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The Narrow Path 5/12

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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May 12, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 5/12

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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May 12, 2020 8:00 am

this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast lighting Steve Greg were live for an hour each week afternoon taking your phone calls. If you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith. Feel free to give me a call we'll talk about it together if you see things differently than the host does and would like to balance comment. You can call about that to the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 are our phones have just all filled up so hold onto that number if you'd like and call in a few minutes.

You may find a line has opened up our first color today is I'm going to say. Oh Ryan from Seattle do you pronounce it Orion okay Bruce, I asked as I just saw a movie the other day about Mark Twain and his brother was named or Orion, but on the movie they pronounce it Oregon and I was surprised that I've known a few people named Orion. That's always thought it was mostly how are you doing good.

What can I do for me about terrible man who should money and help him get fired so and can't run a bunch of people that would get fired now.

Right. I not in that way I don't think that's of course the opening parable of of Luke 16 the story of that the meaning of that is given by Jesus at the end of the parable. He says therefore make friends for yourselves with that with money or the mammon of unrighteousness, he says, so that when it fails they may receive you into everlasting habitations now in order to get that idea across.

He tells this story about a man who was losing his job and he was a manager of somebody else's wealth.

The businessman apparently of a farmer of some kind had a lot of grain he sold and he learned that he was going to be fired now. He was already dishonesty was a dishonest man himself because that's why he's been fired, he been wasted in a poor manager and he didn't want to go to digging ditches and he didn't want to beg so he said what can I do it. So what he did. He had only a time in a short time left. He was, not yet. You know, relieved of his duties, he was told to get his books together and get things ready to clean out his desk and so forth. And he's leaving while he went to some of the customers summary clients in a given big discounts on what they already owed the master of this was to ingratiate them to him so that when he was autumn out on the street, which he knew he was going to be. He'd have people who owed him a favor and would take him in either give him jobs or let let them live there something and so when the master heard about it. He actually was more amused than angry.

And I think we have to assume that the reason the the old master is not angry, but was amused is because the amount that he had lost in these transactions is probably very small compared to his own well forming sure he lost something by the skies deals but but he probably didn't lose much compared to what his wealth was so it wasn't. It didn't sting him, but certainly benefited the steward who is leaving that some people actually say that this would actually make the customers happier with the master assuming the assuming that the steward had the accident is master's interest to make his master more popular with the customers doing that so that he might've even brought you know a battery repute on his master, but that wasn't his intention.

His intention was to indent people to himself, which he did in the master who is not very much hurt by the situation, though of course he lost money on it.

He just said wow you're really shrewd here. You're very clever and and she said that's that's how it is in the world people in the world are looking out for themselves. They're looking out for their long-term well-being and Elgin and they'll wisely make provision for nurses, we need to make wise provision for our long-term well-being, meaning eternal life because he says you want to have friends who will welcome you into everlasting habitations. That means after dead so he sent this lifetime for us compares a little bit with this man who was when he was fired but wasn't yet fired.

He was told he was given notice he was.

Not yet released but he was given notice so he knew his losing his job in a little while available to make some provision for his long-term security and that's what he did and and Jesus and were all in that man's position somewhat because we all are here for short time and we don't and the times and become one really wants him long-term security root word and want to have everlasting homes to live in because this this life is short so we need to be wise in the use of opportunities and money and so forth so that we will you have a place in an eternal habitation with these friends that we make through our wise steward. I think what is simply saying there is that we have opportunities to make friends with God and and and with the yield of the saved people and and we can join them in everlasting homes. If we are wise enough to recognize that our time is limited, and if we act in our lives in such a way as to please God and to enter ingratiate him to us or whatever so it's is not saying that were supposed to go out into business away.

This meant that it and and this man I don't know that this man really did any criminal he was a manager he was.

He was told easily fired but wasn't fired yet and so he you know he was actually acting within the rights that he had as a manager to to work deals and stuff for with client so it's not necessarily understood that this man was doing a criminal act. Jesus does refer to him as the unjust steward, but I'm not clear on whether Jesus and he is unjust because of these deals. He did or was he unjust at the beginning of the story when his master's of human waste and my good he might be called the unjust story because that's how he's introduced right at the very beginning. And that hit the deals he worked for his own advantage of a work entirely. You know good for his master, but I don't know that is doing anything criminal. But even if he was the point Jesus is making is not that were supposed to criminal things with that were supposed to realize like heated that he had only a very short time to prepare for his long-term home and and we are all in that condition. In this life because this life is a short time and were to wish for long-term home when it's over really quickly get any kind and that weekly.

