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REShow: Courtland Sutton - Hour 3 (9-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 9, 2022 3:33 pm

REShow: Courtland Sutton - Hour 3 (9-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 9, 2022 3:33 pm

Broncos WR Courtland Sutton tells Rich how the addition of QB Russell Wilson and new head coach Nathaniel Hackett have transformed Denver’s locker room culture and expectations, his goals for the 2022 season, and what Wilson’s return to Seattle in Week 1 would mean to the Super Bowl-winning quarterback, and more. 

Rich reacts to the Baltimore Ravens slapping the Franchise tag on Lamar Jackson after failing to sign the former MVP quarterback to a long-term deal. 

In his ‘What’s More Likely’ segment Rich weighs in on the Bills’ and Rams’ season outlooks, Falcons vs Saints, 49ers vs Bears, Panthers vs Browns, Chargers vs Raiders, Packers vs Vikings, and Chiefs vs Cardinals. 

TJ breaks out his ‘Big-Ass Grab Bag’ to list his top 5 storylines for the Dallas Cowboys heading into the 2022 NFL season, and Brockman dusts of his ‘Sneaky Good Games’ featuring Panthers vs Browns, Chiefs vs Cardinals, and Raiders vs Chargers.

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Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. The one and only The Rich Eisen Show. Dafford Cakes fires one down the middle this one is intercepted picked off by Boogie Basham of the Bills. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

I love Matthew Stafford there was a couple unfortunate balls that get tipped up but we're gonna keep riding. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show five-time Pro Bowl defensive back Richard Sherman. Actor and author Brian Baumgartner. Pro Football Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.

Coming up Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton. And now it's Rich Eisen. That's a fact.

That's a fact. It is Rich Eisen and I'm referring to myself what is that the first person or it's third person? It's a third person?

Third. That's that type of Friday. Here on The Rich Eisen Show here in the home of the Buffalo Bills beaten down the Los Angeles Rams last night to start the NFL season and of course to start week number one that wraps up on Monday night we just spoke with Peyton Manning the man who last won a playoff game for the Denver Broncos.

Yep the last time they won a playoff game made the playoffs was their Super Bowl 50 championship season. Peyton and Eli will be doing their Monday Night Football thing on ESPN2 on that night and Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will make their ESPN Monday Night Football debut in the booth there and then Westwood One will have coverage for your Ear Gate with Kevin Harlan and also with Kurt Warner and just like last night I will be hosting the pregame and halftime of that affair and so much on the line for obviously Seattle in their first game without Russell Wilson and it's Russell Wilson's debut as a Denver Bronco for so many fans who are so excited about it and joining us right now on the Mercedes-Benz phone line a kickoff hour number three of the program the 2018 NFL drafty now in his fifth year with the Denver Broncos out of SMU none other than Cortland Sutton. Cortland Sutton on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line how you doing Cortland?

I'm doing well I'm doing well thanks for having me. Should I say let's ride is that how I should start? I think that's a perfect way to start the little segment. Okay let's let's ride then let's ride Cortland.

Let's ride I like it. How have things changed with Russ in the mix there in Denver? Um it's been a lot of fun it's been um it's been a a good change it's um you know guys are are you know feeling the feeling the the hype and feeling the the urgency of you know what Russ brings to the table and it's been a lot of fun I think guys are they have been enjoying the process from not just the offensive side of the ball from the defense side of the ball as well guys are enjoying um the challenge of you know elevating our game to the next level. So what what does he bring to the table what specifics has uh Russ brought to the table where you're like okay I can I can do I can uh enjoy that for sure what's he bringing to the table Cortland? You know obviously the the things that you know you guys and everybody else sees you know on the on the field you know the guy can play he can play some football as everybody knows but I think the theme that he's brought to um us as an offense and then us to as an organization is um the way he prepares he prepares himself for every every meeting every practice um every walk through as if he's getting ready for the Super Bowl he he passes that off to us you know that was one of the first things he kind of put on us whenever we first started working out with him and then during OTAs he was like you know everything that we do um should be us us imagining getting prepared for the Super Bowl and it's it's brought a different urgency to to our building and especially to our offense.

Well what about not giving up on a route? Walk me through that with him. Oh oh man it's um that's that's been a lot that's that's one thing that's been a lot of fun um I'm pretty sure you guys all heard you know once uh once Cora breaks the break the pocket a whole nother plate starts and that's been something that's been um pushed on us heavy since we've you know acquired Russ you know he he's a guy that you know we run our first concept and you know you look back there and you see him do a little spin and he gets out of the pocket and and a whole nother concept you know starts you know the scramble drill and um it's it's definitely been a lot of fun you know being able to get those extra targets those extra yards on those scramble drills um with him you know extending those plays out. And uh what about the coach is I mean so much has changed my gosh for you from the quarterback and now Nathaniel Hackett's coming in how is his program different from uh Vic Fangios?

