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The Narrow Path 7/15

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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July 15, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 7/15

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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July 15, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

And welcome to the narrow path broadcast by Steve Greg and were lost for our each weekday afternoon, we take your phone calls during this hour. If you have questions you'd like to call in with and ask about the Bible or the Christian faith or if you have a different viewpoint than the host house and like to balance comment. You can call in about that to the number is 844-484-5737 that number again is 844-484-5737 our first color today Sean calling from Lake Stevens, Washington Sean.

Welcome to the neuropathic for calling my call and appreciate your Charlotte case and that obligated to the Bible and women to believe that understanding without really wanting a dance appreciate your ministry. We do our best like you.

When I asked you a question about you. I'm going to hear people and heard you talk a little bit around the subject in a few minutes the minutes Neil and maybe been little bit more extensive on it but I haven't heard much on the radio when you hear so many talk about that they defense illustrating telling them something in their head so to speak. You know you know the devil ill having any thoughts of anger or fear or anguish or whatever the case may be, a kind of a very note only a little bit about where you would go in the Bible to make reference to what that is Satan or the flesh. I tend to fall on the side. It sometimes my flesh or my my unresolved issues of the thing to do work, still working out date. It seems to happen a lot with people, particularly those that I run into that are more emotional on the underside of their theology or application of it but I'd really like to hear a little bit more from you on where you would point people to in the Bible it would indicate that Satan has anyplace in my head one time surrender to Christ. Well, that's a good question for me.

The Bible does talk about the devil as the temperature course on our flesh is also that which draws us what James said. Every man is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. And then desire when it conceived reports sent in sin was his finish, brings forth death. So our own desires draws away but that doesn't mean the devils not involved. The Bible definitely indicates were in kind of a conflict with three evil forces one is our own flesh. The other is another is the devil, and others.

The world itself and the world.

The world is the devils domain so to speak. It's really Christ only because he purchased it, but he still allows the devil to have influence over those that that wish to be influenced by him.

So the world system is so very much in the lap of the wicked one, and that did little girl had in the world around us.

Clearly there is no shortage of the enemy the devil doing his work and admitting outside about whether we want about pornography or tragic entertainment of the things that it that tempt us get this just really a matter of if I'm a redeemed soul, new creation in Christ at May 5 surrender to Christ knowing that I still struggle with dendrite struggle with the flesh.

It seems that human more realistic to me that this is now God's property did minded than surrender to Christ.

It's no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me and so I really wrestle with that God that the enemy still has some real estate inside my name inside my thought inside the temple of the Holy Spirit. Yeah well, Christina is again where I'd love to see some scriptures that Jesus spoke of his body is the temple of God and and yet the devil spoken his mind. Obviously, the devil tempted him three times and told him to jump off the temple and return rocks in the bread and to God in worship and these were thoughts certainly came to Jesus attention to his mind from the devil. And yet Jesus was a pure child of God and God's property are the fact that the devil can talk to you doesn't mean that you're not God's property. Adam and Eve were God's property would talk Col. in the sense that the devil was there before manifest themselves physically before Jesus not in his and and I have my doubts. I have my doubts with that were not really told were not the devil manifested himself to Jesus or that that he was certainly not that his physical just as the devil came to him and made suggestions to him and it is possible that the devil appeared visibly. I think sometimes a picture that way from classical art and so forth. But actually Jesus the bumps is the Jesus was tempted in all points like we are, yet without sin, and since the tempter came to him and tempted him if he tempted in the way that I'm tempted. It was not so easy as to just see the devil standing there and no okay he's the 100 resist. That's usually when thoughts come subtle to our minds that we don't resist them as easily because we don't think of them as being from the devil. We think of them as being our own thoughts and ready for our guard is down.

I can link people to you don't catch that off at the devil being the issue young adults rate the devil made me do it is supposed to know you're still struggling with her. You still have these thoughts are, you're still working out your salvation and I do seem to find that is is a genuine dichotomy. I don't think that I don't think it would either have to say the devil can't speak to us on the one hand also have to say the devil made me do it devil can make you do anything, but he can make supply would tend to agree especially hollow.

