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The Narrow Path 5/5

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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May 5, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 5/5

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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May 5, 2020 8:00 am

this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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Welcome to the narrowcast radio broadcast lighting Steve Greg and where live for an hour each week. The afternoon we have an open phone line you can call in with questions you may have about the Bible or the Christian faith. The number to call is 844-484-5737 that's a 444-8457 37 and our first color today is Ivan from Rio Rancho, New Mexico Ivan, welcome to the neuropathic for calling you, have a couple of really quick question little too much time looking at your joke about five years and I first found it here on the rediffusion in Albuquerque came up a couple of years ago but I've been keeping up with you on the podcast. I'm glad we got some of us will ever upload know that I can think very much right well that is someone in actually Colorado podcasting. Yeah okay yeah so while my question is referring to love the few times that the unicorn is mentioned in the King James version of the Bible, was hoping to maybe can give me the connection nation of what that is. Well, most modern translations translate that Hebrew word as a wild ox. Apparently back in 1611.

Translators weren't sure what that Hebrew word meant. There's a lot of unusual words in the in the Bible course, the Bible is written in ancient Hebrew Hebrew. The modern modern Israelites are Israelites don't speak ancient Hebrew and said it's a dead language and so for those languages, you have no you learn more about as you get deeper and deeper into linguistic studies and have more sources written that to compare and back in 1611 there a lot of Hebrew words that were just not very well-known to the translators and someone decided that this particular word I was referring to a unicorn. I don't know if that means that they believed there really were unicorns or they thought that was being used in a poetic sense of a mythical beast.

Usually it's referring to your desert creatures are wilderness creatures and reverse it but it's but the Hebrew word is now understood better in all modern translations will and there's no modern transition entrance of unicorn sister that was just a mistranslation it so generally translated as a wild ox. Okay, that explains the if you look at clearly click second question you have any resources like lectures or something about back in your life. How discussion with a friend about to the King James only advocate well I don't really have a lecture on the King James only controversy you know James White wrote a really great book on that and I think that would be the best resource. I'm aware of that might be better once I have.

It's having gone looking for them, but many years ago I read James White's book on the King James only controversy and I think you did a great job and that would be the best resource I could recommend. Okay thank you think the liabilities goblet you your ministry all right thank you very much Ivan for calling combustion all right. Paul from Kansas City hi Paul, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling that I would say in the question combined his enemies in regards to his friends remember somebody so there you know basically the same but like them and limits a minimum because it seems like there seems to but at the same time. I guess it's a question in the sky line is that you think I Joab got a raw deal.

Yeah, the guy by your side and a curse on I mean imagine that a good way of knowing from where no information in the Old Testament that would indicate who went to heaven or hell. So Joab might be in might be in heaven for all we know, we don't have any information about that about anybody in the Old Testament sure no mount.

We know yeah I don't know if we have information on anybody being in heaven. In the Old Testament that there is no reference to the real test of the week. There are people who died in faith will certainly would be with Christ today there not mention the Old Testament is dying in faith, but the New Testament.

Hebrews 11 would say so Joab was not one of the ones mentioned which means he's one of the millions were not mentioned in only God knows the state of his heart. Joab was actually first cousin with David and John and his two brothers were mighty men, and they did champion David's cause against all and later even against Absalom. Although Job, Joab did take the wrong side when when when David's sun rose up against him to replace Solomon and so we have and I we have the man doing some good things and bad things in and actually there are times when he seems to be wiser than David and seeing what needs to be done. For example, David didn't want Absalom to be killed because Dave was obviously a sentimental father didn't want to send to be killed, but Joab knew because he is more of a practical you know political and military man that if Absalom survived, it would be the end of David. Eventually, because Absalom would rise up against him again saw me in charge of the pragmatic thing now and killing Abner Joab, I think, was acting opportunistically because Abner was coming to kind of take Joab's position that David told Abner if you bring me to bring over than the 10 tribes.

The North over to me to my side. I let you have Joab's position or Jack Joab saw his position in jeopardy.

