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REShow: Michael Lombardi - Hour 2

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August 29, 2022 3:09 pm

REShow: Michael Lombardi - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 29, 2022 3:09 pm

Rich and a caller discuss the Buffalo Bills release of punter Matt Araiza following the rape allegations against him.

 In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich says if Kenny Pickett or Mitchell Trubisky should start Week 1 for the Steelers, if Bill Belichick and Patriots can sort out their offensive struggles, the chances Jimmy Garoppolo lands with the Seahawks, if Trey Lance will shine or struggle as the 49ers’ starting QB, if Aaron Donald should have been voted the NFL’s best player by his peers over Tom Brady.

Former NFL executive/VSiN host Michael Lombardi tells Rich why he has some concerns for Tom Brady and the Dallas Cowboys this season, why he’s confident the Patriots can get their moribund offense sorted out, what new Head Coach Josh McDaniels brings to the Las Vegas Raiders, why he’s still skeptical Tua Tagovailoa can be a star with the Miami Dolphins, how the 49ers offense will look with Trey Lance at QB1, why the Cleveland Browns should trade for Jimmy Garoppolo to fill the void during Deshaun Watson’s 11-game suspension, and why he’s predicting an Aaron Rodgers and the Packers vs Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

Rich recounts a story that happened over the weekend illustrating the positives and perils of soaking up the sun in Southern California.

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Yes, it's our neighbor to the rich doesn't show on the air. Rick Stroud of the Gymboree times is on our program and our number one talking about Tom Brady's return to action in the preseason and returned to the box earlier last week and now back in everything that was discussed about his Midsummer sabbatical. All of that whether Brady address the Dana White comments that he White got Brady and Ronk all set to go to Vegas and then Gruden pulled the rug out from under everything all about. Discussed with Rick Stroud sitting on our YouTube stream right now. That's where were seen every single day for the time being we are right around the corner from September and it is in the month of September that we will be seen on the Roku channel for free every single day between 12 to 3 Eastern time on Roku devices select Samsung televisions fire TV, the Roku app where the Roku channel is also free to be downloaded to any mobile device and if you're a desktop or the Roku is how you can watch the rich eyes and show every single day. Michael and Barty who is part of the Musburger V. Sin media world. These could be joining us about 19 minutes time and then in our number three it'll be time for Tom Kari Tom e-card of NBC Sports Boston talk about how the patriots offense is scaring the daylights out of every single patriot Fannin patriot nation right now.

There's also a fun chat on the horizon with David Shaw, the head coach of Stanford football is college football began last week.

They call it, week zero. I find it very funny because the losses count the losses count week zero and Nebraska fans are licking their wounds today. Scott Frost man was going off a N in Ireland on Northwestern in the sides. The onside kick and they don't score point the rest the game. Northwestern my other motor comes back to win that game as Scott Frost falls to 15 3015 and 30 as the head coach of Nebraska football and 21 of those 30 games are one score losses. Unbelievable. So that's the way in and I already saw some people complain about Big Ten officials, which means a seasons begun as Big Ten officials can suck and week 02, currently Stanford's first game is coming up this very weekend and really taken on or should know that it's either taking on USC in week number two USC's taken on the rice. First up this week in Lincoln, Riley versus Rice that's coming up this weekend and you dear rice, not on some that have not died that day was anything right setting of Lou Holtz complaining about how tough Rice is going to be slick and warm up for Michigan as Bo Schembechler did not schedule warm up for Notre Dame game, but always in favor and warms up with Colgate Colgate.

That's right, Colgate selves. David Shaw will be joining us in our number three don't miss all of that what you are from on site for four to a fair estimate on one of her favorites Kathy in Philadelphia here in the rich as insureds of Kathy was going on morning and weekend. I I my church the right thing from a person can point McIvor approximately that we can say that that with the fact that my right and my concern was that it was reported that he knew about the allegations cream draft and gaining dear why say anything because he liked it on their board. So my question is at what point does matter how as the standardbearers for morality, but with any nation within teams that were pointed talking about right now. I found when they were in junior high by a crime everything but nothing was you know out there for everyone to see.

