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The Narrow Path 5/22

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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May 22, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 5/22

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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May 22, 2020 8:00 am

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Greg and were live for an hour each week. The afternoon with an open phone line for you.

Although the phone line though it's open is full at the moment that I will give your phone number which you can call later on in the program and you may very well find a line has opened up because they do.

That's what happens in the course of the program.

If you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith or anything related to those things or give a different viewpoint from the host.

Feel free to give me a call and be glad to talk to you today the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our first color today is Kelly coming from Dallas, Texas Kelly, welcome to the narrow path for calling your book of Revelation, and I'm thinking about teaching a Sunday school class quote. She is an attribute you all sure I didn't even care people call me without attributing the given information and information is out there it's for everybody so sure of course you know you have any, outlands all meant that I could get anyone. Well, Revelation yet there's an outline of the of the introduction to the book on on on the look on website, not the narrow path of cyber there's another website it's Matthew 713.

It's the word Matthew and the numbers and if you there's all kinds of resources there.

There's an index of different calls on different subjects from this program. There's a lot of printed material, including articles are written and there's also my lecture notes such as are available and and when you scroll down through their you'll see notes on the book of Revelation, and you'll find there. Actually the notes for my lecture.

My introductory lecture on revelation and it was from that lecture that I developed introduction to the book there's more in the book been in the notes. Of course a lot more but those are what I have available. Yes, you can print it off your computer and use it for absolutely okay thank you very much God bless you and you get older. Thank you Kelly God bless you Douglas you grow. That is much as I live on Social Security but you will be a little mad.well I appreciate it and don't support if you can't afford to help I understand Douglas my okay Richard from seal Beach, California. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling last week you are talking about. But John promotes and I was reading Romans chapter 11 this morning. Verse 25 and there's a mystery here that the Jews have been partially blinded but then in verse 26 it says Israel shall be saved and can't seem to indicate that all Israel will soon accept the new covenant and we look at this as a sign of the soon coming of the Lord and listen to me on the radio. Thanks okay thanks for your call. Paul setting. Romans 1126 and so all Israel will be saved and so a lot of people assume this means all the Jews will be saved. And of course one of the biblical meetings of Israel and that in some passages is a reference to the Jews. That is the racial issue.

Israel many times in the Bible the word Israel doesn't mean the ethnic descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But other times it doesn't mean that other times it has other purposes.

For one thing at becoming the man Israel himself were committing the Israel of God, which is to say, the Israel of God. Obviously, since it often just an unmodified Israel.

Most people believe that the Israel of God refers to the church or some would say to the faithful remnant of the Jews, but that would not be the whole of the ethnic Israel or national Israel or whatever. Not all the Jewish people now in them passage you asked about. There's a specific lengthy discussion about the word Israel and what is meant by the promises God made to Israel and that the discussion begins in Romans nine and and does not end until you get through chapter 11 and in the beginning of the discussion, Paul talks about all the things that were promised to Israel which have not materialized.

But then he said in verse six chapter 9 verse six. It's not as if the word of God has taken no effect, for they are not all Israel who are of Israel. Now in this one verse, he uses Israel two different ways. Not everybody who is of Israel is Israel that all the sounds in a self-contradiction, but he's obviously using the term different way he saying there is a larger entity that we might call Israel but not everybody in that entity is really the true Israel and what he saying is there are promises that are made to Israel in the Old Testament with understand that what God had in mind when he said Israel was not every last Jew, for example, even in the Old Testament.

Many Jews died in rebellion against God. The Earth's orbit up swallow some of them Judas Iscariot was a Jew. Caiaphas was a Jew.

There's a lot of Jews who are not faithful to God and Paul goes on to describe the fact that the Bible really only teaches that a remnant of the ethnic Jews will be saved. He said he quotes the Isaiah chapter 10 in Romans nine in the same discussion, Romans 927 he says build it though the number of the children of Israel, meaning the ethnic Israel be as the sand of the sea. Only the remnant will be saved out of remnant means a small number of them will be saved. So Paul does not believe that every Jew is going to be saved. He believes that only remnants of the large body of people who call themselves, Israel only rendered to them will be saved. So what does he mean in chapter 11, which is in the same discussion when he says not all you know when Wendy when he actually says all Israel will be sent when this is the sort of the summary of what he's been saying in several verses earlier, beginning about verse oh 17 or so. Always talk about Israel is the is the olive tree that's an image she gets from Jeremiah chapter 11 that is was called in all the country and Paul says will Israel is an olive tree.

But he says some of the branches had been broken off. That is some of the natural branches hitting Jews. The Jews are part of the natural olive tree Israel. Some of them. He says having broken off because of their unbelief, which means that the olive tree, which is Israel now has fewer members because they reject Christ and they are not believers they been removed from it.

So the olive tree.

