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The Narrow Path 7/29

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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July 29, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 7/29

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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July 29, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrowcast radio broadcast my name Steve Greg and were live for an hour each afternoon. As usually have our phone lines open for you. You can call if you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith or anything like that you'd like to discuss. You can call if you have a disagreement with the host to feel free to call will talk about the number to call is 844-484-5737 844-484-5737 for those living in Southern California. I have an announcement and that is that we will be having this Saturday night a gathering in the macula in Southern California and I really do this every few months is pretty small group is easy to social distance. If you want to and and there we do this just as a Q&A fellowship time, so that's coming up this Saturday night.

If you're interested in it. You can go to the website. The and you can know check under announcements for information about that. That's the Saturday night into macula.

All right, let's talk to John from summer very far from to macula Westminster, Massachusetts hi John, welcome to the neuropathic for, high students are taking my call ship, I took my two questions for you and I can read them in and get up here.

Okay okay on the first one is I've read several commentators just commentators describe Hebrews chapter 4 as it is saying that God has been resting since the seven day and that the seventh day is actually still going and have not ended. You agree with this interpretation. And can you reconcile it with John 517 and my second question. If I can give it to you is an uncompromising Christian wants to become a public school English teacher, you think that's a good idea about idea or entirely up to the individuals conscience okay that's fine.

I'll be glad addresses.

Did you know that you so much. All right, thanks your call you to. As far as Hebrews 4 goes, I don't see anything in it that would incline me to say that God has been resting since the seventh day of creation. In fact, there's no reason to believe that he was strictly speaking, wrestling resting from all activity then it specifically says in Genesis 1 or two chapter 2 verses 1 to 3 that God rested from all the work that he had done from all the creating he'd been doing in others.

He rested from that activity in life. I've been working on a new book for longtime Centerville spent hours and hours every day working on it and then in the evening, I'll take a break and I'm resting from that that doesn't and not doing something I might be working in the art for my wife or something like that, that I'm resting from the project and all that. The Bible actually says in Genesis is a God rested from all the works that he had made, so he wasn't doing more creating. After that point. But to suggest he wasn't working. I think big huge mistake. I believe that God holds everything together. I believe in God is so feeding the birds and his clothing the flowers and does not a sparrow falls the ground apart from his will and is very involved in in the world and in the universe. If he was not I think Irving would fall apart.

I know it looks like it's five-part now, that's not really as bad as it would if he was not involved so I don't see any evidence that God is that you know not at rest now you mention John 517, were Jesus said my father works until now and I work and I agree Jesus is my father works every day and I work every day history. Sadie is justifying his activity on the Sabbath is of my father works on the Sabbath and every other day so I do to get his point and so I yeah if someone says will got been resting ever since the creation I'd say he's been.

He has ceased and desisted from the creative activity he was doing because it was complete but is not been resting in the sense of doing nothing. He said his works are continually being done. God works in us to will and do pleasure so I got is very active and so Jesus so I don't see what verse and Hebrews 4 would give it another impression so anyway. There's I understand, Hebrews 4, very different than that. Now as far as a Christian, a devoted Christian becoming an English schoolteacher to public school.

I would not say there's nothing wrong with that. I would say it be a much harder thing to do now than it would've been a generation ago.

I have problems with Christians putting their kids in public school, especially now. I mean I I homeschool my kids and that was 20, 30 years ago, but it's but I mean my wife did most homeschool absurd but we we homeschool her kids because we can think of the public schools is the best place for children to be educated, things have changed a great deal since then and not for the better. I'm not really sure how any Christian parent would entrust their children to public schools today unless maybe their souls are not as important to them as I think they should be. But for Christian become a public school teachers a different issue. I think it's great for Christian to infiltrate the world were supposed to do and be a light on a hill and be an influence for Christ wherever we are. The only misgiving I have is that as I said in a generation ago that would've been a very different thing than it would be now because now in all likelihood, a public school teacher would not be able to profess Christ might not be able to carry Bible might not be able to mention their faith. And if that isn't the case.

