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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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July 31, 2020 12:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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July 31, 2020 12:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series Demon Possession.

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This is the old trailblazer broadcasters about our Pandora past year First Baptist Church of Algiers, formally of New Orleans Louisiana now relocated Walker Walker Louisiana is a small town about 100 miles from New Orleans with old trailblazer was born and raised here on a strawberry patch and when we were wiped out by Katrina.

The Lord led us to find a piece of property and build a new chapel in the new bookstore here in Walker, we happy to have you folks witnessed and I'm not going give up. By the grace of God in Islam, bringing the studies day by day the Lord lays these things on my heart. We looking at the demon possession works of demon spirits and HD space for Satan's kingdom, and all of those same and were looking at this time it at the work of the spirit that the purpose and the work of demon spirit. They have a purpose.

My friend and that is to keep the individual of mine blinded if the if the Satanist demons can keep you interested in other things rather than you, so you never get saved if you can keep you up preoccupied with the gaining riches. You never get saved if you can keep your mind all for your offer, your offer your soul in US welfare of his soul and just keep you entertained with the enjoyments of the world and the all of the society and all those thing if he can keep you there is all he needs blinded. The Scripture says blinded asleep in the lap of Satan. All my friend and if possible the snatch away the word of truth to keep you from hearing it.

The Bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

But if you never hear these demon spirits that we speaking of my friend is not child's play. They are real and personal. They spoke with the Lord Jesus and recognize his supreme authority in this truth is set forth there in Matthew 831 list now. Matthew 831 so this demons besought him, saying, if thou cast us out. So for us to glory into the herd of swine we mentioned that in our last study about the man that good data that was possessed with a legion of devils. So here after after he had cast them out, of the man they came to the Lord and said, if thou cast us out. So for us to go away into the herd of swine. Then the unclean spirit cried out, saying Matthew 124 let us alone. What have we to do with the thou Jesus of Nazareth sound contemptible donate my friend.

They are real, they are real art thou come to destroy us. I know the who thou art the home to one of God. You see, what he said. They spoke to the Lord Jesus Christ is not child's play, my friend, this is real. This is really just don't hear anyone speaking of it. Now these are unclean spirits and they know that Jesus is the son of God and that they are finally to be confined to the place of torment. They believe, and tremble with their poor dupes don't even believe that Jesus is the son of God know many many in this world today when used to preach Christ. They will have demon spirits then take possession of individuals for the purpose now listen now going to go got a few minutes left going to go into this which we see right now on honest on the scene today. Demon spirits take possession of individuals for the purpose of physical, sensual gratification, and as we said earlier, most of the spirits are spoken of as unclean spirits and wicked spirits. This accounts for the desire that we see now in our nation here how it folks desire to live in the state of nudity. That's one of the things the crazies of human nature days to go naked or to where just as a little close as they can get by. We and it can be traced back to demon possession and demon influence that you list that you listen my friend the crazies of women to go out in public dressed in shorts with as much of their body naked that they can get by with is only demon possession lady sister. We set up and take listen demon possession will lead you to go out in the public was is all with a small amount close on. I've never said I've never seen in my life. How did I women now, not just not just teenage girls.

I see office workers were not going to place a business women office workers of supervisors and their breasts hanging out of their blouse.

Oh my friend listen and then their day bottoms are almost exposes much we disable for you time is not just once used to be the young girl would do that but I'm tell you this, certain material women.

That is all because led by Satan.

Listen, they they so-called nudist colonies manifest rank is type of demon possession nude pictures of men and women in our modern-day magazine show how demons are fashioning their whole on the hearts of mind, hearts and minds of our present generation that's what we see on the Internet now so prevalent they tell me I don't I don't do that.

I don't do Internet, but they tell me and I read in a paper and in I'm exposed to people who know those same and it to the Internet it worldwide in a can that you can hardly was a solid click on it without seeing new bodies perverted all those things and in the interest in the in scenes that you would make you blush. My friend demon possession does nothing in this world but demon possession. Now we're being dragged down to the pit by demon possession in this present day in which you and I are leaving all my friend you say is he going to get into better pastor. No no is not on get better get worse because Satan is a prince and power of this world. He's not. He's not the being diminished whatsoever and very few people even take a stand against it may a few preachers and pastors that I hear of take a stand against it may a few of our our educational forces have a have a say in and what what we do know know we are being dragged down to the pit by the power of Satan, the prevalence of demon possession accounts for immodest dressing in private and public until we have lost all of our malls. My morals are gone.