Then is left with only the remnant, the believing remnant are now the branches that remain on so Israel Paul says this olive tree has been pruned and only what is left are the faithful branches, the ones who had faithful into didn't believe her, but were left off, but then he says, and there are Gentiles who were not originally part of the tree, but like they're from a wild olive tree that they been brought in and they been grafted into the tree so the net now they're part of tree. So Paul has said we need to understand what Israel is now Israel doesn't mean all the Jews. Israel is this olive tree and this olive tree has been pruned of all the unbelieving Jews and only the believing branches remain and then Gentiles who also believe have been added on. And that's Paul's definition of Israel. Sony says so all Israel will be saved. What he saying he's he's affirming what the prophets said Isaiah and other prophets that Israel will be saved in the Lord. Jeremiah said that in his days medium-size days Israel will be saved so you know the Jews who were listening to Paul say what Jesus can't be of the Messiah because we Jews I have not received him, and on your definition and were not slaves of God's promises would have no effect because the Jews are not followers of Christ.

Paul's as well. You've misunderstood the prophets when the prophecy Israel they mean the faithful of this or not that not the rebellious apostate of Israel.

Only the faithful is this so we have to define Israel as the sultry trimmed of its unbelieving members so that only the faithful remnant of the Jews are the natural branches that remain because they transitioned into the new covenant.

When God brought Christ in and provided the new covenant, the Jews that received him there still Israel. The others are not in impulses, not Gentiles who engrafted and are now part of Israel to so the Israel of God, as Paul defines it is the faithful Jews in the faithful Gentiles who are branches attached. This treatise called Israel and he says I don't want to be unaware of this mystery says that partial blindness has happened to Israel or hardness until the fullness of the Gentiles becoming so God has blinded our hardened part of Israel part that rejected Christ and has allowed the fullness of the Gentiles coming to be part of the tree.

Instead, a says, and so the word so means in this way all Israel will be saved now. The prophet said that his Ruby Savior pulsing out all Israel will be saved for Thompson. Israel is the believing Jews in the believing Gentiles. That's Israel, and they were all saved.

So even though you look at the world situations able to choose, they don't accept Christ as the Messiah, so he must not be the Messiah because young prophet said that Israel would would be saved by him well.

The Jews that reject the Messiah not saved by him, but Paul says not all are Israel who are others are many, not all the those of Jewish background and ethnicity, not all of them are the true Israel because many of them either eat. We should understand that it was happening in the nation of Israel today is not the general returning of Jews to to Christ at all.

It's true that a number of Jews who used to live elsewhere in the world now live in Israel but they haven't come to Christ the nation of Israel is not a religious nation.

It's a it's a secular democracy and and it's a pluralistic society didn't require any religion, and most Jews course don't live in Israel but wherever they live a very large percentage. These are atheist and injure yourself from self-professed atheists. They don't claim to be believers in God so you know, the Jew, who is an atheist is not part of Israel of God, obviously, and there's no prediction that the Jews who are atheists of the Jews who are rejecting Christ that they will necessary change their mind and accept statement all Israel will be saved. Simply saying if you understand what God means when he says Israel. Well, he's quite right. The Jewish and Gentile elements of Israel of the olive tree are sick and this is how he's done it.

I appreciate your call. Thank you for joining us today. All right, let's talk to Ian from Tallahassee, Florida Ian, welcome to the narrow path that's recalling hello Steve, I had a couple of question and or comment in question on something. I think should comments that were made earlier this week. The comment I wanted to make a you I think it was yesterday you were talking about the homeless, and I wanted to say that I can also attest to what you said that. I've spoken to almost people in this area and when I don't have something to get them all say there's such and such a place just down the road and don't say they don't want to go and I know so excited when distributed. I I back you on exactly what you said and in my call or my call was from Honolulu and I'm not sure what homeless people in Honolulu are like.

But the homeless people in here states on the mainland have been found to be in many cases homeless because they want to be homeless. Frankly, I would imagine that would be probably be true of many of the homeless in Honolulu to a nice place to be homeless. If every homeless that the thing is that there are some people who are homeless. I said this, then, that are truly hardluck cases mean things are going badly reckon they they really they deserve a hand and if you can get to know one well enough to realize that that is such a person than helping them out is a very wonderful thing to do and we should, but we have to realize just handing out money to people who are asking for money doesn't it's not the best stewardship of God's finances when there you know if we give money to somebody who just buy drugs or alcohol, or who doesn't want to work and who has available shelters to go tubing won't go because they won't let him take his drugs and alcohol are this is I would say the vast majority of the cases, homeless people, and in their studies after after had the conversation on the air was yesterday. The day before, but somebody from Seattle sent me a study that was done on the homeless of Seattle and this would be a beer totally right about that person who I was because I know homeless people. I've been home myself in the past and I was curious about your comment about the word be God, can I figure was two or three days ago because I was curious because in the gospel of John, Jesus called himself the son several times over the third person and in the first person at that day and then the word be God, can at least the at least in the text is receptive that Scott, Manoj and what Manoj Annette Magnus you might like it so I was just curious. Even though Paul does quote the phone to passage as referring to his resurrection right would like I said Lisa said when they were discussing when we're discussing it with someone. Recently I've I mentioned this to senses in which the Bible clearly refers to Jesus as the son of God, one is in the resurrection. He is the firstborn from the dead.