In court papers about it and you know the number of rumors. I hear it combines drafts every year. It would make your hair stand on end and then nothing ever comes out because it's just a rumor and an NFL team hears about what's going on on campus to share with everybody because if a players stock drops and somebody is spreading a rumor about him and it's different, defamatory and false mean what you do that's that's why I don't know what to say about it other than the fact it's just a horrible horrible crime that it appears Matt Araiza could beach it could be charged with and the bills had to come there was just no other way for them.what I'm trying arrival or any legal work. Let more now shoulder into me like, say, twitter, and I know that testing since the call greatly appreciated that the teams share medical information with each other, you know, this MRI that x-ray shows this because you can actually see a break. You can actually see the signs on the screen. You can't share rumors with each other. You cannot like some clearing house for from rumors or what's being talked about on campus because what like what's the standard that it could rise to that makes makes it reported into the rumor mill that shared amongst all 32 teams you know is it is it is a horrible crime. What determines what's horrible crime. My guess you know when you see it. I just know how they could do something like that but just our caller. Kathy just brought up that Araiza bills had no choice to do what they did no choice and I'm surprised they didn't do it on the spot.

I guess they have to do their due diligence they have to think about it, but Mimi had apparently it was late July when a member of their legal staff was contacted to give them a heads up that Matt Araiza was can have a civil suit filed against him on these charges or alleged to get charges on a ledge. He's not charged. The bills are working on this and I know he's incredibly counted as punter. That's why we gave them a name, image and likeness deal last year which makes me sick to my stomach.

10 days after this alleged incident happened. We had no idea."

But the bills found out and it took him some time, but they eventually did what they had to do what you like.

You take care that Matt if you get cleared you don't maybe come back here will talk over what were we got several go with when I can own this is what I said the other day. I couldn't believe they were even taking them to the game, but they cut them 844204 riches than ever to Dallas Monday ready to do overreaction under Christopher go but said it pleased for these Christopher go for. I lets start with the Steelers we just heard from Mike Tomlin about the quarterback.

Six Jewish and I'm a go here. I think they actually should just start Kenny Pickett week one. I don't think you do that I start the kid anyway at some point now and I just put them out there. Week one.

I don't see how you got your risky and if he is a guy that can give you that Alex Smith them a home here. If you can give you that garrotte below to Trey Lance here you take it you take, you got some serious veterans in your locker room.

You got some serious kids in other positions that can blossom like Pickens you give him the best opportunity with a veteran guy with a chip on his shoulder. Who has the opportunity in front of him to remake himself but you drafted Pickett for reason you're going to turn to him at some point he may be ready to pesky begins to falter. That's when you go with the kid if the kid still in there in the deep end of the pool against the Cincinnati Bengals.

You week two ovaries of his career against Bella check who eats rookie quarterbacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner has that with a fava beans and a nice Chianti no way I see you go at your risky because he's looked good enough to start it and let's see how it goes and if you give Pickett the year to sit there and watch and ruminate or could go to him in the middle of the season to override Fitzpatrick even though hindsight is shown that some people want that to happen. I think that's what you get to do all say that's an overreaction's great great this month. Mostly just for me and then over to talk to Tom later maybe whole talk me off the bridge there but some current trays not calling Tom Kearns in a call I got it so you patriots. It is in for a long time is what it feels that way. But it's the number of times that you think the patriots are dead in the water and then they do their job and they figure it out. Bella check out some to understand how to do it and then suddenly a team. It can't get out of their own way on offense is suddenly doing situationally brilliant things in the middle of the fourth quarter to win football games that other teams don't players usually to green to figure it out just like that team last year McDaniels being out to guys like Judge and Patricia have never done it to have it turned over to them makes it seem like Bella check doesn't know what he's doing but I think deep down you got trust him.

You gotta trust him yeah I want to see what the first month.

Looks like I'm in the first month is kind of the de facto I just season anyway don't think were going to be sitting here week 10 week 12 saying this team was doomed from the start that the preseason is exactly what we thought it was just I'll give you that benefited out the man asking to be fine. I'll still just say it's an overreaction. See what Thomas and Lombardi, Mike Lombardi would just you know who's kid is the offense of coordinator in Vegas and he knows McDaniels and he's the nose. Bella check on the truth all over that. So you must have some thoughts on the subject matter to what Oscars what's today's date guys that 29 August 20 Jimmy G still on this San Francisco 49ers roster. I still think Jimmy G will be a Seahawk at some point I don't know, brother. The only reason why I think that is well I'll say that's proper.

