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The Narrow Path 10/28

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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October 28, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 10/28

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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October 28, 2020 8:00 am

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Radio program hosted by Steve Gray is not of the studio today so calls from this is a lot in the place of the usual format we put together some of the best calls for past programs cover a variety of topics important that anyone in the Bible and Christianity in addition to the radio program has website where you can find hundreds of resources will be downloaded for free and out. Please enjoy this special collection calls to Steve dragging on the narrow path all right were to go to the phones and our first caller today is Bruce from Beaverton, Oregon, Bruce. Welcome to the narrow path expert calling. I talked to I hope to help on you to record it probably buckled before but I heard the quickly dropped less than a week ago and they were asking about translation of the Bible you pointed out that the NIV in the living translation more thought her cloth with you didn't come with the electron you like to turncoat the word for word translation so I wonder if you could do that not have one last quick question. You may not ensure which translations I like and currently the word were okay well my II like any translation, that's more or less word for word. There is there is no translation that is 100% word for word, but there are translators who aim at that.

That's the philosophy of translation is to try to represent the text in English word for word from Hebrew the Greek the NIV and the new living translation are among many translations for the transfer didn't even attempt to do that there is not in their philosophy is not to give us a word for word translation, but more of a paraphrase more thought. But among those that do aim at more of a what we call formal equivalence instead of a dynamic equivalence would be the King James version and the new King James version, both of which of course is the Texas receptors in the New Testament, which bothers some people in and excites others favorably and then also you have for using the Alexandrian text the New Testament you got the new new American Standard version as well as the older American Standard version which is harder to find the revised standard in the new revised standard are sort of kind of that direction.

They do take some liberties but again all translations take a few the ESV route I think is regarded to be a formal equivalence translation so we got rotten on the table KJV new King James new American Standard version ESV is the English standard version. Some people told that the Holman Christian standard Bible is set more or less word for word, so there several, but especially like. I like the new King James. I also like the new American Standard version and they both aim at a word for word, but they do use different New Testament manuscript sets for the New Testament so they differ a little bit. Not very melt that helpful Billy question and I don't think of the her to speak about it, but in terms of a spiritual context.

The idea of exercise and I just wonder if it will go to that issue about funeral and body count: and I just wonder if you currently have any and all your own personal disciplines or any general observations about you know like nondrinker counseling and from time to exit 5 is a good way to get people okay so this is this a question about my opinion, are the okay from physical actions. Okay, well, like Paul said, physical exercise that profits a little but godliness is profitable in all things for this life and that in the life to come. So given the two options. If you only could do one. I would suggest that spiritual development is more important than physical exercise. Most of us, however, if we really want to could get a little both and I can I get a little helpful if I don't I don't exercise physically very much. I'm not a I mean I'm have a gym membership, but I don't think anyone there recognize me when I walk in and I'm not there very often. I go for long walks and so forth. Most days and try to walk 5 miles a day, but I don't always get that much in the yard and other rights and exercises. Not the highest priority for me, but I I recognize the value of it like calls that profits a little. It may profit a great deal if longevity is your aim because obviously I think people who get more of the right kind of exercise probably extend the good health longer.

That's just I think her conventional wisdom. And I don't dispute it. On the other hand, longevity may not be here, but we are stewards of things that God is given us. If God is given us the bodies that can move. Then we should probably move them from time to time in ways that keep them movable, keep them from you being useless. It's not the most important thing, but certainly most everything we do is done through our body course the part of my body. I use most of my mouth and I get a lot of exercise of that.

That's that.

Even anything else I would do to help anyone serve anyone requires that I use my body for that. So to be able to keep my body working would be a worthy stewardship option, but it's not the highest priority should be. Now when people say we body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

And that's a target for exercise. I've heard that carried to an extreme. I remember reading a Christian bodybuilder I had written an article in the Tiger how he won his body be big and strong because he his body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and run through the Lord have a lot of room in his temple, one of the big house and this guy think either was he either had to be joking or else he had no spiritual perception of anything that he was talking about God is not cramped inside a small body and he is not. He doesn't rattle around inside of a big one to say our bodies are the temple Holy Spirit is not even referring to the size or even the condition of our body talk at the spiritual sanctity of the body. Paul says if you syndicate your body or defiling the temple of the Holy Spirit is a matter of treating your body as something sacred, not it's not a matter of keeping it particularly healthy though I would say, given the choice of staying healthy and staying spiritual would be all around the best option. I appreciate your call Bruce, let's talk to him.

