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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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November 9, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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November 9, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series The Second Coming of Christ

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This is the old trim laser broadcast this past drama Pandora's old trailblazer riding out an old man again. At this time glazing the path to the hearts of sinners, we been here with you long, long time.

For many of you and I just like to mention a few times ever. Now near let you know Pastor Laura Shelton was a pastor and the founder of this ministry radio work radio ministry back there in early 50s or and I began to slow broadcast. The trailblazer went on for quite a while and I was there in New Orleans at the time award and the Pastor of course.

But I used to hear it and I used to hear it on the probably of here in Walkerton worked in Baton Rouge.

My business was there and I go to work in the morning and I could hear the old trailblazer every morning about 630. As we went to work. We shared ride. I had to 3 Fellows Rd. with me and they would make fun of the old trailblazer because of his antics's ways of we had to sound effects of old Dan clomping in the boat motorboat going to the bayou and ever now needs you to know snake of some, but those were good days.

Happy days I was, not an been married long had young children and the lorded been dealing with my heart and I was able to go to New Orleans occasionally but I came to learn and to know much much about God's word in the Bible from hearing Pastor Shelton and he was our mentor are our teacher and our preacher in our free and and so we look at now picked up at years.

Years later, after I became the pastor here.

The Lord lead me.

I believe without all that without a doubt, to pick up the old trailblazer broadcast. Now we been here for several years little 15 minute broadcast Monday through Friday, and I tell you often time I use his notes and I glean from in the subject matter.

No signs no apologist to make and so I praise the Lord I praise the Lord. We all need all the help we can get going. I read a story about one time.

This man brought a message in the fella come up to them after the services that you preach my message. He said I did no such a thing should I bolted down the bookstore and paid two bits for that's kind of throat improvement has been thrown for a homerun. He said no I'm not your message. I paid two bits for will.

I know I glean from all of the old riders old Whitfield's and Spurgeon's and Mack change John Bunyan… Glean from their messages.

How useful to learn.

You go to college.

They learn you learn out of the textbooks of those who've gone on before.

And the professor and all those things. So that's what we do we learn and I'm learning from these studies here only soon coming on the imminent return of our blessed Lord we look there first at the fact of his coming. Then we look at the certainty of his coming in, and now we are not subject the surety of his coming always come in. My friend, whether you believe it or not I often hold up my Bible here in the pool. And I say this is God word believe and be saved and disbelieve it and be damned. My friend limit get let me reemphasize. Believe it and be say. Did you know did you know my friend, wherever you are out there in Tucson, Arizona, Phoenix, wherever you are.

Corpus Christi don't matter you you gonna have to believe God word or unit will be say are you are you are you a skeptic always questioning what God said well I don't I don't believe that I don't believe that could happen.

I don't believe it did the oil file swallowed nor Joan of my friend, if you don't believe Judah will be say you I will put that down on you corncob pipe smoking if you don't believe God word you will never get say now I tell you nothing. I believe if you don't hear God word you won't ever be saved. The Scripture says you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. The truth is God's word as to truth my frame and we're looking at to study on a surety of his coming. We start there last week wound up Friday will don't look now get back in DOS into the study after the day of Pentecost. I'm out of touch this Friday, but I'm not sure after the day of Pentecost.

One day, the apostle Peter commented, thereby John was making his way to the temple there at our prayer, they found a lame man near the gate beautiful in the name of Jesus Christ.

They commanded him to rise and walk he did so, leaping and running in the temple and praising the Lord now let me stop right here. Let me start right here.

You must trust the Lord. If you don't trust the Lord my friend you ever get say I have folks all over this country and our radio audience and people who've heard these broadcasting used to sit and listen to Pastor Shelton and a non-save a lot of folks are not saved in an HMO. Well, I just haven't. I just haven't been convicted enough. I just haven't repeated enough. I just haven't seen myself guilty in the will. My friend is so foolish that's so foolish they told us man in no uncertain terms to rise up and walk. And then Peter was put on the spot with this question had you do that how'd you do that is answered by the name and power of the Lord Jesus Christ then he directs a very definite message to their hearts. In these words, but ye denied the holy one and adjust and desired a murderer to be granted unto you, and kill the Prince of life, whom God has raised from the dead horror of your witnesses.

Then he called on them to repent, repent therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out my friend the promises of God. He tells you to repent and then you see and will be blotted. Following this, the call to repentance. He says if you repent, if you will turn to him. Not only will your sins be blotted out. But God will send him back from heaven.

