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The Narrow Path 7/23

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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July 23, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 7/23

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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July 23, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.


Welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Greg and were live for an hour each week. The afternoon with an open phone line that you can call and if you have questions you'd like to discuss about the Bible or the Christian faith or if you have a different viewpoint from José like to balance comment the number to call is 844-484-5737.

That number again and by the way, there are lines open as I speak 844-484-5737 and our first caller today is Paul coming from a point of Vista Colorado hi Paul, welcome to the narrow path I believe I can. Hello you can't hear me now okay okay okay my question today is nine Hebrews after chapter 1 verse 89. I believe tenant ties into it. Here's the question. In dealing with Jehovah witnesses. They will go to these passages in the first and second chapter of Hebrews and try to PDF IG that I had one tell me yesterday at the medevac that he thinks that Jesus is the book the brother of Lucifer.

He's been involved with the Jehovah witnesses and Mormon damages and you as I go ahead.

Yeah, that's a Mormon view, not a Jehovah's Witness you well. He's been involved with multiple and that he would, without witnesses for a long time to send. He's pretty sure that Jesus is Michael. There are Satan's brother it, I'm going to give me commodity I can you put the light on chapter 1 verse eight but to the signage that thy throne of God is forever and ever with Dr. Wright. Dr. thy kingdom, thou have loved righteousness and hated iniquity and forgot, even thy God has anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows and our Lord in the beginning, had laid the foundation of the earth to heaven and maybe have. Maybe I jumped over a couple of verses here, but I was reading it earlier today. Just reviewing one in chapters 1 and two.

Can you give me up Christology or quick Christology on understanding of this work quotes the Psalm, and so forth should share how the truth is, of course, the author wants to show that Jesus is superior to all angels and therefore to insist that he is an angel as the Jehovah's Witnesses do seems very much a fools errand to third looking at these passages because he says, to which of the angels did he ever say in any quotes various things that are said about Jesus in the Old Testament that have never been said about any angels, and so the whole point of these chapters is to show that Jesus is not on the level with angels he's far above all angels.

He's not an angel. So those who believe that he is a created being an angel like the Jehovah's Witnesses do art are simply know that they're not getting the point now one could argue that they are not seeing how the writer of Hebrews is justifying these quotations from their original context. Because when you read the Psalms. A lot of times they don't appear to be done. But Jesus, they appear to be talk about David Laura King incident in chapter 45 Psalms who's getting married and it's not obvious that in there about the Messiah at all. However, the Jews and the Christians understood that David was a picture of the Messiah. He was that week we call a type of the Messiah and therefore many things that are true of David would be true than the slimy things are said about David Oregon by David could be said about or by the science of the Psalms are often quoted in the New Testament with this assumption now you know. So, quite apart from what impressions we might get from reading the Psalms in the context we have to realize that the Bible says Jesus opened his disciples. Understanding that they might understand the scriptures not Psalms apartment scriptures and therefore they were given a supernatural understanding and a correct understanding of the Old Testament Scripture. So when the New Testament writers quote the Old Testament Scriptures, even if they seem to getting something out soon be getting something out of it. We have not gotten would not get from them. We have to understand that may be because Jesus didn't open our understanding as he did, there is that they could understand the Scriptures, so we are well instructed to see the Old Testament in the light of what the New Testament writers say about them now and it says your throne of God is forever and ever. This is actually a statement made to the king of Israel could've been David Kevin Solomon could have been another king at a wedding, and frankly the things that are said about him and that Psalm of the other things not here quoted make me think it was probably David at one of his weddings because because it talks about the arrows. The kings arrows are sharp in the in the bodies of the of his enemies, and so forth.

And that David was the great warrior king of Israel sounds it is talking about him and if it is, then David, of course, is a type of them assigned could be referring to the Messiah, but the wording of course of many of the Psalms is such that you'd wonder how David could've understood them in his day, you know, they seem to go way beyond the insights that were generally given in the Old Testament, but David of course had such insights and sometimes the prophet certainly did. And this is statement that is quoted in Hebrews chapter 1 verse eight.

