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The Narrow Path 5/14

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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May 14, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 5/14

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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May 14, 2020 8:00 am

this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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And welcome to the radio broadcast by mistake.

Regular live for an hour each week afternoon checking her phone calls with questions about the Bible of the Christian faith that you would like to discuss on the air. Feel free to give me a call if you have a different viewpoint from the house to watch chocolate that you're always welcome to do that as well, within limits, that is, I do want to take up the whole show with people disagreed and we could easily do that because obviously we must have an awful lot of people out there who would see things differently that's fine we can take a certain number of those per day, but we do have aligns full and therefore if you call right now.

You will not get through. Take this number I'll give you right now and call in a few minutes if you like and you probably find a line opening up the numbers 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 first collar is from its is Denny from Phoenix, Arizona Denny, welcome to the narrow path expert on appreciate the work you do with overtaking no compensation. I really appreciate that my pleasure first time I was a person says that Jesus came by water and blood and bullets is that there are three witnesses and afflicts the article in front of the water flow blood in the spirit and I'm just wondering two things. What the significance of having the article and does the water referred to baptism. Many people think it does. This is probably disappointed with me because I'm I'm just putting myself that I have looked at every conceivable commentary I can find on this passage and it still one of the few passages that is very obscure and very much disagreed upon as to what it refers to in verse six, the first five it says this is he who came by water and blood of Jesus Christ not by water only, but also by water and blood and it is the Spirit who bears witness because the Spirit is truth. He says for their in verse eight there are three that bear witness on earth. The spirit, the water and the blood and these three agree in one now one half of the water and the blood. This is of course John Wright and in his and his gospel in John chapter 19 he makes a big issue of the fact that when Jesus side was pierced.

John said he saw water and blood flow out of Jesus side and then it says just in case you missed it, it says, and he who reports this it witnessed reasons I've seen this I was there I saw the water in the blood, and therefore, since it's the same author and I'm tempted to think when he finds out the water and the blood bear witness and we know that John bore witness of seeing the water in the blood, which would be of course a proof that Jesus really was dead that he didn't just swoon or pass out and they mistook him for dad and took him down, but that he really was that his heart was punctured and sell as with a lot of the blood coming show and and so he could be saying that the water in the blood that were seen bear witness that Jesus was a come in the flesh because one of the things in first John that he's arguing against is a quasi-Gnostic idea that Jesus was not actually in the flesh that Jesus was a phantom creature. This is the fastest Gnostic view and all the despotism might not of been real prevalent in John's lifetime.

It was creeping in and so some feel that he's try to prove that Jesus was coming, the flesh, you know, in chapter 4 he said whoever denies that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is the spirit of antichrist and whoever confesses every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is in honors of God Spirit of God. So this is a big issue for him in this book and it may well be that the water in the blood.

It's talking about our reference to that in the spirit, bearing witness would be. I suppose one could say, you know, although some of the saw the water in the blood of course many of you didn't. But the Holy Spirit. If you have him will bear witness to this now in John's Gospel also when he's talking to his disciples. I think it's in chapter 15 that might be 14 but Jesus says when the spirit of truth comes, he will bear witness of me and you also be my witnesses.

He said so. He said that the Holy Spirit will bear witness and the disciples will bear witness so it's possible that the witness of the apostle John to the water and the blood coming Jesus side and the addition which the Holy Spirit is what is referring to here. Now that is not a major view as far as I know, it's just one that comes to mind because of the references to the same things in John's other work, but it's more common for commentators to say that that water refers to Jesus baptism and blood of Christ to his crucifixion and what they're saying is that while one view one view that I've read is that the holy that that God spoke from heaven when Jesus was baptized and also just before he was crucified. 20 spoke from heaven in John chapter 12 and some said it thundered because they heard him speak so some are saying that your God has spoken from heaven, and he spoke when Jesus was baptized. He spoke just before Jesus died and he spoke of course in the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost, not the problem I have with this is that it doesn't doesn't make much sense to me and I know that God did speak at those times, why doesn't he just say God spoke at these times why say that Jesus came by water and by blood and the spirit was with us. Some would say it's referring again to Jesus baptism and his death and that it's addressing them. Another Gnostic view what one of the Gnostic views was despotism that Jesus was really a phantom and not physical. Another Gnostic view was that Jesus was a physical man, an ordinary man, but the Christ came upon him at his baptism and left him just before his death, and that so Jesus wasn't innately the Christ.

