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The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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September 2, 2020 12:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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This is Blazer broadcaster Sebastiano Pindar speaking the old trailblazer right down again. At this time, Alabama scholars get up, got a get together and we happy to be back with you folks at this time we bring your study now on the general theme demon possession and we been there quite a while and were looking down at baptism with the Holy Spirit and were going to get there in just a moment, but I have one of our radio car gracious closet we had before the storm disbanded now and were not able, but we had nine CDs made before that terrible storm come along, play one of our song and no maybe which appetites of sin get some of the CD player. Let's see what we got here. What shall the harvest be all my friend and gracious old song you love these old good song we have nine full-length CDs are our radio car and I have just gracious songs on limitless list coupling for your wounded for meson stand was healed, surrounded the church's one foundation Jesus put yourself in my place sweeter every day.

The shepherd of love blessed Redeemer honey in the rock. Any of these all be worth the price five dollars per full-length CD about 18 songs on let's get back to our study we looking at demon possession, the general theme arena in that section.

Now baptism with the Holy Spirit and were going to go back and revisit that just a moment. We might've been in our last study, well I'll just go back and let's say you pick up your Bibles.

Now if you want.

If you have time go there if you have a Bible handy go there and look in the second chapter of acts and see what happened there on the first day of Pentecost we hear so much of that knowing.

First of all let me just say the word Pentecost has no significance whatsoever, except it means 50, 50 days after the resurrection of Christ is an Old Testament word literally means 50 days after the feast of the Passover, the feast of Pentecost was the feast of the first fruit. It was a day that the Jews brought a wave offering before the priest, the Lord Jesus Christ had definitely told his disciples to tear their Jerusalem until they were endued with power from on high. In Luke 2449. He then said, you shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence. Then acts 18 he says, but you shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you, and he shall witness be witnesses of me.

The Lord Jesus had commissioned his disciples to go all the world and preach the gospel, but he commanded them to wait until two things happen.

First, they were to wait until they were baptized into Christ. Second, to wait till he received power from Omaha now when the Holy Spirit came that Sunday morning or the eighth day on the first day of the week he baptized that group of 120 into Christ because the Scripture says, and there appeared under them. Cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each one of them. This baptism made them one in Christ.

Christ became real, a living personality.

And they were baptized into that one body.

The second thing that happened with that group was a received power because they were filled with the Holy Spirit. In acts two, four we read and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost. I want to call your attention to the wording of that fourth verse does not say that they were baptized with the Holy Ghost.

It says they were filled with the Holy Ghost not does not say in the third verse that tongues are far rested on each one of them. That is, they were baptized into Christ, but it says in verse four, they were filled with the Holy Ghost. Now the Greek word for field is an entirely different word from baptized.

The Greek word means baptism. Listen is not baptism but is Perio the word Perio means to fail to make cool all my friend the Holy Spirit, feeling the believer gives him boldness and power to witness for Christ. And when God saves an individual. The Holy Spirit takes up his abode and that believers are now this is true according to God word. Now you get this great truth lay down your pots and pans her mother listen first Corinthians 619 says no you not that your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you. Paul writing to the Romans, that if any man have not the spirit of Christ.

He's not here.

So in salvation. The Holy Spirit comes into dwell takes up his abode in the heart of the believer never leaves at believer until he goes home to be with the Lord now know I quote this verse often second Corinthians 517 if any man be in Christ. He's a new creature. The studies that we bring in on demon possession and wants to follow shortly. In the next few weeks on divine healing, true and false. I know that they cut across the grain of many folks I know that but I see so much my friend of all of Fort Worth were that Satan has taken over the worship hour taken over the worship in our churches, and I will give you an instance, it is just shock right here in our local neighborhood in Walker Louisiana initiator.

I read in a paper they publish it in the paper two Sundays in a row.

One of our local Baptist churches have turned out there Sunday morning service in order to have one of them have a dog show were all magical dog does all kind of tricks and thing about public is invited. The next Sunday. They had a magic show free free admission no services on Sunday morning worship hour service given over to a magic show. My friend, if that's not Satan's work. I don't know what it is for some pastor. The pastor that churches of Baptist Church and a list invoke listen Satan.

It is a prince and power of this air. He has his emissaries everywhere you turn in my friend for him to take over the heart and mind of one of our Baptist preachers is a shame and a disgrace to allow that and then I see in our neighborhood here in our area. Local area churches are turning out to services. No service on Sunday night I asked Bo they come in a bookstores always allow service on Sunday not I said why, why will give our pastoral rest. Give them arrest time arrest was addressed rest of what he done work for a living with his hands into digging ditches and cut logs not know.

But listen, my friend. That's all a work of Satan. The Bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. But maybe deep maybe would be better for folks like that to stay at home. It will if they not going to hear the truth. There you think they can hear the truth were to have a puppet show or whatever all magic dog magical dog doing tricks, turning tricks and in a puppet show and in a I went to Whidden in a big church here not long ago and had a over an economy had like a white sheet covering up summits thing back then I asked one of the member if it was sent back to Oles are puppets, puppets, what you mean puppets will we have a puppet show for the kiddies. My freeness abomination. This abomination I take my stand against everything that's against my blessed Lord everything little detracted teach our children bring our children up to watch adult children watch a magic show.

I heard a preacher on radio one day. He said I've told over 2000 jokes in my ministry not written a book, I tell a joke. He said I tell a joke to warm up my audience. They love it they like it said she really doing them each inhale. My buddy my whole friend them each inhale. If you never repeat my friend Satan is on a rampage. Satan is tired of everything we hold dear near the pieces. Is that what you do is I want your church does have puppet show dog show on Sunday morning magic show some guy come due tricks pull a rabbit out of a hat or some like it my freeness all Satan.

That's all of Satan. If you if you don't believe that my friend and I have no time for you. Satan is a living personality and walks up down this land seeking whom he might devour and deceive blinded by the god of this world, Satan and I don't know trailblazer gets stirred up. I know that my friend, I'm bringing you God word God's message day in and day out, attempting to get to bring the truth getting out the truth oldie trailblazer broadcast day in and day out all over this nation, folks are writing me to only pass to go home go.

Don't give up pastor preach on don't quit. We want to hear the truth.

We don't hear nothing but this little ball stuff and on Sunday morning, Sunday night when we have Sir we don't hear the old truth that Christ died for sinners, we don't hear how that man is a sinner and Christ died for. We don't hear repent of repairs we don't hear those thing with Mark but but trailblazer don't give up. Don't give up.

They tell me I have folks right down 80 years old.

Never heard is true since I was a child since I was a girl back there and in their 20s and 30s and my friend, I'm just bringing you simple God. God's message backed up by the Scripture and in it, it doesn't read my heart to see these churches turn out to services on Sunday night folk stay home watch television. Watch the ballgame go to show and in for have a dog show on Sunday morning to have a have a magic show on Sunday morning when you're to be preaching the true gospel preacher preacher if you save your be preaching the truth know trailblazer. I wish you write me, let me hear from you.

New degree would anything I say write me. Let me know if you not tell me.

Call me old cookbooks do that with my friend. I'll be a cook for Christ sake. Remember my mailing address know trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 and

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