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The Narrow Path 7/24

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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July 24, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 7/24

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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July 24, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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Welcome to the Friday edition of the narrow path radio broadcast and Steve Greg. We are live from. Well, for one hour every weekday at this time and that we have our phone lines open for you to call if you have questions you'd like to ask Amir about the Bible but Christianity about Christian concerns or if you have a different viewpoint from the house and you want to talk about that number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737.

I will go directly to the phone lines as we usually do Kevin from La Kenyatta California as our first color hi Kevin, welcome to the narrow path you have awesome program. I really appreciate your time. Just want to spend a few minutes talking to you about that third temple being the mystery of God and get some feedback from you. It looks like in Ezekiel and that third temple you actually see the procedure of God creating or producing the great mystery you see him say explain, in other words, never before was talking about the Laos and the hair on and so if you were to look at. Of the three parts of of man body soul and spirit, and compared to the temple like you know you the other court, the holy holy place in the holy of holies it seems like he's basically saying you need to come into the holy of holies in their right inside the holy of holies is where hit where the soles of his feet are right.

Another where they want to say it, even if even if I agree with your your theology on this. I mean I'm just wondering how where it is in the book of Ezekiel that you're seeing that this is the meaning of that vision into several different possible meanings of the vision. So to support any one of them over another would require pretty much having some evidence within the passage to say so I agree with you the whole temple structure or for before that the tabernacle structure which was by Moses. I believe that that is a picture of spiritual things. There's no question about that, but I'm just wondering where you are finding in Ezekiel.

I'll tell you I there.

There was a time when I was looking very hard to make. Ezekiel chapters 40 through 48 merely a spiritual temple, referring to the church which is friendly to talk about but but I have to say there were not a lot of things and have it just seemed like they they weren't coming. There were things about where the priests go and what did what gauge the ruler enters and so forth and it looks like a very, very much. A description of a real physical temple and of the ordinances in the protocol of the temple. Now, I agree that even if it were a little temple that the very design of the temple and the tabernacle word were given by God to represent spiritual realities and the writer of Hebrews makes that clear enough, and he was eight, nine, but I guess what I'm saying is I don't know that that is the primary meaning of the Ezekiel vision.

It could be and I always be open to someone demonstrate that it is but see, it's not enough just to point out that this construction of the temple, both the tabernacle and the temple have no can be compared to spiritual things. I have the real question is when when Moses said to build the tabernacle was he just talking about billing the church was eternal, billing real building and of course your target billing real building, which also you know had correspondence to spiritual things and therefore when we come to Ezekiel's description of a building.

My thought is that it's describing what would've been a physical building.

If they had built they didn't but they could have, but it would have been of course a spiritual type and shadow of the church to saunter me. That's why Stan took to make it only a reference to that I would need. I guess some data from within the passage or something that would point that out and I'd have to have an have to overcome some difficulties with some of the data that is in the passage that I've one example example, let's say we take the books of prophecy.

Let's take the books of prophecy, and make them transparencies and let's put back via over Ezekiel and I give an example when when in that Zachariah wasted and on that day there will no longer be a Canaanite in the house of the Lord. I think that's minutes talking about when the Lord says nobody who's not circumcised in heart and flesh will be able to come in the holy of holy that links to it will no longer be a Canaanite in the house of the Lord. While I agree that Zechariah 14 is talking about the spiritual Jerusalem, I'm on the same pages about that. I think everything in the chapter points that direction and I think I give reasons for my own lectures on Zechariah.

I don't know that everything in Ezekiel 40 through 48 points that direction. But even to say that no one whose uncircumcised either in flesh or in heart can enter the holy holy holies on that was suggested circumcision. The flashes is still mandatory because a happy surprise size, both in flesh and in heart I believe.

Ezekiel 10 rented a temple that would have existed in Old Testament times when circumcision of the flesh was still mandatory, but I mean if you just said no one who circumcised who fails researchers in heart shall enter data point very strongly at you know a spiritual thing.