The Bible says Jesus calls himself that in the book of Revelation, chapter 1, and Paul calls and that in Colossians 1 us.

We know that from the from the resurrection of the dead. He is said to be the firstborn into a new order or new creation, however, is also called the son in a different sense. Before that, and as far as we know, that began to be the case when he was born on earth because the angel told Mary that she would not be needing to have a male partner in order to become pregnant because God miraculously do it. He said therefore that holy one that will be born of you will be called the son of God, so he saying your son will be called the son of God, and I tell you why, because he won't have a human father God to be his father. So, in the sense that Jesus was born without a human father but God was his only father in that sense.

For that reason, he is called the son of God, the Bible says, but is also in the secondary sense. The firstborn son of God into a new creation from by his resurrection. Now what were discussing is was there every time before his incarnation before he was born on earth that he was the son of God, and I was saying Orthodox theology would say yes he was eternally the synagogue. But while Orthodox theology may say there's nothing in the Bible it says that Tomlinson yeah okay thanks for the clarification. Curiosity have you read Gregory five orations on the father-son and Holy Spirit. No I have not put Gregory yet put him Gregory the great, great, Gregory the great And I have not. He has what I think the third part of it is on this. The assignment even though I would assume Gregory's in the Gregory took the Orthodox view in the Orthodox view is that Jesus was eternally begotten of the father and I'm fine. I'm not going argue against selling essays. I don't know of any Bible verse and supported. So if someone says I believe Jesus was eternally generated as the sun from the father for eternity.

I'll say that's your prerogative, don't require me to believe the subject. I only believe such mystical things if they actually taught in Scripture and that is not taught in Scripture out. Lest anyone think that I'm saying that Jesus didn't exist before his incarnation don't think I said that I didn't. He did exist he he is God. He's always been God exists in the form of God, and he emptied himself and became human being. He is the word of God, who was with God and was God accorded John: I accept all that the Bible says about Jesus in his preexistence. All I'm saying is that one of the things it never says about his preexistence is that he was the son of God. Prior to coming to earth.

He was the word of God. He was informed God he was in no obviously deity and I believe he always existed and to get a beginning, so I'm I've got a strict deity of Christ theology but the whole question of the son ship out wheel son ship refers to a particular relationship between the two parties and I don't know that that the two parties had that specific relations that was defined by that word, son prior to Jesus being born as the son of God on earth, but he might have. But if you did, it's a mystery because the Bible doesn't say so and just because churches and popes of said that for years I've never really seen a reason to to accept something that isn't in Scripture since anyone who says otherwise is obviously simply guessing.

I appreciate your appreciate your call. Okay, let's talk to Linda from Farmington Hills, Michigan Linda, welcome to the neuropathic for calling the program. So much for me to go and evaluate making any areas that you had written a book entitled something like the kingdom of God or knowing God, but we can publish the nation when it might be published well. I have I have essentially completed a book on the kingdom of God and it's based largely on my series of lectures by that the covers quite a bit more when she get writing you add more than when you just talking.

Are you in a limited time. Space I and when will it be publish. I don't know. I've been in communication with Thomas Nelson. They're the ones who publish my previous books and they said because the coded thing there are all working from home and it's slowing things out so they haven't really gotten back to me about whether they want to publish or not II kind of suspect that they will that I will not be disappointed if they don't, because I wouldn't mind self-publishing. This one because variance of maintaining control over its contents, and so forth are not sent Thomas Nelson would alter anything but.

For example, mice my previous book on three views of hell they published it, but they made me remove that 1/3 of the material, not because they didn't like the material because they wanted to be a certain length. I had written a book half again as long as they wanted to publish some I had written for 450 page book and they wanted a 300 foot so I guy with reluctance, I removed about 1/3 of what I had written and I don't really want to at this time.

I don't know what to suggest but if you find any problem to Goshen with them that are probably very glad to self-publishing just so I can control I will certainly be looking for support thank you and I didn't answer your question directly. I don't know when it will come out. It could very well come up before the end of the year, but that has a lot to do with how quickly I hear back from Thomas Nelson, Inc. thank you. Later, she too will write skews me on this evening talk next to Nathan from Eugene, Oregon Nathan, welcome to the neuropathic for calling the question about eternal security that we have good will and possibly is a real possibility for believer in a mumble of your description.