No one should be about any man in like John well I think it's all in that passage, which is first of the two is talking about in eldership. Paul is telling Timothy to appoint elders in the church of Ephesus, and he's giving instructions to Timothy about what kind of people should be considered for that role, and he talks about men in such a way as even most men in the church probably wouldn't qualify. But he also said it was. He wants them to be men, not, not women. He says he doesn't put a woman in that position he wants the elder to be husband of life and the head of the home so Paul only really restricts women from being over men in. You know in church leadership. He doesn't say anything about government or corporate leadership in corporations or our or even in a home where there's no father and and and and there's a grown son that say a teenage son is very much a man and if he's only a mom was she's over him and that's not something that Paul is against effect.

Timothy was taught the Scriptures by his mother and his grandmother when he was a young man so and Paul's others. Good thing so Paul is not saying women cannot be in authority over any man in any situation. He stated in the church structure when you're pointing the leaders of the church.

He does not women, and that those roles all right. Orion appreciate your call yet okay will talk again sometime. Our Richard from seal Beach, California. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling Daniel chapter 7 verse 25. I've been watching Christian TV and that one guy think it's Alexander the great K Gregory because he tried to change times and laws that a guy plaintiff Antiochus epiphanies because he made war with the Jews that I was just wondering what is your opinion on this so you think that little horn is in a listen to you on the radio.

Thanks okay I appreciate you calling today. While I don't think it's it's Alexander the great was one of the theories.

I think it's too late for him because in the in the narration. Alexander the great is mentioned earlier as the third kingdom that was like a leopard, and when the leopard died. It's his kingdom was divided between four horns and so I think it I think that's a reference to not Alexander the great at all and I don't know that I don't think it's a reference to Pope either icy well economy could be.

I don't think is a reference any particular pulp. It is possible that it refers to the papacy as an institution because this horn grows up out of the fourth beast, which is wrong and ended, and it does mention earlier in the chapter that the fourth beast is burned in his body is killed that's in verse 11 says I watched until the beast that's the fourth beast, which is the Roman Empire was slain and his body destroyed and given to the burning fire flame and then later on we have this discussion about the little horn that grew out of that fourth beast. There the historic understanding of this among Protestants throughout history throughout Protestant history. But even among some before Protestant history before there were Protestants, for example with Cliff and Tyndale and John house they were before the Protestant Reformation, but they held this view also was that this is the papacy that it's the institution of the papacy that rose up when Rome is an empire fell so that the argument for that is it fits chronologically. I would say I don't think this is Antiochus epiphanies now. Antiochus epiphanies is described as a little horn.

I believe in, in chapter 8. If I'm not mistaken in a different vision of the ram and the he goat. But in this on this little horn grows out of the fourth kingdom which I believe is the Roman Empire and therefore being more associate with Rome than with Greece. So now Antiochus epiphanies was associate of the Grecian Empire and so is Alexander so I think chronologically. Those who are identified as little horn as the papacy rising up and in the place of the Empire would be would at least have… A history on their side.

Whether it's a good biblical interpretation not would have to wait on many factors but at least historically, it places this little horn in the right chronological position that we would expect to find. Okay, let's talk to Damien from Boise, Idaho hi Damien, welcome to the neuropathic circling the drill quick setting the and anchor your mind. Verse by verse. Could you explain a little bit more about Van. They talk about holding me and like the holy garments kinda confused on why God would even bring that up to the prophet and then my thinking question is do we know how many genes actually went into exile because I don't 50,000 returns. But how many actually took off my two questions whether in knowledge and online think you okay sure yeah I don't know how many Jews were in Jerusalem at the time of the exile, I do believe that either chronicles or kings might give us some some information about that but I don't remember. Figure but it would've been probably you know hundreds of thousands at the least, because there have been war for some time in the whole population had well have even wiped out or had fled into the walled city and when Nebuchadnezzar broke down the walls and they all went off in captivity except for very few and besides that those who went into captivity having been there for 70 years would've had children and grandchildren. So the number of Jews. There would've increased from the number that were taken into exile before, but there were 50,000 returns. Zerubbabel, as you pointed out, that's as far as the number that went into captivity or how many remained in captivity, who might've been born there.

