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The Narrow Path 5/6

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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May 6, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 5/6

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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May 6, 2020 8:00 am

this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and where live for an hour each week.

The afternoon we have an open phone line for that hour was open like right now it's all sold but it opens periodically throughout the show because we of course we are just sit here and look at a full switchboard we actually talk to people, they move along lines open up new colors occupy those lines at the hour. So if you're interested in joining us again the lines of full now, but you want to have this number handy call it a little later. The numbers 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and see we want to talk to mom, who's been here the longest looks like it's going to be Michael from Huntington Beach, California Michael, welcome to the narrow path lexicon. In Chapter 11, the seventh trumpet and the lab here in the resurrection of the second coming all the seventh trumpet and why do they come trumpet not not not not in my opinion now. I mean one could argue that the seven trumpets come out of the seven seals, because when the seventh seal is broken, what you see is the seven angels, the seven trumpets coming out so it's like when the seventh seal is broken, it would appear that the seven trumpets, but there is another there is no connection made between the seven trumpets and the seven bowls of wrath. Later on, that is the seventh trumpet sounds. You don't read that the bowls of wrath present in my opinion. And of course our great number of opinions about revolution but in my opinion, I believe the seventh trumpet is in fact the second coming of Christ, which does include the rapture of the church and the resurrection and becoming the new heavens and new earth.

All that happens I believe at the last. Now when you get to the seven bowls of wrath later on in chapter 16 I believe that this is recapping or going back over it so it's all recall it just just repeating material that was covered earlier. Using different imagery is a recapitulating of the earlier judgments so I don't believe that they come after the seventh trumpet.

Even the effort should be no longer a saying that the last day at the last day I believe so.

If I do okay Michael thank you for calling LSU all right.

Linda from Akron Ohio. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling me, and in the American gospel. Christ is to have them back anyway. Carried 10 people in their spare against that do not believe in petitioning and had a problem with Christ having to not having to be satisfied in Christ, having a dying everything and not valid special night really turned away from Christianity because of that content on the Bible teaches at two different ways to look at that no.believe what they believe that all that I was about the terrible that I'm training for God.

There was no need no, these people were on the movie. Why can't I just forget we don't demand payment to forget. So I know that that story is just not well, I think, in the sense God does just forgive in the sense that he unilaterally unilaterally sent his son in order that the world could be forgiven. It says in second Corinthians 521 that God was in Christ are around the verse before God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not imputing their transgressions to them. So God sent Christ without the world even initially asking for it and sent him to bring forgiveness now forgiveness of course is only in Christ. God cannot accept anything less than Christ in at least I mean. Temporarily he endures centers and endorsement for a while but not for eternity.

He has to eventually have the universe cleaned up so that all that is left is that which is as righteous as Jesus. Now we are counted and become righteous as Jesus because we are in him. It's by being in him that we can be forgiven.

In him we have forgiveness and redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins that some revisions want to figure 7, so this forgiveness is in Christ God welcomes all to be in Christ now. The reason that he can offer that and without compromising justice and God. God can't do everything.

For example, says in Titus chapter 1 verse two God cannot lie. Why can't Eli because it goes against his character, God and God cannot be someone other than himself. I mean he can do things.

The limitless power he cannot joining the coccyx is on character and therefore he cannot lie. He cannot violate justice because is a just God he cannot be unfaithful to me these are things that God cannot do because of who he is, he can't be different areas and therefore in order to meet the needs that the demands of justice, which frankly nobody can complain about justice. Justice is what is is perfectly just, justice is what is right okay so if got to do what's right, then justice has to be served now where there's criminal action. There needs to be some kind of a redress to have space for example somebody steal something from me and the police catch him well just been done until until that theft has been redressed to me until until I get my property back.

I mean, it made me maybe I never will. But if I don't that's not justice. Justice would be that things are returned to the right state so God cannot simply ignore justice because wherever justice is ignored.

There's victims. So God has met the needs of the demands of justice and that's what Paul describes in Romans chapter 3 when he says that that God will demonstrate himself. He just in justifying those who believe in Christ and the end of the last part of this discussion. Romans 326 says that he did what he did to demonstrate at the present time.

