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The Narrow Path 5/20

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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May 20, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 5/20

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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May 20, 2020 8:00 am

this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg and we are live for an hour each week. The afternoon taking your calls.

If you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith.

You may call me if this number. All I have to say has often do, though the lines are right now. Full, keep this number and call later you get in 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and our first caller today is Jeff from Monterey, California. Jeff welcome to the narrow path X regarding update and a question for you. I heard a little while ago from a teacher whom you may be familiar with the payment of sandstorms and give a nominal utility on no position but he said something that had me thinking on my understanding he ate the position that book of Revelation was written after 70 A.D. sometime after of Agostino during that your 9080 90 and I was just curious, how does that work with the milk position will delete would you think about that on the photo of the comp that there okay it works just fine for the millennial position on millennialism is has been held by people who hold to the early date of Revelation or to the late date of Revelation.

It doesn't really matter now sandstorms is millennial, but I don't believe he's apprenticed and apprenticed is somebody who believes see I'm millennial animals apprenticed so that's a different category of predators to someone who believes that Revelation is talking primarily about things past.

Now millennialism is one of the three positions about the millennium but the millennium is not the concern of the book of Revelation, except in one chapter in this chapter 20 chapter 20 is the only chapter in the New Testament that talks with the millennium and so if your premillennialist or a post-millennial's are millennialist that is affected by how you're taking that one chapter in Revelation, but when we think of the whole book of Revelation there are a whole different set of categorical labels of predators believes the Revelation is largely about the past. Futures believes it's largely of the future. Historicists believes that it transcends the whole historical period of the church and the idealist believes that it's largely symbolic of ideas and concepts rather than any historical. So the views of the four views of Revelation are quite independent from the three views of the millennium, the millennium again, only has only connects to the book Revelation in one chapter and that's at the end of chapter 20 but the rest of the book is is what the dispute is about when it comes to predators, to whatever apprenticed who believes it.

Revelation's predicting 70 A.D. would have to believe it's written before that date. But many people are millennialist and not predators. I am both on the printer center on so that would be the issue in the late date would be an issue for predators not necessary for all millennialism per se. All right, let's talk to Justin from Fort Worth Texas test and welcome to the neuropathic for calling me think the biblical to a teaching that you did when he talked about three different views of hell and that there were two views the initial mortality and then the last one which was like restoration restoration for handling everyone so I was kind of surprised that you didn't talk about rich man and laughter versus and then the next day I looked up the Kennedy Luckett search no most influential versus war. The traditional view of hell, eternal conscious torment and that article also didn't mention the Richmond ladder start menu think Manna might missing pending about rich the rich man and Lazarus I know.

I merely teaching about the afterlife, but you what your take on that note is there is something that you are missing and that is that this story rich man and Lazarus talks about a man or two men actually in what we call the interim between death and the and resurrection that the views of hell have to do with the final judgment of the wicked, they have to do with people who are thrown into the lake of fire.

What happens there. Are they burned up. Are they purified or are they tormented forever. That's the three views of hell. They are three views of the final judgment, the lake of fire and the start of the story of Lazarus nourishment does not deal with that. It deals with the condition. People immediately after they died. And the reason we know this is because the rich man in the story still has five brothers who are alive on earth, so it's not the end of the world. It's just he died he died, and he finds himself in shale or in Hades. Now Hades is not hell because Hades is thrown into the lake of fire in Revelation chapter 2780s is distinguishing that, but so Jesus is describing are two men who die and and the conditions they find themselves in. Immediately afterward, where as hell has to do not with where you go immediately after you die, but where you go, and the great judgment okay well yeah horse yeah so clear, I think your right hand procedure, yet you got it. Thanks: Culligan sometime.

Scott from Phoenix, Arizona.

Welcome to the narrow path, thanks for telling Mike about beginning now that something was more cunning than any either. The Lord made Andy's family in the New Testament is the beauty that and I think I read the NIV where it said Danette at the NIV Outlook. Now that the leper wanted to work more settled than any other Lord made my night. I was wondering if you could read from that that created art but dammit it came time to be an how does that relate to the being cunning and being coming in our art like that. I will be at pending at the serpent but in general though coming out and out bad or evil. Well I think Jesus is the as wise as serpents in the King James version.