I have assurances, nothing can stop me from continuing to believe and trust in Christ. I'm told that my head around this, particularly from the three great theology of the viewpoint that not wanting to see what you're teaching it. Not sure thingand the free gift that you received God is knocking to be taken back from you even if you try to get back. Romans 1129, though also point another dental like in Ephesians language being fueled by the Holy Spirit guaranteeing deposit, being not reversible and also the language of the adoption bill .2 even if you reject your father like the father the son doesn't change your status as an adopted child the adoption of irreversible you can hate and reject your father, but only on some wondering if you could comment on yeah okay I'll be glad to do so, first of all, the fact that God gives us salvation is a gift simply means that he doesn't sell it to us he doesn't he doesn't charging for we don't earn it. It's a gift because with something we could never earn and could not afford. However, I receive gifts from people who never took them back for me, but I don't have them anymore for one reason or another, I neglected them broke it through doubt. I don't know there's there are many ways that a gift may be given to and although the giver does not take it back from you. You don't have it anymore because of your own treatment. I've never suggested God will take away her salvation fact I don't believe he will. Salvation is in Christ, and we are everywhere told to abide in Christ. That's God's desire is that we abide in Christ but were told that if a person does not abide in Christ. They went up like a branching there burned that is to say they don't remain in Christ.

Now that's not Christ's decision is not God's decision, God doesn't take anything away, but at branch that's attached to a vine has life in it. A branch that becomes just attaching a vine no longer has life in it and it dies. It's not that somebody took a gift away from it. It's that arming the. The life is a gift to each to be sure, but if you don't remain in Christ there is nowhere else to have that gift you only have that gift in Christ. It says in first John chapter 5 known the God is given to us eternal life in this life is in his son and he that has the son has life you that has nothing to get about life. So there are people who certainly have followed Christ, for sometimes decades, sometimes I've known something to do for quarter of a century and then they just backslide and believe and they don't believe anymore following more okay well that I have said they didn't abide.

Jesus tells us to abide in him abide mainstreaming method and remain the need and remain, and she says if you don't remain there is no life outside of himself.

So this is not a matter of God taking a gift away.

God gifts us with his life.

When we are in Christ, if were not in Christ there is no life anywhere else, and therefore we are civilly walking away from the gift so I wouldn't say that there has any do with eternal security and an editor in support of Dr. now.

The ceiling Ephesians 1.

Pulses were sealed with the Holy Spirit and then they say let's irreversible.

The Bible doesn't say to reversible the seal of the Holy Spirit simply means vague. The guarantee that we belong to God, we have his seal upon us, which is the Holy Spirit pulsate as the Holy Spirit is the evidence and proof that we are genuine Christians doesn't say whether you can grieve the Spirit walk away from the spirit or quench the spirit. Whatever is not.

That's not under discussion. Paul and Ephesians 1 is not talking about security. He's talking about how we know it were real Christians. We know because we have the Holy Spirit.

That's the seal of genuineness like a wax seal with the signet ring shows that a letter that's bearing that seal is genuine from the owner. So God seal upon us is the Holy Spirit not know take your other question fluctuates after break after to give us about a minute break and I'll be right back and will continue talking about your question you listening to the narrow path radio broadcast with another half hour ahead, don't go away. You can go to our website.

The narrow to learn more about the ministry operating the book of Hebrews tells that do not forget to do good and to share with others and share the near at hand with family and friends.

When the show is over today and wanted to go to the narrow but they can learn and enjoy your teachings blog articles verse diverse teachings and archives of all the narrow path radio show and be sure to tell them to tune into the show here on the radio chairlift noted the narrow path and do good luck on that conduct the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and were life for another half hour taking phone calls. Our lives are full right now but that doesn't mean they will be for the entire half hour. You may be able to get in.

If you call later the number is 844-484-5737. By the way if if you say will you get the number a lot but we never seen gray lines available. That's not quite true. Actually the lines are often full at the beginning of the show and at this point halfway point. But they do open up a new callback to get through in both half hours but I can say that if you want to make sure you get on the program after you call several minutes before the show and get in line. You'll be getting at least a good online in line for the show. Okay, so I was talking to Nathan is was at you Nathan were talking to in Eugene right. Let me just say Nathan before the before the break, Nathan asked something some things not eternal security.

He was saying isn't the doctrine of eternal security or once saved always saved is supported by a couple of three different points. One is that salvation is a gift. And God doesn't take back a gift. The second is that Ephesians once as we were sealed by the Holy Spirit, and if were sealed.

That's his irreversible and the other one is that were adopted and adoption is apparently considered irreversible. I don't think any of these things so follow logically. As I said, you can get a gift but you can lose it or damage her throat away and the gift is eternal life. This life is in Jesus. So if you abide in Jesus, you'll never lose it if you don't abide in Jesus, and Jesus himself said this. You're like a branch broken off the vine who withers up and dies and they throw it in fire so there's no more life and that branching the life is a gift. Now how did that branch get disconnected well. She said anyone who does not remain in me and throughout that whole passage which is John 15 he says remain in me.

Remain in me, if you remain in me will bear fruit. If you don't remain immediately cut off. It's obvious the ball is in our court we come to Christ of our own volition and we remain in Christ of our own volition and it's when we reject Christ that that life goes away and it's not that God took back the gift.