What do you got for you there? You know Coach Hackett and the coaching staff I think if you ask anybody that's been around us can tell will tell you that it's been a different energy so it's a different energy from top down I think I say top down because it starts with Coach Hackett he comes in um every day you see him he has a smile on his face and the guy the guy is you know in happy and enjoying uh you know him being up to be the head coach for the Denver Broncos and and then also being being our you know our leader and um you know we have somebody that's like that the guy that you know truly enjoys what he you know coming into work every day and and it makes it um you know an enjoyment for everybody else to come into work every day you get a lot out of it and um you know on top of the enjoyment you know coach also you know when we on the field he means business you know he's he's out there to get to get stuff done and he reminds us that we out there for a reason we said to go out there get stuff done but like I said he also makes it to where we enjoy going to meetings we enjoy going out to practice everything that we do um has a purpose and you know guys are guys are really bought in guys are um you know like I said enjoying coming to enjoying being in the building being around each other because of like I said it starts top down because of Coach Hackett the way that he comes it comes to work every single day. I learned something about Coach Hackett yesterday Cortland Sutton that uh he spent time uh in his life as a hip-hop dance instructor are you aware of that Cortland? You know it's it's funny because I learned the same thing yesterday and I I literally talked I talked to him for the practice yesterday about it and uh he was giving me a little rundown on on his his class and um how he used to go about it and it's it's funny because I've seen him I try to do like a little um I don't know what is a pin drop a little spin on his head at practice one day and it was hilarious but now I know what where it comes from. Say what say what what did what happened what?

