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The Narrow Path 5/19

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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May 19, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 5/19

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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May 19, 2020 8:00 am

this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Luton good afternoon and welcome to the narrowcast radio broadcast modernistic Dragon where life for an hour each week afternoon. We have our phone line open for you to call if you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith or if you have a different view from that of the José like to talk about that. Let me give you number let me just say right now all the lines are open almost every day have say all the lines are full and I and that you take the number call later if you call right now, you could be the first person to call in today. I have no idea why the lies over there's there's actually no calls waiting, I've I haven't seen it like this for years, actually.

So if you'd like to call the number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and I I received some very sad news from some friends today who are listeners to the prerogative ministers for years and they asked for prayer. I thought it share this with you. I can give you the details, but they have a family crisis where they've a grown son who apparently accidentally committed serious crime and is facing very serious jail time and so forth, and he apparently didn't intend to doing wrong, but he he did and it's a very severe thing that actually ended up with somebody dying and so obviously it's very severe thing and they just ask if I if I pray about it and maybe let you know I can't really I don't want to give their names and or or more specific about it, but just know that this a godly family who are going through a crisis right now because of the situation and to go from the sublime to maybe absurd. Our phone lines.

I don't know if our phone lines are crisis I were not seen any activity it is never happens and that I don't know. I don't know if our our studio knows a thing about the situation, but the phones are almost always full at this time and there's not a single phone call that's come through so maybe it's just noise calling. Or maybe we got a technical problem. I don't know the number to call is 844-484-5737 Scott wrote to me and said Steve I have a question regarding the resurrection bodies will there be can continuity regarding our current physical bodies and our new glorified bodies.

Why must be we be resurrected from the ground. Couldn't God just give us entirely new glorified bodies also will Jesus have scars on his glorified body on the new earth. Well, some of this, we don't really know who we don't know what kind of continuity there will be.

There will be some because the Bible says those who sleep in the dust or or others when the graves will hear his voice and come forth, so that the bodies that are actually in the graves even if they have decomposed there still there for the most part they'll rise some to resurrection of life center, resurrection, condemnation, Jesus setting. Matthew 528 29 so I believe there we continuity what kind of continuity.

Let's face it people who died hundreds of years or thousands of years ago. They've decayed entirely into dust and that dust has sometimes been repurposed in Evers heard stories about you know what apple tree in a graveyard day find that there will need to exhume a body that the roots of the Appletree gone through the body of somebody who is buried in there for some of the atoms that made up their body are now part of the Appletree and when the person eats an apple, they might be eating some of the atoms that were part of another person's body at one time and then they become part of their body. And who knows what happens in or if if somebody is buried at sea and the fish eat their bodies and then people eat the fish later on.

I mean, obviously, atoms and molecules that make up your body now will not all be in the same place as as the time you're buried when Jesus comes back, but I don't know that he needs to have them and out. You know I don't. We didn't have an answer for this. But God certainly does. But we do have. We can use our imagination. We know that what makes your body yours instead. Some essence what makes it distinct is your DNA every cell in your body has this DNA code and no other human being has that same code so it's possible that God could simply because he knows the DNA of every person just reconstruct a body from that DNA and it would be it would have continuity because they have the same DNA he and he could certainly clone a whole body from a single atom or single molecule if he wants to, but these are questions are really kindhearted answer because were not given a real details and because an argument details everything we would say would be entirely a could be entirely speculation now something is happening on my screen which makes me think there is something wrong with our system and if you've called and have not been able to get through that may be the issue I'm going to try to reconnect in and see if we can if we can get through here because I obviously wanted to because if we can do so we I have plenty of questions of people have written in and I can take those all day long, but I I since I'm here and not don't happy away from the mic it seems necessary or desirable to me for us to go ahead and take the calls so I'm the reason I'm talking so broken leg. Right now is because I'm entering data on a computer and I just do not do two things at the same time. Well, so you have to enter password here and so forth.

Solicitors uncomfortable on radio, but I'm going to do it anyway. I know this professional talkshow host made the good getting all kind of casual banter with her their people in the studios. I don't like to do that but maybe just if I get this done. I'm can't even log into it now sell. I don't know what our issues are trying a few minutes I'll take another question that's been written to me. All I see I got a note handed me they are having tech issues there. At this at the studio. Okay, now I know there are people trying to call in, but there's a issue at the studio. Not able to to get through, so maybe I'll just take for the time being.

