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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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October 27, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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October 27, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series The Second Coming of Christ.

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This is the old trailblazer broadcasters bathroom up indoors past year radio mission were located in Walker Louisiana is about hours drive from New Orleans after Katrina washes out. We came here and built new chapel new bookstore and the Lord investors and I told someone the other day.

I don't know of many Protestant churches it don't owe anybody anything with this church is free and dead except for our current bill in the Lord's blessing had great I don't know many people can say that I know most of the churches today are going to get over heels in debt lot of New London will build a great sanctimonious theater thing topping your auditoriums and all those times we just sinner saved by grace.

Lord given us grace to go on day by day.

We put our money all into radio broadcasting and that's what we do folks asked me lady asked me to base the treatment you mean he calls money to be on the radio. I said yes ma'am Richard cost a lot of money, but we look into study on the soon coming of our blessed Lord back to this earth again.

I know it's you don't hear that. I don't and you don't hear messages on the subject along very often in a modern Protestant world, but we just felt led to do this. I've often told you many times faster. Shelton was our leader here upfront founder, a mentor, my mentor, my pastor and he was a great radio speaker and many many many of his studies. We put in print, and I have those and I glean from. And because I'm not of theological person not be a smart and Momo spoke to know that I really admitted and what I use a lot of his I glean from caramel part look at him and so we looking now at this study, only soon coming of the second coming of the Lord and then we speak into date on the certainty of economy, sureties, and my friends.

Surely the Lord is coming. There's a certainty about it is no uncertainty there.

Born-again believers take no stock in those who teach that the Lord came during the siege of Jerusalem in MAD 70 know when the city of Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans man in his natural state, no matter how religious or how much whirly education he has is a stupid food in the things spiritual and when he stands in the whirly education. He has is a stupid fool in things spiritual and when he stands in the pool.

Or in the classroom time to teach God word. He's a monstrosity in the side of God. If you would read the 24th chapter of Matthew, you have no trouble understanding just just have an ounce of common sense.

You have no trouble understanding that when Christ foretold the destruction of Jerusalem. He said nothing about his personal return at that time, but if you would listen you will find when he comes to talk about the great tribulation. That he said immediately after the tribulation of those days shall appear the sign of a son of man in heaven, and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. When Titus destroyed the city of Jerusalem. There, in A.D. 70. Christ did not return in person in the clouds of heaven with power and glory know. For the Scripture says that as Christ went away in the clouds, back in the clouds and he will come with his cohorts of angels. Listen, my friend, you have let your imagination just run away with you. Just think about that scene for a moment. I don't know all the sidebars and thing to be taken blade would you just think about the return of our blessed Lord. With that greed, host of Angel that had taken place yet, it is just it. It bothers me to see anyone who does not know the Lord who do not love the Lord and who's never been redeem to pose as a minister of righteousness and under the cloak of a preacher or teacher to make fun and belittle the coming of our Lord back to earth again and then to deny blood redemption in Christ. It makes my blood boil. It makes my makes me quiver my friend. It makes me tremble to know. Oh, I've heard I've heard my friend.

Some of those outlandish things in the religious world today.

Just this past week I was out in my yard went to pick up my mail in my mailbox and a car nice new car pulled into my driveway and had four ladies in it and one of them got out she was a gray-haired lady, I would say in her late 60s early 70s dressed real nice. She got out and spoke. I said I she said how you doing I'm doing fine how you lady she said I'm great. Well I like to make conversation with people had no out who she was. I said will, when did you start being great when did you get great in sheets. He took it kindly and then she handed me her morning to Henry some literature and I recognize immediately Jehovah witnesses and I love those people have had much dealings with him. But my friend listen. We had a lively conversation so I asked this lady. I said what is your hope of heaven.

She said what I hope to live here on this earth. I said oh my, oh my lady, the Scripture says this earth is going to be destroyed by fire. About that time another young lady got out of the backseat of the car and I could tell she was a more said in her doctrine and the older lady what I said well you got some reinforcements here on. I asked her is it or you save lady and she did. She did a quick double flip, so to speak, and she said well well will we don't we come and we I said no ma'am. I said I know who you are you you believe it did on this. Although signed with the Scripture says so much different from what you espouse with somewhat different, so I asked her I said willingly ask you something.

Let me ask you a pertinent question got and she got real Sears we stand right close to the street from my house. I said if a car swerved in here and hits you and cause you bodily hemorrhage damaging you would bleed to death. Would you take a blood transfusion.

She said no sir I sure would possibly just tell me that you are ignorant is that you know the Bible is that no ma'am no ma'am as real and I would take the literature because I know what they preach and teach but not that I'll be praying for you.