He tried to he tried to do some little breakdancing move at practice one day where his stretch lines and I was trying to figure out where that came from but now you know after yesterday I found out you know him being the hip hip-hop teacher and everything uh it makes sense where the origins come from. It just makes it I mean you there's new ownership new people signing your checks it's just I mean how how are you how are you uh handling all of this change Cortland Sutton I mean it's a totally different world for you than the first four years of your professional playing career am I wrong? Man it's oh you're not wrong everything is new but you know um as you all probably know um with new comes change and change isn't always bad change change has you know good good energy that comes with it and everything that's been new about um this year like going into this season has been amazing new quarterback new coaches new ownership everything that's been new that's that we've acquired new players you know guys that we've added to the roster um besides for us you know everything that we've added has has you know brought good good energy good change uh good good vibes to to the team and to the organization and I think everybody from top down from the ownership all the way all the way down um you know yeah everybody everybody's enjoying the the process of of this this new embracing the new and and and you know getting ready for this season and you know just how just being in the moment everybody's just being in the moment everybody's enjoying uh just this process of of the change and everything that's going on around us. What about you Cortland Sutton what are your goals for the 2022 season what do you what do you do on that front? Uh you know um statistically I keep I keep a lot of my goals to myself um I know where I'm trying to trying to get to um but you know overall I think you know a couple of my goals will be you know to be obviously be the one of the best leaders I can for the team and and then you know secondly just go out there and and be the best player I can for for the squad you know I feel like if I go out there and I play you know put my best foot forward every game then you know I'm putting myself and the team in the best situation possible to go have some success and you know I'm just looking forward to the season you know it's been a long road uh you know from us uh you know acquiring Russ you know there's been a lot of talk a lot of you know what would they do what would they do and now we finally get to go put it on field on the field for everybody else to go see all the hard work that we've been putting in and continue to put in um everybody else has to see that you know come to fruition and it's gonna be a lot of fun I'm excited for the season for sure so of all the changes um in Denver I give you a choice you could have an unlimited gift card to Walmart you know the new owners of the team give you unlimited gift card to Walmart or uh front row seats to a Sierra concert what do you you can only choose one one is one one is a one night one is a one night experience and another is a a a lifetime shopping experience Courtland Sutton what do you choose let me get the Walmart gift card I'm just gonna have I'm gonna have to take the Walmart gift card from from what I've been able to um witness here is an amazing person um she's very nice yes and uh you know Russell speaks highly of her he loves he loves his wife and um and she's like I said she's very nice to us and everything but let me get the Walmart gift card and we'll be good okay all right so you went you went with you went with the commerce practical okay okay because at some point maybe you'd be able to work you know your way into the the the front row of the of the concert anyway maybe that's what you're thinking is that your thought yeah I like that I like that I'm gonna take that with me all right good all right uh before I let you go Courtland Sutton um has Russ at all talked about the meaning of this game for him and of the returning to Seattle has he pulled you aside any of the wide receivers talk to him about it him basically saying what's up and how it's going to feel on Monday night when you walk into that stadium with him as a first time as teammates at all Courtland you know he has you know he hasn't really talked about um like he hasn't said okay we have to go in and and beat these guys because it's my old team you know Russ is a very uh strategic um strategic thinker when it comes to the like football so so everything that he does has a has a purpose and a meaning like I said earlier and you know going into this game for him it's just you know yeah I was there before but it's another game for him that's another another opportunity for him to go out there and prove to everybody and to himself that you know he is who everybody already thinks that he is and knows that he is and um you know he's been giving us pointers on stuff some things that you know he knows obviously being in Seattle for a long time how coach Carroll thinks you know how a lot of the guys over there their philosophy and how they move but um he hasn't really been he hasn't really pulled aside and been like okay we have to win this game because this is my old team it's been more of a hey we're gonna go win this game because of all the preparation that we put forward we're gonna go you know go out there and show showcase all this hard work that we have been putting in and you know um I think he's just he's really excited he's he's excited to be able to you know new like I said it's new for everybody but I think if anything it's really good for him you know he's you know being drafted there you know winning a super bowl there um having the success that he's had with that organization I think he's excited for the opportunity to go and create new um new beginnings and new records new everything with us but you know you gotta you know you gotta do it right you know how to come up oh yeah of course we gotta go out there and take care of business that's already understood okay because you know your coach's dad also got replaced at USC by Pete Carroll you wear that one too or that one oh see I didn't see I'm learning something new every day you know maybe he's not maybe he's just you know spinning around on top of his head because he's so excited about that revenge opportunity you know what I mean I don't know that might be I'm gonna run it I'm gonna run it bomb today at practice and see what he says but that definitely could be a reason I'm just yeah I'm just I'm just feeding the fire that's what I do for a living Courtland I hope this is the first of many times we we talk on this program thanks for calling in oh most definitely thank you for having me I really do appreciate it you guys have enjoyed your rest of your day you do too Courtland Sutton you're the man of the Denver Broncos right here let's ride let's ride we appreciate that was a great ride a great ride we've or we we've ridden uh that's a terrible hashtag we've ridden you can't do that in front of a green screen right with a football let's we've ridden that's weird it's just past tense let's ride you know when you do this as I've been fortunate to do for quite some time interviewing NFL players I mean yeah I'm in uh I'm in season what do you say uh season 20 congratulations I don't know if you're aware of