But even Jeremiah and and Moses in Deuteronomy target circumcision of the heart, but they didn't eliminate circumcision/that didn't happen until the new covenant came so for to say you only those who are circumcised in flesh and in heart shall enter sounds like it still in Old Testament ritual it's been described. Not wanting to let you go. No one is talking about that is talking about somebody who is on complete fire from the not lukewarm. In other words, it is saying in your heart, circumcised villager flesh. It is like the whole, the whole person is circumcised. It's all it to me.

If I get all spiritualized but hardly a person is entitled to see it that way. I you know the whole question is whether the theory has more merit than let's say alternative theories about there are several theories about it and each theory you can claim its own arguments and merits. You know I'm I I'm very sympathetic to the idea of the temple being the church being the body of Christ. I'm very sympathetic toward spiritualized and prophecies. I know it happens a lot in the Bible, but but I have taken a case by case and others have to look at a particular processing of this is that with this from starting about or is it not because not all. Not all profits are spiritualized, some aren't some awesome you all you always share an application, to get another college. Thank you gratis great talking to Kevin, she Paul from Buena Vista Colorado.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling I got a couple questions. The first one being public quickly women teachers women teachers in the church are invited quite large.

I know this is been an ongoing debate for years at one but I thought I'd bring that into the guide. That to me last that ballgame and I didn't really have a good answer: I thought of a couple scriptures afterwards.

The kingdom of God. You know be made up of no race color or whatever you know or male or female, but I thought that was like a heavenly thing more than earthly thing and then well I get to give me an answer now wait okay well the idea that women should not teach meaning the church is taken from us a direct statement of Paul in first Timothy chapter 2 verse 12 says I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man, but to be in silence and he goes on to say this because of Adam and Eve, how they were created and how out how they were related in the fall so he has something he's restricting women from doing, and many people think it's restricting them from all ministry which can't be the case because women were ordained as evangelists by angels. They were prophetesses.

Paul himself says they could be prophetesses, and he knew prophetesses. He stated Phillips house had four daughters who prophesied they could be in a number of things. First Timothy chapter 2 the context Paul assignment is of elders in the church that the appointment of overseers in church who teach and guide the church anything. I don't let women do that I don't put women in that office.

So there's one officer. Paul did not put women in and he had gave his reason is having to do with the designs of God in the creation and and and the participation of the woman and man in the fall, so those are. That's the one thing he doesn't.

In my opinion is nothing that a woman cannot teach a man in any setting. He's target eldership of the church and one reason that Paul wouldn't oppose women teaching men in just any setting is that his his own disciples pursuant Tukwila a man and wife together. They instructed a man named Apollo's in acts chapter 18 at the end of the summer so we know that Paul wasn't against women teaching men in certain circumstances, but he didn't allow them to be elders. I appreciate that. The other thing is when you're when you're feeling called to a ministry you know how it probably is appropriate for show but well and after my Kevlar questions lately about the and trying to figure out from the biblical biblical perspective. If it's something I need to pursue did not a radio program and doing a short short program to start now from scratch and trying to figure out whether the Holy Spirit really to be doing this in something that I need this put energy and time into the sense of you when you first started talking while it was when it first started. For me it was just like a continuation of other things I was doing. Similarly, for years before, and I've been teaching since 1970 has my vocation.

I've been traveling around the world teaching since about 1974 I think it was a 774 think it was first began teaching revenue 72 and size teaching and lots of different settings. I also ran schools and things like that and I was a guest on radio show sometimes and then eventually I just got myself a radio show in a small community where I lived. That was once a week. I did that for about a year and then I was severed cohost on another radio show that was offered to me by radio station in Albany, Oregon, as I did these things and that was once a week and then eventually another man who had a full-time radio program I should see if our weekly daily daily radio program. He asked me to be his guest host in his place once a week so I became sort of a guest host on his program for several years. It just kind of evolved like that and eventually he worked about the same guy worked out for me in my own daily show.

So I started doing that and so what it felt like was just, you know an evolving kind of situation. I don't consider myself to be a radio personality and consumers of the Bible teacher who happens to have access to the radio waves to do my teaching. Actually, when I when I take calls and answer questions here and there. I actually feel like a person sitting in his living room with the with friends talk about the Bible.