I will be praying for my don't criticize him for this.

My friend let her go back to our study we tell about the coming of the Lord the night, our Lord was betrayed, he said to his disciples. I go to prepare a place for you. And when I come again, I will receive you onto myself. Christ said when I come again. Listen folks listen the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back in person.

You cannot explain that away.

Don't try. If you do will do it to your own condemnation. The thing for you to do is to get ready for his coming.

Are you saying my radio listeners up there in Roanoke, Virginia of Darien, Palm Springs, California.

There, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Are you saved you say what you told about trailblazer amassing you.

Do you have a hope for the life after this live, oh yes yes out on trust in Jesus. I say what is the basis of your hope. Most people KT then there are those who teach that our Lord came each time a Christian dies. They teach that Christ comes in that in that a monstrosity in one of the so-called theological professor said the other day to a class of young preacher I believe that Jesus comes back every time a Christian dies and at all areas of the site and that's all there is to the second coming of Christ. What up poor dupe of Satan blinded by Satan, the God of this world, an emissary of hail my friend you know we want to look at those focuses heaven Bible knowledge. We want to look at them they must be saved not only not that individuals not save my friend. Listen, the Bible makes it so plain that when a Christian dies. The Lord does not come to that believer, but the.the child of God that individual who is saved goes to be with the Lord. Paul said there in Philippians. I have a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better and then on another occasion, he said, absent from the body present with the Lord. I use that version. Funeral services often time all would listen if I should die before the Lord comes go to be with him. He didn't come to be with me, my guardian angel and let me stop here and tell you I believe every child born into this world ever one of God's elect has a guardian angel.

I believe I do.

I believe I can look back and see how that that guardian angel has protected me all the days of my lot you can say pooh-pooh that if you want to that's okay that's okay my friend listen. My guardian angel would take me to where the Lord is read the seventh chapter of acts.

If you would the story of Stephen being stoned to death and when he came to die. He said I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing on the right hand of God and then with a loud voice, as they rushed upon him with gnashing teeth and cast stones at him, Lord. He said receive my spirit. He didn't say Lord come to me.

He didn't but he said Lord receive me why folks were not let the Bible speak for itself.

I do not know. Oh, I do not know my friend.

You know people are so mind are so warped and twisted. I had an old Nathan said something about if it if it thundered in July would rain in September so and so some, and she said you can read the Bible says that I said no ma'am and in the Bible, yes it does. She didn't know she heard that somewhere down the line that the Bible no ma'am, that's ignorance as foolish and all will listen why folks were not let the Bible speak for itself.

I don't know. There's no other book on earth that is warped and twisted in his reading as the Bible is the average person today does not approach the Bible with an unbiased mind, but they read it mostly for one purpose to prove their own belief. Christ assured the Pharisees of that one thing you search the Scriptures to prove your own opinion. That's right. Lot of folks tell stuff in a back it up by their thoughts on the pie will. The Bible says about know the Bible didn't say that he didn't say that it doesn't say that all my friend. We need to get our thinking straight know we sure do. But I know for surety that the Lord is coming back the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation speaks with no uncertain terms about our Lord coming back again. Go read it. My friend, he must come back again. He will come back again because he said I will come again. Oh my friend back in the book of Genesis you will find the story of Joseph the son of Jacob and his old age and will take that up tomorrow. In this study on the coming of our blessed Lord I like to call it the soon coming.

We used to have an old man who preached Air Force occasionally and he would say in urgent spokes to turn to the Lord. He say you know I don't know how long the Lord going to put up with us. I don't know how long the Lord going to put up with us and I never had thought about that except I remember when I was a child my dad before us and to get known to us for problem my brother not and he say I'm not going to put up with at any longer bars when I knew what this preacher said I don't know how long the Lord going to put it was and I don't know my friend. You sitting out there in your easy chair those in all maybe wake up or you can spend eternity. Are you looking for the Lord, you tell me you a Christian are you looking for the Lord will know I'm not concerned. But I don't want to know you like to understand just believe it. Why don't understand. 99% of the Bible, but I believe it. I believe a word of it be your Jott never Tittle. I do believe that Scripture said the sole vicinity shall die, I do. I believe it. I believe the Bible says there is none righteous, no not one. I believe that my friend, but this is the old trailblazer broadcast coming out again with another message tomorrow in the same subject. The coming of our blessed Lord, remember my mailing address you'll trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785. Pray for me will you do that. Let me know that you praying for me goodbye and God bless you and all in and in and in and

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