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The Narrow Path 9/11

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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September 11, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 9/11

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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September 11, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.


Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and will live for an hour each week afternoon and we have our phone lines open for you to call if you have questions about the Bible or about Christianity. The Christian faith Christian ethics anything like that. Feel free to give me a call will also talk to you if you like to call that anything you may disagree with the host about and you might want to support another few on anything. So the number out now our lunch is filled up. So if you call right now you get a a busy signal. Take this number down and later in the program. Lines will be opening up and if you call back a little later you make it through. The number is 844-484-5736 seven next. 844 844-484-5737 and today is of course 9/11 and therefore the anniversary of the destruction of the twin towers also happens to be the anniversary of my parents getting married 71 years ago, so this their 71st anniversary today so I know they're listening so happy anniversary mom and dad are, let's go to the phones and talk to Mike in Shelton, Washington, and Mike, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling. Thank you. Predicament call Karen on the first day my wife and I are growing in leaps and bound each year. Lectures happy anniversary Mr. Mrs. Greg so my question is, so we were tied to sensationalism in every church that we attended and in fact even know there was another using methodology so we we feel like it was never presented at that you know when you read the statement of faith.

You don't really see the word dispensationalism yeah we almost feel not misled, but just like it is not talked about maybe I don't know taken for granted and that we changed our view. Since then inward looking for a little bit interaction is we we feel like we we live in a rural area is not a lot of churches probably feel like you know finding a home church might be unlikely so what we do. Looking for a little advice for slot you have a lot of a lot of churches don't mention that there dispensationalism because it's possible they don't even know it. I know that I was a dispensationalism from my upbringing for many years before I knew very much about what dispensationalism meant that I didn't know the title might my teachers didn't mention the word dispensationalism they just said this is what the Bible teaches.

And so I just took it for granted when I was young, but that was true. It took some study on my own. To realize that it wasn't and that there was a name for this novel view has captured so many of the evangelical American churches as far as churches that aren't dispensational, they they are out there and some of them will disagree with you on other issues it.

That is, if you see things are much like I do. For example, reformed churches are not usually dispensational, but they are Calvinistic, I'm not a Calvinist item. If you are not that you are not the you'll find millennialism usually or post millennialism in churches like reef reformed and Presbyterian churches. You can find all millennial churches that are not Calvinistic, though there are very many groups like that that the church of Christ is like that there neither dispensational nor Calvinistic of the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana.

This denomination is a pretty I like this this group pretty much elevated. It's a small denomination they don't have churches everywhere. I first encountered them on the Oregon coast many years ago and I really liked, but they are not dispensational and are not Calvinistic and there are others to out. But the main thing I would say is, it doesn't matter so much whether church is dispensationalism even Calvinist.

As long as that's not their hobbyhorse. I mean if they're only talking about those things all the time then you not to get fed because Juergen have to use your filters can be on you have to reject a large number of things they say every Sunday or whenever they speak, but there are people who are dispensational and who are Calvinist who don't talk about it all the time for me to target Jesus. They talk about following the Lord.

There's you note you may have a hard time finding a non-dispensational church, but you and you might even find a hard time that might have a hard time finding a good church. But there are good churches that are dispensational and there are good churches for the pastors lean toward Calvinism you know one of my favorite pastors in history was George Mueller. He was both dispensationalism and Calvinist and and yet he that those were not his issues. His issue is serving God and helping orphans and things like that. We find a church like that and you found it, probably a good church.

But what makes a church good is not whether they agree or disagree with us on those kinds of things.

But whether they love each other whether the leadership is humble and servant minded as opposed to dictatorial put some churches have leaders that are whether the people are, they love God and they love each other and you can tell that they love each other. Sincerely and you can find a church, this dispensational list and has a loving pastor 11 congregation and I'd say it's a great church to consider going in so I don't know what I don't know what to suggest other than that, all by the way Anabaptist churches are usually not dispensational us and there's not Calvinistic that be things like Mennonites and such.

