to protect your teammates and that's a totally fine point tj except the nfl already created a precedent for this type of behavior yeah during a game when he swung a helmet at another player who didn't have a helmet on from what i looked at and i watched as many times he was swinging it but he hit guys on helmets not condoning it but i'm saying i think nothing's gonna happen that's what i'm saying i don't think it's gonna happen and i think the league should now understand that there is a loophole that they can't step in when something deserves for the league to step in because they apparently have no purview over practices but this is not a practice this is an interest squad scrimmage that is happening over and over and over again throughout the league because they took a preseason game away another thing we're going to talk about with mike florio in a moment is materiza who we first met last year through our rich eisen show nil sponsorship program that we had where we giving out a thousand dollars and a free product to kids who don't expect to have a deal based on their name image and likeness based on their play on the field and arisa was a tremendous punter at san diego state and wound up being the third drafted punter in the nfl draft this year and i remember sitting on the set scratching my head saying why how is this guy not the first punter off the board well now we may have found out why because there's a civil lawsuit that was filed against him and two of his teammates at san diego state at the time for i don't think i've ever said these words on the show gang raping an underage girl and i saw the civil lawsuit that was filed against arisa and two others and to say the the details are shocking and disgusting is a an understatement and an affront to the word shocking and disgusting i said this when i read the multiple multiple civil lawsuits against ishawn watson and i'll say this for materiza as well that if this is true i i called uh watson's behavior vile this is beyond vile this is apparently what appears to be criminal behavior at worst and um the authorities in san diego apparently the detectives in the case according to the la times just recently handed their evidence to authorities in southern california to decide whether charges need to be filed against matter risa who denies this through his lawyer who said that the individual in the case um he inferred it's a money play which is interesting because usually money plays are not uh involving third round drafted punters in the nfl and certainly money plays don't usually occur when um somebody somebody goes to the police the day after the incident as the civil lawsuit lays out and the los angeles times has reported so based on everything that i am seeing the bills who are playing tonight with arisa on the team i i don't know what their recourse is other than to sit him sit him down for sure for the time being while this is playing out and cutting him sounds like a pretty damn good idea too but i don't have all the facts in the case right now but i wanted to just say what i'm thinking and feeling reading this outrage isn't um just as a father and a human on the planet and then um gobsmacked and absolutely gutted and then also uh embarrassed that we had him part of our nil deal need to hear from him got to hear from him and i bet we're not going to hear from him certainly not from the bills and certainly not from his attorney who apparently um again said that this never happened even though according to all reports and this lawsuit it occurred in his house the party and it happened 10 days before he was on this show talking to us and we were giving him a deal gross and i i i am um just beside myself about that and the bills said they've done a they're doing a thorough investigation according to tim graham who covers the team in western new york he reached out to the young lady's attorney who confirmed the bills have not reached out to him or her doesn't sound very thorough on its face and the league can't step in here either because this happened before he was a pro that's the rules so anybody out there once again looking to the nfl to administer punishment that local authorities either have yet to or unwilling to or decline to that's not an option either so that's what's happening with the team that i said the other day i think can go to the super bowl this year and this is what's going to be hanging around the team the entire time i mean seriously if the bills think they could just wait this out and hope you know and hopefully get through it what's that going to happen what's that going to look like in media day in arizona i mean really that's 24 weeks from now but there is a you know innocent until proven guilty even though clearly i have stated the way i feel about what i've read and what i have seen but for the time being i mean i i don't know if that's what i don't know if there's a team exempt list or anything like that we'll talk about it with mike florio 844204 rich is the number to dial so let's take a break and when we come back lots to talk about with mike including the jimmy g scenario what's going on with him because that clock needs to strike midnight in just a few days time what's going on in that world and more mike florio of pro football talk when we come back 844204 rich number to dial here on the rich eisen show we're here on our youtube stream rich eisen show we're here until we move to the roku channel in september and we welcome back here on the rich eisen show uh our friend from pro football talk and pft live is what kicks off our former spot nbc sports on peacock every single day and we say happy 28th wedding anniversary to a man at pro football talk joining us here on the mercedes ben's