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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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March 9, 2020 2:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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March 9, 2020 2:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series Hebrews Chapter 11.

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This is the old trailblazer broadcasters past develop an enormous old trailblazer rotting out again all day on his morning blazing a path to the hearts of sinners and you pray for me. I need much prayer and I'm here in a slow studio by myself once in a while I pushed the wrong button once while I pick up the wrong note so you play formal if you knew that this open our Bibles.

Now it's 11 chapter of Hebrews is bringing the study on the 11th chapter of Hebrews new folks who hear us if you will get your Bible and listed in this together. Pull your Bible to pull your chair close to the radio turn the computer down Internet whenever is so good to know that this broadcast golden airplanes and railroad trains. Where were you listening if you have your Bible open it at Hebrews 1117 we go on. Slowly we been here quite a while and I were nodding in a hurry we come again to the life of Abraham before we get started on Abraham only given this announcement again. First of all the other old trailblazer broadcast. We've been blessed now to go on many many new stations but also now you can hear the old trailblazer on your Internet if you go there you computer pull up our homepage radio Click on radio broadcast over there on the left side of your screen and then look over under sermon archives on the right side and just click on old trailblazer. You see, about 10 dates.

There trailblazer that we got about 10 on this screen all the time in a rolloff is a time comes and goes and you can choose whatever dates you might say well I didn't get to hear last Friday when you look up there and you can click on it. There's about 10 messages.

There was a great blessing and a great lesson folk but you know, you may go to work. Don't get home in time to get a trailblazer all you mice did not stable enough to hear what their ideas you can. Anytime a day you won't hear want to message at a time. If you want to. So let me know if you listening we come now in that 17th chapter 17 verse to the life of old Abraham identify what old Abraham, you know the Bible and the Lord save me. The Bible gave me that verse just as personally as you can give.

He said Abraham believed God, and it was counted on to him for righteousness.

That's what the Lord us to ever center.

Did he ever save he'll count you righteous you don't have any righteousness know what we have is filthy rags in the Scripture called it Mistress rags. All my friends, but we need the righteousness of God. Don't and he gives that to us by what imputation I've had folks the imputed nonsense we have grown going where you want to go folks going wherever you go and leave us alone. We not bother you all went nose like a fellow told Pastor one day sit you know the Bible. The Bible just won't let me alone, he still want to leave it alone. He said because he won't leave me alone. I praise the Lord. He won't leave you alone.

I wish I wish the Lord I pray the Lord will take hold of some of our hearts. Some of you folks out there in our broadcast a listening ear that the Lord would take hold your horses morning you may be got in the back 40,000 we get air-conditioned truck tractor and plowed up with new ground out to somewhere listen to the old trailer out been going to I'm going down the highway in a sealed bingo air-conditioned attractors up there and I'll weigh in Kansas Nebraska have a big long antenna sticking out of the top and I'm sure they got radio in their and I'm sure they got telephone were mama can call and come home going to some dinner. Although saying that you listen to the old trailblazer.

You just take a break, pull out down the hill and and take a break and listen though trailblazer cut that old diesel offer. You can hear won't take you long bow Abraham by faith Abraham, when he was tried listen. Some versions have when he was tempted when he was tempted is the same thing as it is the same thing. By faith Abraham, when he was tempted when he was tried, I believe us a better translation, the word tried, offered up Isaac when he was tried, he offered up Isaac and that he had received the promises offered up his only begotten son, of whom it was said that he and Isaac shall thy seed be called accounting that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead, from whence also he received him in a figure now wants to turn back if you have your Bible with you. Hope you do turn back there to the 22nd chapter of Genesis and let's read it the street turn narratively first book of the Bible Genesis you tell folks when I was born and raised in a country. My folks were not religiously and go to church and I didn't go.

Of course when when I got grown little older. I didn't know the difference in Genesis and Revelation that you say that's that's a terrible thing where he is and yes I was a heathen, are you heathen or you healing if you not save you healing now.

That's exactly right, my friend. Listen turn narratively first book of the Bible 22nd chapter, and let's read that story now only goes real slow.

One of the most beautiful one of the most interesting stories you will find in God's word. Genesis 22 one and it came to pass after these things that God did tempt now as I said that word may be tried is a better translation.