Vote surely folks call old trailblazer old fuddy-duddy old old old speckled bird on the Louisiana I don't mind that because I knew if you take a stand against modernism in any form.

What is religious or secular folks will call you speckled bird with fast coming to the state where we have no morals whatsoever.

Present-day demon possession accounts for the crazies for dancing is prevalent in our schools today.

Everywhere you turn under the guise of physical culture and our Christian young people so call are having a validly live to stay clean to stay clean. In many instances are having to make a choice between immodest dressing and dancing and staying in school no less ass on the scene today. As a result, there being organize Christian schools all over this country to combat the evils of demon possession in our school room and my friend. I'm standing behind him 100%. Let the world go to hail my friend let it go. Let it go.

I'm throwing everything I have as a gospel preacher and pastor was our young people who want to live and walk up rightly and and listen. If there are any of our young people who are influenced by these messages and you want to stand out in your school room against the immodest dressing and dancing in your room runoff though the weight of this ministry behind the go to bat for you. Take a stand for you that you don't have to strip off.

You don't have to go naked, no ecologist, demon possession, you may think I've got no philosophy but I haven't because demon possession accounts now for the crazies of of all picture shows an in television and not caring.

The only moral pictures right into our parlors. Oh, my friend, listen, listen.

That's what's influencing the lives of our children today. Demon possession accounts for the craze of smoking and drinking that's prevalent there were you go. American people are brought under the power of tobacco, whiskey, and all of those things and we coming faster be a drunken nation. This is all religious circles where the power of God has not taken hold of the hearts and lives of our people in religious circles today. Listen, ashtrays are made ready for women and preachers who smoke, and the vast majority of them do not my friend.

I could stock it sit here and going to that thing how that we've lost our our influence. I'm not I'm not an old fuddy-duddy. If you want to call it. I realize what's happening. I realize what our young people are up against. My heart goes out you have young people in your home you have teenagers play for Lord Lord protect the Lord, don't let him and keep him away from those thing.

Keep in them but teach them the truth and you will have to keep away their stay away. My friend, they have no ill have no desire to run to that sonography shop on its own detail on the Internet and to search out all of those no naked's bodies and all those things that goes on there if they know the truth and the truth shall set them free. But Satan is right thing at this hang that snare out in front of him to make make it look appealing.

Just like I able and come Adam and Eve in the garden, Satan made the thing look appealing to Eve told her why the Lord and say not to eat. He didn't say that you would listen. That's what happened. Satan is the influence now of this world, influencing our people from the day the able to walk and talk by the things that we have in our own art on our society today all I will. I don't even want to go into the what they call primetime movies. Some of the state is all right for the children to wash but you can go there. They tell me only late-night shows and find frontal nudity and intercourse, and they were anything you want to see my friend listen, you know, if children are not very careful view of the elevator wants those things will twist their mind. That's why we seeing the big the rash of all of these horrendous crimes in our schoolhouses in our universities and their their Satan is warped and twisted their minds and their their perverted no soldier perverted in the prevailing sin is adultery and fornication, and all of those things mixed together all my friend.

I know I don't have the vocabulary to speak of how Satan's influence in this world and I'm taken a stand against it just a lone voice out here in the woods, crying out, repeat trying Outlook to the Lord, crying out, be sure to train your children in a way they should go and they won't depart from it. Teach them the truth old, my friend, and write me now and get that little book on spirit world by Larkin and I'll send you a bill for it or put it on your credit card and I'll send you some more material by Pastor Shelton on this related subject, and would you do that and then pray for the old trailblazer. I know it is hard some time to kick against the blocks all the time can can can can can can against the the other did average world for my friend. Somebody has to do it and who's gonna do it if you don't do it and I don't do it. This is the old trailblazer. Remember my address PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 and my website really all in a and and and and and and a and and

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