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The Narrow Path 8/7

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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August 7, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 8/7

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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August 7, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.


Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and where live for an hour. This is usually the case on weekdays and this is the last day of this week that we have a live broadcast, but if you'd like to join us so you can. We already have all of our lines. For now, but I give it give you the number anyway because these lines clear as we talk to people and as people get tired of waiting online. They drop off men lines open.

It's got a hit or miss, but give me a call a few minutes and you may find a line has opened at this number 844-484-5737 if you have questions about the Bible about the Christian faith or any such thing. Feel free to give me a call 844-484-5737 and really go directly to the phone. Since our lines are full. John from Oregon city. Welcome to the narrow path extra calling. Couple days ago Jill Abraham called second mental and yet about 3 Questions Way. The question caught my attention is yeah you know of someone who had written a book on the anticrisis letter click that you worded it. If there is a series of resource or printed resource on the antichrist. Perhaps so I think you and the negative, you know, I don't know of anyone who's written a scriptural book on the antichrist. I'm not. I know people who probably have written and I'm sure his books out there on enterprise but almost all of them are just sensationalist in their orientation, which is not of you that I believe scriptural but but no, I don't know any book I've never had a book on the cross never needed one. There's only four versus the Bible about usually used so I can rebuild myself, but you have one.

I guess well it by church father early church father okay then he would be just mentioned which church fathers. Will you mentioned his name when you spoke time to polite, okay, it does seem like I heard he had a book on Amicus is true. You very commonly known will know what's the title of the contracted the title of it is on Christ and Antichrist.

Okay, great. Yes, polite. It's one of the church fathers in the probably the fourth century or third century, wrote on Christ and Antichrist. Okay, so maybe I'm still listening. You can look that up. I think you think you appreciate that could have some information okay David from Eugene, Oregon.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling her my call, who come from pretty common factor talking about Corinthian chapter 3 verses 14 and 15 and that's kind of weird sense if what has been built by the builder will receive a reward.

If it is burned up builder will suffer loss but yet we will be keeping going answer my question comes from the prominent pastor we see that kind of an example of Christian to aren't doing much the kind just go to church on Sunday but did not participate in doing much of God's work that will be the adult kind coming to heaven with the smell of smoke on their clothes, and I thought, that's not really what I can call talking about how okay think you could make quick elected. What's your take on that package right yeah I've heard the opinion of that pastor.

Many times I think it's frankly the only opinion I've ever heard until I read Paul and then I realize that I think there's a different opinion that actually fits Paul's context much better. Yeah the popular opinion is that when Paul says no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Christ Jesus. He started in in your life in my life. The foundation of our lives has been Jesus. They said if anyone builds on this foundation, you know, with gold, silver, precious stones, or would hate her straw well that day of judgment going on going to test out and on the day of judgment to the hay in the straw on the wood will be burned up, though, of course, the foundation will not be productive for men to be saved. Yet, as by fire. But if if there's gold, silver and precious stones.

Built on a foundation. It will survive and every reward now.

What I was told and what you were told and what everybody seems to be told.

Preachers talk about this is that this is target innocence me to carnal Christians that if you are a Christian you have Jesus and he is the foundation of your life that you're supposed to be building on that foundation with good solid stuff that will pass through the judgment in such a way as to give you reward rather than something will be burned up and you have nothing though your saved anyway and think they would then sit building on your foundation with gold, silver and precious stones.

That is you doing godly things walking in the spirit being used of God to evangelize people and develop your spiritual life and so forth. That's building on this foundation, whereas if you if you just never growing spirituality but you just remain carnal and worldly and and materialistic, and so forth.

And then your building on your life with wood hay and stubble metal to burn up and you won't have any rewards to show for it.

After judgment that's that's the standard teaching. It's not a postcard, not even a little bit. Paul's Paul doesn't have that in mind at all you know because you can if you can read the whole chapter and there's no reason not to because he expected the Corinthians to read the whole chapter and therefore they would have known what he is talking on if we read the whole chapter, we can always talk about two from chapter 1 through part of chapter 4 in first Corinthians, Paul is discussing himself and Apollo's. He said in chapter 1. Some people say and I'm of Paul Sommer saying I'm of Apollo's and he still concerned about that all the way through most of chapter 4 so chapter 3 falls within that he's trying to explain to them that they should not say there of Paul or part of the policy says in verse five of chapter 3, who then is Paul who is Apollo's ministers, through whom you believe, as the Lord gave to each one, so we are servants, ministers, maidservants, and he gives two illustrations. One is comparing the church to a field of grain and the other is comparing the church to building under construction and you can see he has these two in mind, in verse nine he says about himself. Apollo's we are God's fellow workers, you mean in the church are God's field, you are God's building. So some of the church.

