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REShow: Jim Harbaugh - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 13, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Jim Harbaugh - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 13, 2022 3:13 pm

Michigan Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh tells Rich about the conversation he had as a Wolverines player with then HC Bo Schembechler that changed the course of his career, offers some insight into his QB depth chart with Cade McNamara and JJ McCarthy vying for playing time, says why thinks student-athletes should share the revenue generated by big-time college football, and says why Colin Kaepernick deserves another shot to play in the NFL. 

Rich and the guys touch on the Russell Wilson controversy, the Chargers chances to win the AFC West, Bill Belichick’s Patriots future, and react to yet another classic press conference moment from Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. What do you say Gino Smith to those who think that Russ is gone and so are Seattle's playoff hopes? This is the Rich Eisen Show. I got this. They wrote me off. I ain't right back though.

That's the problem. I ain't right back. Let's go. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Gino steps up in the pocket throws downfield Parkinson. Touchdown.

All I have to say is let's ride. Earlier on the show NFL on Fox analyst Mark Schleren. Still to come Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Eight-year MLB veteran and throwing coach Tom House. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show on the air here on the Roku channel. Here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network coast to coast.

Here on the Odyssey app as well. There's our podcast version of the show where all podcasts are acquired. You can listen to this show as much as you want whenever you want. Just download the pod every single day. Hit the RSS button so it just goes straight into your phone. We greatly appreciate that.

Our YouTube page Rich Eisen Show. I believe over 460,000 subscribers to that page and growing. Just like Leon an airplane getting larger. What are you making of this Leon? It's getting larger. You can make a hat.

460,029. There you go. Very good Rich Eisen Show. We had Mark Schlerathon in hour number one. He just like everybody else completely mystified by Nathaniel Hackett and his decision in last night's game with all three timeouts left to hold on to all of those timeouts. Don't even call a timeout until the very last second of a possession that you would think would be Russell Wilson's to handle. Fourth and five from the plus side of the field and instead of letting him pick up the fourth and five he sends Brandon McManus out for 64 yard field goal.

That was just a lot of what what moments. I don't know did you see the Manning cast reaction to it? The Manning's had because I watched Buck and Aikman quite a bit last night. I was on the Manning cast.

So great man. Just hearing Buck's voice over the Monday Night Football theme. I mean he comes on next.

I can't. Knowing him and just being a traditionalist and he had to at one minute last night even just go wow I'm talking over the Monday Night Football theme. That is pretty cool and Aikman was great too but the Manning's had Shannon Sharpe on. He was their guest watching the whole thing play out and they're like I think now would be a great time to call timeout and Peyton Manning did and any coach you do not want to be on the recipient of Peyton Manning putting his hands behind his head and just leaning back and just closing his eyes and Eli looking mystified and I understand that that might be his default face for a lot of people but you know you look at the whole scenario and nobody understood it.

Russ said he did but I think you're covering for his coach. We talked about it with Shlerith. I had my opinion of it at the top of the hour.

I talked about what Russell Wilson's inner monologue was. That's on our YouTube page JoshRichardsonsShow. If you're watching on the Roku channel just stick around. We show wheels right here on channel 210. As soon as this show is over it'll start re-airing over and over again. We greatly appreciate the Roku channel's new partnership.

Loving it and it's free if you want to watch us. Hour number three, Tom House, the throwing coach extraordinaire. Tom Brady's throwing coach among other many of his clients. He'll be here in studio.

We're just gonna talk about pitching and throwing and his career eight years in the major leagues. It'll be a fun chat. Also on hour number three we'll hit on the Russell Wilson homecoming part of last night. Coming up later on this hour I've got a segment that I do every Tuesday during the football season where I give you four opinions of you know from kind of off the beaten path of a national football league week where a lot of not a lot of people are talking about the things that just kind of landed with me and I'll impart it to you.

And also the Cleveland Browns have made another terrible mistake. That just came out of nowhere. I'm just trying to tease what's coming up on our show. Just made another head scratching decision.

Let's put it that way. This one however is not nearly as serious as the last ones. This one is just like I don't know what's happening. What are we doing? Okay what are we doing? We should have a new segment. What are we doing?

In that way. That's what we say. What are we doing? Actually that could be a weekly Cleveland Browns segment. What are we doing?