I'm not sure what all the nuances of that would be but being wise is certainly good. A wise is a virtue, actually, but I don't think it's the same trait that the devil has. I don't think the devil is wise, but he is crafty and cunning so I might my impression is that when Jesus be as wise as serpents.

He's not referring to this state of the serpents it's described in Revelation, coming in Genesis 3.

He's just describing the fact that serpents are they go slithering away from danger. They hide in end a ME. Frankly, we don't see an awful lot of wisdom and serpents other than the kind of wisdom that we read about in Proverbs of the Coney who is a feeble folk but makes its home in the rocks. I mean, the idea that some animals are smart enough to hide from danger and to avoid unnecessary peril is, is enough to say about their wisdom in most cases, so I don't think that I don't think Jesus is saying we should be is crafty as the serpent in the garden was smart but rather that we should be, you know, I think everyone who sees a snake knows that if the snake sees them as good to go hide somewhere because it's otherwise cognitive self killed that so often the case when people encounter snakes and anything you say to his disciples. You need to be careful because people are going to be looking out for danger because there's three people persecuting you and so proceeded to be as careful about your safety as a serpent would be harmless as a dove. It's that's how I would understand that as far as Satan been created at the same time as the animals and so forth his present one of the points you made. Yeah, I think we don't know when Satan was created, but he was certainly not created a later than the animals, because animals are created in man is greater than the devil was found to be present in the serpent the serpent is a interesting image in the book of Revelation because I'm in Genesis. It's in Revelation 2 but in Genesis because it's treated as if it's one of the animals and yet Revelation tells us that old serpent is the devil. I think the way were to understand that is that the snake is not literally the devil any more than Peter was literally saved when Jesus said to Peter, get behind me Satan. Peter was speaking for St. Peter's mouth was opened by Satan and said things even realize were from the devil. And yet it was Peter who was addressed as Satan and are seemingly addressed to Satan, so also the serpent. I don't think has serpents don't talk but it it was the devil that opened its mouth is the devil that spoke through it and so we recognize that the voice of the serpent was the voice of the devil. Since Ashley serpent don't have voices otherwise and so when you talk of the serpent. You know their server.

A double entendre there.

There's there's a reference to the actual animal. The serpent and is the animal that had to go down on its belly as a part of the curse, but the serpent that was the devil was, I think just the voice of the devil speaking to the serpent.

I don't think that the Bible does indicate that demons can inhabit animals. For example, Jesus cast demons into a herd of swine so we know the demons don't only possess people but also animals and if they wish. And so I think probably the devil just possessed the snake and spoke. That's my understanding that they alerted Mandarin like writing connective yet what it could be. Could be talking about how the snake was chosen by the devil because it was a more cunning hunter are more a more careful self protective and other animals were but I'd I think it's very probable that it's that serpent was more cunning than all the animals and probably more cunning than other serpents to because it was operating through a mind that was not its own, but was superior to that of itself or of other animals.

I don't know how to explain it otherwise, or maybe a better way. Okay God bless and thanks for your call to talking to you ward from Eugene, Oregon. Welcome to the narrow password.

Thanks for calling the soda calling for a friend who has a pencil and paper's question is did quit what diversity would indicate that the gifts or miracles or healings considered continued after the apostles feet. No words to think she needs them. We believe that it went on, but he would like convert this to prove that those things are still valid today or that they were valid even after the apostles were gone well in first Corinthians 17 Paul told the church that they would lack in no gift.

He started to get the spirit was charismatic or charisma is as you will be lacking in no gift awaiting the revelation of Jesus Christ is awaiting the coming of Christ. So as they were waiting for the coming of Christ. They would not be lacking any gift, the church is still waiting for the coming of Christ and should not be thought to lacking any gift. If God intended for the church to have the gifts until Jesus comes in first within 13 Paul is Ashley talking with the gifts again in this action in the very middle of his discussion about the gifts. The spirit he talks about tongues. He talks about prophecy talks about having faith to move mountains and things like that and the gift of knowledge in all that he talks about that and he says this form in verse nine for we know in part and we prophesy in part.