I don't think we have any figures given in the Bible of the total number that you're probably wondering what what percentage of the Jews in in Babylon came back to how you know that 50,000 in Québec. What percentage of the whole population is represent. I don't think we have a figures of how many Jews were in Babylon simply because there was a couple quick two or three generations were born there after the exile, when we don't have a figures of family.

They were now you are asking about the whole garment in the holy meet and so forth. I believe your talk about Haggai, chapter 2, where it says on the 24th day. Verse 10 of the ninth month the second year of Darius, the word of the Lord came by Haggai the prophet, saying, thus says the Lord of hosts, now asked the priests concerning the law saying if one carries holy meet in the fold of his garment and with the edge of it.

He touches bread or stew or wine, or oil or any food will it become holy and the priests would say no, and Haggai said well if one who is unclean because of a dead body that is the touches that body touches any of these unclean things. If he touches on hunting a clean thing will it become unclean and the priest would say yes. It shall become unclean and so Haggai said so is this people and so is this nation before me, says the Lord, and so is every work of their hands and what they offer. There is unclean nice and what is this talk about some of the fact that in the law contact with what was unclean would make you unclean. For example, if a person had leprosy or of a person had had a dead body… They did bury the dead body well they had contracted uncleanness about this case, a woman on her. Or short for several weeks after her, the birth of her child would be unclean.

There were several many conditions that could make a person unclean and the question is okay if if that unclean thing touches something that's clean will the clean thing make the unclean thing clean with that is, will the transfer grow from the cleanness of the clean thing to the unclean thing will it cleanse it, by touching it in answers, no under the law. If you have one thing is clean and the others unclean. The touch each other that uncleanness transmits to the claim rather than vice versa.

And this I believe is given as an example of the nature of Israel, and in all people. He's of course concerned with the Jews because that's who is addressing that and and he had given them laws that were clean and so forth that they can keep them. They were unclean. So they defiled their religion.

Their religion didn't make them clean. They were innately unclean spirit, morally and spiritually, and having contact with you know the good things that God gave them the clean things didn't make them clean and instead they defiled those things by their contact. The idea here is that defilement always goes one direction if if there's contact between a clean thing and unclean thing, it's always the clean thing that becomes unclean, not what's interesting is this was a fact under the law, and he's asking about the log under the law. If a clean and unclean piece of meat your touches are clean garment will the garment be made unclean.

Yes, it will but but the meat will become unclean by contact with a clean garment so what's it mean it means that sin, and of course cleanness is a tightening image of sin. It's infectious that when you put a good person a bad person together. The bad person is more likely to corrupt the good person than the good person is likely to improve the bad person, at least by natural processes that usually goes that way and what's interesting is that shows that the law although the law was clean. The law is holy and just and good. It couldn't make Israel clean because of their nature.

They simply defiled it now once I find interesting is when Jesus came he could touch a leper but Jesus did not become unclean by touching it with a leper began clean. He could touch a woman who had an issue of blood, and he didn't become unclean, she became cleansed by it. Jesus could touch a dead body, but then the body would rise from the dead and therefore you know it was it was improved by the contact point here is that the law doesn't have the power to improve centers. But Jesus came with a different dynamic different life. The new covenant life.

The power the Holy Spirit, which when it comes in contact with the unclean world.

It has the power to cleanse and so we find no Paul talking to the Corinthians. For example, in prescriptive chapter 6 and he says in verse nine through 11 do not do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God. Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards nor refiners nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. Then he says, and such were some of you but you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.

So you saying you guys were very unclean before the gospel came to but when Christ touched you. You came washed and cleansed and justified. And so I think this passage underscores a problem that the Old Testament could not solve. You could not solve human uncleanness by bringing them into contact with good laws clean and just and righteous laws, but by Jesus coming. He came with an infectious cleanness rather than infectious uncleanness. So when he touched the unclean. They became clean just the reverse of what was happening and illustrated by these laws.

So that's what I think is the idea behind this question that Haggai was asked asking the priest and pointing out that Israel, although they were back from babbling, because they had returned at this time and and they had the law they had the temple to build the temple despite all that they were starting to tend to be sinners that tend to be unclean. These holy things among them were knocking to make them holy and so I think that's what the prophets trying to get across to them. Of course that underscores the need in human nature to have something better than the law better than holy buildings and holy priest something like that to improve us. We need the power of God.

