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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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November 6, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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November 6, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series The Second Coming of Christ

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This is the old trailblazer broadcasters bathroom up in arms though. Laser riding out an old income on Dan Friday morning we got a go slow down our last stop in and get back to the house and put you up in given trailblazer, put his feet up there no recliner and can't get a little rest and get prepared for the Lord.

They and maybe just take it easy tomorrow, Saturday, and always some comments on my to come along want to talk, but will will try to do that but old Dan Woodley make you comfortable and know you folks out there we go, which all right me. Let me know if you listen and some folks are send me money for old damper psychos would you do that appreciate in the MLS data we mentioned there had at the second coming of Christ is interwoven with all the other doctrines of God's word.

We looking at today beginning at the surety or the certainty of the Lord's coming after the day of Pentecost. One of the apostles, accompanied by John.

We saw there or they were walking towards the temple and a the they come across at Mandalay man.

Then he directs the very different mission to the heart Peter talk and let Mark but you denied the holy one and the just, and desired a murderer to be granted so metal Raven. Then he called on him to repent, repent therefore, and be converted, let your sins be blotted out old, my friend is your sins blotted out. I feel folks my send e my sin blotted out her to store blue Sunday school class young boys bringing the class teenager yet about eight or 10 little boys and their needs, he was struggling for something to say and he said then you boys know what the Lord can't see that he had a colloquy is a little bit in you boys know what the Lord God of heaven can't see way back in the back little scraggly looking little borders, towheaded greasy little hand up the said Mr. teacher density monsoon home friend broke up the class let's what I say, you know, I'm just like that little fella. The Bible calls us little children.

He says children. Children don't don't deny the children to complement but listen, listen. He says if you repent and turn to him. Not only will you see and be blotted out. But God will send him back from heaven. Yes these disciples.

They believe the simple declarative statement that Christ made in their ears that he was coming back again not to you this morning the message at the old trailblazer burning is a simple declarative message, that man is a sinner born into sin goes astray as soon as he born speaking live comes on the age of accountability a sinner that's that's the simple truth and that man alienated from God, but by the grace of God. Christ came into this world to save sinners. And that's the message that the old trailblazer brings all of the other is just fluff Christ died to save sinners, of whom I am chief also posted. But my friend is a simple declarative message, I say to my folks here in this congregation were we look where we are. Some of our folks not say I say Hon Darling Mr. Prynne Christ died for sinners. Can't you believe that you believe the trailblazer you believe me I tell you. Thank you. Happened to me in my live. You believe that you can believe the Lord far greater than you can believe me one not believe the Lord the apostle Paul told the Philippian jailer believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved and then some of our folks will say will trailblazer you go on the bridge and Modernism.

That's what the modernist say the modernist are true when they say you must believe except the believe you shall likewise perish. My friend the Scriptures tell us that Abraham believed God, and it was a counter known to him for righteousness. What is you hope of heaven believe in the Lord, believing that by what he says about you believing that you are a sinner and that you must repent, believe, though saying that's right my friend Melissa. Now let's go back. I studied the school back trusted. They believe the simple declarative statement that Christ made that he was coming back. It dominated their thoughts it molded their conduct, and John said he that hath this hope within him purifies himself, it is the individual who makes light of and belittles and minimizes the second coming of Christ whose life is given over to worldliness, whether it be in the pool. Or the few are out there in the world, my friend. Turn with me if you have time. If you have your Bible there quickly to the 15th chapter of acts. Here we have the story of the first church council gathered together that Jerusalem to deliberate on spiritual thing they found in that counsel that it to understand this age they must understand that God was not seeking to convert the world, but to call out from among the Gentiles, a people for his name. This was to be done by grace through faith in his son. And this calling out is complete and every one of God's elect of this age has been brought into the fold.

Then the Lord will come back. James quotes the prophet Amos saying I will return that early church labored in the gospel to preach or to reach every one of God's elect and waited. Then for his son from heaven when the last one of God's elect has been called out by the Holy Spirit justified by faith in Christ then will hear the shout of the Lord in glory coming folks asked me what do I know when the Lord come and I said yes I know when every one of his elect is called out brought the know the Lord called into the fold of my family to be glory, then these would be great and noble creatures who laugh at and make fun of and belittle the second coming of Christ.