But we turn right now to the Mercedes-Benz phone line. My head coach of the fourth ranked Michigan Wolverines getting set to take on Jim Moore's UConn team in the big house. And there's been some quarterback conversations going on there. But joining us here back on the Rich Eisen Show is the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines, Jim Harbaugh. How you doing coach?

Mr. Eisen doing well. Excellent. Are you driving around town right now? Are you traveling around Ann Arbor? Is that where I found you right now coach? No I'm in my office. Okay.

Chembeklar Hall. Preparing for UConn. How often do you channel Bo? Do you ever catch yourself?

You go my god I sound just like Bo. Do you catch yourself doing that frequently? Yeah daily. Is it drive into work, park in the spot and walk by that statue?

It's every day. Put the fingerprint on the door and walk in and recommit every day. How would Bo have handled the name image and likeness deal for Jim Harbaugh back in 1986? How would that have gone down do you think Jim Harbaugh back in that day?

What do you think? It's unknowable other than uh you know football has always always been a game that's evolved. You look back to uh evolved to a forward pass. I mean there's been many many innovations and changes to the game. I'd be only speculating but I would speculate and say that Bo Chembeklar saw what the some of the revenues were and the TV revenues were and that he would have wanted his players to share in that. That's only a guess.

It's unknowable. Okay now of course and I know I'm going speculative with you right off the bat coach. I get it but I mean what would your NIL deal have been back in the day? You'd had a good one wouldn't you?

I could see a car commercial with you and Jumbo Elliott for instance. What do you think Jim? I don't know. I mean it's uh I mean it's like kind of like uh I would have to say I didn't play at all as a freshman. Okay right. And then played very little as a sophomore. My junior season I got hurt, broke my arm, had a good senior season and had a good fifth year season.

So I don't I don't know. I mean it was there was a lot of there was a lot of things that and then you know Coach Chembeklar really I mean was was the person that that changed it for me. You know a trajectory that was just going along kind of just kind of finding myself the first the first couple years. Want me to tell you that story?

Please. I was coming out of uh Angel Hall walking across State Street and I saw Bo Chembeklar's coming out of the union coming down those steps. Yeah oh yeah. You can picture that.

Oh yeah. Get about halfway across the street and I go oh I'm gonna run into Coach Chembeklar here. I hope he I hope he doesn't see me really what I was thinking.

But he did see me and we kind of just crossed paths and uh stopped me. How you doing Jim? You know coming from class. Yes yes coach coming from class. How's it going? It's going good. What are you weighing? I uh said about 202 pounds and I'll never forget he looks down at his shoe then he looks looks up at me kind of kicks the you know sidewalk a little bit and goes Jim you might be the best quarterback we've ever recruited to the University of Michigan.

