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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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November 17, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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November 17, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series The Second Coming of Christ

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This is the old trailblazer broadcast this past out-of-print dogs riding out again Rodin Mondale Lisko, we looking to just study now the reality of the coming of our blessed Lord you are you anxious for the Lord to come back.

All I know, before the Lord, save me back there years ago. I was so afraid that the Lord would come and leave me behind is at your prayer if you not save Lord don't come to you.

Save me Lord, save me before you come goes on the Lord, my friend. That's another story.

Then we get into that later we looking at this position of a God call Pastor this morning. I praise the Lord for the instruction I've told you many many times faster.

Lord Shelton Senior was a pastor and founder of this work back there many years ago was a very, very spiritual man, intellectual, spiritually, and he was a kindhearted man I ever met, but he was a gracious teacher and I use his material I glean from his studies that we keep and I'll bring you a lot of things that he said, and in I get my instructions from you know you go to school you listen under Prof. well that's what I do believe we looking at this study on the realities of Arctic soon, and I call it of the Lord's coming, and we saw there. In our last 30.

The instructions for God's pastor. He said were approval, rebuke and exhort with all long-suffering God's call pastor is to reprove, that is to lay the blame to rebuke or to persuade to convince her to convict our two disc close the heart of a saint and sinner and to lay bare guilty Hartley only year that the more do all the average church, a pastor would last 30 days. If you start laying the blame where it go through horse both through my friend. I read in the newspaper here not long ago were young man conducted a funeral over there in Florida some work to an individual. It was a reprobate and why no one a drunkard and had a bad reputation and he he just told some of the things and alluded to the fact that this man probably was not saved and maybe Hori went. I'm not sure I didn't hear the sermon, but after this after the message over some of the local people drug that little young pastor out and give them a flogging because he wouldn't he wouldn't. They said he went off base but my friend he was rebuking he was reproving us what he did all my friend. I like to talk to him but listen it in pleasant meantime is embarrassing to have to say something to individuals like that. I had a preacher that I knew elderly man and he came bookstore. Often we talk a lot.

He told me had a man singing in his car and he found out he was shacking up with a woman and he called them on the carpet called them up before the court. The church in an rebuking and put them out of his car.

I said thank you Lord, thank you pastor. Thank you for taking a stand. We don't have much of that now do with no sir no sir, my friend.

Listen now is to lay bare many times embarrassing. Then again, he's to rebuke both St. and sinner rebuke means to reprimand to it mean to reprove work the sensor so that that individual is checked and made to think that's what we need today, my friend, you need to think that with our families, our children at home when it when they are not obey him we needed to correct them and put them on the straight path. I know that that's another subject, but I just mention our families, our children now or are on a downward porn fail because it not been corrected in being turned loose and now we get in all these little things.

Drugs and all below my friend won't go there today, but it means to sharply reprove or to censor that individual to make him think God called man will lay aside all he is feeling numb my friendless that's a statement that's a statement.

He lay aside his feeling he has to put his feelings in his pocket. My friend, he will not court the lover favor of any man. So the may deliver God's message uncompromisingly, my friend, you can't. You can't. You can't run you can't run on wood would a world and in reprove him the next day I had a business of mine for many many years. The Lord provided me and my brother had been in. I found out long time ago that you can't go out and party. Would you men on Saturday night and then give instructions Monday morning will care.

I know that's where it is in the military you have a dividing line there between the officers and enlisted people is a separation in the same way with the church, God's man has to be true has to be true and deliver God's missing uncompromisingly. All oil will operate.

I asked the Lord, Lord, give our pastors give our preachers I'll call it good. It's enough to be true you not God's man is usually a true man is not not popular I'm not be popular. I have folks criticized me quite often and I don't take it to heart. I just let it go in one ear and out the new no one folks call me or email me a snotty critical notice on know what I do I turn it paper over and leave bow my head and pray for no I don't have no hard feelings against nobody did criticize me because I know they're ignorant of God's word. Oh my friend Oli Lodge is an example. When he walked in they have court there one day and deliver God's message to Aquino my friendless, don't you know it took grace.

John the Baptist is another example. When he stood there and rebuke those Pharisees by calling him a generation of vipers, bunch of snakes and when he stood before Herod and rebuke him sharply for living with his brothers wife. All my friends remember that store O'Hare. It was a keen and he was scattered around with his brothers wife and he had a birthday party on her new hearing in Herod's brothers wife had a young daughter and she danced to please harried and her mother instructed her what to do because he knew that Herod would offer her great prize for me and she actually did the root word root meaning of what she did it she danced in the nude. Oh, you say what yes there he said she pleased, harried, well if you go back and look up and watch what the old commentator said it means a cheap she danced in the nude and please harried and he offered her whatever she would have up to half of the kingdom and her mother had instructed her. What a wicked woman, my friend, you know that woman is inhaled tonight.