Honestly, that's the feeling I haven't been doing this show for 23 years, so it's course very natural now you feel it in your heart to start a radio ministry. I really do feel like the Lord give me a good thing for each one reaching one of the primary keepers meeting back in the 90s and I noticed you know the guy after the praise and worship asked how many guys you received the Lord, you know, when they were in that Bible study and insured sin and promise keepers and then the final question for the group with you received from the Lord by some other man ministering to you one-on-one and like 90% of the hands and up.

I like 80,009 and it is like to me like we should be somebody should be exhorting the body of Christ to to really step out, especially the time. Right now you know what combat Paul. I began deal with me and I would encourage you if you have the gift and the calling to start a radio program and and anyone can do it. I'm an example that I'm not really up media type of guy. I don't know any tech stuff. I just I just have a Bible teaching ministry and and that you think you have to do is yet to buy time on the radio and I think just not anyone can do that if they have the money I didn't have anybody but somebody donated for your time Steve, thank you so much that was kind of looking for when you said you start hopefully start in the way of third the death exactly what I'm looking at. I was talking to Gail Kiki manager warning about like you did a great confirmation. Yeah, I mean if you don't have much money you can buy 15 minutes once a week now weekend or something. There's a couple ministry to do like a couple minutes a day to three minutes you really don't need a lot of money but you need something that's politics you have to buy time on radio station and got a running out brother calls when we got what you like okay another Paul from Delray Oaks, which I think is in California hi all hi my Holy Spirit. One important difference is the content, but only believers. There are involved with low birth control elaborate further on how well I can try. Certainly some of the functions of the Holy Spirit in our life are related to our conscience, but not all of them.

The Holy Spirit has a multi-faceted function in our lives. I want those functions is, of course, convicts us of sin, but also to empowers for ministry into anointed us for impact of other on other people and to cause us to grow into the likeness of Christ all the stuff.

Holy Spirit has a big role in our life but one of the things is, he has an impact our conscience and we usually refer to that activity of the Holy Spirit is convicting if weird if we don't something that is offensive to to God the Holy Spirit within us as Christians will convict us of that that this is something we need to repent and when we do repent. We will cease to be bothered by it because God will forgive Holy Spirit will stop convicting us of that which we repented of.

Now the conscience considered apart from the Holy Spirit is simply part of human nature. The word conscience is a word that means that the awareness of moral categories. The awareness of right and wrong. Now it doesn't mean that everyone has a well informed conscience just means everybody believes and knows that there is a moral category ever know some things are right and something is wrong. Not everybody has the same opinion about what things are right out more about what things are wrong, but ever knows that some things are right and some wrong ever knows that moral issues exist and even those people who call themselves thoroughgoing naturalists and atheists who say no there's no right or wrong. They know different. There just pretending they're not been on the state. We know very well when somebody wrongs them that that was not okay that was not a good thing to do if one knows there's more things to do. In fact, when they tell us that we shouldn't be judging others because there's no right or wrong, what they just made a decision that were doing the wrong thing so they must believe this right wrong or else I could be saved in the wrong thing judging if if they tell us what not to do it three times since the wrong thing so I human being simply cannot escape the fact that there is right and wrong, and the capacity to know that is called the conscience. Now the conscience needs to be shaped. These be trained. It's possible the lattices the conscience to become cauterized her seared so that we don't feel things that are wrong when we should and Paul talks about people who have become cauterized in the conscience which would suggest we might call such people sociopaths. I don't feel any guilt about anything that's not a normal condition. It's a condition that people come to buy neglect of the conscience. From the very beginning. Children should be trained by their parents. In no right and wrong because they have a conscience that will take some form or another. That is to say if I don't teach my children was trying wrong. Somebody else will.

My children will still decide that something to write something wrong but they won't know what things are not so they may be very badly misinformed, they might think it's bad to you know impose your ideas on somebody that is to tell somebody about Christ is not a wrong thing to do anyone's welcome to to present ideas to somebody else that's not a bad thing. Effective necessary thing, but they might think it's quite okay to go out and fornicate lots.

