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The Narrow Path 8/6

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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August 6, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 8/6

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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August 6, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

What best, Steve Greg and we are live for an hour each week. The afternoon we have an open phone line for you if you want to call in with questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith will talk about that with you the number to call is 844-484-5737 844-484-5737 our first color today is Maggie from Portland, Oregon Maggie, welcome to the narrow path that you're calling me a drink and then also anything you agree that being that my love angel of light on fire not check that completely separate topic.

Sorry that kind of connection anyway, but I was putting teach me a little bit about that. I've been reading about new age.

Thanks II think it get so many Larry I'm think I'm confusing myself more than I'm getting clarity well the New Age movement has almost nothing to do through Christianity. Although they borrow some tenants as many cults do from Christianity, for the most part the New Age movement is a resurgence of a combination of Eastern mysticism Eastern religion and maybe Sean is in the occult that almost any spirituality, and in fact it is Christian's part they do they do like to of course quote Jesus because everybody wants quote Jesus a man of the Buddhists like Jesus. The Hindus like Jesus.

Even some Jews like Jesus. Muslims think very highly of Jesus. And so Jesus is the guy that everybody agrees is a good guy didn't speak all that well of others who fronted other religious systems avail. Speak well of him and the New Age movement so different they would they would all try to recruit Jesus.

Of course, into their system and say that he taught reincarnation, and other East Eastern religious concepts which he did not teach that which is contrary to what he taught. So Christianity is the is the belief in the one true creator God who made us and loves us and sent Jesus to redeem us and did so and establish his kingdom in rivalry. All other kingdoms on the planet and that his kingdom is growing because Jesus is ruling from the right hand of God in our people who submit to him are are in his kingdom and are saved. Now that being so, that has nothing to do with what the message of the New Age is they don't necessarily believe in a single God. At least Hindus don't believe in thousands of dollars millions of gods, but they believe in energy and they believe in the foursome. I believe in things that come to take the place of God but not a personal God, and of course they don't believe Jesus is the son of God in the sense that the Bible teaches. So you know there's you you're comparing New Age with Christianity is not really there's not too many places that they overlap. I'd like to say, like every other religion.

They will quote Jesus from time to time because everybody knows that he's good in everyone respects but they that does mean the followers that they teach the same things he did have a do not now you mention the antichrist does the New Age movement have anything to do with antichrist system. While the New Age movement is antichrist to be sure because the Bible says in first John chapter 2 whoever does not confess that Jesus is the Christ is not of God but is antichrist is antichrist and done so New Age, and any other religion that denies Christ's position is antichrist. Now you're thinking of an individual antichrist, and you mentioned him appearing like an angel of light and so forth.

Well that's kind of merging versus about different subjects.

It says in second Corinthians chapter 11 that Satan sometimes transforms himself into an angel of light. He is not one, but he is transformed into one to deceive and he says how much more I would not his ministers be transformed into ministers of righteousness I say is, the devil impersonates an angel of light. Just like the devils ministers impersonate God's messengers. This is not a statement in Paul about the antichrist per se any future individual antichrist. It simply a reference to a generic fact that the messengers of Satan will sometimes look like messengers of God. Our weather is going to be a literal individual antichrist or not has that is certainly something that can be questioned because there's not really much in the Bible that mentions there is a beast in Revelation 13. Who by all evidences in the chapter is not an individual man. But in my opinion, is a system has seven heads and son and 10 horns.

These are all kings or seven heads are seven kings the 10 horns are 10 kings were obstinately about looking at an individual man, but a system of government with many rulers, so I don't believe that the beast in Revelation should be mistaken for an individual person. There is a man of lawlessness mentioned in second Thessalonians 2 and many people think he's the antichrist, and perhaps he is but again there are so widespread view that has dominated the Protestant world for centuries that the medicine is not actually an individual but is system also a false religious system and then there is there's a little kid a little horn in Daniel seven and a little horn of Daniel eight willful King in Daniel 11. Sometimes they are said to be the antichrist but actually, each of them in their own context proves to be somebody who actually appeared in history in the past so I don't really know where we would find in the Bible reference at least an unambiguous reference to an individual antichrist but we certainly have antichrist of John said my little children, it is the last hour writing 2000 years ago.