From that Psalm addresses the king as God is is your throne. Oh God is forever and ever. He's addressing the king who is getting married and and then it inch verse nine says, therefore God, your God, has anointed you. Now this is perplexing. I don't know how David or the early writers or readers of the Psalms of understood it but they didn't have a Trinity doctrine as we do not in the Jehovah's Witness of course deny the Trinity doctrine that we have a doctrine that states that Jesus is both God and he's also the son of the father who is also God and and who is his God to, as he earthly Jesus was subject to his father in the way that that actually we are to an end.

God the father is his God to but but that does mean Jesus wasn't himself part of the Godhead.

This is mysterious and I don't ever claim to understand it fully, but I would say that Jesus once said when he came out of the grave. In John chapter 20 that he was going to. He says tell the disciples. I'm going to your God and to my God and your father to my father. So Jesus did refer to the father as his God and our God. And yet, in a passage it speaks of his God, and Psalm 45. It also addresses him as God, which of course presents a conundrum was the author tenant did blank out for minute was the default sleep between the two verses and forget what he wrote in the front and the first women say something the opposite. Next, or is there something revealed here that Jesus is God and he is also subject to his father who is his God. Now how does that work out how to know you have ideas or theories have you opinions but I have to say the Bible does not explain how this is so, but it does affirm it and therefore I personally affirm what the Bible affirms and I leave a full understanding of that to be had when we see is also here we are seen in know as we are known, which is not yet. I will say this though, that if they want to deny that she referring to Jesus as God. The verse that he quotes in Hebrews 110, which is Psalm 102 verses 25 through 27. He says you oh Lord, in the beginning, laid down the foundation of the earth etc. etc. goes on and on. Now the right of Hebrews is saying this is addressed to Jesus because he form he in verse eight he says to the son he says, and any list several things that are said to Jesus to the son, one of them is quoted in here in verse 10.

In Psalm 102 verses 25 to 27 is as you oh Lord. The word O Lord, in the Hebrew is Yahweh you Yahweh. In the beginning, laid the foundation of and yet the right of Hebrews is this is addressed to Jesus. So Jesus is here called Yahweh. So I mean no matter what we do, we cannot deny that the writer of Hebrews is saying that Jesus is Yahweh that Jesus is God. If we have a hard time understanding as many of us doing the Jehovah's Witnesses fully stumble over this fact.

If a part-time understand how he can be Yahweh. And yet be subject to Yahweh as the sun that would be then deficiency in our understanding of the incarnation when God becomes a man he takes on a human form that Mandan is a man who is God, but there is part of God. It's not meant to acquaint when God appeared in the tabernacle. Well, that was the manifest presence of God and the people would meet with God there at the tabernacle.

But God and just live there. God resolve the whole universe of same time. So Jesus, we could say was the manifest presence of God in a human form, but he was not all there is of God any more than any of these theophanies of the Old Testament restricted God for that moment to a locality God can manifest himself.

He can stick his finger into our world and if we can only see the finger. That doesn't mean there's all that.

That's all there is.

And remember, Jesus said he was casting out demons by the finger of God, for God to stick his finger into her our world like we might stick her finger into the fishbowl and the fish may only see the finger and not see the rest but it is us that finger is me and and yet there's more than than the finger there that belongs to me. These are maybe childlike illustrations but they are ways in which we can see at least an analogy held how God can be manifest among us as Jesus and yet still exist in un-manifested dimensions as well. As the father in me. Those are constant thoughts I have on it.

I appreciate your call. I Gary from Michigan. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling you think is my question about that baptism and one candidate ready to die. Be sure and he sent two disciples began to Jesus. So the baptism of John, John the Baptist and the betterment Jesus.

Do you believe they would think that well were not told actually coming we know that the baptism administered after Pentecost was different from John's baptism but the baptism of Jesus did prior to Pentecost might have been the same as John's matches were really given no explanation of the baptism of Jesus at that time and it would be frankly irrelevant to our present time because since his resurrection.

There is a new baptism, the baptism into Jesus as opposed to John's baptism of repentance. But when Jesus baptized on earth.

It may have simply been you know as a extension of John's work baptizing and repentance. The newer baptism after after Pentecost of course has deeper meaning you immediately gender that was meant to keep the delay getting shady looking born-again. I doubt it. And I got a fair born-again because it says in John chapter 7 versus 37 to 39. Especially verse 39 it says that the Holy Spirit was not yet given but before Jesus was glorified as the Holy Spirit that rebirths must remember Jesus said to Nicodemus if he born of the spirit, but the spirit was not yet given until Jesus rose from the dead. It says in John 739 and therefore still before the death of Jesus people were not as we would say today, born-again. They were justified by faith. Just like Abraham was her David was anyone in the Old Testament once, but they were born-again yet still use that when John III chapter when looking Jesus and Jesus said he had to be born again. He couldn't get going again the spirit of the Holy Ghost. As far as I know now which is analyze.