People think that is because the conscience is not necessary. Seared but it's been misinformed. You see, to know that there's right, wrong is simply the basic human condition to have content added to the categories of right and wrong so that specific things are known to be right and wrong is not intuitive or doesn't remain solidly serving the people happy conditioned property to know right now Holy Spirit. Of course he'll only convict us of things that really are wrong and he'll do so through a conscience, but our conscience quite apart from the Holy Spirit may feel guilty about things that aren't even wrong. Paul talked to people who feel guilty when they eat meat sacrificed to idols which is in itself not wrong to eat the meat, but if they think it's wrong he said is wrong for them if they believe it's wrong they should do it so that conscience is not always correct. And I've always said, for most ministry years that it's you it's never safe to always trust your conscience but you can never ignore it.

If your conscience tells you something is wrong, then you better take it seriously. If your conscience tells you something isn't wrong. Well, it may not be fully right because maybe your conscience is desensitizing. You can't always trust your conscience all the time but you can never safely ignore it because it will always, if you're feeling that something is wrong then as Paul said to you is because it's against your conscience if you act against your conscience. It means your acting in rebellion against what you think to be the right thing even if the conscience is mistaken. It's the intention of it, willfully doing what you think is wrong is the problem. Anyway, those are some musings on the subject.

I hope that make shed some light on it for you. I Reggie from Des Moines. I unties Des Moines Washington.

Welcome to the narrow path. Reggie hi hi calling Des Moines Washington near the SeaTac airport okay and I have a question about that Reformed Church of America I been looking online, which is great for me because they have not the greatest. I really like to remain within the worship me thinking it's a little weird thing at home alone. I am dating who group is intellect or an original's the apostles Creed making the annotation creed K in four different confections on this site but my I think it enough to do that reading online and you knew anything about it.

Well there's a number of different groups or denominations that have the word reformed in the name and I as far as I know every reformed denomination is saying that they have reformed theology which is a very specific kind of theology which comes from Luther or Calvin, Luther and Calvin had many ideas.

The same they were the same and everything that they were. They were both the founders of the Reformation theology and reformed say goodbye and lifted online okay can't hear well and thank you listening okay should add that you find reformed theology usually is the same thing as Calvinism. But not only it's not strictly Calvinism because it has other elements to Calvinism is defined largely by by the five points that are famous for the acrostic tulip total depravity, unconditional election limited, irresistible grace and perseverance of the saints. This is Calvinism. It has to do with the doctrines of, as they say grace, but reformed theology also has other doctrines that are part of it, including was to say your eschatology. For example, reformed churches are not generally speaking, to be pre-millennial belly to be millennial or post-millennial as entirely unrelated to the Calvinism thing, but it happens at Calvin and Luther were millennial and reformed theology typically is millennial the sometimes post now how I feel about reformed theology rest doesn't matter that much how I feel about it because you're the one going to church. There's a lot of good Christians were reformed in the theology and that I assume are some very good churches that are reformed churches. I don't agree with her. Calvinism certainly and I would disagree probably let me just say my tastes would not be the same as it is I don't really care for formalism in church and and reformed churches are often much more formal than the kind I would prefer to attend but notwithstanding my differences, I would never say that someone cannot worship and reformed congregation and and it's probably safer than a lot of the more radical charismatic type and I'm a charismatic I'm a charismatic but I got I would direct you away from radical charismatic churches because of their lack of discernment. So there's strong points and weak points at both holes but I would say that I was interested has reformed in its name is advertising that it is Calvinist is probably all molecular by myself and which makes me somewhat reformed are not Calvinists are not really so I don't join a Bible says :-) but sounds like you got a churches good and so does a few things I'd like to know about it. I need to take a break here and will be back with another half hour ahead of our lives are all open. If you want to call them. We have a half-hour to go the narrow path is listener supported. You can write to us at the address of the website or just on it from the website. If you wish. The narrow is the website and the narrow will be back in 30 seconds again to nearly path that leads to life to the narrow parent Steve Grant has nothing today but everything to get the radio show is over. Go to the narrow and enjoying the three topical audio teachings blog articles teachings and archives of the narrow penetrate & thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path that Steve Grant the narrow radio broadcast.