The church in Corinth is the field or is the building and Paul and Apollo's are laborers on these projects now in the first instance, he talks in verses six through eight of the church as a field.

He says I planted and Apollo's watered. But God gave the increase in able to read receive a reward for his own work now what he saying is, the church is a field it's also building, but at this point we think of it as a field what and when it comes to the planting of the church. Paul got there first, Paul was the first Christian to come to Corinth or maybe not because upon persona cooler there but didn't plant a church there. But Paul he planted the seeds of the church which was like a field began to grow. Paul left Apollo's came along later in his labors help the seed to grow. It's like watering the seed.

Now the seed grew because of God, not because of Paul or Apollo's God gave the increase but Paul and Apollo's are simply laborers on the same project of the church. The church is the field.

Now the church is also building. He says in verse nine and using the same analogy of himself and a policy says I laid the foundation, and another builds on it. Okay, so now he's just like he planted the seeds winter. Think of the church is a field and another in this case Apollo's can watered the seeds so now it's shift the metaphor from a field to building I like just like I planted the seeds in the field.

I laid the foundation of the building. Others, including Apollo certainly doesn't name a policy or procedure to say something, maybe a little bit negative but he doesn't want to put a pulse down but he said others will come and build on it. Just like others, and water the seeds Apartments others built on the foundation that Paul laid, which is the foundation of the church and are to build the church and not not a physical building. It's a metaphor answers as I laid the foundation, another will build then he says let them make be careful how they build on it.

Now this is what I say.

This is why think he didn't name Apollo's because I think that Paul respected Apollo's and wanted Apollo's to still be highly regarded, but that he was a little concerned. I believe about Apollo's because Apollo's tended to evangelize using enticing words of man's wisdom. As Paul said he didn't do that. In fact, he said he he could but he deliberately didn't because he didn't want their faith to rest on the wisdom of man but on the power of God, so he and Apollo's have slightly different ways of doing things, which is why some people church like Paul better and select Apollo's but they weren't exactly didn't have the same style. Now Paul says I laid the foundation, others have come. Certainly Apollo's is the main one in mind others besides them come to an though build on that foundation will build the church, the preach, though make converts to Dell Dell disciple people, but they better be careful how they do it because if you don't do it right, you will be building the church with the wrong kind of materials that is like Peter said Peter said we Christians are living stones built up into a spiritual house.

Paul has the same picture in mind we got stone we got gold and silver and precious stones and and that's what same service of Christians are to God gems we have that images.

For example, Malachi chapter 3 where God says you know that he speaks of the, the remnant, the faithful remnant to visually calls in his gems he says are gather them as my gems when is about to destroy Jerusalem is good gather of the remnant now. Paul said, you can build this building with gems and wooden exterior gold and silver and that's what you should do, but some people may build the church with inferior materials like wood hand straw. Now he still target the minister. He says if he builds with would have straw the other day of testing will show what he built. What email that is bad. He may be saved. I'm not doubting his salvation, but what he built will not survive. So he's talking about people who built the church is so we can see many cases of this today.

Many people want to build the church with would hand straw which means not necessarily real converts or at least not very sturdy ones. Not very lasting ones with the gospel that we preach in many churches is so lame in a sense so undemanding, so different than the gospel. Jesus preach of the early apostles preached that we end up building a big church out of materials. That is, people who are not really prepared to go through the test that are prepared to go through tribulation and hardship and and remain faithful unto death, and therefore pulse of the day will just do declare that one will be tested by fire. He said, which Peter said Peter said in first Peter 17 that our faith is like gold tested by fire. While Paul has the same image in mind the fires going to test the Christian if there like gold will improve if they're not built just it'll destroy them and so a church that's built on a flimsy foundation of other built on Christ. It may be, but the the kind of people laboring and may not be real converts or if they are real. Conversely, may be the most fragile type, because the gospel that brought them in is a Gospels come and get it. It's not a gospel of you will be faithful unto death, and I'll give you the crown of life which is the gospel Jesus and Paul preached to Peter so ill. Modern preachers like to build big churches, but they should be careful how they're building them because they have a really big church and when the testing comes when tribulation comes because of the words.

Jesus called it went in the parable of the sower soils that they disappear.

You know those big buildings. You have a lot of empty seats and not because of coded in a discovery because there's no one left who wants to go there because the ones who came there they were fed a false bill of goods. They were told that they come to Jesus to be rapture before the tribulation. You have all kinds of you know joy and peace and and all that stuff. It's all good and all this in heaven to so where is a real preachers to preach like Jesus did her. Paul did say were to go through many tribulations through much to relationally enter the kingdom of God. Paul said to the Thessalonians was with you I told you we'd go through tribulations and you see it happen you know Paul and Jesus never tried to get people to come into the church who worked sturdy enough to be expected to to survive through the realities of her so so if you build your church by preaching a watered-down gospel you may have a nice church and a nice-looking church wanted fires of testing come you got nothing left now. The pastor built that church might be saved.