Now it seems like that's the direction things are going so if someone is picking a career I could understand and appreciate the selflessness of going into profession where they will be hated and persecuted and and their hands tied to a very large extent, but if that's what someone feels God's calling them to do that. I think God can definitely use Christians in every place and so II wouldn't discourage you but I would certainly say there's quite a cost to be counted to going into the public school work now. I'm assuming that many Christians who are already public school teachers are finding things very difficult and some may be finding it impossible to continue with the standards that the schools are requiring in terms of teaching gender issues in morality and things that it be very frustrating. It seems to me to be in that position.


Maybe it's Christian who is a schoolteacher will call in balance that out that I am just looking at it from an outsider in knowing what the schools are required to be taught, and I thought many times point and I once thought it might be fun to be a schoolteacher but I wouldn't be safe and right now, but maybe VINCENT leading some people to do art from Manhattan.

Welcome to the neuropathic's are calling for taking my call and do my best to be a Christian in all the Bible called you a few times in the past about how my white alternated that she refuses to load and it turned out children against my question to you is I have an update on everything. Now the other day she threatened me with a knife and I learned that one of our sons friends was tested positive for cold and my wife refused to give me the contact information of the parent of the child that tested positive.

My question to you is your opinion years of studying the Bible is zero point would avoid areas where divorce is an option, despite the fact that going out with Malachi 216 God hates divorce well yeah I've always said that the divorce is sometimes an option. I don't think it's very often got at least not as often as people would like it to be. I believe is only an option. In rare cases of extreme sin such as adultery being committed by the husband or wife, or as Paul put it, if an unbeliever departs and doesn't want to live in the believer now your wife. I mean I don't have a talk to her but from what I've heard about her. She doesn't sound much like she's a Christian, in which case she does if she wants to threaten you with knives. That's not quite the same thing as being content to dwell with you as a wife. So I would think you'd be very wise to move to a safe place or have her moved another place.

If you've any time there's a spouse threatening the life threatening violence or committing violence against her spouse. I think the I think the endangered one should find a safer place to live. I don't think that that should instantly result in full filing for divorce. I think that moving out would be a step toward hopefully causing the spouse to take seriously their need to get right and that reconciliation could come but on the other hand I know of cases where the spouses are frankly out of their mind and there was no way that they were there to come around and sell it in a case like that idea. I do believe we could argue that someone is probably unbeliever. They don't seem Christians were following Jesus don't threaten people with knives okay expression of their husbands and so and she stolen you said for Miller's oversight.

I would say this very good reason to question whether she's even a Christian does she claim to be one. She does not work in what makes her what makes her think that she is a Christian, but no yeah when I think that you guys go to church anywhere you stupid now.

She has friends that are gotten into Jehovah witness and I don't understand the connection between her actions and the Jehovah witness a don't seem to be about threatening her and use of neglect. Neglect well, I'm not gonna tell you to get a divorce because I don't think I've ever told anyone to get a divorce and I I'm I'm against divorce. Frankly, but I do think that sometimes divorce is justified and I would say that for you to two separate if she's threatening you with knives would be a good thing we hear all the time of husbands were killed by their wives and wives are killed by her husband, things like that it's it's not as uncommon as one would think so. I would suggest that getting yourself and, if possible. Many children in the home to safety would be a no-brainer. Thank you. Blessed now). God bless you. All right Cameron from Columbia, Tennessee. Welcome. Thanks for calling me a question I have a lot on psychology psychotherapy as well. Looking volume 1, 10 also the people who are asking me if I disagree, believe about the pattern of light therapy will not but keep up up against is people who have anxiety disorders or depression disorders and I'm pretty sure mean you say majority the time of the issue of abolishing a mental health problem would always wonder if you could respond like me some direction on how to respond. People who have mental disorders such as question, anxiety, Christian counseling framework well that's a tricky thing because I believe that in most cases where people have complaints presenting for what they would call anxiety or what they would call depression. I won't I won't say most because I don't know percentages birds. A great number. The issue is not a medical problem.