I disagree. Okay, on the basis okay to sleep and across right when did he get going again. I don't know that he ever got boarding but he got saved. Yes, Lusby got say before Jesus came before he died. 00. That's what I want you to agree with people that say before the church came of course they didn't hear me say moment ago that Abraham was justified by faith and David was justified by faith in everyone who the retrievers and Hebrews chapter 11, you get going again. When you believe in God and repent today. We do you and and then Eddie found the Lord you follow the Lord in water baptism and seek to look at the Holy Ghost. Is that right. I agree okay so were on the same page appreciate your call.

I David from Salinas. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling a better I wanted at about your new book or two and I know you mentioned something with Thomas Nelson yeah and also peaked tenant maybe no. As for the content likely you know what the book about well I this is not a bad time for you to update this because I'm about ready to send the transcript of the first part to the publisher. I was going to write out in February I began to write a book on the kingdom of God. Based on my lecture series from the kingdom of God.

So if you know that the content it's based on that series on our website which is free to listen to like everything else in the website but it ended going to long longer than I wanted it to be a 600 page book.

Now that's twice as long as I wanted it to be so. I was conflicted. I thought your most people won't want to start reading a 600 page book. Some people do but log it will not and so it was divided naturally into two parts.

Approximately half each one was about the description and explanation of the kingdom of God and the other was more or less taken for my discipleship Susan about discipleship in the kingdom of God and so I decided to make it into books instead they'll each be now 250 to 300 pages long and I'm going to do agenda two volumes instead of one that doesn't prevent me from putting them both out in one volume at some time in the future, but at least if somebody doesn't is intimidated by big books, they can.

They might not be into the abatement to little books but anyway like I got the whole first draft done back in February in a single month.

I wrote all 600 pages, but after I divided it up. I started working more on editing the first book for publications and then the second one to come shortly afterwards Thomas Nelson is looking at if they were the publisher. My first two books and they under contract, I was obligated to give them the first crack at any future book I would write. So I sent them the thing and it took a while but eventually they said you know are our publishing schedule for the next two years. Pretty full. Go ahead and not publish it. Otherwise, if you want to we release you from your obligation so that was nice and I had already while they were doing ghost while they were deliberating. I was hoping they would release me because I wanted to publish it myself and the reason I did is because the books they published online. They had a lot of editorial control. They've entitled the second book title. I didn't like me when when a major publishers pet publishing your work.

They have a lot of rights when you publish your own. You got all the right side. I risk and hoping they might not publish this book and that I might do myself. So I just got that information in a week ago and and now is contracted with a a Christian self-publishing outfit and that within probably within a week. I will send them the completed manuscript of the first book and maybe within a month after that, I'll send them the complete management of the second book.

Interestingly it because it cost money to self publish, but I was planning to pay that amount pocketknives is not that prohibitive but even before announcers recently published a a listener contact me by email said listen if the if if you're going to self publish my wife and I want to want to contribute and pay for the publishing so although I was good pay for somebody else to afford to do so was a cut of meat a blessing so there's nothing planning before going directly to press and I am hoping, though I cannot be sure. I'm hoping that both books may be out before November. I would especially like the first one to be out before November because I think some people benefit from reading it before the election tell you the truth, but also after after the election.

I don't know if there be a civil, you know, civility and stability to be a good time to be distributed books anyway. But anyway I just wanted to be out before November and I have some optimism about the so that's my goblet. Okay. By the way the title of the book is the Empire of the risen son SON. That's because it's about Christ's kingdom and so anyway this could be two volumes one of them is about the kingdom itself and what is about being a disciple in the kingdom. I recommend them both.

I reckon both highly but actually the material is is based very very much on the material in my lectures, I have a lecture series on the kingdom of God in a separate lecture series on discipleship and that's the people's listeners will find much overlap cool make you so much. The okay David, good talking to you.