We need the power of Jesus and the end of the new covenant. The changes us inwardly rights laws in our hearts and support.

So that's how I understand the meaning of that particular passage. All right, let's talk to a Leslie Jude from Pittsburgh and I would have a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or Pittsburgh are California good to hear from you by every wind of teaching and I I don't understand born-again amended the Bible and I'll appreciate the many sexually I think anyone who says they're stupid probably isn't a lot of people are stupid that they usually don't know it might not. Changes in the talk about being born again when I want when I go over to the fence John chapter 3 verse nine it says he is born again said that's not he cannot because he is born of God but born of God, your son of God and and I I had so many rules and regulations and teachings that I got to do this and I got to do that and I don't I get born again and stop sinning instead you will not ship and not once not to clarify just I agree. I needed something to run out of time here and I don't want to run time I might hold you over to the break if you will be held over, but use your back summits preacher say about that. I might say the same thing they do are not sure because of their elected when they read that read as you just did you send it says that we are born again.

He wants sin, not once. The Bible doesn't say he won't do it once, John who wrote first John in chapter 2, verse one. He said these things, I wrote you so that you do not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the father and and check prices if anyone says that without sender, deceiving himself, so he's not saying that Christians never ever sin. He seemed that is not how they live. They don't live as sinners. They live as obedient to God but sinning is an occasional weakness of James in the book of James that in many things we all stumble. Stumbling is not the way you live. It's not even the way you walk it so it's it it's a failure it's a weakness it's a carelessness and it's not it doesn't represent your way of life. It represents a deviation from it, and what John is saying in the several times in first on.

He says that those who are born of God, do not sin, he is.

He also says you know that is your right and wicked people don't don't live righteously either.

He's describing general trends because some people think they can be a Christian still lived like like they were Christians to know that doesn't happen.

You can't do that if you're born-again you can't sin in that sense as a way of life you you you simply your conscience won't let you even if you do certain we know if you have a Christian conscience, you'll be your conscious will condemn you for that and convicted for that annual repent of it.

So he's basically saying Christians who are born again have the nature of God in them, which is opposed to sin.

Now I am opposed to sin and I'm born-again.

I'm totally opposed to sin, but that does mean I don't ever fall. I have fallen many times and so does every Christian and tracked like that. James said we met. We also a real stumbling many things which you target sinning so it's not saying that you never sent. Now the real question to ask yourself is, do I sin as a way of life. Is it do I feel okay about my sins if I fall if I fall into sin directly. Just figure out will nobody's perfect and don't worry about that or do I repent of it divorce. I know I want to live a holy life.

I'm going to live my life in obedience to Jesus Christ. If I fall while I may be in on an imperfect.

I may fall but I'm not tribute to say that's okay I'm not to make excuses for America say well I guess I just have to keep sending that if you hold on.

I have the breaker. If you hold on through the break on talking more about being born again since you did ask about that would can you hold absolutely no sure I don't want to lose you here. You're listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg were not done. We have another half-hour broadcasting ahead so don't go away. We have a lot of calls rating will be taking those calls in the next half hour. We are listener supported. If you'd like to help us pay for the radio bills. That's why were on their way back we buy time on radio stations all of the country and they charge a lot of money but without any commercials. No sponsors and we don't sell anything. We just let you know were on the air because people like you want us to be and want to support you'd like to help us down there you can go to our website. The narrow and check the donation link and you'll see how to help us out. I'll be back in 30 seconds.

As you know, the narrow path radio show is Bible radio that has nothing to sell you everything to give you do the right thing and share what you know with your family and friends. Tell them to tune into the narrow path on this radio station narrow where they will find topical audio teachings blog articles and diverse diverse teachings and are kind of all the radio shows you know listener supported narrow path with Steve Greg share what you know and narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and were alive for another half hour taking your calls in our lives are full right now if you want to try to get in later in the half hour.