Scott from Fort Wayne, Indiana Scott look into the narrow pathway for calling my call and check on so my question is about Matthew 16, 17, and I think that I think they call it Peter's confession of Christ, and it is coming from the standpoint of unlearning is the right word, but I'd been taught so much of the Calvinist perspective and not that it was presented. As you know, we're giving you the Calvinist perspective benefited and exposed to for years and years and years and now I'm I'm attracted to a different way of thinking about things so I'm asking this because I've been taught this passage.

One way for so long trying to kind of unlearning that it winced when Jesus answers assignment is blessed are you, Simon bar Jonah because question but I did not reveal this to you, but my father is in heaven that that means that the way that Peter came to saving faith in Christ was was supernaturally from a revelation from God and your on net okay and that is universally helping how it works or Stockwell.

It doesn't necessarily teach that that one might imply that from that if there is sufficient biblical grounds elsewhere in on the idea that you have to actually have a revelation from God in order to be born again. The active and miraculous rebirth that comes with putting faith in Christ and becoming a new creation. That's not strictly a Calvinist doctor.

The difference in the Calvinist doctrine and those were not Calvinist is that the Calvinist believes that this happens unilaterally.

God just has already decided before your point that this is can happen to you if it is, and if it's not if. If you decide it's not going to that is not going to and that you basically has nothing to do with the choices you make. It has everything to do with the choice God made before the foundation of the world and items I don't see that implied in this verse or any other verse.

I don't see anything even those verses that affirm that would be born of God or that we have to have things revealed to us from God or that we have to be supernaturally regenerated from God.

II don't see any of the things even those passages that eliminate the fact taught everywhere else in Scripture that a person will be saved if they believe in Christ and they won't be if they don't believe in Christ. Now when Jesus said to Peter's flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my father in heaven. This is actually what we call a limited negative it really means flesh and blood is not the only one that revealed to be also had that revelation for my father in heaven because Peter had heard that from flesh and blood. His own brother Andrew according to John chapter 1 when Andrew is called by Christ to follow him. He way he went and got his brother Simon who was Peter, and Andrew said we found the Messiah you know and so he brought Simon to Jesus and had told him this is the Messiah and Jesus changed his name to Peter.

There and so certainly when Peter said you are the Messiah. This is in fact something that had been revealed to him by flesh and blood is on his own brother Andrew told him this before he ever laid eyes on Jesus and yet it's not only flesh and blood but also the father think that everyone who's really born again has heard of Christ through some human being that is through the preaching of the gospel either live or over broadcaster and a printed page or something like that but then something else has happened also not born again. They have to believe what they've heard and when they believe what they've heard then God also does a supernatural work this what Jesus said when is talking to Nicodemus. Nicodemus was asking you how can a person be born again.

And Jesus said, well, it's like, what, when Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so also the Son of Man must be lifted up, and whoever believes in him will have everlasting life that is being born again is receiving everlasting life, and how that haven't well by believing in him just like Moses raised up the bronze serpent the wilderness and people who been dead by snakes were told if they looked at the serpent they be healed and the ones who did were once again weren't obviously was the lifting up of the servant serpent was God's initiative looking at.

It was an individual choice. The ones who look at it express the supernatural work from God of healing Jesus. That's what it's like to be born again. I'm gonna beat lifted opinions on the cross and whoever believes in me, which is I guess comparable to looking at the bronze serpent is believing in Jesus. Whoever believes they will have everlasting life. There's this miracle of rebirth will happen to those who believe when I've been lifted up, and just as the serpent the wilderness left of the initiative to the individual who is dying to look and be healed and be and live so I believe that when Christ was raised up, and we hear about this, and he's presented to us in the initiative is ours to believe and live or not. And at least that's how the Bible always talks about its edge on almost at the end of this gospel at the end of chapter 20 said Jesus did many other things besides the signs in this book, but he says these ones are recorded so that you might believe that Jesus is the son of God, and that you might have life through believing in him and others you'll receive life. If you believe Calvinism says no you believe if you receive life. They believe that your dead in trespasses and sins until your regenerated and only after regenerated.

