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The Narrow Path 10/20

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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October 20, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 10/20

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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October 20, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast letting Steve Greg and were live for an hour each week afternoon, we have an open phone line for a call if you want to call and discuss questions on that you have in your mind about the Bible of the Christian faith for anything really that is of a concern to a Christian or a Jew or non-Christian about Christianity. If you're not a Christian want to clarify some things. So maybe you are just curious. Maybe your hostile toward the Christian faith maybe think the bottles a lot of long commute and wonder why any modern person would ever believe it. You're welcome to call here you can call if you have a question or if you have a disagreement. I'd be glad to hear from you at the moment. However, our lives are full sun, just to let you know the number is and if you call in a few minutes you will find lines do open up in the course of the hour.

The number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and just one announcement and that is that tonight I am in the Albany Oregon area in the little church to the address and is in shed it's outside Albany and I'm to be just having a question-and-answer time. I believe two nights there and if you want to know about that if you want to join us. And you're in the area.

Feel free to go to our website. The narrow and you will get the address and the time of the meeting and all of that, so that's tonight in the Albany area and it's less time speaking in a public meeting here in Oregon for a while and I've been just a few days here in Oregon I'm going back to Indiana and can drive home with my family and back home to California where I'm speaking a couple times on the way home to as we been on this road trip from all month anyway that's tonight if you happen to be the Albany area. Feel free to join us. The number to call if you'd like to visit four full 484-5737 our first color today is Ralph calling from Connecticut I Ralph, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling the question in Caribbean work should be blinded along, however, is what I'm talking about. I will confuse with yet I felt that about that also alert me to you. I got the time you talk about hell and I don't be certain categories of how I don't be that anywhere. Maybe you can sell me would well I actually wrote a book about that Reiber got hundreds of passages that are about the different views of hell, which will 100 level okay okay different levels well okay well is first.

Different levels of hell are concerned, we don't know very much about that. We know that God is just and we know that he would never punish two people equally if their culpability and sin was not equal, Jesus did say for example when he is rebuking Capernaum and some of the cities of Israel that he had spoken, but they have rejected him. He said that the Judgment Day will be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah, then it will be for them. Now we have to assume Sodom and Gomorrah, not not referred to as a group saved cities saw the judgment upon them was is severe but it will be worse for Capernaum and so the guilt is greater of Capernaum because they had more light and they rejected and therefore he says you know Sodom's judgment will be less or it will be more tolerable than theirs. And in Luke, Jesus said that's a servant who did not know his master's will, and therefore failed to do. It will be beaten with few stripes but servant who knew his master's will and to not do it will be beaten with many stripes and this is a figure of speech talking about a servant who didn't do his master's will and his master came and punished him but this is no doubt talking about God's judgment upon people as well that that they don't know as much and they don't have as much responsibility. Therefore, the judgment will be less than somebody who knew more, and didn't respond to the life they had saw me. These statements generally give the impression that not all people who are lost have the same judgment that there will be degrees of judgment related to the degree of culpability. There's not much not much of the Bible about it, but there's those things in those two certain give that impression. Now when it comes to Paul saying that a man's works will be burned up that hill be saved, yet is by fire with understand that the context of this is not just ordinary minis target leaders and builders of the church. He has been comparing himself with Apollo's in this chapter up to this point and he said that he and Apollo's far from being competitors is the Corinthians were viewing them.

They were coworkers on the same project. They were workers in God's field and on God's building is referring to the Corinthian church is God's field in God's building and seeing the church is God's field. He said I planted the seeds. Apollo's water the seeds and God gave the increase. So is basically same Apollo's and I worked together on the same project like I did the initial part finding the seeds and then he kind of increased it by watering the seats they said seeing the church is God's buildings as I laid the foundation, which is comparable to planting the seeds in the field. He laid the foundation of the building is is another comes and builds on it and he means Apollo's and others who would come and build on the foundation of the church with their teaching and their ministries. He said that they should be careful how they build on it because if they build with the gold silver and precious stones.

Their work will endure testing as by fire. And if they build with wood hay and stubble.