You can probably do so if you take this number down a call later that number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and just before the breaker talking to Judas, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I was asking about being born again and how can you be born again. Now Jude before go into that. I know you are troubled by reading the first John 39 and in other places in first John that say you know whosoever is born of God doesn't sin and what I was saying is he saying that's not the way they live. We don't live in sin, we sometimes fall, but we don't live in sin. That's the way the world lives we live a different way. We live in obedience to God and for us sinners. It is an exception and something we don't really want. I mean, obviously, when you tempted to send this part of you that want to that's called your flesh, but the Bible says that the flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh so that you can do what you want to do so he saying we sometimes do succumb to what we don't really want to do because part of us are flesh which does not define us wants that. But we don't want it and that's why there's this conflict in flesh and spirit, now you you asked how can one be born again are you what is your what is your experience already in this area you're you're in your 80s, you said did you have Christian background and a bottle for years now and I'm just being tossed to and fro. The Bible is calculated by sin. I I have to go get My brother and James and I had to confess my sins one to another shot Molly my brothers and confess my sins because that's mandatory you can hide your change in your heart you like I do confess my sins to my brothers.

I don't hide them in my heart and that's rather embarrassing for me to do that idea and I know that the blood of Christ cleanses me from sins that are past it says now quite sinning right going sin no more. I don't condemn you so and advice and to go get my brother again and confess. Confess that sin again is confessing is born of God.

Senate not okay, and as your life and you stand then is Christ the center know he is not you are good to let me let me address something when not confessing in May and is my life. It said, you have to have Christ genuine and he is your life when you turn to your right when you turn that scratch walking a new not not me. I died. I sin no more. Now that I way some people actually some people understand some of those verses that you have to take the Bible as a whole and understand that the writers of the Bible were did not disagree with each other. These guys were the apostles. They knew they shared the same beliefs with each other and therefore you have to assume that what one of them believed that some major subject like that. They pretty much all had the same religion that the same beliefs and so you have to understand individual statements in light of the whole teaching of what these guys were taught and what they live. Now if you don't if you don't trust me on that. You don't have to know it has to trust me, but there's no sense asking my opinion if you document listen to it anyway just as well I know will let me speak than if I could.

The, the question not confessing you say every time you sing it in your confess your brother you're talking of James chapter 5 verse says serum.

You know, confess your faults one to another part right. If we had says and it says in Proverbs, you know that he did not feel since Adam conceals as possible right so.

But here's the I think the Bible indicates is that we need to confess to our brother when we've done him wrong. Now not all of my sins have hurt my brother that some of them may, if I have hurt my brother, my sins, I need to go and confess to him, you're right. But if I've had since to say in my heart and nobody's been damaged but me and God.

Then I have to just confessing to God that this sin has been confessed to the offended party. So if I've had a us a sin in my mind.

Only God is offended by that nobody else knows about it so I have to confess it to God if I've sinned against my brother and he is offended that I need to go and confess to him.

Jesus said in the sermon on the Mount, if I can if I've injured the whole body of Christ with staff at sin publicly. Well then you know I need to make a public confession so confession the principle behind confession is your seeking reconciliation with the people that are offended by what you did but if you have a bad thought. You don't hit utilizing a running looking for another brothers. I need to tell you had a bad thought because he's not injured by its mean there's it's not wrong. If you want to tell somebody about your sin and make yourself accountable because even if it's a secret sin. But that's not what that's what it is in me and my light and I have a bad thought because he's not the only part of your life. You still have flesh in it and I was just mentioning to you.

Galatians 517 the flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh, he started Christians so that you don't do know you don't do what you want now your life your eternal life is Christ your biological life is still very flawed.

Your figure flesh still has its cravings for things that something for good things and for bad things, but you know they have a bad thought, doesn't mean that you're not a Christian and okay I may not be able to help you. I may not be help you if you only say the same things and what I say doesn't help you if I can't help you get help you, but I what I'm trying to say is that sinning is not what Christ in you is doing. That's what your flesh is doing okay. Christ is in you and he defines who you are but you are still the flesh of either his first bad thoughts go. Jesus had bad thoughts. He just didn't agree with them.

You know the devil said bow down and worship me. Jesus was tempted in that way that thought came to his mind. He didn't even agree to it. He didn't accepted a temptation is not a sin. Jesus was tempted and always like we are. But he did not sin. So a bad thought can be a sin if you welcome it and if you agree to it as you love it, but it might be a temptation that you're really resisting a bad thought maybe something you actually hate you wish it wasn't there. That's because it's not yours. Thought it's the devil putting a thought in your head is the tempter he's tempting you. He's putting temptation your head and as long as you do not agree to it or wanted her love. It is not you hated want to resist it, but then you're not sitting it's like it's like if you came home one day from shopping or something and you found a thief in your house going through your chores and is is you caught the thief.