Take care. Thanks for your call Stan from Placentia, California. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling. Yes, I question is the if you from the Bible. It did point where I think life begins at night. I think there is and I hate to say it because some people may use it for justification for abortion and also I know what you're your opinion of God's opinion is more of a portion okay so let me just ask you for small where you believe life begins at at first breath. I'm sorry, right where you belong and where you believe that life begins when does it begin at at at child's first breath person well when God created Adam he said he'd pretended about the breath of life, and it became a living soul is kind of a unit case.

What do you think Adam was a rather unique case while I mean there's.

There was nobody on the asset.

There is nobody previous that from wink from whom Adam can't not write him not. I I'm not good debating. I'm just trying to bring a counterpoint here that out. What I don't know that we can say that I don't know that any of us come into our existence the same way Adam did being foreknowledge know I might die, so in others before Adam had breath breezed into him. He was a clean man is a man of Clay had no bleeding heart. He had no vital signs. You know he didn't have any vitality GOT users to claim and got mixed dust and God breezed into many became the first man since that time. Life has been passed down from parents to children through sexual reproduction. Now you I personally believe that is soon as something is growing in the womb of a woman that's a human human life things that are not alive don't grow running some things might grow on me like coral reefs, but there there living to. But the point is that a growing organism is a living organism and as soon as the conception takes place that's that zygote goes from one cell to 2 to 48 or whatever keeps going is growing. If it's going it's definitely alive. Now it's not very long into the pregnancy that it reached was the unmistakable point of having a beating heart.

And what a beating heart beats his blood and the Bible says the life of the flesh is in the blood.

He does save a life of the flesh is in the breath if it was then I suppose we could just hold our breaths for 30 seconds and we be dead for the search I discovered on the breath at that time, but not a life is not in the breath. It's in the blood and we know that a fetus at a very early stage has blood cells and has a heart that beats that blood and so I'm going to say that there's no discernible point between conception and birth that we could divide that nine months and say before that point in the nine months the child is not alive and at that point in the nine months the child is alive nor nor can we wait until the time that his breathing since the baby is already reacting to pain and moving around to do things for many months before it's born and so something can feel pain if something is growing. If something has a living bloodstream in a heart pumping it. It's very difficult to argue that that is not a living thing.

In fact, it's impossible to argue that it's not living there for I believe the decision begins to grow and that would be the moment so fertilized. That's when it's a human life that doesn't look like a human.

Yet, I agree, but it's got human DNA and that's why it inevitably will become human. I will become a dog or cat or bird it becomes a human because it's distinctly human, the DNA in the human zygote is human and it is alive. So it's a living human yeah yes well I was thinking it is when a baby take it first breath. That's when it gets its soul. And that's where life begins freely until value added.

My question is what God's attitude toward when life begins at like I think maybe I think I think one major deficiency of our conversations.

You didn't hear what I said or listen to it.

I think I just told you when it begins and you're assuming that this the baby begins have a soul at the point that it begins to breathe. You're basing that on the fact that Adam, who is only an amount of dirt with no life at all in him, no, no blood, no heartbeat, no you know, no growth is just a claim and that when God breathed and that's when he had a soul true soul is essentially equivalent of life in the Bible. The Old Testament and for example when she said what shall it profit a man litigate if he shall gain his whole world and lose his soul. One version says that another version says gain his and loses life the soul in the life of the same thing Adam became a living soul or living being. When God breathed life into before that he was nothing but dirt okay now before baby takes a breath. It is not nothing but dirt.

It's a living organism.

This been growing and living in beating blood through the heart for nine months and if that doesn't mean to you, then there's not much I can do to convince you I won't bother trying. But that certainly is the reasonable thing as far as I'm concerned to say that when a baby has a beating heart when it's growing. When it's human that we got there human life.

And I consider murder to be the unauthorized and unjust, depriving of the human of his life and that's what happens when you take a growing fetus, which is a human being, a growing human being and when you kill it. That's murder. I don't know of any other definition of murder than to kill an innocent human being.

And that's exactly what you do when you abort a baby. I appreciate your call if you have a different view of course the Bible nowhere says anyone has to give me but to help it of him right.

I got the bottle on the side, at least I appreciate your call.

You're listening to the narrow path the music doesn't mean the shows over me for taking a break at the bottom of the hour, we have another half-hour coming and we have some calls waiting in some lines open at this point I simply like to let our listeners know that we are listener supported.