Their work will not.

Another work is the church and are building the church and the question is what are these ministers building with are they using the right materials. Are these the raw materials are they been faithful to build the church as they should, or are they not. He says if they're not, they may indeed be saved but when their work is tested by fire. It won't stand up so they'll they may be saved, but they'll just do so, as it were someone who got out of a burning house got saved through fire but they left anything behind and I think that's what he means is by far is not initially is not necessarily talking about the afterlife or he could only there could be irrelevance here to the afterlife.

One word integrate yes they were never to fire right fire is virtually always the same word but it's not always is in the same way you know it's not as you say we just same context is what one can look at that.

She probably means it one way okay okay and how hello hello are you there not mistaken, disconnected, anyway. I think we covered your question, but I don't know what happened.

Your call. I didn't hang up on you, but you just can invoice disappeared. Anyway, I thank you for calling.

Let's talk to Tim from Fort Worth, Texas 10. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling my called to question one.

You have ever seen the movie the passion of the Christ. And if you have what your thoughts on that and the negative depiction of what event the Bible say and second question is, what advice would you give a young creek and maybe an adolescent on way to get better in the faith to grow the okay as far as the movie the passion of the Christ is concerned, it is fairly historically accurate. I mean there are some things that Mel Gibson added that are not in the Bible, but they actually from what I'm told they come from the visions of some Catholic mystic who who sort of saw in vision or something, some portrayals of the crucifixion, and she added a few things like wind. I guess that the thief that was mocking Christ. I believe in the movie a Raven or something land on the cross and plucked his eyes out.

That didn't happen in the Bible that was something that came from different tradition members and a few other things like that that Mel Gibson got not from the Bible but from some Catholic tradition, but of course the majority of the movie was simply following the story in the Bible and as far as being accurate to Scripture. It's pretty accurate description. I mean I've never seen a biblical movie at that could be simply hundred percent accurate Scripture even if they only use the Scripture. Still, the way things are portrayed.

We don't know how Jesus when he laughed, and when he smiled, and things are The actors always have to interpret their character and therefore may not be exactly the way it was but the I guess the passion of the Christ. I think different from other Jesus movies in the accuracy of its depiction of how much Jesus suffered, especially in the beatings, which were really brought out very graphically and so yeah I mean in general, the movie is accurate, but I wouldn't trust any movie necessarily to portray Jesus exactly as he is at least Jim Caviezel is a believer and therefore his betrayal of Jesus is that of a believer in Jesus and who probably knows Jesus, so that makes a little more trustworthy in his portrayal rather than maybe someone who doesn't.

But I can't really say much about.

I've never really seen a biblical movie that was in my mind perfect, but some of them are quite adequate and follow the Bible pretty closely. As far as my recommendation to us in our young Christian how they might grow highlight I believe that the secret to growth is to be totally about Jesus to be all in to not care what anyone says about what you think except what God says about it and to follow the Scriptures that would mean you'd read the scriptures of course do your best understand them to be thinking about them all the time. You're the Bible says that in Psalm one that the righteous man who is blessed and is like a fruitful tree growing in producing fruit in his leaves not weathering. That's the man who delights in the law of the Lord and and meditates day and night, and it which means it.

He loves God's word because he loves God and it's like if you if you are in love with somebody who was separated necessarily from you because they were overseas or something like that your love for them. It would make you cherish everything they wrote to you want to reread and reread and try to get all the nuances and say I wonder what she was thinking when she said this, I want to figure out because you want.

You love the person you want to know them is that we was God. If you if you know that if you love God and if you know his word is given to the Scriptures, then there will be a passion to know God better to know what he said and what he meant and how he what he wanted me to know and learn from his words started this.

This delights in the in the word of God causes a person to us to meditate on it day and night, that is been of great value to me in my Christian life because I mean just for the past 50 years. Frankly, I've just been meditating on the word of God day and night and meditating doesn't mean you memorize it, though you might, you have to obviously remember some of it here.

Meditate on it, but it means that your your processing it, taking what God said and saying okay. What does this mean what does he mean what does what do you learn about God what is his will that I can discern from this.