Verse 10 but when that which is perfect.

Perfect is come, than that which is in part will be done away so that which is in part is that the manner in which we exercise our gifts. The gifts and always get the proxy and the one she's been talking about that's partial but when that which is perfect is come, then, the partial will be done away. Well, I don't know. I don't know that perfection is come yet and I think it actual true perfection won't really be here until Jesus comes back.

So it seems like as long as it imperfection continues. Then the gifts are not done lately spares there's nothing in the Bible to suggest that they would be put it that way. Now in Ephesians chapter 4 Paul talks and some gifts he talks about how in in verse 11 Christ gave some gifts of the to some to be apostles and prophets, some evangelists, and pastors and teachers.

These gifts of the spirit in other lists to most of them and it says he gave them for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ until here's how long until we all come in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God unto them, perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

So until we all come unto a perfect man to the fullness of the stature, the measure of Christ.

These gifts are there to equip the saints for the work of the ministry for the building up of the body of Christ. They apparently won't be needed when the body of Christ is need to be built up anymore but it be an amazing thing. If God recognized the need for these gifts to build up the body of Christ. Up until the apostles died. And then there is no more need to build up the body of Christ anywhere, or it was good to be done without supernatural assistance from God. From that point on, no one can make an argument that I've ever heard. That would make a sensible and useful every time there's actually a suggestion or hint about when the gifts are no longer needed.

It's always associated with frankly perfection and the coming of Christ when he comes in all things are perfect so those are some of the verses and in that stands up against the other camp, which has no verses there are no verses in the other camp that would suggest that to gifts of passed away when the apostles died.

The only one night herd which is really puny. It wouldn't fit when that which is perfect is come, they say that when the word of God with complete but that doesn't really. Why would the gifts with the gifts no longer be needed from the word of God is complete and we now now we have the word of God but don't we still need the power of the Holy Spirit are doing.

I will do anything in the flesh. What Paul said to the Galatians you foolish Galatians, having begun in the spirit to be made perfect in the flesh is only two ways to to go either in the flesh and the spirit and I can't imagine in the Bible certainly gives no hints about any plan that God would have to take away this power, the spirit for the church for the task is done, why what would motivate somebody to suggest that the gifts are gone, you know Martin Luther didn't believe the gifts are gone and his him a mighty Fortress is our God, says the spirit and the gifts are ours, he may believe you have the gifts the spirit and the church fathers first several centuries after Christ made reference to prophets and healers and so forth. In the church. They have these gifts. The spirit, so I'm not really sure why somebody at this late stage would come up with a theory that the gifts run away with the apostles. There's nothing in the Bible to hint at it there's there's no historical support for that. Certainly, the early church wasn't aware of it. They thought there were still prophets and healers and so forth. When in the third and fourth century, and even in the Reformation. Luther didn't hadn't heard of it, so it's obvious that the idea that the gifts and taken away arose some time since the Reformation because reformers to believe it. So it's it's it's a new Dr. and it's a new Dr. based on nothing except the fact that the person to believe it usually go to churches where they don't see any power the Holy Spirit and so it's kind of a motivation. I suppose to try to normalize what they consider to be normal you know nobody wants think their subnormal and there are churches where there's not been a manifestation of the power of the spirit in the hole in their whole history of the denomination, and a note if there supposed to be. That's kind of you know, embarrassing, and rather than be embarrassed to Caesar just say well what were normal and were okay that this late. Supposed to be supposed be gifts of the spirit anymore.

Well, that's a man-made doctrine 100% and it certainly seems like a damaging one to me at the church is the trend operate through flesh and so the spirit are not doing the work of God will do very good.

I appreciate that we've got it written down. Okay, so let it be written okay so yeah they collection.

Thank you Lord for targeting John from Marietta California. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling I Steve I got a question and I'm not exactly sure how to frame it.

I first heard from Walter Martin where he talked about he didn't believe in the doctrine of the eternal son. I don't either. When I look in John 11 it says in the beginning was the word word was with God the Word was God the Word became flesh every Old Testament reference.