But when he goes before God. He's got nothing left to show for his work. And yet, if a person preaches the gospel purely to build that church with gold and silver precious stones in the end the testing will not destroy them but only purified.

This is what Paul socket is nope no possibility in the context that Paul is saying something different than yet. Thank you, thank you for that detail.

Can I give you an illustration I just heard yesterday somebody wrote to me or surrender, and that somebody is probably listening in Colorado right now, but I there was a a prophecy update conference by a pastor of the kind of church that has these all the time so I won't name the group, but anyone who goes on these groups knows that they have them all the time and some people listening have been in that group before and don't anymore, but they know of the churches that talk about revelation and prophecy all the time. There is a pastor of that denomination in a certain state. I won't identify them.

Although he should be ashamed, and he was at a profit, is teaching in a press conference.

He said he said next week I'm going to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that there's a preacher relation rapture. He said now you know don't you that there's a preacher rapture. If you don't, I don't know how you sleep at night.

He says if I didn't believe in this sound doctrine of the preacher rapture I would. He says I will go crazy.

I would curl up in a fetal position I'm go mad.

I couldn't stand it.

Now here's a pastor telling his congregation that if he has to go through tribulation. He's done, you know he's the thing that converted him the gospel he heard was get saved now so you can miss the tribulation absorbed Jesus and imagine the people that are converted under his preaching. If he is a church full of people say well I should only go through tradition so I'll join your church. I'll say the prayer to to do my ticket in the rapture and general I'm not here to put now I'm not here to put down people believe in a preacher rapture. I used to believe in it and I was willing to die for Jesus.

What I believe in pretrip retrospect, I was fully convinced preacher rapture in the early days of my Christian walk I was.

I was actually considering back because the Iron Curtain was still up to circle the Soviet Union and try to preach and in the underground church and maybe get thrown in jail.

Maybe Dave die because I know Hardy disciples think it a privilege to die for Christ. You know, but if you're Hardy discipling you believe the preacher rapture yield you make it as someone mentioned watchman Nee the other day on the show here in watchman he believed in preacher rapture.

But he was a martyr of Champion of the face. So delete believing in the preacher rapture doesn't make you a wimp. It just means that that's that's what you think the Bible teaches, but but but the thing is if what you're teaching is the tribulation is coming so bad, and there's no strength from God to allow you to sleep well at night.

If you're going to tribulation while he didn't know very much about the God that Peter knew who the night before his heavy executed by Herod.

He was asleep sleeping, you know, Paul. When Paul said deal everywhere I go, the Holy Spirit tells me that prison and bonds await me, but I don't count my life dear to myself, I'm ready to die for Jesus. I'm going on this is that this is New Testament Christians New Testament Christians on site.

If there's tribulation.

I just want to curl up in a little ball like and this was a pastor.

One of the people listening to him to think this is building a church out of wood, hay and straw to be sure, and when hardship comes. I don't care for the great tribulation or some other hardship.

They're just not ready for because they been told. God never want his bride to suffer certainly and so so this a false gospel obviously and it's it's gonna cause a lot of people who thought they were saved to fall away when there's hardship Jesus ago to thank you very much.

Dad everything that's exactly how I did that. That's the perfect illustration leading up to the explanation you gave what was going on during that first Corinthians chapter 3. Thank you very much.

Hey, thanks for your call.

God bless you, David Gundlach talking to you Rebecca from South Bend, Indiana. Welcome to the narrow path Rebecca good his new call sure, and wondering about everything very action of Malachi, and God the son Israelite with ingot Israelites for getting back.

I think that way and file like death warmed and wondering like what the new continent parallels.

I like how to I think I might are fully my heart and unfortunately had out the pilot site we want to get thankless and its die at think you okay Rebecca thanks your call of the system. Yeah, Malachi chapter 1 God is complained to the Jews because they brought animals to sacrifice to God as they were required to do. But he says you offer defiled food on my altar but you say in what way have we defiled you by saying the table of the Lord is contemptible. When you offer the blind a sack as a sacrifice. Is it not evil.

Earlier he says he off the blind and the lame date they are bringing sacrifices of animals that are inferior. The point here is, these animals are worth nothing to the person offering them you have to realize most people were either farmers or ranchers or even even if they lived in in a village. They probably have a few lands around and if they if they had a firstborn offspring of one of their animals.