So there are there are groups that don't embrace either of those doctors that almost almost every denomination embraces either Calvinism or dispensations were both and so you may have to settle in demand to settle for for something like that.

There's a lot of kinds of street is on November dispensations were not okay what what it my wife and I were just split like listening to lectures or something that church or that mortgages being yourself well other silly not nothing wrong with having worship and study in your own home with a very small group MEG server two or more gathered there. My in the midst of them and and my family for many years has been involved in a house church. It's fairly small but I will say if it's very small you. You make a little bit lonely, you know, you may want to yield more relationships and again I I don't think you're doing wrong I'm not at all. With Christians having good relationships with other Christians who don't hold the same theology and so again if you go to a church where you you may not be on the same theological page with them but but there loving people that you might make some very valuable friends, but I mean if you and your if if you and your wife just you know listen to YouTube a Bible studies in worship and pray together so forth.

It's not like you're doing something is forbidden but like I said, I think you feel that your fellowship circle is much smaller than you wanted to be.

You want some a larger sense of Christian community.

I think in your life you know you're right.

We Artie feel that with my friend Anita called it. Thank you. Yeah, I'm really sorry your ministry. Thank you for saying so that there's many of our listeners who call and have the same issue very don't know how to find a good church in the area and and you know there are some good churches around but of course there's a lot of trends in churches that aren't very great.

I guess if you go to Matthew there's the opportunity to check for what hope churches or something in there's list of fellowships at some of the people who are listeners recommend this. Matthew on. By the way, I got an email yesterday that said that somebody put that in wrong misspelled Matthew with only one T course Matthew is to tease is if he refused put it in wrong. There's like some kind of a virus or something.

He makes it so. So make sure you spell Matthew correctly. If you Matthew is to tease okay thank you Steve travels on your trip in the looking forward to the debate with the yes coming up soon, she might think your call okay David from Canterbury, New Hampshire. Welcome to the narrow path things for calling David in the ad you really really admire what you doing just so excited in the ear with the next question is going to be. I think they just this night I have no way to go. Over 80. I haven't been to church in Novick. DD going on 33. Do you know I'm I am not tied to preacher anything I get when I do study all the time and I try to stay close to God and I just don't understand how the Christian. Can accept this on the Sabbath, they get nothing in doctrine to support it. If you read Exodus 31 he sanctified that any college in a perpetual covenant doing God and not make church in the world. This word tested three days without God.

Text added testing them, and he tested them on the Sabbath. Now it seems to me like good tested going to be on the rapture, the people who refuse to keep this Saturday Sabbath they going to have to do.

I the great tribulation. People who willing to be obedient and the book of Hebrews says salvation comes to those who obey people who are willing to keep the Saturday Sabbath will be directed to a place of final training with elegant unite because you said you were going to pretend you've done nothing but preach since you got on here. Let me jump in. Ever. Why haven't you been to church for 30 years. Sounds like your Seventh-day Adventist. I never would have been. I retired longer I done I am out in the I back in the woods all alone on the mile I say so you might go. Cannot say it. Let me jump in here because you sent a lot, most of which Frank I don't agree with.

I don't agree that the seventh day Sabbath is an issue, but I agree with you and saying that there's no basis in the Scripture for having a Sunday Sabbath that is of course true in the Bible whenever the Bible mentions the Sabbath. It's always on Saturday. It's always about the Jews worship whenever you mentioned you whenever you read of the Sabbath in the in the Bible, old or New Testament talk about the Jewish observance of the Sabbath and an synagogue worship and things like that.

Now that isn't Christianity. Of course it's a different religion. The Jewish religions based on a covenant that God made at Mount Sinai in the time of Moses and the Sabbath was commanded at that time it wasn't commanded after the enterprise. Before that, but it was commanded at that time and it and were not under that accountant anymore. That covenant was for Israel. In fact, the passage you mentioned in Exodus chapter 31 specifically says that it says that the children of Israel should keep the Sabbath is he said in verse 17.