But this essence, the say on eon called the Christ came upon him at his baptism and left him just before he died, and when she said, my God, my God wife you forsaken me from the cross. They think that's what it's referring to that was a Gnostic idea.

Also see the Bible teaches that Jesus didn't become the Christ at his baptism, but he was born Christ member when he was born. The angel said to the shepherds unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. So Jesus the Dave's board was the Christ of the Lord and the Savior of the Gnostic said no he's an ordinary man and he became the Christ from the Christ thing came on him and to refute this. Some feel that John is saying, Jesus came and was in no the same person through water and through blood that is before he was baptized and afterwards he was, now is the same Jesus came and and he also was still the Messiah through his death. Now any of these views that I suggest and there are others that you can find, there's not any better than these ones. Any of these views leaves us wondering why did John say it that way that if that's what he meant and I cannot give a good answer to that. I do not know it's it's puzzled me since I was very young. In fact I when I was 19 I memorized the book of first John and recited it out loud every day for many many years, so I figure I've I've recited this book out loud thousands of times in my life and every delegate happening. I wonder what that means, you know, and I have looked in the commentaries I thought about it and these are some thoughts but one thing we have to say this is probably one of those times when it becomes obvious to us reading the epistles that they were written to somebody other than us. It's clear that John assumed his readers had the background to know what that meant he was not trying to be obscure to them and he wasn't writing to us.

He didn't know that we be right reading this 2000 years later try to put those thoughts into some sensible form his original readers. I have to assume understood what he meant. And that's because they would have some frame of reference that is that that we only have come to grasp at and it's one of those things, like when Paul talked about in first grade for 15 people were baptized for the dead.

Well, there's 40 different views about what he meant by that and we can't really be sure we can have a theory.

But we can't really be sure, but his lit reader certainly knew what he started.

So I have to say, having said all that, the this particular statement. John has always been perplexing to me and to my mind. I think when commentators try to explain it other bluffing you know when you read what they actually say about it is a year will maybe.

But that doesn't sound right in that sound like that's what it's about. And so I have to just say I do know and as I've often said I talked the longest about questions that I don't really answer about like that one, so I hope you're not too disappointed. I'm a little disappointed me for not knowing. But I happen to know how much effort I put into trying to pet it's I'm not sure anyone really knows. Some may talk like they do that.

I'm not sure and can really say, but I won't I won't argue with someone who has a different view. Anyway, I appreciate your call brother. Thanks for joining us.

Let's talk to see this could be Kelly from Dallas, Texas Kelly, welcome to the narrow path that you're calling dispensationalism related to Jews are saved in Israel and outside of class slipped away you understand not. Not usually.

Now there are there are dispensations who hold skinny the dual covenant view like John Haig, John Higley actually believes that there's two ways of salvation, one for Gentiles, one for Jews and he believes that Gentiles have to come to Christ through the new covenant to be saved, but Jews can be saved by keeping the old covenant that is wrong, of course, about that because that it says in the book of Hebrews in chapter 8 verse 13, that when there's a new covenant, the old covenant is defunct or obsolete. It says so it's obvious that God doesn't have to covenant people's and two different covenants right now, the, the old covenant. Look forward to the new covenant and in times of the old covenant, the Jews were expected to come to God in those terms of animal sacrifices and things like that but when Jesus came he made a new covenant, that according to the New Testament that cancels out the old, that's why were not under the law. That's why we don't offer animal sacrifices anymore and neither do the Jews by the way there's not two different ways of salvation.

None can be saved except through Christ and coming to Christ means you come through the new covenant, and no other. Now I'm not sure how John Hickey would answer this question. If he says it well. The Jews in his he's friends with the he's friends with all the government officials in Israel and hasn't come speak at his church, and so forth. Even though not believers in Christ, but he I don't how you answer question if you asked him you know if Jews can be saved by keeping the old covenant, how can they do so without a sacrifice without temple you know obviously the Jews have not had a temple for 2000 years so they can't keep the old covenant is not available to be kept the old covenant was mostly about animal sacrifice, especially the day of atonement about the high priest going into the holy of holies and taking animals blood in their inspecting on the mercy seat that is not impossible to do since 8070 and so you know if we said, well, the Jews can be saved by keeping covenant. Well, nobody can because no one can keep the old covenant go covenant is impossible to keep without a temple. And even if it was there if they if they do set up the temple again and I'm sure John Hickey believes they will then they do so in defiance against Christ, not as you know, another neutral option besides Christ, it would be in defiance of Christ. The reason God had the Temple destroyed in 70 A.D., is because the Jews kept worshiping there and offer animal ciphers after Jesus already made the final sacrifice and they rejected his cipher. So if they build the temple of course the only purpose for the templates offer animals and they do that for atonement so there's no reason to just build a temple unless they're thumbing their nose at Jesus saying we do not accept you as the final sacrifice so we have our own animal ciphers.