It was to be given to the Lord, or they could just bring a sacrifice of enamel on another occasion now on those latter cases, they would often come and they say well I got you know several answer this one is blind. He's going to die anyway. This was lame.

He's knocking to keep up.

I can't doing with him, so I'll sacrifice him to the Lord. I member my former pastor Chuck Smith used to make it kind of a joke, but it was a good one is a good illustration so that a farmer you know he was on his barn and is his SoCal gave birth to two calves and he went in and told his wife the Lord blessed us with two calves laying off one of them to the Lord and that night there was a killing frost. They went on the morning said all the Lord's calf diet.

You know it's like we give God what we can't keep.

Anyway, we got we give God what's good be worthless to us in a way that's the application. Why would you give God what costs you nothing. David when he wanted to buy the threshing floor from morning and in the guy wanted to give it to them for free Davis on off the Lord simply cost me nothing.

I remember when I used to live at the at the school. I ran up in Oregon. We had your community meals every night and and I wanted to fast, at least one day a week and so I co-hard look. I only did this once five I went to look at the menu for the week and say which night are we having something I don't like to make up my data fast. Then I got very convicted. Wait a minute I'm giving God the things that I don't care anything about anyway. I'm going to give up a meal. I don't even like no I should I should give up the meal that I like the most.

I thought of this passage in Malachi's young giving God the blind and the lame, so I think that's the application for the Christian is that you know if I want to do something to bless God. I don't want to make pretend sacrifices act like I'm doing something magnanimous like I'm doing something holier or pious. In fact, God knows and I know in my heart of hearts that what I'm offering is something I don't. It has no value to me.

Anyway, I be glad to be rid of it anyway. So the point I think of the of the passages a God wants the first link show when people say why did God accept Abel's offering and not Keynes were never really told it might be because able offer a blood sacrifice and candidness of common answer given another answers that he can offered by faith, like it says in Hebrews chapter 11 and and perhaps came didn't but another possible bill is that in the story in Genesis 4 it says a able brought to the Lord.

The firstlings of his flock and which means the best of the first he gave to God first before he kept things for himself, whereas Kane just brought some of this produce of the ground, but offering God what's first under the law of Moses, God expected the firstfruits to be given to him and the firstborn and what you will be regraded. Not if they're not real to have flaws you don't offer you give him something else.

He redeemable something better because you couldn't offer you under the law, a a flawed animal, but the dislikes were doing that they had just become so they become so non-zealous toward God is really what it comes down to that. They didn't have any joy in making really sacrificial offerings and that really were sacrifice to them if you love somebody, it feels good to know that you've made a serious sacrifice that blesses them.

But if you don't love somebody be obligated to do some form you you'd pay as little as you can for and that's exactly what God is rebuking the Jews for in Malachi chapter 1, and that principal in my opinion holds true whether your in the New Testament or the old. Although we don't offer animal sacrifices. Certainly, the Bible says we offer up to God.

Spiritual sacrifices of praise.

For example, the ciphers appraised from our lips.

We only praise God when it's easy to praise God when it costs us nothing to praise God when you're feeling like thanking somebody away because things are going so well. It's his delivery is begun, or do we often surface of praise when we don't really talk. Praise anybody. We just when were depressed whenever whenever things go badly.

We still offer up the ciphers appraised when it's painful and costly to do that that might be a New Testament application but certainly just what ever we forgot we should offer God our bodies as a living sacrifice and I believe we should do what we can to have our bodies be as healthy as fit as energetic as possible to do more for God.

If I think well understood.

Just give my myself to God I don't have to really take care myself know the better the offering, the better the more of an expression of her love for God. It is only those are my musings on your question, I appreciate you asking him to take a break here and take some more calls after the break we have another half-hour coming up and we have one line opened up if you want to call in the second half of that there be more opening up as well. Listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and Don, we are a listener supported ministry. We paid a lot of money to the radio stations.

The program that I do not love.

I'm not saying they don't like the program but we got a paper, but we offer to the Lord is something that costs us something and if you'd like to help us pay them.