No kidding. Or you might be the biggest mistake you've ever made in recruiting the quarterback position. Look back down at his shoes then he started walking down State Street. I just started watching him go and I couldn't figure out what the heck was that about and uh took me took me some months uh but when I finally figured it out when it dawned on me what he was telling me was my fate was in my hands and and that was that was a real inflection point for me and decided it's up to it's up to me my responsibility to turn when I my circumstances into success and I really I have like a lot of gratitude to coach Sembakler for a lot of things but uh none more than that uh that fateful meeting in in March right before spring practice of my sophomore year. What was the asking you your weight as the opener did that have anything to do with it or just to throw you off your game a little bit I mean what was that about the opener for you? Yeah I mean that's what coaches give me how's school going how's okay how much you're weighing yeah okay what are you weighing what are you weighing these days Rich? Well I'm weighing about 205 myself right now to be honest with you I'm about six feet I just turned 53 you know I'm on a statin uh what else uh that's what I got going on you know three kids two jobs you know that's what I got going on and and good getting better every day thanks of course that's I attack each day that's what I'm doing right now I don't know if you saw coach Jim Harbaugh did you see my appearance in Canton Ohio at the jacket dinner did you see that did that did that cross your desk hit your phone no I did not see that tell me about it well as you know Canton Ohio you're you're from Ohio you know you know when a Michigan man strolls into that state might hear something might hear might hear an OH or something like that and last few years I've been hearing a lot uh this year I strolled in and uh and and as my job of being the host of the event Jim Harbaugh it was my job to let everyone know in case of emergency check where the nearest exit to you is and I said if you need help doing that here uh in Canton uh just imagine yourself as a member of the Buckeyes in the middle of Michigan Stadium in the fourth quarter last year that's what I said that's that's a good I do know exactly what you mean I get that I get that I get that often I get I get somebody's telling me go bucks or go green I I uh I hear that quite often from their supporters you know my response is what is it never never oh my gosh my guys here are shaking their heads right now coach they are shaking their heads but guess what it's too bad it's absolutely uh you just keep you just keep doing you thank you sir rich it's working and uh I I feel like you are an alpha male for your thank you age group you're not that you don't have to compete with the the 20 year olds or the 30 year olds or even the 40 year olds I just want you to I just want you to remain an alpha male for those guys in their 50s appreciate that Jim Harbaugh thank you so much now that story you just told about Bo placing uh into your mind the fact that the future is yours to shape uh at the quarterback position how has that informed you as you've informed Cade McNamara and JJ McCarthy over the last several weeks and months about their status Jim yeah and that uh it thing you know we're say to Cade say to JJ uh is the same and it's it comes from my mother it comes from Jackie Harbaugh and it's there's a lot of people that give the the mental game and advice but since I've been six years old whether I was playing little league high school college or a professional football player then into coaching my mom sends me about the same text before every single game since I've been six years old and it's a simple text it uh but it has in it one play at a time one game at a time or one day at a time one game at a time one play at a time and uh it's it's the absolute best advice there is uh you know I've gotten personally and and that's that's the one I share with with both Cade and and JJ and uh how how have they taken it uh because Cade definitely seems to be let's just the word disappointed is is uh might be an understatement from him after what he did for the school the program for for himself for the team last year um and JJ McCarthy clearly is attacking each day himself to use your phrase how are those kids taking that from your perspective yeah so us coaches we embrace the fact that we have two really good quarterbacks uh we feel two championship level quarterbacks um Cade obviously you saw that uh last season all season so uh players coaches we embrace we got we got two really good quarterbacks and that's a that's a real edge for our football team and we embrace it and uh we were back in the practice field yesterday and and uh there's there's no difference in Cade's demeanor he's an incredible uh leader and quarterback and and uh he's preparing like I wanted him to prepare we and the whole team wants him to prepare like he's the starter and it's football he's going to he's going to play again and we're very confident uh that uh that he will play his level of football play his game uh team's confident in in JJ and uh you know we both we want we want both of them to to have at it and and keep developing keep improving and um and as I said it's a that's a that's a big edge for our team I don't know if I don't know if any other team in the country has it that kind of edge like we do. And do you plan on doing this week to week for for long uh Jim or are you gonna uh name one and just rip the knob off and say let's go let's go into say the big 10 schedule or potentially uh November knowing who's what and hopefully you get to play deep and deep into January.

No it's JJ's uh you know that we named JJ the starter and uh and from there we we do we do exactly what we said well you know one play at a time one game at a time that's the uh that's the best approach. All right uh in the few minutes I have left with you coach Jim Harbaugh uh I never thought I'd say that this is sitting here in Los Angeles big 10 country um kind of crazy um and so my question for you is uh can you um put a little bit more meat on the bones of what you said with a billion dollar package that the big 10 just had that you think the players should share in that revenue and how that would work in your mind? Jim Harbaugh. Yeah I would I would uh who wouldn't feel that way I can't imagine that that uh that and um yeah just put more depth to it though I think that you know the big 10 is the one who's negotiating those contracts and and uh you know they are with you know in the billions and in my opinion and I don't think I'm alone in that opinion that uh the players should share in that revenue. Well I mean as you know um something like that happens then suddenly uh players might unionize and things truly professionalize in the world of of college football would you be fine with something like that I mean you you spent so many successful years in the NFL your name's in the rafters in Indianapolis for crying out loud um so you know both ends and what both look like do you do you think that this is a professionalist approach to college football and how that would work? What's been decided in the courts is that the the players can profit off of their name image and likeness and I think uh again I mean that's another just simple fair thing to do I mean if the if somebody's selling a jersey for example uh with with your name on it or your son's name on it I mean your son should be able to profit from from that that sale I would uh I think we can all agree that would be fair right?