My name is Steve Greg and we are live for another half hour and were taking your calls as we did our first half-hour. We have one line open. Now the lines of filling up if you like to be on the program.

The number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and Sogo next to talk to akin from my winters. I think that the winters California hi Ken, welcome to the narrow path, California.

My question was in relation and in one other part of the Bible speaks about a feast for the birds of the air on human/man that they'll eat men of repute and things like that. I just been following your views on Revelation agree with them like there's more in the Bible that would back up your other popular views. But how do you see that part actually being fulfilled. Well, the one place in the Old Testament is Ezekiel 39 in the prophecy of Gog and Magog when the bodies of the Confederates of God are destroyed by fire out of heaven, and then it takes seven months to bury them all. But that says their bodies are given to all the birds of the Anderson some elaboration on that Ezekiel 39 in the New Testament in Revelation chapter 19 verse 17 and following where it's the kings of the earth and the and the wicked who oppose the Lamb, which is Christ are seen defeated and and the idea of birds candy their flesh is simply an image that suggests that they attend mass slaughter.

There's no possibility of quickly burying these people so they bodies are exposed to the vultures and others to common pick Adam and it said I was a gruesome scene. There's many other places in the Bible talk about people who are, for whatever reason, he denied burial and that the birds eat their flesh. Sometimes the birds and the dogs originate in their flesh. This is usually intended to convey the idea that these people die with indignity that they don't know that enough enough respect is not shown to them to begin a decent burial and there just left out to the wild animals and birds to eat now in in both of those passages in Ezekiel and Revelation is talking to general slaughter at a time of war, the question is when is that war and if that's what you're asking me.

I can only see there are several opinions I don't think that Revelation has to be talk about the same war is Ezekiel is talking about in the passage because Revelation borrows imagery from all kinds of Old Testament passages and applies it to new situations in my own opinion I think that the battle described could be either the either what happened in A.D. 70. In revelations 19 or maybe not.

It might be a reference to the destruction it comes on Satan and his company at the end of the thousand years, which is described in the next chapter, which is I believe the end of the church H. I believe the church age will end with a great unprecedented time of persecution globally against the church and yet the Bible says fire will come down from heaven and destroyed I take that to be Christ's second coming that will destroy them now very obese. It says there is numerous as the sand of the seashore service reloaded corpses. I don't think that I don't think in the reality of the situation that there really be birds eating them.

I think they are calling the birds to eat them is simply impressionistic return, but there's a massive slaughter of these wicked monsters like there is Ezekiel 39 that I know it's either it's either at the end when Jesus comes. Or else it's Jewish war between the Romans and the Jews in an 8066 to 70. Both of these things are, I think mentioned in Revelation in different places in which of them is intended here would have to be looked at with some care to decide which which of these two battles is really in mind battling Ezekiel's has been understood variously popular prophecy teachers believe that it's a future battle. I believe Gog and Magog are actually Russia and its Confederates who will attack Israel.

They say will be supernaturally destroyed and then the birds will eat the flesh as described.

That's the most popular view you'll hear from dispensationalism, but there are some other good theories.

Some believe it's as very symbolic description of the. The war between Antiochus epiphanies in the Maccabean's in the early second century BC. There are some who believe it's a reference very symbolically to the conflict between the Persians and the Jews in the time of Esther and so there are different theories about this Ezekiel, and Revelation. By the way, are the two hardest books of the Bible in my opinion, to understand some passages and and these two battles because I think the language is very stylized.

It's very hard to know unless you get from their context. The timeframe of the timeframe in Ezekiel is after the Jews who come back from babbling. The battle is described as very ancient battle with his swords and spears on horseback, you know, bows and arrows and so forth and so in Ezekiel so it seems like was an ancient battle that took place after the Jews came back from babbling. That's why some people equate with the time of Esther or some with the time of Antiochus epiphanies.