How can I conform to this truth in those kind of thoughts are meditating on the Scripture and doing that all the time is is of great importance now of course there is no other. There's other things having a prayer life living obediently to the word of God. These are important aspects of it. I think that what I'd recommend to you because it's a it's a large subject.

I'd recommend that you listen to a lecture series of mime online course all the lectures are free.

There is a series called cultivating Christian character and it said I forget how me lecture six or eight lecture some like that and I covered in that the things that would answer to my mind. Much of what you're asking. How can a Christian grow.

How can a person become more like Christ. It's it's about that. So if you go to the narrow and click the tab that says topical lectures. It'll take you to a long list of topical lectures one series is called cultivating Christian character, etc. a few lectures I don't how many it is about the I'd recommend that you go there for more full discussion of that for more counsel on the matter. Okay Tim – it's a pleasure talking to Jim from Monterey, California. Welcome to the narrow path, how you doing these try to get to make quickly here. Good I know you have your Revelation for you and your judgment given the millennial exactly here we are thousand 20 points.

It's exactly Scripture do we put a bit okay well course, the question implies that the Bible does provide for us. Description of today's events and I'm not sure that it does it might not sure that does the Bible really doesn't talk about the 21st century in a in a way that we be sure that it's talking about the 21st century.

It doesn't know what what I would say said guy given the millennial view. My understanding of the millennial view is that the binding of Satan. At the beginning of the millennium is identified with Jesus victory over Satan at the cross, the thousand years than that follows is the whole church age, symbolically referred to as a thousand years and then at the end of it were told in verse six that were seven of the devil is loosed from his prison and he goes out to deceive the nations, and he gathers them like the sand of the seashore against the beloved city, which is the church, and it sounds like the church is in a lot of trouble.

At that point because all the nations the world have been gathered and deceived by Satan against Christianity and at the end of that little while we don't know how bad it gets. But it said depicted as it is a dangerous situation at the end of that time fire from heaven comes down in verse nine of chapter 20 Revelation and consumes the devil and those who are with him and are destroyed. I take that to be the second coming of Christ. So we could say this, that the majority of the age of church which is now been about 2000 years is represented by the thousand years, and the little while, at the end of that is represented by some period of time of considerably shorter length during which Satan really cranks up the persecution. He really deceives the world, so that the church is hated and is besieged by all nations, and then Jesus comes back to the end that siege and that of course is the new heavens and new earth.

Now where are we, I don't know were either in the thousand years over in the little season.

Most of my life I've been willing to say that were in the thousand years not in the little season of St. being released as we sit here today, we might again I could say we could be in that season.

It may be that Satan is been released. I don't know if things could go on for a lot longer there to be a turning point at at this point most of the parts of the of the world that is historically been agreeable with Christianity or at least tolerant of cliché you are turning very much hostile toward, and that could be a result of Satan be list. I'm not like I'm not saying that it is because there been other times of persecution throughout history as well and and they weren't the end of the world.

I don't know that were at the end of the world. I will say this though, that where is this time differs from other times of persecution.

Other times, when the church was persecuted, was not worldwide. There's always someplace that if people wanted to inconvenience themselves, they can go to another country where there was no persecution that happened a lot throughout history Christians have removed themselves from lands of persecution among the places where they weren't persecuted. But you know, of course, today if we said, well, where would we go now.

It's hard to think of anyplace because it's a kind of a one world. Now, in a way, and certainly communication wise, and so forth. It's a one world and there's moving much more toward one world community so that you know if a significant part of the world's persecuted Christians probably the rest the world will be to so it's different now that respect. And, of course, today there is technology makes it possible for anyone to be hunted down probably rather easily. That wasn't always the case.

No, I mean the threat to the church in our time is perhaps greater. Globally, that it has been at at other times, but that doesn't mean reliving that final time we might be.

I mean we, I wouldn't know if we were, were not because things can get very bad for a season that they can get very good again. You never know if this is a trough to be followed by gentle recovery orifices are just a downward slide that's going all the way down and then Jesus can come back.