Some of these questions have been written over the years, Amy Roden said in a book I read about Christian psychology. The author was saying that the biblical concept of the heart is referring to the same thing as what Sigmund Freud referred to as the unconscious mind is this the case will Amy I don't think it is the case of what Freud referred to the unconscious mind is actually a whatchamacallit a repository of personality of every memory of everything that ever happened to us, especially the first seven years of our lives, but it's repository memories that we cannot access. That's what's called the unconscious mind. It's unconscious because were not conscious of it, and we can't become conscious of it. It's not just like we forgot something will remember it later if that something is in a reservoir in our personality that we have no access to through any ordinary means. Sigmund Freud is the one who invented this idea.

He's the one who believe there is such a thing as a subconscious mind is never believed before his time so that strictly his invention, but he used extraordinary means to try to get at the contents of what Heath thought was down there and so of course Freud was known for analyzing dreams because he thought the subconscious mind is expressing itself in dreams he used cocaine or with his young things. A cocaine would do what he thought would help his patients release the contents there unconscious mind see. I think he did inkblot test and things like that free association stuff I do know how much that he did and how much his followers laid him up with but just different ways of trying to get at this place in the personality that that this patient himself doesn't even know about and the idea is that you got a bunch of cycles, sexual trauma and all kinds of stuff that happened to you and your when you're younger and although you don't remember it it affects you and you are a little bit to abnormal because of it. So the idea is the reason that your dysfunctional is because of things that happen to you when you're young but you know you don't remember the you might remember some of you if you're old enough about 20 years or more ago that there was a rash of people been going to court, suing their parents and so forth for things that never happened and this is the called false memory syndrome. Psychologists were helping adult people remember things they didn't remember like that they had been abused by their father when they were children. Of course it didn't actually happen in this later became evident that these were false memories, but they were taken as true memories because they were thought that these events had been forgotten. They were in the subconscious and only the psychologist could bring them out so you can see the danger this nightmare question Amy is when the Bible ties with the heart of man is it referring to what Freud called the subconscious or the unconscious mind will first of all, if someone say yes about that, they have to assume first of all, the Freud was right in believing there is such a unconscious mind. It is never been proven that there is such it's just a theory.

Much of what Freud theorized has been rejected by modern psychologists, though many do still believe in the unconscious, and then his son is disciple and protégé of Carl Young expanded that to be the collective unconscious of the human race, and so forth and these are all theories.

There is no proof that these things are true and I don't know that there is such a thing as the unconscious mind, but if there is I don't think that the heart of the Bible speaks of is talk of that same thing. Many Christian psychologists who were who simply buy into Freud's ideas about this have suggested that that one verse in particular about the heart is talk about the unconscious mind and that is in the Proverbs where it says as a man thinks in his heart so is he is a as he thinks in his heart that is and is sent unconscious mind.

That's how he really is. Now this is total missing of the point of the proverb, the proverb is in the context of same. If a man who is a miser invite you over to dinner and he seems to be very generous with you. Be suspicious because even though he same even drink and is been very generous.

You know he's a miser he's a known miser pets and therefore he's got he's got an angle is not just being generous and says for as he thinks in his heart so is he says what it means by that is, don't think that he is the man that he's presenting himself to be when he says even drink any axle generous you know is a miser. It's what's in his heart that determines what kind of a man is not his outward pretense. So what he's thinking his heart. His motivations for this. That's that's what he really is no suggestion that his motivations are unconscious to him. In fact, in most cases, if somebody is feigning generosity when they're not really generous. They know they're trying to manipulate something or get a result this not a subconscious function at all.

So I don't think ever in the Bible the word heart issues in a way that would link it to Freud's idea of the unconscious mind that's my own thoughts about it. The heart in the Bible usually refers simply to the core of the inward part of man.

The Bible talks about our soul talks about our spirit in touch with the inner man, and these could be all different terms for the same thing the mind and the heart.

Sometimes these terms do seem to be used really interchangeably with each other. There are times when they do seem to be distinguished from each other in the text, but that's not always clear what the distinction is wheat we, for example, popularly, will talk of the difference in your mind and heart I J you know with my mind. I'm a believer that might yield I'm not really I don't have a heart felt faith or something like that but were using those terms in a rather modern way.