We have no income other than listener support sell things and/or advertisers. If you'd like to visit the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow copyright small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to welcome you to nothing to sell you everything you today's radio show is over, we invite you to visit the narrow

We'll find out the audio teaching blog article verse by verse teachings in the archives of the radio shows learn and enjoy the thinking for supporting the listener supported narrow path. Greg, Steve, Greg, and we are live for another half-hour taking your calls. If you have questions about the Bible you like to ask a feel free to do so and I get the I got another email today sometimes do from people who say please ask callers to only ask one question and and the truth is I don't care how many questions you ask at the dance of the mall if I could but when there are lines full. It's good to be considerate and be as brief as you can. If you set up the question and set up very briefly. Many times I know the background. If you asked the question. I know the background because I answered these questions for well for 50 years, honestly, and I know the background and out and if I'm afraid the audience doesn't know the background. I will fill it and possibly more briefly than you would and also you know just consider that there are others in line to be on the program so be as succinct as clear as brief as you can and you know I don't mind a second follow-up question on the same subject. But if someone calls for the three of her questions on different things and say may be best if you make at least two or three different calls to cover the because we do have our lines full as they are right now I get to give you the number and is lines open up. Of course you would have an opportunity to get in so if you want to call now lines are busy but if you want to call a few minutes, you may find it to be otherwise.

And the right to the phones and talk to Richard from San Diego, California Richard, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling statement through because I don't have a question, but I do have a comment and I'll use your term muting Wednesdays you had a caller who called in and the name from the way in the past was witness knee vividly. What is watchman Nee and this witness leave the two different okay well now I don't know. Maybe Hannah program maybe 20, 25 years ago and I on the radio program. He said that if you would like to have a New Testament just give a call here and I will send it out to you and so I went ahead and that as for that New Testament because I want to do if I had languages put in my car and if I was talking to somebody.

I felt that they could use it.

I would give it a yeah yeah I got in the mail and it was a very small book of the pages. The pages were razor thin and the print what is your point. You wish they had a more high-class I would throw this out but I could not many give it back to them so I called them up and I said that line like this and he said he apologized but he said we had to we had to get the most bang for our buck and that's why Excel is not readable you call him don't call me why you asking, not adding something to take okay I appreciate your call. It's unreadable listener when you asked for something free. Don't be surprised if it's not the most expensive product, especially if they can get cheap you know they probably did not intend for this particular by listener to be your only remain Bible but it could be for some people, and if someone loves the word of God. They sometimes will plow through the fifth of print is small but anyway I you know this is not*totally about a different ministry than mine. I'm not to contact them there still around. By the way Joe from orange California.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling all of our earlier call all call yeah I hear you on that.

I think lot will find that you are really after that and much of the water line.

The glaciers around the world and then one year 139 years. During his lifetime.

Glaciers started to melt and the sea levels by land right okay traveling and will migrate to my question. What I said, it's very possible, could you just get on your phone. Normally because it's coming equity yes and my question was you had a comment the other day about the tree of life, and that Adam needed to eat from it to keep from dying. Yes, when he was in the wouldn't that indicate that the act was at work before the fall. It means that it does mean that death was a potential before the fallen soul is eternal life.

We know that we know that man didn't die before he send button policyholders. Paul tells us death came, he said, sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, so we have to say that if there had been no sin, then man would not have died because he be able to eat of the tree of life that when he did sin and God said okay you not to be able to eat of the tree of life. But in the process of dying between eat.

Eating from the tree of life. Well, it may be true but you don't die very much every day, usually less. You got a very aggressive cancer that the defendant didn't ring true to me. So I thank you very much.

Thank you for your call Okay.

Let's talk to Chuck from Riverside, California hi Chuck, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling.

Good thanks.

I use quick question for you so totally slick, but Psalms start from from second Samuel seven 2014. You know that you, David can't figure out what the throne of David is not actually know that God's throne.

First, now God's throne again and built the question having that is when it talks about how I talked about how basically on it so you know if he commits iniquity, which is one thing that You talking about so the question is who is building his kingdom form passage and if you can explain more about you crying like I know the whole question I get this worked out in my head so that information shared the promise of David was that he would be off the air. Okay, works next Mexico.

The promise got me to David in first Samuel chapter 7 verse 12 and following is that he would be the founder of the dynasty. Now Israel had held had only one king before David and they were not related to each other.