I don't think that's an overreaction, either, but I get him a jet fan who can't get Gino Smith in his broken jaw to my head. I'm serious man I just you know and and guys, I just feel Gino Smith beaten Andrew lock is exactly what the rest of us feel not a good sign.

Not a good sign that you trade Russ Wilson for young quarterback and not God can't beat out Gino Smith and I know that you know at some time in the system and I know that you Lochhead Coburn and I know that there wasn't enough time. That's what Pete Carroll said he just didn't have enough time to be out. Gino.

But if on the 49ers I hang on a grapple as long as possible and make sure that he's not on the Seahawks until the last possible moment is also that there think that spot on.

I think that spot on what Oscars I feel adult and started the other day. There to if there was a 50 yard bomb the Terry you know what the dolphin single-season touchdown reception. Record notes are Mark Clayton in 1984 caught 18 omelette assay to entire reconnect challenge the Marino Clayton man I'll call about an overreaction for the moment, I'm with you you are you I got around a little but I just got a thing on their ER blitzkrieg is working on me to tie week more prolific in scoring touchdowns in a single season than you aren't playing all gosh yeah I'll say that's an overreaction, but I can't wait to see what this offense looks like man I asked Columbo about that to because he's he's the king of you know, crapping on the Dolphins were taken to over Justin Herbert, but I just think it's all set up. F2 is accurately throws a good ball he throws an accurate boy throws a catchable ball is not like you thrown a bomb you know these is not the homes like these, not Rogers. Not like he's not rust like in phone defaults is that these guys an open space 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. No surly things. Given the always illegal contact penalties every can be like not touching you that 5 yard markets can be a flag in there that's in the brains of all these defensive backs you set your advantage. If somebody does of users manages Mike McDaniel, I think I still think that's an overreaction. I was so I might McDaniels former team real quick is using the points they scored over the weekend. 49ers week we talked about it on Friday because that game is on Thursday night and how Lance did not give anybody a man any yet, if you will, to whatever fire there.

As you know I think he's going to do very well there.

Right. So today, here's my topic you're Lance's growing pains are going to be too much for the 49ers to make the plan overreaction policy.

I will say that they are too talented and I think this kid is really good and at some point he's gonna start beat you with his feet and the game will slow down for him.

He's going to get his bearings and he may get you, but you might beat the Bears in the get his bearings Yana I'll I like it. They start against the Bears in the Seahawks, brother city, so no really good about themselves to an end and I think that you could be a nice wind at the Niners back that the one of the few to no teams in the 2022 season, and so on and so forth. I know that there can always be in a backslide, but I think this team is too talented with the coaching staff to smart in this kid is going to hire as I lied.

I was the minute I heard his name so when I last when I was that Don was charged for when I was headed out into the FL network top 100 last night top 10 revealed Josh Allen, John John 13.

A lot of people took issue with that voted on by their peers talk to players but familiar name atop the last Tom Brady was number one. Once again in the top 100 air Donald number two for the second straight year, and with all due respect to the goat is my fair however air Donald is the best player in the Filson asked for what we what we do, I kinda feel the same way but I think it's just not to help Brady is a disgrace a company to go set like a lifetime achievement number one is oversight like it, but many things.

Number seven last year came in from seven last year look back. My mom did lead the league in passing yards and touchdowns.

But just being in the suit as long as he is doing it and doing it as well as he's been doing it for is is late in his career as he's been, and you know no one will ever match what he is done by air. Donald basically took over the Super Bowl and Erin Donnelly had a playwriting announcement was all a guy just to camp at the moment with the finger and Chris, I am with you, sir.

That's another edition of overreaction Monday will take a break and will be back with Mike Lombardi on his two sons are pretty much only way to stop trafficking theaters rent out a list of a lot of topics and Michael about it.

I want to ask a lot of the GM shuffle podcasts out some recent coming up next back here in the rich eyes and show a 44204 Rich number to dial. He's one of our favorites that I met him in quite some time in a while from the world of VC in back here in the rich.

I wasn't sure the Mercedes-Benz vans phone on our front former NFL executive many spots Michael Barty how you doing model rich.

I am doing great good to be back with you again.