Again note to be saved doing that now dispensations who are not of the dual covenant swords are, they generally believe that the Jews will be saved and that they would be back in the land of Israel, but I don't think they believe they'll be saved by being in Israel think what they believe is that the Jews will be in Israel and in the middle of the tribulation, the Antichrist will set up an image of himself and don't see the light really slow. This is the antichrist and and then they'll turn to Jesus and so the dispensations believe that all the Jews will turn to Jesus sometime in the tribulation. If not, and if not, just before Jesus returns, and they usually quote Zechariah 1210 about that which I don't think is about that that they believe that the Jews look on him whom they Pearson will mourn for him as for and only begotten son. I think they're missing the whole timeframe of that prophecy. But the point is they believe that Jews will be saved by turning to Christ, not without Christ. Only people I John Hickey believe the Jews can be said without Christ and not believe in Christ but just be saved by keeping the old covenant home and listen to you occasional revelation. I really won't complement your own that you don't studied yourself and you now about your book so you can rejoice in another dollar back. Yeah, I really celebrate you that you don't sell books and buy five more I can buy cuppa coffee yet you mention yourself in a partial protection of creditors is that because of usually the coming of Cranston and Revelation 11 and that a I do yes I do see the future second coming of Christ in Revelation 11.

When the two witnesses stand up in her rise from the dead and gone to heaven. I believe that the resurrection looking forward to that book could our readers is of computer printers in comparison to you during this time. I'm really wondering how they handle it resurrection the day at in revelation you talk to doesn't believe in the future second coming years. Yeah, the one I debated on that subject is named Don Preston. He's a pretty pretty notable full credit rest.

There are others or wallet. I don't know him from him. Another one is that Stevens and again only credit not selling books on people could do that when the Lord well I don't want I don't want condemn preachers who sell their books. That's between them and God. I mean, I don't want to sell anything.

I don't sell anything available. While some do, some do but some of them I mean I could sell books. If I didn't have my convictions that I don't want to sell anything in the ministry.

I don't ever want to charge for anything for the word of God and go on started serving the Lord and taking care of me and I really don't will got his face like he may not like you to I sure appreciate that what he has in I'm not young and 66 years old and I am sorry I missed you know Jesus movement was yeah I have yeah I been living by faith since since 1970 so I got that I had well house that's something go to school.

I guess yeah time study will God bless you too great talking to Kelly by all right, Elaine from Sherwood Oregon. Welcome to the neuropathic pain are and Mark Meyer now and all fell back about a pocket okay and this made out still well with the question I received yesterday to about the so-called chip. The RFID chip that people want to put in that Bill Gates wants to put it every chance someone asked me about that and if that's the mark of the beast, and if it's not what I take it and if not why not. Maybe we could just address some of those things here. There are two beasts in Revelation 13, we have to understand how Revelation 13 stands in the book of Revelation. I believe the chapters 10 through 13), and Revelation. I believe that most of Revelation.

Certainly the part before chapter 10 and I think much of the material. After chapter 14 whereafter 13 is I believe that A.D. 70, and the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, but I do believe the chapters 10 through 13) described in chapter 10 is a little book under a different book than the one that John saw "the seven seals in chapter 5 and six. It's a little book which talks about things that are not so soon going to happen and which apply to all the nations, not just Israel, and in this section there is a period of time called 1260 days or 42 months or time, times and half a time. This these expressions all mean the same thing to me three and half years and many people take this to be literal. Some people think that the predators take it to be a reference to the Jewish war, which is from 66 to 70 A.D. the future is usually taken to be part or all of the tribulation in the future. I personally take a view which is usually called the idealist view on this particular section of Revelation, and I believe the 3 1/2 years is symbolic.

I think it symbolizes the whole age of the church and the two witnesses prophesy for that long in the temple is trodden underfoot by the Gentiles for that long and and the woman who flees from the Dragon into letters is nurtured by God for that long and the beast in Revelation 13 blasphemes God for that long. So there's a period of time that all these things are going on and I believe that's true the whole age of the church and I don't take the three and half years as a literal time. If someone else does, that's fine.

