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The Narrow Path 8/13

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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August 13, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 8/13

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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August 13, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the radio broadcast my name Steve Greg or live for an hour each weekday afternoon, taking your calls if you have questions you'd like to ask about the Bible of the Christian faith.

This is someplace you can estimate we'll talk about them. If you see things differently than the host and want to talk about that. Feel free to give me a call. Also the number to call is 844-484-5737 skinny 844-484-5737 now our computer, our Internet connection is down in the studio, which means I cannot see the switchboard or know who's waiting.

So I'm going to be having somebody from the studio called to tell me my headphones and sort, maybe a little awkward. It'll take me a second to hear and to repeat the caller's name studio to have a caller there Chris in Sacramento all right welcome Chris, welcome to the narrow path hello Chris, cannot hearing Chris okay you have to hang up on Chris and take a difficult you never call hello studio, okay, this is not going smoothly.

As I hoped. Is there another caller in the queue studio.

Okay, I'm not really sure okay what would you put monthlies hello Chris, welcome dinner sir but the knowledge is okay so I have a question on necklaces subtracting hope to get out clearly. Okay John Baptist by Jesus was called Elijah.

We can accept it. Yes, it's like having a hard time understanding how the Elijah character worked to restore all things that could be explained to John all right well that's a good good question. Gadget Jesus said Elijah comes first and restores all and he said that if you can receive it. John is Elijah who is to come.

So John is the one who came to restore all things out what all things refers to is of course not made clear, but I probably just means restores righteousness to Israel so that they can be to the remnant anyway so that they can be prepared for the Masonic.

That's what John actually did.

It's interesting that we might expect the, the job description to include more restoring all things and to build a big project. In fact Peter in chapter 3 of accident sermon talks about the time of the restoration of all things. When Jesus returns so you know that something a big thing but apparently when you said Elijah comes and restores all things. I think it must mean that all things that Elijah's most restore now back in Malachi it said that Elijah would turn the hearts of the children of fathers and hearts of fathers children and the angel told Zacharias the father of John the Baptist that that's what his son would do so I have to figure that that predicted message that predicted roller guest of John the Baptist is so what restoring all things means although as I say, the term sounds more absolute than that, but it must refer to within the certain frame of reference that is all things Elijah supposed to accomplish as opposed to saying that John would do some of the things he likes most accomplished and there have been other Elijah later to do the rest.

I don't think that that what is the case, and I think I think that is stated by Jesus saying he'll restore all things. I think that means it can restore all things that John Elijah's most restore, but it is.

It's not any clearer than that. That's true on that a little. Okay.

Sorry for the problem on the line, should okay I'm certain who is needy important okay welcome to the can now yes yes great no when he got into the well at typing my commandment to make what okay what I think I could find what commandment over hundred microphone and nine well, Jesus said a new commandment I give to the love one another's. I love you and of course he also affirmed that business are to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Those are probably the ones everything else Jesus time really is an amplification on the Nestlé.

What I normally do at this point as all that noise on the line, I would probably probably turn down the controls here. I don't have my controls in an instant studio. I just been informed that the studio experienced a major cyber attack and they're working on it so that's why we've got seven competition, but I'm sorry.

Are you still there and and was that noise on your end line was that someone else I so I would just say that love commandments are the commitments Jesus gave and his sermons like the sermon on the Mount, for example, would be expositions on those.

This phenomenon is an exposition on what it means to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself, and what it looks like in real life. So those were the Commandments I think most pressing Jesus did say that there are weightier matters of the law means that some things in the Lord God is ready in the weightier matters of the law.

He's our justice and mercy and faithfulness and those are of course components of love so loving your neighbor as you love yourself would mean you'd be just you be mercifully be faithful in all your dealings. It's not there's not that much to remember. Honestly, it's a very small list of things that have to be done, but they have to be on your mind in order to remember to be doing them instead of doing what comes more naturally which is to live a selfish life. I know tomorrow character not commandment you know [how your high neck your knee bearing you, things like that and just wondering what the content of discipleship and you know teaching in my commandment, get those two things right.