His justice or his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier that is the forgive her of those who have faith in Christ Jesus. God had to have some way of forgiving people and counting them as innocence when they aren't without it just began to get an abortion of justice. So what he did is he sent Christ. It says it says in verse 25 he sent God sent forth Christ to be the propitiation by his blood through faith to demonstrate his justice. So, so there was an unsettled score. There was a payment needing to be made, not to God is in this.

I think where people maybe like Rob Bell and some intro to mistake that like God was holding out. He didn't want to forgive but he but I guess if you pay them enough to give you like you are reluctant these know he's so not reluctant forgive that he sent his only son so that he could forgive all who would be willing to have him but they have but Jesus had to come and and make the payment had to fill the deficit balance the scales so the death of Jesus to know God could be God could forgive and and still be just, that's the point is okay for gave without justice being satisfied he be merciful, but he would not be just okay that compared to what it says no parable.

The parable is about God's forgiveness but it's not. It doesn't have every aspect of the atonement the parables when the parable of the sewers given are the parables of mustard seed doesn't describe every aspect of Christian theology. It's it's big it's making a point.

Now the point of making there is, that God forgives his people. Okay well that's the second thing because we been for heaven. We forgive others. So that's the parable fact that the king is as unilaterally forgiving means that there how is he doing that he was simply absorbing the he was absorbing the loss and best okay right that the rent owed him dollars and by saying I forgive you. The king was wronging himself. He was taken on the bird dance which is okay and Jesus. God took on the burden of our sin so that we can help that my company no money so he could forget everything.

I can't go back and we don't demand anything from 90 right and so the objection. The objection raised by people like Rob Bell about this, misunderstands and thinks that the fact that had to be paid means that God was holding out to be himself paid for some of the qualities that God is the one who paid God is he wrong only outfit he wronged himself to absorb the okay I appreciate that. Thank you. III know what I believe that I just wondered how that compared and announced… Believing in that way. I once again I got your time with you. All right, Don from Sacramento, California.

Welcome to the narrow path hello, thanks for taking my call.


So my question is about Luke 923 and the saying that our Lord told her that we should deny our thought that take up our cross daily and follow after him and so my question is two parts. One is a person cross image or concept of his cross that remain. That's saying day to day, week to week, year, year or possibly change in the second part is how can a person easily or practically recognize what is personal cross okay well thank you for asking us questions that some people believe that burying your cross refers to the troubles you face in the course of following Jesus and you bear them you know you just endure them, you endure trouble and persecution and hardship and in that case, of course, it would change from day-to-day.

As different hardships replace earlier once you know you and there may be truth in that. I think that there's I think the statement take up your cross because it follows the statement deny yourself.

I think it is explanatory of what it means to deny yourself. He says you need to deny yourself, take up your cross daily and follow me when order to follow Jesus you have a change of mind which is what repentance means that change of mind is where you replace self who is naturally at the center of your concerns. Replace self with God.

God is the one who is now the center of your search. Christ is the center of his his agendas. His interests, his kingdom now matter more to you than does vendor your agendas and your concerns itself now part of that whole change of mind is what he Jesus calls bearing across now, which really is a bearing across is something that a criminal could when he was on his way to being crucified Jesus himself or his cross on the way.

On his way to be crucified, and it was not uncommon. The Romans would make a condemned prisoner bear his cross. Now a person who is bearing his cross was being made a public spectacle. He was carrying his cross down the streets people were on either side, mocking him spitting at them throwing dirt at him and so forth and and then at the end of that little walk. He gets crucified. Now when a man was seen bearing across and by the way across the disciples had no reason at this point to understand that Jesus would tire across. This is not clear to all. She said take up the cross, he was not saying anything that they would associate with his cross or his diner and think that that that was still totally clear to them, but they did know the phenomena of seeing people parent bearing crosses because the Romans did this to lots of people and it would be not that uncommon to see a man to carry the cross and it would be a breakup in the boredom of the of the average day people line up for the parade and watch the guy go to his death. Now the guy who is bearing across have a certain attitude different from those who are watching him. He, his life was over.

He basically had given up on any of his dreams and his agendas. He is not is not arguing for his rights. He is not arguing for anything. He was surrendered to his fate and in a sense, therefore, he was seen himself as one who was at the mercy of another, mainly the Romans and who was no longer going about his own life for his own agendas he was facing the reality of the end of his of his life and and so to bear across is to live your life with that kind of attitude that you know people. People may mock you people may jeer you, you they may persecute you, but your attitude is hey I'm I'm done defending myself.