I would like to think frankly that it is evidence that Jesus is coming soon, but I've learned my lesson not to make predictions about that from seeing how many people Denson looked idiotic because it wasn't true so that's a good I guess I've never in the in the last four decades or so, I've never felt that I could calculate how near we are to be and/or whether there's a time in inscription it's your focusing on our present situation.

Okay, let's talk to David from Salinas, California David, welcome to the narrow path answer telling you new book now and the white and but I didn't want to share about your travel. You know, we could share and I'll let you know dear alright thanks for your call. Well, not much to report about the travel expenses. It just happens that my new book has been released in the last week or so and for the last couple weeks I've been on the road and I don't know if it's coincidental or if it's planned but it happens that most the place had been going. I've been requested to speak on the subject of the kingdom of God. So I've spoken on that in the places I can speak across the country more than on any other subject, and in the place of speaking and that is also the subject matter of of my book so some people said is this a book tour at well it's not right start of the tour. My book wasn't even available and I don't sell my books somewhere else to get done for me so it's not really book tour, but it happens that my book is about the kingdom of God and that the place of going up and asked me to speak on that so there is some coinciding there of subject matter with the book but as far as thinks reporter traveling. Not a whole lot to report to me and we've had meetings and lots of different places in Arizona and Texas and Missouri Arkansas on Indiana and so forth. And now I'm having something Oregon butts and there's more to come. Some in Illinois next week. That's what I say I'm entered. Not much to report on. I'm still away from home.

I will say though, that since you mentioned my book. It's I guess it's a good time for me to give a shameless plug is a so I don't sell my book. I can't have you write to me for compromise because I don't have any for sale but if you want to copy my book. I believe it's a good book.

I haven't really it's too early to know whether other six all of the some people said it's good book but there's no Amazon reviews. It has only been out for week and I would say of those of you who have gotten the book. I would really appreciate if you go to Amazon and say what you think of it because it'll give other people who are investigating you're getting a copy some idea of whether to good or are not so good. I purchased the book by the way is called Empire of the risen son a treatise on the kingdom of God what it is and why it matters and as our regular listeners know it's only the first book of two I've written both of them but only that one has come out yet. The other ones coming out and while but it's a two to part project two books book one is out. It's about the kingdom of God. The second book is coming out soon and it's about discipleship and they are the partner volumes they actually intended for to be one book and then it got too long so admitted to. That's not that both of them will have the name Empire of the risen son is there overarching title and tended to individual books have separate names.

Smaller print on the front but the only one available is book one now if you go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble just do a search for my name Steve Greg and it'll show up there and you can if you have read it hours when you do. I'd appreciate if you write a review and by the way, if you find any typos let me know because I reread and reread that thing so many times before, is publishing every time I found more titles but we finally had some that one that I hoped didn't have many and if you find some let me know to get them out of any future additions alright thanks for your call. Let's talk to Martin from national city, California Martin, welcome to the narrow path is for telling like talk about like you were not suffer set upon him. Yeah, and I quickly read out of 26. If I could. Okay 26 nine the last nine it says judgment and the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness in verse seven says let go to the wicked will you not learn righteousness in the land right and he will deal on Joshua justly will not behold imagine the Lord and I know in no I would like not well we should love the scriptures that talk about it. There are many others. When people going the wrong way they're going wrongly to their own hurt if they don't see that in anyone who loves them will correct correction might not be appreciated by them but you know discipline is not appreciated by child Oedipus good form.

So we have to speak the truth in love, and hopefully people will listen.

I need to take a break. I have another half-hour coming up. Don't go away. I'll be back in 30 seconds. Small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to life, welcome you to have nothing to sell you everything in today's radio show is over, we invite you to visit the narrow you will find town audio teaching blog article verse by verse teachings in the archives of learn and enjoy the thinking for supporting the listener supported narrow path.

Greg back to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we have another half-hour ahead taking your phone calls if you'd like to be on the program.

Give your phone number right now.