that how old are you again you know what guys you guys you guys can just take that and stick it stick it where the sun doesn't shine because I've done this for a while and I'm pleased to say it that's what I'm saying I'm just letting our audience know that you are I cannot tell I can having somebody who once upon a time fired Bengals cam up for Chad Johnson pre-ocho cinco okay Chad you know when the lights on with a player and they can play they can play around and I got that vibe from Courtland Sutton so you take the Walmart card over the sierra is it just one concert yeah yeah but I get multiple Walmart cards or just no no it's a like a Walmart black card yeah oh yeah because yeah grocery stores now yeah yeah yeah I usually get my draws from Walmart anyway so that would be electronics you know that'd be great right gotta think smart that's right long term I bet the I bet I bet your commissioner Goodle has one of those too and think about this rich if they win a super bowl that's a free front row seat to sierra she's gonna pull on the show okay courtland's gonna get a concert at the parade yeah so oh yeah all right very good I only ask the pertinent questions that's right 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial phone calls we'll hear from John Harbaugh who's spoken on the fact that Lamar and the Ravens have decided to table things or at least Lamar has on his contractual uh front and Chris Brockman with the first in-season edition of what's more likely uh coming up it'll give me some ideas about what's more likely to come out of this football weekend in September 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial Geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance of course you would after all who doesn't love a great deal right and when it comes to great rates on insurance for all the things in your life Geico can help like with insurance for your car truck motorcycle boat and rv even help with homeowners condo or renters coverage you could save even more with a special discount when you bundle your coverages plus add the easy to use Geico mobile app available 24-hour roadside assistance and more and choosing to switch to Geico becomes an easy choice switch today and see all the ways you could save with great rates and discounts it's easy simply go to to 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Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone it's time to say good night to that check engine light with the free AutoZone fix finder service it'll help troubleshoot the likely cause of your light for free restrictions apply get in the zone AutoZone Rob in Charlotte North Carolina let's take your phone call what's up Rob hey Rich thanks for the call hey I want to make a couple quick points on the shift I like your optimism but I don't think it's going to change anything why you're going to see you're going to see new defensive formations they're going to bring the left fielder into short right they're going to make other ways to sprint the the second baseman in and have the because I'm assuming as soon as the ball is released all bets are off so I like the optimism but I don't think it's going to change anything so you think somebody's going to have their set their feet on the dirt at the pitch and then and just bolt into right center field to get into the spot where it would normally be and run the risk of the I don't know because normally normally that that sec that that third baseman if you will is in short right center field in somebody's position where the second baseman would be that would might be the shortstop you know what I'm seeing I I don't or the second baseman stays put you know I I just think it's gonna it's gonna and and and and I appreciate the call I I think it's just gonna open stuff up it's gonna open stuff up and by the way Jeff Passan who I follow and I just found out doesn't follow me back I don't know what happened there oh um unfollow him and then follow him tight I consider I consider us tight he'll get a note I mean I love his information I love his appearances I love his hair I tell how great he looks apparently Jeff doesn't feel the same oh what's up with that but any rate um somebody said I'm not really into the pitch clock idea he said that based on having seen it and what other people are saying about it he calls it the most fan-friendly invention since sale of beer at games oh I mean come on is what he called the pitch clock that's that's that's enough that's what he said the most fan-friendly invention in baseball since the sale of beer at games is what he called the pitch clock uh I love it they're trying instead of sitting around and saying well this is the way it was done when you know reconstruction happened so we can't change it like good luck I mean and I think you're gonna love it good luck and you're still gonna be tweeting all caps about your your at least I have prospects to be excited about you know you're you're you're gonna lose I don't want this to be a New York Boston no no it's not I'm saying you're you're you're you're taking shots at me I'm because you're saying you're not gonna follow the sport I said you're gonna love it you're still gonna have your Devers bonds I'm saying every day every day I'm a little closer to not being a baseball fan because it's really hard to watch but you love the sport too much and I think you're not gonna quit it that's what I'm saying well that's an MP that's my problem right which I wish I didn't have that but baseball is becoming close to me like Game of Thrones I wish I never started watching it oh man that's deep too much no it's the way you feel it's the way you it's really hard to watch and it and it starts with the commissioner who's not good at his job I think these are good inventions and I think this is gonna make the sport more watchable I'm gonna go the exact I hope you're right I hope you're right and I hope uh you you feel so much the same way that you will put me in a cart and wheel me down like it's the first point I ever made correct that was totally unnecessary that was unnecessary it's getting hot I mean I can take this to a really dark place but I'm gonna be the bigger person come on man I'm gonna be the bigger person what is happening you're taking unnecessary shots at me for for no reason no I'm telling you you're gonna love it you're gonna love it and I hope I'm right and I hope you're wrong so guys it's Friday what the hell well I was excited well let's go Friday meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile uh the Friday deadline of set by Lamar Jackson and Lamar Jackson's agent otherwise known as him on the trade I mean on the on the contractual front he set a deadline here and he stuck to it man because whatever the ravens offered and we will find out you think so oh please it's we will find out what Lamar Jackson turned down and and um he's gonna play under the franchise tag John Harbaugh getting set for a trip to the Jets to try and beat back the revenge factor placed on the table by Joe Flacco who by the way will not have Dwayne Brown protecting him on the left side he's apparently so hurt he might go on injured reserve the guy who's really yeah who they signed to replace Makai Becton might not even play all year isn't that great I won't go down that wormhole this is about rich this is about the ravens oh my god John Harbaugh had