Hope all is well. Let's hope. Let's hope this football season is as good as every last one the day you been part of. We been part of and sure sure looks to be the case right now which team coming out of preseason concerns you the most.

Based on our off-season maneuvers and whatever you see. Nevertheless, several weeks, like the cowboys they won 12 games last year and really after the season that heartbreaking. They got beat up, especially in our offense of line against the debtor 49ers team dominated them at home that day and loosen Smith or left tackle, you know, and losing some other elements Collins the right tackle.

These are two guys that are hard to replace our current steals go to go in it right tackle. But what's gonna happen. You lose your left tackle in the National Football League is part one of the things the rams, overcame Lester was when Whitworth went down the play well. They were fortunate that everybody was worried about that that there they came through. I was saved hours where they were last year and how Philly has improved to me is the one the one to teams that I'm looking at what when when Tyron Smith went down just sealed for me what I been trying to talk myself into for the last several weeks is that Philadelphia. This is their division to snatch from from Dallas because I just didn't like some of the moves that happened with Dallas this off-season. I know Michael Parsons is going to be better this the way things happen, certainly would generationally talented kids as he appears to be. I just don't know how you replace Tyron Smith.

Despite his injury history over the last couple years my club rapid pilot go over there but they were putting him at left guard figure they had another year now will see what they do, how they maneuver. This officer wanted to be have penalty so I can certainly be good Sam Williams like a bright young rookie Lawrence and some of the other players follow that they signed to replace Randy Gregory.

They have a way to be better defensively but off offensively is the biggest concern for me because up. They need to have a way to run the football effectively. They don't want back thrown at 45502 riches and power that the slot receiver hill replacing the plan to move lamb outside to replace Amari Cooper. Hopefully they get.

Michael galloped back as they go in the jail and told Berkson Miller grounds. Those guys have to take a giant mother May I step forward and assess a girl that sets out against the template, Buccaneers, and Tom Brady on the first Sunday night of the season front of the whole country will talk about a difficult spot to work out the kinks out. What is your sense of things with the Buccaneers Brady being back. He had a little cup of coffee but there's a a lot of issues right there in front of him. What were you two cents on that likely, but all you know, like when you have a lot a lot of stuff going on in your life is challenging as we get older the line to get although father is undefeated against father, be clear. The only ones been able to suss our father time in the eye but the office once got a concern. I think that God would not be 100% helping has to concern and are going to have to ride their defense a little bit earlier this season is her offense, get together and watch the tape problem. He looks like he's 35, when I went to the patriots of 14 you know, and I watch the tape the other day of him against Indianapolis. He looked the same as an ageless wonder he's truly he's found that cocoon that Ron Howard like a movie about I don't know where it is.

But Thomas found this so it's great and I think their defense is going to do the one the carrier work. I think missing wrong. It oh okay Howard never manifested himself to the planet.

They hope can Cameron break Carl Rudolph are they going to be able to step up and feel that there's a lot of moving pieces in Tampa and I think toggles a really good coach and I think you'll prove to be a better head coach and it was with the just that I think the first month of September. Be a little short mouse subtle podcasts in the Lombardi line, both from the sin and Michael Barty here on the rich eyes and show you served over many years, Michael Fuhr, whereas my Bella check whisper in many different ways. What what is your sense of what's going on with the New England Patriots right now Michael why I think I transition everything I think when Josh Mike Daniels (Tom Brady is now gone all the volume is of the office that they had with them has kind of left and now they have to find their own identity with Isaac, the head coach having to take over and really become the focal point of what they want to do offensively as Joe Judge and Matt Patricia transition to the other side of the ball over for Joe judges case from the kicking game so I think it's a work in progress. Putting macros really count that I think back Jones is kind of one of those employers that has looks like he's improved his body imposes our and they got enough talent off offensively to move the football effectively.

They haven't done it well and appreciate. I think it's deeper than who calls the plays I think it's about the design but more than the design. I think it's about the fundamentals in the details that I don't think they've ironed out and I'm pretty sure no one bill as well as I do. He's going to get that worked out. What does and they get comfortable.

I think they can improve often so why, why do all the changes will undertake all the changes that Bella check has undertaken and not put all of the offense with those changes at a very important moment.