So I just like you can't make another adult do something that you make suggestions to them and so you're not making them do it, but your your introducing the thought. We know that when Peter objected to the suggestion of Jesus died on the cross verbally, Jesus would get behind me Satan and it sounds like he was saying that Peter was Satan. Although my impression is it's more that he's putting out that Satan was speaking through Peter obviously putting thoughts into Peter's head, which he then spoke. We know that the devil came into Judas's harbor would like to might you make that an exceptional case since we don't know for sure if he was really a follower of a believer in angst or not, but I don't think we have real specific information about the degree to which the devil is involved in our temptation. I think that what the Bible tells us is that temptation involves the world the flesh and the devil in my understanding, the flesh is me and the world is the bait and the devil is one who resents the bait. That's what he did to Eve and although Eve course in that case, Satan was visible the form of a serpent still speaking to her. He's putting thoughts are mine and I don't really see why you'd be unusual to think that the devil can put thoughts my mind since any human being can put thoughts, my mind any human being can suggest something in my mind thinks about it and that's if a human being could do that I'd be surprised if the devil couldn't but I don't I don't say that I don't see that as surrendering any power to the devil anymore.

Nobody else in the note uses external wages speaking to people or through people or circumstances. I just don't want it in me. I I I want to see where the Bible talks about that. That's the enemy working at the post maybe could yell.

My biggest enemy and challenge my like that than me. I'm at, and suspected every crime scene my life in all in it.

I can pin it on health and well on the devil spoke to Eve she was tempted my things in herself and say she saw that the fruit was good for food and soda peeled her flesh that is pleasant to the eyes. Soda peeled to the pride of the eyes of the lust of the eyes, and that it was designed to make one wise, which appealed to her pride.

So there was we can see that the devil was the tempter but the thing that appealed to her were respond to the tempter were with him/her so I don't really see how I don't see how it's either or. Now again, you're apparently picturing the devil getting inside of you like like maybe a demon possessing you and making fun actually I don't cross with some people I don't talk about it.

I know I've heard people talk about the devil's make a suggestion for my medications. I never got the impression he meant that they were demon possessed.

I think they're just saying that the Satan the devil made a suggestion to them just like you did to Eve he did to Jesus. Just like you did Peter. Just like he did. I think it is to all of us but but if you find it easier to think of it is that's not the devil, it's me. While I think that's making an unnecessary truncation of the situation. I think it's you and the said I think the suggestion comes from the devil. In many cases, though, I believe it's entirely possible without the devil's in intervention for me to have bad thoughts so I just don't know how many of the times are from the devil helmet or not. I don't really care.

I don't really feel that's important for me to know because it wouldn't have any.

It would make a difference in what I'm supposed to do about it if it if an evil thought comes to my mind while I have to resist and say no to it and that we true whether I believe the devil made the suggestion or not and whether to my flesh and the devil. It wouldn't change anything about my response but I think you've got, I think you're struggling with a mental picture of the devil being inside of you and Anderson is a Christian. Don't think that she so I don't think very often that we should think of it that way that the devil's inside us, rather than he's just making suggestions like a person sit next to or across the table from you to make a suggestion. That's what I consider temptation from the devil to all element of that. Hey, I got another call it weekly income encircles her quite a bit, I got my ship talk to David from San Diego. Welcome to the narrow all right. My question is about hermeneutic interpreting the book of Psalms and you think that a valid permit to interpret all or most of the Psalms. Logically this because in the New Testament. I know some of the writers do so, but I'm running some commentaries that exist typically for the purpose of interpreting every Psalm. The logic is a commentary by Bishop George Ford anything about. I read the classic commentary and basically he goes to every Psalm finds Jesus, another Psalm on to some part of Jesus of life will valid you think that sort of logical interpretation.

