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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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November 2, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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November 2, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series The Second Coming of Christ

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This is the old trailblazer broadcast. This is pastor Abba Pindar was the old trailblazer riding out again, although Dan this morning. Blazing the path to the hearts of sinners and I have folks call me safe trailblazer what you mean by that blazing a path well is just a common thing when I was a child we used to go hunt midnight my dad would take up blazing just blaze on the side of a tree, so we got back there somewhere.

And, got mixed up.

We find our way out below one blazing the spiritual trail. We are so bogged down now with spiritual things that we've gotten off the main track our folks no longer depend on the old King James version Bible that we use here that use ever concoction of the Bible. This is NIV and all those things and I have folks get mad with me. Get angry with because we don't sell but we blazing the path we are we cutting away attempting to cut away here in the South. We have a mind that they call kudzu. I don't know where it came from. It was brought here to stop erosion along of our creeks and rivers is taken over the South near Barter, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and it it just grows so thick I equate the error that we facing today with that kudzu. It keeps coming back. I know my friend. We living in the last days. I know that the apostle Paul said when all those things begin to take shape. Look up for our redemption draws nine I'm not discouraged at all. Not one whit discouraged. Except for this one fact that many folks mind and users are not concerned about this old, they're not concerned about the children, so we have are some of our local people here that don't get up on Sunday morning. Bring the children to Sunday school and there's a lack there's a dearth there is a deadness about our people. That's what I'm concerned about and I come here on this radio station every morning Monday through Friday. Our regular Sunday services are here Sunday night Wednesday night we have all divorce and truth broadcast with pastor LR Shelton the late pastor messages. Here we send them out now.

Over the known world over the Internet over the radio, missions, radio, and over the streaming live streaming and we are we been here. Pastor Shelton began bringing these messages 50 years ago. 60 years ago, we still going on strong the Lord is given us the grace to go home. I often tell you that the pastor Shelton was a great pastor and preacher and he had many many messages we have over 400 titles of his messages that we all have in print will be glad to send you a list of them. If you'd like their good old fashion we not modern by any stretch of the imagination. We knocked out the easy believing-ism would not that's what we have on the market today with a little showcase religion with the pastor making 8000 $800,000 a year with $1000 suit on on Sunday know my friend. We're just getting out the gospel in the Lord has blessed dear rest the old trailblazer. Myself pastor print all of us and other brethren in helping and we just giving out what I call the wrong gospel we have messages now on CD and IMO I'm surprised in the plan in blessed by the people have called me wanting that series on Satan, the God of this were among three and made maybe you maybe you knew this broadcast. We preach the gospel just the old-time old fashion gospel that man is a sinner. We don't have any any showcase we don't have any makeup we don't have any any thrills and spills and we don't go to the beach and strip off. We don't do those things we don't have carwashes to pave our broadcast know the Lord supplies owes need we dip in holy and solely upon the Lord. Someone asked me one day was we up on independent Baptist Church. I said no we are dependent depended upon the grace and love and long-suffering of our blessed Lord in the old trailblazer. I depend on them for ever message you not bring me. I surely make lots of mistakes bang up the King's English. I do those thing I can hip I'm just a little comfortable and my friend, but we here this morning coming back again on Monday morning with another message. We started a couple weeks ago on these thoughts is soon coming on the imminent coming of our blessed Lord, and I want to just review just a little bit this morning go back over some thoughts I had last week when the New Testament opens Matthew Mark Luke and John. You know or that. Do you know do you study your Bible at all. My friend, I asked folks to get folks get angry with me because I asked folks in the congregate hold up your hand. Everybody does read your Bible this week waylaid embarrasses folks will maybe I embarrass you, but have you read your Bible this week my friend all my friend the Bible. The Bible is where we find the grace of God. The Bible is where we find redemption the Bible is where we find the long-suffering of our blessed Lord in the Bible is where we surely surely find the soon coming of our blessed Lord, could I just got I just interest you just a little in your soul this morning. The Lord is coming. I know we don't we don't have a date nobody I don't set dates and I will even do that.

But my friend the Scriptures are true and plaintiff. The Lord sure is coming blessed going it in our study and no we just want to review just a moment when the New Testament there opens. We hear the voice of the angels singing announcing that the Messiah Christ had been born. We see the wisemen winding their way from the east looking for that infant King. The child Jesus the King of the Jews, Christ rose into manhood walks over the Judean hills along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Don't you like to study that my friend knows you like. I'll I like to fantasize, I do that as some folks say I'm the worst I'm bad with that but I like to fantasize. I like to go out on my back porch and afternoon late Sunday going down over on the western horizon and I have a little little of the past garden out there little punk garden I read in the food we had and I woke out there and then I look to see if a butter beans is coming up for. I do those thing on the plane, man, my friend and I bring you the plane gospel but the Lord knows all about my friend, and then we see the Lord proclaiming we hear the Lord proclaiming I will come again.