Both of those would fit the timeframe it's more popular as a sit among dispensations to pickets about Russian last days but there's nothing in the passage that necessarily suggests could be in the last days. It does say in later times and latter times were that's only a statement. The prophets always used to mean sometime later than their own time in others it just means in future so those are those are both passages where multitudes of opinions prevail and all I can say is that the imagery the burgeoning flesh. In both cases representing the magnitude of the slaughter of the of the wicked how that their bodies remaining unburied and therefore left to the birds. All right, let's talk to John from Dallas, Texas John, welcome to the neuropathic finale about church persecution seems to be on the rise here in the United States and you might my heart tells me in my my mind is that we should get the government to intervene and help us out whenever the right back in the early church in the Bible we ever there is any explaining or retaliation in their own hands, but get the Roman they got the Roman trial that will be here later before the next demon is just murdered Dragon out in the street and like the early church. You know, the Roman K. Is there anything where there is getting getting the amount by the early church. There are some, but not many. For example, when Paul there were there were 40 Valley really killed Paul and they wouldn't eat until he had done so and Paul learned of it and he called for the Roman guards. He was a prisoner from because improvement of the prison guards and told them about it so that he be carried away in protective custody to another location and so I guess he was like in the witness protection program, since he was definite witness so he was young he called on the authorities to deliver him from that. On another occasion when he is about to be wrongfully flogged.

He called on his Roman citizenship, which was a legal plea that he gave and an escape that so the apostles didn't have any problem avoiding persecution by any means they lawfully coded that they righteously could. The thing is that in the early church and through most of history Christians had no recourse if the government persecuted you putting in a do they didn't have a vote they can vote new leaders in how they are at the mercy of the government now there is at least that one difference today.

In some countries hours being one of them and that is that in some countries, as is in no countries in ancient times citizens actually have something to say about the way the law is made and administered and who who's in charge and what they do now. By that, I simply mean we have the right to put up candidates and to support you, laws and things like that through our votes. That's a limitation in authority because for example there are some governors in some states right now that are to be there for another three years or more, and they can they can do a whole lot of destruction between now and then citizens can't do enough lot stop in the state have a recall or something like that and I don't think anything wrong with a Christian trying to recall an evil leader subsets within the realm of our rights and God doesn't forbid us to make changes for the better, but he does require us to submit to what we can't change and so that's think the position we have to take that if we are in the position to improve conditions for our fellow man and ourselves in society. We really should.

That's loving your neighbor as you love as you love yourself would look like if I can if I would like to live in a more just society more peaceful society more free society, then there's a reason think that my friends my neighbors would like to do so to inside. I feel like I would be loving toward them to use whatever influence I can to improve the circumstances in which everybody lives that would include me. But even if I die, I still want people who live after me to have better circumstances than than certain other circumstances would be, and therefore as a as you know a person who loves others as I myself, and has some opportunity to influence policy made a baby or lease who who governs it seems like as a Christian I should do what I can to improve things for everybody.

If I improve things for everybody. Of course it will improve things for the church in some respects, probably to be less persecution obviously from the government. Anyway, but we have to be prepared for persecution. We have to be willing to take persecution. The early church didn't have any recourse to appeal to their government in the same way that we do or to apply to change it though. They did make appeals to Thule and for example a time of great persecution to the Emperor.

A strong appeal to an persecution because he said it's it's not just a set it's this, the Christians are some your best citizens, the most law-abiding, most conscientious taxpayers in your society you want your feet of alliance and he said you know and and by the way, killing Christians isn't going to end her existence here is that he said the blood of martyrs is the seed of the church. It just causes more Christians to sprout saw me this was an attempt to end persecution by by a letter written to the Emperor and his letter did not bring about change, but there's nothing wrong with writing it, and ends other such letters might well bring about change.

You know all kinds of positive changes have been made in society through the influence of the church. We can't make the world perfect through politics certainly because politics simply doesn't have the power to perfect humanity.