Yes. Um so that's and that's already been decided that's already been decided and you know at the TNCA level at the at the in the court at the court level um and I would also argue that you know the the Big Ten who's uh you know negotiating the TV deals they are using the name image and likeness of the players and um so henceforth I'd make the the connection that they should they should be able to uh the players should be able to profit off their name image and likeness. Well before I let you go Jim Harbaugh you uh gave a workout to former quarterback from San Francisco Colin Kaepernick uh a few months ago the Cowboys have a job opening it appears at quarterback right now what did Colin look like to you did he look like a guy who could play in the NFL from what you saw? He looked like he was in great shape not just the workout he was he was here around our team uh for about four or five days uh practicing doing doing some things on on campus and uh he was like a kid in the candy store there was it was just like he was uh you know when I coached him he said he was in incredible shape threw the ball extremely well to and during the workout it was and wasn't choreographed where receivers he'd ever thrown with before um yeah I thought he I thought he looked uh extremely good from my eye. Coach appreciate the time um good luck against UConn and beyond and um and always appreciate when you call into this program and thrilled that you're back with Michigan and you're you're sticking around and you're going to be there for a long time right? Well I think it's it's a long time right? Yes sir committed it's uh the uh it's just like uh just like the you know the day when I first got this job just like the just like at the beginning of the season when uh in February came back recommitted and um you know very happy. Coach Jim Harbaugh thanks for the time thank you sir all right pal you take care you have me on okay anytime that's Jim Harbaugh head football coach University of Michigan right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Okay um did he break news about McCarthy because honestly I you know I was sitting there thinking to myself he's like you know that and uh during the rest of the conversation I'm sitting here thinking I thought it was just for UConn didn't you just say that he sounded like that's kind of what I thought too but it does sound like that he announced him McCarthy for the year yeah hey look I'll just say this um certainly since later on in the show we're going to talk about Seahawks fans booing Russ Wilson Michigan fans were booing Cade McNamara now against Hawaii he did not he didn't look great and he didn't move the offense certainly as efficiently and successfully as JJ McCarthy did I was watching that game and I thought to myself why why why are fans booing the guy who won the Big Ten title last year and why are they booing the guy that beat Ohio State because he's not moving the offense well enough and anybody knows when you watch football anything can happen and I bet Michigan's going to need Cade McNamara in a big spot at some point over the next couple months and hopefully he's going to be ready for it that's the way it goes that's why I'm saying the Cowboys should go out and they should they should trade for more veteran hand than Will Greer man maybe Will Greer maybe Will Greer could be the next Dak the next Romo I don't know who knows I I just you know you better head your bet like we said earlier there's some quality number twos out there that won't see the field this year I'd like to have one of them I know for sure hopefully Cooper Rush is that guy for you well I think Cooper Rush is we've seen what was the uh Zimmerman quote Brockman does which one you want to see Calimond out there yeah you know I was always going in a week 18 last year they're eliminated you know you're going to see Calimond out there no no why not I've seen enough of them already got it I hear you coach okay kind of feel that way that was uh you kind of know what you know what you seeing it a little bit of the zimmerness right there okay we're going to take a break come back I got some uh an interesting four downs for you um one of them is Tomlin related and uh prior to that Mike Tomlin had a heck of a sound bite and also part of the next segment this is great please stay tuned for this because it's gonna be me pointing out how right I am oh boy that's next on this edition of the rich eyes and show it's high on my damn agenda thank you Geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance of course you would after all who doesn't love a great deal right and when it comes to great rates on insurance for all the things in your life Geico can help like with insurance for your car truck motorcycle boat and rv even help with homeowners condo or renters coverage you could save even more with a special discount when you bundle your coverages plus add the easy to use Geico mobile app available 24 hour roadside assistance and more and choosing to switch to 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and get that sprinter tell them your dream sent you back here on the rich eyes and show terrestrial radio outfit we just played the uh russell wilson soundbite ending the press conference last night go broncos let's ride is the way he's going to finish things up now let's ride let's ride hey rus had 340 yards last night he was riding he was riding man let's ride not ride the pine i can't believe hackett took him out to try a 64-yard field goal after letting the clock run down i still can't be leave it oh my gosh i bet russ is just happy that's over with yeah oh yeah i know rear view mirror the schedule