Can you believe, so they would have most the statements of Scripture backward because the Bible continually says if you believe you be saved if you believe you have life, but the Calvinist doctors if you are saved will believe if you receive life and regeneration. Then you'll leave because they don't believe you can leave and tell them so I think Calvinist and non-Calvinist. Both would have to argue that if you're really born again. It's a work of God, that you have to hear from man get to hear the gospel from man, but you also have to hear from God. I think that if you put your faith in the gospel when she hear from man. Then you additionally receive that revelation from God that God works the work of regeneration in you is as a result. This is how I understand the interaction of God and faith in man. The will and so forth. In a passage like this helps me think you okay Scott thanks for your call. Good talking to you talk to Mary from Vail Oregon very welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling you would like your eating.

Only the radio and now how we needed the teacher talked about how you know I'm quite how can you preach certificate have really been creeping keep on file. That plan at a 50 KI praying about where they cannot go back to school if you can keep Sherry and I after praying about it. I feel like God would say yes go ahead and go back to glow and wondering if that was my day.

When people use organization these days that you realize that using a little more broadly than the Bible does. The Bible uses the word vision to speak of something similar to a dream. Daniel had had a vision. I'm sorry. I believe had a dream of 54 beast coming out of the sea in Daniel seven. But he also had a vision and I believe that vision was of the to the ram and he goes I'm not mistaken in any case, profit sometimes had visions and sometimes had dreams that the main difference in a dream and a vision was that you are awake when your vision and asleep whenever dream but otherwise the two seem to be almost identical in and member it says in Joel chapter 2 that are part my Spirit on all flesh, says the Lord, and your old men shall see if shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions, and the prophesy seeing visions and dreams was generally speaking, what prophets did. God told Aaron and Miriam. If I the Lord send a prophet in Israel.

I will give him a dream or vision or speak to a dark Saints.

So Paul did have a vision of Jesus. He saw Jesus and heard the voice on the road to Damascus not even has visions like that and if the pastor say what you need a vision from God. Probably what he meant was not that you need to actually see you know a revelation of Christ like Paul had.

But he probably is using the word vision is in a broader sense. I mean secular corporations have vision statements that they make of what they hope to accomplish.

They've got something in mind they want to do and I think Christian preachers use the term vision in that sense a lot. Although the Bible does not sometimes caught the proverb that says without a vision the people perish and however they use it the way like like a corporate leader, CEO would have a vision for the coming year in sales and from an promotion things like that were in fact when Portland Psalms, and without a vision, he means without God giving a revelation, meaning through the law, people perish. He's not talking about what we talked about as a corporate vision. Now a lot of times pastors to talk about their vision for the church. They want ever to get on board their vision in many cases what they're using the word vision is not any different than the word agenda. The pastor has an agenda for what he wants for the corporate structure. He's calling the church and he makes it sound more spiritual by calling it a vision because vision is a biblical words, just not been used in the biblical way value to have a vision from God in the literal sense would be something you can't make happen. And God doesn't give visions like that to just everybody.

He could take a given anyone he wants to, and he could give you a vision for your future.

But if he doesn't. That doesn't mean you can't follow his lead. He can lead you through the desires of your heart as you submit to him and ask him for guidance. He can put it on your heart what he wants you to do. I wouldn't call that a vision that I would call it his leading he can lead to revisions but I don't know very many people had visions. I believe they can still happen, but I don't know many people who had no biblical type visions, but I do know a lot of people who've been led by God through various means and a lot of times just by what God puts on your heart and if you want to go back to school and you feel at peace about it and you're praying about synagogue in a direct-mail supply elsewhere. If you don't need to do this and you feel completely at peace with it.

I would proceed in that direction on the assurance that God either is calling you to do that or if he isn't that he'll interfere with it that your you're submitting yourself to him as you acknowledge the Lord in all your ways. He will direct your paths about assessment is a direct your paths which are already in motion so you start going the direction that you think you should and God can sovereignly intervene if he thinks that's not the right way and has something else in mind. He can redirect you either by just letting you know that's the wrong way or else just changing circumstances etc. the end of summer different than you thought you would, but I don't.

I don't know if I'd share the pastors language. In speaking of it as having a vision but it's very common for sometimes pastors to speak that way.

All right, let's talk to Jeff from San Francisco Jeff. Welcome to the narrow path extra calling to quickly make a comment and talk about the class conflict so that was an expecting to bring it up concerning Christ apparent to talk called in Wednesday and saying that cannot at this when I was talking about was of little or no importance, and that we disagree is of great in part and tell me ask you, Matthew 17 printer.