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I'll be right back is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to life. Continued narrow path. Everything in today's media share is over and enjoyed my visit in the narrow find free topical audio teaching blog article writers teachings and archives. The narrow path video shows we think you for supporting the listener supported narrow path that Steve Greg remembered the narrow broadcast Steve Greg and will live for another half-hour take your calls. If you have questions about the Bible of the Christian faith. He like to raise with love to talk to. If you disagree with the host. Would love to talk to. Also the number to call is 844-484-5737 that is 844-484-5737 next color Shand calling from my Seattle Washington Heights and welcome to the narrow path. Was it Sean yes I can take my calls greeted inherently on her weekly here I follow all your topical lectures.

I think your brilliant and I have a couple of pretty quick question for you and your topical lectures and I'm sorry I can't identify which line that you had talked about in Isaiah when the prophet Isaiah and by his stripes we are sealed and and yours. This context that that was the thing fixed soul as opposed to healing of physical condition. I think in my target so far very close yes I would say is what we needed to be healed was the broken relation between God and people, and since the staff atmosphere likely like me and Israel to send that Israel here and I'm I'm signed my Bible.

I'm in my car in Matthew.

There was a healing Matthew 817 and where is it where it this is to fulfill fulfill Isaiah's prophecy and physical healing.

Can you reconcile that for me. I would like to believe that by his stripes we are healed. If something in the promise that we can are you know I promise that we can rely on bet. Help me help me out will and in Matthew 817 when Jesus spent an evening healing everybody around him.

Sicknesses physically Matthew makes the point that this fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah which he can from which he quotes Isaiah 53 four which is is that he himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses, but he does not quote Isaiah 53 five which is where you find a statement with his stripes we are healed but Peter does Peter prove" that verse and he says because you were like sheep going astray is by his stripes you were healed because you were like sheep going astray now returned to the Shepherd and Bishop of your soul. It's in first Peter chapter 2 verse 24 so so what Peter says is that we have been healed by Christ stripes in what way. Well, we were like sheep going astray. Our relationship with him. In other words, we were alienated we were not in relation with him, but we now return to him. That's the healing through Christ.

We've returned got and and so that's what we been healed by his stripes. Now in verse four he says he bore our infirmities and took our pains. I understand that to actually refer to what Matthew says Jesus healing people and what I think Isaiah is doing is saying the Messiah is going to be the healer of our nation spiritually and as an emblem of that he's going to heal all kinds of sicknesses 20s here and and he did remember many times. Jesus said that his healing was demonstrating something spiritually set on the light of the world. And then he opened the blind man's eyes to demonstrate that he says on the bread of life for many that a multitude to demonstrate that he said on the true vine, and he turned water into wine like vines that you know he's on the resurrection of the life that he raises a man from the death to show that disarming Jesus again and again attached to his miracles of healing and so forth a meaning where he was demonstrating something spiritual about himself. So when Jesus told the man who is paralyzed and lower through the roof by four friends are your sins are forgiven you. And Jesus was criticized for saying that he said well so that you might know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins. I'm going to heal this mini healed the manager and he got healed, so you can see that when she Jesus did these kinds of things he intended for them to be demonstrations of something that they said correspond to spiritually remember Jesus said in Matthew. In Matthew 12 Jesus said if I'm casting out demons by the Spirit of God and the kingdom of God is come upon you, so you can see these things I'm doing, but there are unseen things that these things are demonstrating how you can see me casting demons, but you can't see that the kingdom is arrived at comes on observably but this demonstrated so I think what Isaiah Sanders Jesus will come and he'll actually heal physical illnesses in Matthew says yes he did that and fulfilled that verse in Isaiah 53 four but Isaiah says and but there's there's a deeper meaning to the ceilings and that is that he's the one who's really the healer of the nation.

He is the one who really heals our spiritual alienation from God.

Now you can you can be quite sure that this is what Isaiah 53 five means by looking at the context because throughout the book of Isaiah the nation is described as a sick man, but it's metaphorically it's sick because it's away from God because God's disfavor and that, for example, the first chapter of Isaiah describes Israel as a sick man sick from head to foot, who's never had a physician who can help it, and never his wounds of never been bound up and then comes Jesus I've come to bind up the brokenhearted and to preach liberty those who bound himself so we got we got Isaiah with this motif of sickness, a sick nation, and no one can heal it except here comes the Messiah by who's his stripes we are healed now in the very very verse that says this is your typical Hebrew poetic heroism because most of Isaiah's written poetry, including this verse and its parallelism is where you have the same thing said twice in different ways, and the Hebrews do this all the time in the poetry and Isaiah 53 five it says he was wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities, and you can tell those nesters parallel statements.