And so he killed Abner and so that that really irritated David because Abner was killed treacherously when he was actually on befriending David in the country so there's something Joab was a this is something we see about the Bible that it is one of the evidences that is true history is that the characters are multifaceted or not one dimensional is not just anyone who is just a good guy. David is the great hero of the Old Testament that he's not always a good guy, not only in no sleep – even killing her husband, but numerous other things he did that were seemingly not very good things. On the other hand, if anyone would look at our lives. You and me. They might find a few things they could report to that where we were as good guys as we wanted to be her intended to be our lady and pretended to be at times so so I have to say that David and Joab are people who were a mixture of good and bad.

I think Joab meant good like David did most the time. I think Joab was on David's side and wanted and was loyal to David but of course we have to realize that Joab had a position of authority that was based on David's being can't sell any threat to David's kingdom was a threat to Joab's position as well, so it's hard to know exactly how selfless he wants you as you go through the story. You deftly get the impression you may be reading at 1.0 this guy's a good guy and another point say all right when I was wondering, he's really a bad guy and then you know then you little thing on here maybe is a good guy is kind like watching you know 24 or something and not sure who the bad guys are you think.

Is that going to be good guy and so forth. That's how that's how it actually relaxes times so I think that's I don't I don't have an explanation except that's just real life and that's that's exactly how things happen. All right appreciate your call.

Paul, let's talk to John for Marietta. Welcome to the narrow path. John, thanks for calling. Yeah, quick question in John 19 verse seven the Jews answered and we have a law and buyer law he had to die because she made insult, the son of God. Where is that law somewhere in Deuteronomy your no no there's no law like that.

There courses laws against blasphemy, but the word blasphemy is subject to a variety of flexible interpretations.

There is nothing in the law that said if a man says he's the son of God that he's blaspheming, but there were laws against blasphemy in general. So what is blasphemy but speaking irreverently about holy things are about God and so they could say well and calling himself the son of God. He's blaspheming and that's against the law so that that's really what they did say when they took when they tried him in the middle the night before. The brunt of the pilot they were trying to find some kind of crime depend on them and they can find it so they finally got him to admit that he is the son of God. And when he did so that's the high priest tore his robe and said I we don't anymore witnesses we find myself user is guilty of blasphemy. Now that was that was it an opinion on the high priest that this was blasphemy. But if it was that it was indeed against the law of Moses to plastron, but there is no precedent in Israel's law courts for somebody being accused of blasphemy for saying he was the son of God or forcing his Messiah lots people said the Messiah so they were just coming to realize that the high priest before Pilate was being disingenuous. In fact, before that point that he admitted that he told Pilate that Jesus had been saying things that work against Caesar and telling people not pay taxes to Caesar himself.

And when pilot interview Jesus found out that that wasn't true. They finally spilled the beans as well were really angry him because he broke our law about blasphemy. He said he was the son of God, so maybe they weren't really being honest.

Obviously the whole current condemnation of Jesus before the before the trial is dishonest. So they were what they were referring to when he said we have a law against this kind of thing was referring to the law against blasphemy. Thanks your call. Okay, let's talk to Paul from children from Vista California Cedar from Vista. Welcome to the narrow path.

Paul was wondering if you could give me a Scripture your conversion to all will you a Scripture.

Yeah Scripture or clothing. You might have been the turning point for you in transitioning from pretrip record. There is into videos on the London pickup I headed down but anyway.

What was that that change you.

I know you have heard your testimony about that and how you yeah maybe. Yes, if you listen to my serious when shall these things be. I actually go through that, at length, something I can't do enough phone call like this on this collated support you might have my eye going to. I tell you what my first my first problem was. I remember a particular night when I had to say wait a minute, the preacher rapture is not taught in Scripture and then it was years later that I had to reach similar conclusions about the future millennium, but it was chipped away a piece by piece. There are many different scriptures that are used to support the preacher rapture into support future millennialism and each of those had to go by the board's individually pretty much and I didn't just throw over one system to adopt another. I didn't even know there was such a thing as millennialism and when I became anomalous I still didn't know there was such a thing as millennialism.