this to say about the impasse that still exists on the contractual front between the franchise and their franchise quarterback I mean I think all the feelings that you would expect that anybody would have you know you probably have you know I wasn't probably not for me as much because I wasn't directly involved with any back and forth but uh you know you you're hopeful but there's you know there's there's still those things will work themselves out and I'm confident that I think I said at the beginning that'll happen when it's time you know and when it's time it'll happen so Lamar's playing quarterback he's gonna be playing quarterback here for a long time he and I talked about it yesterday a little bit like hey man let's go be our best and and go focus on football and that's what he's been doing all along so we don't I know nothing will change with that and just focused on Sunday that's an is it is what it is a good kudos to Harbaugh for not dropping that coaching cliche because this is what it is and what it is is a contractual impasse uh I guess the most unique contractual impasse because it involves a generationally talented player who has already won an MVP award within his first contract who has captured the fancy and complete adoration of the fan base in Baltimore and um and has asked for something that the Ravens clearly are uncomfortable giving and he is uncomfortable saying yes to what the Ravens have said they're comfortable giving him which is not the way you normally want to go into a season with a guy that has your entire season hopes on his shoulder and in his heart and in his mind but if there's anybody who can truly place this aside and just be the man it's Lamar certainly since he's now bet on himself and you know the Ravens have an opportunity to franchise tag him again either exclusively or not the non-exclusive is less money than the exclusive uh and allows them to recoup two first round draft choices if another team matches and they say we can let you go obviously they can sign a long-term contract as well that's the future of it but we're gonna find out Chris oh we'll find out because this is being a conversation about why it happened at some point omar didn't like the guaranteed money and then why didn't he like the guaranteed money when we what then if it was a if it was a significant amount of money had been at least what Russell Wilson gets to the point where it's placed pressure on the front office of the Ravens that they didn't get it done we'll find out somebody will say something to somebody who says something to somebody and it may not be something that Steve Bishotti or even Eric DaCosta has greenlit but somebody will say something and if it comes down to it that Lamar should have taken the money and he didn't and he'll maybe he'll let it loose to point out the Ravens didn't give him enough look at what they offered him it wasn't even as much as this or that the other thing oh it'll come out it'll come out maybe even before kickoff if things get a little hot that would be awesome i'm dying to know do you don't think somebody's digging on it or knows already and one of the information men or women just gonna sit on it and pop it out there on sunday because that's what they do because that's the biggest platform is sunday i'll tell you football at pregame i think you're right i think you're right we'll find out like 10 a.m eastern this is not the end of it the end of it could be is if Lamar just absolutely kills it i think and it's not even an issue i know you've chosen them to win the division i do think right so i mean and many believe that as well i still think it's the Bengals division and so you know if he crushes it the only time it'll come up is when he resigns just like how much did he turn down how much did he make more by sticking to his his figurative guns uh but if if he gets hurt and it'll be like how much money he turned down like if he turned down 180 guaranteed like that's kind of a head scratch i'm just fascinated like and was the Deshaun Watson contract being fully guaranteed the thing that truly did gum this up in a way that it didn't in Arizona for Kyler Murray or Denver for Russell Wilson because did you know they're they're riding yeah i mean i'm riding i have russian fantasy so 844-204 rich number to dial here on the rich eisen show um speaking of arizona let's do this and then we'll take we'll go to uh what's more likely chad and cincinnati's been actually chad and cincinnati hold on we'll do this before the end of the show okay you hang on one more time let's get to you right now chris you ready sure i'm ready this let's let's uh let's explore the studio space we've been doing this all non-playing season for the football season but now we're in season of football it is time for chris brockman's what's more likely hit it please what's more likely never say never but never okay chris what do you got over there hey guys what's happening you guys good i'm i'm good i'm great great i'm gonna ride around in a cart after this there you go uh what's more likely based on last night the bills win 14 plus games this year the rams missed the playoffs uh bills win 14 plus games this year that's more likely i don't know man i i the rams look terrible the rams and the problem with the rams the way they looked is in baseball when you've got a bad pen you've got a bad bullpen that is something that can just erode an entire team and it messes with your head innings one through six and it messes with your head certainly when your bullpen blows it there's two versions of that in football one is your run defense can't stop anything okay and it just it just it just it demoralizes an entire team and the other thing is that your offensive line doesn't perform very well you can't do anything you can't run it with consistency and your quarterback gets beat up and matt was running for his life the offensive line looked just like the the the results are in from just game one and that's a problem and the question is how does an offensive line get better well you hear cindy coach and if we had mooch here but just play better just practice better just play better and it's just like yeah but what do you do no it's time and it's effort uh well it's more than it it's more just time it's just like put the time in and practice and get ready and then you'll be better it's a more cohesive unit blah blah blah so on and so forth or you go get somebody else that's a tough spot to get somebody else right now because offensive linemen there's a ton of teams that need one jets are one cowboys or another so on and so forth so i'll take the bills 14 plus that's more likely what else chris all right all of these have to do uh our matchups this weekend all right all right let's go uh falcons uh saints yes kyle pitt scores his first us touchdown or mike thomas gets his first touchdown since 2019 michael thomas scores his first touchdown since 2019 that is more likely i will say that michael thomas is my choice of comeback player of the year he sounds like he's ready to go i will do that i will go there that um certainly against atlanta uh i am i am ready for to see michael thomas back out there for the saints and i just know that jamis winston is going to take the snap and he's going to fade back and he's going to just plant that lower elbow no damn it he's going to plant that lower wrist um