makers did him dirty putting that game first and just like get it over with him that's dirty you know right at least he at least tom had what tom had uh a whole season well i mean well the new england game was what week four a couple years ago of last year of last year we had a whole season plus season plus paint manning had a season plus seven he had season plus four well first game out of the box yes that's he hadn't broken a sweat as a bronco yet that's rough i didn't like that and next up for him lovey smith at home houston and then he's back on sunday night denver at san francisco man he just can't quit the nfc west his first two nationally televised games against the nfc west and uh hey man good lord glenn in san diego let's take your call right here on the rich house show what's up glenn hey rich first time long time appreciate the show thank you how you doing i'm doing great what's up glenn well first i want to tell you that i did not take away from the show what you guys said about this game last night completely accurate i cannot believe that the that the denver broncos gave us the chargers such an opportunity and this week i want to know what your opinion is of them as a team and a matchup well i mean look if calil mac is showing up with defensive player of the year type capability with a line that already features joey boza and he's got derwin james all over the map and that's without jc jackson their prize um free agent signing um that's going to be significant and justin herbert uh if will they let justin cook it just seems sometimes there's just some weird play calls from him every now and then it's just am i wrong and then mike williams disappears like every time he fades back to pass i feel it should look like josh allen and it's only josh allen half the time am i wrong you tell me if i'm off i think you're right austin eckler they're not running them they're not running austin eckler inside the 10 they're doing well now keenan allen's going to be out of game or two i i had ian rapoport on uh westwood won halftime last night he said he called it an outside shot for this week unless there's a new update i don't know i saw i don't know i don't know but but all i'm seeing is the chargers can absolutely win this division all i know is i'm i'm choosing the raiders to win the division and week one didn't look all that great i'll be very honest with you on that but um it's still a marathon and and i like what the chargers did week one they took care of business at home against the division team which is what you got to do got to do it so that's my two cents on that thanks for the call glenn so while i raise my hand and take a may a couple just one week it's just one week it's just one week where um you know i have the raiders winning the division man stone street is all in my grill in my grill he told me that you know he's doing he's going to be in los angeles i guess because he's doing a show or whatever oh nice and he says you know he's going to be in la until the monday night game against the raiders and then he and then he adds your team you know your team he is just in my grill about choosing the raiders in my grill you know i mean and chargers fans i'm hearing it i see it it's just one week it's just one week the autumn wind is a pirate and we're not even in autumn yet right no not technically autumn technically on it okay so thank you very much pre-autumn thank you sir so we're late summers you know so that's one way to look at it it's just one week and if i'm wrong i'm wrong or i can have it both ways because that's what happens when you do a job like this one you can have it both ways you know or maybe i should just be one of our colleagues who just doesn't care about being wrong and just only points out when they're right should i i just don't have that gene in me but i'm going to try to flex that muscle a little bit here before i give you my four downs for for week number one where i have four opinions about what happened in the league and just want to point out stuff that not a lot of folks are focused on but i i just i do feel the need in this world where victory laps can be rare even though it's just one week remember uh remember when that time last month guys when i gave you five new items in addition to the ones from back in the spring that i was trying to talk myself into for this league i gave you five more yeah right on the right after right after things went down and canton and things preseason was just beginning to cook unlike rust last night at the end uh i had i gave you five new items to talk myself into for the 2022 season let's take a look at those five items now that one week's in the books number one was the eagles will win the nfc east oh not bad number two is the chief's offense will be better than ever number three is the seahawks aren't going to be as bad as everyone thinks number four is kevin o'connell will unlock kirk cousins and number five is the steelers quarterback situation is gonna be okay what was the date august 16th rich 2022 that's like week two preseason it's aging like a very fine wine right now i only have 17 more weeks to go i'm white knuckling i'm white knuckling i mean i'm 1 18th of the way there guys season is not thank you jim mora what about the first list do we have the first the first list is um i don't have it right here but i think the first list is pretty accurate okay i think the first list is pretty accurate that erin rogers has no pressure well now while we've got the first list isn't that great rogers has no pressure the raiders will win the afc west oh for two oh yeah it's a marathon cowboys are taking a step back with one of them