I knew that I had through my own biblical studies reached out what I consider to be an unavoidable conclusion about the rapture about the they millennium night. I didn't know there was an important fact. I didn't know anyone who is not a dispensation list so I will. I was totally out the weeds on my own with this and I and I later learned that what I believed was the standard view of the church for 1500 years and that it was had a name called on millennialism but that's my my conversion to it. It's not like I met in all millennialist limits and good targets are set okay. Thinking agree with you. I didn't know any millennialist I didn't hear any speak I didn't. I never heard an argument against my motion yeah the night.

It was as I study the Scriptures one by one, that I begin to lose confidence in each of the Scriptures that I had used as an argument for these things because I began to see in context that they didn't teach that at all. Then I began to run into Scriptures that seem to teach something else and there were a number number of them so I can't give you wanted to Scriptures. It was like this dozens of them, but and it took it took years it took years for a change.

I would night was a gradual thing I dropped I dropped the preacher rapture first and then some years later, I dropped the future millennium idea. I still wasn't depressed I still was not a partial Predators, but I that came along a few years later after that a person believed the prophecies were already fulfilled right at least many of them Right for you and further millennium is concerned thousand year reign refresh my memory talked about in Scripture pretty clearly the book of Revelation right. Revelation 20. In fact, it's the only place in developments in 2000 as a reign of Christ, so that hold the owner has absolute validity yeah but it doesn't have the validity I want product. It doesn't teach what I thought it did. All that that's what got me so.

All millennialist millennialism Revelation 20 discusses appeared a thousand years that begins with the binding of Satan and ends with the loosening of Satan so they are said to be a thousand year reign of the saints with Christ in between the binding of Satan in the loosening of Satan after the loosening of Satan. There is a a short period of time where Satan leads great rebellion against Christ and fire from heaven comes down and destroys him and his the Confederates and then there's the general resurrection and general judgment and then a new heavens and new earth. Now the premillennial view is that the binding of Satan.

At the beginning of the thousand years has not yet happened. And that'll happen when Jesus comes back and one reason I changed my view on that was because I read in the Gospels that Jesus said he already bound Satan. He said he had bound the strongman and that's how he was able to spoil his house. He said you can't spoil strong's house when she first binding and so he's not obvious saying that he had bound Satan and that's why he was able to cast demons of people in and plunder Satan's house and and then one, one after another and I found that the different things.

In Revelation 20 actually corresponded with things that were said clearly in other parts about my Revelation is the most symbolic book of the Bible, and therefore it's it's it's kind of dangerous to go to Revelation 1st and sang Adina drive all my views about eschatology from this book because I frankly the symbols of interpreted so many different ways you can never be quite confident that your way is correct but that most of the Bible is not written symbolically and therefore out when the book of Revelation actually talks or something.

Let's say like the resurrection or like the binding of Satan and you find will that's already discussed somewhere else, which isn't in a apocalypse then you look great in Luke two: authority to trample upon serpents and scorpions and over all you yeah you yeah that binding of Satan and now I was taught that in charismatic circles you go to work concerned and throw it just a little bit struggling for me because I've heard so many many people in the body quite many, many teachers that I know you you know that you guys are all teach in the pre-rapture, tribulation now and it could be a big crazy but you know that there is no right now like if you like to hear my whole scriptural case and in my own journey in which Scripture which Scriptures I began to see differently and so forth.

Go to my website.

The narrow path, by the you have the app on your phone. I do already put in okay if you got the app you can listen to the lectures on your phone but there's a serious under the topical lectures called when shall things be under topical hours series called when shall these things be, and if you listen to that even just the first few lectures actually go into that whole thing, how I change my views and so forth through good.

I don't taking more time ago.

The court: okay, get some other time will take up I will thank you so much okay governorship all right. Our next colors. Bruce from Whittier hi Bruce, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling. Thanks for taking my call. Can you explain John 313, which were born, not of blood nor of discount going from memory here. No one ever entered the kingdom of heaven.

Now I can see that it says in John in John 30.