John came to the mall in Transfiguration. What was the purpose of that he was glorified before them, and it was also shown to the disciples that Moses and Elijah represented the law and the prophets were fading away and Jesus was going to remain in that they would no longer be following Moses and Elijah, but only Jesus but in that event, we do see Jesus glorified among them-they also heard a voice from heaven, which I guess God the father correct. Yes, this is my son here him. He said Jesus was giving them a lesson. His disciples they were constantly learning from him. If Jesus was glorified and they saw him in his beauty that they never seen before and as you say this in our previous conversation you and I were not talking about Jesus in his glory talk about him and his human appearance on the Mount of Transfiguration. He was supernaturally changed so that his face shone like the sun, and his clothing shine like the sun like radiance, and his hair was white as wool and things like that which is not his natural human appearance but a vision of his glory and by the way there's no particular reference to the beauty of it so that we might assume that it's very beautiful with a soffit. I think the people who were reacting to your earlier comments were reacting to the fact that you are talking about his natural appearance and that you would hope that he was very handsome because if he is very ugly. That would be a stumbling block to you, and I think that's what people were communal in a different place than you about that point she don't have much time for your question going to give me question how much Billy Graham. Sheila will and it's really nice. Just want to ask the he was had the honor of being in that rotund in the capital building in this curative he was in a politician. He was a great evangelist for a particular religion and thought if there any conflict with the separation of church and state. Well, I don't think there is a separation of church and state.

Implied in the Constitution. The expression separation of church and state was not in the Constitution or the will of right servant or the duration of the defense.

It was in personal correspondence between Thomas Jefferson and someone else and he invented the term separation of church and state the unveiling the Constitution says that there Congress shall make no law establishing a national religion and Congress never has done so. And even if they had Billy Graham move into the White House and he was alive and live there just because he is a Christian evangelist that would not be Congress making a law establishing religion so people have taken what the Constitution says, and are usually for their own convenience if their agenda is to silence Christianity in the public square. They usually interpret as their specific total separation of church and state, so they use that to get God out of the schools and got out of government and so forth. They haven't done very well because of cursor still the 10 Commandments in the in the capital doesn't think and so forth. But edit some courthouses to including one where I used to live in Idaho that that the point here is no. I mean it's is not a violation of any constitutional if that's what you're wondering, I certainly don't think so. If I can quick last question I could take it after the break I asked you before someone have a lasting effect in eternity. I believe that it will simply because one Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit that irreversibly change the future of human human being to human history, meaning that some people add the Sinnott into the world would not exist. For example, people born of incessant rate out of wedlock.

Those people from a more Post-it perspective should not exist so conservative in existence in know they have a free will to accept God. I think that would state that sin will have a lasting effect, an attorney in some way shape or form will rather than saying that people who were born of incest and outside marriage should not exist. I think probably what we should say, more properly, is that the parents from whom they came. Should of been married because it's incest. They should be married that I personally believe that God could send the same soul into a different body if if there had been no incest, and God wanted that person to live, but the happens of they were conceived in incest. I believe that if if there had been no incest, God could've had the same person. Maybe with different genetics, but different. That same soul and spirit in yet and that a different body that came through legitimate means.

So, I mean certainly God has accommodated the fall and there have been lasting effects of sin. And you asked me for to be eternal effects of sin. I don't know. I don't think I know the answer that but but I don't know if I could deduce that there will be from the fact that there had been lasting effects in this world because anatomy of sin. Adam's sin has caused long term problems for humanity. We call that the curse became on the earth. There is however a reference in Revelation 21 to a new earth where there is no more curse, and if there is no curse, then probably I would say that those effects of sin no longer be present. I appreciate your call. I did take a break here because some of our stations leave the network at this point other stay with us for the whole hour and we will be going on for another half hour shortly taking the rest the calls on the board diminishing to the narrow path. If you're leaving us at this point. Just know we are listener supported. If you'd like to write to us the address is the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 I website is the narrow and hope you avail yourself of the resources everything there is and 30 seconds will be right back to take more calls small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to life and to welcome you to the narrow and had nothing to tell you today that everything in today's radio show is over, we invite you to visit the narrow we'll find time to change blog article verse by verse teachings and the archives of shadows, learn and enjoy the thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path. Greg welcome to the narrow path radio program hosted by Steve Gray is not at the studio today so calls from this is a lot in the place of the usual format we put together some of the best calls from past programs cover a variety of topics important than anyone in the Bible and Christianity in addition to the radio program that has website WW.the narrow where you can find hundreds of resources will be downloaded for free and down.