The heart and the mind are used largely as synonyms and in the Bible. I think that's my impression.

Okay. By the way, I have reconnected to the studio but I don't have any evidence that the phone lines are working. If you want to try to call okay there we can take a call from a Leah from Arlington Washington and the studios couldn't handle that because I'm not getting that here had Leah hi I like your program for over five years and I absolutely adore and love your ministry. Thank you. I have a comment and a question and commented kind of lengthy, but I wrote it down and even timed it and the question doesn't require much of a response.

I'm hoping even with my lengthy comment, hoping to be a festive holiday okay. I've always heard only her prayer was mainly about relationship with God. Every time you hear people talk about her prayer prayer that usually the purpose of it, almost as if it's there's no other purpose than building a loving, trusting relationship and a few years ago I amazing book called why pray by BJ Wilhite. It's there's another book with the same title, but one that I read by BJ Wilhite and everything in that book. Just amaze me and encourage me and fired me to pray and in a way that completely change my prayer life and I listen to your lectures on the narrow about prayer and listen to all your questions on about prayer in Matthew 713, and was once again completely amazed and inspired as it reaffirmed everything that the book had said and muddied me motivated me to pray again. So since learning all of that site really ignited a dire sense of urgency to tell you many brothers and sisters.

He stripped and alarmed me to think that if we the church don't pray for God's will to be done then it will most people think of God's will is all powerful and misguided is all sovereign. What's the point in praying for his will to be done when it will prevail regardless we don't pray simply because God commands that we have to pray we need to pray for God's intervention, you and the author both explained that God gave us free will, which is why usually doesn't intervene but if we use our free will asking and begging for his will to be done except that the conditions in which God will intervene in the book he refers to it as the law prayer which you won't find in Scripture, it was just his way of making sense of that right now. Quoting from the book is that the law prayer. The highest law of the universe, it can overcome the other laws by sanctioning God's intervention when implemented properly at the law prayer permits God to exercise his sovereignty in a world under the dominion of the rebel with the free will in the universe, governed by natural law, three and a sense of urgency.

Had Berg been burdened with and the reason why I called it because I'm hyperaware that unless one can believe that his or her prayers really make a difference. That person will not pray consistently and effectively to think huge majority of the churches praying ineffective and often insecure prayers is really startling thing about prayer and in all the different aspects of it and I don't want to take up too much time at one point that I deftly want to make that change the way I prayer praying that completely change I pray a prayer life other than the consuming sense of urgency is sincerity. We pray for others because they asked that we pray for them.

We pray for someone's salvation, because we know we should do.

How often do we cry out to God in humble desperation I logged and was moved by everything you said about fasting, about how active the constant prayer, but it also gives us a sense of that desperation. One thing the book mentioned that brought me to tears was that God is moved by her tears and desperation gave the example of Hezekiah as he had sent a messenger to tell me he was gonna die for Hezekiah turned his face to the wall that Beverly and before that messenger even got to the end of the court God sent him back in and had him tell Hezekiah God heard your prayer and desire to hear.

Which would mean the guys moved by her tears and he mentioned that when we pray in Jesus name.

It needs to pray in his behalf to pray for what what he would pray for him and he was always praying for the church. The expansion and advancement of the kingdom and authenticated with tears and emotion.

I'm not suggesting one was crying in order for us the prayer to be effective, but it must be sincere is understanding really change the way that I pray before I pray every morning I meditate I simply simply to prepare my heart prepare a simple example is a friend of mine. I I've often prayed for his salvation. But one day after trying to play a real sincere prayer I was meditating into thinking what what it's like. How amazing would it be if God came to him in a dream or he somehow got a sudden realization.

I just imagine him coming to me in tears and rejoicing and telling me that he knows that God is real and I was bawling at the very thought of this. I thought about for about 10 minutes avoidant pray for the first time ever, I prayed with an aching in a longing in my heart for his salvation. We all want our friends to be saved but preparing my heart for prayer makes a year in Florida.

I want to recommend all your listeners to go to the narrow go to topical lectures and under individual topical teaching. Listen to improving our prayer and the teachings in spiritual warfare. The lectures in there at the very bottom spiritual aggression at absolutely amazing.