Saul was of the tribe of Benjamin Davis, of the tribe of Judah, the replacement for Saul, therefore, was not his heir by heredity and yet that was to change. God told David okay your successor will be a son who comes from your body. In fact, he implies, forever all the all the errors from your body are going to be ruling some numbers are is set by a dynasty. That's why he said I'm good to build you a house he David had said he wanted to build a house for the Lord, but Nathan the prophet know God says he doesn't want you to build a house but he's good build you a house by house, he means a household dynasty, the house of David refers to his dynasty. His hereditary dynasty. Now there are promises God made to David about this error that would come from his from his body and of course his next and his successor was Solomon who did come from somebody and what God said about his heir would be no. I will establish his throne forever. He'll sit on your throne in your place and he'll build the house. Lord, send me Solomon did build the temple and Solomon did so so so there's a sense in which he seems to be talk about Solomon but it goes on and says I will be to him a father and he will be to me a son, and establishes throne forever. Will Solomon didn't live forever and the Jews understood this to have a another layer of meaning. They believe that both David and David, son were types of the Messiah who would be a son of David, and that the promise made here to David and this is the first time that this promise was made so that was from is based on this promise of the Jewish rabbis believed and certainly the prophets did to because the prophets in the Psalms also mentioned God made this promise to David that his seed would sinners from forever in the Messiah in the prophets is called the son of David and Jesus is called the son of David by people saw me and the Jews all understood that this prophecy was, not just about Solomon or just about the line of David generically but about a specific son of David, of which every king of David's line was a type and shadow the ultimate, the son of David part Exelon should be the Messiah. And so they always looked forward to that and and so the writer of Hebrews even quotes from this very passage in Hebrews 17315. It is, he actually quotes from this promise in first Samuel second Samuel, I'm sorry. The second set I Think I Was Sent for Several Hebrews 15 Think Quotes from This Passage and and Applies It to Jesus Infected Takes It for Granted That It's Jesus to Whom God Said, I Will Be His Father and He Will Be to Me Son. So the Jews and the Christians Believed That This Promise to David. Although It Did Find Some Fulfillment in Solomon and in Some Measure in the Ongoing Dynasty of David. It Had Another Layer of Meaning That Apply to the Messiah and so They Had No Problem Understanding It to Be a Promise That the Messiah Would Come from David's Line so It Has Both Both Things Going on Simultaneously and That's Not Too Unusual. You Know There's a David's Life Is a Type of Christ.

Solomon's Life in Some Respects, Was a Type of Christ Soul Is of Course Isaacs and so Was Ill. There Were Others Moses and so Forth Have in Their Own Way There Types of Christ and Things That Are Said about Them Often Are Taken in the New Testament to Be Really about Jesus, At Least in Secondary Sent and so That's That's How This Promise Was Always Understood by the Jews and by the Christian Church Which Leaves Nobody Who's a Believer Out Of That Loop, so It's Universally Believed to Be about Solomon and about Jesus.

That Is about the Messiah, Who Turned out to Be Jesus Son of David, All Right, Let's Talk to Scott from Phoenix, Arizona Scott, Welcome to the Narrow Path for Calling When You Graduate in 313 or Whatever You Taught Me That You Said before That Concentrated on One Unit. When You're Reading Scripture. Right. I Did Get Danielle's First and That Chapter 8 Early Morning Glory Thought about That Time. Yeah, He Says Now These Things Better Than I've Figuratively Transfer to Myself and Apollo's for Your Sake, so He Makes It Very Clear He Still As He Began to Do in Jeopardy.

Still in Chapter 4 and in the Chapters between Still Talk about Himself. Apollo's Which Confirm Something, but Yeah I Mean You Could've Probably Gotten That Even before He Got Chapter 4, and I Mean I Think They Would've Understood That.

I Think Your Head for Verse One Confirmed That Cartwright Got Nice about It and Yeah You As You Say I Do Encourage You and You Read the Bible to Pay Attention to It. I Think One Thing That's Really Made Me so Fascinated with the Bible and and I Believe Has Allowed Me to Learn Things about It Is I'm Actually a Slow Reader. I've Never Been a Speed Reader at All. I Can't Read Any Book I Can't Read Fast Slow Reader and That Worked Well and Start Read about Because the Reason Slow Readers. I Want to Think about Every Word At Least Every Phrase I Want to Know What This What the Author Was Saying and That's Especially True When I Read the Bible and so You Want to Follow the Train of Thought.