Well, the command to teach was given. Of course, to the apostles, and they were to teach the church and they did teach the church to remember in acts chapter 2 it says 3000 converts the set. They continued steadfastly in the apostles teaching, and in breaking bread and prayers and fellowship in unity, so they were receiving the teachings from the apostles and since we have the apostolic writings in the Gospels we should have no difficulty knowing what to teach congregations that is pastors and teachers should know what they're supposed to teach Lisa teacher Jesus taught that you commandment Jesus commanded and you know it really doesn't take a real expert is take somebody who will read what Jesus said in passing along in an and tell the church. This is how you chose to live as far as your if your pastor doesn't do that, then you can of course learn those commandments directly from the apostolic writings that are in your Bible so I you know I don't know what your wanting specifically. I believe that everything that's written in the New Testament whether it's in the teaching of Jesus or in the writings of the apostles in their epistles over is expounding on this very thing of loving God and loving your neighbor and all of that is done by walking in the spirit because love is the fruit of the spirit so Christianity is a spiritual life begins of the spiritual rebirth and it continues as a walk in the spirit of God producing spiritual fruit spiritual gifts so you know that the whole Bible in a sense is the exposition on the are the whole New Testament, especially, but if you bring it down to the simplest statement. Jesus said to do to others as you want them to do to you. This is the whole law and the prophets. He sent so there are practical ways to teach that. And, for example, if you listen to my lectures through Matthew or Mark or Luke or John or the epistles for that matter, you'll find that I'm attempting to do that very thing is to apply the teachings thereto. Daily life than that's what making disciples is teaching them to observe her. Jesus said so was or something more than that you are looking for the following way I that that don't think so… Like you let yourself here next day. You think there's so much more like you know like looking at what that means I left I you know with all your heart, all unite and I believe that it that's gotta be upright and I get the character part the more Altair. I'm in helping develop the intention of the hiking yeah love God with all your height so that my but I you is that follow-through with your life and that with it discipleship pocket content.

You know, faithful yet it's in itself is the way you live do doing to other people what you want done to you is a habit of life and it's a lifelong habit now it's a lifelong curriculum to because even though you can read the whole Gospels in a few days time you not likely to process them all in apply them all to every situation in your life that quickly, partly because it requires reflection requires meditation and it requires conviction from the Holy Spirit on things that need attention and that continues for the rest you like being a disciple doesn't mean you run through a course and get get it all down and then that's what you're disciple, but rather you are disciple as you have Christ yoke upon you and your learning from him and your continuing to follow him. That's a life lifelong thing right and I you know, I'm glad you listen to the lectures because those are what the lectures are attempting to do right great all right well God bless you, so who's the next, a Leah in Washington. Okay, welcome to the narrow path ilio is recalling high only about mentioned that there will be around nine called them that I is that they try to verify lighting or by Irving (because she seemed very sheltered.

We need a player in the lot will have no way to get that done my thought was that it might be suspect is when she had mentioned that I want to question Wanamaker eliminator really bothering me know about a minute or two after she told me about that dream. One time, and how and pulled me know she actually said that about one month and she does she know who Jesus is to okay and that she know what demons are no casino and no doubt Damon clean three only children of more about that one thing that I can think of is I we had taken a friend and only about an thing with long that I found out and had been doing my and delete. You know like you went there you know everything going and then one okay and only though. We prayed every night before bed. And I think that is she ever feel and guide me by CS because she can't write know many people I know many people who are taught by demons in the night either in the dreams or or in their half awake times maybe fully awake times have with the cold night terrors so forth and pray.

I have never had the spots I've talked to so many people who have an eye I've never had to counseling because they told me exactly what they do they always tell me the same. They always cry out to Jesus and it goes away right so I would just tell you what you told her she had the dream since you told her she okay so that emphasized her this.

There are demons that are trying to scare her but they cannot like her on fire okay return to live your heart tell you they cannot do that because Jesus will protect her and in that if she's afraid whenever she's afraid she cried out to Jesus to help her and to make them go away and and then she should report to know what happens when that happens, but I think those terrible cards may have a lot to do that since it's around the same time she can have the strength you know the movie the exorcist featured a demon possessed girl but in the real story is based on. It was a boy. It was a 14-year-old boy and the demons began to come into his room and do things terrify him when his grandmother and he became involved in something I don't members terrible cards of each anger Ouija board and what is many things are unknown. Numerous cases of people being involved in that kind of thing and then suddenly there's demonic activity now that doesn't mean your daughters possessed like a boy in the movie was she's not obviously but but she but that would explain perhaps why demons have felt themselves welcome to come into the home.