We simply abandoned the gift was left behind. The seal of God. As I was saying. Just before break is the Holy Spirit and the seal means it's like a wax signet in ancient times, and this is what Paul had in mind that a document or something could be proven to be genuine.

If an authority had put his seal upon it and it usually is a glob of wax and then he stick his ring at his ring would have a signet audit that only he had and so document bearing that signet would be sealed that without Nina had just me know and could open it does me know to break the seal and means a person by seeing the seal would know that it's genuine when Paul says that were sealed by the Holy Spirit doesn't mean anything about whether we can stop having Holy Spirit or not. I mean, a person might argue that we can't but they have to something from some other point, because Paul is not making that point he saying. The fact that we have the Holy Spirit is the seal of genuineness of our conversion. A person has the Holy Spirit is a true Christian. A person does not is not as Paul said in Romans 89 he that does not have the spirit of Christ is not of his in Johnson by this we know that he abides in us and we in him because of the spirit that is so having the Holy Spirit is the proof of a real Christian rube child of God, but having that proof shows that your child of God, but does not say whether you always be a child of God.

What will you always have that proof. And certainly we know that Saul for example, had the spirit of God came upon what is ordained as King in the Old Testament, but when he rebelled against God and God rejected him. The spirit was taken from it and put on David instead His MS the Old Covenant. So What This It's Coming to Get Did God Disinherit to the Seal That Was on Saul a Guarantee Permanence of the Fact That You're Sealed with the Holy Spirit Does Not Say Anything about Whether You'll Always Be Free Too Many People When They See the Seal They Don't Know What the Word Means in the Bible and They Think It Means like like with Summons Canning Fruit That They They Want to Get a Good Seal on the Ledge on the on the Mason Jar or or That Their Car Has Grease Seals in Other Keep the Grease of the Revetment Keep Mill Leaks from Happening.

So for so We Think about Seal As Something That Prevents Leakage or Something like That. So If One Were Sealed by the Holy Spirit. Some People I Think Rather Foolishly Say All That Means That He Can't Leak out Because It's a Seal but That's Not the Kind of Seal.

The Bible Talks about the Bible Talks about Seal As a Signet or Side of Genuineness.

Your Third Point Was Were Adopted and for Adopted Sons Then You Can Be Unadopted Well a Person.

I Suppose a Person Could Be Disowned Whether There Are Natural Born Sinner Adopted Son, If the Sun Brings Enough Shame to the Family. Certainly, a Parent Can Disinherit Us.

A Child Can Disowned Him. And of Course I Don't Think God Does That, but I Think That We Do That a Son Can Disown His Parents. Now Think of the Prodigal Son Jesus Gave the Example Product Son As an Example of the Center. He He Was His Father's Son, but He Became Alienated from His Father Is a Far Country Still Has Father, Son, but He Was Lost and Dead.

Remember When the Father Saw the Sun Coming Back He Said My Son Was Lost Now Is Found, He Was Dead, but Now Is Alive, so the Condition the Sun Was in When He Was Alienated from His Father. According to Jesus Was. He Was Lost and He Was Dead That He Still Son in a Sense That He Had Been Generated by His Father, but a Chart Are Natural Born Child or an Adopted Child Either 110 Can of Rebel against the Family and I Guess the Father and Can Run off and Be Alienated by the Way, the Prodigal Son If He Had Died in the Far Country without Returning to His Father. It Would've Done No Good That He Had a Father Who Was Wealthy and Generous and Kind. His Father Had No Contact with Him, nor He with His Father.

So Being the Son of His Father Didn't Have Any Benefit to Him Because He Rebelled against His Father and Alienated Himself from His Father. So Certainly Adopted Child Can Do That Are Natural or Targeted so That None of These Points Really Make the Point. I've Heard Them All Course before, but I Don't Really Think There's Any Ability in Them Right. Okay Nick and I Appreciate Your Call Okay What He Got Next Week. God Melissa from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Melissa Look into the Narrow Medalists Walking to the Napa Yes-Men Boldly Did You Actually Being Black. I Know I Have a Question about That.

This Is a Heresy Ethical Black Israelite Is Him or Called Think about That.

Know Your Take on That Modern Jews Can Be Any Color Because a Person Is Considered You. If They and Their Ancestors Had Embraced Judaism and That Specific the Guy If He Circumcised and He Keeps the Sabbath and It Keeps Passover and so Forth. Then Their Jewish Variance Sammy Davis Junior Was a Black Guy and He Was a Jew.