You Want to See How Anything That's Ambiguous in Some Way May Be Illuminated by Something That Came before or Neatly after in the Context and I Just Always Read the Bible That Way and That's Why That's Why Say Something Is Different Than the All the Preachers I Listen to Did and I'm Not Saying I'm Right and They're Wrong. I Just Think I Am, and That's for You to Decide If You Study Yourself, Don't. Don't Assume I'm Right Look at It and See If It Says What I Said since I Think You'll Find Most Cases, That's What You Find Deborah from Dallas, Texas. Welcome to the Neuropathic for Calling Good Things That Can Well I Don't I Don't Know What to Rebuild Third Temple. I Think They Would like to, and Because They like to Be Man of Doing It. What I Have Said Is I Don't Believe There's Any Prophecy in the Bible about 1/3 Temple Timeshare That Comes on and Is Actually Something I May Already Have All the Stuff Ready to Read It Happen the Sacrifices Again Yesterday with God Not You You're Actually Rightist SEI Jews Began Offering Sacrifices Again. They're Doing It Specifically to Say We Reject Christ As the Fine Vanity Christian Is Not for 2000 Years. The Christ Is the Final Sacrifice and the Jews Who Reject Christ Have Always Rejected That. But They've Not Been Able to Continue Their Own Sacrifices Because the Temple Was Destroyed in 70 A.D. If They Build It Again and Start Offering Sacrifices Get by with a Building and That's What They're Building at Four I Don't Know Why Christians Have Ever Supported the Idea That Will You Will Send Money Help to Help the Jews Build a Temple Will All Well Right If Christian Supporting That We Muzzles Also Support the Building of Mosques in Arabia, You Know, Because Frankly Judaism Is an Anti-Christian Faith, but It Does Mean Every Jew Is Anti-Christian. I Mean If It Was Done Split Prager or No Ben Shapiro so like They're Not There Not Hostile toward Christiansen Factory There. Very Glad for Evangelical Christian Supporting the Jews As Most Do, but I'm Not Saying Every Jew Is Anti-Christian in the Sense of Being Religion Exactly, but the Jewish Religion Isn't Is an Alternative Religion Rivaling Christianity As Is Islam. And As Is Hinduism As Is Buddhism There Is Different World Religions and Judaism Is Not Anymore Christian Then Then Islam Is the Try.

The Truth Is All Right. Thank You for Your Call. The Truth Is That the Muslim Religion Actually Respects Jesus More Than the Jewish Religion Does Because the Muslim Religion Teaches That Jesus Was the Greatest Profit in History. They They Follow Mohammed Because They Believe He Is a More Recent Prophet and They Believe That We Should Follow the Most Recent Profit but They Actually Think Jesus Was a Greater Profit. The Mohammed They Just Don't Follow Him to the Greek Christians Do, so They Don't Believe Is the Son of God, and They Don't Even Believe He Died on the Cross. I'm Talking Here about Most.

But the View That Muslims Hold of Christ Is about As High a View of Christ As Any Non-Christian Religion Doesn't Certainly Hire Than the View of the Talmud. The Talmud, Which Is Jews Basically Orthodox Judaism's Books Talmud Teaches That Jesus Was the Illegitimate Son of a Romans Soldier and Mary. They Teach That He Was a Sorcerer and That He Was Crucified Rightly He Deserved It. To Me This. This Is in the Talmud.

That's What Orthodox Judaism Follows.

So If If Orthodox Jews Are Builder Temple Again, It's Not Because They're Getting Closer to Jesus Are Getting Further from Jesus.

Or At Least Staying Is Farther If They Offer Animal Sacrifices.

It's Their Way of Graphically Saying We Reject Jesus We Don't Need His Sacrifice. We Don't Need His Blood, We Have Animals We Can Sacrifice According to the Law of Moses. That's What the Pharisees Thought to.

That's What the Jews Thought Who Crucified Christ and Sawing Is an Amazing Thing to Me That Christians Can Be so Wrongheaded to Say All Boy the Jews Go to Build the Temple and Send Them Money so We Can Help Him out As Far As the Report That There Is a Temple Institute. That's Real Built the Furniture of the Temple and Live in Breeding Red Heifers and They Plan to Build the Temple. I've Heard That for At Least 45 Years. It May Be True. I'm Not Saying It Isn't True, It Could Very Well Be True. I Would Be Willing Say It Is True, but I Don't Know for Sure. All I Can Say Is It's a Rumor I've Heard for 45 Years, so It's Not Anything New. The Fact That the Preacher You Heard Said Easement Is for 45 Times All That Makes Me Think Is about. She's Very Good Steward of His Time and Money Because I Think That the Money Cost to Fly to Israel and Spent Time There.

It Will Be Could Be Used Better but That's between Him and God I Don't Know Who Is and I Could Tell Anyone How They Should Steward the Money but I Can't Imagine That the Best Thing You Can Do with $50,000, Which Is What It Must of Paid Airfare and That Time. Best Thing You Can Do Is Go Vacation. Israel or or Visit the Temple Institute There or Do Anything Else That to My Mind. $50,000 Could Feel 100 People or Spread the Gospel Which Is Things I Think Christians Are Supposed to Be Doing All Right. Let's Talk to Avery from Vancouver, BC, Everyone in the Neuropathic for Calling. I Was Wondering What You Were on for Deuteronomy 38 You Will Yeah Artificial Mount of Assembly and Assembly. I've Been Hearing about People like Michael Hi There Yeah He's the One. People Usually Hear from You Hear about It from Well Okay Well I Don't Teaches Myself I've Read Michael Heiser. I've Certainly Heard His Book on Audio and Video of the Invisible World and the I've Heard His Lectures on YouTube and so Forth.