It's a sign between me and the children of Israel forever, for in six days the Lord made heavens and the earth and in seventh day he rested and was refreshed and he says sorry so it's a sign between Israel and God does say forever, but this this word forever. Issues of quite a few things about like circumcision is demanded forever. Keeping the temple worship and God dwelling in Solomon's Temple was said to be forever God told Samal doing your temple forever course at times been destroyed for 2500 years or more, and it doesn't exist. So what the Bible says is forever left understand the word alarm in the Hebrew is what's transferred forever.

It just me for very very long time or for the foreseeable future or if there's an end to his it's beyond the horizon where you can't see it. That's what the word along that it doesn't always mean endlessly and it of course God did say he make a new covenant in Jeremiah 31 and he said it will be not like the old covenant that emitted Mount Sinai so sorry the same covenant from a different one. And Jesus entered into that new covenant with his disciples in the upper room when he said this cup is the new covenant in my blood. And the Bible says that where there's a new covenant, the old covenant is obsolete, so Jesus never commanded anyone to keep the Sabbath day. Paul never did Peter never did John never did James never did. The book of Revelation.

Never did.

There's actually no one in the New Testament ever recommended automatic keep the Sabbath day. Although virtually every command of value that's moral has is in fact repeated in the New Testament. So anyway I just disagree with you about the the Sabbath keeping I don't think it's an obligation in the New Testament. I appreciate your call started Jeff from Waddell Arizona Jeff.

Welcome to the narrow path makes for calling you Steve, I have a question about second Timothy three Timothy 31 through nine, and whole is talking about the last days and other going to be terrible. And then he talks about people who doing those terrible things that have nothing to do with them so we know from that statement that he believes the last days that and then he goes on to talk about Jenny's and Jan presupposing Moses in verses 6 to 9 and so he's referring to, you know, an Old Testament time but my question is the last days. What was the first church is mindset about the last day was that the messianic era beginning with the time of Christ or heaven.

People always been wicked since the time of the fall. It seems like all those terrible things that people are going to be the last days have been something that people have always been was so could he have been referring to is kind of a two-part question I get the last days of old time or the last days starting with Christ coming to earth was even talking about the last days of Jerusalem because they have that in mind 280 70 when Nate spoke about the last days because their world for many of them would've ended with you know in A.D. 70. In Christ, and clearly spoken about that out. Well yes I okay yeah you're right that last days of the nursing three different ways. Some popular preachers take it to mean the end of the world, days, and they believe were living in the last days. In that sense.

There are many scholars who believe the last days refer to the whole age that was inaugurated by Christ and continues till the end of the world like 2000 years long and the third view is that it's the last days of the third Temple first and second Temple of second Temple Judaism and that since the end of the Jewish nation and the end of the Jewish religion and that the lot of the prophets in the Old Testament spoke about the latter times in the last days, and they spoke about the destruction of the corrupt system of the temple which had become corrupted by the corrupt priests and so forth and talks about the Messiah coming in bringing an order of justice and righteousness. And that's I believe that's how the apostles understood the last days because Peter, of course, on the day of Pentecost said this is that which was spoken of by Joel when he said in the last days apart.

My Spirit on all flesh now. He said that the last days was when the Spears report, which is when he was living there at Pentecost but we don't know whether he just thought beginning then going on to the end of the world are going on to the end of Jerusalem, but it strikes me that he's probably think that the last days of Jerusalem and end the Jewish order because he goes on to quote from Joel about how there'd be this this destruction that did occur, and 72 he quotes from Joel chapter 2, which begins by mentioning this pouring out of the Holy Spirit and proceeds to talk about the destruction of Jerusalem in the blood in the fire and the smoke in the sky and and so forth. And Peter quotes that whole passage and so I think he's seeing the last days in the last days before the destruction of Jerusalem, during which the prophets of the Messiah would set up a new order before he destroys the old order, so I'm thinking that we know when Paul talks of the last days he may be thinking in those terms or he may have had some idea more of further out last days but here it could be that when he talks or how evil these people will be in the last days he maybe talk about the Jews in the last days of their order specially at the time when Jerusalem was under siege. They became more wicked than virtually ever before in their history and even Josephus, who was there and wrote about it. He said there never was such a corrupt race. Is this ever since it will be can and I mean he may have been using hyperbole, but it was if you read what Josephus wrote all these horrible crimes and and misdeeds that Paul says will happen in the last days did occur in Israel he may not be target the pagans.