He Wasn't Born a Jew, He Was Converted and and There Are Other Black People Who Been Converted to Judaism and There Are the Children of Black People and Those Children Are Black to in Many Cases Who Whose Parents Converted Judaism. So If You Go to the Word Jew, Referring to People Who Have Their Heritage Going Back to the Middle Eastern Jews Are Are Have Been Scattered throughout the World for over 2000 Years by Two and Half Thousand Years. The Israelites Have Been Scattered at the World and There Are Jews in Africa. There Are Jews in China. There Is Jews and of Course Russian Poland in France and Spain and England and America and in Latin America and It's Interesting Latin American Jews, for the Most Part Look like Other Hispanic People African Jews Look like Other Africans and Chinese Jews Actually Look at Other Chinese Obviously Jews in Europe Look A Lot like Other Europeans and and the Reason Is Because for about Two and Half Millennia.

The Israelites Are Those Who Were the Lights Have Been Intermarrying. They Have Still Kept Their Jewish Identity and Passed It along to Their Offspring. But They've Had Intermarriage so Sure There Would Be Some Black Shoes. Now What You're Asking.

No Doubt, Is a Different Question and That Is Are the African Nations Really the True Jewish People As Opposed to Those That Are Usually Thought of As Jews Who Are Often More White or Brown Know There's No Basis for Believing That the African Nations Are the Jewish Nations. I've Had Black Israelite Advocates Call Me and Give Me a Whole List of Scriptures That They Thought Made Their Point.

Not a Single Scripture Was Taken in Context, It Was Clearly Look Them up. The Person Had No Idea What the Scriptures Saying What It Meant and That They Have No Responsible Biblical Exegesis in Favor of the Bible Says That the People of Africa, At Least the People of Egypt and Libya and Ethiopia and Some Other Algiers in Place with That They Are from Him.

The Bible Actually Says That the Ethiopians and the Egyptians Came from Him and the Libyans Now Him Is Not the One That the Israelites Came from Him Was One of the Sons of Noah, Shem Was a Different Set of Noah and Sham Was the One That This Rights Came from Abraham through Shem so I Don't Know What Color the Shem Lights Were Though There's No Reasonably There Were Black and the Races That Have Is Historically Known As Black Races in Africa Have Not Come from Shem Were so Sure. What about Whose Jew Now Well with the Others. Some of Them Are Probably in Some of Them Are Not. The Word Jew Has Been Defined for a Variety of Ways like a Set Sammy Davis Junior, Who Is a Black Entertainer African-American and He Became a Jew and His Children Were Called Jews Because He Is Married to a Jewish Girl. So in Many Cases through This Generations the Jews Have so Much Intermarried with Gentiles, That They Only Retain Their Jewish Identity Because They Keep Jewish Customs Because They Keep Sabbath and They They Celebrate Hanukkah Instead of Christmas and They Celebrate Passover Instead of Easter and so Forth. So That's Jewish so A Lot Of Them Probably Have Jewish Blood Going Back Thousands of Years Greatly Intermixed, of Course, with the Gentiles That They've Enriched with but There Are No Doubt Lots of People Who Are Called Jews Today Who Don't Have Any Real Jewish Blood in Them or If They Do, It Might Be 1/10000 Event. They Met Has Much Jewish Blood As Elizabeth Warren Has Indian Blood You Know Which Is None but the Point Is Anyone Whose Ancestors or Who Themselves Have Been Practicing the Jewish Religion, Especially If the Done so for Several Generations Are Regarded Jews and and I Will Agree with What You're Implying. To Think Is That We Don't Know How Many of Them Really Have Jewish Blood in Them. Probably A Lot Of Them Do. But How Much We Really Don't Know. I Guess If They Go to 23 and Me Are Some like That They Could Find out What Percentage I Actually Found out That I Did. The 23 Meeting or Was Actually the Only Thing What His I Have Less Than 1% Jew and Me so I Guess I'm a Jew If I Wanted to Practice Judaism like a Commerce of the Jew, but I Got to Practice Christianity in the Bible That Now That the Jewish Nation Light Actually Overcame by Enemy. When You Think of That They Were People People Have Written the Bible That There Will Be People Who Will Come Back. You in the Family, Not Only Member Is Revelation Revelation 29. In Revelation 39 Boasted That Their People Who Say They Are Jews but Are Not Their Lives. That's Referring Okay so What What Is Your Point and What Your Concern Right Now Could Be the Real Jew. Why Don't I like I Said I Don't Know How Many of Them Really Are Jewish by Race Because the Race Has Intermixed so Much through the Centuries.

A Person Is a Jew If They Identify Themselves As a Chewing and Keep Jewish Customs.

Now They May Not Have Jewish May Not Be a Racial Jew but It Doesn't Matter Because God Doesn't Care about Race.

I Don't Care If They Have a Single Drop of Jewish Blood and Because God Is Neither. There's No Jew or Gentile. As Far As God Is Concerned, There Was at One Time the Jewish Race Were the Family That God Had Chosen to Bring the Messiah into the World and They Did.