I'm done holding out for my rights.

It's not about me anymore. I'm done here on condemned time and we are really condemned. In fact, we are saved. Root word for Christians, we are really the ones who are not condemned but we do know that our old way of life is condemned. We do know that our our life lived for ourselves is over and were living with resignation to reality. Yeah. So if you try to recognize the direction that spirit is sending you to have any suggestion on how to be in tune with what his spirit is telling you to do well. How to be led by the spirit. Yeah, Paul said in Romans eight that is many as are led by the spirit of the children of God. So all children of God are led by the spirit but not always consciously so I mean when we we read the response led by the spirit might think okay how do I tune in the radio to hear that frequency had I how I get the voice of God. You know clear in my head and I don't think that that's I don't think that's called Fido.

I don't think that we have say okay since I happy led by the spirit. I need to hear voices in my head. And here I need to get visions and dreams I need to get the will of God communicated by them through prophetic words or through an angel visiting or something like that. The Holy Spirit leads his people by dwelling in them and writing his laws in their hearts, and so you know he leads us into paths of righteousness for his namesake.

It says in Psalm 23 that is to say, the Holy Spirit leads us to do to live a righteous life a godly life and obedient life. Now what obedience means and what righteousness means. This has got to be informed of course, from what the Holy Spirit revealed in the Scriptures, and fortunately we have those we have that we have what Jesus spoke through the spirit in the Gospels we have of the apostles road through the spirit and the epistles. So we have in the prophets in the Old Testament were speaking of the spirit, so we really have the voice and the words of the Holy Spirit right there now. Not every choice we make is addressed in Scripture, but certainly the vast majority of issues of life were we have to make decisions are informed by the righteousness that is communicated to us by the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures through the writers of the Scriptures and through Jesus himself. So knowing the words of Jesus meditating on them and how they affect daily living and by the way, Jesus spoke a great deal more about daily living.

Then he spoke about anything else like peoples when they read the Bible are looking for instructions about heaven and information about the next life.

Jesus hardly have a word about those things. He he spoke about daily living. So did the apostle Paul more than anything else in Peter, so the idea is the Scriptures, which are inspired by the Holy Spirit are at least available to us.

Some people don't have them, but we do since we do that's the best way for us to find out with the mind of the Spirit is that a person doesn't have the Scriptures than the Holy Spirit that they have to lift's slightly handicap.

Not knowing as much about the mind of God, as we have or else they have to get special revelation from the Holy Spirit and the and sometimes they do remain dreams and visions and so forth are not unknown today from the Holy Spirit, but I think that also we received the inward guidance of the Holy Spirit simply in the sense that some things come to our minds as this would be a good thing to do and are confirmed by Scripture or simply by what we are conscience the peace of God that we have in us is the fruit of the spirit and the peace of God is what sometimes old preachers used to call you know checks and if you get a check in your spirit as you don't have peace about something. This is an old word, the Bible doesn't use the word checks but that's that's kind of what I think is meant by and let the peace of God be the umpire it says in Colossians in your hearts that you know when there's different options and you have a piece about one of them and not the other. If you prayed about in your sick in the mind of God go with the one that you peace but let's let the peace of God be the umpire let let the peace of God, make the decision and if you don't have peace. That's a check in your spirit. Don't don't don't ignore those checks for me. These are some of the things that would save but the point I'm making is that we don't need to have an overly mystical idea for me to be led by the spirit like well I need to get a word from God about whether I should do. Go to target or want Walmart to get the thing I need to buy. I don't think you need special words forgot about that anything although sometimes when you go to one of the other. Something happens that you know you were supposed to be there for you meet somebody it's important for you to meet.

Something happens, you're supposed to do that you didn't know was going happen, you'll find sometimes that just as you're seeking to live for Jesus and just do the next thing that makes sense to do that's in line with his righteousness, that you find that God did unconsciously lead you to some very specific place of specific time for a divine appointment sometime so it's not for us to worry about it. So it's up to God to worry about letting us know what he wants us to do it is ours to be submitted and desirous to do his will, and if we have that attitude then God has promise. He said my sheep know my voice.

But of course the shepherd. The sheep of the shepherd.

