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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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November 5, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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November 5, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series The Second Coming of Christ

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This is the old trailblazer broadcast is a master of up in Dartmouth writing out a little damn this morning. Tomorrow Dan Lesko got a get together and been here most all week already coming down to close a week another day we looking at his soft study on the coming of our Lord of the soon coming. The imminent coming, but we take a timeout to look at what preceded our Lord's death and burial and resurrection.

We will look in their last study how that he had done told his disciples, let not your heart be troubled, and no real end of that talking about the same Jesus, my friend, this is not a fairytale. We bring you this is God's word. You know I hold up my Bible here and I said this is God's word, believe and be saved. Disbelieve it and be lost. But listen, I'm not looking so call for an event like you see so much today in the paper and on the TV and although same.

I'm looking for the personal return of my blessed Lord back to earth again. Can you just let that soak in just a moment is not beyond the comprehension that our Lord's coming back. Do you believe the Bible is all that Christ was born of a virgin woman there in Bethlehem, Judea, and that he rose from the grave. There although saying my friend. I'm not concerned about the manner in which you come. I just want to see he's the object of my heart and he's my Redeemer, my Savior and I want to see the Lord who died for me. Don't don't have which appetite just a little bit. My friend old listen and the Lord who love me with such love that he went there and paid my scene dating pool. Someone asked how much did the Lord pay on what you pay but he paid it all and I want to see the Lord who's been so patient with me. All of these long years of my life.

Specially, especially since the Lord save me and that I see that I'm a far greater center now than I ever was before. If the Lord lets you see that bullish. No wonder men through all ages have died have died for the Lord. They walk in and I like to mention I go back there to Fox's book of martyrs that we have here in our bookstore telling of the life and death, and although saying of our folks who died for the sake of the gospel. A: Fox's book of martyrs. Now the Lord walking up down the shores of Galilee. Call those median left America around my Lord and my God ever seen of God. All will crown him Lord of all, we sing that song rankles the role of the ideals and crown him Lord of all me every week and soulless morning you out there whoever you are with you in Sioux Falls South Dakota are Yazoo wherever wherever you are, wherever you are, Roanoke, Virginia, where we are there in San Benito, Texas, Corpus Christi, Tucson, Arizona this all of the street crime, my Lord and my God want to look now, there are certain outstanding characteristics about God call pastor will look at that for a few minutes or a true pastor. First he born again, born of the spirit born from above a new creature in Christ, and Christ is a living reality to his heart. He knows when he was saved. For it was saved what he was saved from what was saved to in other words, the broad definition that he knows a little bit of the way of grace.

That's right the way of grace and Lord found more days in scene like you did me.

Let me just mention it, I was just a poor old country boy center. My family were not religious at all. You may not believe that what is true. We never had the Gracie to table we never had never went to church there went to Sunday school and then my lot until I was married married a young girl is a Baptist girl and she want me to go to church with an idea and are not long after that, the low young preacher talked me into making the decision for Jesus nor did note Genesis and Revelation, but anyhow that that happened and wouldn't the Lord in limine. You know the Lord could've left me there thinking I was somebody come Lord could've just left me right there but he didn't on the providence of God, and I'm a strong believer in the providence of God. Someone introduced me. Are you encouraged me to go listen to an old foe.

He had food preacher LR Shelton senior that's right got them poked out and I was out there in a country under no gospel tent in the wife and I went and I believe I really believe first time I've heard.

I knew I didn't have nothing.

I just made a decision that we just mentioned to you we have faster shelves story here of his life bound to the pool. If you'd like a copy that would be glad to send it to you both paid and then we have several booklets show how and when God saved a Baptist preacher, my religious life before lot before the Lord, save me, and although saying if you right now senior catalog of all of his messages we have in print, and many of them are on CDs and but we could give the printed copies away free and postpaid.

Now let's get back to our study. Then again, God's man is a chosen God's man is chosen, my free and ordained and called to preach the unsearchable riches of the grace of God as set forth in the Bible. I know not long after the Lord put me here as a pastor reading studying the Bible scared to death shaking.

Not enough fearful, just young and in the Bible. I read this verse come across.

It lowers put my finger on. He says of preach the gospel. Be instant in season and out of season reproved rebuke with all long-suffering. That's the charge of ever me that's the charge. You know the whole time.