Well, I think I think I think every everyone who uses typology. That's what it is a Christological interface in Somerset were assuming that the writer is a type of Christ typology in the Old Testament, but the Bible does explain all the types of Bible so we can little bit slow but risky to identify types. The Old Testament types of Christ that are not specifically identified as we know that David is a type of not everything he did resembles Christ. Certainly his repentance and Isaiah 51 for his sin with Bathsheba.

I don't know any correspondence that would have Christ himself as Christ never sent site.

I don't think that everything that David applies to Christ.

I think the New Testament writers found a great number of things in Psalms which were David's words which they took to be the words of Christ, so that we know that we know there's a strong Christological element in the Psalms affect the Psalms are the one book of the Old Testament that is most frequently quoted by the authors of the New Testament more than any other Old Testament book frequently solved and they apply great deal of course to Jesus so I I don't assume from that that we can just do that, you know what to our hearts desire think we can just turn everything into mess anything but I don't think that I don't think it's beyond the Holy Spirit to reveal to us or to make an application to Christ to us in the Psalms.

I so suppose that's in some respects with the apostles experienced when they saw the son Christ so-and-so I know. I wouldn't say that I don't say there's anything in the Bible that would suggest that every Psalm is Christological but great number of them are. That's the most I can really say that I think someone who wants to make all of logical's gift uses imagination a great deal and I I don't much like imaginary exegesis may be when the New Testament writers directly from bumblebee on well in the house that we can do so with certainty. Other times we may feel that that is the case maybe it's a Psalm is dimension. It's possible they would have if they mentioned it that way, but we can't be uncertain when it's just our own impressions.

However, if it's edifying, it may be well that the Holy Spirit is making that application to you as you read think Steve okay.

I get talking up all from Delray Oaks, California. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling good news. First of all I would like to run occurs. First call Scripture world. I think I would much comfort. Anyway, my question is because Hebrews chapter 1 words are powerful 53II think my high priest, but I don't normally think of as possible picture, no I'm not sure I be glad to text your call. While the word apostle means one who is sent and remember Jesus said to his disciples in the upper room in John chapter 20 is the father has sent me, so I am sending you now when Jesus he is sending them. That means I making you my apostles one you are being sent by me and apostle means one who is sent so I says I sent you pieces as the father sent me so he's essentially saying I am the father's apostle and you are now my apostles so I think that although Jesus is referred to as an apostle elsewhere then in Hebrews 31 that's only place you find expression, but but it's sensible I guess, in view of the word apostle means one who sent you know fully occupy the offices of Crawford also assuring to charge outside. I guess you also ought to probably also saw a ghost or partial or yeah I would say so. Thank you for your call Paul, as you have a great day okay stand from Placentia California logical from California. Today I stand welcome to the narrow path put words of Scripture are except a man be born of water and the spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven oriented left, which is not strong. That's John 9535. I believe this John 35. It is a chapter in the last part way: there yes… And clicking on the line. I'm not sure why a will anyone I know the volume there. Yes, what is he like to know.

Okay, John, 35 okay now radio preachers don't usually talk about baptism in the angulation.

326 and 27 says or in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God through faith for admitted as you have you had many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. And so that particular passage is the only one that talks about how we get into Christ includes all elements of faith and baptism is your question, I'm sorry, what I'd like to your questions as possible to your phones breaking up. I question it. What you think I keep turning the volume down what what you think of the people that are listed to them, but they don't hear about baptism & could you could just a question and the question is what about the what happened to the people that listen to date preachers and they don't tell him to be baptized.

Now those preachers will have something to answer for.

To be sure the Bible indicates that baptism is the command of Christ. It was certainly the command of the apostle Peter, and it was assumed throughout the New Testament that every believer was baptized at the time they were converted why any preacher would leave that out or not want his listeners to know that I do not know I and I realize that there's there's a lot of in evangelical circles, a desire to avoid sounding like there's anything you need to do except believe and I think that's because they assume that's the faithful reform Reformation faith that you know are justified by faith alone and and so some people actually very foolishly say both happy baptized in your been saved by works well, that's not a course strewed all the Bible. Jesus taught people to be baptized, and Peter didn't Paul baptized so obviously to say that being baptized is salvation by works is a must. Something that Jesus and the apostles are Mr. very differently than that. The truth is we should teach people as Jesus said to observe all things whatsoever he commanded.