A cross-section of Matt Jones's career year to year. One year to leap like why would Bella check do that and not place the offense in the hands of somebody who is an old hand mean he's he's known people for decades. Why wouldn't he do that with somebody who have gone up a network right that's never really been on never been his modus operandi.

I mean when he's transition it's always been someone that is developed from within and when Josh left it. Oh there there really wasn't anybody that he felt like he could.

Josh took other people with them to the Raiders and so I think he had a kind of manage this from bringing somebody from the outside and run their system has never been part of the Bella check in philosophy.

It's going to be how he wants to run the game now. I think ultimately that's going to have to develop and certainly from Jonathan Patricia standpoint they're going to have to catch up rather quickly. He is the best coach in football and he's going have to exert himself on the offer. Michael Barty here in the rich eyes and selves. I've been saying it since they got Chandler Jones and Dante Adams in the span of about a week.

I think with McDaniels going to Vegas I liked the Raiders in the AFC West. I'm kinda standing a very, very thin cloud Michael talk me out of it or tell me I'm right.

Go forward well you know you're my Sunday office coordinator so you know my hearts with the Raiders in my heart I do love I do love what they thought. I think your car would really improve with one in there they could harden for the ball down the field over the three seasons that Gruden had car he got of the program feel.

I think he's going to embrace and I was a practice last week rich watching the Raiders of the patriots and I could feel the energy from the offense of players towards McDaniels offense and we know McDaniels can run an offense. I think people tend to go back to his experience in Denver.

I didn't get that experience on that practice. Should I think all the players are buying in for what McDaniels is shown at the Las Vegas Raiders and with the skill that they have Darren Waller when he gets back on the field and I fully expected to be back there week one is an outstanding player. He's unique talent to go along with Adams and Hunter think about how to run for last year, 82% of the time when the ball was thrown to Hunter Renfro.

She made the catch that cup so they got skill players Josh Jacobs can run.

I think the key for the Raiders to fulfill your prediction is simply that they must play from the front, and that allows Max Crosby Chandler Jones to rush the pastor to do what they do really well if they get in the slugfest or have to play from behind the offense of line will get exposed and their lack of size and power on the edges will also so yeah and also Mick's got a call to the game right, son got Josh to help them a lot to think what I mean yeah I mean years locked in as they possibly can come. You must even know that the real estate agent who had to tell you know his boss Tom Brady's not taken a house right now that person that I wanted to ram on one of those reels that I was taught how to make my dear friend and his daughter Jesse. You know I don't like me to verify the store it's true. I made it. It's very true and I don't know the reasons why John got cold feet, but it is a true story.

I mean, John.

I can't believe that I and and I love Derek, I do.

But how do you get Brady and ground knocking on your door. At that point in time. And obviously it's not a guarantee that Vegas would've had the same success as Tampa but what is it like because group doesn't Gruden love an old-school veteran quarterback summing. Brady is the king of that I don't get I think it would have been a hard marriage. I think Gruden likes old-school quarterbacks, do we want to do and I think Brady like typically like to do what he does. They're two different systems. I think it would've been a hard marriage to really because Brady comes from a unique way. Dark heartwarming that now I think your cars experience. It would just McDaniels it's a completely different way of operating an officer football team. The patriot way that is happened over the time from Charlie Weis, Josh McDaniels to Billy O'Brien and then back to Josh again. If you think way and I think that John's different and how he approaches the game from our team's collective standpoint, and I think that would've probably frustrated shredded Brady so just to linger on this little split-second here longer. Michael, Barty just in time constant changes strikes right response honestly like key market. The mark of a great coaches that adaptability). So you don't have to adapt and look at when you look over John's career rich. He never has trained a young quarterback in a system. He's always had veteran guys. Rich Cannon MVP of the league in 2002, not with Gruden, but with O'Callaghan, but no one. He was very then you know Brad Johnson Okay you know players gravitate to our guys that are not quite that elite level. He makes some better. I don't know if that will work.

Michael Barty here on the rich eyes and show you tons of you been on this program over the years Michael I deftly picked one thing when when you said whoever would look at Herbert and two on the same field and says let's go with two over Herbert was just out of their out of their minds. How do you think this is it right. I mean, this is it for two would have a shot to be an everyday starter and star in this league. He's got one year left out.

I think in which to do it but if he doesn't.