I and I don't have any interest in forcing my view on anybody else ever got their own views on this, but we see Satan making war against the church at the end of chapter 12 in chapter 13 Satan pulls up some confederates to help him make war against the church. One is a beast out of the sea and the others are beast out of the land, the sea usually represents the Gentile world and in the land often represents Israel the beast out of the sea is obviously a combination of all four of Daniel's beast in Daniel seven. He saw four bees, the sea and this beast in Revelation has healed parts.

It's like it's like a Frankenstein's monster made up of pieces of each of the four pieces got a mouth like a lion's feet like a bear. It's like a leopard.

It has set 10 horns. That's like the all three. All four of Daniel's beast had one of those Windows character sticks and so I think the beast represents all political powers all pagan political powers that Satan uses as his agents to persecute the church.

Physically, I think the second beast which has horns like a lamb which means it imitates the true religion of that Revelation describes the following and followers of the Lamb, but it speaks like a Dragon which means it's really the devil in disguise again. Both of these beasts of the devil in disguise and the first species disguise is a political system and the second I think is a religious system of false religion now what I believe about both of these beasts is that they represent false religions and and persecuting political systems throughout the entire age of the church including the time were living in, including John's time now in John's time. That first piece was represented in the Roman Empire. At other times other empires another king and other governments to persecute the church and they are the beast than to the beast has 10 horns. Each of them as a king has seven heads and seven Kings. The point here is the beast is not a man. The beast is a combination of many governments and I believe her spread out through the age of the church in John's day the beast was manifest in the Roman Empire, and in particular in my belief, it was in Nero and the mark of the beast of the number, the base 666 I believe is the number of Nero's name. I won't go into that right now you can get my book if you want to or not have cell books but I mean you can find this online to but the mark of the beast. What is that, well, it says that these people have a mark on the right hand or on their forehead and they can't buy or sell without it. Many people assume that this means that something physical will be applied to the hand of the four head of people by a by decree, by law, and that those who don't do it will not be able to eat they can't buy or sell the starved to death in this. This often leads people to think that this is talk about a purchasing option that is that you'd have something your hand that actually is like your credit number and you use it for buying and selling. If you don't have it, you can't buy or sell. I don't see it that way. I see the mark on the hand of the four head as referencing again symbolically, the fact that in the Roman Empire, which John's listeners, readers lived in slaves often were branded with their masters brand has their name or brand or logo on their forehead or other hand, this is known in the Roman Empire and you can find this in secular history and therefore for someone to have the mark or the number or the name of the beast on her head, for it means that they have the visible proof of being the servants of the beast.

This is not a hidden ship under the skin.

It's not attached to the communally red under a black light. This is something that is obvious like a slave that had his master stabbed brand on his hand for the purpose was so that you could tell instantly by seeing them who he belonged to.

And these young people of the world belong to the devil in his system. Now the mind that the brain is represented by the four had the thoughts and the works of Amana represent by his hands so I believe it is saying is a person's thoughts and actions demonstrate infallibly whose servant they are.

If you're doing the works that Satan approves. And if you're thinking thoughts like same slots, that's for sure. Mark that your servant, and as having his mark. Now the next chapter chapter 14 verse one the people of God have God's name on their forehead, and no one literally has a chip or computer chip under the skin that God gave them no one has a tattoo on the head. The Guardian. This is symbolic.

I don't think the mark of the beast is anymore a literal thing, then the market within this name of God on the four heads of the of the godly people.

This is saying that they are God's servants and you can tell just like you can tell who's the servant of Satan.

You can tell who's a servant of God by their actions and their thoughts so that's what I understand this insane now.

I don't believe therefore that the market this is a computer chip in Somerset.

What you don't. Would you take one if they give it. Bill Gates was given a computer chip where I take it I would not know I would not do that others love things I wouldn't do that I would buy don't nestle thinker found in the Bible.

I just don't believe in tyranny. I don't think the government has a right to intrude into my body. If I'm not a criminal that's not what God ordained governments to do.