So, Steve. My question for you is in the light of everything that's happening in the world, all the fear of death and possible stripping of their freedom and the fact that you are also very much aware that most of pray the way we shed for two or three days. Please start your show with the brief urging of your listeners to not only pray, but to listen to those lectures and learn about the importance and necessity of prayer. You don't have to answer my plea right now.

I just asked me prayerfully consider it and if if you choose not to because I completely understand that's not the purpose of this program.

I'm confident that even if an hundred of the thousand, listening are motivated per for it to pray for God's will and revival in the church that it will have accomplished much. Alright, well, that's a that's a mouthful.

And of course I don't usually let people make such a long statement, but Dobson for him from behind and you and you really had prepared it well. I was glad to hear it. And so yeah, thank you for thank you for that suggestion and fan for that and that expectation I will definitely need be paying for it meant that you mentioned earlier you something to please do. Thank you for publishing. Thanks for calling Orrick Steve from Lakewood Washington is next. Steve, welcome to the narrow pathway for going to ship the question first." To serve the juice comes with the mic which means, suddenly you don't suppose what he could do this possibly could come slowly with the cloud of angels and saints in the family familiar and the total speaking.

But before we left Lucy and my conclusion is completely separate. How would you answer a person who says he didn't listen to you because of one verse in Isaiah 820 which says to the land to the testimony if they speak not according to this word, it was because of the right. How do you answer. Thank you very much. You II will say that I don't really think that people will be seen Jesus and the saints coming through telescopes for a long time before he arrives here. He said no you know it would be in the in the moment and the click that and I you know this can happen so I don't think that this is going to be something that they'll see coming for you.

For thousands of miles in advance through the Hubble telescope or something because I don't know that we'll have to see how that works out. Now if somebody says they don't listen to my prayer. I think this rescinded Alyssa my program because it says in Isaiah, to the launch of the testimony if they speak not according to this word, there's no light in them. I assume you're talking about, probably with some of your Seventh-day Adventist friends who feel that I don't speak according to the law because I don't teach Sabbath observance. I'm assuming that's what you're thinking, and certainly that's they're entitled to make that judgment, because obviously people who do keep the Sabbath feel that they are observing the Bible and what it teaches and that they and therefore they know they should not listen to someone like me who teach the opposite. I myself feel that there's very few preachers out there who have everything correct and therefore it's most likely that I and and your friends and others have some things that we believe that are probably not is as correct as we think they are. That's why we keep learning were, you know it's line upon line, precept upon precept, your little, very little, and therefore if you is since I don't believe that were obligated to keep the Sabbath and your friend probably does one of us is mistaken, it could be me or could be them. I don't think it's me, that I mean will just have to wait and see. I will say one reason I don't think it's me, in this case is because I'm guessing that they have never heard or considered differently. Most Seventh-day Adventist are simply following teachers that told them to see a certain way and I'm not falling any particular teacher about this and that doesn't make me right I could be wrong, but I'm not a me when I read the Bible and not trying to make sure that I bring the Bible into agreement with my teachers or my denomination because I don't have one I don't have a denomination or anything like that so I'm just look and see what it says I could get it wrong certainly. But even if I get that wrong. It doesn't mean I get everything wrong and even if if I think they're wrong about the Sabbath, I wouldn't think that everything they believe is wrong LNG flight I think was wrong about a number of things including the Sabbath, but that doesn't think she is wrong and everything so to say I won't listen to someone because they believe something differently than I do on some subject and therefore cannot speak according the word of God while we should probably be humble enough to say well he doesn't see it the way I do, but I suppose there's as much likelihood that I'm wrong is that he is wrong and we were both fallible or neither of us are omniscient, and therefore we both have things to learn, may be the area we disagree about is an area where I have something to learn.