He was wounded for our iniquities. He is bruised for our transgressions, bruising the wounding or paralleling the transgressions and iniquitous. We got to parallel statements, then you have another couplet. The chastisement for our peace was upon him, and with his stripes we are healed. Now the chastisement is parallel to his stripes. He was chastised with beaten stripes and his chastisement was for our peace and that's what corresponds to been healed. The chastisement for our peace was upon him than I say the same thing another way, with his stripes but his chastisement we are healed.

What healed were were brought into peace with God. We were able. We were enemies of God, alienated, and there is now peace with God, as Paul says in Romans five being therefore justified by faith we have peace with God. So the healing that Jesus comes to bring the important healer. He comes to bring is the healing of the relationship and that's why Peter can say with his stripes you were healed because you were like sheep going astray, but now you return okay so this is this is how the New Testament is a Matthew quotes Isaiah 53 four about the actual healing ministry of Jesus on earth and Isaiah 53, five, is quoted by Peter as a reference to the deeper meaning of his healing. This, or he's the healer of the nation and the healer of the lost shirt and and by the way, even when it talks about physical healings and Isaiah 53 four which Matthew quotes in Matthew 817 is not applied as many people today like to apply it to their being healing and the atonement charismatics and Pentecostals often like to argue that healing of our sicknesses is provided for in the atonement just like the forgives senses and they use these passage of the need of these passages say Peter says nothing about physical healing and this is him talking.

In Matthew eight it's not target the atonement summit Jesus going around healing people in his lifetime.

It's not target his death for the equipping poster and that so there's no there's nothing in the Bible that connects the atoning work of Christ of the cross and the whipping post with the physical healing of sicknesses.

That's really helpful when it was baptized by the holy damn defendant wasn't that turning point was that when the spirit fell upon him, that enable him to do miracles or do you think he could have done a miracle before that we don't have record of him doing any miracles before that. In fact, his first recorded miracle in John chapter 2, which was turning water into wine is is mentioned by John to be the beginning of his miraculous ministry. It was the beginning of his side so I think that would tell us that he didn't do any miracles before the changing water to wine, which was after he was baptized in spirit.

So I think that the baptism the spirit for him. As for us is the endowment of power from on high, so extrapolating that it could fall upon any one of us to believe for a special purpose for the metal. I don't like not only could that be, but it is stated to be ME. The Bible indicates. Paul discusses this in first contents 12 and in Romans 12 and if you have a place Peter also mentions it in first Peter chapter 4 verses 1011 but they talk about the gifts of the Holy Spirit that these are manifestations of the spirit.

Paul refers in the first 12. The manifestation of the spirit means God the Holy Spirit, manifesting his presence by activities which are called gifts and he says everyone is been given a gift ever was a member of the body of Christ, being gifted is what defines what you do in the body of Christ, like your hand has certain gifts that your elbows don't have your knees your Branson has a different gift than any other member your body are your eyes, your mouth or ears, nose. They all have different gifts as they all have different abilities that allow them to provide the particular service that God intends for them to the whole bodies benefit now. That's how the church is likened in Paul's writing berries of the church is like a body that respect that we are all members. Each has a gift, and as every gift does its point does its thing. Every person is a gift does what they do and the whole ministry of the body. Proceeds and even the growth of the body into a mature body and he talks with that Ephesians 4 verses 11 through 13, but sold the idea here is that every Christian is supposed be filled with the spirit as Jesus was at his baptism, or as the disciples were at Pentecost and and as a result some form of ministry. Some gifting some supernaturally endowed role is given to every Christian and they don't all look miraculous is something to grow by the power of Jesus. I be healing ever raising the dead.

Well if that was your gift and Paul does mention among the many gifts there's one called to get to the working of miracles, so we do find Christians have done that but there's also gift of helps the gift of giving the help the gift of showing mercy of the gift of leaving the gift of teaching. The gift of prophecy the gift of Word of wisdom or of knowledge is a lot different gifts, most of them don't look very miraculous when you're doing them, but they are done through the power and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and thus they have spiritual impact.