Now our dear husband you are a single mom or what is icy okay so you just remember it says in first John 44. Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world and that means Jesus in you is is greater than the than the devil is in the world and all his demons combine and that's first John four for I also tell her James 47 James 47 says, resist the devil and he will flee from you and it says in James two. That the demons believe in Christ and they tremble so the demons they want to scare her, you should tell them, tell her that that they are really afraid they're very afraid of Jesus and they hope she doesn't know that.

But she doesn't have to be ignorant. She can be informed that, but I would suggest that you do pray in such a way as to command that your house be cleansed of any demons that have come in.

I've done that when I've had demon manifestations in one of the homes are actually to the homes of the others. A lot of places a couple of actually did have some manifestations demons before moved in and when I moved, and they didn't last long term and recovered so in art you really need to attend to that house cleansed and making sure your daughter knows not to be afraid of them because they are frankly there afraid that she will figure out that she can resist them so people going, praying what I needed to bring myself. I don't think it's necessary. I know people have done that. There's nothing in the Bible about anything like that so I can't really say it's normative. I do know people who have like deliverance ministries who practice those kinds of things I wouldn't think that would be necessary, but I don't know that will hurt. I don't know the hurt and he just I think you can just sit one room and pray and ask God to banish them from the home and am actually speak out to them in the name of Jesus shall be gone from the home at every turn. Although Lydia and I why and we have no anxiety and and not mention the mall and now it will make about nothing and you Lydia. She's nine years old and she has dreams about once a month were demons come and try to set her on fire. Terrify herself I'm sure many blisters out there are prayer warriors church should be on the list thinking okay thanks for your call go Bush.

All rights are John and Oregon city is a nice color.

Welcome to the you think you for your last coal and praying. psalm 91 yes london was a great one. okay, protection him so on june 19. you lost: greg orange counties crest you do next to jesus on ecclesiastes 72 you remember, no, i don't remember because in june. i remember yesterday's calls okay okay so i remember the passage of mine yet another passenger and the holy ghost hunting need to get back to you about this so all the listeners get a pen and pencil ready to give three passages but need to be read in context, it's luke 17 a exodus 312.

luke 237 so that has to do increasing our faith okay so you have a question for your correction for me. i do with you as a group of christians to pray the lord's prayer together just as a general rule, of course, a christian will. i asked him to the lord's prayer with me and she refused.

what was her. what was the reason you wanted to pray with her was she going through something that you were counseling her about her running. what was the situation is complex. okay then don't don't bother with. i don't take more time because we have a break coming up just a couple minutes okay so she wouldn't do it. so she went to did she say why she would not know why i could inquire. although i heard dad believed in saying the lord were okay so what is your okay i answered your questions. it was or something you needed more on that you okay well appreciate calls on right we just have a minute before the break looks, it will take the next call after he quit sending the caller to sell no okay jacob okay will take ticket from lakewood after our break and please stated we have bottomley, our break every everyday in order to let our listeners know that the narrow path is first of all its listener supported.

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at the narrow Get that freeware view so keep that in mind, i hope you'll check out our resources and will be right back about 30 tell your family. tell your friends tell everyone you know about the bible radio show that has nothing to give you the narrow path with grant when today's radio show with your social need and send a link to the narrow, one can find free time on your teaching blog article teachings and archives of the narrow path radio shows and tell them to listen live right here on the radio. thank you for sharing. listener supported the narrow path. greg that's the narrow path radio broadcast steve dragon were live for another half-hour take calls our normal equipment is down because that are radial studio.

the internet is down on the computers and that means that i who am about a thousand miles from the studio right now and i connect to it by internet. i'm not able to connect to them in the normal when i can't see her switchboard which means the switchboard might be full of calls. i can't say what it is not. i give you phone number. the numbers 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and our next caller is jacob. i think that's probably from lakewood, washington builders, lakewood, california. also jacob welcome jacob are you there are you young pt studio.