In a sentence or or call a mental disease since the disease mental isn't an organ brain is an organ to the mind is not an organ so mind doesn't technically get literally sick, our brain can a person of a brain tumor, they can have a chemical imbalance. They can have a variety of things that are physical in their body that affect their moods and make them depressed or make them anxious or make them act weird again. Brain tumor can do many things of that type that's a sickness. Of course that's a physical thing to be treated by medical doctor, but if a person does not have a physical cause for it and it's just a behavioral issue is very hard to know if something should even be called a disorder or behavior because many psychologists have said that psychiatric diagnosis more often than not is just one man's opinion about another man's behavior and and frankly that's that some secular psychiatrist, who said they can think and I believe that there is truth in that. I mean, they don't usually have real proof of a physical cause for example something like schizophrenia or many of these other things that have labels that are diagnostic labels again and there are physical causes for disruption of normal brain activity and where those exist, of course, you need to get medical help if there's nothing like that and will and should consider maybe there is a spiritual issue and anxiety is not a non-spiritual issue is a spiritual issue so the piece is a fruit of the spirit and the anxiety is is not impulsive zero casting all your anxieties on him because he's will be anxious for you to know, and depression. Likewise, something depression though the Army chemical imbalances can cause them to feel depressed and that does not the cases I'm here referring to, but many times people don't have. Specifically, because of their depressed moods that chemical, although frankly, a mood can change body chemistry to we all know that we all know that the mood you choose can have an effect on the chemicals in your body.

For example, adrenaline can increase if you get alarmed so that that sometimes to be the case. I don't know to what degree a depressed mood may alter brain chemistry. I wouldn't be surprised if it does, somehow, in which case, if someone is found to have a brain chemistry issue and a bad mood. You might have asked her what came first the chicken or the know people sometimes show me these pictures over the years of these brain scans were different parts of the brain light up different colors to show when someone is angry when somebody is depressed when somebody's worried or whatever and ACC.

This proves that these moods are caused by brain activity doesn't. It shows a correlation.

It shows that that kind of brain activity accompanies these moods. It does not say whether the brain activity. The physical brain activity causes the whether the moods because the brain activity that would have be established by some better means of testing than what they prove they provided so you know people say will Steve, you did not type of disc is not your field. Well it's I mean human behavior is kind of my field because I'm a Christian and I study the Bible.

The Bible is mostly about human behavior. The vast majority of the verse of the Bible target human behavior and so it is a concern of mine and I do have a little bit of knowledge about it.

I do study the Bible and by the way, I also study I read a lot of books on psychiatry and psychology that does make me an expert. I've certainly read enough to know that there's a lot of hot air in and their inner claims and ends recently discrete each other is not just some people say will psychology of science risers 250 different psychologies 250 which one is the science because they disagree with each other, you know, people often just accept the idea that some of these expert in his opinions carry the day with well, that's their choice, I'd rather let God's opinions carry the day with me and I say that there's a great number of things that are not medical in nature, but spiritual in nature which have not been given medical labels. The problem is, some behaviors are medical image and that's what makes this complicated but we also have to admit that if people whom the Bible describes demon possessed, and out of whom Jesus cast demons and cured them if they were seen today by an average secular doctor they be given a different diagnosis they would call demon possession they collect no paranoid schizophrenia or something like that and then they give her medication for well that's because the same symptoms can be seen through different worldviews and psychology even though there is never a Christian psychologist they've always learned their trade from secular psychologists who had a secular worldview and therefore I'm not saying this Christian psychologist doesn't know stuff should be doing a lot of stuff I don't know, but they also have been trained in things that have arisen from secular worldview and if someone is trained strictly from Scripture he might have different conclusions about some of the site, but when you find that people don't agree with you about this age is welcome to the club men, you know, when you stand up for what the Bible says on certain things you'll always have people disagree with you and that is what were told to expect, but I was missing. Not everything that's called a disorder is is in fact not disorder.