Unlike the beginning of our first half-hour. We actually have several lines open and so you could call and get through. If you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith and you want to call and talk about them or you disagree with the host on talk about that. The number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and again I'm speaking in the Albany Oregon area tonight if you are in the area and wanted to join us there. You can go to our website. The narrow and their look at announcements and you'll find the time and place of the gathering Tom in San Francisco, California.

Welcome to the narrow path. I'm actually trying to activate his call studio. I'm having problems with my assistant producer is another hello hi hi Tom, start over again please I really like pinion on the bother topic for me for quite some time that 2000 years ago Jesus and his apostles were able to build. While some water, raise the dead, able to see all the things and Jesus quoted in the end, it is believe in me and follow my whatever you do will be able to do these things and even greater thing and I'm wondering after two years I don't I don't see many people even doing nothing that makes any sense, or what what are we missing so we do think that we some of the things that are no well I think somebody's missing something is true, but the truth is that Jesus didn't necessarily say hello hello hello yeah you know, about 45 years ago I got quite enamored with the word of faith teaching. It didn't last long with me because I read my Bible too much, but I was young as 16 and someone gave me a bunch of these little books by Kenneth Hagan that you can read not good like 30 pages each and I read through one every morning for devotions and it was all new to me. I was raised Baptist like Kenneth Hagan himself was course, Kenneth Hagan, if people don't know is the father of the Word of Faith movement in the evangelical world, the grandfather of the moon was EW Kenyon, who is not really an evangelical per se, but more and more views that were like mind science cults, but I Kenneth Hagan was strongly influenced by EW Kenyon and then all the word of faith, teachers in America today were influenced by Kenneth Hagan and or at least by those who were influenced by him because people like Kenneth Copeland and so forth with his disciples so Kenneth Hagan was the big guy in this country. Back in the I suppose the 50s and 60s promoting the word of faith, teaching, and it was in about 1970.

I stumbled onto him as a teenager and I was new in the whole realm of the spiritual know gifts. Some things I didn't know much about it because I was raised Baptist and I just come into the Jesus movement were some people were talking about gives the spirit in the baptism for which I had it was all new to me. I was not a new Christian.

I've been a Christian since childhood and have read my Bible. Since then, but there were not a lot of things I didn't understand so I read Kenneth Hagan. I got some the same ideas that your church is preaching and one of one of Kenneth Hagan's classic books is called the authority of the believer and you know his his view is that we can command things to be.

We can confess things to be.

We can have what we say.

That's why the that the sometimes people called the doctor the name it and claim it. Dr. similar things titles less respectful, but the.

The emphasis on the authority of the believer seemed to me a refreshing and new thing that the Bible seem to teach because it does say in Ephesians 1 that Christ is seated above all authority and power in principality and so forth.

At the end of Ephesians 1 and then in Ephesians 2 it says that we are seated in Christ in heavenly places and putting those two verses in juxtaposition medicine like we are above all the crisscrossing powers in the sense that Jesus is also, and we have been given his name and with his name, his authority to speak on his behalf. Now right. Ephesians 26 I just met you Garrett. That's the one, and so that were seated in Christ in heavenly places so that were above every principality and power and authority and so forth. Now the understanding was that as the body of Christ, we have his authority in his name to do his things and that is true in so far as it goes. However, I think it's misapplied because they make us not only have the authority to do the works of Christ that he would do in his name, but also to do so almost on our own volition.

You see, we are the body of Christ, and we are here to do the works of Christ in his name, but we are at the head. He's the head and he's the head who has all authority. I think I think the church desperately needs to know more about the authority of Christ, which means his kingship, his rulership, his right to make all the decisions in our lives as well as in the world because he's the King of Kings and Lord of lords, and all authority in heaven and earth has been given to him. Now we share we share in his authority only as were submitted to him as the members of your physical body carry out the will of your head, but only as they are submitted to the head only as the head is giving orders then your body acts on behalf of your head and with with the authority of the head. In other words, if I'm if I'm authorized to do a certain thing that not everybody is authorized to do my my head consult my hands to do that thing because my hands now are authorized to do their part of me and I'm authorized Christ is authorized and if he gives instructions to his hands or his feet or his eyes or his nose, which is us, then we can do them in his name. The problem with the word of faith.