But we can make the world a safer place more just place and maybe even more peaceful place in some cases through our efforts and and that would mean probably made if we have some effect that persecution from the government would be less upon us now if the time comes where it's obvious it. Nothing we do is get change it and we've done all we can all that God would hold us responsible for doing and it still can it be that we have to be martyred. Whether we should gladly accept Army we should be no different than the early martyrs in that respect. For the early Christians, we should be willing to lay down lives for Christ in a heartbeat. But that doesn't mean that we should rush off and will promote general persecution of Christians in all dies martyrs to be heroic. This is not really what would be implied that there is it's a balance. As Christians we are to realize that the thing that matters most is that we are faithful unto death. Christ but also it would be good stewards of what properties we have. To make the world a more adjuster a safer place for others as well as ourselves. That's my thoughts on that particular attention will be held in many writing.

The principle is simple enough that they did what they could. Most of the church.

Stephen for example, did not have Roman citizenship, relatively few people did Paul have Roman citizenship and I gave him certain privileges to exempt from certain kinds of things. For example Roman citizen cannot be crucified. He had to be beheaded. If you have if he committed capital crime. He could not be beaten or bound without first having been condemned in court as opposed anyone else who could be beaten in order to get a confession out of something mean Stephen and the apostles in Jerusalem did not have Roman citizenship and therefore they didn't have the kinds of options that Paul did while Paul was certainly willing to suffer and suffer, probably more than all the other apostles did he yet was willing to do what he could to diminish. You know the unjust persecution he had to receive. He was certainly willing to take it and he was beheaded for Christ. Ultimately, but he didn't feel like he had put up with persecution that he had a legal right to appeal and so got out of some things go course for the amount persecution. He didn't get out of his incredibly large amount I need take another call about were running out of time and I hope that helps your brother let's talk to Larry from Rancho Cucamonga very welcome to the net neuropathic for calling hi Steve, really appreciate your show and I look forward to listening to it every day. I do have a question about the book of just gas or would like to get your views on eight as far as its credibility, usefulness and accuracy. I know it's mentioned a couple times in the Bible in Joshua 10 long day of Joshua and then second Samuel 117 through 18 with the lamentation of Saul and Jonathan by David and then I believe that the magicians that Pharaoh had their names came out of that book. So if you could comment all, especially the accuracy and whether it's of any value to Bible students appreciate it. Sure well I personally don't think that the book of Joshua Katz available in print today is necessarily same book of Joshua. It was around in ancient times similar to several other books that have come out claiming to be, you know books that are mentioned in the Old Testament, but which you know are really lost to the Jews don't have them. We don't have them, but lo and behold some publisher got a copy and put it out by someone Lotta people right forged books with famous names. The book of Joshua was a real book that seemingly had some authentic history in it. As you mentioned, the longer Joshua said to have been in it in the book of Joshua tells us that David's lament over Saul is mentioned as good as being also recorded in the book and I don't remember if the names of Pharaoh's magicians that are mentioned by Paul in his letter to Timothy come from. They might, they might come from the book of Joshua also not positive about that. I think the most we could say is that the book of Joshua that they were referring to are they apparently regarded as accurate. Now that's not the same thing as in its biblical there's lots of books that are accurate on many subjects that are not inspired books in the historical books like the books of the Maccabees so the Catholics of those in the Bible but they're not inspired books not written by prophets so they were inspired by the books and we take them. It's about will be inspired books so outside of the Bible is a lot of books of that are interesting but like anything that's written by man rather than God, there's always the chance that there'd be something that you can trust and you know there are no doubt some books in the world that if you're elderly through you and untrustworthy in them because they're carefully written and researched. But on the other hand, you would never know it for sure if it's a of human origin merely you can't trust like you can trust the Scriptures so they would say is I'm not really sure that the book of Joshua that we could get our hands on now from the booksellers is that is the same as the book of Josh conjecture that they were referring to.