all right okay all right but you were wrong about that though oh they would have been fun terrible five steps back not just one okay five steps back i'm sorry i should let you finish yeah please there weren't enough steps that went back yeah do you have the list hostage is whispering in my ear the list oh wait oh okay uh do you have the graphic for that one you could put it up i'll deal with it if you got it yeah the the original one the original one with me or i think we might it's not all built on one page i might have just walked you through it that's okay but uh i'm five and oh on that one yeah well steelers i need to see steelers quarterback since you're trubisky did you watch much of that game i know you had nine in your house you couldn't watch all nine that's why i watched him at nfl network we had all nine up and trubisky was he looked good well they're gonna be two and oh i went higher register they're gonna whack the pats this week the opening of the actress you're opening yeah because it looks like naji harris is gonna go this week yeah but no no tj watt no tj watt you're hoping that uh he finds a doctor who says you don't need surgery um all right let's go to chad and salt lake city you're here on the rich isin show what's up chad rich i feel bad that i don't have a housewarming gift i apologize welcome to your new home thank you on roku thank you sir thank you sir i appreciate thank you and i and i apologize so i know i'm stepping on it a little bit but i had to get back to work i know you'll be talking about it in the third hour but everybody i've heard all day today everybody on the on the national sports media punditry has been complaining about the booing of russell wilson everybody needs to keep in mind no one was booing russell wilson the seahawk fans who i am a die-hard from backing the early early early beginning days of gordon largent and the original michael jackson number 55 the linebacker from pasco washington i'm an og seahawks fan we were not booing russell wilson we were booing the quarterback of the denver broncos we much hated denver broncos a team that we have not seen eye to eye with since the early days of jack batara coaching uh summer camp in eastern washington university let me ask you this question chad since you're an og uh i don't remember the last time denver was in seattle chris i don't know if you're able to look that up you know googling fast is not your strongest suit over there okay but look up the last time denver was in seattle i will proffer to say if it was four years ago or eight because you know you you play uh a denver won't play seattle again for another four seasons um because 2014 okay who was the quarterback on that day that they were in seattle was it was that was that an osweiler was that an osweiler situation it was payton manning oh it's payton manning okay so we need to we need to discard that because no i'm just saying i'm just saying let's just say the the booing of a denver bronco quarterback if it was say brandon allen wouldn't have been as lusty i don't think last night come on you know when he came out uh for the first snap uh it was loud and i understand that now he's an enemy and and and so on and so forth but chris did did brady get that same treatment in week four last year when he came out no he got cheered i mean this is a team this is a team and a city that that has fought this team our very first playoff game was against the denver broncos in the kingdom it was the home of the best hit by a wide receiver on a defensive back ever when largent um i won't say it was hayden that he knocked off this is a team that we won our first super bowl against so this is a team that we have in the history with so i think it would have been osweiler if it would have been drew lock it would have been whoever it's the broncos we would have booed lustfully in honor of the bronco buster t-shirt of bosworth so yeah is there some added incentive because wilson's there of course it would be i would be disingenuous if i didn't say that added to the the mystique of it but it wasn't just about wilson it's about the team that he was playing for all right chad thank you okay chad i appreciate the call right there chad dropping every name uh in the book except for jim zorn if we if we if we if we weren't out of time he would just go jim zornars but um look let's not gloss over what this segment is all about is that i've nailed all five of my items that i was trying to talk myself into prior to the season also can i get some credit today quick googling there i mean that was very good that was great that was i should i i i denigrated thank you i denigrated and i apologize i apologize but you made him better you know i did make him better made him better i almost pulled you for the kicker oh man but i stuck with you thank you you're welcome i learned i learned the lessons of last night is what i'm pointing out can i get a 242 million dollar nope no all right four downs i got four downs for you one of them includes tomlin and wait to hear tomlin's latest gem of a soundbite from his press conference today in advance of stealers patriots in week number two the aqua sure opening that's coming up next uh on the rich isin show 844-204 rich number to dial throwing coach and guru tom house is in the house tom's in the house tom in the house on the rich isin show we could talk about how complicated other banks make it to redeem credit card rewards like how they require minimums and worse how their rewards flat out expire or we could talk about how with discover you can redeem your rewards for cash in any amount at any time i mean talk about amazing and now that we've talked