He said, and as you've heard that antichrist shall come, even now there many antichrists whereby we know that is the last hour so John 2000 that we already got lots of antichrist. We don't need any more than that to prove that religion in the last hour so I hope that connects the two questions you had been adequately it's probably different than what you expected but that once a while that happens here right thank you for your call to solenoids in the mind honest Dr. Jonas from Camarillo, California. Jonas welcome to the neuropathic for calling. I have a question regarding Ephesians 220, which states that God's household is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets.

What profits does Paul have in mind here take your answer off the all right thank you very much. There's two possibilities, it strikes me.

One is that by the prophets, he means the writings of the prophets by the apostles, he means the apostles themselves and their writings that would be the old and the New Testament that the Old Testament was written by prophets, not by apostles in the New Testament was written apostles, not by prophets. So the Old Testament writings would be the prophets in the New Testament running through the apostles writings and and therefore he could be saying the whole of Scripture old and New Testament is the foundation upon which the church is built now, of course, he also says that Christ is the chief cornerstone elsewhere and prescriptive.

Three Paul says other foundation can no man lay than that which is laid, which is just Jesus Christ.

Now the Old Testament prophets of interest.

Apostles were all writing about Jesus and so the writings of the old and New Testament, which point to Jesus provide a foundation for the building which is built upon Jesus as the chief cornerstone, and the foundation. That's one way of looking at it another way of looking at it is his time with the gifts of apostles and prophets, which he mentions later in the same book how you're quoting. Ephesians 220 but later on in Ephesians 411. Two chapters later, Paul says that God gave to the church some apostles and some prophets and some evangelists, and some elder pastors and teachers, and he says these are for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry for the building up of the body of Christ, so in the beginning of the church age when the church began to be built when the building was your began to be under construction. The foundation would've been laid, and Paul could be saying that these gifts of apostles and prophets that he mentions are have been given the church and in this he means people who have the gifts of apostle prophets not not referring to the writings of the Old Testament prophets that they that they were founded the church more or less. Now we know of the work of the apostles Internet we have the book of acts telling us that we don't have very much information about prophets doing that as far as we know, no New Testament book was ever written by a prophet. Unless of course we want to say that was the book of Revelation, which is the only prophetic book and help in the New Testament, but it was written by John the apostle so even he wasn't technically a prophet.

Although he prophesied, so there were people who were prophets.

Agnes was called a prophet but he did running books of the Bible.

There were there were four daughters of Philip who prophesied some of the prophetesses and when Paul wrote to the Corinthians in first her themes 14 E. indicators number prophets and in one church, he said, let the prophets speak two or three and let the others judge in the spirit of the prophets, and subject to the prophets of the start of the gift of prophecy exercised in the church are Paul did say that not all who prophesy our profits per se. He said are all prophets? The answer is no, not all our profits, but the church is built on the foundation of apostles and prophets, so there were some prophets and some apostles as Paul says, and it may be that when he says the church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, he means it's the ministries of those people. The apostles and whatever prophets you know. Also added to the work that that the church had its founding in its founded upon them. We don't really have us there might be 1/3 opinion about that, but we don't have any way of being sure about which of these views would be correct. Paul does it again.

Say apostles and prophets where if you target the Old Testament and New Testament in me the writings of the prophets in the Old Testament and the writings. The apostles knew we'd expect to say prophets and apostles, he wouldn't have to be to be more natural to feast speak of the two testaments seem like you mentioned.

Old Testament first mentioned prophets first and mentioning apostles and prophets, in that order. He is using the same order that he uses two chapters later, he says, God gave some, apostles, and some prophets and evangelists, and pastors and teachers, so it it may lean a little in favor. The evidence of same. His time at gifted ministries of apostles and prophets, yet again, we don't have the record or error any writings from any of the early New Testament prophets. We know they were there. They are mentioned. Agnes gives we have two specimens of his prophesying, but they're not the kind of things that you will become Scripture because they were personal and that one was a personal prophecy irrelevant to the church of Antioch, and one was a personal prophecy relevant to Paul himself about him being bound to come to Jerusalem so you know there's no reason for those prophecies be written in Scripture which are for the edification of the whole church. I'm either recorded in the historical record, but he didn't write books so I would say that we have to assume from that that in addition to the apostles with whom we are very familiar from reading the book of acts. There were also prophets with whom were not very familiar at the same time and they would be in a building up the church to in the dinner K which is a book written at the end of the first century by Christians and survey manual for Christian behavior and service.