Teaching is it almost takes the headship of Christ out of the picture, it's that you can have what you want you you can write your own Kenneth Hager. Another book called, you can write your own ticket with God. It makes a sound you make the decision of what you want to do you put your faith in it and God will jump to your service and he's like the bellboy and that you know as long as I'm speaking with faith and have no doubt my heart and God's almost duty-bound to do the miracles I'm I'm calling for now I will say this, that the emphasis on the authority of the believer is very useful when it comes to interact with demonic powers, especially casting out demons, you know anyone who confronts demon possessed people had better know something about their authority in Christ or they better leave it alone because we can't cast out demons in our own authority. We have the authority of Christ. But the authority of Christ only means that when Christ is giving us instructions. When Christ is given us an assignment then we carry it out and it is him carrying out through us. We are authorized and therefore in his authority.

We carry out the assignment but it doesn't mean that we get to write our own assignment. We don't write her own job description means that we must walk in the spirit was submit to God. If God tells me to pray for you know a leper or to command a leper to be cleaned well if Christ tells me that I'll do it.

He hasn't by way ever done that but I mean I'm not saying he wouldn't tell somebody, but if any. If he's not giving that command, then I can't get it. I'm not the one in authority. Christ is the one in authority. This is that this is a derived authority, which is only mind as I'm submitted to he who is about me the head. It's very similar to the authority that the centurion spoke about when Jesus was approached by centurion and said my servant sick.

Would you come healing to suckle healing method. Listen, please don't come to my house and not worthy to have you my roof that you just give the command that I know he'll be healed because I too am a military officer I'm under authority and I people under under me and he says I give before I give commands to my servants and they do it because I'm a man under authority myself now what he saying is I am an authoritative person in the lives of people who were under me, who are subordinate to me in the chain of command, but only because I am under authority myself you know I centurion was in charge of hundred Roman soldiers, but he couldn't command them to going to something that wasn't within the realm of his authorization he had to be authorized by higher-ups by Caesar and you know we have authority as a centurion has if Tutsis speak things that God tells us to speak to do things that are within our assignment that God gives us and to doing it in Christ's name. Okay his authority. I am back but I am back and I don't know what happened.

Somehow my equipment just turned itself off which is not a good thing to happen in the middle broadcast of those callers that weren't that I wasn't able to hear. I am now assuming our listeners could hear them. I just it just wasn't come to my equipment, my apologies, but she forgot Michael now Michael are you there I'm going on here going once, going twice. My apologies to Michael okay we have something that's going wrong and indeed my equipment did just kind of disconnect itself.

A minute ago and I'm assuming that our listeners are hearing more than I'm listening because the fact is not feeding to me doesn't mean it's not going out over there so my apologies. I'm going to try Betty in Vancouver, BC again. I really hope it works hi Penny, it's working now. I hear you now, some was wrong and how it somewhere difficult and efficient.

More about it was he who gave some to get positive come to be prophets, and some to be done to them to be active and ticket question regarding people who who quote this and say that you know they don't have any of this gift in the Holy Spirit, especially being an evangelist and so saying that you know will be determined Holy Spirit means that everyone will have to get to write and therefore evangelism will shaming the gospel if not for every question to what we say to these people and the commission know the condition if I post that Matthew chapter 28 if the commissioning this to those I post you know that you felt better than to be Christian for what to say to well when Jesus gave the great commission. He was talking to the church that is the disciples that he had German church is only a few people at that point and and most of them were the apostles there apparently few others there to do it was to the apostles and to the infant congregation of those that were following him.