You know, as was the only fee speaks loudly enough for them to hear it's his responsibility to speak in some way that they can recognize it's their responsibility to be sheep and her sheep are those who follow the shepherd there. They know that when he moves her going with him when he calls her to go. Sheep don't have a lot of responsibility except to respond. The shepherd has all the responsibility of making his will known so we don't have to worry about that. If God has given us a divine revelation must be not something that we need a divine revelation about this point, it may very well be that what the Bible teaches already has enough information to give us all the information we need for the next decisions and if not, I mean there are times when we resent the founder of this school event score I got to job offer opportunities which would I want that if both of them have equally in all Christian considerations are equally possible options, then I would just say pray about it and then move on. It and let you know sometimes God wants to the cartels and motion but when you do go emotions asked them to guide you.

You will probably think you could rest in the fact that he will guide you in matters like that. Not so much by conscious words and prophetic insights but so just by his his spirit within you, and remember, we may think that leading the 11th spirit is a very spiritual feeling kind of thing but we are born of the spirit we live in the spirit we the spiritual dimension is part of our life and it's feels as natural to us to be led by the spirit as it feels for fish to be in water.

The fishes and even aware of the water because that's his environment. When we are born of the spirit and have the spirit within us. A lot of times the Spirit's work in us is something that we may see it, we don't know that's him because it's just a natural just since our new nature so I mean those are some of my thoughts about I have take a break here, but much greater and supposedly helpful to you, should Don were to come back in about a minute and take more calls for another half hour ahead is not set a time for the short and that we are to hear the music in a moment because at this point we take a break. One reason is because we have some stations that leave us at this point. Other stations will pick up only the second half hour, and whether that's true or not like to give ourselves a chance to let you know that the narrow path is a listener supported ministry we pay tens of thousands of dollars every month to radio stations in order to bring this broadcast you for free is already broadcasting comes to for free and I sure Sirius XM that this is free to you is not free cost thousands of dollars so we don't have commercials we don't have sponsors. We don't have underwriters. We just let you know it's a listener supported program. If you'd like to help her stay on the air. You can write to us yet or do it online. You want to write this in the mail the addresses the narrow online.the narrow on the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 if you want to donate online. You go to the narrow and click the donations tab.

We have other valuable for all three. Check them out and I'll be back in 36 Hebrews tells us, do not forget to do good and to share with others and share the narrow family and friends.

When the show is over today and wanted to go to the narrow they can learn and enjoy your teaching articles very diverse teachings and archives of all the narrow path radio show and be sure to tell them to tune into the show here on the radio chairlift noted the narrow path and do good path radio broadcast.

My name is Steve Greg and we are live for another half hour taking phone calls as we always do Monday through Friday hour-long program halfway through the second half hour in our lives are full but if you take this number down and try little lady might get through the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 not by the way, the lady at the break said to tell your friends about the narrow I don't mention this very much, but it's probably something, imagine how many of you people who listen all the time. Have tried to get your friends to listen.

You told him again and again… Program and they just don't just raise your hands on.

Okay so quite a lot of you obviously. Likewise, we know people who've been doing is telling different listening difference along listen for summary, that's fine.

They don't have to listen to keep urging them because you know otherwise. People only find this program by accident but I think a lot of your problem listening because someone told you about it. At one point you became a listener so don't forget to urge your friends to listen to the narrow path also is on. Of course, not only on the radio in stations all of the country.

But there's also the mobile app and anywhere in the world. You can listen to radio show live or later by listening to the mobile app on your phone so the mobile app is the narrow you get from the app store or from Google play for your device all right really go back and talk to people calling in and that would include Paul from Eagle rock Eagle rock where his words Eagle rock estate on California. I will not until God shall come in 41 he says that the letter to Roxie.

It's probably Paul speaking says not all people bitter toward Peter God, even to us eat and drink with him after he rose from the dead, that beautiful settlement of the question that God would not look the line until well it could very well be. Yes, it could very well be you know it doesn't say they're in acts chapter 10 that they drink wine with him, but that every Middle Eastern table wine was was there because you couldn't safely drink the water without mixing wine that's wine was principally used for? There were people who partied and got drunk on wine to but everyone, even those who never had a thought of ever getting drunk had wine at the table because that's how they made their water sanitary in those days so so it's very unlikely that they drink with him and there was not one there present, so he did drink the fruit now.

I personally think that just before Jesus said it is finished on the cross. Remember early in his time on the cross. They raised the sponge with some sour wine and and he refused it.