Please enjoy this special collection calls to Steve Greg and the narrow path color to is Timothy from Ontario California to the welcome to the neuropathic for calling. Thanks for taking my call. My question was at lunch today with a particular trust in Luke chapter 13 verses 1 to 8 what is going on there. What what's that all about about the Galileans be like Tyler Cusick of political issues being raised like us to do something. Some people are trying to get Jesus to get politically involved and he's not taken the date.

Basically it says so there were some present at that season who told him about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. Now commentators would agree that this is saying that some Galileans and member Jesus was a Galilean himself and some Galileans had been in the temple in Jerusalem sacrificing to God and Pilate had apparently sent soldiers images massacred them a huge atrocity and it's a summer camp tell Jesus about it. Now it's my opinion they wanted to get his get get a rise out of Jesus and get him to start a revolution I'm most hoping, most the Jews who thought of Jesus as someone significant were hoping that he might be a political revolutionary who would overthrow the Romans and so to tell him about some of his own countrymen. Galileans who'd been just massacred in cold blood while they were innocently worshiping God in the temple. I mean, if anything, is calculated to make you angry and safe. This is intolerable. Let's overthrow these guys that would be it in Jesus surprise them and said do you suppose those Galileans were worse sinners than all other Galileans, because they suffered such excuses I tell you no, but unless you repent you will all likewise perish now. Likewise, you all likewise perish that this verse is sometimes used just as a general evangelistic verse if you don't repent your alternate perish.

Well, I believe that is true, but that's not context and in the context Jesus is telling these people that not only those Galileans you also will likewise perish. Now likewise means in the same way, is not how I help you not to hell here because there's there's no real reason to believe those Galileans went to hell. They were martyrs. Whether worshiping God and in the muzzle say you know that Christian martyrs go to hell because they died nice to visit the sum of their physical death is not talk about hell here anything these people were not greater sinners than others but they perished, and he says if you don't repent any Nephi that if you don't come into the kingdom of God his messages. We know from Mark. Mark 115 is the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe the gospel. So he's calling them to come into the kingdom and repent, and if they didn't then they would perish. Similarly to the way that the Galileans who were killed by Pilate wrote what similar about well the Romans killed a whole bunch of people in the temple in A.D. 70 when they burned it down and use it says basically telling his audience that there is a crisis coming, in which many of those people themselves will perish.

Similarly, that is at the hands of Roman sort some of them made even in the temple as thousands of Jews were killed in the temple by the Romans. When they broke through walls and then he gave this to get another example, in verse four or or those 18, on whom the tower of Cy Longfellow and Kelvin, do you think they were worse sinners than all others who dwelt in Jerusalem.

He says I tell you no, but unless you repent you will all likewise perish. So again there's two ways that people died recently in Jerusalem at that point in time, and one was killed by Romans and the temple. Another was a tower fell and killed, but that happened to the Romans broken in A.D. 70 date they knock down walls towers fell. People were were killed by falling stones and things like that is basically same. These people were not worse than you. They suffered in this way, but you know what a whole lot eager to suffer this way to if you don't repent you will similarly perish visual yield sign the same ways.

Not not all of you will die from those particular things but but just as these people died prematurely at the hands of the Romans or the hands of communal falling masonry or whatever you're in danger of these things and less repent.

Of course, if they did repent they would not experience these things because we know that those who repented in Jerusalem became Christians in the church in Jerusalem fled before the war effort that Eusebius tells us before the war broke out, the Christians in Jerusalem fled out of Jerusalem, so they weren't there when the Romans came in like people out so Jesus you really got a choice you can join my kingdom, in which case you won't perish like they did, or you can, not repent annual fairs like they did. This is what I think you say. Well, that really look at reading I might Bible out great. Some more reading up on it. I don't know why never remember any of the other gospel ever mentioning that for you now know that stories only that's only look only Lou yeah wow that I know I just jumped up a fight right thank you very much. Don't let your ministry thanks to call God likes it all right to Sarah from Walnut Creek, California.

Welcome to the neuropathic for calling. I think all share. My question is regarding John chapter 8, the beginning portion church has that Wednesday night class where we're learning about how we got the Bible in that it hurt to get the English Bible that we have to lie we can believe it, but it came up with you weeks ago that Gandhi is not in the earliest manuscripts that's gone. So that kind of made me wonder how it got into the later manual will not John.