Or maybe he does. But how will we know if we don't dialogue. How will we know if you don't listen to each other that would be the way I would respond to that kind of a statement there's I can think of anybody I won't listen to because I don't agree with David that I won't listen to because I don't hear them say anything that's very glad but there's lots people. I disagree with that stuff will certainly listen to because not everything that a person believes is wrong. If they're seeking the Lord in front of all of the Scriptures were to take a break here as we do, and I guess I guess the phone lines witnesses not showing up on my screen the number to call is 844-484-5737 we have another half-hour to come, but you're listening to the narrow path, we are listener supported. You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow I'll be back in 30 seconds again to nearly the path that leads to life into the narrow path. Steve grand has nothing to me today but everything to give you the radio I ever go to the narrow you can study, learn and enjoy the three topical audio teachings blog articles, favors, teachings and archives of the narrow path radiation. Thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path.

The state grant fee when the narrow back to the narrow path radio broadcast dynasties Greg and we are live for another half-hour taking your phone calls things not working on my computer, probably so I can't see the phone calls like I usually can, but the studio has informed me that phone calls are coming through and so feel free to call and will put you in line and the studio will tell me who they are right now are going talk to Linda from Las Vegas Linda, welcome to the narrow path expert on about demonic possession and show you our lecture on virtual warfare lectures on average time it takes to get that in the spirit that doesn't want to get away were multiple spirits. Well, I don't think there's an average II think every case is different. Certainly every case of possession is different because it depends a lot on the spiritual condition of a person who has has come is that state has and how many demons are there and how tough the demons are typically there are wimpy demons will run away screaming. If you just mention the name of Jesus, and there are others that are obnoxious, that will curse the name of Jesus I mean that they can't do so ultimately that they will do so. For a while we saw that in many cases when Jesus cast out demons. He simply cast them out with the word just a word made him go. But in the case of the man of the tombs. It says them. The deep, Jesus told the demons to leave and then before they did. They begged Jesus to be sent into the swine.

The herd of swine and he gave them leave, but but he already told him to leave and they didn't but they knew they had to make and they didn't leave immediately, but they knew they couldn't really stay. So I mean Jesus has authority over all the demons but there are demons that are that are weak and demons are start.

I don't know why this is my mistress observable in the Scriptures and also in real life situations I've been in situations where now I don't testing is not very often I have had that express a lot. I'm not an expert. I'm not speaking as an expert, but from my experience, I've seen a demon god of a girl that was very severely possessed in about 1015 minutes.

I think it could happen sooner in some cases, but in the case and thinking if it took 10 or 15 minutes before the demons left in another case, a girl I knew was best wishes she was possessed for four months as people were ministering to her and praying for her and she finally got delivered. The demons resisted and didn't didn't seem to come out. I think there are a lot of them because, in her case. I was certainly not the only one ministering to record quite a few people doing so over the period of four months, but on the occasion, I was with her.

I think there were. It appeared to me that several demons when out of her at the time that she wasn't fully delivered. So it's it really differs, really differs in the Bible.

It differs in the case histories for missionaries that I've read the most remarkable case that I've ever read and which I've mentioned before was the case of Christoph Bloom heart Johann Christoph Bloom heart and the girl in his church. Many demons he took. It took two years to get them all out. There were so many but and it was over.

Time there's someone come out and then it stop having him take some more. He's the one he's the one that I got the idea from about fasting being a kind of a perpetual prayer that he came from his experience but anyway I get I don't think there's any average think of a norm. I think a person can have a thousand demons are 2000 demons like the men of the tombs are percent of one demon or two or three in the demons can be tough ones are wimpy ones and and by the way, the person who's doing the exercising of the demons. Their condition has something to do with it to when the disciples said to Jesus, why couldn't we cast these demons out and they had with other cases but there was a particular case of a young boy seems they can do it and she said because of your lack of faith is sin of this kind is not, but by prayer and fasting so there are different kinds of conditions that the persons ministering might be in there might be moral compromise that might be lack of faith. So there are so many factors but but the truth is that Jesus is the victor I Jesus has conquered the powers of darkness and they will put up a fight. Just like little kids sometimes be rebellious. You tell them to do a certain thing they say no I like to do it and you know that their grandma because you make him and it's if they can't resist you effectively, permanently, but they may try for little and so you today realize that the Dean — come out if they have several different at all. I assume they would. I've never been in there in their shoes that I assume they would know the difference. Yet I can't answer that with certainty. Okay all right you you have a particular case you're dealing with what has been the circumstantial unity giving identity but to me what what is it that makes you think they have a demon and what is that that's been done so far back family member and she experiences his hand he'll fail something special like flicking his head.