Who knows, you know, people knock around and get another shot. Eventually, again, but that this is an important year for two.

What do you think you set up for success. Do you think he will show what the Dolphins saw and him and a lot of other evaluators, Michael well I think they're trying to commit themselves to me you've never heard about a propaganda campaign about player preseason you have about who I mean it's really every day. Patient I made it all into me you never had a here coach say Tom Brady was insatiable.

He just was no one to examine to his career at the pros. He's very accurate. He doesn't have a leak size he doesn't have a link speed, he doesn't have the latest capability and if you rush of a certain way.

He's forced to play quarterback in the pocket.

He's going to struggle now. I don't know the name of the partner, but he has less 30 are completions in the air than most every player doesn't throw the ball down the field, though I know it's got to refill this year but it struggles a minute in the two games he played against the patriot 181 at the end of the year equal hundred nine passing me he played and I think to me what I would often is overlooked about till it is when the weather turns better watch the Tennessee game when it started to rain late in the season and he could really grasp the football make those boys.

I don't see it, Rich. I think any be effective sure.

Can you put that place runner, but to win a National Football League to win a title. You gotta be able throw the ball from a dropback house came with the other team knows you have to throw and I don't think you look and do that and I think you can mask it along but at some point you gotta be able to do what I just said and I don't say it occlusal moment serves the 49ers. We all knew they have to turn to Trey Lantz that was going to happen work. Whoever they were interested over the minute they made the trade for young quarterback and moved up.

You knew Jimmy G this clock was ticking for him and now it appears to be this is it going to do it even though there was some ups and downs last year and this preseason didn't really set many hairs on fire. But what are your two cents on Lantz and the 49ers and their set up for success this year like lumbar think it went all in on Lantz. I'm not sure that I not said that I truthfully believe that Kyle would've picked Max got convince the pick trailer answers the bigger upside player. You know that's been debate debated over time. I still see it the way I see it I would say that's rich.

I think what would Kyle's going to do offensively will look more like the Archie three offense when he was in Washington I think I'll knows he can't run the offense that he ran the problem right now with Trey Lantz. That's not the work he's not going to sit back there process. Read it out. I think you got a feel of the single wing.

I think going to see a little bit what Buffalo did late in the season where they run the quarterback where they put involved in the run game and try to get him on the perimeter. Try to get them high low reads outside.

I think about Chicago and that he was getting ready to play the 49ers. I'm concerned about. I don't know what the game plans go to big. But I will say this, you can count on Lantz being able to be involved in the run game.

I think you'll carry more than 10 times in that game. I think that's Kyle knows the best chance he has to win his play great defense run the ball include the quarterback of the run game and don't turn it over last year's Super Bowl prediction. I would be remiss if I did know somebody who spent time in Cleveland a considerable time in Cleveland. What you think of the Browns and the last several weeks, months with their acquisition of DeShawn Watson and then the DeShawn Watson suspension and what this team looks like this year and moving forward. I give you the whole enchilada, non-Michael Barty well I may look you know I would want to thank him out of Clemson I was setting on the table that the Browns should draft them at 12 think that they traded to the Houston Texans for Houston to pick Watson and clearly that that character assessment that I had at that current time hasn't looked correct at this point and me to do what they did to guarantee useful contract after the off-season and the past performance of the gap to me I think was uncalled for. I think it really didn't set a very good precedent for the National Football League or for the other teams. And now that is been suspended for 11 games. I think they're the worst spot they could be if I were the general manager include, but I would trade for problem because he runs the same offense in Cleveland as they run San Francisco. It's the Gary Kubiak Mike Shanahan version of the West Coast. I would put him in that place and try to win games get a compensatory pick for him when he becomes a free agent and then rebrand ourselves with lots of I think what the Browns have not handle this correctly, I think the press conference after the suspension was announced wasn't very well done. I don't think it was well-characterized by the owner by anybody in the building and I think to me the messaging that needs to occur moving forward. As Watson needs to reengage you all this great positive qualities that people echoed in Clemson are actually true and get into the community and do things to help his career to rebrand them to show what he truly is as a person.

I think that needs to take forward as a four football team.

Practically, I worry about percent. We drafted him when I was in New England I think Kobe is a wonderful person. I think it's a great leader.

I think he struggles to be a starting quarterback over an extended period of time when it was in Indianapolis or Miami.