He turned around and start pointing the finger you and accusing you of being a safe you know you didn't ask him into the house. He sees the thief, not you. And if you didn't ask for these thoughts and you not welcoming these thoughts that there there anyway and then the devil makes you feel bad because he put them there.

That's that's just the devil's way of playing the game but that's that's assuming you're not a Christian and tells me that you even sent and then on the devil yes you are. That's our duty. We are supposed overcome the devil and that's with our spiritual walk and spiritual warfare are forced to teach us to do that but if you think that the person you're the person who is not perfect is therefore not a Christian, then I think you're taking some verses out of context and ignoring some other important verses that define reality differently. Your Paul said he wasn't perfect in Philippians chapter 2 arthritic city and you know James that he stumbled and is it will do. John said if anyone says that there without sin there deceiving themselves so I don't think that I don't think you can take these men who wrote the Bible and turn them into people who are saying the opposite say no if you're Christian, you're perfect.

You never ever sent.

They didn't say that true is true.

First John 39 since whoever is born of God doesn't send but but you added even once I'm I'm saying what he's telling us is that sinning is not the way of life. The Christians do. Christians don't live in sin. Other people to listen to Jesus to listen to Jesus and Jesus. Amen.

All you that are happy to eat and that's maybe I will give you rest for your souls and I do not have rest for my soul. I have not come to Jesus that you may be you may not have hear you made it easy. Jesus said it's not okay to stop sinning. It's hard. Well, okay, yeah. And Paul said it's hard that he says it he struggles he says I'm not fighting a sham battle. He says I wrestle. I keep my body under it so that after preaching to others I might not be disqualified. He says I fight the good fight the other in the Bible does not indicate that Christianity is easy what Jesus is saying is that the Jews, he was speaking to her under a heavy burden that the Pharisees put upon them. He said that in Matthew 23.

Also, he said. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, because you bind heavy burdens on men's backs, but you don't lift a finger to relieve the and of the burdens the Pharisees put on these people was guilt in legalism and religiosity, none of which reflected in all the heart of God.

And so people were burdened with this religious burden of the Pharisees promises I'll give you rest. From that. I'll forgive you out I'll take that right off.

Now it doesn't sound like you got enough of you yet, so maybe you haven't come to Jesus, you need to come to Jesus and and believe what he says that if you confess your sins he is faithful and just to forgive you your sins and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness and that if we walk in the light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. The Bible says in him we have redemption through his blood and the forgiveness of sins. That's in Ephesians 17 ugly and so you and I think some of that stuff is you are missing now. What is needed. It sounds like is not sitting on people's would just say we just need to believe in Jesus the son of God. He died for sins, rose good, but you arty believe that it's obvious that believing facts is what makes a person a believer.

It's believing a person is believing Christ it's believing God. I don't know what your family relations like that. That's I mean if you have a wife or if you have children or if you certainly once had parents to know you have friends, no doubt, that you believe that you could trust them if they told you something you'd figure that probably tell you the truth, because you know the reliable that's what believing is believing isn't is going on a checklist of religious propositions that cake I checked that box or check that box. I can't believe all these things am a believer know it's believing in a person and God having a relationship of trust in him. Now if you trust in him, you have to trust him when he says listen, you confess your sins are forgiven. Okay, that's it.

You know that you take my yoke upon you and learn from me and I'll take that guilt off you take that burden off you religiosity and that my yoke is easy, that is to say, my following knee is not like following the Pharisees. There yoke is hard. You were there yoke and Juergen have all these rules and all this condemnation because you're not perfect and so far I don't bring any veggies inside. I can come to condemn the world, again, that the world through him might be saved. And so you have to go I guess. Get to know who Jesus is not just believe propositions about him and this is where I think you need to you need to take another step. Now some people would wish for me to lead you in a sinners prayer something like that.