go ahead and hang up on the call he's not listening to us. okay, who's the next caller okay. jim from dallas, texas. welcome to the narrow path did you call yesterday and we didn't get to yes go ahead but as far as i know no talk about how he's a real test. scripture talks about having a good man. leprosy are never called to think that the demon while i there is a there are places in isaiah that talk about desert becoming a place that was once a garden spot, becoming a habitation of demons, suggesting that there is geographical areas that demons associate themselves with saving lacasse and how you're right about that and also you jesus of edema goes out of a man, it wanders through dry places, seeking a home and doesn't find when it comes back to that man, so demons they do wander around satan himself said he wanted through the earth to introit when got afterward been and i you know when there are manifestations of demons in the house i'm going to have to assume that you should either take that at face value or pretend that that's all superstitious and i don't i don't ladder me know know live leviticus is not talking about demons as it talks about a fungus on the walls right so let's not talk demons out so i'm not i'm not interested in that particular passage with reference to your right it doesn't mention demons and i never thought that they don't want them either down or they come back when you have a dream you know this, because scripture never talked about right. right. does the bible talk about everything we get to make it. we can wear your right you don't make it up as you go along, but you can learn things from experience. for example, in this example, the other day. the bible mentions there such a thing is leprosy, not leprosy. it does some electrodes i think the example he gave was exactly what sick leprosy to the bible does mention leprosy. it doesn't tell us anything about the treatment of leprosy. it doesn't tell us anything about what causes leprosy.

it doesn't talk about what might turn leprosy just talks. leprosy is a phenomenon okay now scientists through experience with lepers can learn the answers to many questions about leprosy that the bible doesn't mention the bible also mentions demon possession but doesn't answer any questions about so we either say what we can't know anything about it except that there are demons and there's they were stuck with no more information than that or we can say, but many people had experience with demons and just like many doctors have had experience with leprosy somehow and from those who have experience with things of the bible mentions, but the bible doesn't explain. i don't see any reason why we should just prima facing reject all the all the evidence from from experience do i not going to know that never claimed to be a miracle can't see something your senses we can learn nothing from expense. all not write your conclusion. it doesn't do it doesn't reject so well okay i'm i'm i'm i'm all ears.

show me which scripture says that these things don't happen to get there. well i think you're making false you're saying the meat limit you're making a false argument. what you're saying is, and i agree with the point you're making. i just don't agree with your conclusion. you're saying the bible doesn't mention houses having demons. the bible does mention casting demons out of houses the bible doesn't mention demons coming to people in dreams once a month or any other frequency mentions that you're right, it doesn't. it does mention demons. but he tells us almost nothing about the now. we can either know only the few things that the bible tells us about them or we can learn from experience certain things and i believe it is possible, and for me, since i don't think that when we learn something and experience that the bible does not deny that we have to deny what expense tells us, and that's why give you the example about leprosy that doctors through experience with lepers. patients learn many things about leprosy that the bible does not confirm or deny, but if the bible denied it go with the bible. of course, but if the bible is silent. the bible silent on many things.

the bible is silent on how many planets there are in our solar system.

but i think that we know from experience that there are some others and we could name them. so just because the bible doesn't say anything about something doesn't mean that we can't know anything about it, especially if were living in a world where demons are active and the people who are aware of them. take note of things that happen with in my case you're wondering about demons manifesting in my house.

years ago, like i wasn't referring to mold appearing on the walls are leprosy walls is talking about the sound of a person walking on the wooden floors every night when i was in bed and it and there was in an apartment, a single story apartment. no one was above me, below me and and outside my bedroom door, which was open was the living room and every night there'd be measured. regular footfalls on the creek and the boards like just like a person walking and when i committed to go. it did. now i don't know what what you do without you.

you can say well the bible to sailing okay but i like to live in ignorance because the bible doesn't say anything on something that there's many things about the same thing about so if the bible does say something that's always the most authoritative source for the bible is silent.

there are other ways of doing things. jim got okay what's next, barbara from michigan hello barbara, welcome to the narrow Account. not bad, but maybe i am god and as time. i agree with you one thing and that is that demons were driven away from saul temporarily by david and the bible does indicate that worship of god can have an impact on the enemies of god bible says, out of the mouths of babes and infants you have perfected praise because of the enemy and and so i believe there are right. i think that our praise has some impact on the demonic instrument wheat we have to realize too that david was a man filled with the holy spirit and and is probably playing his own songs which were inspired songs, but i wouldn't discourage it.

i mean, i think playing the edifying music is a good thing. i don't know that we could say that there's a promise of god that that'll make it go away, but it certainly certainly won't hurt and will call okay thank you all right, who's next carry in texas. welcome to the narrow path carry the chair today 40 that not enough on eagles. we running in tired walking and not being weary and all of this is achieved through waiting on the lord and i know what that waiting looks like it has to be more than just sit back and say what happens. what happened – so could you expand on that little bit. yeah. waiting on god is a common term in the old testament, david uses it a lot and isaiah uses a fair end and you find it in a number of places in scripture.