van's phone line mike florio how you doing mike all doing great rich thank you very much for that my wife is allowing me to work today which is not really much of a sacrifice it's less time she has to deal with me so uh it's it's uh for her a very good day do you know what what's the precious metal for 28 uh years do you know that off the top of your head mike do we know that what you give what you must do is it hold on brockman you've got it what is it orchids orchids oh that's easy go to the shop orchids oh now i gotta go find some more look at that look at that we got the photograph that you tweeted out oh my goodness gracious hair still on point it's really mike that's impressive that is impressive mine well at any rate uh happy anniversary to you and as you referred to mrs pft well well done right there all right i let's start first up with uh mata risa um and what is going on and what the league must be thinking about it and they they don't have any jurisdiction to place him under the personal conduct policy um because this happened before he was a pro is that is that the case mike and anything that happens before guys drafted or signs an undrafted free agent contract is off limits now if he would get in any sort of off field trouble in the future under the personal conduct policy penalties could be expedited or enhanced or both because of the past incident whatever the facts may be it becomes relevant to the examination then but if he never gets in any issues it's never something that factors into what the league could do but realistically you take a step back this isn't the sean watson this isn't a quarterback this is a punter now i don't know what the bills knew back in april there have been reports that they didn't know about this they became aware of it at some point since then what would they have done differently if they had known about this would they have used a sixth round pick if they had known about these allegations what have they learned if presumably they've investigated it and what would they do moving forward they could cut him if they wanted to now the union could file a grievance and they may have to pay him his salary but if you believe based upon the investigation you can perform the league has resources the bills have resources if they come to the conclusion they think this guy may be responsible for what he did he's a punter you find a different punter and i know punters are people too but but that is the most interchangeable position on a football team other than long snapper and holder and and do the bills want to carry this cloud into their season does the nfl want matt arises punting on nbc in 13 days when the bills and the rams play to start the season i don't think it's something the nfl would want and i presume that they would put him on paid leave if he fell within that specific portion of the personal conduct policy but he doesn't because it happened before he got drafted is there such a thing for a team paid leave where the team has like their own exempt list in the way that the commissioner would have that power went away in the 2006 cba after what the eagles did to tarryl owens and before that the buccaneers did it the keshawn johnson where they basically sent him home with pay but if the guy agrees to it like last year dashawn watson happy to get paid to not play for the texans maybe jimmy garoppolo this year happy to get paid to not play for the 49ers if the bills would go to him and say look here's what we're going to do we're we're just we're going to deactivate you every week you're still on the 53-man roster you're still part of the team but we're going to have a different punter and you're just not going to suit up and you're not going to play while this goes forward and if he's okay with it it's not a problem it's only a problem if he says no i insist on my right to be on the roster and i don't agree to go along with this and if that's the case then it gets more complicated but they could they could do it and we've seen it as long as the player is okay with it the team could do it and then you know i i'm just you know i just learned about this yesterday as most of us did right so uh from what i have read it appears that the detectives uh in this case um who who actually were on a what's what i read is a pretext call with the victim uh the alleged victim and the and and Ariza um before we get to where where the detectives are with this case and i ask you about that what what is a pretext call because that that is the most damning portion of the civil lawsuit that i read yesterday and i did not handle criminal defense work when i practiced law but it appears to be a device that allows detectives to listen in to conversations that potentially would be incriminating and it sounds like there were some incriminating things said there as it relates to whether or not there were sexual relations between Ariza and the 17 year old girl his lawyer did a tv interview last night and he basically admitted that that something happened the position is there was nothing forcible that he didn't know she was under 18 which introduces a completely different set of problems because in California you have to be 18 years of age and there are some exceptions and one of them would be that he's young enough that he just really didn't know and she misrepresented her age etc so there there are various potential avenues for criminal liability and it it sounds like on this call he said some things that did complicate his situation and uh things that that could lead the bills to become sufficiently concerned that they would they would take some sort of action about it and then according to the LA times the detectives just recently delivered their findings