I look slick reference to this on seems to be a future tense.

If you understand what I'm saying and I deal a lot with Jehovah's Witnesses and they'll say all well sometime in eternity past God began to dishonor whatever this assignment begat when Holy Spirit over Charlotte so overpowered are over shadowed Mary in my opinion or in acts 13. It seems almost like it says when he raised him from the dead. He was declared the son so this idea of the son existing in the past what you think of that I like to try you in person, by the way with you you you you expressed in the watermark expression that I express because I'm on the same page and have been for decades actually is. As a result of talking to Jehovah's Witnesses that I began to research this management back in the early 70s. You know where I was to arms, telling them that this Jesus was eternally the sun and they were arguing that if he is the son how to become the son you know if if he didn't have a beginning, you know, and you know I was willing to stand up for the traditional doctrine that I that I been trained in book but I want to make sure wasn't teaching certain that the Bible didn't say and so I went on a search for it and I did find as you did. There is no place in the Bible that refers to God to Christ necessarily as the sun before his incarnation, he was the word he was gone with God he was God.

So this note no diminishing of the deity of Christ in this.

It's just a question of when did the term son begin to apply to him. Has he eternally been the sun that is the traditional teaching of the Trinitarian doctrine, but it's it's an unnecessary one. Since the Bible doesn't teach that the Bible teaches that Jesus always existed.

As the word but it doesn't say he always existed as the sun so when with the word have become the son now. You made a good point in the Old Testament there are a couple of places anywhere were Jesus is referred to as the sun and that's before he was born in one of them is in Psalm 27 which says you are my son to stay at begotten you. But Paul quotes that in acts 1333. He quotes that verse eight says this is target Jesus being raised from the dead.

In other words, he's begotten from the dead. In Revelation chapter 1 Jesus referred to himself as the firstborn from the dead and Paul refers to him as the firstborn from the dead and Colossians 118 also so so when David is writing and says the Lord said to me you are my son this today I have begotten you. Paul says that start out being begotten from the dead, the day Jesus rose from the dead is the data God begot him and that's an all out not by lag. You're right about Mary to outplace about that in a moment, but you know it. Psalm 27 does not work for eternal son ship because he specifically says that this day I have begotten you eternal eternal son should doctrine thousand sailors every day. He's begotten he's always he's always begotten you must be on a certain day, but Psalm 27 on the authority of Paul the apostle has to be understood be a reference to the resurrection Sunday when God raised from the dead that day.

He was begotten from the dead. And that's how Paul interpreted in acts 1333 now. Isaiah 96 says unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given that that's in the Old Testament two is clearly target Jesus as son but as I understand it, saying child is born, that child is the son, and then that child. The son is given given to us on the cross is given to us to be our Lord, our Savior. He sees the sun, having been born is now given.

Now while Paul interpreted one of those two verses which look at the Old Testament as the resurrection.

The other one I think has to be understood in terms of his birth and death, and because you and you mentioned this just bring up the first it in Luke chapter 2 the angel speaking to Mary and says you're going to have a child and she says will. How could that possibly be actually that's in chapter 1 is is not tempted to check when she says, how can this be, since I do not know a man verse 34 in verse 35 the angel says to her, the eighth that the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the highest will overshadow you therefore also that holy one who is to be born of you will be called the son of God.

Okay, Lisa is called yeah aces will become aces for this reason aces therefore he will be called the son of God. Simply ask, why is Jesus called the son of God in Scripture with the angel says it's because this Holy Spirit came upon Mary and overshadow her and she was a converging conception. He had no earthly father is not Joseph Sonny's godson God made his mother conceived and therefore he is called the son of God.