There are there are physical causes for some things. I agree. If you have time for more question know you have all the letters you can move on if you need to know problem lot if you could answer what do I have to do the Christian like everything like what is it all in detail and it's it's really a single thing single thing and that is a transition from being about you two being about Christ.

In other words what a person is born and establishes habits in life growing up.

They learn how to keep themselves at the center of concern. They learn how to manipulate their circumstances.

There are people around them everything they can limit manipulate to please themselves. That's just the natural human craving. That's self-centered. That is what we call sin. A person becomes a Christian when they repent of that repentance means changing your mind in in the Old Testament the word repent means to turn around to change direction and of course when you change your mind.

You do change direction. But the point is that you you do an about-face and say it is no longer I but Christ is no longer to be about me Jesus it's knocking to unlock it in any way try to make manipulate people or circumstances or God for me.

I'm going to recognize that it's not about me.

The universe is not revolve around me. Scott and therefore I told him walk out your life and be a Christian, cross the Atty. Gen. or not there said issues like how would you advise me to make that determination. Basically, or meeting after all along is your be brutally honest with yourself. As far as defining sin goes, I think you have good Bible and safe. The Bible forbids something or says it's a sin than it is, and that we won't have to look far to find things like that in our lives that actually are defined since apart from that, if you don't have a specific Scripture about it. If the Holy Spirit convicts you of something you doing then you should treat it as a sin also in repent of it, but I guess I have got a number of calls from people who say I'm trying to be a Christian but I have this probably sin sometimes in our sin. Too often, and I'm afraid that may not be that may be due to them thinking that being a Christian means not sinning, as if by not sinning. That would make you a Christian. There's been some some very well-behaved people in the world and history who probably haven't anything scandalous in their lives and who are not even slightly Christian. Christian is somebody who's determined to follow Jesus, whose as Jesus put it, he is denied himself and take up his cross and follow Jesus. Now, to deny yourself is of Osama first. It's no longer me.

It's no longer about me at myself. It's about God myself has got to be on the altar. I got to say it doesn't matter if I'm happy or sad. It doesn't matter if I'm comfortable or uncomfortable doesn't matter how rich or poor, it doesn't matter if I'm in prison or the palace. It doesn't matter because I'm not important.

God is important. It's all a God if it pleases God for me to be in such circumstances, then I am pleased to be in such circumstances that he wants because it's about him and the whole universe exists for his pleasure for his glory. So my desire. My only desire is to live in such ways to give him pleasure and bring him glory known. A person is done that they've changed they change their mind they repent, there really position very re-oriented there facing God and moving in his direction, rather than the way of of death and sin. Now a person who has made that choice is not a perfect person I there's not a single choice you make of any kind in this world where it once you make it.

You can be sure you'll always always a live according to what you chose because consistency is not a human trait, and therefore whatever you choose whatever you truly generally choose you will pursue but you will have imperfections in your pursuit. And so the Bible indicates that we we all stumble in many ways Christians and and we do sometimes sin. And you know you're sinning because the but what the sin is. Orb said the Holy Spirit tells you so your conviction, but the Christian is one who is walking in the light, and John says if we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanses us from all sin. So we are being cleansed from all sin.

As we walk in the light which we were walking toward God and how does from another Christian, they know by having to do a very brutal and honest self-examination say really one of my living for what what is most important to me. What makes me happiest.

What would make me grieve most if if all those things have something to do about your rank, your possessions, your physical condition. Your marital happiness in those things will then that's the wrong list.

If you can say you know all I really want is the will of God. All I really want is to to bring pleasure to God and to please Jesus make him proud of me.

I just want to serve them as to be with him. I mean, that attitude is the attitude of one who's put Jesus where he belongs in his life and anything less than that is simply a non-Christian life. At least that's my understanding for the Bible teaches and all right Eric, I appreciate your call can accomplish you by now.