He gave them the commission to make disciples of all the nations that would include baptizing them in and include teaching them to observe all things that he commanded it he didn't indicate that the the process of discipling the nations would not be multifaceted. I mean, some would-be preachers some would-be teachers some would be prophets, some would be apostles, some would be miracle workers. Some would be givers them in their different gifts. The spirit of what Paul tells us in first grade hymns 12 and also in Romans 12 is that each person in the body of Christ has a gift and it's different than other people's gifts all the gifts are needed in order for the body to function because of the gifts are what define us as members of the body of Christ and what members we are sorry talked about the need in a body for eyes and ears and hands and feet, and so forth. The hand of the in the foot don't do the same things they do very different things. The ear and the I do different things, but a properly function body needs all the parts. The body if it body can function if you lose an arm if you lose, and I are both eyes. You can still function as it is individually your your disabled some of you that you can't do everything that you would be able to do if you had all the parts your body functioning properly and that's what he said about the body of Christ. The body of Christ exists to spread the kingdom of God by the preaching of the kingdom by the making of disciples for the kingdom, and in this is done with lots of different parts of the body doing different things and so in Romans 12 Paul talks about those who have the gift of serving and those of the gift of giving those of the gift of leading the gift of exhorting or encouraging, and he and first Corinthians 12, he talks with things like speaking in tongues interpreting tongues and prophesying and judging prophecies and working miracles and prophesying again is mentioned in both lists. The word of wisdom, word of knowledge. These are all different gifts that the body has and not everyone has all the gifts affect almost nobody has all the gift of anyone but Jesus had all the gifts we each have some gifts and polling prescriptions 12 says if your gift is prophesying, and concentrate on prophesying. If it's teaching concert in teaching gifts giving on giving on help if it helps him help so he saying God has decided what your function is going to be in the body by the gifts that is giving you focus on those gifts that is focus on doing those gifts. You don't have to practice what someone else is going to do if that's not your gift. Now in Ephesians 411.

He says that Christ gave gifts to men. And he gave some to be apostles, and some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, all of those are like public ministry type people.

They are leaders of the church. They are the ones who are bringing in the new disciples would need to be discipled that once were discipling the pastors and teachers, and yet he certainly is not describing there in those five ministries all the gifts is only talk about some people who are have these gifts other people and other gifts. Now he does not say that everybody has the gift of evangelism. And let's face it, some people deftly do some people really have a gift for for reaching people for making an impact on people when they preach the gospel. Other people really try, but not much happens and we have several. Probably they don't have the gift now the fact that you don't the gift of evangelism doesn't mean you never speak of Christ. It just means that that's not your principal gift every Christian will speak up for Christ because Jason whoever denies me before men all deny him before my father in heaven. Whoever confesses me before men confessed to confessing Christ is the same thing as preaching the gospel necessarily to cite for me to say I'm a follower of Jesus. I'm not ashamed of it. You know I do the things I do because I'm a Christian and Peter said that he said everyone should be ready to give an answer to those who inquire of the reason for the hope that they have every Christian should be able to speak and articulate why they are Christian why they do the things they do, how it is that following Jesus is the is the whole explanation of their lifestyle is like that. That's not quite the same thing as preaching the gospel, but it's it's it's also very valuable because preaching is not the only way the world is impacted certainly is an important way, but the church is impacting the world by its visible witness to Jesus and by this all men will know you are my disciples, by your love for one another, which isn't the same thing is what I what you say William, you may speak the truth in love, but it's your love for one another that is that makes an impact.

It's the unity of the brethren that Jesus said would convince the world so there's a number of things is a visible witness of the of the Christian community in the change lives of the disciples, and there's the spoken witness of the apostles and prophets evangelist pastors and teachers thought it was a public speaker and and yet if you're if you're concerned that I'm saying that you not every Christian has to verbally own Christ publicly will I think we do. I think their lives following Christ should be so so jarring to the world they'd ask us why do you do that why you live in that way and would say oh well, that's because we follow another king were following Jesus. And this is how he commands us to live.

That might open up into an opportunity to evangelize them more fully might not but you know the commission to make disciples of all nations and to preach the gospel is to the church at large corporately and some of the people in it have the gift of doing the talking others have a gift of doing serving. Peter said that for example he talked of the gifts in first Peter 410 and 11.

He said as everyone has received a gift serve one another with it as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

He said if anyone speaks, let them speak as the oracles of God.

If anyone serves, let them do it. As of the ability which God gifts. I sent some people have speaking, something was serving gifts.

I've known people who were kind of Protestants were upset with Mother Teresa because she didn't preach the gospel more and more evangelistic way when she was helping the poor.