John 8% not Johnny percentages the first few verses that are about the woman taken in adultery actually it's from John seven 2052 22 John 753 two chapter 8 verse 12 that particular section is not in the Old Testament Scripture that contains the story of the woman taken in adultery will okay yeah chiropractor teaching you mentioned it was about the adulterous woman you know I was just wondering how that got in there.

We know who put it in their and if we can still take Scripture we need to understand that when we say it's not in the oldest manuscripts that just means it's not in the oldest matrix that we have. There were much older men scripts than any of the ones we have. We just we haven't found the originals of John or any other book of the Bible and we haven't even found first or second generation copies we have found manuscripts to date from the fifth century or even maybe the fourth century and those of the earliest measures we have that there were predecessors to them and we don't know what what the predecessors of his matrix did or did not have this the this story is found at this point in a very large number of men scripts that are later than our oldest ones but we don't know whether it was in the men scripts that were before our oldest was because those ones are not available to us to look at one thing we do know is that there are some manuscripts not very many but some actually have the story somewhere else. Not in John but in Luke the story appears in a number of manuscripts in different locations so there's some reason to question whether it really was part of John originally but it might've been an actual story of the life Jesus from Luke or the other Gospels which which got somehow transposed there in somebody's copy.

They just copied it into a copy of John and it ends up being you treated as part of John. After that, you know, if I tell you what, if if Jesus didn't really say and do the things in this story and I like to find the person who did worship him because Jesus is so amazing in this particular story. They get on the horns of a dilemma, they say, is it right to put this woman to death are not as Moses said to do what you say and if Jesus had said yes put her to death. Then he would've been accused of the Romans of teaching insubordination to Rome because the Romans denied the Jews the right to express capital punishment according to their laws.

But if it said no, don't do it. Then they accuse him of being, you know, a rebel against Moses which wouldn't go well for me there so yes or no he be hanging himself and Jesus brilliantly said well, whoever is without sin. Let it be the first to cast a stone at her. He wasn't even ruffled him and he eventually because they all knew they didn't qualify they all left and the woman was spared the great story and you know if if it were to true story. And you almost need it almost need a supernatural being to be in that story anyway that there is every reason to believe it's a true story even even commentators whose who maybe don't believe it was ever part of the canon of Scripture often have suggested that it could've been a true story about Jesus that was added after John had been written because everyone knew it as a story of Paul. For example, in his writings quote sayings of Jesus that we don't find the gospel so we know there's there were stories and sayings of Jesus circulated orally and were not written down in the Gospels. It's possible that an authentic story of Jesus and this woman was circulating orally for long time and and eventually just so that might not be lost when inserted in the gospel of John or and or in Luke are forever in some of these are the manuscripts one thing. Essentially, I think it would be more likely to belong to Luke's and John for one thing, this is the only place in the gospel of John. It uses the terms describe the scribes and Pharisees, which is used very frequently in the other Gospels but not in not in John at all. It's in chapter 8 verse three it says then the scribes and Pharisees brought him a woman caught in adultery. Again, scribes and Pharisees, is a phrase we have all the time in Matthew, Mark, and Luke and never in John except here, so this suggests it has affinities to the synoptic Gospels. Rev. John also affected the king to test him we see in the synoptic Gospels Matthew Mark and Luke near the end of Jesus earthly life in the past week he was approached by Pharisees and Sadducees and lawyers in silver testing it with hard cases like this, and we don't have that in John that it's that this would fit very well into the passion week narrative of someplace like Luke. Also, by the way it. The story tells that Jesus was staying in Bethany and Ann would come into Jerusalem in the daytime, and teaching. The temple then go away again. That's what we find him doing during the passion week in Luke and Matthew, Mark, so the story has as I say features in it that would make it a perfect fit for a passion week narrative in one of the Synoptics, but it doesn't fit real well and John and so it some think it might have been originally in Luke because some men scripts have it there in the passion week button. Most of manuscripts have survived had it in John and that's why our Bibles have it there anyway will never know exactly where aware it was originally but I personally and and most scholars don't have a serious doubt that it's a true story of Jesus and that they really happened with recorded such a route from Mission Viejo, California. Ruth what one to the neuropathic for calling me call that you sent Wellington a nation carry on questioning me on the way can come to MS if I think I can linger like his father, John F. Not willing maybe does Jesus did St. John's have to talk if I am lifted up I will draw all men to myself. So if Jesus said is good, draw all men to himself.