Now there are no places in the Bible that say that Jesus was always the son of God for eternity. That's a doctrine that just I guess seemed necessary for people to firm in order to give Jesus know somehow better status, but he hasn't just as good a status by the call, the word of God in the beginning was the word the word was with God the Word was God. But a son is a title that speak specifically of having been begotten by the father and Jesus has that title for two reasons. One, because God fathered him in the womb of Mary and because God in another sense, fathered him, begot him from the dead, and his resurrection. Those are the two ways in which the Bible actually speaks of Jesus as God, and in no other writers never mention him as such. But this is considered heresy such as let you know the church has considered this doctrine and rejected it in the past, but they didn't have a Scripture for their position and as is often the case, the traditions of the church. Sometimes do not have Scripture behind them and that is certainly one of the cases where they do not listen.

I got take a break here, but I'm not done. We've got 3030 minutes more listening to the narrow path. My name is Steve Greg. Hang in there. We are listener supported go to our website and the narrow fight all the stuff you get free. There you can also donate if you want have the narrow not be back in 30 seconds. Please are going. As you know, the narrow path radio show is Bible radio that has nothing to send everything to give you do the right thing and share what you know with your family and friends. Tell them to tune into the narrow path on this radio station narrow where they will find topical audio teachings blog articles and diverse teachings and archives of the radio shows you know listener supported neuropathic Steve Greg share what you know, welcome back to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live for another half-hour were taking your calls and if you'd like to join us here. Our lines are full but you can take this number down and call in a few which you might find a liners open. The number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and our next caller today is going to be Melissa from Ann Arbor, Michigan hi Melissa, looking to the narrow path high yes or not real well you speak their speakerphone. Well, like I can hear you. Sue just sounds like you're far away and speak with your team. Can you know will do fine. If you're driving just play safe going. That's very much but yes I find it first Corinthians 1434 regarding women in the church at the Holy Spirit here. Women not being able to preach that birth name complaining that the limit should be filing in church. It dared not authorize, but hard to take a subordinate play at the law that if there is anything they want to learn they are There on that right is improper for a limited truck insurance. So when did Hahn mean by that path, saying that women are not allowed to participate in the church. What exactly does that mean no I don't believe that that's what Paul is saying in the reason I don't is because this is part of a long letter where he is already spoken.

Something about women's participation in the church and he is said in chapter 11 that it's a shame for a woman to prayer, prophesying the church if her head is not covered but if her head is covered. It's apparently okay so is he is not absolutely pressing for total silence in the church he's pressing for decorum in the church and what we know from reading first Corinthians is the church had a great deal of problems in the area of chaotic lack of decorum. There were people apparently competing with each other to speak in tongues. There were too many people try to talk at once. Apparently the women in some cases were also interrupting the service test questions and Paul is trying to rein it incessantly were getting drunk at communion. I me.

The church had all kinds of disorderly conduct going on and Paul. His main theme in this chapter. In this action section is let everything be done decently and in order. That's his.

That's his main concern here that sits in his closing remark. In fact, in chapter 14 verse 40 but all that he says before that is related to this idea of having an orderly service now apparently there were women in the church who were being disorderly and so Paul actually says to them. Let your women. This is in some interobserver cement script leave out the word your but the manuscripts behind the King James new King James is let your women keep silent in the churches now let your women emphasizes that your women are causing problems here. Not all women everywhere are but the women in your church are so the way to solve this problem.

Just tell them to stop talking in the church, just tell them to ask the questions they have at home.

Apparently the disruptions were being caused by women asking questions apparently raising their hand or blurting out questions to the preacher or whatever and interrupting the sermons or whatever we don't know exactly what was going on, but there they were questioning things. Apparently out loud and Paul was a listen if you got questions, ask your husband hopes you don't disrupt the church just in church be quiet now again the word silent might sound like you zip your lip and don't say a word, but actually the word means to be quiet so ill with women being noisy in the church and in some cases they were apparently than they needed to be quiet. They just be quiet, stop asking their questions, not disrupting and bothering everybody like that. But the word quiet is also used in idly. First Thessalonians chapter 4 I believe, in this case it's the same word I have to look it up and looks at the four and this is how I remember it, maybe not until thickened and correct. But Paul says that that he hundred men here and for the first estimates for levy says that you should aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands. I start about just not been a gossip and not being meddlesome and live a quiet life not like I can't look up right now but I I'm pretty sure that's the same word in the Greek that being quiet is a general demeanor. It's not referring to, never saying a word in a situation and again in first Corinthians, Paul does say that though he or at least implies that the women are free to you know prophesy or print the church if their head is covered so he just doesn't want disruptive behavior. Okay, I can't thank you for your call Linda from Akron Ohio. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling. I now know you'll I believe God and a Guide that I wonder how he would encourage me to liquefy whelming gameplaying when angles that happen when a divorce that caused a kind.