I'm sorry I hit the button before you start talking. We have a break coming up here right now and Deb were not done. We have another half hour ahead.

The narrow path is an hour-long program. We've just completed a half-hour so there's another half hour to go were to be taking calls through the remainder of the program.

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My name is Steve Greg and we are live for another half hour taking your calls if you have questions about the Bible or the Christian faith. We have a different viewpoint from the host would like to discuss that number to call is 844-484-5737. Right now we have more than one line open, so this a good time to call. Not always quite so convenient for callers.

The numbers 844-484-5737 now I want to mention again as I did in the first half hour. We have a meeting coming up in into macula on Saturday night and it's just open to the public. It's just a question answer time and fellowship. Very small meetings usually usually very small meetings easy to keep your social distance. If you want to do so.

That's you can you can go to the website.

The narrow the narrow path, go under announcements and you'll see where this Saturday's meeting is held in you can join us. We meet at 630 just to kind of hang out and fellowship in at seven we begin a Q&A time for Saturday night into macula.

Okay, let's talk to Christie from Eugene, Oregon Christie, welcome to the neuropathic for calling Hank thinking taking my call and listen to you over a long period time. Not every day that when I catch you and I appreciate your ministry I'm meant to go.

Maybe you discussing Christian science, and comparing it with glorious faith ministries and how I asked you/and I get on you something and maybe I didn't understand that Ukraine compared Dan and admit how like they were similar night. I was raised in Christian science, and then at the age 26. I had a very manic encounter with the Lord in that Jesus movement base and after a few years. I gave my life Lord and walking changes every chance I got into the word of faith teaching right early on because that was what was on the radio in my can in the action radio station can't pay so that night I will in science does not teach that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our stands and you can know their many differences. I never said Christian science, and word of faith are the same thing but I say they have similarities that other branches of Christian, I would not share with Christian science area like positive high abatement, which is what distinguishes the word of faith from other groups. The word of faith teaches that when Jesus died, that he took the curse of the law which they identify as poverty, sickness and death and therefore since he took poverty, sickness and death upon himself for us. We don't have to bear them and therefore there is no legitimate poverty or sickness, especially of the Christian hell. Another, and that's what word Christian science. I don't believe it think it says anything about Jesus death accomplishing these things, but they believe that poverty and sickness and suffering are illusions.

And I know that but in the word of faith or kind of allusions to because they say that if you have what appears to be a sickness. Let's say your you got a high fever and you got welts all of your body and your your your lungs are full of liquid and you got kinds of problems like that and you can't get out of bed that you only need to believe and confess that with his stripes you were healed.

And in that sense, then you are now.

You might say, but I did say that I'm still here with all my symptoms while the were the faces yet, but the symptoms are deception you're really healed your energy, your sickness is an illusion. The deli I nearly any there's no phone so they don't think there is a real strong distinction in the fact that they gaily know who Jesus said, faith and Langley and brought in Christian science does not. Christian science is believe in Jesus. Properly they believe he was a scientist, not the son of God, and they really don't think you may thinking it beer. If the teacher master. Well, that is, because the Church of Christ, scientist, meaning that the clients yeah now my son Harry, action.

Yes that's right she is the founder of Christian science so so the idea is that there is a mind science that Jesus mastered and that we need to master to because once we do, we will realize that sickness and death and suffering are illusions. That's very, very close station church damage and integrate it now. Okay I hear you saying I think yet.

Definitely that molarity. You can find Jesus in order a saying where you could not find Jesus. I don't think Christian at all in writing and I are not preseason so they didn't preach Jesus is crucified and risen now in the resurrection they mainly different Yang all that differently at different Jesus entirely all right yeah appreciate you yeah II never I've never said that any branch of Christianity including word of faith is the same thing as Christian science if it was the same thing. We just got Christian science instead of something else.