We left behind. That's why be left behind. Yes, right be left behind.

God P individuals like that. May the Lord have mercy on the Scripture says the Lord prayed, forgive him Lord, they know not what to do now. Paul's letter to the church that wrong. We find as he writes under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, for you know are for we know that the whole creation groans with an travail it together in pain until now. And not only are they, but our seals also which have the firstfruits of the Spirit went on the firstfruits, joy, peace, love, long-suffering, all of those my Frankel and Reed believe is a six chapter Galatian all will listen the redemption of the body.

Romans 822 ITU though it'd be good just to take time out and listen and meditate upon what's going on. Initial world all the struggles and the tragedies in those thing the Scripture here that the board verse we read just put your ear there is just like when we was kids, on the bank of the river.

You could pick up one of those OC sales holder to your ear and you could hear the sea rolling in those shales, but all my friend. In other words you hear and feel that the whole creation groans.

It in pain together on tiptoes of expectation waiting for the coming of our Lord the whole earth today is in one expectation waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.

Praise the Lord, from whom all blessings flow.

When the Lord God of heaven shall the sin with his mighty hose then shall all creation break her bands of corruption and be delivered into the glorious liberty of the son of God, brother, sister, friend, I hope Goliath in his return to help not is no hope in the church.

This is this hope your discharge.

You can that you can't depend on insert my vent.

You came to print on on on on the pastor neural listen listen that hope of the church that is the hope of the believer. Take that away and we are all hopeless were in the dark dungeons with no light brother.

This battle Spain since Carter will be delivered one day at the second coming of our blessed Lord then our hearts cry, come, Lord Jesus, come quick open dogs cry, Lord, the apostle John said, Lord, come quickly.

That's the prayer of every born-again believer. I believe as we look around and see the name of Christ in the name of our God taken in vain trampled underfoot by man, women and children rejected, resisted, rebelled against our cry is Lord come Lord come Christ come delivered Sunday that prayer is going to be answered. My friend one day and I'll be was going to be long though trailblazers honest belief is that I'll be living when the Lord come I wad I believe that I've thought a lot about it. The about O'Donnell were all be a what I'll be or may be going on be buried out. You no longer cemetery somewhere I don't know, but my friend, I have no no reason to believe that I will be living in the city all know how old I am already without me telling. But my friend, let's look at lest I'll be going around her head hanging down. I tell some of our folks. The used to have an old comic strip name little Abner anyone of the characters in that strip was called Lonesome Jim. We walked around always little black cloud over his head, always looking down, don't do that, my friend. Look up look up I redemption draws nigh are you saved are you ready to meet the Lord to use. Are you rejoicing with the trailblazer that one day soon will be taken up.

It doesn't matter with this, day and night. It doesn't matter if we own the mountain.

No matter if we in the grave. The matter is I Lord says I will return. I will return and take you by force, kidnapping receive you unto myself and that's the joy of my heart. George your heart if you know the Lord. Let me just ask you oh truck right down I 40 or you say you don't get back home tonight without Luda has messed up biannual trailer back there or maybe load cows or horses or some my free and I think turnover up to someone a goalie on Colorado. You will never know what each are you saying Kent can you go day by day and never think about your soul individual you folks who hear me on a regular basis. Oh I love Jill Tribbett would do you love your soul monthly. Are you concerned about your soul. I know you don't hear this.

On average Sunday morning preaching the television bridge. I know that it only ask you about your soul.

They don't have guts enough to ask you don't have courage enough to ask your you say they free dill affinity folktale means that all travail. You gonna run off all you good givers. They know this ministry depend on the Lord given our folks wanted to give busted well if it gone off that they wouldn't true and faithful and now I am folks of left ear under cloud. All my friend this is ill, trailblazer broadcast Friday now going back today home 20 denied this afternoon back now look like on the cloud heard thunder not there while ago and but I'll be back before it rained get old and some fresh alien in the district gets to become an open scene how trailblazer doing would you would you pray for me. Remember, mailing address, so trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785. Pray for me.

Call me if you will goodbye if you missed part of today's broadcast all would like a recording the old trailblazer broadcast is now available for download to your phone to your iPad or computer via podcast. Find out more about our podcast by visiting our that's really the and

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