You're right. Pagans always behave that way the Jews didn't always behave that way, but they certainly did. At the end of their temple order before they were destroyed. So, I'm not. I lean toward Eileen toward that view, the sum of the last days of the Jewish order. Yeah, especially because you know this is apparently one of the last letters you wrote dated around 67 which is right before the destruction began this huge began and it might've no I'm sure that they saw the writing on the wall. By this time, and maybe the troop treatment marching there and I have read Josephus and abominable stuff and and actions. In the end, you know the way that the Jews fought each other in Jerusalem while even being proceeds even before that of the gun into different camps and not beat hands and just unbelievable stock yeah I guess I need to take another call that that's my my answer. Thank you for your call By all right Stephen from Wilmington, Ohio. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling. Hey, Steve had begun good. Great hear from you yet Kentucky client you get your opinion on something that couple of TV shows on PBS kids there like throwing full support behind black eyes marrying Alan like encouraging kids to make a sign in protest and make those that I think back, it's not enough to say that you're not racist. Yes, debt actively opposed racism and Mac. I'm just thinking of that, you know, when Jesus said to have her cognitive he had that shouting that then I want to get your stuff Matt okay well every Christian whose follower of Jesus does oppose racism because Christianity is characterized by love for your brother and it with you love your brother. It's not just the persons of the same race. It's all all races solving racism just doesn't occur when you love your neighbor as you love yourself a fact when Jesus quoted to the Jewish lawyer that passage said you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

The Larson who is my neighbor, and others. He was hoping to limited that he doesn't have to love everybody sets with the limited I can make this definition of neighbor and Jesus told the parable of the good Samaritan and the Samaritan. Of course, and the Jew that he helped a Jewish man. They were not of the same race. They were not of the same religion. In fact they were hostile religions and nations to each other. So Jesus made it very clear. Love your neighbor as you love yourself includes a Samaritan loving a Jew and a Jew living Samaritan which is of course basically saying you can't really be a racist and love your neighbor as you love yourself. So we do oppose it if we love our neighbors, but if what they mean is, you can't just not be a racist, you have to support the organization black lives matter, I would say well then why doesn't black lives matter oppose racism. They actually they actually very name of their their organization black lives matter emphasizes one race over another.

And if you say yes I agree I agree with you like better, but I think all lives matter, they say no that's racist to say that so another words they just taken the word racism making me where they wanted to meet racism is when you treat one group of people with special deference or special contempt because of their race and for no other reason. When you say black lives matter and you object to the correction you all lives matter, black, white, yellow, blue, whatever. All lives matter and and they object to that. It shows that no we only want the black lives to matter more than I'd have to say they are a racist organization and so why should I support black lives matter from supposed to be opposed. Racism is a nobody ever doubted the black lives matter. This is before the organization came up. There was no one I've never met a person who didn't think the black lives matter, except maybe for abortion doctors abortion doctors. Likewise, matter, and I guess there are some Blacks black gangs in Chicago. They don't believe the black lives matter because like a lot of black people, but for example there are no doubt racist police because his racist people in the population but I don't if they would say the black lives very many would say the black lives don't matter. I think they recognize them as human beings these days, it's long time since slavery in the times of slavery. There were bigots who believe that black lives were less than human. I don't know if anyone believes that anymore even racist. I don't think believe that anymore, but but there are times there are people who probably have treated Blacks more roughly or less fairly because they didn't like them and that's racist things in their lives don't matter to severe its once people or races who never killed anyone, never takes him his life from but there are there are some racist police. Not very many percentage wise there's not very many whose racism shows up in their behavior toward toward criminal suspects that the number of innocent black people who were not committing crimes that were killed by police. I think was last year was 14 nationwide.