In my opinion, she probably didn't have the gift of evangelism but she did a great deal to testify for Christ through her actions, and even through her words ever knew she was untraditional of Jesus. She was a great witness, but she wasn't an evangelist. She had a ministry of helps ministry of showing mercy. These are actually gifts that Paul mentions. In addition to the gift of evangelism and I think should different gifts than Billy Graham had an so I would say if someone has a gift of evangelism are probably to be doing it because if God gives you a gift unit. That's what you gonna do naturally and it sums as well. Some atonement should be preaching on my neighbors, but every time I tried a know it just doesn't work out. They don't want to talk about it or another shut me down or whatever, therefore, not very effective. Well, they don't feel guilty about that. If there living for Christ. That is far as evangelism goes. God wants them to do some Hill will open up the doors if they're willing but not everyone is going to be serving the kingdom in the same way because of the different gifts we have celebrity my expansion of what I said the other day, referring to okay Donnie from Michigan and I'm glad the same colors called back right in here for Donnie. Welcome to the narrow path, thanks for telling that I have no idea, but died because I go to sleep between the life and to get into the genome of the second after deftly going to work. Now gather same thing I want you to explain that to me because you have believe up in the Lord shall never die. Going to sleep you just like you love and that of the probably the key. And while I data that is required of you know my commandments know your thousand eight we kill off because I done some okay then I are you calling to disagree with me on something you know you talk about it but I heard a person feel that this study is know the beginning of knowledge. The Lord is saying a lot of things you seen a lot of things that are true in the Bible that I agree with – which I say often so I'm really running on time and is not a call to take, but I appreciate your sharing your thoughts. Talk to Mike from Whidbey Island, Washington.

Mike got guilty and welcome. I wanted to let you guys know that I read by Oliver Melnick chosen people ministries you date you leverage, you at ease, leave the Danish Bible published a new Bible Bible and they removed Israel from the entire Bible by that's amazing how I someone posted article on that on our Facebook page. I I just can't imagine how or why they did that mean obviously it's not a Bible translation it so if you don't have Israel in the Bible, then you not transcend the Bible because the Lord is risen about 2000 times so yeah I haven't seen that Bible.

I'm not sure what they do instead of target Israel since the whole Bible is about Israel.

You know how you can have Bible translation that leaves out the word that is the focal focal point of the whole story.

I don't have you seen have you.

Do you know any details about that. I don't. I do not want to read the article go to Bible.

I will not by society.

You can read the even analyze the Bible. And it ain't contemporary Danish Bible in the Danish language only quote you know now that SQL could even read it. But he's written it. Terrible somatic talking like that in my mind pop of the insured that we played.

That's not the same issue.

I mean, removing Israel from the Bible is not the same thing as saying that the church is Israel, unless unless they replace what is a Lutheran Church strange thing because the word is what will I can't read Danish, I can't read Danish and I don't think you and even the man I called replacement theology. What I don't understand that because he said he can read Danish and it's only the Danish Bible, but people comment on so he's written an article. Okay, yeah, was sent from any perspective if somebody makes a translation of the Bible and removes the word Israel. Then of course they're not transcend the Bible because like I said the word Israel is about 2000 times in the Bible. What were to use instead sobbing, but that's it has nothing to do with replacement theology. I don't know what they're replacing the word Israel with you said there'd replace it with the word church that I me I don't know that they're doing that because I can't read, and I don't think you can either if there replace the word Israel is church. That's still not replacement theology because the word church cuisine in the Greek is actually used in the Old Testament to speak of the congregation of Israel that is not the same as the word is sums that translate the word Israel, they should exit as Israel and figure translate echoes the translate that is that this has been. I'm not sure that this has anything to do it all with what you're calling replacement theology is just a matter of correct translation. You don't need to crop the Bible translations teach replacement theology you can use any translation I will. I thank you for your call you listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and were live Monday through Friday. This time we are listener supported. We pay for time on all the radio stations were used and that we are supported by listeners. If you'd like to write to us the address is the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593.

Thanks for joining us

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