Every viewpoint has its own distinctions. The word of faith movement holds many Christian distinctions. In fact, I just included it in my statement as belonging to Christianity because it holds to the distinctions of the deity of Christ incarnation the and of the death and resurrection of Christ for our sins to me. They believe the essential things, but things that are very practical and important things they disagree about.

For example, true Christianity affirms suffering as a good thing. In many cases in the hand of God. Paul set our light afflictions work for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. Paul said, I'm convinced that the sufferings of the present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that should be revealed in us is says in the Psalms is good for me that I was afflicted that I might learn your law and and there's many places about it.

Talk about how suffering is necessary in this present fallen world in our present fallen nature and bodies to be part of. Certainly not the whole of but part of the sanctifying experience that our response to sufferings is sanctifying and that response is not saying I refuse to believe him suffering know it's to say I am suffering willingly under the hand of God, knowing that he loves me and he would not allow me to suffer unless it was going to be good for me because a loving father would never allow his children to suffer without the potential of them benefiting greatly from it. But of course loving father would allow his children suffer for the benefit I've had my children go to the dentist sometimes and that sometimes, painful.

I had my son break an arm and I had to taken to a hospital really had to break it again because it began to heal wrongheaded proof of that, and I let him break it. That's painful, really painful and no father would let that happen to a child if they didn't believe that this is necessary for the child's improvement and that without that the child will be no misshapen and God is that we to God would never let us suffer unless he believed it would be for good and it'll help us become more like Jesus Jesus Eve was made perfect through the things he suffered sudden on how any so-called Christian theology could fail to see the place of suffering and the purposes of God in our sanctification so but word of faith totally denies suffer it says God would never want you to suffer.

So they have no sense of what sanctification is there no sense what the goal is the goal for them is just be out of pain go from just be happy again here and now in this world to be children of the King to live his children, so the king that's not the program that's not what Jesus did that some of the apostles did and solidly taught so anyway while the word of faith does hold to the their essence of of the recall Christianity which is their acceptance of Christ as son of God in and in his death for our sins and resurrection so forth. And when it comes to Christian living there practical advice is way off out of out of the ballpark in the wrong direction in left field. All right, let's talk to you has been the longest. Christine from Whidbey Island, Washington. Welcome to the neuropathic for going can you hear me okay so far so good. Naval Air Station in Damon firing at the crop. Plaintiff though if that happened it all hang out okay. I have to ask you and I think it's really been burning on my mind and I can't reconcile it.

Help Gary and mostly cheesy path. I really admire like a child and really really admire again. Oh gosh darn it.

Now I can check wind all and therefore it I looked at Matt to the yoke of their nonprofit and million dollars and I I realized it is not to be rich and a G.I. Joe Goodrich scare many other godly people that were rich bad.

It also says that it's easier for the rich man your memo yeah no anyhow. What I cannot figure out how is it okay for a pastor who I am expecting to be humble and share the wealth and to have met you. Well, and it be okay if you could help me out with that, I'd appreciate it right now. I assume you're talking about their personal wealth not administered.

No okay well the one thing I would say is that you can't tell a man's character from how much money comes in. How much how much goes out and work goes to you know I myself have been very poor at times and had very little income. As I got my income is improved, but so has the outgoing and I still live on pre-much the same kind of amount of my income is before because I believe that when we are stewards of God's stuff. And if God is God makes you wealthy gives you great responsibility to steward that no story that doesn't mean make yourself more comfortable, though. There's nothing wrong with being comfortable.

I don't suppose as long as your nose still pursuing the will of God wholeheartedly but but if you're spending more on yourself than on the poor. When you have more than you need them than that would be an issue for me and I don't I don't know these men, I don't now again I don't know if their money is from their salaries or from book sales or whatever maybe a combination of that. It's very possible that they are not even taking salaries. In some cases, for example, take oh shoot the guy who wrote the purpose driven life, Rick Warren is his book is brought in millions and millions and millions of dollars to him and to know a lot of people a lot of evangelicals alike and because of is to liberalism like that and you know maybe is maybe not I can't judge but one thing I do like about him is he has.