about that let's get back to the rich isin show you know the stuff we talk about here learn more at subscribe to the rich isin show slash redeem rewards terms apply this episode is brought to you by tostitos the official tip and dip of the nfl if you love the cowboys patriots packers rams or the stealers tostitos as the perfect thing to help spice up game day their tip and dip bundles come with tostitos medium chunky salsa tostitos salsa con queso and three tostitos team bags and you can get it no matter where you live but they're only available for a limited time while supplies last so hurry and buy your bundle today at back here on our terrestrial radio affiliate just hearing the tale of whoa if you're listening chris brockman for the last two days his uh looked like he took a still chair shot did he yeah you got this big gash unit it's because a direct hit from your son you you collided heads his mouth on top of your skull yeah and there must have been blood in the water like it's just a little bit not in the pool not too much not too much okay but he's okay yeah because he's okay what's awesome is that um it hurt me way more i'm still in pain two days later well look we don't really care about your head how are cage's teeth that's the important stuff he honestly had a popsicle 20 minutes later did you get a popsicle did you get a popsicle popsicle too i had or at least put it on your head to eyes it down i was icing my head i had a shot of something later an adult popsicle later that wine that we got sitting rich what little adult popsicle like one of the things we used to have as kids changing the subject no those little adult their beverages in i don't know what he's talking oh like when you freeze pops yes oh freeze pops yes okay very good anyway we have a dentist appointment in a couple days okay check to make sure everybody's back to their corners seems like it was fun his gums are a little bruised they might be pushed back a little bit but they're all there very difficult way for cage to learn his dad's very hard-headed okay pretty much very good is this the point in time where you want to before tom house comes out here talk about how you once threw your shoulder out on a plane sitting on a plane talked about this i don't i've never heard this story on a plane and i had to hold my shoulder like this oh and i literally it was because he because he got the armrest instead of you he got arm so you had to you had to you had to you had to have your arm in such a position for how long a flight five hours in a bad position and i literally tore my rotator cuff on that swear to god good story the importance of that of that armrest man the armrest is no joke it really is do we spend our valuable time with tom house bringing this up no no yeah how does one rehab a sitting shoulder torn red rotator was that recently from new york or no no no no this is like five years somebody like tom tom you've been around throwing you've been around trying to avoid injury or rehabbing injury have you ever heard of somebody tearing their rotator cuff just sitting in a certain position what happened when you helped the lady get her bag down and then didn't something happen to your arm that time too injury i helped the woman getting her bag down you didn't see tom house you didn't see tom house so i'm telling you see you don't have he didn't have a wheel grier around to back him up he sure did all right west virginia mike tomlin's a national treasure folks national treasure his press conferences highly underrated who's he talking around here chris he's talking about jaylen warren jaylen warren he had a terrific uh first foray into the national football league with jamar chase and the rest of those bangles receivers out there uh mike tomlin your thoughts on evaluating his performance you know he didn't urinate down his leg man that's a great place to begin you know um and that's capable of happening for a young guy and so but i think that's been indicative of him throughout this process and that's why he's gone from being an undrafted guy to a guy that's carving a role out for himself because at no step in team development did he show that circumstances were too big for him um he was competitive and he's been competitive and he was on sunday and so uh good for him and good for us so my final question coach is when you say it's capable for young guy young guys are capable of urinating down their legs or young guys are capable of not urinating down their legs that's a i don't know what he meant by that that young guys are capable of that because we know young guys are capable of urinating down their legs you know yeah um the outlier is young men who are capable of not that's what i think he meant is that where you consult your doctor that's just by the way he might have just earned himself one of those commercials during football games you gotta consult your doctor in the field no that's a different flow Oh different flow sir no it's just one of those those commercials where people are you're that guy you're that guy you know you're sitting around hoping you get that acting gig your agent calls you up you got this you got this new job what do I do you're playing that guy in a commercial that's got to go and needs a pill to stop going would you take that job Chris have I had much success before had I been in any commercials or is this the first one oh it's you might be typecast by it you're running the risk is it a national commercial of course it is it's a national ball league campaign is it all football season all season season-long a season-long gig yes I gotta say yes Chris Chris you know I used to be a commercial talent