He speaks of his second coming therein and open discourse. He tells his disciples I'm going into a far country, and I'm coming back in an hour when ye think not. Maybe it even when the sun is sinking are in the Golden West. It may be at midnight when everything is hushed up on the sleep. It may be at the clock, crowing us folks we folks here in the country know all about it. Daylight the old roosters began to grow it may be. At that time, it may be in the wee hours but it may be in the morning but watch, he says, for you know not the hour the Son of Man cometh. He's constantly saying watch be ready for you know not what hour I may return. Then he compares his coming to that of the bridegroom who comes at midnight to meet the waiting bride United beautiful picture my friend.

I love weddings I've conducted weddings all over this country and I love to see two young people fall in love and get married, and in make a happy home. I pray for my pray for you if you just recently married and I also asked folks. Make sure make sure before you go there, let marriage alter that. You know what you do and make sure my friend the Scriptures tell us to not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. There's a lot my friend.

I know that some of the ministry as a churches denomination have a period of time when the Council owes young people. I wish we could all do that but my friend listen listen then he compares his coming to that as I said to the bridegroom coming at midnight and he cries under them to be ready with your lamps all trimmed in burning for you know not to hour.

It may be in the blazing morning, aren't midnight darkness, but be ready old will be reading my friend as one who watches for the return of our Lord also and if so, you are conduct feels all over New Orleans there when I was very new all in and they have those great old cemeteries and those great old mausoleums and tombs there and one day I was bringing the service area and is thought come to my heart little tent there and I could look out across that cemetery and I saw five backhoes digging hole digging graves over there on other side, acres and acres and acres of grade and I saw those five backhoes digging get ready for a funeral the next day and I told her folks. One of these days that shout is going to come there be a shout. My friend, that's reason I believe it will be in the morning time.

That's not I don't know that for sure. It may be at night, but that shout will come and no tobacco diggers will over there be working digging digging Dean Nash outcomes in those graves near them will fly open those it's just buried in the ground. Those graves will fly open those old tunes and old mausoleums will crackle fall apart in those body will come out in those back code operators will take to the woods like a rabbit to the brush my friend but my friend won't that be great because they can arise.

First, the Scripture says those those who are asleep will rise from every individual who knows the Lord buried in some old cemetery up there in Tennessee. Those old Confederate and in union cemeteries up there by the thousands of men bought Bayard up there.

I've been in looking for.

Just looking at names on those dates and names. I like to do that.

But those graves will come open Monday my friend and they'll be caught up in the air go to meet the Lord. Then you and I if you know the Lord that you know the Lord is a good question needed. You know the Lord old trailblazer just a funny old kook.

I just asked folks. I don't want to be offensive.

I asked of you know the Lord, are you saved can you look up this afternoon on your back porch.

If you have one and say thank you Lord for saving mode. So thank you Lord and Savior so reprobate out little reprobate old sinner, just an old sinner but my friend the Lord's coming back for me.

One day an ideal folks here some of get angry is not one sin registered against old trailblazer, not one sin not one pass see in future sin present sin, because all under the blood onto the blood of Jesus save in the shepherds fold under the blood of Jesus save though the ages role save when the storms grow louder. All my friend I wish I could sing that song for you I will. I won't I do I get the words and read them to you one day but we just look at it when the Lord coming back. We don't know when Natalie will listen. He says watch watch alchemist lightning that shines from the east to the west, but and with all my holy angel. He declares listen to this too will be in the bed and one shall be taken and the other left. Are you going to be the one taken my friend, my dear friend, my dear saint of God, are you going to be the one taken in your your your husband left her your wife left all my friend is a gracious thing in it.

To know the Lord to have a safe spouse. Are you going to be the one is taken or the one is left.

I hope you're the one is taken, but this is the old trailblazer and we we hear bringing you the studies now on the coming of our Lord imminent company coming my friend is coming back.

We sing a song he's coming back to earth again and I asked you. Are you ready the only purpose of this meeting. This present this old trailblazer is to ask you to probe your heart. Are you saved Don knots on that shaken some preachers and when you seven years old. That's not salvation I'm not told about being baptized, and wash your sins away. That's not salvation. All Lasseter targets my friend Melissa know trailblazer Gumby back tomorrow with another messy just getting started today and now reviewing a little bit about the coming of our blessed Lord, remember my mailing address old trailblazer PO Box 18, Tian Walker, LA 70785. Goodbye God bless you. If you miss part of today's broadcast all would like a recording the old trailblazer broadcast is now available for download to your phone to your iPad or computer via podcast.

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