I think that God did that did tempt Abraham and said unto him, Abraham, Abraham, behold, hear my here I am Lord and he said, take thy son. Now, take thy son I want you to notice the wording, he said, and take take now that I saw, not tomorrow, not we got the next, not as it is not that take thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lowest and get the end of the land of Moriah offer him there for a burnt offering of all one of the mountains which I will tell the now all my friend, you and I have never been tried never been tried like Abraham was tried, never been tempted like Abraham was tempted Abraham rose up early in the next morning I tell my folks here many, many times is far better to obey than to sacrifice is far better to old me. You seem Abraham here says he rose up early in the next morning and saddled his ass and took to his young men with him and Isaac his son and cleave the wood are loaded the wood on the back of those animal for the burnt offering and rose up and went into the place which the Lord had told about. Then on the third day Abraham, lifted up his eyes and saw the place of far off this. Let's just ride along.

There would old Abraham, my friend from the time he saddled that address and call those two men there to his servants and said let's go fellows get some would get some wood and some fire. They had to take far with them. All you you thought know they had to take far with but listen, this verse again. Limitation on folks when you study God's word, every word ever phrase ever number has much significance. The Holy Spirit never puts a superfluous word. There and on the third day what is it the day of the resurrection. I want you to see that that's facts of Abraham's faith that my friend, the God of resurrection, because back there in Hebrews. Listen to me. Read that again. By faith Abraham, when he was trod, offered up Isaac and he that received the promises offered up his only begotten son accounting that God was able to raise him up now look there the third day, look at that word. The third day Abraham said unto his young man abide ye here with the address and I and the lad will go yonder in worship and come again. I want you to notice it and come again. You see the significance of one word, my friend, you can read that is read on over, but Abraham said we would go yonder with the lead lad and I will go yonder in worship and will come again now must face my friend that's faith Abraham said to his young man abide here with the ass and I'm the lad will go yonder in worship and come again to you and Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering laid upon his son Isaac took the fire in his hand and I've and they went both together. I want you to get the significance of these passages, my friend old Abraham there get up in years. He was 100 years old when Isaac was born and he was a child of promise. We know we know this trials and the struggles and the temptation that he went through, because the Lord had promised him a seed. He did everything in the world to help God out any he had. He had a child buys handmade by Sarah handmade Hager. What a mistake old, my friend. What a mistake he made the steel that the world is still horny today because of that mistake because of the strife between those tribes of Hager son Ishmael and in Abraham's son all but listen my friend list and Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering and laid upon his son Isaac, and he took the fire in his hand and I've and they went both of them together. He would prepare did. He went prepared and that's what we do go by both obey God's word obey the Bible tells you center if you're not save the Bible tells you come now come now, let us reason together.

If you ever reason with the Lord you say will how do you get off of Hebrews 11, my friend, to obey far greater than sacrifice but he says, he told Abraham take the son take his son go up there but I'm telling you what he says to you today sinner you out there lost on the road to eternity lost on the road. Satan doesn't want me to say hail visual preacher mention hail my friend does your pastor ever mention a word hail. Most of folks I know don't most of the radio preachers out here sometime see I don't ever get to go to church with anybody else.

Pastor the church here.

And what I get to hear radio preachers once in a while, maybe a TV preacher which I can all take what I hear radio preachers at night, but I hear preaching the smooth things over there and I and he in Isaiah 30 T and I believe it is really the they wanted him to preach the smooth things and that's what Satan wants me to do. He sits on my shoulder here in this little studio in my house and he said now penned office old trailblazer tone down the message a little bit just just this cool little bit just just be cool. That's what he said be cool and then don't offend these fellows don't ruffle feathers don't don't make that kind lady.

I feel like she's a sinner. No I don't. I can do that with the Holy Spirit. Can my friend the greatest thing in this life, if it ever does happen to you. Be when the Lord saved when the Lord saved us greatest thing in the world but did you know it's a miracle in the Lord saved, it's a miracle in Lord saved anybody you believe in miracles. I do. I've seen many miracles in my time at this business ministry old trailblazer First Baptist Church of Algiers. I've seen many miracles got I've seen many folks come to know the Lord obscene old drunkards old reprobates old warmonger old black garters.

I seen those folk one noun ending. I've read Brother Ashworth book.

I'll tell you about it. Maybe soon. Oh the strange tales, although he had a church he called a house of the destitute. I was destitute.

One day it may loud it is. I was destitute.

The Lord took me we did that in our next study run out of time goes by so quickly done, but we looking at the life of Abraham's trolley struggled. We took Isaac up there on the mountain would get back in it. In our next study, let me give you my mailing address is the old trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 and my phone number it's a church area code 225-664-8658 you call me by Michelle return your call leader could leaving him would one of the girls are goodbye. God bless you all and in and in and in and in a and a and

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