Okay. That's 11 13 must minister here okay verse 13 yet no one has ascended to heaven yet hidden seen on his enter the kingdom of heaven, but no one is ascended to heaven, but he who came down from heaven. That is the Son of Man who is in heaven. Okay, so what he saying is what he saying is that if you want to know things about heaven and God in heaven there is nobody, but Jesus who knows because nobody else has ever ascended into heaven and come down and talk about knowing you can talk about the subject with has ever been to heaven. No one is going up there and accept Jesus. He's come down from there and so what he saying is that Jesus has authority to speak on matters of heaven and God about the authorities anybody else to speak on the subject, because although many people speak on it. None of them have ever been up into heaven, so there are just speculating. Okay, so the believers that pass away. I believe their name is written in the book of life, but they're not in heaven until Christ comes back know I think they are in heaven until he comes back down when Paul said that he's eager to depart this life and go be with the Lord means in heaven because that's where the Lord is said when were absent from the body. This is present with us with the Lord. And so when we die were absent from the body were present with the Lord in heaven but were not there forever were there until Jesus comes back and then it says in first Thessalonians 40 who bring with him those who died when and in so he can raise the dead at that time and will live with him on the new earth. After that forever. Okay thank you state okay Bruce, God bless you good talking to you all right.

Our next caller is Dustin from Fort Worth, Texas hi Dustin, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling. So I called yesterday and didn't had to question the did it affect my second question which would about modern-day Israel and no I haven't listened to your teaching: but if you called a little bit to make it Israel. Yes that right yes that's what I would actually get a call into Dr. Brown's show at that. I for whatever reason I would need and I thought you know I think I appreciate the way you handle views that you don't agree with what you really understand yet you don't agree with. I think the same thing for of Dr. Brown.

He really handles beauty agree with really well so I would add you ridiculous to you what you think he Dr. Brown's type of response would be to that question and that Mike might be ridiculous to even question the question is if the judgment of Jerusha the judgment of Israel occurred in 70 A.D. that which I believe they did, and that was God judging his people judging Israel and essentially banishing them from the land. At what point did God did God relent from that judgment could bring Israel back into the land and if so, you know, why did why did he run from that judgment and Israel. Yeah they had repented and he drove them out because of their rejection of Christ and they still reject Christ.

So why would he just arbitrarily to say I guess you guys have had gone home. Yes, it II don't know but I do think that Michael Brown would probably say that it's just necessary to fulfill the promises I think he would say that God predicted that Israel would be reestablished as a nation. In the end times and lots of the end times events are expected to Take Pl. in Israel or with relevance to Israel and then you know it it's not so much that Israel has changed, but that it's time it's just time for Jesus again to come back soon and therefore he's got to do some of the stuff in Israel so he brought them back now. Michael Brown is not a dispensations per se because I don't believe he believes in a preacher of raptures that right thinking. I think expenditure. I think he is a historic premillennialist. I don't want to misrepresent. I think that's true or recall that he does hold dispensational type views about Israel. Obviously he's a Jewish man himself a Jewish Christian and most Jews do frankly want to become Christians embrace the dispensational kind of understanding. Listen I got take a break. I can keep you on through the break. Okay, so you can kind of restate the question and and we can get we can just not to hurt through it. So just hold on and put on hold and will come back. We have another half hour ahead. We are not ending. The music is playing a sound like shown on the give the mailing address which will make it even more sunlight is the initial we have another half hour; the narrow path is a listener supported ministry and and if you'd like to help us down the air. You can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593. You can also donate from the website. If you wish, although everything at the website is free is the narrow I'll be back in 30 seconds. Tell your family to everyone you know about the Bible radio show that has nothing to give you the narrow path with Grant when today's meeting Shelley then forgotten your social and send a link to the narrow, one can find free time on your teaching blog article teachings and archive the narrow path radio shows and tell them to listen live right here on the radio. Thank you for sharing. Listener supported the narrow path. Greg narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg, and we've got another half hour ahead of us taking your phone calls. If you have questions about the Bible to the Christian faith want to bring them up for conversation.

You can call this number 844-484-5737 once again that's 844-484-5737 before we took our break we had Dustin from my Fort Worth, Texas on the line will come back, Dustin, and we were talking about really. I guess what what Dr. Michael Brown would say, which is a strange thing to ask me because I'm first of all, that he probably would not want me to represent his because I know I wouldn't want him to represent mine.