He said that in the great commission go and make disciples, teaching them to observe all things that I've commanded. He certainly commanded to be baptized and therefore I believe that we should teach people to do so.

There's other things we should teach them to which a lot of churches don't teach but I know one thing at a time, I guess, but I think pastors often have a different idea of what their their calling is and they don't seem to understand that the calling of the pastor or the teacher is to teach people to observe everything Jesus said and that would include of course baptism that something that Jesus did command as well appreciate your call to talk to Chris from Concord, New Hampshire Chris, welcome to the narrow path yet you think that here would have say I actually was wondering about the women that touch Jesus is clearly and got you, and I was thinking to myself this is the question I want to ask you you think will quantum but never explained how she got you in our in our generation. And do you think that chakras in the body have anything to do with it. Well, those of the alternative explanations to the one that Jesus gave Jesus said your faith has healed you.

And so certainly she believed that it was going to be God who would healer and that's every time Jesus explained his miracles.

He said it was God doing some work of God. Now if and if if in fact somebody wants a well. It is part it's a quantum physics. I'm not really sure how quantum physics would have any effect on touching somebody in an another person being healed. But again, quantum physics very hard mysterious thing for me to understand but I I don't know if I'd ever heard an argument made that quantum physics could do such a thing. On the other hand, is far chakras are concerned is a part of eastern religion part of Hinduism and so for night and Jesus didn't espouse any of those ideas so I'd rather just take it really quite simply as Jesus centered twice on miracles is that this is not a very good understanding as long as you believe best for the power to become soft power comes from God. And that's not part understand to me that God is powerful doesn't believing have a believing have the part in that doesn't believing have a part in whether or not it works yet. She said your faith has healed you. But of course he met your faith in God has healed your God is healed you because of your faith would be the way we understand passwords given his general teaching about his miracles right but I don't seem to appreciate your answer. Help me out you so much you keep it moving all that you get on to the next follow. Okay Chris, thanks for your call. God bless you by. I'm sorry start to have good beers, Hunter from Hartford Alabama looking to the narrow path. Thanks for calling. Thanks. I have a very good Mormon friend of mine and here's opinions that the reason the Evangelicalism doesn't hold true, is because it comes from Greek philosophy. What is your take on that one. Not sure why he thinks the Evangelicalism doesn't hold true to my mind it's it's a very reliable every claim that the evangelical makes can be tested, and I certainly found it to be true.

I've been in evangelical for 60 years or so, or more, and certainly God is been real to me in his has done what he said he would do so. I think the premise that he brings up the reason Evangelicalism doesn't hold true is when I question right at the outset side.

I don't really know why he would say that if he means we say something doesn't hold true. Does that mean that it fails on arguments or doesn't mean it doesn't work out an experience. I don't know which way he's thinking of those if he thinks that Evangelicalism fails on arguments in my opinion the evangelical faith is the only religious position that actually has all the arguments in his favor in terms of evidence from history. Evidence from you know the Bible and all about. It seems like there's not really any religious view, certainly not Mormonism that works out more to be true, especially weird claims the book of Mormon makes about some of the wars that allegedly happen all the cities that covered this continent before the Europeans got here and so forth, with none of which can be confirmed archaeologically, I'd say there's is the view that doesn't hold true, but he means it doesn't hold true in that people who are evangelicals don't experience what Christians are supposed to experience. I disagree that to I believe that a true disciple of Jesus does experience what disciples of Jesus experience with their supposed experience. I do think Evangelicalism as a movement in some respects, sales and measure because a lot of people in the movement have never really become disciples of Jesus and therefore they're not what the Bible calls Christians, the Bible only calls decide. Christians and many people are certainly not disciples but Jesus described so I think we a lot of non-disciples in the evangelical movement. That's probably an excavation point see more impressive results in it. My, my guess it certainly seems to be the case for my observation that I need to take a break.

