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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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February 28, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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February 28, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series Hebrews Chapter 11.

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This is the old trailblazer broadcast is best, Pandora still trailblazer rotting out hello Dan, again this morning called analyst Gill got to get up to get a get down after what folks are standing around waiting for the crib and we have to be with you folks. Many of you may be hearing for the first time on some of our new stations. It was going on, but we welcome you here welcome you listen and would like to hear from somebody, I'll give them a mailing address quickly so get it out away his radio missions all the old trailblazer PO Box 18, Tian Walker, LA 70785 a brand-new series of studies now have been now for the last two or three weeks and were going to be here for quite a while on the so-called faith chapter of the Bible 11th chapter of Hebrews and we would come down. After looking at the all you net versus is abuse. The 13 verse these all died in the faith talk about the old patriarch the old saints of God, having not received the promises, but having seen them afar off, they were persuaded of them and embrace them and confess they were strangers and pilgrims on their 14th verse now listen now let's read for they say's, for they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country and Abraham said back then it he looked for a city that had foundations, whose builder and maker is God were called old Abraham food immediate they call us blue folks write me. Call me old flu but less notice at 15 verse 11 chapter V room and truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out they might've had opportunity to have return 60s versus but now they desire a better country, that in that is inherently wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared for them sitting on my friend, this is the key.

This is the keystone of the position of every born-again believer will you know? I hope our foundation is Christ. I wish that they could be driven home to your heart that born-again believers I don't care what struggles you have out there. My folks here.

I don't care how many struggles and the trials you go through on a daily or weekly basis.

I don't care what battles you have for because before God. Seiji, you were held there by Satan, the flesh and the world.

And when the Lord saves a sinner, he has to deliver you. He has to deliver you get it now deliver you from the devil from sin and from flesh and from this present evil world. I often take time to stop and ask you do you know what that actually what salvation means with the word salvation mean it simply means I'll maybe not so simply a deliverance. Have you ever been delivered from the power of sin, the power of Satan the power the world of power. The flesh habit. My friend would listen now that being that the struggles the battles. We'll see. It means truly they have only be gone because from now till you reset celestial city you going to be in a fight with Satan with the flesh and with the world and will see it in you not living in this day and time. What about what about Olivia's with the flesh with sin only ramping it like it is now everywhere you turn I mentioned in study are mentioned broadcast in a message last night that we face in the world on a greater scale than ever been known this everywhere you turn there is there is debauchery in the doctrine and fornication, and the sins of the flesh and the sins of lust in their all those thing we face so thing for our forefathers and grandfather and mother did and didn't have to see them first of all, they were isolated back to somewhere in a country like I was when I was a kid we didn't see that it was no television were no billboards on the highway showing naked women drinking beer and whiskey and all of the window sign to attract you, but my friend, listen, listen, you won't ever be free from that to you. Reset celestial city. Won't that be a great day you going to fight Satan you gonna fight flesh. You gonna fight the world and sin if God gives you one hour responded. Thank the Lord for which the battle is not over during Spurgeon's day brother Spurgeon back there in England, there was a so-called great Christian appeared on the world scene and there were many things said about him. He was exalting magnified brother Spurgeon said when I get a chance when I see him I won't ask you one question time rock tone. Spurgeon was in Mentone, France, and he made a special trip to see that man walked into his presidency down to talk to him since her, I want to just answer one question may I oh yes Mr. Spurgeon be glad to have you ask me any questions you won't what is looking him straight in the eyes and pointed his finger and says Sir, do you ever have any battles with Satan in the flesh and the world and all the old know Mr. Spurgeon never never have any battles with Satan.

I never have any battles with the flesh I risen above those things. Mr. Spurgeon arose and said goodbye Sir, I'll meet you at the judgment bar of God and walked out and said to the secretary later. The man is not saved and knows nothing about the Lord. Now my friend that's that's that's the truth.

If you have no struggles, I wouldn't believe if you had a thing I wanted for 24 years. The Lord is community for many years must backup just a minute for many years now, the Lord saved old trailblazer and I just I just had to battles one day when it went after the time but listen, we paint with strangers and pilgrims traveling towards that city which was not made with hand eternally in heaven is been one struggle after another. When you when you when you go out. Day by day, witnessing for the Lord, preaching the word. You will have more struggles and average burger Satan.

This initial studio would mean does not want me to lay down and the law. I'll bring the message recently on the depravity of total depravity of man and we make one statement here in this ministry that I want to reiterate, if you go astray on the total depravity of man. Like many of our preachers do today you go astray. Don't ever doctrine you made you go straight on ever the doctrine of God word I put that down in and out.ill not, it will not go away. No, it's been a struggle in my life. One battle after another.