But after after They Did so Their Significance As a Race Became As Insignificant As As As a No Anglo-Saxons or Yeah I Don't Think Is Going to Think about This and Say I Don't Think the Bible Says Anywhere That There's Going to Be a Pure Jewish Race Time, Bible Saying You Know Why You Say This Because It Okay Okay Thanks Yeah Because A Lot Of People Waiting on Us As I Can Go Long on This Guy. I Know Very Well That There's A Lot Of Verses in the Bible, Which Some People Have Felt Are Talking about That Are Talking about Israel in the Last Days.

I'm Personally Not Aware of Any Verse in the Bible That Actually Says and Means That I It's a Matter of Interpretation. Of Course Okay My My System Producer Has Frozen up Chris so Maybe We Contacted Mike Producer Chris so I'm Going to Have To Have Studio Moves to the Next Call Melissa Thank You for Joining Us Establish Okay Chris Surkin You Can Can You Put on the Next Color. Okay Travis from San Diego. Thank You. I Can and I Can't Thank You It Was Great. Can You Chris Hang on Here. I Have No Idea What's Going on. I Could You Hang up the Previous Call from Chris on My Computer Screen That Supposed to Do That Has Frozen up and so I Need to Student Event. Do We Have Travis Activated, Can We Get Travis on the Barn. Maybe the Phone at the Studio Is Frozen like I Don't Know. Anyway, It's a Strange Phenomenon. Okay Travis from Sending a Welcome to the Narrow Path. Thank You for Calling Starbucks and for the Good Yeah I'm Not a Mad Lion Would Abandon Know When That Ended Kingdom Monitor When It Will Will and Commandment All in the Equipment Going to Church Me Know Where I Need to Be Torn up and Now Well the Will of God Is That We Believe on Christ and Keep His Commandments and and Love One Another. That's What Jesus Said the Father Desires That We Would Believe in Him As the Son of God Is the Lord and Savior and of Course Embracing the Site so It's Not Amount but a Bunch of Rules.

It's about the 10 Commandments, or Any Other List of Rules. It's about a Relationship with Christ. The Jews Had the 10 Commandments.

In Fact, the Rich Young Ruler Kept Them There in the Rich Young Ruler's and He Kept Those Commitments Always Live Petite but She Said Well You Know If You Want to Be Perfect.

So What You Have and Give to the Poor That He Doesn't Tell Everybody so They Have Given the Probably Told Him to Doing That. That Was the Will of God for Whatever God Tells Us to Do Whatever Jesus Tells Us to Do His Will of God. Now, in Places like in Places like the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew Chapters 5 through Seven.

We Have A Lot Of Things Jesus Said That His Will Is Obviously Wants Us to Be Honest He Wants Us to Be Humble. He Wants Us to Be Sexually Pure. He Wants Us to Be Forgiving. You Can Read Those Things and Seekers He Said at the End of That at the End of Chapter 7 Heaps. In Fact You Were Quoting from Chapter 7, Which Is near the End of That. Just after the Point That You Quoted. He Said Anyone Who Hears the Saints of Mine and Does Them. It Was like a Man Who Built His House on a Rock and That Anyone Who Hears These Things, Money Does Not Dreams like a Foolish Man Who Built His House on Sand. So It's Obvious That Jesus Is Saying We Must Follow His Words We Have To Do What He Said That's Doing the Will of God. But the Main Thing Is Not That We Would Legalistic Fully Follow These Instructions Because a Person Could Legalistic Me Follow the Teachings of Christ. Just like They Could Legally Follow Legalistic.

We Follow the Teachings of Moses. It's Legalism's Never Been What God Is Looking for God Is Looking for People Who Love Him and Are Loyal to Him and Devoted to Him and That's What Jesus Calls Us to. When She Said If You Love Father or Mother More Than Me.

You're Not Worthy of Me Is Make It Very Clear That You're Devoted to Your Parents.

You Devoted Your Wife and Your Choices.

But If You Love Them More Than Love Him. You're Not Not Worthy. So It's Clear That He's Holding He's Holding out for Total Devotion Now to Be Devoted to Jesus Doesn't Just Mean You Your Your Fan Their Big Fan of Jesus Just like You Know Some People Are of a Certain Band or Certain No Actor or Actress They Would Be a Big Fan but It Means Being Devoted to Him in As Lord Because That's What He Is Is Not Something Else Is Not an Entertainer.

He's the King and the Lord, and You Can't You Can't Confront a King, and Sam Devoted to You While You're Rejecting Him As King Only Be Devoted to the King by Submitting to Him and Recognize Him As Your Is Your Lord so Being Saved and Doing the Will of God Simply Means to Be Devoted to Christ and to What He Said. In Fact, There's a Very Similar Passage to the One That You Quoted You Were Quoting from Matthew Chapter 7 Is a Similar Statement of Jesus in Chapter 6 Where He Said in Verse 46.