I have great respect for Michael Brown. I think he's done some tremendous things I love many of his books. I have many of them and that I've heard and to date people and I just love his spirit, his is a great and intelligent man, though he and I did debate this one point once is he against me and me against him on this and that was of course the status of Israel in the end times and and you were saying if as I believe, and as you say you believe that the of the judgment upon Israel came in A.D. 70, when the temple was destroyed, and it's been like almost 2000 years since then and it came as a judgment upon the because of their rejection of the Messiah, then what reverse what changed quite why would God bring them back at this time when they haven't repented is not as if Israel repented and how they embrace Jesus and now Casas okay how bring it back.

Now it's rather, they haven't changed in their attitude toward Jesus at all and they still reject him as is nation is people so forth. Except for, of course, the Jews who receive Christ the same as any Gentiles or Jews can be Christians, and many of them are the ones who are not which is the vast majority are not so friendly toward the Christian faith, and certainly do not believe Jesus was the Messiah.

So why would God bring them back when they recently were thrown out, of the land in 70 A.D. was because of their rejection of Messiah and they still reject Messiah where they give it back. While I personally don't believe that that necessarily God is giving them the land back. Dr. Michael Brown does and that your say why would he will answer to give and I was saying just before the break. Probably he would say it has more to do as far as the timing is concerned has more to do with the nearness of the second coming of Christ and because before Christ comes back many many people, especially dispensations believe that a lot of things have to happen within history before the coming of Christ that have to do with Israel and beginning with its reestablishment as a nation and many people would say that 1948 was the beginning of that whole process now of course there is nothing in among the Jews themselves. That was different.

That would cause God to reverse the situation but just that he's got got some to do and it involves Ambien Lancer brought them there. I like my guess is that's how he would see it now.

Dispensationalism back a century ago taught that God would not bring Israel back to their land in unbelief. Rather, they did believe the nation of Israel would be restored, that they believed to be restored because the Jews would come to faith in Christ. And when they did they got agreement back to the land that was original dispensationalism taught that way. That's some in the early 1900s began to say well maybe maybe bring them back in unbelief. And of course when 1948 happened in Israel became a nation in the nation is in unbelief, it became fairly standard for dispensations to Senate. Now there are dispensations who still don't believe that this is God's doing yet they believe God will dictate that they don't believe there's any prophecy of Israel coming back in unbelief. J. Vernon McGee was one of those. J. Vernon McGee's fully dispensational that he's of the, he was of the older type.

He believed that Israel had to repent before they be made a nation again in the sense that God predicts in and McGee. He used to say you know what's happening in Israel today.

It's impressive but it's not what the Bible prophesied because they haven't repented so modern dispensations usually say well they don't have to repent first and and some of them think they find in Scripture.

Evidence of God restoring them in the last is about the repenting.

I assume that Michael Brown would take that position. But again, as I said, I don't think he'd be the one. I don't think I'd be the one that he'd want answered for him now, right, I might still try to get on the show and yeah your debater, your you know you at least really want to know what the other side will face.

I figured it would be decent to ask. Well, you know most the things I debate about are things that I used to believe only of us are using on the side and you know as a teacher, not just as some kind of Christian, who was on the inside I was I was teaching the other side and I never taught Calvinism exactly as I did teach some of the Scriptures in a Calvinist way is never comes. But I was definitely dispensations and for many years I taught it, and I certainly taught these things.

What is really dispensations believe lots that that's why when I talk about that I know very well with with a believe that most things, although some new ideas have come up among them. Anyway, I appreciate your call and let me know if you get an answer from already Makes contact.

Okay our next caller is Ron from Brentwood, Brentwood, California hurt Colorado were sent California okay I know that I noticed Brentwood, California to Colorado to okay hello yeah I'm one of these up on you a little bit okay now Joe, my red man suit. Okay now ready for Job said, I'm going to my long old now. I will own no thing. I will not talk to you about is when you know talk about the blackbirds taking over the blanches in the kingdom of God. A parable blackbirds taking over the branches anywhere welder birds. Anyway, you have the black girls made would start very small exactly. Well you implied that that was the church would grill yes but in the context of that parable was the church gave the purple on the kingdom of wait wait wait… Where I think you're terribly terribly wrong.

What is the kingdom of heaven actually describe the kingdom of when he said there my father and inherit the kingdom. What do you from the foundations of the world right now. Okay the kingdom of heaven, which Joe thinks God's control over one and God's control over the physical earth that show that definition Scripture.

