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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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September 22, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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September 22, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series Demon Possession.

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This is the old trailblazer broadcast, do you hear from studios at the First Baptist Church of Algiers were located in Walker Louisiana now after the storm Hurricane Katrina relocated and the Lord has given us grace would be of the new chapel new bookstore and we're going out on Dave Dave sending out the gospel around the world and all through the country and no trailblazer broadcast scattered out all over America and if you hear me. I wish you would let me know. Let me know.

Were you listening and then let me mention if you have a computer you can hear me on the Internet R webpage it radio and you have information at a final certificate. Let me know will help you through fully bringing as he stood his own demon possession. All of those related items. A grand aim of Satan and those same, but at this time. We just began to look at Satan, the old trickster you know Satan got a lot of names in the Bible are made on all those up and give them to you. But one thing he is is an old trickster so wants to look again at some of these words that describe him as a trickster first we noticed in our last study. The wiles of Satan that were wildly used trickery, deceive deception beguile to make that which is not real to appear as real. You see, Satan's business is to keep you as an individual from facing reality. He plays upon your old nature because will fall a major deadlock to face reality is no reality of death. Reality of judgment reality of eternity. Folks just don't hear that I talk about death often not talk about the judgment, often in not talk about judgment at funerals that I conduct an folks sometime don't like it. They asked me not to do that. But listen, you listen until God breaks your heart and opens it and brings you by his grace to face reality. You don't want to face reality. Listen, there's a flight from reality you don't like the facing. If you right now. Send your little book by Pastor Sylvan on the sinner's plight from reality. Many a sinner whom I've known the Lord begin to deal with a heart they run like a potters to the bushes. All my friend if they won't don't want to face reality.

They begin to see there didn't give to distance from a holy God, and they flee from it. Just like old Jonathan fled their Lord told him to go down the minimum preaching he fled and went the other way and got in the ship went down in the hole went to sleep. He fled, but all you remember the consequences they cost him overboard in a big fish swallowed them up.

You say all you will be read. Yes sir I sure the Lord prepared the fish. I don't know if it will alert what it will. But he fought old Jonah and he stayed there three days and three nights in the belly of that oafish and a swarm down after the coast of Nineveh and vomited him up close.

Love Imad to give old old whaling fish acid indigestion.

Don't imagine I believe he did. Probably need some Xanax or some early days when he got through the old old Jonah came for them with the OB and the Lord for the three went up and down the city of Nineveh preaching never said anything except repent, repent all my friend.

Unless notice get back to our study. The expression we saw there, Satan's devices that were device means a plan are our sketch or a scheme or some strategy US courtier Satan design is the key poke blinded that he may be able to lead you to worship him. Satan aspires to be like God aspires to be God he will formulate every plan that he can that he can come up with my friend though this is not this is not off-the-wall stuff know he will formulate every plan that he can ever invention ever idea ever falls imagination you put forth there was scheme to keep you from coming to the Lord, and thereby lead you to worship him and give allegiance to him. Satan the girl whatever my friend listen is in his plans to deceive and lead you astray. He's very prompt these mighty good that's his business. I often say here that the old trailblazer by the grace of God is open about our Lord's business is what I wanted to day by day. When I get up in the morning my ideas to serve the Lord.

You don't have to priest to serve the Lord. You don't have to do anything all along that line. If you want to serve the Lord. First of all asked Lord lead you and then you can you can hand out a tracker booklet to someone you can give your testimony of saving grace.

When the Lord leads you don't believe in buttonhole and somebody nearby you come to you on don't know know that the Lord never intended that but if you right now send you these little booklets that we have here by Pastor Shelton track to keep them in your purse or keep a menu call and many of our folks are doing that thing, and when the opportunity comes along you can handle more the little track so you know have a little track here.

I wish you'd read. Would you mind reading for me and they will most people we read and passion on some might have mentioned before, we have a book inherent title the reactor the sinner's flight from reality.

I'll be glad to send that to you all. We had advertise a book on playing church a while back and we just had calls and calls and calls after that little book and we still doing that list.

Let's get back the old devil good old Abilene listen is my menace here just like folks tell me sometime when I get on your toes a little bit they say will you mind in my bid is you meddling in my business. Well, my business is to blast the plans of Satan. My but my plan is to thwart the thwart the plans of Satan is submitted so ever messenger to blast Satan's plans to expose him to lay on bear, in the put something put something in your path to keep you from going to hell. Let me just tell you this little story I told you before but it's been quite a while since I mentioned it and I know we pick up new listeners new stations along the way but I told this little stores a true store over there somewhere and one of the southern states of lead was Alabama one night this old farmer, rancher, storm, and he went out in the back to check on everything in he come across a little where they had a little small river there and had a railroad trestle crossing the bridge and fallen in water washed out the foundation and it had fallen in, and he knew from experience. Night after night is a train come through their so he started towards where the train was coming. He looked at his watch.