But just before he died. They raised up and he he he took a sip of it and said it is finished and died and it may well be arming since that all that was sour wine. It was the fruit of the vine. It may be that he's an okay kingdom is come now and I'm going drink this fruit. If so course, that he might well of truck wine with them afterwards and became back to life as well. On the other hand, however, we interpret that sponge and that vinegar always on the cross. I do think that the kingdom of God is believed to come through his death and resurrection, and therefore drinking with him after his resurrection would be drinking with him in the kingdom and so I think yes I'm guessing confirming your instincts about your book to look that verse is not in the verse in the book that I do talk about the time of the kingdom of God arrived at me and I will know something is not printed okay Paul, thank you for your call – and okay our next caller is RG from Renton, Washington oh I have no uses lost signal that may mean that we don't have them there and what are you there are already okay got high. Hearing me, I'm sorry can't make your funds break up terribly.

I can work when you're asking your question me about where he might need to gain well all all the same people. Of course, in the days of in the days before the captivity in Babylon. The word Jew was not use. The people were called either Judeans or Israel. But after the Babylonian exile. The people who came from Judea or Judah into Babel and were referred to as Jews and and thereafter so in the New Testament there called Jews. Also, the term Jew comes from the word Judah, and it originally was coined to refer to people who came from the nation of Judah, who were taken into captivity. Now the nation of Judah.

Although Judah was just one of the 12 tribes. The nation of Judah had people from all the tribes because although the tribe of Judah was the main representatives in this nation of Judah. There were people from all 12 tribes that lived in the boundaries of the nation of Judah, and therefore were taken away into captivity. When the whole nation was carried off so that no matter what tribe people were from. If they have been from the nation of Judah. They were called Jews and so all virtually all known Israelites today are referred to as Jews. Although the term technically referred to people from Judah originally sold that would be my break it up pretty badly so I did have secondary know that he said you could turn me. Well, maybe you moment go. I said that the term Jew did not come into use until after the Babylonian exile that was hundreds of years after Moses time so Moses was never called a Jew, no one in Moses that was called a Jew, but at a later time. The same people would be called Jews from saying that would end in Moses day they were called Israel and is although the word Hebrew could apply to them.

I don't think the word Hebrew is used very often.

I don't know if Moses even use the term Hebrew. It's it's used first, with reference to Abraham. The Hebrew in chapter 6 of chapter 14 of Genesis is called Abraham to Hebrew and then once in a while is really referred to as Hebrews also but but the main domain term for them throughout their history until the term Jew became more common. Was Israel. So right now Moses would not call himself a Jew. No one would call Moses. All right, thank you for your call Rick talk next to Ian from Tallahassee, Florida hi and welcome hello are you doing today I'm fine thanks. Yes. So I had to question the first is you think Christian should take stands on social media against anti-Christian social media post or should that got kind of defense be something done only in person.

Well, I don't see any reason not to do it publicly, you know. As far as I'm concerned, wherever error is communicated. Christians who know the truth would do well to balance it with the truth or to refute it with the truth so I think social media since there are a lot off a lot of anti-Christian posts and means, and things like that on social media. I think that for Christians to respondent's is entirely justifiable. But of course the spirit in which we respond is very important right to that question was training to let what you said more recently with covert banking question and also pertaining to your story. Your life story like your theory on what to make of suffering. Your take on Christian American lives in first world nation. What what are Christian Americans who are like myself who currently are not sure about the prospects for jobs right now and income.

What ought to be striving to do to working and the like. According to second-best Floridian recap what it will be a Christian response to be alterable in the time that also realistically living in the culture. Well, you know, I don't know if the government has made a list of people who are considered be nonessential workers. They made very clear who you who many of the essential workers are and they allow essential workers to work. That's a whole category is essential worker can work, but nonessential workers are not work. I don't know that there's ever been given. I've never seen one.