He does not take a salaries a full-time pastor of a large church he could commit a large salary. He doesn't take any salary and he paid back his church for think it was maybe 20 years of salaries they paid in before his book began. Six. To be successful so so he not only doesn't take a salary. He is pay back the church for the seller.

He took when he wasn't rich and and then I've heard that he gives away 90% of his income now to give away 90% of his income.

It still if you live on 10%. He stuff a lot more money than I have. But hey, who knows.

It's AARP I'm not as Dutch dog is as judge sounds to me like he's got his priorities right. If he's you know if he is more materialistic than that.

I think a man should be idle and I don't know that he is on untouched strictly and if I am not saying I don't know either, yeah. But I say they were Charles Stanley R. Or, you know, some is charts one dollar whatever these guys have had huge selling books and I don't know, but it's impossible they don't take a salary believe they may serve in their riches may come from book royalties and then they may be giving most anyway falling.

I don't know that there but that's that's a hard thing. See, I mean if a man is living in $1 million home than that. That would be a different issue for me because I don't know why anyone needs a million-dollar home. Again that's that's between him and God, not me. I'm no man's judge. He's another man servant, not mine, so he'll answer to servant his master, but I know that I can't read directly, I had my head. Not a believer and go when he on TV here hears about a rich path.

Like I told you look at the analogy and I have nothing to yeah it is what what you should say is you know we don't know exactly why or how much he's giving away from. I would say he may be supportive. He may be supporting hundreds or thousands of orphans somewhere. He may be give away far more than he's spending on his family and his and you know a man a man has the right before God to make the stewardship choices that he feels he should make and then to answer to God for at the end of the day, you know, for example, I don't have any money laid up for my children. I got five children, but nothing limit for the and I don't I don't miss or choose to. I'd rather give to poverty-stricken patients and people Christiansen and the poor, and so forth. I'm that's where I'd rather be giving then bailing up a lot of money for my kids know another person might think well I feel that God wants me to lay up for my children. Maybe God does.

Maybe God for their own choices.

So I mean if a person's if these guys… They say somebody that you see on TV who is otherwise simply a godly man say he's got a million bucks in the bank or an holdings of some kind.

Well, maybe babies got a bunch of kids and he's planning to hopefully make them have something to benefit from when he does I'm not saying that and I totally agree with dad and you know when you go back to like million-dollar home. You know you look online. Holy cow didn't look at the sky and then I think okay if you want your DragonPad people who are home right to your million-dollar home wiring day night staying at them in the room.

I mean I get I can't reconcile it in my head and all the harder because you husband who's looking into and seeing what I can't answer for them and I don't want to. I don't want to say that what they're doing is pleasing to God. God might be as pleased as punch with what they're doing because you know maybe were giving away 10 times as much, as they're keeping and even know if I if I could give away 10 times as much as I keep and still live in a million-dollar house. I wouldn't do it.

You know I only 20 times.

That's instead is like I don't have any use for million-dollar house. I don't know why anyone would have useful not likely dollars million dollars is as much as it used to be a mixup you might have a farmer acreage or some like that and you will have a character yeah but I mean I'm saying is if some of the lives of the palace, or mention, I don't know why you want to do that or did see that is a good thing to do with her money when there's people starting all over the world. One way think either poorly can I get money thank you very much year a radio ministry and I don't always understand what you say but I don't think that's important me to say I feel compelled by God to you and though I do and I just wanted thank you, thank you for your call appreciated. Have a good day okay thank you very much. By the way, there were other calls waiting, and they hung up on socket now there's another call coming in right now we have time for one more maybe two more calls so I don't have anyone screened at this mother there's a call on the line. If you are called the number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 Internet scholar is Kim from Sacramento, California Kim, welcome to the neuropathic circling the church and call description am sorry basically way that management had told her that if you want to read it that's fine, sir. Five.