Appreciate your call under your listening to the narrow pathway of another half-hour coming up. We are listener supported you like to help us out. You can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow I'll be back in 30 seconds is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to life. Everything in today's media show is over and enjoyed my find free topical audio teaching blog articles teachings and narrow path video shows we think you for supporting the narrow path that Steve Greg member the narrow radio broadcast Steve Greg and will live for another half-hour taking your phone calls. If you have questions that you'd like to ask on their about the Bible of the Christian faith make sure you have a working phone line.

Please also that you know what your question is when we call your name. That's a it's a strange thing that from time to time people call and they wait for their call retaken and then by the time you take the call. They don't yet know what it is that when asking the please be prepared on the radio talking thousands and thousands of people using up valuable airtime. Please have some idea of what it is you want to ask on most of our color certainly do.

Our number to call is 844-484-5737 our next colors. Kyle from Ireland hi Kyle, good to hear from you. I had the famous props back to the Scriptures, but the question as the maximum ascension women come together they ask you this time restore the kingdom to Israel time that respondent's response. Well the dispensations quotes the disciples as if this is some kind of approve that the Jewish expectation that the nation of Israel is going to be restored to be God's kingdom is somehow confirmed by the question put out a number of things about one is this a question asked by the disciples who still didn't know a great deal. Remember that just a few days earlier in John chapter 16 in the upper room. Jesus had said to them, and in John 16 things verse 12 and 13. He said I have many things to tell you that you're not able to bear them yet but when the Holy Spirit comes, he will lead you into all truth.

So in other words there.

Jesus things that Jesus could explain that they still have a lot of traditions member how long it is.

After the day of Pentecost. Even that it took for the Holy Spirit to teach them about the Gentiles having these guys didn't. They weren't given a gift of omniscience. They were ordinary people who had to learn just like we do, how to you know be disabused of their prejudice so so the question itself, regardless what it meant would not prove that any particular doctrine, even when they were assuming was a true one that I do. I actually believe the reason Jesus didn't say to them.

Hey, this isn't going to happen that way. Instead he said it's not you know the times of the season is because I think he there was an element of truth in what they're saying there are promises in the eye in the Old Testament that God will bring the Messiah and establish his kingdom for Israel but this is going to be for the remnant of Israel.

This is made very clear in the new tools and is not even not even unclear in the Old Testament.

The Old Testament mixed freight frequent reference to the fact it's the remnant of Israel, and so it wasn't really the whole nation of Israel was to be the remnant of these Israel and the disciples themselves were the remnant of Israel.

They were the same restaurants, following the Messiah. Now they didn't quite understand yet with the kingdom was either they probably had a very Jewish idea of Jesus sitting on a throne in Jerusalem on David's throne and ruling like you were writing. That's what the Jews expected in the disciples might have expected that to. For all we know.

But again, the spirit had not yet come in they did not yet have a spiritual understanding of these things right.

It is true that God came to bring the kingdom to Israel but to understand what Israel means or what the kingdom of God is so that that's true, and the kingdom is a spiritual thing.

So that's out there expecting so instead of set. Yet he was about to send in a few moments time you know seminar on what was understand that listen just here in Jerusalem.

Are you understands that's like. That's I say good and that the Internet is great to hear from you from Ireland right now. I set out right now. I live doing that, you know, came together with the days and I'm stressing that and ordering pretty. That's amazing. It's amazing. Interesting place to see have never been to Ireland though I'm 50% yeah 5323 and me since I'm 50% Irish.

I all right Diane from Sacramento, California.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling.