All right, I need to take another call before run a time. I appreciate your questions. God bless you give me our next collar is Lisa from Hillsboro, Oregon Lisa, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling all I'm really struggling lately with all that political drama that going on in our world and I'm I'm in Oregon close to Portland, so I don't know anything. Maybe a little bit worse than I think that Jan specifically in how we I feel like I'm getting like anymore because I'm trying to kinda be informed about things because I have quite a few people I know that our Christian that are ideally sainted Jeron in the things that are not community, not Christian thing like the black-eyed matter organization like they don't know anything about that is actually going again. That's right, they don't know what they're doing. Father forgive them. They don't know they're doing they don't realize that the black lives matter organization is not an organization that promotes the benefit of black lives. If it did, it would it be closing abortion clinics cadets were most black lives are ended unjustly and they'd also be policing Chicago a lot better. Where there's hundred people, black people being killed by the black people every week and you have any advice on how to know me and my current politics. My comment politic in relation to talking to other Christians do not infatuation like the police situation the black-eyed matter abortion and like I know for me recently. I can like I've been trying like kind and timing and fill in the word every day that I'm usually like my lip-synching year on one year lectures like at least every day usually and lately a lot of other time that I'm doing other Bible that had been taken by like I'm just getting drawn in. You like the many Christians just don't know if I need to be able to light having anther and know the truth on what responsibility do we have in politics when it relates to Christian maybe being the when we deal highly locked. Well, you know, I have to say anytime anyone asked me a question on the air that has anything to do with politics. If I give an answer I get mail from people complaining that I'm talk about politics on the air. Instead, the Bible, but it's not possible to fully separate the two domains because politics basically has to do with the means of governing. That's what politics means the means of governing and there are more ways of governing and in more ways of governing. That certainly Christian concern is God's concern for Scott's concern.

Why could it be ours coming if God is concerned for something I believe were supposed to share his concerns. Now God's got his fingers and things and has sovereignty over certain things that we have no power over and and perhaps our our concern for them is is not as important as for other things that we can't control what we do, we can control some things.

For example, the ignorance of our friends if somebody is an advocate of sums are Christian in their advocating for an organization that in its euro. Its founders were Marxist, they say, so the truth is there trained Marxists their website black lives matter.

Website says that they are committed to the destruction of the nuclear family the traditional family which means the biblical family and that they are for defining police and so forth, which the bouncers of the police are ordained by God to punish evildoers, and that's exactly what is not happening in Portland. The police are not punishing evildoers.

In fact, the police are the ones being punished. The other criminals destroying property and hurting people, and then the police get blamed for you know if Christian support this deception will listen.

The devil is the father of lies.

And if you follow deception your following Satan has followed the fall replies note of me, not a Christian means that your deceived attic deceived Christian should be disabused of their foolishness. There is nothing about black lives matter organization that has anything to do with its title. All right, they if you realize that the polluters they are hurting black people to infect the hurting black people more than anything because if they're not coming against black on black crime in the big cities like Chicago, then they are basically allowing black lives innocent black lives to be destroyed by other Blacks and say nothing about it because I don't care about black lives. They care about Marxism. They care about chaos there only interested in destroying society now that something too political for Christian talk shows to say.

All I can say is find another talkshow host because to me these are moral issues.

These are kingdom of God issues justice is a kingdom of God issues Jesus said the weightier matters of the law that the Pharisees were guilty of neglecting were justice and mercy and righteousness. And if Jesus thinks that's a major defect than I do want to be among unwanted neglect, justice, the Old Testament says that God is looking for justice from his people.

That's what he planted his Rosa Vineyard forget the fruit of justice and righteousness out of salt injustice and politics deftly are overlapping domains, but justice as a whole is God's domain and the church's mission and therefore, all while I don't believe that politics and legislation are the means by which true justice prevails in the kingdom of God. I will say that when we have the right to speak up and the liberty even to vote and and we can vote either to promote justice or to undermine justice.