Maybe sometimes it can feel like something is holding his slick and then send it bother him well And quite often is that are not just normal circumstances, like something is trying to torture Hammer tormented him on an ongoing basis while well you are you or someone you know is ministering to write family lift and not just me will train you know losing the moment Jesus has come out in a moment Jesus gone the training Lark protection for him and transport him a lot. My husband to change it all the case I mentioned was a girl who had been the was possessed four months and finally got delivered. That was very frustrating and very confusing because I it doesn't seem like it should take that long and and yet she was finally delivered.

So I guess I can say don't give up.

You know, keep praying. I don't know – – kind I know Wayne I know what you mean and you know that's truth. A lot of our praying in general, just like the Iliad in the first half. I was talking about. Sometimes it feels like were not accomplishing anything in print so we just kinda get discouraged. Don't do it, but we are accomplishing something. And of course in Daniel chapter 10 we know that when Daniel was praying and fasting. It took three weeks before a messenger got him from God, who was sent the very day he began to pray. The messenger said I was sent by God, the day you've began praying to took 21 days, either because there's this warfare going on to present my getting here. I tried to face a demonic principality and fight with him. He still up there and finally got sent Michael to help me and now I been able to get through, so we don't know what's going on. We don't know how much we don't know how much is going on in the unseen realm and yet we just pray we continue to pray because Jesus said men ought always to pray and not lose heart moment Jesus has to leave after several doing them scared guardian angels that are there casting them out. The narrow finally at NCI, we can't see it needs a lot of times you can see the person be delivered.

You can see the transformation in the Bible to demons, when out violently was screaming and seizures and things like that. That's not always the case.

There's another factor and that is that sometimes I wouldn't say it's a dumb sound like it may be the case in this instance but maybe a lot of times a demons get control over people because the person is got involved in something that, as it were, invites them as some people say gives them ground there. Give the boy the movie the exorcist featured a girl Linda Blair is the actress who is a demon possessed girl. That movie is based on a true story where the victim was actually a boy 14-year-old boy in the real story and and many of the things in the movie really happened, although some of them did not. But among the things are true about that story. If I got I think that movie brings out but in the true case, he became possessed as he and his I think his grandmother and he began to do some cult type stuff playing tarot cards or Ouija boards or something. I forget exactly what was but he and his grandmother got involved in some of this cut stuff and immediately there began to be demon manifestations that were amazing and terrifying. But you know it. A lot of times people have edema because they did something that he actually invites the demon whether they knew it or not, and I think that sometimes before they can be released. They have to renounce that a repent of that because the demon is there on that ground with some legitimacy.

I don't know what this cases, but that you have local pastors or local help several general announcement of anything on my own chair. You will yeah there's no there's no magic, there's no magic involved in this.

It's it's the authority of Christ confirming the authority of demons and there are people who do things that strike me as more magical like meals anoint the windows and the doors of house and things like that which I don't know that that doesn't harm, but I don't have any reasonably that does any good and I don't I don't think we need to get to mystical or to magical. Just realize that were standing in the in the place of Christ in his name with his authority, commanding the demons to go if they don't go as they should immediately you you just don't back down, and it may take some time may take some time. You just don't back down.

Don't lose heart.

I don't doubt I've heard people say you should lay hands on demon possessed people, but actually Jesus actually did it in at least one case laid hands on demons theme of this person so I think nothing wrong with doing so. Yeah okay I'm sorry about the situation in which I wish I knew some kind of special three-step plan that always gets them to go immediately, but I don't know of anything like that three-step plan Patient God bless you think you will write who's next, Rodney from Detroit Michigan hierarchy welcome to the narrow path, expelling, thanks for taking my call. I wasn't planning on calling today, but when I heard you had problems. I figured I trying get through phoria apparently God might allude it anyway because I do that previous call about demonic possession I was involved with several cases of that and I think to the things that is very important understand is number one and like you said the agent that's actually praying for the person is a huge factor in the notoriety you know they have to be have to know the Lord have to be fully submitted to him in. I think Jesus summed it up when Minster certain demons that only come out by prayer and fasting like I think we underestimate that and then something else to consider is sometimes demonic spirits are thereby God's well and sometimes they may not come out until God is finished. His purpose whenever that may be. I know we see several examples of that in Scripture right Saul. And so sometimes sometimes we might pray and pray for God's will is for that person to go through that, you know, we see that in Scripture like that woman that was bound for 38 years and that guy by the pool us alone, but sometimes demonic spirits and leave until God is ready for that to happen. So sometimes you have to be prepared for that, but I've seen it happen with my own eyes. Like you said, I believe that's correct is correct – now this isn't what you call it energy, something else now.