It mentions frequently prophets coming to the church is now this is a generation or two after the apostles. It talks about how you if a prophet comes to you and he does this and then you know accommodate him but if he does that he's a false prophet. So for and so we know that there were traveling prophets that the dedicate speaks about as if everybody knew about the we just don't have any book of the Bible. It really tells us very much about them. All right, so if you church was built on the foundation that happened 2000 years ago as a foundation you don't keep laying the foundation over and over again. The church is a building that's been growing for 2000 years and its foundations laid 2000 years ago upon the apostles and prophets, said Paul. Okay, let's talk to Sam from Michigan Sam. Welcome to the narrow path expert hello Steve hi I was last call yesterday but didn't get a chance to get to me.

Sign up couple questions I would like to know Israelites Hebrews might choose one of the same people and also which is the correct Sabbath day Sunday or Saturday and if you have a chance to answer me, Adam and Eve.

Why do they have modern names or were equities name someone else because Adam and Eve.

The sinful contemporary names and it would first people in her well.

Adam and East they would there not contemporary names except insofar as there are people contemporary people who borrow the names from the Bible. The name Abraham in the name Jacob, and for that matter the name Isaiah, Jeremiah, there's people who name their kids that they're not exactly call contemporary names except insofar as contemporary people have used them. I do know some people have named their sons Adam and I know some women. They believed that, but that does make the modern names. These are ancient names from the Bible.

And so it's not really that the Bible pick some modern names and sign up to agent people. It's the other way around. Now you asked me other questions. Again, Israelites Hebrews similar Israelite healers and I think people sometimes names can be used interchangeably, sometimes not of the word Hebrew is the oldest of those words and we find it in. I believe it's the 14th chapter of Genesis, when Abraham is first referred to as a Hebrew.

Now all the Jews in his eyes, came from Abraham so they would also be Hebrews, but it's a larger group. Some scholars believe that the word Hebrew is derived from the word Heber who was an ancestor of a Pam a few generations earlier and that Hebrew might mean and evil, right, or a follower of descendent Heber so anyway, whatever the source of the meaning is of Hebrew Abraham is the first of the Bible be called Hebrew and were not told why he was called that but he was dissented from Heber and that might be a reference to his dissent.

Now the word Israelite is based on descendents from the man Israel. Now the man Israel was the great-grandson of Abraham, so he wasn't Hebrew because all of Abraham's descendents, like himself, were Hebrews and Israel. Therefore the Hebrew to now the man Israel, whose name is also Jacob had 12 sons and they had big families and clans and tribes. They became -12 tribes of Israel. And so the nation of Israel, which came along later on after the Exodus was largely based upon this family of four.

Descendents of Israel. The children of Israel, and so what we would call Israel as an ethnic designation would have to be a reference to people, dissented from a Verizon can Jacob or Israel, and they would be Hebrew and Israel. So those terms to be overlapping, but not all Hebrews would be Israelites. The word Semite is not really in the Bible, but it's it comes from the name Shem and that would make it the most ancient fork in the genealogical road for this family, because Shem was one of the three sons of Noah, which was long before Abraham 10 generations before Abraham Shem was one of the three surviving heads of families after the flood and Shem lights are Semites are those dissented from Shem.

Abraham was a Semite or sham might because his ancestors go back to Shem so a zebra room I mentioned earlier so Abraham was dissented from Heber make him an Hebrew and also dissented from Shem, making him a Semite sobered Semite and Hebrew, although they are not the same in range because not all Semites would be dissented from Heber just like not all Hebrews are deserving of Israel. These are words that all apply to Israel because Israel goes back to Abraham which goes back to Heber would make them Hebrews goes back to Shem again Semites so Semite Hebrew Israelite are all terms that would apply to the Jews. Now the word Jew came forward. Judah, which was originally one of the 12 tribes.

However, it became the name of a nation. Also, when the tribes split in the time of Rehoboam. There were two Israelite nations. 10 of the tribes to the north were called Israel to the tribes in the South are called Judah. Now the name Judah gives ours. The word Jew, a Jew is a Judean person of Judah.