That's not very many.

And there's 600 600,000 police will employ to discuss that's over half a million police in 14 of them killed somebody who is black and was not armed but not that he never got arm that doesn't mean they were harmless. A lot of times these guys have big big fist fight with the police so I I'm not in favor of any innocent person being killed by anybody, black/white, or any other color but there's no there's no statistical evidence of systemic systemic racism among the police against Blacks affect that debt has been examined and statistically analyzed number of times and find out if anything, the police are much more prone to shoot off-white criminal than a black criminal just on on in terms of per capita population and take a break here, but I think if your children watch TV shows that are taken often because it's propaganda listening to the narrow path radio broadcasts were not done with another half-hour coming up, so don't go away. At this point I want to let you know that the neuropathic is a listener supported ministry and we at we pay for the time that we use on the radio, cost tens of thousands of dollars a month.

We don't have a sponsor commercial breaks. We don't sell anything which is let you know if you think we should stand there. You might want help us do so and you may do so if you write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or you can do so from our website. Everything on the website is free but you can also donate from there.

It's the narrow I'll be back in 32nd stuff going again to nearly the path that leads to life into the narrow path. Steve grand has nothing to me today but everything to get the radio show is over.

Go to the narrow and enjoying the three topical audio teaching blog article teachings and archives of the narrow path radio said thank you for supporting the listeners. The narrow path grant the narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and would live for another half-hour taking your calls. Once again our lines are full, which means you can't call through right now and get on that call in a few minutes and get on coastlines open up one of them. Just open just now see as I was talking I must've scared somebody out so there's one line open at 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 if you'd like to be on the program. Our next colors. Alex from Honolulu, Hawaii Alex, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling it a talk to you again. So my question today is so heard a song recently got me wondering was hoping you could clarify something on this. It was about the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the connection of that would like oil meaning of oil in the Bible and the song lyrics. I'll give you a brief excerpt it to fill my lamp with Holy Spirit oil so that I can testify view and then the bridge goes I want more of your fresh oil, you get more of your power and then it repeats the my with Holy Spirit oil and start fresh oil so is there a connection between the Holy Spirit and oil wars that actually the case that this song is just completing two things that shouldn't be well you know something, even if the holy Bible said nothing about the Holy Spirit and oil together. It's not wrong for a song to use a metaphor if the songwriter had just made it up and said I'm gonna compare the Holy Spirit to oil in a lamp and I need my light to shine. I need I need to be filled with that oil there be nothing nothing heretical or wrong. But actually, there are precedents in the in the Bible to compare oil and the Holy Spirit, principally in Zechariah chapter 4 where Zechariah sees a vision of two olive trees and all of oil is what they used in Lampson in the lap of the temple. The seven branched candlestick and so they got their oil from all its olive trees and the vision. There were two olive trees and the lamp standing in the middle and pipes running directly from the trees to the lamp as if you get olive oil for altar like you get that maple from maple tree.

It's obviously symbolic.

The idea is that there's olive oil flowing to the slab to keep burning in and then God interpreted it and said this is so the word Lord is Zerubbabel, not by might nor by power but by my Spirit, says the Lord, his arm in his spirit representing the oil oil represent Holy Spirit.

Also, of course, when kings were installed in Israel, especially Saul and David and they were anointed with oil and when they were anointed with oil.

The Holy Spirit came upon them at that time so apparently the oil was an emblem of that anointing. So there are cases in the Bible were oil is a metaphor for the Holy Spirit. It may not be is not the only metaphor for Holy Spirit. It is sometimes used. You don't you have any thoughts on why it might be kind of a metaphor for the Holy Spirit is getting at. Oh well, I mean there's lots of metaphors for Holy Spirit.

He came down the form of a dove.

For example, some supplies in the Holy Spirit of water is, there is a common metaphor for the Holy Spirit and oil also went and Isaiah talks or how God is going to break out the streams in the desert. Reports of his spirit upon Israel is going to be like pouring out his spirit as waters from heaven to bring forth spiritual fruit in the wilderness your Jesus talked about the Holy Spirit as living water in John seven verse 30 7239. He said anyone.