He knew he didn't have much time, but he started to run down the track to put the club with old rubber boots and slick loan and a lantern in his hand and he knew he could hear the wind of the train on them on the railroad tracks. I've done that is a ball we used to lay down on a railroad track and wait for the train to come and you can hear the train winding with this old man did the same thing and he kept going kept going kept going after a while he saw the light come around the curve beagle headlight. She also ever seen a train at night got a big light shines for a mile or two.

He saw it coming.

He kept running. He kept running. He can't run. He knew if I train went off in that river it be eternity for some folks.

So we kept going after while the train got closer, he knew he had no way of stopping. So we got off on the shoulder there on the side of the track got that old lantern in his hand, got a good grip on the handle and as I train come by.

He slung it or flung it into that open window where that engineer was sitting there maybe a sleep we don't know what that cool all it all over the glass shattered.

Maybe call if I don't know what that man grab that break and begin to squall and squeal and screech and grind and start to slow down. I heard him many many times do the same thing here in our little town. When I was a boy and I little hello train stop just a few yards from that trust old, my friend. He put everything he had into stopping the train I put in everything I end up blocking your path to heal my friend you on a fast track to hail. If you're not saved. Don't get mad with old trailblazer. Thank the Lord. Thank the Lord everyday that someone thought enough for you so the Lord led some poor soul, not maybe not the trailblazer.

Maybe it was someone else thought enough of you. So to say my friend how is it, would you soul.

Where will you spend eternity. Oh, if I could fling that cool all lantern into your side of you, wherever you are old trucker ficus down the side of the road and sling it into your winter and tell you to wake you all, my friend, what, what a great day in your life you would be to realize that your your your soul is on a fast track to hail.

Listen now listen Satan's business is to put everything in your path to keep you from coming to the Lord in my business is to put everything in your past to stop you from going to hail all my friend are you traveling towards eternity. I asked you where the brown was a brown, is it heaven or is it hail which is now less notice another expression that we found there universe cunning craftiness. The word cunning means crafty or sly, clever, or subtle, like we described it, snake. You know, snake, don't come trotting down the road knew they slip and's slip and slide over their integration into bushes and cunning means the art of putting over a strategy or a company accomplishing a purpose to do that. There has to be deception, Satan will make a false appear to be true. For example, often times we sitting in our mission. We try to we try to lay bare Satan strategy in deceiving the hearts of individual by pointing out to you that all of this so called vision stuff and dreams and speaking in tongues and all those same wide-eyed experiences, not salvation, but wholly and completely the work of Satan and his demons.

Yes, folks come back to me saying they know that their experiences are real and I know they are real to them. I know that but I don't mean air of the Lord. One man wrote me and told me that I will see this to say that speaking in tongues was of the devil. My friend, I asked you where is your your praise for the Lord. When the Lord saves a sinner gives them a voice to praise the Lord, or is your new heart. Where is your new spirit. Where is your thankful heart for the Lord save you. That's what, when Laura Sadie gives you new heart to praise along with those things are a realtor individual.

I know that I'm very familiar with what my friend, there's no there's no praise there is no praise, no because Satan came praise the Lord.

Satan came praise the Lord, my friend, he won't know we can't do that with. Those things are, so Satan's tricks just like we talk about is the tricks of Satan, the while Satan don't care what it takes to keep you blinded keep you fooled into believing that you all right, believing that those things are of the Lord all had a great marvelous experience of a great light come over me a great feeling.

A light feeling light is is an air lightly although saying I've been there my friend. I know those same and I've seen folks who were involved in those things are spoken with him and I mentioned to you want to bring your study on or all of that began one of these days over there on Azusa St. in Los Angeles, CA back in early 1906 of the will and will I bring you those things is I have it documented is not false is not a fantasy know what my friend let me go back to the old trailblazer concerned about you so if I wouldn't I wouldn't be here. My friend with the Lord lady sings all my heart to come here and be true to your soul and asking you wake up old trucker wake up you going down Highway 95 over there lickety-split wake up call hello to some little burst into flames.

If you bump on the road wake up cloth over there in the shade under on the white Wayside parking asked the Lord give you grace to look to the Lord, don't be ashamed of the Lord old, no, don't be ashamed that you don't know the Lord asked the Lord to save if you would prefer, though trailblazer if ever you folks go to prayer on Sunday. Sunday night in your church there.

Wherever you are and not asked a leader to pray for, though trailblazer, give us grace to look to the Lord.

Remember my mailing address though trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 goodbye and God bless you and a and a will and

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