Now at one point people from all the tribes individuals were part of the nation of Judah, partly because the northern kingdom was apostate, and some more godly members of those top 12 of the 10 tribes of North migrated down and became part of Judah so that they became part of Judah even they were not of the tribe of Judah are part of the nation of Judah after the northern tribe of the northern kingdom was destroyed all Israelites were called Judeans because they were all part of June and therefore when the term Jew was coined in the captivity.

It apply to all Judeans and that is people from all 12 tribes that largely based on the name Judah.

So a Jew today would be an Israelite and Israelites are Hebrews and Hebrews are Semites, so that would save those those names overlap in unit one other question what was what. What is the true said the true Sabbath just anatomy. Saturday know the true Sabbath is Saturday but but of course the.

The New Testament does not require the observance of Sabbath. There's a new covenant now. God only required the observance of Sabbath in connection with the old covenant when he brought the children of Israel out of Egypt was the first time he spoke to them or to anybody as far as we know about keeping Sabbath day. It was part of the covenant he made with now. The old covenant that God made has been replaced with the new covenant. According to the New Testament Scriptures and the new covenant doesn't make any reference to Sabbath obligation. So, just like we don't have to offer animal sacrifices or keep the Yom Kippur or circumcise or an event stuff for where board your blue borders undergarments all those things were part of the Hebrew and that Israelite tech covenant made at Sinai, but that Sunday that Kevin is gone. We don't offer sacrifices.

We don't wear blue borders milligrams we don't have to get Sabbath either but the Sabbath like all these other things was the type and shadow of spiritual things.

According to Hebrews 4. It was a type of arrest that we enter as Christians. When we believe in Christ, we enter into a spiritual state of rest and we know it's not time at the Sabbath. Although the right of Hebrews does use the word keeping up Sabbath. He says in an Hebrews 49. There remains a keeping of Sabbath for the people of God, but he is he simply roof meaning he we keep the spiritual Sabbath because he mentions in that passage that the Hebrews did not keep did not enter this rest that he's talking about in the days of Joshua. They did not and they had not even in the time of David yet entered into a remain to be entered into, so that the rest that he is recommending that he calls a keeping of Sabbath is not a reference to the Sabbath day that was kept by the Jews and not only Joshua time and date stamp it the rest.

His timeout was not entered into by people in either Joshua's or Dave's times retirement spiritual rest, not not a day. So the true Sabbath day is Saturday.

It always wants. It's never been changed by God.

It was some pulp some time centuries after return of Christ did kind of declarative Sunday is now the Sabbath, but first of all, popes don't have the authority to do that. Everything, and secondly, even if even if they did he consider sending Sabbath while the Bible doesn't say that Christians have to keep the Sabbath, not the not a Sabbath day we keep a better Sabbath.

We enter into God's rest.

Christ rest when we put our faith in Christ and cease from our own legalistic works of righteousness so doesn't matter if you keep it on Saturday or Sunday because all might do differently. Keep it on Saturday was sure sure that it ran in their keeping Sabbath because their part of the old covenant if they come to Christ they will come out of the old covenant into the new covenant and the new covenant.

There is no obligation keep the Sabbath. So whether you keep on Saturday, Sunday or not at all is not an issue to God as I understand it, things like the Sabbath in the Old Testament were a type and shadow of the fact that God has a claim on our time and like pain times in the Old Testament was a way for God has a claim on our money, but in the New Testament God is a claim on all of our money.

Jesus said, whoever does not forsake all that he has cannot be my disciple. The pain of a tithe in the Old Testament is giving 1/10 of your money to God, which was in a token admitting that God owns your stuff in the New Testament that which was a type becomes a reality.

God owns us in all that we have. Same thing with the day keeping Sabbath.

It was in the Old Testament God got one day out of the week but that was just a way of indicating he he wants us to be holy and he claims her time when he wants to, but in the New Testament. He claims all of our time.

We are daily and morning and night, always to be living a holy life, the pulse of you whatsoever you do when you eat or drink to all of the glory of God. So you know anything you doing even having a meal or do anything else you do that, to the glory of God. It's not that not the case that in the New Testament.