and make sure that the lower elbow that he's rehabbed supports the upper body and then he will take his cock his throwing upper knee and follow through with his throwing upper hip and find michael thomas did i get that right i i think so thank you i don't know okay all right niners bears don't worry tj i'm not singing the children's head no i'm just i'm just jay jay do you know my shoulders knees and toes upper toes because del tufo acted like i don't have kids i don't know it so everyone knows that thank you all right niners niners bears second year quarterback to have 300 combined yards and three combined touchdowns trey lance or justin fields trey lance of course i'm gonna say trey lance you're talking about who you're talking to riding who are you talking to riding and dying i've been a trey lance guy since the minute i heard his name say what oh he played at carson wenson school that kid come on man you got the weapons too come on that's more likely trey lance let's go on the road okay all right uh panthers browns uh baker f's up the browns and cmc is back or the browns shock for a week one upset a lot of big line movement on this now it's a pick them is it what where'd it go it was panthers minus two and a half and now a pick them what happened that means what you're reading what you're there what's your read there i have no idea because i think the panthers roll i don't think they roll i'll say uh i'll choose the browns upset how does that sound i'll go browns upsets more likely miles garrett man it's time it's they have all the pieces there's no question they sure do and chub and Kareem hunt and brissette it's not like his first rodeo i mean it's time for them to just show everybody that just because the front office and ownership totally screwed up everything that had to do with the sean watson by giving him all that money and then keeping on putting them out there and letting him totally say the exact opposite of what everybody has been saying on his behalf and putting their reputation on the line for him that just because of all that doesn't mean stephen stephen stefanski forgot how to coach and the former coach of the year doesn't have some really talented players around him i'll go with the uh burns upsets more likely that's what i'll do nice i'm even thinking of lone wolfing the browns on game day morning you think you'll be the only one oh i think i'm absolutely going to be the only one irv is unpredictable well you mean his choice of kirk cousins is mvp is uh is his which has done all willy nilly and the cowboys are losing the super bowl you know what else chris all right uh defender in a new home to be more of a game wrecker on sunday okay coleel mack jamler jones i'll go oh please come on now where do you think i'm going come on now what do you think uh what do you what do you think what do you think i'm not gonna i'm not gonna talk 15 times to sunday chandler jones baby need a good teammate i'm pimping you up chandler jones wait chandler jones who let me just say it one more time chandler jones mike jones because chandler jones you know you might be in a new home and coleel max playing at home in his new home that's a home game for the raiders folks yep you think 60 percent of it was 60 you think it was 60 40 bills over rams fans last night guess what that's gonna look like on sunday oh he's going can't wait that was going dude the raiders fans there are more raiders fans here in this town than maybe rams fans as we saw last night and chargers fans combined chandler jones is going to get some get off as justin herbert might call up matthew stafford and say how'd you do that silent snap at town at home because he's gonna have to do that too chandler jones sir i'm back in my raiders play yeah boy you're asking easy questions what do you think i'm gonna just are you trying to get me to to countermand my own orders all season long all off season i'm trying to set some traps here i'm not taking i'm not taking any cheese the cheese stands alone i'm bob koozie out here i'm setting you up all right uh here we go packers vikings speaking of cheese vikings offense makes a statement in a win or rogers continues mvp for rogers continues vp form that's more likely roger i would say i would be lone wolfing the packers myself on sunday but mariucci is still mariucci you know what he's gonna be taking but erb's definitely taking the vikings because he had justin jefferson breaking all of cooper cup's records as a as a bold prediction and then as if that was his bold prediction kurt cousins winning the mvp that was just a regular prediction and then he's got the vikings winning the division i still need to see it to believe it and i heard that alan lezard might not play and the packers are still saying right now they won't even say if they're banged up offensive linemen are going to be playing in this game but you got to take the mvp you got to take them you don't have to i mean you're saying what's more likely what's more like i will say i will say that is more likely than a statement game from the vikings in their first game out of the box all right last one uh you need one more yeah all right we'll get one more very good chiefs cardinals what i said this is amazing chiefs roll and look like contenders or cardinals get a week one upset oh chiefs roll and look like contenders that's more likely i'm taking the chiefs in this game i'll tell you that right now i'll tell you that right now no i like the chief again i got a name for you george carloftis i'm saying that name for you for the chief and i'm not just saying this because all the chiefs fans led by stone street are so upset with me because i'm riding with the raiders right now but uh i i think not right now you've been riding with them for months i know i know but uh you know i do also like the fact that the chiefs they're coming in with some lather from pre-season too you know i i think the cardinals might have their hands full on uh on sunday and i will say it's more likely that the chiefs look like contenders than the than the than the cardinals minus d hop um come up with a shocker oh baby love it what's more likely right there and we didn't even talk about like dolphins and patriots or bangles and steelers or titans and giants we didn't even talk about i don't know what's gonna happen in that titan's giants who knows um i think derek henry's gonna be a load and it's still a game time decision for kavon tibidau whose injury i'm not talking about because it happened on a play that caused much grief for me on my twitter timeline i'm still getting like there's a lot of road dog home dogs this week and hey it's gonna be a wild week one man survivor pick was tough oh yeah sorry rich i went with the ravens i don't i don't blame you i don't blame you i don't blame you yeah i mean against flaco week one i mean geez you got the uh when we talked about niners and barrell you talked about a lot of them good job chris i tried to hit on them at the mat 844-204 riches the number to dial will take some phone calls do you have a sneaky good games i do have brockman wants to make you all some money oh we got a grab bag too that's right tj jefferson's grab bag on the top five things he's looking forward to seeing other cowboys this year huh won't that be really up the alley of about 31 other fan bases huh they'll love it trust me trust me they care the chat