I can give you an alternative definition find in Scripture where you find no asking, just asking where you had to be blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom of hidden thinking of having stage of the aegis of the kingdom. Usually the kingdom is called use is called the kingdom of God. No no no no no no more playing very simply things which out of loss was dominant under spiritual dominance of God. Very simple, very simple simple because of all these details for them. But when you read the Bible, it certainly isn't.

There's more simple in the Bible than what you're saying.

Okay the kingdom of heaven message was never preached after Jesus died for us.

Just all edgy. They did preach the kingdom of God which is dominating human okay listen I'm going to have to step in here because you've made a lot of assertions, but you've made given nothing that resembles documentation of what you stated.

I have to just say are dispensations talking points okay and I'm glad that you did because I've always thought it was strange and I've always wanted dispensations to explain to me how they make a distinction between the kingdom of heaven. And the king of God when the Bible does not let me just tell you why it does not because the term kingdom of God is found.

All is found everywhere in Scripture. In the New Testament, but the kingdom of heaven is only found in Matthew and in the passages in Matthew that use the term kingdom of heaven in the parallel passages in Luke and Mark.

The term kingdom of God is used.

That is to say when Jesus says the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed in it in Matthew 13 and market says the kingdom of God is like a mustard, so the kingdom of heaven kingdom of God are interchangeable. In fact, even Matthew 19 uses them interchangeably, because they are interchangeable terms. If you look at Matthew 19 Jesus said this in verses 23 and 24 then Jesus said to the disciples assure they say to you that it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

And again I say to repeat himself. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Now twice he says it's hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom. One time he mentions that because of the kingdom of heaven. The other time the kingdom of God and he said he was repeat himself said again I said so when he said it's hard for rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

And when he said his Hartford Richmond and became God. He was repeating himself using the same thing twice and what you find is that no passage in the Bible outside of Matthew ever uses the term kingdom of heaven. Although the term kingdom of God is used frequently in Matthew which is written to Jews as we know, Matthew was a Jew writing to Jews. Matthew retained a Jewish idiom that Mark and Luke were writing to Gentiles did not retain nor John. Jesus talked about the kingdom two different ways. Sometimes is the kingdom of heaven. Sometimes the kingdom of God is the same kingdom, but only Matthew retains the expression kingdom of heaven.

In those passages were Jesus used it.

The other Gospels. When they quote the same statements of Jesus in their Gospels, they change kingdom of heaven.

The kingdom of God because they knew it was the same thing. Now I know you don't agree with that and it doesn't sound like you're very young, so I imagine you are well established in your view, and probably have taught maybe repent a pastor I was taught this many times so you can just affirm these things in congregations when they hear people affirm things with the kind of pretended authority that you do. They just assume it must be true because after all, you are no well I'm I've been teaching the Bible for 60 years myself.

Maybe you been there for 70 or 80.

I don't know. But the truth is I don't I don't function that way I don't let's me just tell me that something means something and just all okay if you say so I actually want to study it which is what I've done and I used to believe similar to you, but I did study it only if the difference was I was not studying in an exclusively dispensational list. Millie okay so I let you say what you wanted say now as far as Job say I'm going over to my long home you say that sounds to me it sounds like it's heaven.

Of course it does to us, but there's no mention of its Job were to Job ever learned they were going to heaven they didn't have a Bible, and even if hear the Old Testament, he would've learned nothing like going to heaven because the Old Testament never mentions going to heaven so I made for us to say what sounds like heaven less because we got New Testament theology. Job didn't in all likelihood when he was going to as long home payment to the grave that trying to be for a long time to come and he would be right about that because he did go to the grave. He also probably went to heaven, but we don't have information about that specifically.

But I appreciate your call. I'm faxing you like to say something more before I move on to another, you want to have less word hello yes I had you hold. Now you're not. You're going to cut me off one going to speak quickly because were running out of time. Okay, trying to do is explain to you that have been kingdom of God are in your store goes qualities in Israel that you can make it in the clergy got me inherit the kingdom that was prepared to allow you Allie. I guess it can get simpler than that. Thank you for your call but you know you're trying to explain to me that you can quoting Scripture is the problem. I mean you quoted that verse come, you blessed the father and here's the kingdom prepared for you from foundation world, but you didn't show anything from Scripture that means that that kingdom. The spoke of is something that started with Adam and so forth.