I think it's a tough spot for the Browns to think you said it wanted to follow up on Michael's that that you think that the 11 game suspension puts the Browns in a very difficult spot.

Peter King and his football morning America column today said he learned that Roger could tell her hear her for many owners think they didn't want Watson suspended for a full year because that allows the Browns to get another year on the back end of his contract and that this that it would also financially help the Browns this year that making sure that that Watson had a suspension less than a year would put the Browns in a very difficult spot and that was came from a lot of owners very upset about the way that the Browns handled his contract by guaranteeing all the wood you would you echo those sentiments. You think that's feasible. Having been in many owners rooms and meeting rooms left at Michael. I think there's no doubt every owner. My reaction to the contract when I heard it was oh my God they just violated the secret code of the NFL guarantee, when I was in the league.

You had a fun contract that were skill and injury guaranteed skill under Intel or You had a send your money to the league office put in escrow No longer wants to do that. No owner once no business wants to tie up their money out of the cash flow and put it in escrow. This was put in place back in the 1960s when teams were worried about folding about not having enough money to be payroll when the leak was in a solvent, as it is today and for the Browns to do this right that ranks for the first time in the history of the league for quarterback that was involved in this controversy. In this many civil suit to me how to make everybody unhappy and I think to me what Peter King reported. I didn't read it this morning but I think there has to be some validity to it that there upset because now how do you handle Lamar's contract without fully guarantee it. How you handle it out. What when Justin Herbert contract comes up without pulling every other kind. Every contract is predicated on the last concert Russell Wilson sitting in Denver say they I need to deal okay. I've been a good soldier here.

I know we got a new owner but a new deal and buttoned up just like just like good the DeShawn Watson rearming on the Monday before Labor Day weekend.

So were now less than two weeks of the season. Lamar Jackson still on Sunday that might be the case, and then the Jimmy G can't mention you just had that the Browns should acquire him, don't you think the Niners are going have to release him.

Is that a game of cat and mouse that you think is going on what what suss out the Jimmy G scenario for us because the cut days right here Michael reported this on my part and do it on my show. I'm told reliably that Seattle is very Jimmy G and knows that in San Francisco doesn't want to go that they play with two really don't want to help Seattle out with the quarterback felt quarterback women were licked by far. I think everybody would agree with that. Maybe not Seattle but most everything. The liquid droplet would go up there in the Shane Morgan offense, which is very similar to a car runs. Remember Waldron was in the Rams with Sean McVeigh which is a byproduct of the Shanahan office and he would go up there and it really lighten up the room, he would give them a future quarterback.

I don't think that's what with the 40 not there hoping somebody else comes down the road now jobless claims he is a trade partner. I don't see it it Rappaport reported a couple of electric than the other data he's hearing no trade nobody's talking I was with a bunch of teams and they told me there's no trade talking up with with with them and with the 49er. So yes rich that your question, I do believe they have to release and I think you gonna wait as long as they have to because remember right now only the top 51 players, seller Only the top 51 so they can get away with it right now.

But once the season starts and you have to count everybody that Flexibility that they currently hold.

Today will be in place will have to wait till Friday before the opener in Chicago.

The Friday report yes but they could deftly wake up with me to be left put this perfectly in perspective, the guy in complete control of Jimmy droplet currently right now is dated done because left on the renegotiate the contract. Looking think that's our. So even though John Lynch may want to trade or upload to something he can't do that unless really gone. He OKs a reduction because not many people in the league have 2526 going up Room to take on the contract's so much to think about Michael's what you still prediction go for policing plays in Arizona for the old. We have a great we have a great guy that we put out the NFL betting guide and they make all of us were suitable prediction.

I urge everybody to to check it out on I have Green Bay and Kansas City. I think this is Green Bay small.

I think our Rogers is ready. I know the receives are going to be young. I think Green Bay is really good on the best defensive team. Green Bay had a long time so you really got on the so you like Darren Rogers. Despite the loss of the divorce items to go and win the NFC and then when the whole thing would be a remarkable turn of events that would surely be amazing for Dr. fast. I am in my new book that will come out next football season, I rank the top 100 players and when I wrote up Darren Rogers. I compare them to a dart player. The greatest star player of all time over Great Britain Phil Taylor look one thing about the Packers. Rogers is going to give you catchable I don't care who places you Michael party since the time greatly appreciate everyone check out the check out another body line on decent GM shuffle plot also on decent daily coach newsletter look for more.