is excited yes the chat's excited let's 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what you got in that bag all right fellas like we always do it this time kaboom guess who stepped in the room listen tj here just want to knock this out real quick i got some feelings chris about the dallas cowboys in the upcoming season and i'm not claiming we're winning super bowls i'm not claiming anything i'm just saying i reached into the big ass grab bag and just pulled out five things that i'm going to be paying attention to this upcoming season about the dallas cowboys great and coming in at number five mica parsons in the continued evolution of this dallas defense the defense was you know the best thing about the cowboys season last year mica parsons he sat in your chair rich he literally sat in chairs a lion he's a lion he's a beast and kids smart he's athletic he wants to get better he wants to be great i'm looking forward to seeing where mica parsons goes in his second year and also you know we got guys like dante fowler let's see if he can resurrect his career under dan campbell former third pick in the 2015 draft looking forward to seeing what this defense and mica parsons i know you said dan camp on my back you know i watched hard knocks last night so it's on the brain uh coming in at number four special teams and clock management you know i keep saying last year we would have beat tampa bay in the first game of the season except for our kicker missed two field goals and an extra pitch rich i remember there was three games this year last year where you came in and asked what were they doing with the time out situation doing clock management and special teams cost this team that's so by the way that's an evergreen topic to look forward to to a cowboy season not just 2022 man it's just it's frustrating so i i hope that the coaches understand how they call the time out when it's necessary what the two-minute warning means and i hope that brett mahr can make some kicks and shit all right coming at number three this is probably should have been number one because if this goes south the entire season goes south that's that that press cuts health okay we know about the broken ankle the compound fracture then he came back then he had a shoulder surgery remember last year there was a thing about pitcher's shoulder and no one had ever heard of we got tom house in studio yeah so that and now then the calf happened chris and now word is something was wrong with his cleats and practice yesterday he's wearing jordan's he's wearing jordan ones usually he wore a pair of 11s didn't like those something went wrong so he's going back to the ones you and i brock manel jordan ones aren't exactly the most comfortable jays out there so where that press cuts health goes so goes the dallas cowboys shoe of the year is that what it is going for coming rich it could be but that's number three like i said it's probably really number one because if he goes down it's a wrap uh at number two speaking of people going down we once were people thought we had the greatest offensive line in football times have changed we know what happened tyron smith goes down big issues on the offensive line we'll see if jason peters can do something he's 40 he's still a big man still got a little left in the tank dallas's offensive line man we got to see these guys have got to show up they got to grow up first of all and uh it's not going to be easy but they got to do their thing and uh come to number one the top story for the dallas cowboys in my opinion sean payton he's just the specter of sean payton it's just it's looming large if you start off slow you know things go um astray told you how long before this dude's name like what time is it right now chris what time before chris sean payton's name gets thrown into this cowboy five minutes ago well i mean if you're if you're number four point about clock management and special teams goes wrong yes those are kind of combined right there it's going to be sooner than later yeah man so that's the number one thing sean payton the name's out there we're going to see what happens but those are just five things that i'm looking forward to five questions i need answers and you didn't give us the extra five if you did if you gave us the sixth one it has to be who's catching the football yeah but i you know i want to save my extras so i didn't i want to say you're a little shy about it you're a little shy about it i'm not worried about the receivers to be honest with you gallup will be back james washington remember he broke his foot about four weeks ago they said he'd be out six to ten yeah he should be back by week three four hopefully so i i'm not so much worried about the receivers zack wilson was supposed to be out two to four he's going to be out eight well i mean that's maybe he's got brittle bones i can't speak for zack wilson all right that's your top five that's tj's big ass grab bag right there that's my man right there thank you very much thank you very much all right chris you want to make some people some uh hard-earned american cash i mean i want to make them money i want to make myself money okay here we go chris brockman sneaky good games hit it here's chris brockman with sneaky good games contests likely to surprise you with their heretofore undisclosed competitive i don't know how you get uh nbc news emeritus tom brokaw to do that chris it's impressive oh tom likes to lay a little action that's i said no idea all right we started slow last year finished strong we're gonna come out of the gate three you know okay i guarantee i like the panthers they're at home a pick them baker mayfield revenge game we don't need to talk anymore about it we know what's going down baker's gonna come out hot and the pen is gonna win this game cmc not on the injury report you see that thing yesterday he got cleated in practice and suddenly he popped up with a bruce shin on the injury report he's fine not off he's gonna go it's it's just gonna be awesome all right kansas city and arizona i love the chiefs in this game they're just gonna do their thing i'm really i'm back on the chiefs it's not even gonna be close rondo morris 50 50 to play he's probably not gonna play jj watt's not gonna play i don't know how arizona stops his team and because it's week one rich and there's gonna be a ton of raiders fans there let's just root for the over there's gonna be tons of points these secondaries can't stop anybody tons of points over 52 at so far all right those are the ones you like huh that's the ones that jump out at you huh that's what i like about you but that looked like money we need to add that to brokaw i don't know i mean i think brokaw speaks for himself i love alabama tomorrow too if you want to if you want to wait what is it's 20 that's a lot that's a lot i've seen alabama play football all right great stuff guys let's go ready for the rest of the football weekend how about us yeah how about us it's gonna be amazing uh monday again to everybody who's out there watching us on our youtube stream i we we love being on here i love looking at the the chat room certainly when i get somebody uh named uh tommy montoya asking which one of these guys is tj my fellow cowboys fans or the bald guy someone really said that yes they did yeah i mean it's great it's great i think this segment actually established