Maybe that's exactly what he does. The real question is if if he is drawing somebody can they resist and others could God be drawing all men to himself and get some of them don't come Calvinist would say no Calvinists is a God only draws the elect and the elect are inevitably going to come in the drawing is is irresistible.

The doctrine of irresistible grace to the fourth point of Calvinism, and I don't agree with Calvinist but but the thing is, I believe the Bible teaches everywhere that God can draw, and we can resist many times and I say Gus as I called and no one came. You know, many are called, few are chosen. Jesus said, as some of them don't respond and become part of the chosen people. It says it in Matthew 23 things verse 37 Jesus said Jerusalem Jerusalem. How many times I would have gathered you as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you would not come so he was tried.

John is trying to gather them but they wouldn't come. So you know, maybe God does draw all men to himself.

We see that there are people in the book of acts, who, when they hear the gospel. Their hearts are pricked which would suggest that God is convicting them in the case of the Sanhedrin in acts chapter 7 when the hearts were pricked they stone the messenger. Stephen, in the case of the pilgrims in Jerusalem. In acts chapter 2. Their hearts were pricked in this report must we do to be saved.

So God pricks people's hearts, and sometimes they they convert, and sometimes they kill the messenger so you get it with there are so many verses that, believers children, we are God has chosen God has chosen to take all believers and adopt them as his children and allow them to be conformed to the image of his son. As it says in Romans 829 that whom he foreknew he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his son. So the ones that he for knows that's the believers.

He ordains for them to be brought into the image of Christ which is our destiny. We are not yet there.

But we will be there. That's what he is destined for Christians is that and we are chosen for that. The categories chosen.

It's a chosen category. If you are in Christ.

Ephesians 1 forces we are chosen in him and God chose us in him. So Christ is the chosen one, and if we are in Christ, we participate in that chosen status with them. If were not. We don't.

So once we are just wasn't.

It's like Israel. Israel was the chosen people, but an individual could join Israel and be part of the chosen people if they wanted to mention how to be circumcised or a Jew could could abandon the chosen people. He could be cut off from his people so the people.

It was collectively Israel as a nation was chosen and individuals could choose to be in or out of the chosen people if they if they chose to be and then they become part of the chosen people to likewise Christ is the new Israel and being chosen is now not being in Israel, but in Christ, he is collective body requesting kill a nonbeliever needed something like well. Shelley made it seem like you know your children aren't you special. Could you say can and will you also can be chosen. If you believe it that absolutely absolutely everyone who believes is is then part of the chosen people.

Part of the chosen one Christ we become in Christ and we are chosen in him. It's the example or have given more than one example. In the past, but if you think in terms of a football team. My son played high school football in his set his high school's team was chosen to go the next season up to Seattle from California with another high school team that was chosen and play football in and out, you know, a major stadium and have it and have it televise and stuff like that. I don't know how that was arranged because I never followed the sport that much, but but my son came home said while we've been in Wheaton fix for this in our school has been picked our team and sure enough they were. But by the time that the game was played. He had dropped out, so he wasn't making his team was chosen, but the constituency of the team changed between the time of choosing.

In the time of it happening and same. Think of the truth of Israel. God chooses Israel but people can choose to be in it or out of it. It's it's not the people is not the individuals were chosen.

It's the team it's the it's the group it's it's the category of those who are in Christ are chosen okay appreciate your call very much God bless you.

Looks like Debbie from McMinnville, Oregon where I used to live. I Debbie, welcome to the narrow path lexicon better than needed and what the difference between a tight ball and possible well they are overlapping categories.

Every Christian in the New Testament is called a disciple and, for example, on one occasion, Jesus sent out 70 disciples 2 x 2, and then of course he told his apostles to go and make disciples of all nations, and in the book of acts in the early days in the early chapters, the believers are always called disciples and then we have in chapter 11 of acts, verse 26 says the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch so that the word Christian was adopted to replace the more common word disciples for a believer saw him in the Bible.

A disciple of Jesus Christ is simply a Christian and a real Christian is always a disciple.

Now there are people who today would call themselves Christians for some by some other definition, you know, like they say the sinners prayer. The Georgia church are baptized as an infant or something like that. But in the Bible. A person is a Christian only if there disciple of Jesus.

That means the following now an apostle.