A list of all the trades that are nonessential and as far as I'm concerned, that kinda leaves it up to the judgment of the individual I would say that a Christians work and what it is is pretty essential and I also believe that if the so-called essential workers can be trusted to to take precautions. For example, keeping the 6 foot distance or wearing a mask or washing her hands or wearing gloves or whatever. If it's the people who were checking you out of your at. After Cosco if if they are safe to do this, then I'm not sure why the guy at the Joe's hardware store would not be considered be safe to do so. I don't think that essential workers are more immune by nature to the disease than other people are and therefore since they can take precautions and everything sets okay for them to do. I don't really see why be thought that it person who's who. Who isn't in those trades couldn't take same precautions and do the job. You know, I think if a person doesn't have to work for whatever reason to support their family then sues comply with the government shutdown is perhaps the best the path of least resistance. It's a path of is not to cause any trouble. But let's face it, some Christians just have to work the Bible commands us to work. Of course it doesn't command us to work if we can't, if you put in prison, for example, you can't get a job and and that's kind where have you got you hello Michael, I work and looking for work.

I work on an art artist. Do you know you started yelling at me hard right thinking yeah right, I won't be able to pay rent, increased unity first world problem affected other than a first world country right but being a Christian, though there's a godly attitude to take what you like. What are my next realistic step in what should I be doing unrealistic thing. Even Gov. Cuomo whom I do not look to for wisdom in general did say well if you were given a job and when the essential industries. I don't like that suggestion because what he saying is we don't mind closing down all private business and have everybody work in a few industries for big corporations or for the government means I can see why certain political leaning might cause some people to look forward to that happening celebrity rest work for government for corporations. I don't think that something I don't think it's I don't think it's legitimate. But it is an option.

I suppose I mean you can II saw ads on TV that Domino's is hiring people know I don't drive or what funny a lot of a lot of places that are open are hiring and so I would say that if I couldn't work at my normal trade and I couldn't bring in any money then I would get a job at something that, if only temporarily. That isn't my normal trade so that would be what you could do if for some reason you try and there's just no way to get a job.

Then of course there's trusting God to provide and but of course God can't be expected just to send checks in the mail.

If there are jobs that you could do and you're not doing all right.

Thank you, right, I appreciate your call. God bless you and I'm sorry for your circumstances.

Lots of people in similar circumstances. Right now a Rob from Vancouver, BC, welcome to the narrow path Mexicali Bible related to speak at times that you started your spiritual life.

About this time I'm about to inquire what you went to after being a Baptist and what caused you to switch from that kinda changed from what I understand a couple of times may be many times over your life.

After learning that well I'm not, I can become anything in particular I as a Baptist, I was a member of a certain denomination and denominational way of looking at Christianity. I deftly change some of my views when I was 16, but it wasn't the change in my views primarily that changed my Christian life. It was more of a spiritual experience.

I actually my family moved we came to Orange County, California. Right at the beginning of the Jesus movement 19 January 1970 removed and I said go to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa is in just a small church.

I see a lot of people, but is a small building and and there I encountered while a revival.

For one thing, which I wish I wish I could tell you where to find Windows now. I don't know there are any revivals going on at the moment, but that there was a true revival going on lots of people getting saved, and they were all enthused about being filled with the Holy Spirit which was something I didn't really know much about in the Baptist Church. I knew all of our main Baptist doctors pretty well, but I haven't really heard very much about being filled with the spirit of absence. And that's something they were talking about.

I realize now that they would be called charismatics. Today I did I didn't know the word charismatic is coming today, almost every Baptist probably knows the word charismatic because the charismatic movements around for 50 years, 75 to 70. The charismatic limit was confined to either Pentecostal denominations or to a few churches, usually Lutheran Episcopal churches that had experienced some charismatic renewals, but that most those were unknown to me as most church members. So to me that's first.

Never heard of the baptism of the Spirit or whatever and I wasn't sure what we were called. When I got filled with the spirit. I didn't know if I had a different label now then what is a Baptist or what I was going to Calvary Chapel which was nondenominational sought site and have a new denomination but I had a new life and new dynamic in my life and that changed my Christian life.

A great deal now. Since then I have attended a number of different kinds of churches. I was I was an elder in Calvary Chapel in Santa Cruz California for several years.