waiting on god. it is, it's actually kind of interchangeable with the expression to hope in god, i'll have more to say about the nap. i just want to show you that because if you compare psalm 27. the last verse of psalm 27 it says wait on the lord, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart.

wait, i say on the lord that you just turn a couple chapters over actually to psalm 31 in verse 24 we have the same verse. essentially, but with the word weight substitute the word hope it says, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the lord and that's so. psalm 3124 so david says kind of the same thing.

be of good courage, god will strengthen your heart if you it says in psalm 27. if you wait on the lord and psalm 31 if you hope in the lord now waiting is hopeful is expectation it's like your you're waiting for something to happen of course that means that something that hasn't happened yet but you're waiting with patient expectation. hoping your hope is in god. it does mean it's wishful thinking. it means that you have reason to believe that god has yet to do what he's promised to do and that you are therefore confident of it and you're waiting confidently on god.

your course it's difficult to be patient if if the waiting is an uncomfortable circumstances, but axis is wait patiently on the lord hope in the lord. so our hope.

for example good christians hope is for the glorious appearing of our great god and savior jesus christ. well, that hasn't happened for long time i've been waiting for for 67 years and i made died waiting for it in my children and grandchildren might die waiting for many generations have.

it's been 2000 years since he went away but the church is still to be hopeful. still waiting on him because there is a promise that he will fulfill. we we live our lives.

hopefully we live our lives with expectation and we should never give up hope. but we should continually hope we should wait on the lord now waiting course waiting in the generic sense, the word just means to bide your time.

it just means to let the minutes go by, because you're waiting for something, and generally speaking that's waiting for some you can't control. although the lobby waiting to do something you can control the vessel's documents are waiting on god.

you can't control god you can't put him on your time schedule so you just have to as the time does go by maintain your hopefulness and your expectation in god and that's waiting on god refers to go just a little bit further this large enough on eagles.

we saw this as hyperbole is suited yeah well the idea is being strengthened by the lord and in that part of isaiah. he's just been talking about the coming of john the baptist, and even of jesus that he shall leave his flock like a shepherd and gather the labs as arm suffer the previous chapter, so it's really a message for people concerning ill us and then in the new testament error. it's it's the promise follows the promise of john the baptist and of christ shepherded his flock so it's applicable to us and it is applicable to our spiritual strength. it's very clear that we are called on to do things that humans cannot do because we are called to walk even as jesus walked around jesus walked that way, but he was empowered with supernatural power and so are we. we are supposed to be able to do things that take strength that we don't have now when it says those that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength. the word renew the greek hebrew word there is exchange they will exchange their strength, which is an interesting concept because he compares with an eagle who mounts up on its wings now. if you watch different kinds of birds like you know hummingbirds they stay aloft by a lot of activity. the other wings are always flapping hundreds of times a minute. you know maybe maybe 100 a second. i don't know how fast can seem that takes a lot of energy eagle. of course, has a much heavier body to lift and yet it can stay in the air for a long time without using much energy at all. it has its own strengthen its wings and flies up to the high thermals in the atmosphere, and it just sets its wings like a sale and that and it catches the wind and the wind it exchanges its strength from the strength of the wind discover much heavier load to bear the hummingbird but it's expending much less energy. once it gets to that place work and just relaxed. you can just you know catch the wind as it were, it exchanges its natural strength which if for an eagle has a lot of natural strength super strong bird, but it exchanges that limited strength for the unlimited strength of thermals. the wind which can hold it all day long and it will get tired and that's the idea was that wait upon the lord will read will exchange their strength. that is the exchange their limited strength for his unlimited strength and the run and not be weary well were running the good race.

the walk and not faint or walking with god and a lot of people to get burned out in the christian life love to get tired. lotta people fizzled out. they just don't have the strength to keep it up, especially under trials and so forth. but that's apparently because they're in their own strength or using their own strength. instead of exchanging about for god's strength and that's what i believe you say not interesting. it just says a few verses earlier that the lord he does not grow weary and he does not faint. now he says the young men which are alleged seemingly the ones who are the strongest. once the young strongmen they will grow faint access, it says even the young men will program faint, and so forth and so there's anyone who isn't particularly strong can exchange their strength for that of god and never should of course, so that's how i understand what's been talked about their if we just hope in the lord now again waiting. everybody's waiting but not everyone waits in the sense that summer waiting expectantly expectantly for god to to come for god to do his thing into you know be on time to fulfill his promises.