agent right week 14 you're running to do this okay you used to do this yes a week 14 you're running the risk of just strolling down the produce aisle and somebody's like I know you from somewhere where do I know you oh you gotta go you gotta go that's fine though because those those national checks coming keep rolling yeah yes for residuals alone I have to say yes yeah those residuals are nice Oh God stop all right now we've run out of time for four downs I'll have to do it now or three we're pretty open it no I choose for following this up to change the Rick and Marilyn doll let's go here Rick and Marilyn you're on the rich what's up Rick how you doing we don't have to go we're good before the show so what's on your mind right well I wanted to kind of talk about the Patriots because you know I saw Chris's you know overreaction Monday about Belichick you know and there's been some other sports show opinions you know can build Belichick ever go on the hot seat and you know and six Super Bowls I don't think that's possible but you know one thing that may be a possibility is maybe they just need to get a general manager hmm I think that's a great yeah cuz when they had Scott Pioli he was the guy that could you know stand up the bill and be like yeah you know let's not go with this guy let's go with another guy and that's when they were hitting on all their picks I don't know I I you know I'm assuming that bill shops for the groceries there I think he's always had that right but Nick was doing more than just that for the Patriots remember how there's a whole big to do where Casario said he was gonna he was gonna get in the ear during games of the coach's headset to help out David Cully on calling plays and down-in-distance and stuff like that apparently that's what he did in New England as well just helping out and I'm not right I don't know man I don't know how that conversation with the with Bob Krastin in regards to the hot seat too you could tell in the last couple of years that Bob Kraft is not happy that the success they made the playoffs last year did you see what happened in that I know but they drafted the right they hit on the quarterback it appears I think they hit on the court so what so you know who has yet to hit on the quarterback the Jets have yet to hit on the quarterback and you had one shot at it for the first time in quarter century and you hit on the last two this is not about the Jets this is what I'm just saying is look around you and thank you very much for the call Rick look around the name I'm just saying Robert Kraft is you know you get accustomed to like that Chris Rock bit TJ you get accustomed to a certain lifestyle and now that lifestyle is gone I mean there's a report going on right now Kendrick Bourne only had what a couple of snaps on and Robert Kraft is stepping in because he's apparently in Matt Patricia's doghouse look the see the seat will never get hot for Bill but but Bob Kraft can be like okay like what are we doing let's make some changes so I think that's where the problem might set in you really want your the owner of the team saying wise and Kendrick Bourne playing I want the really want that keeping the coaching staff accountable I want Sean Payton that's what I want yeah come on guy you won in 20 years I don't care I want more well I mean you just have to understand man you had a great run brother you can live off of that you got I mean I'm living off at 95 bro here I'm not living in the past here's the problem everyone in New England is living in the past so they're just giving bill a free ride hold this guy's feet to the fire New York same way I feel dude Aaron Boone is not the same as Bill talking about I know he's worse by the way he's finger-pointing with the the the shoulder that he hurt don't hurt yourself while sitting on an airplane we're gonna get Tom house Tom house might just left Tom house is gonna rehab your shoulder I need a lot of help okay very good our three coming up my four downs and more that's right I kind of got stuck on the the Mike Tomlin soundbite it flowed that this the segment stopped flowing water and water and fertilize water and fertilize that's that's the other type of commercial you're referring to that's the fertilized part that's the little brown that's the one where that's the one where suddenly suddenly you have that urge and and the football's thrown through the tire I wonder what that image is all about you know holding hands and two tubs so that's the top on the mountain top right yes and the water is flowing I haven't seen any of those yet I haven't I didn't notice any during week one did you I didn't watch a whole lot of commercial either to be I noticed Aaron Rodgers is back with some new State Farm commercials and didn't see Matthew Stafford is now doing Little Caesars yeah pizza I saw CD lamb had more at more had more catches in the Chipotle commercial first of all that Chipotle commercials don't though have you seen it I have seen it it showed it to us on his phone the night that he chose Kirk Cousins being MVP that's like take a look at this commercial this weekend it's a dope comer yeah ham and des and drew and yeah and CD lamb and 31 other fan bases are like yeah what do I care but they do care Bryce Young also really good actor and the dr. pepper and Heisman house very good the Heisman house commercials are good Tom house an hour number three coming up for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all-time Hogan opponents macho man's gotta be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one Wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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