The day whatever burning inhale she told that young girl to asked the head of John the Baptist on the dinner plate charger and then she told Harry she told Harry he said, what would you have me give you anything up to the half of my kingdom and she said I won't, John the Baptist's head on a dinner plate and it made Herod sad, but it already given his word, my friend. Sometime we have to back down the goal. Listen we all make mistakes but all Herod honored his word.

He sent right that moment to the prison and had his executioner to cut John the Baptist's head off bring you to that young girl of blood he missed and she cared and after her wicked mom all month. What a terrible place.

What a terrible sin didn't just start yesterday is been back there all those years and there was no hatred. We think adultery is bad today. There he was living with his brothers wife. My friend, this and then John the Baptist stood there and rebuke to. Then again, he's to exhort that is teased to urge plea which plead which all mom, that individual may throw himself on the side of truth in the side of Christ. My friend, if you ever if you ever get saved you going to take a stand on the side of Christ that you wrong and that Christ is right, the Bible is true and you believe it and that's what salvation is my friend coming to trust the Lord with all your heart, lay down all your lay down all your self-righteousness. Take the blame.

Yes, right. I've often tell you repentance the true word of repentance is to take the blame. I've often tell you that many home media marriage could be saved if one of those two individual young families is a doll and I'm sorry I made a mistake. I'm sorry.

One of the other no matter what it is. But no, sir.

They bow up the back and won't take the blame for nothing and that that the pastors to urge that individuals will throw himself on the mercy of God, and to do this with all long-suffering.just one time patients and doctrine that is teaching God's word be equipped be equipped studies to make thyself approved my friend, don't go off half cocked nose.

There, in other words used to wield a word of God with all authority now we we know from God's word pastor is your authority. We have we have some studies along that line if you'd like.

I've seen him treat. In the end we have to be do what the Lord tells us to do a God call pastor according to Titus one verse 13 will rebuke sharply.

Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith, not giving heed to Jewish fables and commands of men that turn from the truth. Then he's to speak with authority according to Titus 215 these things speak.

He said exhort and rebuke with all authority I tell folks God's man is authority person on the authority here at radio missions on the authority at the old trailblazer Brocket not not talk about a tyrant or lay the law down know I'm talking about. I have to be the final. The final result. The end results come from the past.

He says let no man despise the God's messenger stands with a message from heaven.

My friend from the courts of the King and is to deliver it regardless of how men may take. Then according to first Timothy five.

He's to rebuke sharply openly them that sin rebuke before all that others may also fear that no easy task. My friend, you know what it takes a lot of grace my friend law to grace the average pastor today has no loss of authority because he's either afraid of his job. Afraid of his salary afraid of a click of men in the church some petticoat who controlled them or is afraid of a rotten spot in his own life that somebody knows about any so afraid they will exposing if he gets too close to the truth to my friend, God's man has an awful awful responsibility. I know that every time I enter the pool. I know I know what's required of me. I know that and I have to be true to my family my children my congregation to my listeners all over the world. Do you know that this ministry here is a worldwide ministry over the Internet, or radio missions, radio over the printed page, we mail out by the millions every year I have to be true to those folks. I can't let my feelings take take place.

I came in I love people I love my family. I love but I have to be true to him. I have to stand in love, and rebuke him when they wrong in my free and it takes a lot of grace to let me taste some of you pray for you pastor you have a good sound pastor pray for don't don't don't despise and don't talk about it behind his back. Don't do anything to hurt his feelings. All my friend and I'm not talk about just cared into a chicken dinner sometime. No, I'm not some. I'm talking about is you have your family devotion in your time of prayer.

Pray for you pastor pray for me that I'll be true to your soul.

The greatest harm that I could ever do to an individual is to lift everything slip and not be true to you when I have an occasion to say, my friend, you need to turn to the Lord. My friend you your your sleeping on the slippery slope. There don't do that. Don't neglect your family, brother, brother, my friend, don't neglect your family don't stay audit night carousing with me and when you families at home all my friend my friend my fat mom my pastor friend don't do that.

Be true to your congregation be truly your family preformed daily and exhort them, and rebuke him if they're in the wrong. This is the old trailblazer brought. I wish I could hear from some of you let me know if you appreciate these old-time messages. I know that not exotic.

If you want to call net not fashionable.

My friend exits down the gods were down the truth and then remember the old trailblazer to address the old trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 till next time. Goodbye and God bless you. If you missed part of today's broadcast all would like a recording the old trailblazer broadcast is now available for download to your phone to your iPad or computer via podcast.

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