As you're saying that mean that your interpretation certainly is not mine. I don't think it was Jesus's of the apostles because they actually talk differently about it than that but I appreciate you joining me, you're always welcome to call and share at least briefly alternate viewpoint, but we do have a lot of calls waiting and we need to try to get as many people in as we can. Rodney from Michigan.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling Michael serve. My question comes from three different Scriptures that is probably many more which I know about Isaiah chapter 2 verse three Micah chapter 4 verse three and Ezekiel 39 which talks questions about the regathering of Israel in the last days and I'm kind of wondering why Scriptures to me. I like very clear that Israel will be regathered in the law will go forth from Jerusalem and even puts time at the latter days.

In the latter years of the last days is now the question is, my questions like how how could those scriptures be refuted that is going to be a regathering in God won't be raining from Jerusalem that specifically says that in God promised Abraham that land forever, like to see how those scriptures can be refuted okay will let me say this refuted.

They are true they are true and they are fulfilled. It says this not fulfill because it was in the last dated in the last days as many. It's on hold here because I just can't let you have do all the talking.

He's made several points and I think I have a need to respond use. You said you were wondering something. I thought that meant that you would like to stop wondering and find out the answers. How can the Scriptures be understood differently than you understand them says now shall come to pass in the latter days. Okay, one of the last days according to the New Testament. The last days began in the New Testament era. We know that Peter set on the day of Pentecost when the spirit is what I said this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel when he said I will in the last days brought my spirit so Joel predicted the point out of the spirit. In the last days and he said this is what he said would happen, therefore, obviously, this is the last days.

Now the writer of Hebrews begins his epistle by saying God, who at sundry times in divers manners spoke in times past to our father to the prophets has in these last days spoken through his son, meaning since Jesus came so when Jesus came.

That's the last days as the beginner lasted now Peter John said in first John chapter 2 that little children.

It is the last hour and as you've heard that antichrist shall come, even now there many antichrists whereby we know that it is the last hour James was rebuking rich people in his day chapter 5 of James.

He said you've heaped up treasures for yourself in the last days and Paul on more than one occasion speaks of us living in at the ends of the ages, and so we have this kind of thing actually Peter in first Peter chapter 1 said that Jesus was foreordained before the foundation world, but was revealed in the last days. So Peter Paul, John, James, they all said that there living in the last days, and they were living 2000 years ago. So when when prophecy says in the last days. I'm to do such and such well if if the New Testament writers were not fully deceived them last days refers to the New Testament era when started now talked with the amount of the Lord's house be established on the top of the mountains.

Okay, the mount of the Lord's house that's Mount Zion right so you're saying this is reference to earthly Jerusalem, the New Testament writers didn't believe that the New Testament believed this was a heavenly Jerusalem which is the mother of us all, and that that is what we call the church. We haven't stated rather ambiguously in Hebrews chapter 12 where it says in verse 22. You have come to Mount Zion now is writing to Christian believers Jewish Christian believers. He says you've come to Mount Zion, the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem to an innumerable company of angels to the general assembly and church of the firstborn who are registered in heaven now all these titles are the same thing the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of God. Mount Zion, the general assembly and church of the firstborn who are written in heaven.

The early Christians recognize the church is the spiritual Jerusalem. Now it was from Jerusalem. It says in Isaiah 2 that the word goes forth. The law goes forth from Jerusalem. Well, it's from the church God has ordained that the church would be the one that sends the word out to the nations and went says many people shall come in the Gentiles will come in many nations will come. That certainly has been fulfilled in last 2000 years, many nations, many Gentiles have come to Christ and have come into the new Jerusalem. The church and saw me that this is of course what is spiritualizing not dispensationalism and I know when I was his dispensation was. I knew this was true, but this is like almost standard argument for dispensations they say you cannot spiritualize your take anything literally, but I would say why because they say so. The apostles didn't the apostles and take most these things, and prophets literally they took them in a spiritual sense they recognize their fulfillment in their own time and you know, someone asked me earlier how they can millennialist certainly one of the things early in the process was. I began to look up the verses in the New Testament that were quoted from the Old Testament. That's when the apostles or Jesus spoke about some verse in the Old Testament I would look it up in its context. I say well they're saying it means this I would've thought it meant something else and that anyone who does the study for himself will have the same impression. Well, why did they say it means this one. And when I look at it since I need something else. Well the truth is we had to decide I was tending to take things literally in the prophets, which are written in poetry, which doesn't make a lot of lessons take poetry literally in any in any language but I was taken literally in the apostles were taken and spiritually and consistently so you never find it.