I assume you've done that before and you've done all you know to do and you certainly know the Bible even studying it for 40 years or something better reading. So I think the step that you haven't taken is to say what I believe God. I believe what he says I'm interesting about this if the devil makes me feel guilty. I'm going to say. Well, thus says the Lord, if I confess my sins. He'll forgive me my sins and then go in peace, like you said a woman taken in adultery. I don't continue go and sin no more. And if you fall again confess. Again, remember we do get impatient with ourselves and I think we get impatient with ourselves more than God as if it were really trying to please him, for really trying to serve him and follow him. He knows our frame, he remembers that were dust members is that Psalm 103. He really knows our frame, he remembers that were just Jesus when he told his disciples stay awake for an hour and pray with and they fell asleep. She said all of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

We got is very compassionate with our weaknesses as if our spirit is willing, he knows our weakness and he is accounted God is on our side and I don't know where you go to church, or if you go to church at all. I know you're in Pennsylvania so I don't know any churches out there myself, but I think you really need some fellowship with people who can who know something about the grace of God in her walk with Jesus and I in life. My heart goes out to you. I would like touch all day except I got my lines flowing river few minutes left, but I I am glad you called.

I don't opening accident is been able to help you because Arthur ever feeling there's something inside, resisting what I'm saying there but I certainly certainly desire for you to come to the peace that comes from knowing Jesus and trusting Jesus not just believing in him, but believing on him, trusting in him, leaning on relying on him. That's what to that's where the peace comes from and without doing that. I don't know that there's any piece offered or available I'm sorry we can't go further with this site I would be glad to do so, but we had if we had more time together. God bless you and I I say find some Christian friends who know the Lord, you probably have to go to church, that if you don't already and talk to a pastor and I'm sure you will be able to help you more than I can hear on the radio show.

All right, let's talk next to Andy from Buckeye, Arizona hi Andy, we got Jan how you doing hi Steve hi Michael sure you doing well on it you would do it some commentary on two unrelated one or second Chronicles that important airport pick in particular that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge wanted to get some context grab some critique of some common misapplication some suggestion as to the relevance of these verses today, but I'm particularly thinking of some Christian books are seminars that are about building your business planning and no pain. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge the right tagline and then the second Chronicles question related 714 know the why not if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and keep my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and out forgiveness and plant and I hear commonly that this is a key on how to make the United States great and eternal veil that the on the second point, it may be that America would be great if they did that, it is of course a promise to Israel it's it's not a promise to America. However, the promises of God made Israel are very often applicable to the church members says in first Corinthians 2nd Corinthians 110. I think it is. It says that all the promises of God in Christ are yea and amen through Christ in us saw me the promises of God that are made to people in the Old Testament are primarily took them, but there are promises that relate to God's general commitment to his people and to his overall character and principles which we can apply for. I've mentioned this recently to calling that in Joshua chapter 1 of his verse seven God said to Joshua.

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

And in Hebrews.

That verse is quoted, it says God has sent.

I will never leave you or forsake you saves the right of Hebrews is taken a promise God made to Joe Joshua and St. from which we can count on it being true for us to, which means that God is not different in the Old Testament and the New Testament and promises of his commitment to his people will not have changed just because there's a new covenant coming certainly discounted promises, specific promises to the land and promises of the home biological fruitfulness given to Abraham and so forth that are generic promises. I should say that the other specific but many promises are quite generic. I would say and in the second Chronicles 7 there. I think that that that devastated principal now.if we can't take it as a promise that God can heal America because America might be under God's judgment. For all we know God may be done with America, but there are conditions stated if if my people who call my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and so forth. Well good luck and God's people to do that if if if that if if you get God's people into that attitude, you probably are good have reviled, you probably are going to have some up up turning of the conditions in in the country especially has Christian G.I. for if real Christians would really begin to be humble and prayerful and repentant if some are, but let's face it to Lotta Christians.

Pretty complacent in the world and they're not really. I get hung up with and turn from their wicked ways. Yeah Valerie, that had been the top right Christian today is my people so I'm going his people to be is really being Christians today yet.

Unfortunately, there are Christians who are very slack. At least they profess to be Christians. God alone knows who is and who isn't God's there are Christians who compromise. I know I have done so myself in the past and side you know I Have to say, you know, if Christians get their act together.

I do think it has a tremendous impact on the on the nation, partly because of so many of us here, but I I don't think that that promise is a generic promise to all nations that their nation will be great and and you everything ago right with the nations of the Christians turned to God.