Therefore, I would refuse. I would find it very objectionable. So that would be my position on that. Not because I would see see it as a market-based unless of course it was joined as you in the mind of people as loyalty to the system you if you saying that the government is God and you and by taking his chip your saying so will certainly lead be a good reason not to take her there. You know, I think I was supposed to hear the music about it. I didn't hear it so I think we have a break coming up here there comes okay. Our website is the narrow path, I'll be back in 30 seconds start going, we have another half hour ahead of Hebrews tells that do not forget to do good and to share with others and share their Nero rang with family and friends. When the show is over today and wanted to go to the narrow they can learn and enjoy your teachings blog articles very diverse teachings and archives of all the narrow path radio show and be sure to tell them to tune into the show here on the radio chairlift noted the narrow path and do good narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg and we are live for another half hour taking your calls now in a couple of lines open if you want to join me with questions about the Bible of the Christian faith. The number is 844-484-5730 7F 844-484-5737 all right our next call today comes from. The reason I hope you have to actually hold up a magnifying glass. I screamed actually see this as EN from Tallahassee, Florida i.e. and welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks yeah I will like what I had a few questions but there really sure is Petra modern-day Petra and former you dumb because the Bible talks about not here, and those who dwell on the rock. Also heard people say Moab because – it was Shayla of Moab curious about that and I was curious, are the temple servants or net you mean mentioned in the Old Testament of the Gibeonites or other Gentiles and I was just curious about all thirdly about the word that you know that we get rapture from because I know it appears also and all sorts of contracts was curious if the first Thessalonians passages. If the imagery of people going up to meet Jesus you know before the tribulation after tribulation.

If that image can even be verified because the word is used only context the three questions okay stay on the line because I may forget some of the services Petra Petra, I believe, I think it's the modern name for bowls bows was a capital of Edom. Now some people Satan in Moab truth is that the Moab and Edom bordered on each other to the east. The south and the east of Israel.

Edom was a little more south and in Moab a little further north. It may be that their property line was disputed from time to time I these nations always warred with each other and annex each of his problems. I don't know if Petra was ever in the territory of Moab but from what I've always understood and I don't I don't make this one of my main concerns to go, but I believe it Petra isn't a more modern name for bowls for which was Edomite capital now now as far as I'm sorry, what was your second question, yes with and nothing where they were. They Gibeonites that I don't know know the Gibeonites were were Gentiles who were sworn to serve Israel in the time of Joshua in exchange for not wiping them out, and so they did continue for generations to that and it's I don't know if the temple servants that are mentioned there are are the Gibeonites or not they could be that's that's something that would take somebody with a little more technical knowledge that I have about the Hebrew words and the word rapture. Our English word rapture actually comes from the Latin.

There's not a Greek word rapture of the Latin word I've been told.

Again, I don't know Latin. I've never studied Latin. I've heard that the word is either rapturous or rapture or something. A raptors something like that rapture and right exactly the part where it stands and sends so it apparently means to snatch up, snatch away, at least they hear the grinning word that Paul uses in first Corinthians chapter essay first Thessalonians 4/17 is a means to snatch or snatch away or something like that.

So when it's the word that translates in our English versions caught up. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air were caught up. There is is with them is to be snatch up and was called rapture for theological reasons, but the word rapture is not in our English Bibles. What were you want to mention the limited and and been heaven's)) and regulation and the context from wondering if you have a lot I know that a lot of a lot of the theology is part of the station on that.

I know people that don't preclude duration rapture people still believe in something where Christians were caught up in this ended the call image. I'm wondering if it were metaphorical, such as what NT Wright or other or strict on millennialist because the word is used so many different ways. I've been on millennialist for 30 years and I've always still believe there is a literal rapture that we do, we will be caught up physically and the reason I think so is because it's the counterpart to the raising up of the of the dead and the resurrection physically pulses the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up. And as I've always understood it, at least to my mind the simplest way to understand or maybe there may be a more complicated way that I'm not aware of but the simplest way to understand that is that Hussein, the physical bodies of the dead will rise and then the physical bodies of the living will rise to meet them in the air and to be with the Lord now. I don't believe is the pretrip rapture people do that when we're caught up to meet the Lord. Whether whether we've died or not see this in take all the Christians whether they died over there.

Still, like all be caught up now.

The dispensations believe that when were cut up a girl going to heaven and will spend some time in heaven with the call the wedding of the Lamb.

I think they're reading the too much between the lines original reference to that there is a reference.

The wedding feast of the Lamb, but is certainly not mentioned as being associated with the rapture and if you know if a person pretrip than time of the wedding feast Lamb is not can help them much. Because in Revelation, the wedding feast Lamb is at the end of the book of Revelation the end of what they consider to be the tribulation.