The early Christians recognize one day above another. That had to be kept we find in the book of acts and acceptor to the early Christians met daily says they continue daily in one accord in the temple and in and breaking bread and doing those things. So their gatherings were not one day a week there were seven days a week in the New Testament every day and becomes God. And so the Sabbath failed to simply a shadow. I appreciate your call Sam.

I hope that I clarify something. God bless you.

I did take a break or have another half-hour coming up anymore calls waiting, listening to the narrow path we are a listener supported ministry you'd like to help us down there. The money you give will go to paying for radio time is how we stand there with my time on radio stations. You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1730 macula CA 92593. It's also possible to donate at the website that we have hundreds of resources. All of them are free.

Nothing for sale in the website. That's the narrow and there's a free mobile app also the narrow You can check that out. I'll be back in 30 seconds pleased that the book of Hebrews tells that do not forget to do good and to share with others and share the near at hand with family and friends. When the show is over today and wanted to go to the they can learn and enjoy your teaching blog articles very diverse teachings and archives of all the narrow path radio show and be sure to tell them to tune into the show here on the radio chairlift noted the narrow path and do good, that narrow path radio broadcast United States Greg in her life for another half-hour taking your calls my lines are full right now the date on this number to call later ally may be opened up. The numbers 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and so we go back to phones and talk this time to CJ from Oceanside, California CJ, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling. I think you I've got a question about a Netflix show that just came out called the American gospel wondered first of all, if you're familiar with it. Let me think I did see a video that might've been called that is it about the word of faith, teachers, yes, yes I did see that sometime you oh yeah was really because I grew up in a church that I never of the people they were talking about the movie and then within the last like five year I have been exposed to two like the seven or eight people. They talk about and I really enjoyed the like. I grew allotment faith in their little bit more charismatic side, and that was interesting to me in so I got part of it. Well, just like eating the meat spit out the bone, style, what I was looking for them, but a lot of it was super good to be in their other guys that I listen to caching then and I was confused and wondered what your take was on the move beer on it, not the movie the ministry Bethel church in writing or another man in Todd White that they talk about maybe best to specifically is when if you have any know it like hockey opinion or what you see scripturally if concerning sure I I would be agreeable with those who made the movie to tell you the truth, although in most respects. I knew they were what we call reformed in their theology and I'm not reformed I'm not Calvinist, and I think as I recall all the people in that movie seems to me, except for the ones that are criticizing and the word of faith teaching is a charismatic teaching is not all attics on benefits which I hope that's too much noise. Not all charismatic told the word of faith teaching that were to think people are always worded charismatic and Bethel in writing would also be of the same sort. I had some interest when I was young, and the word faith teachers a little bit like yourself I was raised in a church that knew nothing about the charismatic movement knew nothing about gifts of the spirit. Nothing but healing and things like that and when I was in my late teens.

Someone gave me a book by Kenneth Hagan.

In fact, many books by Kenneth thing here but to little books about 30 pages long which I read a bunch of and I you know I had not heard of him. I had not heard of the movement he represented my guard was down. He quoted a lot of scripture here letter testimonies. He he even spoke about times and Jesus appeared to him and spoke to him and things like that and I was pretty impressed and thought well he's got the testimonies that prove a need in these Bible verses to use so I thought well maybe this is right. I was in my late teens, and so I began to kind of from repeat that word of faith, positive confession type stuff but as I grew I read my Bible and more and I began to realize that the Bible verses that Kenneth Hagan used in he's kind of the granddaddy of these good of all these guys that were faith movement and they can look at a list of grandpa of their movement in the Scriptures. He quoted which all were faith teachers now quote to make the same point are taken entirely out of context and don't and do not mean what he was saying. I don't know what to say but the testimonies he gave. They could be true or they could be lies, but whatever they meet.