Nevertheless, cease one disappointment after another. Now what the Scripture sets forth and truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out they might've had opportunity to to return divine sovereign grace had called these men, these Jews out of Judaism, to whom Paul was writing they had submitted to the righteousness of God in Christ, but divine judgment had not fallen on Judaism.

The temple was still standing.

It didn't fall till A.D. 70.

This was written sometimes in A.D. 60 these verses that I'm reading these services were still carried on in the temple with a past available and that being so, there was a constant constant appeal made to these Christians you to return back to Judaism, come on back to said come on back and I've had folks a come on back faster then he will you work where you were at one time and will be glad to take in what you have been in Christ, what you have in the so-called Messiah is a false Messiah. That's what they say. Even unto this day that you and I living in. They don't believe in Christ with Messiah. Hebrews was written to show them we have in Christ. Now you see, just for a few moments. We got old trailblazer you saved on Jumper quick. This is true regarding the Christian. He's been called back. He been called out of the world to follow the Lord you see, make your calling and election sure will we been called my friend, but the judgment of God is not fallen upon the world and burned it up according to second Peter 313. The judgment is yet pending old Protestantism is tottering. She's going down Judaism went down in A.D. 70. Protestantism is still floundering on the judgment of God this world steel here. We God's children are stealing and Satan is always seeking to get a born-again believer to return back to the world any did not write my friend there comes no struggles there comes a battles those battle yonder at your place of business there in your school room in your home on the street. There were you turn your you belittle your cry down you called an old speckled bird you called "ever pressure in the world is brought to bear upon you from your friends from your family. Those who have never never seen themselves. I mention often hear that no one out there those individuals out there off in the modern religious world.

They had never seen themselves as sinners know that's reason they don't understand you and me the never seen themselves guilty of anything, my friend Melissa ever pressure in the world is brought to bear upon God's child to return back to those old haunts go back to the old friends. They said we we we are still here.

We are taking and would listen, listen, they said you were foolish one you're falling on man you just crazy. You got your hoodoo $, my friends, but many many many have left this this ministry and going back to the world over the last 50 years that I know of many a young person and not been able to stand the pressure.

Going back to the world of all. Since since I've been here, my friend, because they were not anchored in Christ you say how does it happen, they were not anchored in Christ. That's reason I just don't let up rocking my friend one day, Laura Ter., Lord, save you, you think me for these messages you think me for me and truly or so because the Bible tells me to preach the gospel and that's what I do day in and day out. I'm not trying to make a name for this ministry of this church or build a cathedral silver Cathedral. None of those thing though, we just pull comfortable full sinners saved by grace, exhorting the Lord day by day holding up Christ as a Savior man those who will come to them, he says, he says, come and save you.

That's what he basically said and I get so much pleasure out of bringing these messages and quote the Scriptures and wanted. I always like to go to. He says that he would save the ungodly. Christ came to seek and to save the loss. But in one place.

He said he saved came to save the ungodly and that describes most of us that it ungodly.

That's right. But though their old trailblazers happened this morning to be with you and not I asked your you anchored in Christ. Are you anchored in the Lord. That's reason I can't let up, you come to me and say will pastor you made a statement today was straight home to my heart you got on my toes. Folks call me all the time surpass you been on my toes for a week now.

But to say I need I need these folks.

If they had been mindful they could return just as these men refused to return. So does a Christian renounce the world and refused to return to it.

How many so-called church members today straddle the fence, how many preachers are going back to the world to pacify the world just because of his popularity not know preachers often on over years who left out of town with the piano player and come back in a month or two or three and could take backup to prove it right where they were having left a wife and 23 children now living with a young piano player I found on the little saying my friend and yet people take him back but what about the scenes. What about the whereabouts or whatever save no know folks are really just really know they never were saved.

After you folks.

You don't fall away. No sir you don't fall away. You don't follow what you want to trust the Lord. You want the Lord to keep your broken heart. Clean milk before him, so that you might worship you. We see so much of that will get into it. Maybe the later later Mrs. how that the world the religious world now is all for smooth preaching. Isaiah said they told me to preach the smooth thing that I see it increase move thing did he know Sir Anita will old trailblazer.

I want to be truly or so is the old fellow said we could take the hide off. It's right that's right and I praise the Lord for each one of you tell me the Lord and Savior operate. Pray for you day and night, but I asked you this, would you sit and write me a letter hit me with a broadcast. If you will going on a bunch of new stations now I'll tell you more about it later. When will remember my mailing address if you would use the old trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 in the website radio go there look up much of material are only old trailblazer radio schedules and although sign and then I asked if preformed, would you just pray for an old trailblazer asked your leader on Sunday night or Saturday night when you have prayer meeting prefilled trailblazer with Joe folks pray for we do that we have folk right here in Collier. They pass honest Danielle pray for folks we do we do that we call you name out to the Lord. This is the old trailblazer is time run out goodbye and God bless you

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