I'm sorry no I just find out that I will quit my question is, is about the book of Revelation in the Democrat or partial play – do I believe the partial predators like yourself would say that when you read the book of Revelation summative things.

Most of things have been in the past like 780 and then there are some things that are talking about future events. So my question is when a partial predators read the book of Revelation like yourself, what determining factor do they use like as the reading and what do they used to determine whether something happened in the past or in the future and I know like one of the biggest things he uses light when they say that it's as there are some scriptures that say love. These are things with you shortly come the past. I know like when I read the book of Revelation. Like the first three chapters, and then chapter 4.

Three. Vanderburgh is a distinct division between the first three chapters in the last you know how many chapters S what that is a huge difference between the first three chapters and the rest of his correct right like when I read it type the first three chapters seem to talk about the things which would shortly come the past because you know those root use was warning about coming tribulation.

Then in chapter 4. John is caught up to heaven and he said that he's going to see the things which are going to happen year after. I think that there is a distinct division. I read Revelation, a lot.

So how does a partial predators read stuff like 1/3 of the grasping burnout and all these prophecies about things that apparently definitely have never happened but yet they say well it happened in the past. Well you know we talked about this quite a few times you and I've tried to make clear what some still seems maybe not. To be clear, you say these deftly did not happen you I think you should say they deftly have not literally happened there has not been a time literally where all the grass burned up but the question is what is referring to in the symbolism and has the thing that is symbolized happened or not.

That's the real question because the book of Revelation is not lit written in literal terms but in symbolic terms.

Everything is symbolic is symbolized in their you know he's got death and Hades riding a horse. I you got a beast with seven heads and 10 horns.

That's not a real thing that's in the real beast that's that's the governmental instant and out of my question above.

My question is, my question is like when you read the book of Revelation, you say well you know all these are symbols of things that have happened in the past but like how do you determine that like like I needed something like something that many are certification my own journey of understanding the book of Revelation began.

I think probably where you begin in the dispensational futurist view. I held that for some years until if yours ever taught I the first thing in Revelation. I rethought was I supposed chapter 20 and the reason I rethought chapter 20 was because I began to see other passages in the Bible on some of the same points that are mentioned there, which gave me new light on that passage so I eventually very gradually came to see chapter 20 differently and then the next chapter I selectively was was chapter 12 and I was I didn't just come to the book of Revelation say it's all about the future or it's all about the past or something else. I just began to you. Don't take the features in the visions, and Revelation and interpret them in light of what the Bible said on using the same imagery elsewhere and gradually begin say okay I think chapters I see chapter 20 really differently now. I see chapter 12 really differently now and as I learned more about the date of writing and as I learn more about the events of 70 A.D., I begin to see how many of them had been fulfilled and course I compared it with the all of the discourse which Jesus gave in Matthew 24 and that was about the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. and you know as I began to look at the individual features of different passages without imposing a paradigm on my I was not of.

I was not a partial predators and in the sense I'm now. I just began to compare Scripture with Scripture until certain parts like puzzle pieces begin to make sense in a new way. In view of what the Scripture said on the same subject elsewhere and eventually there were enough parts of the puzzle. There to to get a picture now, there are still some pieces missing. There are some things in Revelation. I still don't claim to understand like anybody else. I hope were all learning things and in revelations one of those things we can learn a lot about for years to come. But eventually, after several years of this kind of piecemeal change of mind about certain parts. I began to see some picture forming and and if the picture was for the most part about the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, but there are parts of the book of Revelation.

