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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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March 17, 2020 2:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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March 17, 2020 2:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series Hebrews Chapter 11.

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This is just this past elephant August old trailblazer riding out again all day and come on let's go. Let's get up. We gotta get to get lazy old scam around here lately, let your rest for a few days but let's get up now. Gotta get to get it out there were folks stand around waiting below trailblazer the map as you poke thing on your refrigerator that are not forget the old trailblazer we looking it out.

The study on 11 chapter of Hebrews we will look in their about Isaac. First of always winning and how Isaac was not a spiritual man seemly has very little about Isaac in the Scripture we got we got down there were Isaac loved Esau because he ate of his vision. That's most of what was said about their about Isaac and look there in Genesis 25, 28, but Rebecca loved Jacob and that Grace don't you like the butts of God but God but God. All my friends many angles. Rebecca was a strong will into characters of Isaac and Rebekah in personality and spirituality. She understood the word of God should believe the word of God and she acted on the word of God. No matter what you think over you might think. She acted hastily as will see you later on, but she was moved by the word of God. Let me just say something here. We just give me a minute. Blood can in Christ, and spiritual fellowship in Christ is far greater in every respect than a fleshly relationship own blood can only near the can. Do you know that we have members of our family. You probably due to have no fellowship with spiritually. You just came. They all know the Lord have no use for the for the things of God.

I have fellowship with my family own whatever ground I can about old times. We talk about old time talk about members but listen, but you know the Lord walk in with him. I have fellowship with your own spiritual ground.

That's why like to fellowship days we have here just so many of God's people come together. We haven't seen in a while and we can sit down after a night out to the services or and maybe on Sunday even Saturday and we have a gracious time here and we can talk about the Lord.

One of the things that I enjoy and appreciate we have a little time cramming. We just stand up for me and myself or someone leads a prayer meeting gives out a verse or two Scripture speaks about what the Lord is done and then we give folks an opportunity to stand up, stand up and say what the Lord has done for them and that's a gracious time for me. I know folktale me my grandmother I never knew her was an old-time shout messages and I don't know her.

I didn't know her but they say she was a very spiritual woman and I would've liked to hurt her and my grandmother is the Lord and Savior. I see you in heaven. I'll get them get to hear what she had to say but just best to fall for it will listen. I have fellowship with you. My folks own spiritual grounds. We can set all day long talk about the Lord. If you'd like to. I really ever heard the story about this pastor went to the hospital to visit a good friend in the hospital and he started complaining everything was made was to harness nurses then wait only when they wanted to. This net know the room was small and wind one big enough.

Finally, the pastor said my friend. Do you have anything against the Lord Jesus Christ: no pastor have any objection he should just talk about the Lord. Let's quit complaining and I tell my folks.

You don't complain, don't complain. I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a car.

Not long ago, he said, don't complain, would you mouthful old, my friend. I think about our country. Here we have.

We we we are in a terrible mess countries and the myth we still free.

Thank you. Thank you Lord for that. Don't go about complain about our president criticizing him for my friend. Let's just think the Lord thank you Lord for the breath we breathe every morning. Good clean, fresh air out in a country where Ali and thank you Lord for a job and thank the Lord for the truth is going out will trailblazer and over the loss of truth and over services.

The services that we have. Let's go back to looking it.

Looking at Rebecca. She was the stronger of the two. No doubt she will. And that's all in the Lord's hand is not in our hand. You know, I know families were the same as the wife of the lots more spiritual and not the other places where the husband is emotional that's in the Lord sent listen blood can don't mean that you have fellowship with him. No, sir no sir, I imagine Rebecca and Isaac spent many a day in a many hour talking about the Lord.

Yes Rebecca and Isaac and Isaac and Esau probably spent time together talk about his hunting trips is killing the old book this old book out there about making his vision, taste good high load. So for the soul, but now there's a store and that's the reason the Holy Spirit had to go down there in the closing days of Isaac to live and pick out an incident down there to show that he lived his life in the main, that he will live by faith. There was faith there but his life was controlled largely by his fleshly appetite from all indication now let that soak in because at his home for many of us lived in it right square in the face. Isaac had come to the end of his life. In our study here and you call Esau his son onto him to receive the family blessing that you say that strange I don't understand it. Why did he do it when he knew the prophecy when he knew the word of God, was he going to set aside the covenant blessing that God had promised a Jacob.