I come from a medical background that I only rely on the Bible Scripture that I heard any lien filed it and well and I'll get that shirt in the 39th year and became very severe, yet he did not think the Lord that belied on and off the flap, but that sounded fine 41st year of yet that we get come from the board and have to believe that. I think on the medical profession and not the Lord and in Scripture. Yet, in his 50s. He did not think the Lord that belied on that. I believe that its ability to go further and aberrant parity with their mind and heart are the light and help the body. Whenever I problem and pray to the Lord. I have faith that need plan whenever I'm fat frame that I didn't look at my thought and I forgive Matt worry and piety neuron lifted thing that and then I get that's trying to let me ask you before you go for the long list of Scriptures you requested. Well, you know you know that the case on the plant and outside and flip or eight. I'm sorry I can't allow you to give a whole Bible study here appreciate your thoughts and I grounds you that we should be.

We should definitely be looking to God for our health, to my mind, looking to God for help doesn't mean that we would never see physician so I never frankly do not because I'm against ever seen them.

I just I've always just trust a government health and if I never really needed to see doctors but since I live a few times I go to get some burned off my old age happening old man but I've never really been sick and needed to see a doctor and not but I wouldn't teach others that if you live like I do that you'll never get sick. I've been very fortunate. God is been very kind to me in my health. Other people were just a spiritual Zion, or more so, I think Johnny Erickson taught was paralyzed from the neck down and she she's been paralyzed for 50 years in and she's gotten much faith in God as I do. I'm sure so but Schiffman healed. I know there are people who don't get healed, even though they their minds are set on God and they trust in God's people who don't actually love God and only they have pretty healthy lives. I myself would be in between. I do care.

I do trust God else on the healthy life but I would go to Dr. if I actually had to for something. It's just that I'm not as quick as something larger decide that I have to.

In most cases, I assume Dr. be the last resort for me. The Bible does not forbid seeing doctors is when he was sick. His feet. He was kind to judge because he didn't seek the Lord besought physicians instead and but there is such a thing as seeking the Lord and also in using the services of a physician. Jesus himself said, those who are well do not need a physician, but those who are sick. Do so. Jesus indicated that sick people. That's what physicians are for, and he didn't seem to be against it. Now we do know that physicians have limits to what they can do and we have to always trust God. Physician may do their best. We can still die so our faith ultimately is in God, but that doesn't mean that as a person faith in God with you that somehow we can't use a physician to administer something that will help us get better. Just like I may be trusting God for my my house to stay in good shape but I might still call a plumber. The pipes break in.

I don't I don't really think that's not trusting God. I think that having God is the focus of all your life and all that you think you trusting then of course raises secondary question has God provided some resources that he wants us to avail ourselves of our trust God for food, but I think a lot of farmers trust God for their food, but they still grew crops so I'm anyway the their God does use means to reach ends that he is promised, and frankly I don't think there's a promise of absolute health given anywhere in Scripture, and Paul didn't experience absolute health.

Timothy certainly didn't get frequent stomach issues troll for Ms. Paul's friend was sick when Paul left Metropolis and in Millie disunity and so there were sick people, in among the apostles and you know, sorry. I would not be one who says if you just keep your mind right you will get sick, but I would say that a lot of ailments of people have probably are psychosomatic or at least caused by spiritual mismanagement in their lives and so I would take that from what you shared. I didn't hear any question and what you said so I guess I will give you an answer. Thanks for your call Angela from Springfield, Massachusetts.

Welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling.

Hello, I have you been okay course it sounds good. All right, I have a question that has to do Jesus when he quoted when he said in the Beatitudes the if you basically am paraphrasing, but if you're if you're angry with. When I got it right here. We read it out loud. I got it in the Bible. Here, okay. Matthew 522 but I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment. Whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council and whoever says you fool will be liable to the hell of fire and then he goes on to talk about.

If you are offering your gift at the altar and you have something against someone and someone write about anger and my questions about anger okay now then there is another area where it says okay where was here me what you think are using decisions for her. Paul said be angry.

Dennison, yes, that one somewhere else as well.