to authorities about whether now placing it in front of people whose decision it is to charge or not so my question for you is based on whatever knowledge you may have on similar circumstances how long do you think does that take usually because i'm wondering if if the a team paid leave that Ariza would accept as opposed to being cut uh is a workable for the moment response do you think we fall back to the same situation we were in with Deshaun Watson where a grand jury potentially could be presented with the evidence would the prosecutor be motivated to get an indictment understanding that eventually you have to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt how aggressively would the prosecutor push for an indictment is there a mechanism for charging without a grand jury so it all comes down to ultimately does a prosecutor believe that he or she can prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt prosecutors don't like to take on cases that they think they may lose and they have incredible power and discretion they're the most powerful individuals in any local justice system more so than the judges because the judges because the judges are limited by what's put on their docket the prosecutors are the ones who decide what gets put on the docket and what doesn't so that subjective assessment of the case the belief in whether or not they can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt that goes a long way toward determining whether or not charges are going to be filed here and it obviously reaches a very different level if he would be indicted for some sort of felony crime under California law at that point he may not want to be on the buffalo bills he might may want to focus all of his time and efforts on on preparing his defense exonerating his name and then if he if he's able to and then continuing his career at some point in the future Mike Florio pro football talk creator and also author of Playmakers where all books are sold right here on the Rich Eisen show what do you make of the Aaron Donald helmet swing and the effects that it may have on on the league's thinking the Rams the Bengals what do you got for me there Mike it's amazing to me that the league has no authority over players who engage in misconduct in joint practice when you look at the personal conduct policy why wouldn't they there's a specific provision in there that prevents violence or threatened violence in any workplace setting and the way that we understand the personal conduct policy it applies anywhere you are on duty off duty any day of the year any portion of the globe if you do something that falls within any of those categories you can and will be punished by the NFL I think they should activate Judge Suell Robinson I think they should propose a punishment and if the union pops and pops and if the union is able to pull some legal rabbit out of a hat so be it at least the NFL took a stand because Rich you know one of the first things Sean McVay the coach of the Rams said is well nobody was injured well this time nobody was injured can you imagine getting hit by a helmet swung by someone with the strength and power of Aaron Donald sooner or later one of these incidents is going to happen and someone's going to have a traumatic brain injury or worse and what are you going to do then say oh we didn't think that could ever happen well how many times do you have to see a guy swing a helmet like a weapon before you recognize that one of these days he's going to hit that guy in the wrong spot and there's going to be a serious outcome and I think it's incumbent on the Rams and the league you know the Rams aren't going to do anything about it the only way the Rams would do anything about it is if the league says to the Rams and I checked on this last night the league has the power to impose punishment on the Rams for not controlling their guys if the league would say to the Rams here's what we're going to do to you if you don't suspend Aaron Donald then maybe the Rams would do it maybe there's a way that happens but I think something needs to happen here it's it's it's a horrifying image and I know it's Aaron Donald I know he's one of the most popular players in the league and I know the idea of him not being available 13 days from now for Bill's Rams would would you know be disappointing to people but look at what they did to Miles Garrett and how can we say that what Aaron Donald did yesterday was any different other than we don't have a clear shot of somebody taking a helmet over the top of their head like Mason Rudolph did three years ago. Mike Florio here on the Rich Eisen Show let's let's hit a couple of stories that have been out there for months right I mean just sitting there and we've been talking about it and ruminating about it and wondering what the eventual ending will be and it seems like we're going to get an answer in the next couple weeks starting with Lamar Jackson's contract conversation what's the latest on that with the Ravens and Jets set to play in a couple Sundays this continues to be a situation where you've got two sides speaking two different languages because there's no agent to serve as the go between between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens and I don't think they're going to get it done by week one now after that who knows and there's a chance there's a chance that the Ravens put their best offer on the table and Jackson realizes it's in his best interest to take it and did not continue to roll the dice with his financial best interests and the reality that he could suffer an injury that would make him less financially attractive in the future it reminds me of what happened with Brooklyn Smith the Bears linebacker he represents