What a promise, my friend. These early disciples. They believed the simple declarative statement that Christ made in their ears that he was coming back again and IPU this morning tonight wherever you are you going to have to believe the Lord I call you that verse. Abraham believed God, believed God, and it was accounted to him. It was written down to his account.

Oh, do you know we have an accounting heaven. What is your account look like my friend, is it is that all blanks.

Is it just blank pages at this this my friend list. It dominated their thoughts it molded their conduct, and John said he that hath this hope within him purifies himself is the individual who makes light and belittles and minimizes a second coming of Christ whose life is given over to whirling this for this in the pool. The pew all the world, my friend now turn with me if you will, to the 15th chapter of acts we can look there for just a moment we find the story of the first church council gathered together there. Jerusalem to deliberate upon spiritual things when you like to be in their old old Trailways would like to bend like a fly on the wall over there somewhere. That's what I would. They found in that counsel that to understand this age they must understand that God was not seeking to convert the world, but to call out from among the Gentiles of people for his name, and this was to be done by the grace of God through faith in his son, just like it is today.

My friend ever sinner is ever saved you save by the grace of God right through faith through faith is by faith through grace that you say and when this calling out is complete. Every one of God's elect of this age has been brought into the fold. Then the Lord will come back.

James quotes the prophet Amos saying I will return that early church belabored in the gospel to reach everyone of God's elect know my friend. That's what we do here. We know we know that we can't Lord not going to save everybody. We know that already. Lord Sue plane on that the simpler the Bible it but we know that the Scripture says, has said all through the ages, go ye into all the ins of the earth and preach the gospel know my friend often wondered about that verse back there many years ago I did and I thought the missionaries going into the Orient and all those places I say will it's a way it's done, but no, not so that's part of it, but here in this agent we live in today.

The modern age. We here at radio missions old trailblazer broadcast the voice of truth broadcast.

We have facilities now to go into all the ends of the earth. We on the Internet.

We streaming live we have the facilities now that you can hear this little video broadcast in Northern Ireland. We have many folks there who hear it. We have capacities send this box in this message into Beijing, China sold Cole real boom among John North Korea. Whatever over there in Iraq, Iran, Libya, all of those places and in South Africa.

All of those places we see in this message. This a little message right here is available is available is put it like that you can hear this broke as if you have friends who live off some work call them and let them know given the call letters for this broadcast my friend. Be a blessing to the heart now let's go back and look James go said prophet, saying, I will return now we send out the gospel to reach everyone of God's elect. When the last one of God's elect has been called out by the Holy Spirit and justified by faith in Christ then we will hear that shout of the Lord in glory come in for his own I do I feel my folks year we gone one morning we got here that I believe would be in a more net just my I believe it will, and I believe the graves will be open those old tunes will become an open for the people say people beer there many years ago I'd like to be in one of those old cemetery, but I will be there no, no, I won't get to see that I don't believe I think about those great old military cemeteries were some of our great old ancestors were buried there knew the Lord up there in Tennessee were those Confederate soldiers a beard. I believe many of them will need the Lord and I will call him tell you one thing, my friend, when you're in a battle for you live may be no other time you going to get honest with the Lord, and you gonna cry out for help, for mercy. Lord, help, and I believe the little spokesman save up there in Arlington were all of the big shots of beer to president and all that have the eternal flame up there for Pres. Kennedy's grave and note graves automobile. Not all of them, certainly not all of them but my friend then these would be great and noble preachers now who laugh and make fun and belittles the second coming of Christ. Did you know folks make fun of the second coming to gripe they be left behind. God pity and my friend God have mercy upon they know not what they do whole. If I could just on just getting just getting started. This morning I don't.

Folks, Bessie all worked up know I'm just praising the Lord for the salvation of the sinner.

This pool so we often say in this ministry of one soul just save because of all that we put into it. All the money and all the effort and all the labor and all the sweat, if one soul gets saved and not sold as Ewers it will be worth all we put into it. My friend and I pray it will be years old.

It was mine. One day it was mine alone.

Thank you Lord. This is the old trailblazer. Wish I could sit by your side this morning, drank a cup coffee need a piece of pie where you are. Let me know if you listening where you listing my mailing address at radio mission, PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785. Goodbye.

May God bless you. If you miss part of today's broadcast all would like a recording the old trailblazer broadcast is now available for download to your phone to your iPad or computer via podcast.

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