I never heard anything about the manuscript evidence for the book of Joshua. There may be something out there I'm not aware of it. I know most scholars I read have never given any impression that we have your ancient Hebrew manuscripts for a book of Joshua and if if we don't then I don't know where we get English version yeah I want my information said and again this is going back to the original manuscripts. The Jewish rabbis used it as a historical book to fill in some gaps that they had regarding Scriptures things that were not found in Scripture is had a lot of Josephus when he retold the Old Testament history a lot of details that are found in the Old Testament and somewhere I don't know if Jack shows one of his sources or not but here he apparently had all sources that are not in the Bible from which he got details reality information also is the rabbis handed in the Babylonian town Mishna you know places like that and used it was a course of around 200 A.D., I guess is over when they were recording. Just curious as to what your take was on it and appreciated, and wish you the best. Thank you for talking to okay Douglas from Los Angeles, California. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling saying that it merely wisdom and not guaranteed work is probably book of Proverbs. It is merely wisdom and not guarantees well you can read right from the very beginning of her very first chapter talks about that. The book is written to give wisdom and understanding and discernment. That's what it's for its part of what we call wisdom literature is a whole category of Jewish books. So many of them in the Bible. Some of the not that are called wisdom literature. They have an entirely different purpose than prophecy. For example, prophecy is written by prophets and their speaking directly from God, oracles of God.

Wisdom literature as is written by wise men even refers to the sayings of the wise in it and out wise men. The Bible indicates we should be wise and wants us to be wise and wants us to seek wisdom and Solomon wrote the book of Proverbs.

Coming right on the face of it, it says it's written to his son and it's written to give him wisdom. Now he gives his son advice and it's good advice, but sometimes and give advice. He says things that aren't always true, but they're generally true.

The purpose of wisdom is to say, if you know a good goal.

There's different ways you may live some of them make get you closer goal than others it be unwise to take the path it doesn't lead directly to that goal. But to be very wise take on that if you want to be wealthy and successful you should work hard and so he says many times you know the sluggard report and he says the only minimally rich but there's lots of diligent hard workers in Third World countries who were nothing like what we call rich and there's unfortunately some sluggard center rather rich who inherited money or won the lottery or some like that solving the statements not intended to be taken as universals there taken as generalities as tendencies as observations giving advice to a son, for example, someone like advise his son and Solomon versus what they might say you know if you marry somebody from another culture you may find there's a lot of problems in you know getting along because the different cultures, but there's no guarantee that people from different cultures again regarding hard marriage they might find it much easier than one would predict it is true generally that the more culturally unalike to people I want to get married. The more there will be overcome in their relationship so to give wisdom its wise is different than making divine promises.

There's not very many things in Proverbs that could be said to be always true that some of them. Some things are like the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom is simply an observation of truth, but you not to talk about how you can calm somebody down by speaking calmly to them as the proverb says is often true. Maybe usually true, certainly not always true. There's a lot of people I talked calmly to consistently make only got angry and angrier. So that's how we know that wisdom literature is not the same thing and say prophecy. These are not promises of God. This is counsel of a father to son. I appreciate your call all right your time. I think we can maybe fit something in this edict from San Clemente, California. Welcome to the narrow path you click thank you. In the late Dr. Walter Martin at a book called kingdom of the Colts and I used to following Dr. Martin over four decades ago on the radio.

The Bible answer man and I wondered where the sole of all the people that belong to these cold where did they go that have not accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. Well that's for God to know, and I guess us to find out.

Many people would just say that if a person is not come to Christ in the sense that evangelicals defined that term that they simply will go to hell, but we have to understand that evangelicals not the only people who are entitled to interpret Scripture were just as an evangelicals were pretty sure were right, but so are people were not evangelicals are some who are not quite perhaps some are evangelicals who believe in summer maybe more liberal who believe that God looks at the heart and that God can save anyone he wants to save it, even if they've never heard of Christ, or if they have heard of them, but they've only heard mistaken things about him so they never heard the truth about Christ. I don't know I'm in God's going to have to know what to do. Those things weren't what I know is that God is really just and merciful and he's more interested in people being saved. People themselves are interested in being saved. I believe that God will be merciful and just. And I suspect that there are people who not had 1/21 century evangelical conversion experience who nonetheless are reckoned as God like Abraham and David and Moses even though they were not evangelical Christians. They were lovers of God and faith in God. They were justified by the face of God have to decide how to deal with each particular case. I wish I can answer for you.

I don't know the answer given listening to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Greg and we are listener supported. You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 website is the narrow Let's talk again after the weekend

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