I live I preached in the Church of God of of Anderson, Indiana up and banned in Oregon when my school is there. I joined Mennonite writing. Yeah, I guess I did joined Mennonite church in McMinnville when I first move my school there so I didn't different churches, but mostly have been nondenominational churches, community child or even in recent years, mostly home churches so I don't have a denominational affiliation to find out that system. Learning the more you learn, sometimes how it goes to this mature and move into a different phase sort of thing. Well I think I think so, if it's actually the Holy Spirit leading you mean we are led by the spirit and and the Holy Spirit does lead everyone in exactly the same way in case I would say that my changes came because I focused on reading and meditating on and studying the Bible in order to write orders you read it and and then you study it which gives you an understanding of what it is you're reading and then you meditate on it day and night and you become a tree planted by rivers of water. You know your leaf doesn't weathering your fruit is produced and sees that someone so the meditating on the word of God is the huge huge benefit and and as I did that. Yet they weren't thinking about the Bible is driving on the street when I'm cleaning the floor because I did. I worked as a janitor. Sometimes I was washing windows. I just thinking about the word of God all the time and and as I did things I was familiar with and things had been taught underwent review. Justin is reviewing them. I was thinking about the scriptural case for a particular thing overtime some of the things that I have believed I came to see different method like the Bible didn't really teach the way I had thought it and that it taught it another way, so I mean this is just a you as far as I'm concerned, this is still going on with me for you, and I started, I still letting on Scripture daily and and and I still feel like I've got things to learn.

So the life life of learning. Jesus said take my yoke upon you and learn from me, and I consider that when you submit his Lordship you have his yoke on you and the rest your life is learning from him absolutely. Thank you so much for sharing the Bible one and Jesus walks up to the figtree and doesn't get any fruit produced for that ever again in the next day the apostles noticed that dad what exactly happened there. Well, I think that I think that's a visual sign like the Old Testament prophets you sometimes to make an important point in one of the things I think it's connected to is the story of the barren fig tree. In Luke 13 Jesus story about a man who had a fiction. It wasn't bearing fruit is going to tear it down, but is Carter supposed to give it one more year.

Let's let's I give it one more season but so let's fertilize it and do what we can to make it produce fruit and if it doesn't bear fruit will cut it down.

That's the end of the parable. There's no solution that we don't read that the fruit did come or didn't come with it. In the parable is a hanging will the figtree produce fruit or will it not and so at the end of Jesus ministry every been fertilizing Israel to produce fruit and they weren't receiving at this finding this fruitless fiction I think was a visual for the close and he says like this trees done and incisive, no, no, never bear fruit from you again. Now since he didn't say now with her up and made insight into said no number for each fruit me again and it happened it withered up and died so I think there's a picture of Israel. Frankly, actually makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much Mr. Gray God bless you. I appreciate your time thank you is great talk in Iraq. God bless you to all right where talk next to our Chuck from Honolulu Chuck, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling. Hello hi Bob, this Christian theology, salvation by Jesus, make any sense to me, aren't you.

Those who murder Jesus. Yes, they did commit sin. It's a sin to murder right now but I mean you saying that this is how Christians receive salvation how to go to heaven know they don't know he died. Once he was never to die again and the people who murdered him art in heaven, they were murderers, that's that was not there salvation. I mean, some of them later.

Some of them that everything would not know they were doing well were not were not saved by people murdering Jesus were were saved by God offering up Jesus for well-known garden murder. It was the people who wanted to murder him. God prevented him from being able to most of Jesus life and then at a certain point, his hour had come and God delivered him into the hands of those who are going to do it. God could have prevented God could have kept them safe again but this time God stopped keeping him safe because is offering himself, and therefore the murderers did what they did and this was an offering that God made of himself, so not to be an offering to somebody well, God knows you don't I can understand but I mean I don't know if I can switch your satisfaction but the real question is why would we think that it isn't so. If the Bible says that it is not so that Jesus death is our salvation. How can it be salvation, murder. I'm not asking you to to, you know, understand, unless you can you deny it if if God says it's true that it's God's plan. God's plan to send you. Let's just work were very long time. Let's see if you just answer my question. If God said it is true. Would you say God is mistaken about that. I don't think God that sleep well, where does he say that in the Bible right and what is Jesus death saves us in the Bible so why would you pick one Bible verse and reject several others. Not okay, I'm afraid I'm afraid you got a mental block there and I'm good have to move along. I appreciate your call.

I just wish that we could have a little more fruitful conversation you listening to the narrow dynasty of Dragon.

We are live Monday through Friday at the same time taking your calls just like we did today and for 23 years or 23rd year of daily broadcast and will keep it up as long as we can pay for the right if you like to help us we are listener supported. You can write to the narrow path PO Box 1737, Nextel in CA 92593. That's the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 website.

The narrow and you can donate there, or just take whatever is there for free sulfur. If an Let's talk again tomorrow

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