But I I consider the wedding feast Lamb to be the church age. But but the point is about the rapture like I do think this church age will come to an end when Jesus physically comes from heaven back to earth and as he calms down, he'll call his people who are on earth, either in the graves are alive to meet him in the air. I think the reason for that is because he's coming. It says in second Thessalonians 1. Eight. He's coming with flaming fire taking vengeance on things and it says that the earth will melt with a fervent heat in the earth and its works will be burned up. The elements will melt. So I think that what Jesus does and he comes back as he burns off and purifies the world and and renews it and just so we don't happen to be there by the time they were with him in the air and in the word to meet the Lord in the air as it is significant because and you may have studied this also could you stated this matter with the word meet in first Thessalonians 417 is found only two other places in the New Testament. One of them is in acts 28 and one is in Matthew 25 one. In Matthew 25 one.

It's the 10 bridesmaids were not to meet the bridegroom, which obviously meant to meet him as a welcoming committee meets and to accompany him on the remainder of his trip to the bridegroom's house.

The other times in acts chapter 28 when the Paul was on foot going toward Rome and the Christians in Rome heard he was coming. They went out to meet him. The same word so again it's a welcoming committee idea. So when he says will meet the Lord in the air. It is a world will meet him and go away somewhere.

He's coming here. He said I will come again and I is gonna come here and will meet them in the air as a welcoming committee does and I I suppose I the Bible doesn't say specifically the time that this will happen, but I suppose that's when the burning off of the of the elements of self-worth and the earth will take place in a new heavens and earth are created and we then descend the rest of the way with this all happens in one day. As near as we can tell it's all said to happen in the day of the Lord or the day of God and second Peter three so that's how I understand. I do believe in the physical rapture know you're right. When Paul in second test second Chronicles 12 said he knew man in Christ uses is caught up into the third heaven, he uses the same expression, but is clearly not talking well not necessarily about a physical patient.

He says weather is in the body or out of the body.

I don't know, he said, but God knows so Paul is not insisting that that was a physical catching up, and John of course John's being caught up into heaven. In John four in Revelation 41 is really he's having a vision so he's not been physically caught up there either but you write the word. The word catch-up can be used in different contexts for different things, but I think think the context of the main passage about the rapture, which is first Thessalonians 417 because he mentions the dead in Christ rising first retirement physical thing. I believe, and meeting the Lord in the air pipe. I believe means it will be physically caught Paul talks about this. Also in first Corinthian 15.

He does mentioning caught up with some of the same event.

He says the Lord will will descendent it says in the dead in Christ shall rise and that it says then and and we shall be changed in this mortality put on immortality and so forth. So there's two groups of people.

The dead and the living who have served Christ at the time of his coming, and all are all are raised to meet him and changed or glorified. That's how I understand the Scriptures are there. Obviously, people who see some of those points differently.

Thank you okay will. Good talking to you. Thank you for your call in unless you okay next color in line is going to be a Ken from Santa Ana, California and welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling my thing – you a year ago I had the experience. Not sure what it led years in Montague and note outside in strange happened without hearing people talking but it was neat to look for integral conquests streetlight to make me think that we know the millionaire right in and asked you months in the year I've had these experiences caulking and having hearing the Lord in his time talking now what you say and what you believe. It's a God and his son had me confess, any new you were here one single one of them there hearing a voice in your head know it was damn is audible voice of my head down asked me what student I committed and asked me if I did this one or this one, and they have are acting on them. Look on the money so so you're saying you heard it audibly with your ears yeah just well print in my friend that I know all them are spiritually up and headed to spirit when it happened already happened a year ago heaven they got yeah everybody did take some have to make it's only every one of your Christian friends died last year that it requested no no no policy requested. My family. When up but there still is still here physically right well I got problems that promise so tell me go. What is it you mean by trip and headed what what can I do you like to go around that by night. It is true to annuity because I am not going to call you a liar as far as understanding is going on. I have no idea you could be could be schizophrenic.

You could be made. Many gods talking to you. Or maybe the devil is I have no idea why I don't have it is okay. I have no I have no gauge for for measuring that.

I mean if you if you told me that the voices saying curse Jesus. I could give you guidance over that's coming from, but if it's not you & yeah yeah and I don't know that I am the only okay battling a Christian 12 not had a hard night and Jill asked him anything I can do to help you help me to get the situation when I get Gail. I'll do anything I can for you to go to church hastily carry capital Costa Mesa.

Have you ever thought about asking for for counseling and you could share those things with them and see what they say no, I have it on his guys here. Well, I can understand. It ended that stop let me stop you right now because I think you seriously, I believe you're really having expenses that you're describing.