They are, they don't support what the Bible is saying necessarily in the Bible doesn't support the doctrines of the word faith. If you're interested in more thorough treatment from yours truly. I do have at my website a series of four lectures, all all things in our website for free so you can listen for free on the word faith teaching figurative. The narrow that's the narrow go to the topic lectures link you'll find that there's a series called word of faith in verse four lectures there right go through of their scriptural case and and pretty much answer it, but the Bethel limit is considerably more recent Bethel movement is word of faith. It is charismatic and it has certain imbalances. I believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I don't believe like the Bethel people seem to that everybody supposed to be going out during supernatural works of signs and wonders. The Bible does not portray in the book of acts a church doing that in the book of acts we see, for example, in chapter 2, 3000 people converted so the church now has 3000 people and it's the 12 apostles were going out working signs and wonders, so 12/3000 is not a very large majority in Texas very small minority. We find others besides the apostles did some miracle Stephen did, who is an apologist apparently and Philip, who is called an evangelist he was. He also did some miracles, but apart from that, we really don't see the average Christian are doing miracles and you see a lot of Christians but miracles were not what they were characterized by the ministries of some people were but not most. Paul himself any type of the gifts the Holy Spirit, he said to one is given in the hit list your 20s given word of wisdom to one is given a word of knowledge to work for.

Faith was given this, and that, and finally says and and one is to one is given the working of miracles, so Paul indicates that working miracles is a gift that to some some people have it, but most people have other gifts from Paul also said in second Corinthians 1212 when he was defending his apostleship against people who, claiming that he wasn't a true apostle should. He's reminding the Corinthians of how he had been among them. He said Shirley. The signs of an apostle were manifest among you, in signs and wonders, and mighty deeds, so he saw the miracles that he was doing as signs of his apostleship, not just signs of being a good, faithful Christian, they were special things that marked them off as an apostle. So Bethel I think is not balanced that respect they just they believe everyone can gotten just too miracles and should more than that. The Bethel movement gets far beyond Scripture in its many of its practices and and practices. Things are more like the cult they they became well-known for the practice of grave soaking or grave sucking it sometimes called where they would find the grave of some famous and anointed spiritual preacher of the past. Lay down on the grave and's and seek to soak up the soul of the spirit or the anointing from the grave of that person is buried there. To me that's 100% are cultic. I saw a video not too long ago of Bill Johnson who is the pastor Bethel and several other people including a black woman who might've been from Africa. I'm not sure. And they were they were talking about driving away I think is the good demon of Cove. If I'm not mistaken, and have a covert epidemic and they had a magic stick was actually long poles, such as a shaman would use her wizard like a wizards stick and they were they saying okay working to pound the stage III times with the stick and that'll drive the demons away. Well maybe if you're shaman it would not. That's not how demons reviewing the Bible at some and yet Bill Johnson is a 30 a. Manning the whole thing easy. One thing I want to say I am charismatic I believe in the gifts the spirit and that's with the word charismatic means were charismatic meet some who believes in the gifts dispiriting for today and him and so forth.

And I do but the charismatic movement is an embarrassment to a person like me who is charismatic but Ashley wants to be biblical because the charismatic movement is about the most undiscerning group of people in the body of Christ anywhere there just fascinated with the abnormal there fascinated with the supernatural, and they are so fascinated that if they don't find enough variety of the supernatural in their secretion by doing biblical things they look to the cult and they borrow from that, and they often do many charismatic circles, not all that many charismatic circles they are practicing things that are adopted right out of the culprits.

Demonic stuff and so this is a it's an embarrassment and a concern for someone like myself who believes the gifts. The spirit are genuine. That is the real gifts of the Spirit in the Bible are genuine, but I don't believe in magic sticks and wizardry in and grave soaking things like that to me that's all dangerous stuff so I talked about that Bethel and the word of faith.

In general, if you want my analysis biblically of the word faith movement and their teachings, as I said go to the narrow and out and there you can go to the tab that says topical lectures and then you can find the word for teaching in the office and everything is free listed there. Okay, let's talk to Ron from Brentwood, California Ron, welcome to the lotto California callers today will run.

I would like to quote Scripture okay you call the other day and didn't have them. Quite together. I hope you're good be little more efficient with the time to go hit okay 93. Solomon said that manners madness in his heart, implying that man was morally insane.

Also in Genesis says that they'll be able able and there you will not you and Paul said when I wanted to do good. I can't do this. I will Scripture and 95% of Christian teachers and not more, all of them. That man has free will. Well it's not foreign from Scripture because Joshua says, choose you this day whom you will serve.