Why Do You Call Me Lord, Lord, and You Do Not Do the Things Which I Say Obviously He's Wants His People to Do What He Says and so That Is That's That's Will Do the Will of God Is Whereas, and in the Passages Quoted. He Said You Have To Do the Will of God in the Passages Quoted Said You Have To Do What I Say and I Think That We Have Suited to As the Same Thing to Do His Will and Will Be a Good Day People. I Do Get to the Poor, and I Don't Want to Be Out Of the Way It Judgment. I Don't Want to Miss the Mark Not You Think That God Is a Hard One to Please. That Really Yeah He's Not. He's Easy to Please. If You Want to. The Point Is That Not the Son of People Who Really Want to Please Him. I Mean, They Might Want to Have His Approval Because They Snow the Sum Doing a Standard Form Is to Be the Judge.

They'd They'd like to Think He'll Be on Their Side of That I'm Not Living Your Life As If to Think Are My Choices Pleasing to God. The Way I Spend My Money As I Pleasing to God. The Way I Talk about People That Pleasing to God. The Way I Entertain Myself, Is That Pleasing to God. You Know Everything That We Should Be Concerned about If If Jesus Is the King and the Lord Then There's the Concern of the Person Who Really Take That Seriously Is in My Pleasing Him Him I Pleasing the King and so Anyone Who Doesn't Have That Attitude Probably Has Not Really Seriously Recognize Him As King. So It's Not Fair That You're Witnessing and Read Your Bible, You Should Do Those Things You Should Do That Because You Love to Do Them Because You Love God and You Believe That These Things Both Please God and Bring You Closer to God. It Should Be Your Love for God.

That's at the Root of Everything You Do and That Is Certainly the Will of God. So I Appreciate the Fact That You Are Doing All You Know to Do. I Think As Long As You Can Check Your Heart Say I Do This Kind of Love God I Love God and I Want to Please Him Because I'm Serving on the Servant of Jesus Will Then I Don't Think You Have To Worry about What You're Doing Enough Things Because It's Not Doing Enough Things That Save You. It's Doing the Kinds of Things Is That Your Life Is Characterized by Certain Kind of Behavior, Not a Certain Number of Good Deeds. All Right Okay Thank You Okay Travis God Bless You. Thanks for Calling. Okay, Let's Talk to You and from Orange, California Where I Graduated from High School High and 18: I Was Listening to You Tell the Lady That Did Not See in the Old Testament. Any Reference to to the Second Person of the Trinity As the Sun and I've Got a Couple Here I Thought I'd Run Them by You and Then Hang Here. On Meeting with with a B Psalm 27 and Isaiah 91 and in Isaiah 96 That the Second on Here Is Another One. Thank You All, 11, 12, 14 Okay That's Not Going to 34 out Anyway, Sure, and I Appreciate Your Call Very Much. My Position Is Not That You'll Never Find an Old Testament Passage That Mentions Jesus As the Son, You Won't Find Is a Passage That Says That in Old Testament Times. He Was the Son When When Samuel Said to David That Your Seed Will Rule after You've Died in His on Your Throne Forever and I'll Be His Father. He'll Be to Me a Son. He's Always on Target.

The Status of Jesus in the Old Testament Talk about Jesus Sitting on David's Throne, so This May after His Birth, and after His Resurrection, I Don't Not Deny That the Old Testament Predicts That Jesus Will Be the Son of God, the Messiah. Likewise, Psalm 27. You Are My Son, This Day Have Begotten You" That in Acts 1333 and Says That Was Talk of Jesus Resurrection. He Was Begotten from the Dead Is He That Acts 1333, When He Quotes That Isaiah 96, unto Us a Child Is Born, unto Us a Son Is Given, I Believe Jesus When He Was a Child Is Born He Was Born the Son of God, and As the Sun, He Was Given on the Cross for Our Salvation.

So Again, He Is the Son but Is Not Said to Be the Son before He Was Born Its Talk about His Birth and His Subsequent Rain after His Birth.

Likewise, the Problem Chapter 3rd Proverbs 30 and Verse Four Isn't Really Talking about Jesus Love People Think It Is and It Wouldn't Bother Me If It Was, but I Just It's Just Understanding the Hebrew Poetry. I Think One Should Realize That It's Really Not Talk about God or His Son Is Talking about a Hypothetical Person Who Is There That Has Ascended into Heaven and Decided Who Has Gathered the Windows for Me before It Decides God.

There's No Man Who Has. He Says If There If You Dare Someone I'd like to Know His Name or His Son's Name Is Just a Matter of Speaking Is Not Is Not Referring to God That He Actually Says He Doesn't Have the Knowledge of God and Not in Verse Three. All Right Listen I'm I Appreciate Your Call and Thank You for Sharing the Scriptures Rotted Time for Today Listening to the Narrow Path, We Are Listener Supported. We Pay for the Radio Time and That's What Happens When You Give Gifts. We Pay the Radio Stations with You Can Write to Us at the Narrow Path, PO Box 1732 Macula CA 92593 or You Can Do so at the Website. The Narrow Thanks for Joining Us. Let's Talk Again Tomorrow

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