My phone calls.

Michael thanks the time brother got it at M Lombardi NFL on Twitter. I follow Misha to tons of food for thought. Let's take a break come back and note trying to assimilate all that stuff. 844204 rich number to dial Tom E.

Curran to be joining us shortly on the retries and showing a moment to talk Pat's Prosoft Callaway golf balls. It's made everyone better men, women, first on major winners repeat major winners club champions business golfers because it comes our family has been the torpor for us as the best for performance for every type of performance. That's why there's a certain type of chrome soft golfball for you. I use the limits for the most needing help. Try to be nice to myself. It gives you the most distance better feel incredible forgiveness. The it being the regular chrome soft.

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There you know, I know it's a Reed's pilot read correctly for Callaway but will but I'll not put a lot of time not trying to put and not try to put on airs here and I'm not trying to ingratiate myself into a group of people you know Kelly knows me. I know that they are family.

They are from family as bronchitis and see family who zealously plays: schedule policies, plans on order/CA is fun in Florida State.

Somebody came to Keene what is happening, and I preseason Chris Treacy then 300 on dressing is only done for LSU asking this ridge.

Maybe we'll talk about this more on Friday but who are you rooting for this weekend Notre Dame or Ohio State all, it's the it's like Betsy is Matt's Red Sox 86. I just want the earth swallow. Can there be a sinkhole taken. I know what it is referred you. Now put on Rudy in the mood for Us look like a be like Charles Dutton watching kind of thing.

The guys there. Okay, it's all true story to start based and historically happen. I know he's a real person happened to true story. I will absolutely let myself get sucked up there is there's the moment Chris calls her throat across my pants Tommy current David Schaub, NBC Sports, Boston and Stanford football coming up. You mentioned an action.

I'm a little bit squarely about that whole concept. Why all answered. Thank so, this weekend just to give the kids something to do and also give them a sense of others in the world. Susie also wanted them off their devices, notices, times when an out summer drought so we had a bake sale and were giving all the proceeds away to Children's Hospital here in Los Angeles that's awesome and so we set up in front of her house were were were were near this hike here in Los Angeles for the people.

It's constant foot traffic in front of the place were not right now. Okay so foursquare out there and the kids did all the cooking and boy three kids in the kitchen all my God would clean up trying it now try to get them understand that when you know when you make stuff. It's not just throw it in yet a measure.

There's a certain and you know like sore out there and were selling the cancer cell and you know it's cute they got assigned when hey we cooking Susie's like they cooked all day really baked all day and I'm sitting out there. I'm just in a chair on the data chip and it Southern California so it's good people watching people watch and and Susan sitting there with some neighbors as well 333 ladies sitting there Susie sit there with neighbors and some of the guys are walking by and it's a hot day. No shirts and shorts on its great hunting no shirt so one guy comes up. He said he's got a man bond and he's got no shirt on and I could see that there is a certain level of interest that's been piqued interest and he's I got a note from her getting babies, brownies, cookies all think bountifully anything I just I just said these words.

Looks like you could use a cookie when I said I got a sixpack situation.

Elia uncomfortable if you know I felt like it was one of those moments where Susie watches a Brad Pitt movie and and you hear right like that sort of thing right so you guys start talking to kids in Susie then says where you from you when accent sort of like a southern got a nice lunch and he walked away and she said, stand before you walk so you know I got nothing to do as you. I just like asking people whether from. I hear the accident. Garlock Solano just said interesting just a question a lot of people today first time, suddenly curious. The exit right so you know and then about two minutes later, a blonde lady walks up blonde lady walks up and I say to myself, am I please have an accident, please have an accident and she didn't she sound like straight from right around the corner and I thought to myself if I asked or do you have likely from a great accident now discreetly I'm just like an old man in the chair now, but it would have been viewed you as an audience that your point, but still there. My children of their owner is going this weekend we raised a nice chunk of time. That's all for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all-time opponents.

Much of him as having a conversation wears on a motion on there was number one because not even going back before you know Holcombe was a baby face Holt and Andres were able to go in headline that the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went. That was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcast

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