who tj really is so we we we want we want the four five sevens who have been out there in our chat room we we greatly appreciate you and those who have been watching us on our youtube stream since we since i know since we since we uh we parted ways with peacock we appreciate you sticking with us and being those hardcores please do us a favor and seek us out on the roku channel we would love to have you it's a big initiative for roku and we're so honored and humbled that they chose us to help them plant a flag of sports talk on that amazing platform that you can get for free with the roku players and samsung smart tv fire tv the roku app on the mobile mobile app and the roku we will see you on monday there phil and fargo north dakota let's take your call before we beat it on down the line what's up phil good evening good afternoon gentlemen what's going on how we doing happy friday what's up brother what up though so uh i'm actually getting married tomorrow yeah yeah yeah i'm i'm pretty sure at this point you know food's booked and everything so no really backing out now um i just wanted to ask the room and you know rich you could answer funny funny answers of serious answers or chris brockman aka that bald guy i guess um if you've got any um newlywed or marriage married life advice for me oh my gosh okay um where do we even start here's the first thing for the wedding okay for the wedding for the wedding you and your what's the name of your uh current name is rachel rachel uh you and rachel um need to at one point stand in the corner of the room just the two of you and take in the moment you need to you need to stand in the corner of the room because you're going to be pulled in so many different directions you may even go like a half an hour without seeing rachel during the uh during the affair because she'll be she'll be there you'll be there and it's going to go so fast you need to take a moment for just the two of you to stand in the corner of the room and take in the whole thing you do that you i think i think you'll remember that um very lovely and then just one second where you're saying goodbye to our roku testing feed um so um that's saying uh in addition uh who is the best man that's doing the toast do we know who this person would be my younger brother okay uh how what's his name garrison how trustworthy is garrison well he's 18 but i think he's put himself together well enough so i think he'll do well okay uh is he i don't mean to get garrison any trouble does he have any experience um um what's with the word imbibing drinking uh and he's having experience on that front uh yeah i think so because we can't have any first-timers rich they live in fargo they drink i get it i'm gonna ask these questions i gotta ask these questions these are this is ras consulting's most important of course i understand we provide many different services for ras consulting many different services i understand okay and when people call in you're not the first to call in and ask for advice before big moments like that right guys that's true okay so this is the most important service we provide uh so i have to know all right so that's good um and uh have you have you um gosh chris do you have any other any other i would say just on the home life do you have a separate sinks in the bathroom oh jeez uh no separate sinks but there are two full baths in our new house that we claim one for you and then she gets the other one absolutely that saves my life before how long what do you mean didn't you do that backwards you shouldn't you let her claim one and then you take this right either way just make everyone everyone having their own bathroom is huge that's all i'm saying yes okay that's an interesting uh very interesting just saying okay because i i have the i have the experience on the wedding day front you have the experience on the cohabitation front right as well yeah exactly okay so i am also and how long have you known rachel uh we've known each other just a little over two years okay this is good i like it i like all this stuff okay um who's the cook in the in the relationship oh geez um it's actually a bit of both we've been trying out that hella stuff for about the last month or so and we like it a lot you know it helps build up our recipes now you went higher register which means you don't want to throw her under the bus you're not that good of a cook am i wrong i work in restaurants for a time with the higher register we don't okay it's weird we're staying positive we're positive this is great is there is there a rehearsal dinner tonight yes there is in about three hours what's on the menu what's on the menu uh my parents put together a fajita bar actually that sounds okay okay okay all right it's also dicey for the next day though it's dicey for the next day you gotta pace yourself tonight isin great point can't have any gas tons and pepto just in case no onions we can't have any repeats during the the next day like you can't have one of those reflux repeat days you gotta be careful tomorrow's tomorrow's the most important day don't binge tonight be careful tonight correct focus on tomorrow have a moment just the two of you you and rachel you know you and uh the the phil and rachel show just the two of you guys together at some point make sure that rachel gets to choose her bathroom then you choose another uh and then uh and then i think we're good right i mean did we did we get anything done i think don't get too drunk no i think it's the pace yourself tonight pace yourself right okay very good yep lots of compliments phil like lots of pictures i think we've got i think we've got i think we got you covered i think we're pretty set i have to thank thank you on behalf of res consulting that's that's very very kind of you all i have a very very blessed this week send us will you tweet us some pictures yes do that dm us if you want to call back next weekend next week that'll be great we're on the roku channel it'll be great uh and and again um i guess you know on behalf of res consulting um on behalf of us to you our wedding gift to you is that that service is gratis on the house on the house we will not 399 no retainer needed or anything none it's it our our advice on the house on the house i appreciate it rich thank you so much you're welcome sir mazel tov i assume that's not applicable in fargo but still take it anyway i assume there will be no broken glasses no is there a fargo hoopa anywhere none of that okay very good none of that it's fine none of that very good thank you for the call great good luck man there you go it's worth staying up guys worth staying after class here we've never stayed this long for a caller by the way so after class i like that all right we will see that we should send him a mug as a gift we just gave him something far more valuable yeah chris you teach a man to fish you know or you show him the fish screw up his sink any way he wants for the rest of his marriage yeah that's more valuable than a sink his brother is getting way too hammered for this right there's no way i'm concerned about garrison 18 year old garrison sounds like the weakest link not gonna lie goodbye goodbye hey thanks for sticking with us on our youtube days we'll see you on the roku channel on monday for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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