Of course, the apostles were also disciples that also Christians, but they were specially selected and sent to represent Christ. Officially, the word pasta loss in the Greek refers to an unofficial messenger who is sent literally means the sent one someone who is sent like an ad like an ambassador someone authorized to speak on behalf of the one sending them. Now we read of it and in the in the Gospels that Jesus called his disciples to him and from them he chose 12 and called them apostles. So there's obviously a larger number of people he was calling disciples and a small number within them. He selected to call them apostles. This doesn't change the fact that they were disciples just adds another layer of significance and they became that it was an authoritative position to be leaders in the church and many times in the Gospels when it says the disciples.

It really only is referring to the apostles. Sometimes his Jesus and his disciples got in the boat and went across the lake. While the disciples forgot about were the apostles, so there are times when the word disciple is used to describe the apostles, but it's never assumed that all disciples or apostles, but that any any believer in Christ to anyone who's following it was a disciple. Changing your child all right our identity. Thank you for your call. God bless you Jacob, from Phoenix, Arizona. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling. Hey Steve, thank you for your insights everything I just will make this quick and an enormous time, but I was reading through numbers in Leviticus and I came upon to be like, I can age of accountability. He talks about that the the 20 enough for the ones who are not congealed into the promised land survey in Deuteronomy chapter 1 him yeah and and an end and then if you read on to numbers on the not yet. Deuteronomy chapter 1 he specifically says because they had not known right or evil, right and and and I was kinda thinking about that and then I'm also thinking about it. By the age of accountability, and other cultures and nations that are outside of the gospel Christ and people.

People definitely have died in vain that had heard the gospel and I would like how does the age of a keynote like over the age of accountability be like in exactly you know that to make them accountable for this and you know whether or not they heard Christ. They disconnected issues like that of Christ, like how to network well personal I should point out that there are a lot of evangelicals who don't believe the doctrine that there is an age of accountability. I do so I'm on your side, not this one. But there are people who believe there's no age of accountability, and they say the term age accounted really is not found in Scripture that is true. The term age of accountability is not found in Scripture, but the idea that children below a certain age are not held accountable.

As older people are for certain things for which they'd otherwise be culpable is certainly found in Scripture and and you mentioned Deuteronomy chapter 1 in verse 39 Moses said. Moreover, your little ones and your children who you say will be victims who today have no knowledge of good and evil. They shall go in there and into the promised land because they didn't participate in the rebellion, or they didn't know better than to do so is what he saying and that's you know that basically points out there is a gun age group of people who don't know, between you and the differencing good and evil inch in Isaiah Isaiah chapter 7 it says in verse 16. For before the child shall know to refuse the evil and choose the good, the land that you dread will be forsaken by both her kings and others simply mentions a child that would be born, and says before, the child knows to refuse evil and true and choose good.

Obviously it's taken for granted. There is an age our point at which a child reaches an age where they know to choose good and refuse evil. He doesn't say what age that is in Deuteronomy chapter 1 the age that was referenced was like people 20 years and under more modern Jews would make that at age 13. And that's why the bar mitzvah is given age 13. Because the child becomes responsible for keeping the law himself instead of been under the umbrella of this parent's obedience to the covenant. In any case, these are, we don't have any direct statements in the Bible about how old a person would be when they cross that line to accountability. I think probably because it would really differ with different people. Some people mature more quickly than others. Some some kids are late bloomers. Some people are mentally challenged at some some may be so mentally challenged that there certainly are people who are mentally disabled to the point, God might say they never reach an age of accountability. But you ask the people who never heard the gospel that people never heard the gospel would also, of course, be born with the same innocence or the art would bind us for instance, but let's just say exemption from condemnation because of their ignorance, but they would also reach an age where they know right from wrong. They might not know the gospel they meant under the law of God, they might never hear Scripture but everyone reaches an age where they become mindful of the existence of moral reality and if they violate that which everyone does, that brings upon themselves condemnation, that what age do they respect awareness. Again, I don't know that we recently gravity and evidence in the Bible of any particular age being the age but I would say did a pretty young age, the God of God only has no known else has know that we are all responsible as we know that we should do something should start doing it will help you figure out a time and I'm responsible for closing on the program here. So I appreciate your call listening to the narrow path, we are listener supported. If you want to go to our website, you can take everything there free nothing for sale, but you can donate if you want to accept the narrow If you don't want to donate going take the stuff anyway. It's in the narrow thanks for joining us, publishing

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