Ashley Moses said that to and and and people are continually exhorted to make choices. That's the exercise of their will. And some people exercise their will. Contrary to God wanting them to do it. For example, it says in Luke 730 that the Pharisees rejected the will of God for themselves by not being baptized by John. That statement means nothing unless it's saying that God wanted them to be baptized by John, but they didn't and thus they rejected God's will for them by not doing so, that free will is throughout Scripture's is not only stated but implied in and every time a command is given, and every time God is complaining about the what somebody has done. He saying I didn't choose that I didn't want you to do that you chose that and yeah you know you you can find verses like the ones you gave that talk about man being evil in his shoes. Yeah I am pretty sure I was evil. In my youth in San Marcos disagree with that. That doesn't inherit free choices to same as evil as youth as meat is choices. I believe even an old man whose evil has free choice and that's why sometimes an old man can repent in his old age because he has the choice to even though he's become established in evil Solomon statement. Of course, the people are crazy and evil. You know I say that kind of thing to we all do you want to see people looting and things like that are going crazy there's there's their insane, but I'm not saying that they are incapable of repenting and choosing and going write the words that you read and Solomon are not are not proving that there's no free will and Paul when he said that he does not do the things he chooses is, at least, and he chooses he just can't carry out all the choices he makes and I would agree with you about that. If you think the doctor free will means that people can do anything they want to including lettuce and a I want to fly by flapping my wings while I don't have any wings so I can't do that but I can't choose something that's that's impossible to do and there's no one I that I know of who believes in human free will would say people can do anything they may wish to do because there are things that humans are limited in doing but that's nothing. There's no such thing as free will, because among the things we are able to do our great number of things we can choose and when Paulson liked Aiken choose to do the right thing, but I can't carry it out. He saying there something in me that inhibits me is like a good shackles on sin in my members are dragging me down and but I can still choose pieces to choose what is good. I can do that, but how to carry it out. I do not know.

He says in the same chapter. So he makes it very clear he does have a choice though he's not able always to carry on his choices.

I believe that probably many of his choices he did carrots and why not. Not everything I do is something I wouldn't choose to do, but there are things I might choose to do that I can't just because there is so you got to you shackles on the I can't do anything I like to do so I'm going to say those verses don't make your point.

In my opinion, but you're certainly welcome to take them that way and many people do Calvinists do and I'm sure that's probably what you are as well.

Okay, let's see if our Travis from San Diego has question for us hello Travis, going once, going twice. Travis you there. Travis is not there is talk to Tom from also from San Diego, Tom Ludlow hi, first time caller to you. Thank you for okay question. Only one ever asked you this before but if it possible that you can play to have someone do what you want to do. But then that person doesn't want to do what you want them to do. That's that hopefully will think like you might choose that a woman in a particular would choose to marry you and she may actually not care to Semites to the recently else your God is knocking to make somebody make choice.

I like that unless unless of course he has overwhelming reasons to God can harden Pharaoh's heart so that his choices are inhibited God comported in the heart of Cyrus to let the people go not against his will, he didn't. There's no reasonably that was against his will. God God can direct somebody who's not resisting, but people do have the power to resist. Unfortunately means that's what Stephen said when is preaching to the Sanhedrin in acts chapter 7 uses you know you always resist the Holy Spirit is so as your fathers did, so do you. So I think that you, there isn't the possibility people resisting God and God asking God to do what he can do.

If it is his will now write what you're asking may not be as well, or if it is his will or might be others that would interfere if it requires free choices of others. One example I have for me personally, I'm single and I am an older sisters who lives like thousands of miles away from me and she wants me to move back there and I don't want to move. They are, and I feel like where I am now am doing okay with my life in the Levant and she said she mentioned one time. She says white and praying that you will change your mind and go out. She can't she can't buy her prayers make you change your mind, that she can pray that, in other words, if she thinks is a very good reason that you're missing that you should be going there.

She recognizes she thinks for some of you have a blind spot for her to pray that God will change mine would mean that God would open your and your eyes to see what she sees what she thinks she sees that he'd that he give you the inducements that would make you willingly choose to move out there. I don't think she's suggesting that he just reach into your brain and manipulate all the neuron so that you so that you choose a certain thing because she wanted to write all that's a lot of reasons that's her choice. That is your gas right right thanks for your call brother. I needed targets more causing aroma set a time Irene from Las Vegas.