I don't interpret that web and and the reason I don't is because the details of the passages of fitted different paradigm, but I mean you apparently have not listed my lectures on Revelation. If you did you know my reasons for taking each parcel. I do because I never I never just make dogmatic statements in my teaching I can I give my arguments I Skype I tell you how I reach that conclusion. And so rather than me being able to give all that information here which I can't. I didn't go to my website. The narrow under the verse by verse lectures in my lectures and Revelation there in the end that'll answer for every passage. Why take it the way I do. Okay, I just yeah, could you just like to sing and Revelation were like you can't really refer to another Scripture in the past, I didn't. There is nothing in the Scriptures is 1/3 of the grasping burnout in the third of the sun was smitten, but there are other place. There are other place in Scripture were the fraction one third is used figuratively and that helps something to you find that in Zechariah, especially butts and the grass and the trees are definitely very common images in the prophets in the Old Testament very frequently and you can once you begin to understand that you know when when you begin to see that the book of Revelation is not written to people in the 21st century was written to people who were well acquainted with the prophets and with the symbolism. The prophets use Daniel Zechariah, Isaiah, and many others. Then the cursor begins to make sense in a different way. But again, you seem to call me a lot with the same question every time and I mean you always want to know you how I reach the predators you the simplest way to do that without wasting more airtime on the same subject is just listen my lectures because you'll find out everything I think never heard of you before like that. Yeah, you're the furniture salesman in the first person that I've ever heard that it held that you like and I just can't see it yet and I value Revelation, I guarantee you that you and I guarantee I'm not the last person who holds the view that you'll run into so that I don't get too good to be crying because it's it's a widespread understanding. Okay, I have to listen you lectures thank you okay Rodney thank you for your call – I think all right is next.

Derek from Oakland, California.

Welcome to the narrow pastor hello Derek, maybe not okay to another color. There studio okay Scott from Phoenix, Arizona hi Scott, welcome to the narrow path regarding the program just a couple quick first band member Kyler about the possession my wife and I had gone to bed the street that he will deliver you, no matter how long it takes so you know, like you said that Karl Rove it can delay but sometimes that use Egmont just read that last week we had this question is salvation. He didn't want to do a couple calls about it was the surrender member when I came to the Lord, my friends, that's got me that I surrender my will to God and just doing that surrender yourself to God, then make that happen. He transformed you at that point but to surrender through bad that salvation have been experienced in the essay that begins yeah I think you know I have the key. I think you're right.

I think you're right and I think it's the only heard the word surrender a lot. There's even that old song all to Jesus I surrender, I surrender all, and yet we might not think as much as we should about the meaning of that term surrender means that you have been at war and your your your surrendering to the other side you're letting the other side win now. What that means is, of course, by nature, we defend our own lives, our own egos. Our own will, our own agendas our own plans and God has a different plan in a different agenda for our lives and we are holding on to ours and resistance to him. He has something better in mind and we don't want to let him grab that lever of control and to surrender means I'm given up. I am giving up on giving up my agenda I'm giving up my rights unconscious surrendering to Jesus as my king.

I'm going to join his kingdom announced to my kingdom and that surrender is really I think something that is lost in many people's expense, because many people told that they should know they should pray and accept Jesus into their heart, but that doesn't doesn't convey the same idea to many people as surrendering insane I'm giving up everything I I was pursuing. And I'm just can pursue what Jesus wants and that's it so I appreciate that that thought. Thank you brother care that much thank you Scott LSU. I think it's time for another call is or when waiting there studio Paul from Portland, Oregon. Welcome to the narrow path.

Paul, thanks for calling in a long time.

That's two quick questions I've always had kind of an introverted personality and I hear a lot about God hates lukewarm Christians and strike myself is that it's not that I want to be and I just thought your thoughts on yeah I don't think it lukewarm is the same thing is introverted and I think that your hand on a street corner in writing. That's right thinking is thinking you were thinking. I think you're thinking that if you are not lukewarm.

You'd be more ostentatiously more and more vocal, more bold, more loud, perhaps public and that's not something we should never assume that's not always average gift. Not everyone is called to preach on the streets. Different people have different gifts your gift. Maybe something is very obscure.

Maybe your call to give her to serve her to pray in a way that other people cannot do in and made other people never see you do it, but it's God sees it.

And God uses it every person the body of Christ has a different kind of gift a different function in different temperament to so don't ever measure your dedication to Christ by when you're doing the same thing someone else is done have a lot of time on a 15 seconds I'm sorry to say, listing the narrow path, we are listener supported. You can write to the narrow path at PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 bar website is the narrow Let's talk again tomorrow –

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