himself who's there to have that conversation with the player when he's evaluating that last best offer from the team because I've heard this from many agents over the years at some point they'll say I think I could get him more he probably deserves more but if this were my son I couldn't tell him in good conscience to not take this sometimes you need that voice with experience wisdom and just a broader understanding of what potentially happens next if you don't take it so there's there's a chance that he has that epiphany and decides to take their best offer if he doesn't all bets are off moving forward and they may never do a deal after this season who knows what's going to happen but I think that right now it would be a surprise that they managed to work it out so just so I'm just so I'm aware here how does it work so it's possible that Lamar goes from the film room with Greg Roman his OC has that conversation goes to the quarterback room chit chats with the quarterbacks and then Eric DaCosta knocks on the door the GM says let's come up to my office and then the two of them have a contract conversation that's literally the way it's working right now in Baltimore that's the way it's supposed to work and because of the stuff that happened a couple of weeks ago a week ago with Brooklyn Smith where someone who isn't certified by the union was calling teams to try to generate trade interest even though the Bears had not given permission for it the league sent out a memo saying look when guys represent themselves you can only negotiate with the player and what some players are doing they actually do use someone who is an NFLPA certified and they've got like a burner email account and and that agent air quotes agent pretends to be the player in the negotiations now I'd like to think the Ravens are sufficiently astute that they're not going to do anything to potentially get them in trouble with the league but that just makes it more difficult makes it even harder to try to get to an end result given that at this point they're focused on week one so they should be and at some point that's why it needs to end and they need to stay focused on week one I remember last year he wasn't interested this year at least he's engaged but without an agent and I look I understand the arguments against it but the argument for it is so clear you're a football player you're an expert in football you're not an expert in negotiating hire someone who is and you get the deal done that you deserve and you can focus on the thing that you're best at so you just feel the way things are talking right now it doesn't get done or you just feel that's the you know it's a 1201 league right one minute after midnight so could this be just what it comes down to is what's their best offer that's not that's all negotiation is about you're trying to coax the absolute best offer out of the person you're negotiating with once it's on the table then you can evaluate if it's truly the best offer there's always potential there's a little bit more a little bit more but Raven let's say the Ravens put their absolute best bottom line offer on the table early next week they got a week before they're fully focused on the Jets here we go this is it this is all we're going to do this is what we're willing to pay you take it or leave it then the question becomes is he able to properly come to the conclusion that that offer is better for him than taking 23 million this year and roll on the dice next year either with a franchise tag from the Ravens or another team trying to trade for him which is possible which level of franchise tag is exclusive and non-exclusive and non-exclusive would let the team try to sign them do an offer sheet and then the ratings can either match it and say thank you very much for getting him to agree to a contract we tried for two years and we couldn't thank you for doing our work for us and then they've got them under contract or they could not match it and take two first-round picks so this can go a lot of different ways and the other thing that happens too he can have demands that they won't meet and then as the season unfolds they could change their mind and say hey we'll give you what you wanted and if he's still willing to take that they could get this done during the season just because he wants to get it done by week one doesn't mean that the door is forever shut I got a franchise tag as their backstop too you know for next year so it's not like this is a do or die but obviously they'd like to do it for various reasons um and uh and hopefully he gets what he wants and Mike Florio here on the Rich Eisen show the Jimmy G situation uh walk me through the uh the dates where clocks strike midnight and things have to happen and what the Niners are thinking or Jimmy G what do you got for me on that one 4 p.m eastern coming up in just four days that's when the roster cuts to 53 would they otherwise part ways with a guy that they want on the team cut him he goes through waivers he gets claimed he's gone forever would they do that would they basically carry 52 guys on the roster and keep Jimmy Garoppolo after Tuesday and I think they will because they're still waiting for lightning to strike in the form of a starting quarterback getting lost for the season with another team ala Teddy Bridgewater 2016 so the next key date after august 30 is september 10 4 p.m eastern if he's on the roster at that moment his salary locks in under the cba as a practical matter it's guaranteed all year long 24.2 million dollars now now I'm starting to think they're crazy enough to keep him and rich here's my theory I've been meaning to write this and I haven't gotten around to it yet okay I think they are seriously considering