I would seem to be our duty is clear. It's a stewardship of an of responsibility that we have and certainly if even if a person doesn't feel he can vote for any of the candidates. I'm not in that position this election. I was in some elections in the past, but if a person is a Christian feels like they can vote for either candidate. They should at least be able to speak truth because the truth of make you free, and lies are what keeps the world imprisoned Satan is described as the deceiver of the whole world and that he service deceiving people now including Christians, of course. Remember, Jesus said if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived, that is to say, Christians aren't all that smart summer and some are really not that pretty dumb and they were. I don't mean their young. A low IQ, I just say they're not very smart about being Christian. They don't seem to understand what it means to be a Christian that you stand for Christ.

You stand for righteousness. You stand for justice.

You, Stanford's good and you stand for truth and it was to take stands like that's confined themselves in in a confrontation with the many things that are going on today and frankly with the foolishness of many Christians today as well.

I've absent myself all right. I am kind of like a red meeting with me at my email to. They're not bringing it up with me but I know they're leaning toward wave and I like to die that the right thing for me in the clicking forth that conversation as well. It's not a matter of pushing the matter being pushy is a matter of informing it's a matter of speaking the truth with love by the way you did ask initially how do you balance you know your political savvy with your spiritual life. I believe that whatever political savvy you obtain should be subservient to and in the service of your spiritual mission. That is to say we were not were not political agents primarily, the church is not here as political world changers.

We are here is spiritual world changers and you know is you as you spread the truth, it will have an impact on society even on politics of its effective so but you need to cultivate your spirit, because in times like this. Politics, at least look to see the news stories are mostly depressing and even scary if you live near Portland like you do is even more scary than living into macula Riley but to succumb to fear is is to be unspiritual you know a Christian.

Yeah, there certainly every reason Christian should be savvy about what's going on in the world so they can help advise others who are confused me. Paul was very familiar with his political rights and when he appealed to Caesar. When he stood before grip and talked.

He he was familiar for Griffin and Agrippa's policies in the group's interest in Jewish things and so forth. I mean Paul didn't. Paul was not ignorant of the positions of the politicians and about the rights of a Roman citizen worming like that so but but it was not his focus biting his focus was on preaching the kingdom of God and living obediently to Christ and trusting Christ now we we should be able to watch news if we have to, or at least learn of is going on in the world and do so with peace in our hearts, because we have a security that is not based on this physical security of our cities, or even of our nation. On the other hand, having that security we are in a position to spread that piece and and to minister pics and spread the truth and that's what I think we should do it if it's a it's not so much a balancing act of do I think about politics or do I think about the kingdom of God. It's rather how do I think about politics politics through the lens of the kingdom of God like I think that every other subject. How I think about family life how I feel about money management, how do I feel about getting an education will have to look at all those things through the lens of the kingdom of God in my my understanding and commitment to it. Likewise, and I think it will. What I think about politics.

Same thing if you look at it through that lens and you try to get one more dwelling before out of time. I appreciate your call today.

I'd like to talk more but brought Barbara from Roseville is in been waiting hi Barbara, welcome to the neuropathic rendering that can happen and talked about management that limit and that the king came on so and having why when I want to go.

First of all, Satan.

I don't think is in heaven, even enjoyable when the sons of God presented themselves before the Lord were not told that it was in heaven that this happened but if it was and if Satan had access to heaven.

That was then this is now you know in Revelation chapter 12 it says that Satan was cast out of heaven when Jesus died and rose again. Jesus said that now he said now is the judgment of this world now shall the prince of this will be cast out Satan doesn't have any access to heaven. Now he he did have access to accuse the brethren.

It says in Revelation 12 we see also enjoy opening Zechariah chapter 3 that Satan was accusing the brethren before God.

But he's been cast out. It says in Revelation 12 versus a 1011 so so I is is not there, but but even if he is there now why would I want to go there will first of all, he doesn't have any power in heaven and so is no threat to people in heaven even if he is there.

God reigns in heaven. Satan and secondly by the time we go to be with the Lord in the resurrection. Satan will be in the lake of fire will be in heaven. Then, even if he is now. I don't believe he is now, but but if we in some sense saw that he had access to heaven now in some degree, it would not have and it would not take away anything from the appeal of going to heaven instead of the alternative and just when I think about it makes them entirely and is going in and out. Dad demanded I don't think I got your victory things differently probably got them.

They are in Scripture. I appreciate your call may be even listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live Monday through Friday at the same time the same station. You can also get the app for your phone.

The narrow app for android or iPhone. You can hear the show from the phone app you can listen to the lecture from the website on the phone is the narrow also has a website as well where Lister supported and you can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow –

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