Did he fail to recognize that God had elected Jacob instead of Esau. He seemed seemingly Disney now because his eyes were dim, spiritually, and a progenitor of the family and also won the beeline of the Messiah, seemingly on the surface he was ignoring the word of God as a prophecy concerning his Tucson now limitation I can ignore the word of God and get by with no we came you Katie God's election stands listen, listen, then it stands instead of Isaac given himself the prayer and meditation that he might know the will of God in this matter. This was a serious matter. My friend, it affected the whole future of the human race.

It affected the whole future of God's redemptive plan because he was to confirm only saw a man of the flesh.

A man who despise the covenant blessing the family blessing and the covenant blessing the line of Messiah. When God is said back younger goals of years ago before they were born. Now they were grown young man the elder. He said he expected the elder shall serve the younger. Genesis 2523 if you want to go there and read Esau have I hated Jacob have I love Romans 913 but instead a given himself the prayer and meditation.

He approached the matter on the basis of what this would let's just think about it is fleshly appetite now turned back there to the 20th chapter 7 chapter vision take up the second verse and read. If you have a Bible going over there. Let's begin with that first verse Genesis 2711 and it came to pass that when Isaac was old and his eyes were doomed so that he could not see, he called Esau his eldest son, and said unto him, my son and he said, behold, here I am, and he said, behold now, hold on, though not the day of my death. Now therefore take operating these weapons.quiver and I bow go out to the field and take me some venison and make me savory meat, such as I love and bring it to me, that I may eat that my soul may bless the before I die whole my friend whatever whatever whatever verse of Scripture that you not the lack of spiritual discernment notice. Notice this note.

What a sad commentary on the spiritual life of Isaac. I know that I'm looking at it from from that angle this morning you said well I never thought of Isaac liked it.

This verse reveals a low state in which it which a child of God may fall now. None of us are immune from Isaac presents, as does a solemn warning of the evil consequences which men follow which follows failure to judge and refuse on refuse our natural appetite. But I don't care I don't care what they all go back quote that again.

I never thought of Isaac like this. This verse reveals the low state in which a child of God may fall old, my friend. I mentioned in our last study. None of us are perfect never will be to we get to heaven. Some of us seem he has more grace than others. I have very little. Let's don't be so critical of one of God's children. Isaac presents and does a solemn warning of the evil consequences which follow failures to judge and refuse our natural appetites. How many how many of us this morning would probably have to hang her head in shame and confess that times we have followed our fleshly appetites instead of confessing, asking God to forgive and break the power, whatever they may be, and give us a little bit just a little bit of spiritual discernment. If you have a problem my friend O asked the Lord to show you if you do, that we may not dishonor our Lord. All you know we we we we make we make excuses now folks do for sin will you know how years, you know, I heard from people describe blamed old in fidelis so mean you can get along and and and his folks will say well you know how years. Well I know how years is not say first of all, if you if you can't deal with them if you can't. If you came and treat them kindly and get your kind response back from know just why is it always been out with my friend that's not God's job but if you guys child.

Let's be careful how how the world looks upon not reading one of those pertinent devotion this morning said this little child, little girl told her pastor said you know the Lord save me pastor and he said will good which one of my messages was it that the Lord used to save the said Lord one you measured it with my grannies. It was my greatest walk before the Lord.

Some someone offering it with my grandma's walk before the Lord. So we see that we say a whole lot more about what we do than what we say to walk walk in front of the front of the world walk in front of husband and I will not children in the well my friend were.

I can tell you one thing folks watch your live folks watch your live they do. I had folks would light up a cigarette when I walked up or they wouldn't stop the color of your talk will not call me, but they respect where I stand they do.

Pastor Shelton told us a story city was a little service they can get in – and said it was a man just a cushion and a cousin and he said you have to walk up to him and tapped him on the shoulders and felt my friend, don't we talk about my Lord liked it. The guy got took offense at it, but he went home to you should ask my Lord you cushion using his name in vain. Don't do that.

That doesn't get you anywhere life… Think what you do. We just think about a little bit the body and made these messages calls us to think that oh Isaac Terry PEP. We don't criticize him, but it seems only when their spiritual seem like he had much little bear little discernment about spiritual thing and that's what this message is been all about maybe may we see on sale but this is the old trailblazer Belkin passed out and endorsed old trailblazer.

Remember, we have little book hereby. Pastor Shelton love often advertise call play in church. I wish you'd write get maybe you never heard it may be a new listener right now. Send it to you free and postpaid bringing out how or how we've drifted away from the old time religion, mailing address, the old trailblazer PO Box 18, Tian Walker, LA 70785 and my website radio till next time.

Goodbye and God bless you all and in all and will and will a is

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