Lessee he says start in verse 22 wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord for the husband is the head of the wife is also Christ is the head of the church and he is the Savior of the body. Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.

Husbands, love your wives, as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it, that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any other such thing and that it should be holy and without blame. So husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. For no one ever hated somebody said, but then there's one thing it says in verse 31.

For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh. This is a great mystery but I speak concerning Christ and the church uses so back then share that with share. No way. I'm sorry that was the culture not to teachers. That was the culture of the Jewish synagogue. But Paul's not running shoes writing to the Ephesians.

In Asia they had female priestesses in their temples and so forth. They were women were allowed to speak in the Roman world. Women have a lot of rights, so I'm not that I think I don't think he's reflecting what he is reflecting is the creation member. He quoted Genesis 224 he says about the man like this is this is a great mystery. It speaks of Christ and the church and it's very clear that Paul's instructions to wives and husbands comes from that understanding that Mr. being so because he says wives submit to your husband as the church submits to Christ. Husbands, love your wife loves the church so he culture is made creation yeah and that even Eve and now Kirsten all that man Christian Amanda correct that with the holy God for them just as much a man. However much about any women teach to you. Now we have nine American League.

We have very few prints in it, always giving Joyce Meyer lives under a stigma. It seems like she's incredibly successful and popular.

My she's more popular. I'm a guy back in now know your the people that you're saying. Ours don't accept women teachers are in a huge, hugely depleted minority at this particular time. I am among those who think the Bible still tells the truth about these things but the vast majority Christians in America don't believe that. I mean, so really the majority of people in America would not have the slightest problem with Joyce Meyer, you know, or any other Marilyn Hinchey or any other woman teaching. It's extremely plan had a very few people very few people have the courage to be politically incorrect because you can get a lot of trouble if you say that women shouldn't teach. But there's still a minority in the church who still believe the Bible is true.

And don't believe that it changes just because culture changes to the when we talk about you think Paul's going with this culture it has to do the will of God. Okay, and the people who are saying that Paul was wrong.

What are they basing that on if not culture is not our modern culture that says that Paul was wrong about these things.

What evidence is there that Paul is wrong. Paul said that God ordained the husband and wife to be a picture of Christ and the church okay. Has anyone proven that wrong somehow is a scientific test to prove that that's not so. No is still true that the picture of husband wife is a picture of Christ and the church. Then Paul says, since that is true. Husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the church. Does anyone think that's not true anymore.

I've never heard anyone ever suggest that that isn't true that a husband should not love his wife as Christ loved the church of it I think 100% of men and women are at least 100% women in the large majority men would agree with that statement. Now get together.

Part of that which is simply the mirror image. The mere concept and the wife should submit her husband is the church of Christ. Now this week a controversy, but not because of anything that not because of any advances in modern society, but because of apostasy in modern society is not true.

Can anyone argue that the church in our time is purer and closer to his Bible that it was an ancient in the first century. For example, Paul wrote that if somebody does think that they must be read in different church history, and looking at different church today that I'm looking so I mean I guess women I don't think Paul did either think the Bible is anything against women but I think that everyone would say it's good for men and women to know what they're made for and to fulfill their role. I don't think anyone's happier than those who cheerfully accept the role that their rightful and live it out because God didn't intend for purely unhappy. God didn't say children obey your parents so that you will be unhappy right now. Children alike to obey their parents and someday perhaps out of the room got in this culture to this culture. Probably sidekicks don't have to but I will make it right.

When God gives instructions to get instructions for our good. When we don't believe he's on our side and we decide to change the instructions to what we think nicer then we do all kinds of damage that I've always believe that God is smarter than all of us put together.

The culture says I really wonder what the Bible says I think I know I'd be willing to have people tell me that something else, but until they can prove that I stick with because I still think it would've done about a time to listen to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg and we are live Monday through Friday. Listener supported program you like to write to us the address is the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 website is the narrow Let's talk again tomorrow. Helpless

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