Of course, when he made that comment to Israel. The whole nation was Israel so it's a whole nation would turn to God, he would heal their nation.

We don't we don't ever have a situation America or any nation today for all the people in the country are God's people. So even if God's people would turn to God, they might save only themselves and not the whole nation. This still rebellious against God. That's what God said to Ezekiel Ezekiel chapter 7 in verse 21. I think it is.

He said that you know the nation of Israel, that time was so bad that even if there was a even of Job and Noah and Daniel were in it, they can always save themselves and they would save the nation so sometimes the presence of an influential righteous minority in the nation would would save the country from judgment of Sodom would have been saved that even only 10 righteous but there are times when God is determined to judge a wicked nation.

And then if there is righteous people are well they can't save the nation the just say themselves that is God spare them, not the nation, so we can't really take that promise. You know, as a substrate across kind of promise, but certainly the Bible does indicate that God is listening to the prayers of his humble and obedient people and prayer for the nation is something that I think an awful lot of Christians maybe have gotten serious about doing lately because the nations in is pretty sick gives grace to the humble night.

What, that's right. Elliott would not be Israel in order to be you have gone this in our prayers as far as your statement about my people perish for lack of knowledge is read through the book of Hosea, you find it. That lack of the knowledge of God is a repeated theme in in the book that God is complaining that these people he has revealed himself to them that they don't know and and why not. I mean the verse you quoted, of course, is verse six of chapter 4. Our people are destroyed for lack of knowledge bases because you've rejected knowledge, I also will reject you but if you look earlier in the chapter and verse one. The latter part of verse says there is no truth or mercy or knowledge of God in the land so the knowledge you talk about is not knowledge about good business practices are shrewdness about how to how to make it in the world. So with the knowledge of God. His complaint is that the people don't know him. When he's done all he could to pass along to them the knowledge of God and you see this also. Chapter 5 in verse four he says they do not direct their deeds toward turning to their God for the spirit of harlotries in their mitts and they do not know the Lord. So it's the lack of knowing the Lord is the big issue in Hosea and is often repeated.

Also, chapter 6 it says in verse three, let us know. Let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord and so this is that that same thing. Sony says my people perish for lack of knowledge is not time, but just all kinds of ale sophistication and technical knowledge are or financial knowledge that he's talking about people have not got to know him like like that dear brother was just talking to mom to go from from Pennsylvania.

You know he he knows a lot of Bible verses that I think by his own admission he doesn't really know the Lord, you can know the Bible and not know God, you can me and that's and that's the problem. The Jews did have the Bible, but they didn't know God, and you can only know God by submitting yourself to him putting him first in your life and pursuing as it says here let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord in Hosea 63 cell the verse you are asking about is really about the knowledge of God and not other things so much I can together shoot to thank you for call on all right. I have still most of my lines are full but I don't know that have time for another call. Have a feeling Republican to get coffee real quick. I will give a call or a chance, but I have to warn you that we might be cut off before you can get your question out. I wish it were not so, let's try to talk to Anthony from San Francisco Anthony, welcome to the neuropathic circling culture. Eight. Don't count out and also that they don't have the zero unit know how can they make you dance that medical calculation in Guild incredible thing like you did you say in Hebrew culture, knowing ancient Greek culture. I've heard all 10,000 number I see I think. Yeah I'm I'm afraid I can't help you there. I don't have any expertise on on how many numbers the ancient Greeks had in their language or in their characters but for example in like the book of Revelation, which is written in Greek. It talks about how when John was caught up in heaven.

He talks of seeing millions of angels, but the word million is not used to says he saw 10,000×10,000, and thousands of thousands, that's Harry's itself. It may be that he can even only numbers bigger than 10,000 so maybe it's a 10,000×10,000×10,000 times the offer bigger numbers. I don't really know but I find it interesting that young in the Greek of the book of Revelation. It doesn't use the word you know hundred million. This is 10,000×10,000 that may confirm what you're suggesting but I don't know. I have no expertise about that. I'm sorry to say, and I'm sorry to because you waited a long time but joining us were out of time today even listening to the narrow path radio broadcast relist or support. If you'd like to help us. You can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593. That's PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593. Our website again is the narrow Everything is free, but you condone it from there if you want to. The narrow Let's talk again tomorrow. Albus

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