paying him at that rate every week through the trade deadline while they wait for that call to come and we saw it 11 years ago Carson Palmer who was not going to play for the Bengals again and the Bengals weren't inclined to trade him Jason Campbell breaks a collarbone for the Raiders and the Raiders cough up what it takes to get Carson Palmer two days before the trade deadline so I think they they could be inclined to pay him one week at a time and then if we get past the trade deadline it could be an OBJ situation where they say to Jimmy G look we can just keep paying you but you can't play for anyone else or we'll cut you if you agree to take 40 50 60 whatever percent of your remaining money if you cut some of that that debt that we owe you for your freedom then that's something we would consider and that's exactly what the Browns did last year with OBJ and I think that's the end game they hope if they're crazy enough to keep him beyond week one you keep him through week eight through the trade deadline and if you don't get an opportunity to trade him then you work out a deal where he gives up some of that money on the back end and and he he moves on and and waits for an opportunity to to try to play for a team at some point this year but it's so different at quarterback than receiver who's who you're gonna play for you you're you're still waiting for someone to get injured and are they really gonna sign you and plug you in in December or January when they have a backup who knows the offense and knows the personnel I think that's a stretch and they still have if Lance gets hurt right Jimmy G would be that that's the ultimate reason to kind of keep him on ice you know that injury that they're waiting for could happen in their own backyard and wouldn't that be the ultimate outcome to this that Jimmy G ends up playing for the 49ers and they end up getting to the playoffs the Super Bowl oh my god Mike Florio thank you for the time and thank Mrs. PFT for for making you available for us today I appreciate that happy anniversary to you two crazy lovebirds and look for my call as always and if you ever need me for anything you know I'm there thanks for the call all right thanks have a great weekend right back at you at pro football talk a must follow let's take a break lots to unpack right there by the way there was there was a moment yesterday in practice I believe it was either yesterday or Wednesday and we didn't discuss it yesterday I think it was yesterday where it was an almost get Jimmy G on the phone moment for another team in the NFL for just a split second oh yeah we'll hit that and there are people asking for an update on our crazy ass fantasy league eight four four two oh four rich number to dial that's next on the program back here on slash rich eisen show odyssey and now our terrestrial radio affiliates have just rejoined us here on this friday program callaway's chrome soft golf balls we just saw a video with al michaels talking about playing golf um and I love playing golf without uh I don't know if he plays the chrome soft family of golf balls well I mean what's the deal I think he needs to I'm gonna take care of that I'm gonna say I'm gonna put the callaway chrome soft regular in his hand regular I think that's not the x right I don't know if he needs the high spin yeah al's not a spin rate guy I don't think so yeah I don't think so you know he just wants he just wants to hit it and he wants to hit it and make sure he finds it again yeah that's the key great al michaels I use chrome soft regular golf balls because of the wider range of golfers chrome soft x and chrome soft xls are for varying degrees of excellence with your I assume callaway golf clubs as well so you will love these golf balls they are awesome because they are ensured to be the highest quality most consistent fastest golf balls possible thanks to the precision technology that's designed techniques and manufacturing specifications up to one one thousandth of an inch when you add it all up it's so simple chrome soft is better for the best and it's better for everyone find out which chrome soft is right for you at chrome soft yesterday I saw this yesterday I believe it happened yesterday my apologies if it was the day before but this is the type of thing that can happen in a practice and I'm not talking about swinging helmets at each other I'm talking about hitting your hand on a helmet oh yeah which for a split second in brown's practice jacobi brissette hit the helmet of a defender while following through and practice and wound up shaking his hand in pain for a split second and all I could think kevin stefanski apparently from what I read got upset with the defenders being close to his quarterback like get away I mean you only know one speed in practice right well apparently you need to know more than one speed in practice do not get anywhere near jacobi brissette so he follows through and as much as I've talked about I love josh dobbs and think that he would be an incredible story for the cleveland browns as would jacobi brissette by the way if he goes and wins let's just say seven of the eleven could you imagine he has a seven of the eleven seven of the eleven could you imagine he has a seven and fourteen back to deshawn watson after the bye okay I would be surprised but in well I mean brissette succeeding would be a great story in josh dobbs I mean my gosh he's just such a great human on the planet although I just don't think stefanski wants to throw him out there in week one that would have been the where's jimmy g phone call which is what the niners are thinking right now hold on to them and jed york friend of the program has said we'll hold on to him and so did john lynch well one of them