Welcome to the narrow path, a high bank so I okay and make a speech and that can indeed take it back time when many people and cherish everything in morning. Too much time here is that he started to sell the right here. I don't know that that's a symbol of anything I can give you logins I didn't I didn't say didn't happen to know what is the symbol of something you asked what is a symbol of I said I don't know I don't have any reasonably that the symbol of anything, but if it is it is above my pay grade. Okay Russell from Issaquah, Washington. Welcome to the narrow path for calling you fine thanks and personal expenses. Passion maybe got you well.

Let me know if you you can you can fall in love with somebody if they're lovable and if you cultivate those feelings of love for them. Many people have ups and downs in their love for God, but there are number things in their lives usually have something to do with that.

For example, your love for God will grow cold. If you begin to share some of that love that you have for him with other objects made a woman who loves her husband if she begins to love another man in in the same as she will love her husband less. She can't give him all her love. If she shared it with another man and you can't give God all your love.

If you're sharing it with other idols and there are many idols in our society. Some people idolize money. Some people idolize their children are. They idolize the country or they idolize you there home and their possessions are. They idolize movie stars or sports sermons all kinds of things that people set their love on that are not God, and which, of course, take a portion of that love and that emotional energy that the that would otherwise be devoted to loving God and gives it to something else and to me that's one of the things it would cost Israel to lose their love for God is the decide to multiply other gods and title of mall and they kept God in their life, but he wasn't happy about it because they were loving other gods to in this year. You gotta love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind or straight heart so you can examine your life to see if there are any objects of affection that have become more more the object of your love than God or even not maybe not more maybe just spreading out among a lot of lesser idols.

Another thing to consider is emotional love often comes about from gratitude. Now we've got more than enough to be grateful to God for every good gift and every perfect gift comes down from God and therefore whatever you enjoy in life, you should attribute him in and give thanks to him and in gratitude toward a person or toward God tends to motivate and inspire emotional love more than that, you need to ask yourself, what have you been cultivating love for God are you reading the Scripture you meditating on them day and night. The Bible says that if you meditate day and night on the Scripture you will be like a tree planted by rivers of water whose leaf does not wither and their fruit is produced in season and everything you do shall prosper spiritually so I believe that if your reading, meditating on Scripture day and night, as the Scripture says to do that. That will, of course, make you fruitful and love and and you won't winter your spiritual spiritual life about whether those are some suggestions I would also say that if you watch a lot of TV is a very good chance that that that that's a distraction from the things of God. A lot of times watching TV or other kinds of entertainment. Maybe surfing the web for younger people would be something that takes time away from the time they could be cultivating their relation with God. It's no surprise if a person doesn't cultivate the relation with God or for that matter with anybody else that they have love for it that their love would diminish the get to feel themselves more independent of that person and not so zealously affectionate toward them so there's there's a lot.

It's a complicated thing.

The human nature, and when our love for God wanes our spiritual desire wanes. There's could be any number of things or combination of involvement. Those are hopefully some of them that might help you to do a self examination.

See what might be the cause of I got talk to David before rented time and we will in a couple minutes. David from Portland. Welcome to the narrow path ask for calling and reading online about the scene being the mark of the I just wanted to concerned about the vaccine and are you going this if they come up with one are you going to get a vaccine precluded I would resist it.

I will not get a vaccine for covert unless they stick a needle in my arm mother holding down. I don't like vaccines that I don't get a flu vaccine either side and I don't think it's a mark of the beast. I just don't like unnatural things may put my arm that I don't know that in due or in my bloodstream so I know it's not necessarily spiritual conviction on my part. It's more of a just, I'm always opposed to invasive medical techniques that are unnecessary.

Jesus said well do not need a physician.

Those who are sick need a physician and are not sick so I don't need the physician to do that and you know I you know it's it's conceivable that they'll make it so you can't do anything if you don't have some certificate of having gotten in that case, that kind of control over the conscience may be conceived as a very Antichrist development but I don't know that I would see it as the mark of the beast but I think it's a very bad that's going on with this attempt to get everybody to get back to I think it's obvious that mostly can be cured if you get it early enough in the right substance which the government is not trying to make you well. The government is trying to make you enslaved, and that's so far what they're doing is lockdown super control over people that is unconstitutional and I think it's the evil government scheme you listen to the narrow path. My name is Steve Greg. We are listening for supported.

You can help us, going to our website. The narrow where everything is free. You can donate there.

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