those are ways in which we have to.

we just have to wait patiently and expectantly for him. so it says in verse 29 you're talking, of course, all this time it is a 40 verse rinses he gives power to the weak and to those who have might not know might he increases their strength. he says even the youths will faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall but those who wait on the lord shall exchange their strength. they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint seminar could become faint. so it says of god was something here.

i can't look for now, just a few verses earlier talk to her.

god does not become wary to do something so clarify it for you yet. all right well appreciate your call got the scary evan from sacramento is next hello evan, welcome my well i'm not here, you're not the first color complaint.

if there's something i want to share my experience with them on it.when i was sleeping and napping time in my bible scripture being read and got back them up. my youtube that plaintiff was sleeping bible scriptures for protection that immediately attacked me and every time i do that sleep. amazing that with you? yeah, and said a lot of people a lot of christians do not really know how frightened the demons are the demons try to intimidate, but they are terribly vulnerable in the name of jesus spoken by somebody who knows and believes in christ is more powerful than many demons combined and and they know it. remember when the demon possessed people saw jesus walked around the demon said have you come to torment us before the time to terrify the jews go torment them.

they are there wimpy. now some of them are nastier than other similar wimpy or than others, but the truth is they get most of their mileage out of making us be afraid of them and ii always reminds me of the wizard of oz. you know how that wimpy little guys behind the curtain is projecting a big big scary face of himself as a booming voice and and the other travelers are all terrified. until the dog moves the curtain to see what's really behind her and i think the demons are offloaded like that.

they like to act intimidating but they are more afraid than than they're letting on me immediately.

scripture my phone and three nights crying and crying. my question is involved in like playing a card game like pokémon and another that you like that where i could get together with friends and you know we battle the fictional creature like that really wondering your take on the to give up no harm in it been on my mind a lot. i have known some young people who play those games very avidly, but i don't i don't understand them. on the night.

i can't really assess them once a young young man was trying to show me how the game is played. just as i was curious why his reasoning on the time of the and i couldn't make any sense of it all. site i have to just say yeah i'm totally perplexed by the thing i don't know what i mean so i'm not in a position to say that it's cultic or demonic rimming that because i don't really know what's going on with the game. i do know there are there are older forms of the ark (for generations that are exposed poconos only been around for you get only been around for what this generation or so.

not long and does so there may be blisters who are very much you know conversant with that and nowadays yeah but who would also be able to tell you how it does or have spiritual ramifications.

i am so ignorant about that that game that i could battle and now you know know about like a game of chess, but with the fictional creatures and well let me ask you this.

how much time do you spend playing you know i'm back on a growing my relationship with the lord.

so i'm really been on the back and taken up my bible and i was probably someone watched 20 w is 24 seven. they see each of us waste some time. you know, some is me wasting some time harmlessly and some may be harmlessly but yeah it's a high standard to set that you shouldn't waste any time, and i'm not sure that we could think would be very nervous and not at peace and for always making sure that mission, that wasting time at all, but because he is very legalistic with that, i think, but on the other hand if something takes up any kind of a significant part of your time or frankly of your thoughts.

you know i mean even if you're not plaintiff that's on your mind. then, of yes, that is, no doubt time that could be better stewarded and i think you're right to put it aside at least somewhat if not completely.

i don't know but but so to read your bible, get to know the things of god because frankly were living in a real war zone. now we always have been, does get worse and you know what wars are carnivores or computer game or something like that girl think works in all impulses are not beaten here and fight a real battle here. this is a real battle fighting and i i just you really can't fight wars on two fronts at the same time so i would say it might be that wargames and war, card games, things that could conceivably distract you from the real war and and it's not a sham at all okay and good and i really enjoyed it when i'm on your backside out of enjoyment greater than. i appreciate your call.

by the way if any of our listeners are are are very conversant with the whole yu-gi-oh or these these games.

these card games and you know something about services i don't know. feel free to email me.

i'd be glad to pass the information on over the learning something appreciated listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. my name is greg and we are alive monday through friday always have as many technical difficult is having today but were here for 23 years so it looks like they do not go away. we stand here because we pay for radio time, and we pay for a new time. it gives the people choose voluntarily to send if you'd like to do that you can write to the narrow path po box 1730 macula ca 92593 or you can do so from the website. the narrow under the donation link. thanks for joining us. you get

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