Otherwise, so I had to decide will who who's right my dispensational teachers who say you think it literally or the apostles that Jesus chose, and he opened their understanding to understand the Scriptures. Maybe they got it right. That certainly more likely they got it right and that my dispensational teachers did and so I I began to use the New Testament writers and their quotations the Old Testament as the key to understanding what the Old Testament passage of time, I would take it the way they did and when I did I found that they took passages like this. They think they did nicely quote this passage. Isaiah 2 is not quoted anywhere in the New Testament, but many other messianic passages in Isaiah are in there all applied to that. The apostles own age.

They played every one of them whenever they quoted 2011 Isaiah 35 four you know Isaiah 42 or Isaiah 54. They always apply these are messianic passages just like I say to is there's only one messianic age of the Bible and it spoken of in many chapters and all of the apostles" this particular passage they quoted lots of passages in Isaiah that are about the same age and they always apply them to myself so I just figured why not let them the once Jesus opened their understanding so they could understand the Scriptures I want.

I just figured that maybe they got right. That's why did all right. Let's talk next to Hank from Denver, Colorado Hank, welcome to the neuropathic for wedding.

I is thanks to the technical Steve I feel on the Canada and was really excellent to this question. Use stated that the kingdom of course has come that was both thought John the Baptist would fit that his company since two to you, but in the Lord's prayer we pray that your kingdom come. How would you explain that to somebody's got that clearly sure be glad to intact. I've just written a book on the kingdom of God is not print yet that I've I have a chapter dealing with that to the kingdom of God according to Jesus comes in increments.

He said in Mark chapter 4 it's like if I'm the kingdom of God is like a man sows seeds and he wakes me sleeps day and night. And even when he's asleep. It keeps growing. He doesn't know how he said if it comes up first the blade, then the head of grain and then the ripe grain in the head and he says and then when the right grain has come, it's time to harvest.

Slavery puts in the sickle now the kingdom of God begins as planting a seed. That's pretty small thing. Jesus also competitor mustard seed that grows into a great tree, but in this parable in Mark four. He specifically said it grows by stages comes up first the blade, like a week we plan grows up first little blade of grass that has these heads on it of him right grain and then the green ripens so that's how that's how the kingdom of God. It so goes through its different stages of development, and only when the green is ripe. Does he put in the sickle and harvest, that's so what I would say is the kingdom is always coming until it's right when it is coming to maturity. It is expanding. It is growing.

It is spreading and it has come. Jesus said so Jesus said the kingdom of God is in your midst. He said the kingdom of God has overtaken you and Paul tells us that God has translated us into the kingdom of his son that's already happened. I'm already in the kingdom. So are you. Because Paul says God has translators out of the power of darkness into the kingdom.

So the kingdom has come. But there's more to come.

And it's it's it's been developing all the time and it is to be recognized as belonging is been the true body of Christ, the true church. I don't I don't equate it with the institutional church like say maybe the Roman Catholic Church would or may some Protestant groups were good. It is the true body of Christ.

The subjects of the King. The body of Christ is made of those who follow the head, the kingdom of God as those who follow the king in the kingdom of heaven same person. So the body of Christ and the kingdom of God are the same people but yet we said we look forward to more. We pray for to come. And certainly the ultimate coming of the kingdom is when Jesus arrives and puts down all opposition and then of course that kingdom which is been a minority believing group prior to that is now the universal population of the world now will worship Christ, so that's how I would understand your kingdom come. I'm sorry about of time and done in 10 seconds, listening to the narrow path. Our website is the narrow We are listener supported got our website. The narrow and let's talk again tomorrow

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