First, let them come to me and drink. And you know out of my belly will flow rivers of living water and John says he spoke this about the Holy Spirit. So, water, oil, wind is also an emblem of the spirit fact, the word wind in the Greek and Hebrew is the same word and spirit. So there's like different ways to think but I think using oil unite. I will again to light lamps of the oil lamps were they burned out from oil that's I guess one reason one could use so that metaphor may be other reasons I'm not really sure the and so more quick question at time. I was wondering if you knew of any good or even primary sources that I cannot accept the date on the library on church history lesson very church historian books about that subject for primary sources on the primary sources on the earliest church history would be what we call the church fathers reside with 34, 36 volumes of that available it's a big said it's bigger than a set of encyclopedias.

I happen to have it because my wonderful wife bought it for you for Christmas or for my birthday. Once at some point, but it's a it's a lifetime of reading. I made it ill take it take years to read it all, but you're welcome to it in and out five rights of course some of myself that that's a primary source. I guess other primary sources of different times in church history would be reading the letters in the writings of people like Luther and Calvin and and Wesley and the people from the. You're starting your site and it almost an infinite amount of sources depending who you want to study and reading the writings of the would be the primary sources now when you have a secondary sources.

This should be people who have studied primary sources and and summarize either one. Of her churches hearing the whole whole of church history, there's lots of books about that to Philip Schaff spelled S CH AFF is a noted church historian he's got I think eight volumes are not mistaken on church history, covering up to the Reformation pretty much there's there's a lot of people have written very exhaustive church history so alarming.

I know of one, one author who works for I think was 545 volumes.

I think on the book of acts alone which is very short.

Yeah, I hear where I have a series on church's website, where I teach through the hole. In 30 lectures and course. It's free, like everything is websites listen to it, but I got books and books in church history, values from studying and teaching site. I don't know of any. I can recommend above others. I do know that lots people like Bruce Shelley's book church history in plain language. It is a good one.

If you know it's not necessary. Doesn't stand out is better than all the other side thing but it's it's a good one, and lots people like it's written for the layman. I think it's called church history in plain language by Bruce Shelley. So those are some suggestions for appreciate all that the thank you and God bless. Okay Alex, you too. Thanks for your call George from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or Pittsburgh California which is Pennsylvania returns as a Pittsburgh Northern California to masturbation in men and women know how to compare cell. I don't problem that hath not possible to Catholics.

They never Stuck in churches very often and frankly, I would mind if it never came up on the program either because it's a rather it's an issue that a lot of people are uncomfortable hearing about or talking about it but I mean it's up.

It is a subject that people need to think about because a lot of people do succumb to temptation. Now do I believe that there's something in our chemistry that makes it impossible for us to resist such temptation. No, I think that there is something our chemistry that tempts us.

Of course, sexual desire of any kind comes about because of hormones and chemicals in our body that we didn't put there so we can't help the fact that there are desires. But we are supposed to help you control our behavior is just like we can't always keep we can control whether hungry or not. If we have any but we shouldn't steal food that is not ours. We shouldn't eat if we should be facets of this event. There are chemical systems. Our bodies make us crave things and these chemical systems are not bad because they are needed for the times when those things are appropriate. If you never got hungry. You'd probably never even then you die. If no one ever had sexual drive and probably no one would ever reproduce so mean there is a right use for these and a wrong use. Now the question is, is that masturbation is not a wrong use and that is something that is so very difficult question for the simple reason that the Bible doesn't mention the practice and this is interesting that it doesn't because sometimes Paul gives long lists of sins in his writings, which often have you list 345 sexual sins but he never really mentions masturbation. Please, not by that name, and therefore it's hard hard to know how he thought about Malley. I think most Christians feel that it's it's it's wrong and I can see why because first of all, it's better to be self controlled the fruit of the Holy Spirit is self-control. Also, it's almost never the case that people with mastery without any kind of visual images in their head. Of course, if a man says will be only visual image I have is my wife that I think it's a little more difficult to call that sin if you're visualizing somebody else who's not your wife. That, of course, that would that would be as Jesus said if you look you want to lust after you commit adultery in your heart. It's it's a hard call because some Christian pastors that I have known have answered one way and some of answered the opposite way made some say this, we need to have self-control. We shouldn't do that. So don't do it just and and they would have maybe considered to be a form of fornication other pastors and said, well, the Bible says nothing about it. It must not be a meeting of all the times about the toxic sins and list since it doesn't say that maybe it's not sin itself.