know him knowing as he said last night on the amazon broadcast knowing he knows it's lance's team and he he will be there he's a good enough guy and we we we owe him how crazy would that be if garoppolo starts with the team week one and I guess what would he he he can't be healthy scratch he's got to be dressed if he's healthy and he's on the team he's got to be dressed if lance follows through and hits his hand on somebody's helmet has to be he has to be their backup he has to be their backup if he's on the roster if he is on the roster he must be their backup and if he struggles the number of times that you'll hear that kyle shannon will hear hey you're gonna go with him or not which is why usually you can't keep him this is why you can't keep right well you can because if you're kyle shannon you could basically tell the the the gathered masses i'm kyle shannon i this is the way it is you don't want those questions though you don't want them you don't want them certainly if he has a game similar to say last night he's doing well against the blitz maybe you don't blitz him definitely don't blitz him he can take off and run he's got that the weapons are all there baby they are all sitting there let me check the you know who looked good last night you know who looked good last night jacob the grump did you know another pitcher oh oh davis mills touchdown pass davis mills i don't know man look out for him texans are the favorite to have the worst record in the league i would i would definitely the favorite to have the worst record are you serious they are yeah i think you are incorrect about that plus 350 incorrect no i think i think it's going to be seattle i know you think that i would i would i would counsel against that texans being better than you think too davis mills and the texans have the neck up on a lot of teams hey now what leg up i mean come on come on come on rich i meant leg yeah that's what you meant reach eisen reach i was accused of being reach eisen when i choose cooper cup second overall in this fantasy league that's not what we invited to all right no hold on a second let me let me unpack this okay we were invited for those who may not know we got invited by the actor jola trulio to join a fantasy league i got this invitation you got it 12 teams and you all you have to do is draft you draft 20 players for nine spots and every team is uh every player is available for that week and active and then the computer at the end of the day chooses the best nine scores based on one quarterback two running backs three wide receivers a tight end to flex and a defense no kickers right and if anybody and if anybody is hurt or anybody is uh cut by a team too bad there are no trades no waiver wire pickups done the team that you draft is the team that you have 20 players nine spots that's it you gotta have some depth and the draft everybody drafts in a snake draft it starts once all 12 spots are filled yeah and it's a two-hour period to draft somebody so if you go to sleep you know you have to set your your roster you have to set your queue so you don't get auto-picked after a two-hour period yeah to get somebody that you don't really want right but we learned that gets shut off overnight we found that out over we found that out over well i mean so i'm still setting it up yeah i asked you guys you want to be the 12th team yeah you beat bobby cannavale to the punch and then we found out who's in it it's latrulio it's paul rudd it's john ham and then a whole bunch of brooklyn nine nine guys and then a whole bunch of other guys we don't know from their regular fantasy league that they have together right you got the first overall pick and we somehow got the first pick and then i got the second over at the second you chose jonathan taylor i chose cooper cup and somebody accused of being reach eisen for getting cooper cup i'm like it's a ppr league he's the best so then hold on a minute hold on a minute four hours later we were back on the clock right me before you correct okay and so i chose uh aaron jones is my guy yeah then you wound up choosing who are your next guys you chose kean and alan and and leon and leon and fornett leon and fornett yeah and then i had my next pick and i thought to myself what am i going to do here because i've got a tight end spot i could fill or another receiver or another running back correct and what i wound up doing is i said screw it i'm going to get the guy who's going to probably have the most fantasy points in the league and i'm going to get somebody i'm going to love watching and who knock on wood uh answers the bell i chose josh allen and you called me reach eisen the two of you guys got right in there that was free we no one said reach about cooper cup at least we don't know you didn't but you guys we were reaching on reach allen on josh yeah that's where the reach not no no now there's been it now there's been a run now there's been a run in uh on quarterbacks like everyone's gone now the homes herbert burrow and so tj and i were on the clock we're on the clock right now who are you gonna choose we have two picks what do you got we don't know rich i don't know to be honest like you taking kiddo that's fine i just did you have another guy who gets hurt a lot it's okay please allen aaron jones cooper cup george kittel quarterback running back wide receiver tight end how you doing i love it i love these people too i love rooting for him we have two top 10 running yes i got good people who i like to look for jay do we do we go lamar here how do you not you gotta get them for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's gotta be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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