I what I don't know is what interpretation place on and I certainly cannot get that kind of information in its brief phone call on the radio. I think some steps talk to much more get much more detail once in a while I get calls from people like yourself for having these auto paranormal experiences and I believe I believe in paranormal expenses. I believe things like that happen. I just don't know what to make of them because I made some things.

Sometimes the same event could be interpreted many different ways it can be something going on in the brain. It can be something that the devil's recent gods do not or could be just your imagination. I can't really say and I don't know. I'm not sure what you call before because I there's nothing I can do for you about this. I think you need to talk to a pastor or somebody who can actually spend some time with you obviously got a very exceptional story and you know if if you and I were had an hour to talk. I might try to extract more information. But this point I can't think of any. I can do for you in a conversation on the radio and I've got my lines. I can't really just have you go through your story only a few minutes left so I I don't mean to toot to not take you serious.

I'm taking you completely. Seriously. I just don't.

I just can't do anything for you. I'm afraid here on the air so I'm going to recommend that you find a church pastor who can actually talk to about these things. I do appreciate your calling A second okay see Sir next is John from Vancouver, BC John, welcome to the neuropathic for calling high this or okay really quick and in short had been listening probably will probably two months off and I went in the car and enjoy a lot of the stuff that you do but to an fate in the color that United discussion with a couple days ago and he was an 80 or 80-year-old guy with struggling with his salvation and assurance of salvation. Yes you member that I just want to say how really honestly disappointed. I guess I was in place on with him and you never prayed for him and I thought you had the opportunity to do bulletin and would like. I thought you'd try to get Saddam on his own way and you told him about getting involved in the church, and so on so forth. What do when people have when people have difficult problems that I can't help with on the air. I recommend they get involved with the body of Christ in their area who can do something for not it's true I could pray for our specifically prayed for that last night. Talk to Frank they could.

That's not what I do on the show here. I hear I guess what I would've thought was that there was some little more evangelicalism to your programming Minutemen needed prayer first to find out you know you know you say you don't believe in the words of the get all the sinners prayer but be that as it may, at least at the end of the program or the end the conversation with them and offer a prayer for him to give them some assurance of learning that I would you first login said. I didn't say I don't believe the words in the sinners prayer. I do believe in the words of the sinners prayer.

I just don't believe that and we get saved. Just by saying the sinners prayer and I think we sometimes give people the wrong impression. All you have to do say this prayer in your say that's not how people get saved in the Bible.

They never sensitive prayer and get saved.

They get saved on turning to become followers of Jesus not let me just say this I he was going a lot of different places, with his call and his biggest problem seem to be. He didn't have assurance of salvation because he sends and he said that Christians don't set so we didn't have all day to talk and I spent most of our time. Talk to him about how I felt he was misunderstanding. The Scriptures say Christians don't. Soon I realized that if I had more time with them. I want talk to more about being born again. He asked about that to but he said he'd been studied about 40 years and in a Christian context, and I suspect that he has said the sinners prayer and it obviously if he did. I mean be strange for men seeking God for 40 years in American evangelical contacts. If he never said the sinners prayer but I don't believe that saying the sinners prayer is the changes life. I think the turn his life and his faith upon God will like.

I certainly can see that he is in need of prayer and fact. Everybody is in need of prayer and I had a friend. Actually, the guy who got me started incarcerated he used to just have people calling and he was kind of the pastor on the Aaron he was there, would you please pray for me and got near Mike my nieces going in surgery whatever and I think that's it. That's a good ministry. That's what pastors do. I'm here to answer Bible questions for people and I'll do a sermonic counseling from the Bible. If I can write immediately when I find out that somebody's got bigger problems and someone who's been seeking God and in the Bible for 40 years instant and feels like he hasn't found God. I'm not sure I can do in even 40 minutes. Even if I could give him 40 minutes which I couldn't.

So I think that by directing people. I may have some serious if someone seriously wants to get to know God and they don't avail themselves of the Christian resources in their neighborhood then what's that about you know, why wouldn't they go to church. Why wouldn't they talk to the pastor. I II didn't lay any guilt on my just up and I think what you need to do is talk to some the Christians in your area who can actually guide you through here. I don't personally feel that I can ill counseling run through it and I don't say that same scene of a prayer is to solve the problem either night just blasting it out.

I'll let you go because I know you have full board. I sent from his call that man was searching and I honestly believe it could be very possible that he has never understood conversion. He is under never understood passing from death into life and sometimes that simple concept can be enunciated to him and again that it was just a prayer but I don't believe in the magic of the sinners in the words in it.