Maybe that made it possible to sin in association with it like your thought life or whatever but but some pastor have none of suggest that God just allows it for people who don't have a spouse or something, but I have never felt comfortable with it and I don't want to be legalistic because when you add rules to the Christian life that are not rules of the Bible gives more than you become legalistic, but I'll just say I've never felt very comfortable with the idea of masturbation. I never thought that there be something that a Christian ought to do when their walking in the spirit they should be controlling that kind of behavior but that's that's my opinion. There different. A lot of pastors and spiritual men who wouldn't messily feel exactly the same way now is it is man's adultery will there's very few things that are quite as bad as adultery. Now some people say all sins are equal and are simply not true is not ever say that all sins are equal but it does in the in the law affixed various penalties to different since some of them have the death penalty. Some of them have less repentance and have a financial penalty.

So it's obvious that since God's law is perfect and assigns just the proper penalty for sins, and not all the penalties are equal, that the sins are not really equal but that does mean even any center good. No sins or remain a Christian should not be making excuses for any center there are sins worse than others. Jesus said their weightier matters of the law than others to if the Jews didn't pay their tithes. That was a sin, but it wasn't as big a sin.

Jesus said, as if they practice injustice or unfaithfulness. Those are. He said those are weightier matters of law so you whoever says all sins the same. I don't know why they say that the Bible doesn't support it. So would masturbation be as bad as adultery. Like you said, there's very few things that are as bad as adultery, even fornication is not treated the same as adultery in the Bible. But fornication is not a light thing. I mean, if an unmarried couple have sex. That's that's not okay. But the penalty for that was not as great as the penalty for adultery use of the death penalty. II think instead of think I thinking you know can I do this. How bad is it if I do it or whatever.

I think we should just I believe we should if there's anything we have questions about if we are not sure if that's morally right or not we should avoid. Now if we if we stumble and I know a lot of men do then you know Jesus does must be condemned with it, but I think that if we stumble into something we don't think is right. We need to repent and we need to try to walk in the Spirit more consistently. But you know I'm not condemning them in for doing something that I might think they shouldn't to but which the Bible doesn't say not to do some just leave it between them and God. That's all that really that's all I can honestly do with something like that and what same.

I feel at the state date eventually will have problem.prostate that he only has to I don't know anything about the studies.

I know that I know that if a man has wet dreams that he can't be held responsible for that. Because what happens when you're sleeping is not choice but and I know that and maybe some bait. Maybe that's something that's her a release valve that I yeah I'm not going to afraid I can't speak authoritatively on something that the Bible doesn't mention so people say I can't. Now blasting without any beyond that right now I have any shacked up with her boyfriend of my daughter that everything Three more.

I was an expert well patient well like I said the penalty was greater for adultery than for fornication in the Bible.

But fornication is not a light thing, it was still sent back positive fornicators will not inherit the kingdom of God. He said that first Corinthians chapter 6 verses nine and 10 so. Also, he said in Galatians chapter 5 verses 19 through 21. I guess it is. And so Paul twice at least that fornicators will have no place in the kingdom of God.