Old Tommy preachers used to when he ordained a young preacher they would give him what charge they would lay only heart what they were to preach. They were they were seasoned pastors and preachers back in that they and they were God called and he charged that young pastor what to be like Paul did to Timothy preach the gospel.

Be instant in season and out of season and I asked folks to listen. Often times I tell you what that mean be instant in season. That means to preach the gospel don't review books and don't do those things and don't put all movies on Sunday night.

Maybe on Monday and onto Wednesday night. I don't know but my free and I will do that but he told me the Scripture stalemate preach the gospel in any says in a courage in verse certainly be which he told Moses that but I really I read it and any and I read in my Bible is my book in my word, he said, certain hobby which then surely chosen Christ said you have not chosen me, but I've chosen you. I get so tired of these folks who are denying scoff at the doctrine of election Peter Greenough apostle Peter a red.

He said there more of his epistle he says he he told about mean you if you say ye are a chosen generation, listen he's chosen us in Christ before the foundation of the world: Ephesians 14 and Romans 11 call and separated them to the gospel of God is what the past. God's ministers are divinely called they do not enter the ministry of their own accord that call is a definite definite definite call then every true pastor of the gospel is commanded and will preach the word second Timothy four no born again God call minister will preach his own opinion on my friend not I tell you that it without fear of contradiction, God's command is to preach the word he will preach the whole counsel of God preach it without favor preach it to me and as they are a hireling are an unsavory religionist will seek to cover up or explain away or minimize certain teachings of the Bible. Usually, blood redemption or salvation, and especially the second coming of our Lord. The second coming of Christ is interwoven with all other doctrines of God's word and cannot be separated will show you that later on if you take out the Bible all the references to the second coming of Christ. You will have will your Bible to piece it and this guy looked today begins a day at the surety or the certainty of his coming your notice that we are talking about the doctrine of the second coming of Christ as set forth in the VA warfarin whoop of the Bible showing you that the Bible is not vague in regard to his coming, but it is one of the outstanding clearly defined definite positive teaching of the word of God that I Lord is coming back again my friend is that you hope you asked me this morning. But what you hope that Christ is coming back for me. Surely he is a he says, coming from our own. You know what, I'm a child of God, mama, apple of his eye. My name is written in the palm of his hand. You don't don't stop it.

That my friend Don name my name pinned office opened office name is written down in the palm of the same. We sing a song here.

There's a new name written down in glory. And it's my new name written down glory and his mind pinned office written down there allow CM on the days what you want. You will should be glad my friend to see our blessed Lord. Oh, I don't know what that will be I don't I don't have any desire to see these highfalutin folks here know to go under.

Elsie hello and no desire to see them. They had done anything for me but I blessed Lord he she had every drop of blood after the day of Pentecost. One day, the apostle Peter accompanied thereby old John was making his way to the temple for the hour of prayer, they found a lame man near the gate beautiful and in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, commanded him to rise and to walk.

He did that leaping and running in the temple, praising the Lord. Then Peter was put on the spot with this question. How do you do that, his answer was by the name and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ then he directs a very definite message to their hearts. In these words, but ye denied the holy one and the just, and desired a murderer to be granted unto you speaking about Barabbas and killed the Prince of life, when God has raised him from the dead were off. You are witnesses.

Then he calls on them to repent, repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out and bring a message this coming Sunday on, except ye repent, ye shall likewise perish. You know the Bible speaks much of repent is my friend and yet we know that it's a gift of God.

The repentance is a gift of God, my friend Melissa knew anything about repentance. Oh well, is just a turning know not. I've noted in my in my notes for the message. What happens when you repent what takes place on them quickly. Well, you get a new heart get a new spirit.

You get a new outlook on life.

You have a new a new concept of life and all those thing and then you have a first of all, you take the blame. Repentance is taken the blame you for taking the blame. Dad, if you ever taken the blame for for slapping your wife around little bit coming in drunk on my friend, don't do that if you ever taken the blame if you have said I'm sorry most of our marriages could be saved by those two words.

I'm sorry I'm sorry if you ever taken the blame my friend.

It takes grace. It takes grace to take the blame trailblazer did that one day took the blame by the grace of God. Remember the old trailblazer be back tomorrow Friday with another message from God word. Remember my mailing address, the old trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 by if you missed part of today's broadcast all would like a recording the old trailblazer broadcast is now available for download to your phone to your iPad or computer via podcast. Find out more about our podcast by visiting our that's really and a a a

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