I just on that man's heart was ready to say wait a minute I want to do something. Maybe I've never done before and that would be that would be wrong. And then if he wasn't. That was fine.

I just got a thought that that situation that call that person which is demanding prayer is demanding the Holy Spirit touch and man's heart and Steve I would yeah serve its purpose than the call served its purpose. I prayer you shoot me call you for you to do that evangelical, I get that you did not ask the grade for halogen tort listen if you feel that a radio program should be functioning differently than I feel mine is to function. You can certainly get a radio program viewing or else you'll do okay good then that I don't have to double what you do. I really like the year and even defensive now is concerning to me well well you listen a reasonably defensive is because I gave you an answer for. I didn't do it and you're just saying well you should have an uncertain that's sure I know I didn't like it. I was disappointed you didn't sound like that means I should have no lighting at your call love and it is your right is Michael. I forget that Christ living in you that only call okay then I think I'll take that under advisement. That's all in a state what you just said take that under advice. I am now a full-time listener, you got that your heart when you just said what you did, that's that is that's wonderful to meet that indicates your heart to me.

I appreciate very much you say that. Trust me, I appreciate your call. Thank you much but I have great day planner. Okay, let's talk next to Jerry from Michigan Jerry. Welcome to the narrow pathway for calling Steve I think your program is not the past, say that you need to know the second chapter when valid clouds and all flesh defendant will Stand up in my 30s and handmaids of appointments. And then on we know that nearly used when you know what that was but a better venture near Indiana on the day of Pentecost in the second check. You can read but this is that we could spoken by the prophet Joel to come to pass in the last day see it that it will put out my Spirit on all flesh.

Defendant O'Donoghue passé young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams and only 30 Tanana Ham is growth in those days in my spirit and nature So Then He Told about the Other Event during on the Day of Pentecost.

Peter Said That the Passing of John Was Being Fulfilled That Day You Agree with That Part I Do and Then I Meant out Catholics and Lutherans, Presbyterians and Other People Have Received Expect in the Spirit with the Work of Art That's Doing the and Can Write and Again during the Day of Pentecost Is That Right Well I Sure What You're Asking the Okay When You're Mostly Saying That It Is Better Venture Take Place after That That a Little Likely.

And Peter Preached That People Had Repented That Tightening the Jesus but Soon the Holy Ghost so I Hear A Lot Of Things I Need to Know What Your Questions Because Were Running Out Of Time Here. What Is Your Question for the Question Is Today Pentecost, You Said That Was True in the Entire That's a Statement You Have a Question for Another Time. I'm Future Leader about the Future. I Think I Think Peter Said They Were Going in the Moon into Blood Sugar, Literal, Well I Think It's What We Called Phenomena Phenomenal Language It.

It's Hard Not to It As It Appears That the Moon Is Blood Red at Times It's Not Written, I Don't Think the Moon That the Rock Moon Is Turned into Red and White Blood Corpuscles Turn into Blood When I Think It's Hearsay Is the Moon Will Appear. Blood Red Describing Document That Happened That Happened in A.D. 70, When the Temple Was Burned down the Smoke Filled the Air. Sky Was Dark and the Moon Was, but If You Lived like I Do in Southern California and If You Lived Here Back in the 70s. You Know That Smart.

For Example, Which Is Smoke in the Air Can Often Make the Moon Look Literally Blood Red. I Grew up in Southern California. Many Times I Looked at What It Was like It Was Fire Engine Red Because of the Smart Smoke Sometimes Does so When Jerusalem Was Destroyed in the Temples Burned down the Smoke Filled the Skies Says That in the Passenger Quote It Says Will There Be Pillars of Smoke and Blood and Fire and There's Plenty of Bloodshed Modifier Says the Lunch Returned to Blood in the Son of the Dark Side That Is Kind of Literal, but I Don't Believe Literally Turns into Liquid Blood. Okay A Lot Of Time Listening to the Narrow Path Radio Broadcast. My Name Is Greg and We Do This Monday through Friday at the Same Time We Have a Website. The Narrow We Can Hear the Program. Life Is Also A Mobile App, the Narrow Path Which Is Free, Were Listener Supported. You Can Write to Us at the Narrow Path, PO Box 1732 Macula CA 92593 or You Can Donate If You Wish from the Website. The Narrow Thanks for Joining Us and Let's Talk Tomorrow

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