That doesn't sound good and adulterers are mentioned that list a lot of other things are mentioned in that list may yeah I would say it's a sin I don't I wouldn't worry about whether it's as bad as adultery or not. I just say neither neither fornication or adultery are okay because both of them will keep you from God. Now that the penalty for fornication in the Bible was that if a man slept with a woman who is a virgin and they were not married they they had to get married so in that's instead of the death penalty. Some people might consider that Micah life center, but the truth is it is people should leave mention leave girls alone list American well a lot of people struggle with that nation, problem. I know a lot think I've heard that almost almost all men at one time, and nothing you can do about it because I ran out lots and lots of things are human nature that we have to be careful not to do a judge. I really need to go along II can't hear about all right Thanks for your call and I got my lines for. I don't think we can chat all day long.

Let's talk to John from Garden Grove, California.

John one hi yeah I'm here, I'm well thanks I don't want to talk of the Sabbath with you guys that would all and I my my my people have to be grabbed and down Body. The covenant was made with the remnant of Israel in the upper room when Jesus was having the last supper with them.

He made the new covenant with them. They were Israelites.

They were of the faithful remnant. They were not the whole nation because the whole nation has never been the faithful remnant and like Paul said they are not all Israel who are others, only the faithful remnant are the true Israel, and gases. When you become a follower of Christ, you become part of that Israel and you receive a part in that covenant. And as Jeremiah said it's not like the covenant he made with the juice at Mount Sinai so I know you want us to keep the Sabbath. We talked about this and and and and frankly John, I just I don't be too critical. I don't think you listen very carefully when I answer you, and that kinda makes me not want to have so many calls from you but don't hit our call again in the future when we have more time. Lisa from Hillsboro, Oregon. Welcome to the narrow path that's recalling me something that you're thinking about.

You don't think you tell me the verse number. I don't believe that's in the property the labor since the sleep of the laboring man is sweet, but I will tell me the verse number okay I don't talk to Proverbs, dozens of times.

I've never seen a verses is immensely wrong. Okay, the Proverbs does not say anything positive about lazy people but does say that this the sleep of the laboring man, a diligent is sweet and that he wouldn't all right now that all right well Israel was punished because God was angry at Israel, and it was God was angry at Israel before David took the sentence that says that in second Samuel 24 one second Samuel 24 months is again the anger of the Lord was aroused against Israel and he moved David against them to say go number that you Israel and Judah.

Now, so God was already angry at them for some you know it doesn't say what is angry at them for lemming Bible is very sparse and some of its recording of some historical events, but there plenty of times Israel's history when God had plenty of angry with them.but on this occasion is angry and so he actually moved David to number the people.

The Chronicle says Satan tempted David to that and I think both Satan and God were involved, just like in Job's situation. I think God allowed Satan to tempt but but wildly wrong to number the people I don't know, but both David and Joab knew that it was and we don't we don't know everything that was involved is a very sparse account. It doesn't tell us what the situation was that made David want to do it. A lot of scholars think maybe David had a very bad motive for wanting to do it. Maybe he was just proud and wanted to congratulate himself over big kingdom. He had so like Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel chapter 4 was proud of himself and built a big battle and he said I've done this by my great might and got struck in with madness for seven years. God doesn't like people think credit for what he has done. Ben's man's ego sometimes does so. That might've been what David was up to. It may have been that he is numbering them in order to see how much larger in army he could field and and that's because he was trying to increase military might, rather than trusting in the Lord, we don't really know that were not told her these early guests and and scholars and commentators can only guess. Or else they just have to say we don't know. So it's not a sin to take a census in Israel because God told Moses to take censuses twice and he did in the book of numbers but it was apparently wrong for David to do it in. Probably because of something in David's own motivations which were not told about so the story is told, without explanation, which is a shame because it's not self evident to us why it would be wrong for David to take a census but it did bring judgment on the nation. But that's because God had already seen Israel as worthy of judgment for some of their crimes. We don't know which was those were. This story does perplex almost all readers because it leaves so many of these questions unanswered, and we can't answer goodbye just leaves that big? God knew and David and Joe Joab to dissuade him.

Why would you sit so anyway I'm sorry can't help because that's just the subject.

The Bible doesn't answer for us. I wish it did were out of time to listen to the narrow path where Lister supported you can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow thanks for joining us

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