In my calendar. Namely, including including the Philistine though my head when and lab and I have hypertension and cut and Baylor and a lot of damage and help them become a ripple effect on now everything that I learned no feeling God is near and and both ended in a divorce and that My current and I definitely wanted to glorify God. Write down that with out you know I got married and yes you are. If you are a man talking about your wife instead of a lifetime and her husband you be telling my story.

I had a life I had a wife who had who was supposedly Christian and and she left him and my children have suffered greatly for the suicide of my family a note and I sent hope there won't be although some of my children did complain about being suicidal at the time had I had four children at home with the time farming and and I know your pain. Because the greatest pain that I felt was not not the rejection from my life that that's not the easiest thing to go through, but it's certainly not the hardest hardest thing was the damage to the children and and will I can't tell you I can't tell you how God is gonna work that out for your good that your question house house and met a Romans 838 20 can work out for you. I can say this that I will after Mike after my wife left and divorced me. I was single for 10 years and I finish raising my children because she abandoned the kids to bed. I finish raising the kids and and during that time. Much of the time. It really seemed like there's no way God can really be will work this together for good.

I just like this. Is this just all bad, and what it wanted a blight. It is on the minister like me and Mr.'s family and up like that my children dissolution because my wife was a professing you know zealous Christian but she just to follow Christ. And so the kids were confused about that and you know had a very mature same story and except I feel so sorry about the suicide of her son. My will. I haven't suffered that. I hope I shall not but I will say this, it's been now 20 years since my wife left me and I've been for almost 20 years and I've been happily married for eight of those years to a wonderful wife and the life. I wish I had met when I was a teenager, but there the point is that for much of that decade of being single. I really had it was impossible for me to imagine that any good could come out of semi-have to imagine it because I had a promise from God.

I knew the promise trailer. I and I can say I can say that for me.

All things have worked out for the good. I'm in my circumstances in life, but I'm old now and it did happen rather late in my life are is as good as I could wish them to be in terms of a marriage itself, but it still hasn't worked out well for my children it. What if they love God. It would if they love God harnesses to those who love God and now I end up marrying an American. Founded in 20 Mike my mind work and I did.

I mean at the heart going in my life and I I prep time and I tried it and I love God and I think children now and I were grandchildren and I know that there is not anything let me just say just say I have not I have not seen the REITs results I hope to see in my children. But they are in a better place today than they have been in most of the years that I see slow progress.

There certainly a much better situation between me and them then there one time a while and so loving God and God doesn't have to work fast is that Dell nine right and saw me and we can tell God how fast to do things, but we can we can rest in this assurance that as much as we love our children as much as it ruins our lives at at one level to see our children not in good shape and no one loves them more than God's and it grieved him to and so he is to he's going to do what an omnipotent nystatin, all loving God can do in their situation because he wants them save more than you and I do so that's all I can say I can't tell you how it's all gonna work together for good. I sound like already. Some things have that's my I know I can't help you with that I can help you can say is, many others have been through a very similar situation and and those who trust God holy find him wholly true and so just trust a minute and I believe the God has already begun to show you some benefits but there are more that you will wait and we can wait for God's time for that we have to listen. I need to take another call before I run out of time, but I appreciate your call. I'm very sorry about your circumstances.

God bless you Dino okay let's talk to Richard from San Diego, California Richard, welcome to the narrow path, expelling Good Friday, I believe, was on TBN. There was a in our program was a musical program in which was in a rut that interrupted, but in the halfway mark, Max located came on and discussed about 10 minutes about the significance of good Friday etc. there was a phrase that caught my attention and I don't think there really is an answer. But here's what he said is Christ didn't have Christ didn't have any family there, except for Mary and he told John he said, behold your mother know what hit me was where in the world was his stepfather Joseph that there's nothing in the in the Bible anything like that but outside the periphery of the Bible. Is there any mention of Joseph Ely spent all those years. 30 semi-use raising Christ and taught him the work of carpentry etc. anything that we know this man.