Like I Know the View and He's Got Some Interesting Scriptural Scriptures He Correlates for Those Who Don't Know the Diverse Dimensions. Deuteronomy 32 Eight Which Talks about the Sons of God Actually Says in the New King James When the Most High, Divided Their Inheritance to the Nations When He Separated the Sons of Adam.

He Set the Boundaries of the People According to the Number of Now the New King James Says According to the Number of the Children of Israel, but in the Hebrew Says According to the Number of the Elohim, Which Could Be Gods or Sons of God. Sons of Elohim, so What Was Being Said There Is That the Number of the Nations Is the Same As the Number of the Elohim or the Sons of God or the Ones That Are the Watchers or Whatever. Now A Lot Of Those Assumptions Are Hard Hard to Know What to Do with Me to Say That There's a Number of Nations in the Same Number of Sons of God, Meaning Superhuman Divine Beings and the Divine Counsel Is Michael Heiser Understands It Is Possible Read Possible Meaning of That. I Don't Deny That That's One Possible Meaning.

It Seems a Bit Obscure and an Ambiguous and I Can Think of Other Ways to See It but Nonetheless I Don't Discredit Him for Having an Interpretation of Certain Passages That Has the Possibility of Being True. I Can Say Is That Many of the Verses That He Uses to Make His Point Are Definitely Ambiguous Enough That I Have Always Understood Them Differently and and Most Christians Have That Doesn't Mean Most Christians Are Right or I Am Right. He Could Be Right. It's One of Those Things That I Think Even If I Believed It. That Is, That I Was Sure of It.

I Don't Know If I Talk about It Much Because I'm Not Really Sure How That Would Change My Christian Life I Mean What He Says about the Elohim and the Divine Counsel so Forth. I Have No Trouble with. For the Most Part If If What Were Tacos Just Angels Weave Coming Every Christian Knows and Has Always Known There's Letter Angels up There and That There's Angels That Are Related to Different Nations like the Prince Of Persia in Daniel 10 Prints of the Message of Yelling Principalities so What I Think the Tower of Babel When They Talk about How There Are Now Divorced Nation As a Whole. All the Sons of Noah and Whatnot and and the Result Is We Each Have Unique Individual Ruling over and the Ball Need to Start Addressing Them in the Right Day I Had You Ruined My Name and You're Supposed to Honorably Die like Men and You Look at All These and beyond and They All Have Similar Artificial Nature Centers Always Some Sort of High Figure like Mary LLE on andů Often Yahweh so Is World Fake New Milk Is Called Yahweh. LLE on and Sen. Abraham When He Talked about What I Would Make the Point I Would Make His Accent.

The Argument Is Very Elaborate and I Think Anyone Who's Never Heard It Can Get a Sense of That a Little Bit Just from the Liberty of Said It Sounds Very Scholarly Because Michael Heiser Is in Fact a Scholar Is an Old Testament Scholar Easement Is a Believer Is Not a Liberal Christian. As Far As I Know, I Think He Is Is a Believer in Inspiration of Scripture and so Forth.

I I Accept His Credentials, but I Read Lots of Books by Different Scholars Who Believe Different Things That I Do and so Being a Scholar Doesn't Prove Anything to Me. I Have Nothing Particularly against His Position, except I Find Him Using Certain Scriptures in Support That I Have the That I Take Differently. For Example, You Mentioned Psalm 82, Six. I Said Your God. You Should Die like Men I Don't I Don't Personally Believe He's Talking to Superhuman Beings Are Think Is Talk to the Judges of Israel, Not Least Because He Tells Them to Judge with Righteousness for the Widow, and the Orphan, Which Is What God Is Continually through the Prophets Telling the Judges to Do Because That Seems to Be the Main Offense They Don't. Furthermore, He's Talking to Angels Is Upset about Her Prince Policy Talking to Bad Ones Because They Do Die like Men and yet He Urges Them to Be Good Which Would Suggest the Following Principalities Can Repent God's Urging Them to Do Just That. Start Doing the Right Thing.

I Disagree with Michael Heiser on That Particular Interpretation Which Is How He Begins His Book. I Also Don't Agree with Him on Who the Nestling so We Have Some Differences but That's Not to Condemn and Use outside of the Church Is Talk More about That Worldview. I Think It's Too Speculative for My Taste, but If I Held It I Still Wouldn't See It As a Very Practical, That Anyone Would Have To Know in Order to Live Godly in Christ Jesus. But I'm Not against, Not against It Read in the Book. It's Very Interesting Listening to the Narrow Path. My Name Is Steve Greg McAllister Supported You Can Go to Our Website.

The Narrow and You Can Donate If You Want or You Just Take the Free Stuff Is All have a good weekend. Let's talk in Monday

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