Well we can do certain things when you say where in the world Joseph. He was nowhere in the world to get died. And there's evidence is that no Jesus was now 30 something years old and 33 years old. Joseph may have easily been 30 years older than him. Certainly a lot older Mary. There's too much noise you have pigeonholed so I don't get annoyed by the background.

Joseph would've been considerably older than Mary. Mary at this time would be in her 50s. Joseph could easily have been in his 60s. However, lots of people then died before age 60 lifespan of peoples consider shorter. In ancient times and is now locked Durbin's times were peopled and would be 50 very often so he would have been a very old man for his time if he was still alive, but there's evidence that he wasn't still alive because we see in the earliest stage of Jesus ministry in chapter 2 of John that Mary was traveling around Jesus. She and her other children traveling with Jesus but not Joseph doesn't seem like she would've left her husband home and traveled around without her husband if he was there. I think it's a to be assumed that Joseph had died and again the fact that Jesus committed to keeping of his mother to one of his disciples. I think strongly suggests that that Joseph wasn't available to take care of her and that's why Jesus had to do that.

That's what I think and I think there's evidence would be good to support that.

I don't and from San Diego looking to the narrow path is recalling hello I hit the button but I'm not getting a voice with her problem going once, going twice. I'm sorry to have to hang up free to call back. I can hear your voice and since having on the radio. If your voice can be heard Garrett from Brea, California. Welcome to the narrow path.

I don't got a good one for you I would come more dialogue with my brother who Mary again Bible I think you could learn from your discussion question learned that you a lot of profits nowadays brother a lot of reclaimed profits. Nowadays, bringing new teaching reading a bunch of people and we go back to the Scriptures. Everything is to be true under the word of God and that someone can complain against God. I just found it kind of interesting thinking about Old Testament how they had the laws do not answer your phone is breaking up. Are you in a bad cellular spot because they were getting a lot of the weird sounds and losses your words might. I heard that since the go-ahead so if you heard me. We must stop. I stopped, I stopped you only a few seconds into it.

Now you make in your funds make that sound again. Could you perhaps just as you question, then, that we can get to answer yet we see in the old that there was a lot not killed but then you get profits coming along saying. The Lord said that we need to go kill this nation. How how would that differ from nowadays where we get profits coming paint something that's contrary to the word of God, but and we say where your nonprofit could pump what God cannot tell you how in the Old Testament okay one of the prophets that commanded that the Amalekites be killed. For example, Samuel the prophet did and and others like Moses and Joshua.

They weren't speaking against the word of God, the Bible did not. In the Old Testament for good war and did not forget, and it actually commanded the death penalty for a number of situations.

For example, Elijah that scrutinizing the pigeonholed when Elijah killed the prophets of bail. He was an exact with the law said to do the law made very clear. If anyone worships idols. They should be put to death so he was acting as the executioner of the of the laws commands because frankly the government was neglected to do so Ahab and Jezebel were not there.

The king and queen, but they were not doing the right thing. So the prophet did what the law commands to be done, the Amalekites, it was Moses himself who is told by God that the Amalekites had to be wiped out back in Exodus chapter was attempted 13 or so some around it.

Place maybe a little later. 17 but the but the thing is that these are not acts of murder what the law forbade was murder murder doesn't just mean killing someone. If it did then capital punishment would be murder and every soldier who fires a gun and hits his target would be a murderer, and yet the Bible is not against soldiery and it's not against capital punishment. It's against murder murder is very specifically the taking of the life of somebody who's done nothing worthy of death, and that is this an injustice you're violating Serbia's right to life because they've done nothing to forfeited when someone commits a capital crime. They have done something to forfeited and an Capital punishment is actually justice, an exercise which is in fact commanded in war.

It's a little different because not everyone who gets killed in war is messily guilty of an act of you know, murder or something like that themselves. Although that's what they're out there to do a been there if they're at war there intending if Nasser to kill the other people and the award is treated little differently because Seo whole societies fight wars in some of the people who are soldiers are decent folks and some are not.

Especially, I would say in world war one of World War II modern wars we have sent off a lot of people who were soldiers were very decent people. Even good Christians who didn't want to kill anybody but they had to to preserve their families and so forth in the nation. So it's it's a different situation when there's war because you got a whole country coming against you. Now the Amalekites were at war.

They're the ones who started the war with Israel back the days of Moses and God told Moses to wipe them all out my I'm giving vengeance against them and so he Samuel was the prophet who commanded King Saul.

As soon as Israel had a king to command armies commit him to go often to carry out this judgment against the Amalekites. So were not talking about murder here. We do have instances of capital punishment sometimes carried out by prophets like Elijah, we have the killing of people in war enemies in war, commanded by Moses and Samuel but we don't really have in the Bible. Any profit that I know that ever said to got murder somebody that is to kill somebody who done nothing worthy of death, with the exception of course of wartime casualties who had done nothing or sometimes noncombatants get killed because they belong to a country that made the mistake of going to war against someone has been defeat them and that's a shame it's a sad thing, but if they are really innocent. Of course then there like any other innocent person dies the face God and he'll help favor them. God favors innocent people solving unfortunate some people are killed in wars who don't particularly deserve it, but their situation isn't really much different than people who died in an automobile accident that didn't deserve it or of cancer and didn't deserve it or coronavirus endangerment. People die will die.

The only people who die of something. They deserve to die for our capital criminals and get who get executed.

The rest of us will die.

Even though we don't deserve so you know there if there are injustices in in the world, namely that people die.

That's not even an injustice because the wages of sin is death we all die because we all sin. But sometimes the way we die is not connected to any particular sin was committed. We die because were in the wrong place wrong time or in the wrong country of time when the country is wiped out by another country, something that that's the way the world is that's not that's not something that the law of God failed to take into account the okay. Garrett got there she thinks your call all right dolphin from Sandy goes back welcome back Calvin how you doing yes yes I can very well now I'm a new believer and I just found your station and I'm so happy I found you. I'm just you wait. Here's my question. Matthew chapter 20 will and then one hand behind behind that's a really good question and one that Christians don't all get the same answer to sawtooth asking the right answer okay to put you on hold because of some background noise that I need to keep off the air, but I'll be talking to you. Hold here because there's some conversations in the background muffling making the district in Matthew 24 we have Jesus predicting that it will be like it was in the days of Noah before the Son of Man comes and he says in verse 38 for as in the days before the flood they were eating and drinking, and marrying giving marriage until the day that Noah entered the ark, and they did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man, then two men will be in the field.

One will be taken and the other left.

Two women will be granted the middle one will be taken and the other left. Now you see, he says it like in the days of Noah. The flood came and took the sinners away. They didn't know and he was heading to the flood came and took them all away and will be like that when Jesus comes to people together and one will be taken when the word taken in the passage refers to killed the people killed in the flood, they were judged they came under God's judgment and died the ones who were left were the ones in the in the ark who were left alive and so what Jesus is saying is that when he comes he is going to bring about the judgment on those who have rejected him. It says in second Thessalonians 1/8 that Jesus will come in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who don't know God and who don't obey the gospel. So the wicked will be taken out in flaming fire. It says in Psalm 91 verse well, forget versus it's early in the Psalm it says thousand will follow your side and 10,000 at your right hand, but only with your eyes shall you see the reward of the wicked shall not come near you in Luke chapter 17 Jesus gave the same statement about one taken in the upper left and the disciples asked him, the very question you asked where Lord and he said where the Eagles are gathered when the body is the Eagles will be gathered with our corpses.

You can find them easily enough because of the gatherings of eagles and vultures there so he saying that we did doubly taken, where will you be taken well I guess you can look for the vultures if you're really finding them unsigned out of time. I'm so glad you called and were able to get through. I hope that helps you in my lectures of the website might answer a lot of questions to your listing to the narrow path radio broadcast.

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