Either Jesus or God in God's word that if you're angry it's like it the same as murder or night know that that's the same place the same place you read first. Matthew 20 Matthew 520 okay to judgment. I don't understand why you seem to be different. Can you explain that to me which to the statement of Jesus and Paul both of them mean to polish saying being angry but do not and and and in the end of that same chapter divisions for the end of same chapter Paul says, put away all wrath and anger from you so obviously getting angry is something that happens but putting it away from you is what is not sinning. That is anger. Frankly, anger is an instinct that is felt by anybody who's got a passion for right and wrong if if you hear of a baby that was shot in Chicago last weekend and you don't angry that I don't hurt person you are right or not. Jesus himself was angry. It says that in Mark chapter 3 verse five it says he was.

He looked around on them with anger, being grieved to the hardness of their hearts so that anger. So we have to have a reasonable biblical theology of anger. Paul indicated there is such thing as being angry without sinning but he warned that if you're angry, there's the danger of sick so what did Jesus mean now when Jesus and whoever angry at his brother.

He obviously doesn't just mean a person gets mad but whose angry and angry man toward his brother.

I mean there are people who are angry people who you hatred and anger and resentment, bitterness toward other people that person is in the same state of mind is a murder cases now.

He may not kill the guy. But in his heart he liked to you know now, having been an angry man is is a great sin, but getting angry, especially at times when there's something to be legitimately angry about is is a godlike characteristic God has anger God has wrath, but he doesn't have selfish anger like we tend to have if we get angry recently rechristened it some to us and we feel wrong. There's no righteousness, and I can anger but if were angry with the same things God is angry about if we have a dispatch discs interested anger… Not have any thing to do with our personal interest but with God's interest like when Jesus drove the many changes on the temple, but we are not told there that he was angry, but it sure looks like he was angry that he was young he was stronger and he seemed very angry when he rebuked the Pharisees, hypocrites repeatedly call you hypocrites. You fools that sounds, angry, and we are told specifically. As I said in Mark 35 Jason looked on with anger and said no.

Well he was and says he was grieved by the hardness of her present look on anger. So there's an anger that is sinful, but to find a bank that justified anger. But don't let it lead you to send like don't take it into your own hands and say whatever I would be cautious with even the phrase justified anger not not that there isn't just what is. But we could justify all or anger somebody cuts us off in traffic, you angry justified when you gently guide same disinterested anger in the sense that I don't have any personal interest in the situation. It's a matter of being angry at injustice angry at harm done to somebody not to me particular. I can forgive that I'm supposed to do good to those who persecute me love my enemies and forget.

But as far as things that are done to save the kind of evil that's been perpetrated by some of the people governing some of the states now that you leading to committing suicide in large numbers and so forth and destroying people's businesses in finances and and this is done strictly out of total selfishness on the part of the government officials.

They don't care about this movement that makes me a night I had suffered I would suffer and I haven't committed suicide note. I know has an and I'm okay.

I'm still able to do what I do so you know it's doesn't hurt me but it makes me angry that anyone in power would do so much harm to other people, innocent people is angry that yeah that that's how I did feel much lately and then I know.

I realize that not much I can do except at the ballot box. But I cannot believe you are angry and don't send you get angry when it's when it's a godly thing to be angry about but but you have to put it away. You can't possibly angry Dennison do not, do not let the sun go down on your wrath is anger so you can avoid having anger but you can let it grow. You just don't live in angry excellent person right right right.

Thank you so much okay Angela, thanks for your call Michael from the bay area welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling my question today is about the cruise I was reading that it didn't appear in the Christian religion till 600 A.D. and from people in the Jewish faith believe it's an idol you believe this is something that belongs in our churches and homes.

The cross or the crucifix. The crucifix became the crucifix and courses across with the statue of which is an image of Jesus well I think it could well be right. I wouldn't say that everybody who has a crucifix is nestling idolater, but I do think that for many people they do kind of idolizing the car look to it as the kiss that they trusted you know they put their confidence in having a crucifix you know and serve attributing to it some kind of powers that they should you expect the only God that will be scattered idolatrous seems to me I heard you speak about no Catholics and Mary anything will that not too much different than the crucifix worshiping medicine will be open. The Bible is the only thing I can remember is that Jesus could do this in memory of me don't make a cross to make an idol communion.

I would feel very I wouldn't have a crucifix in my house because it is a graven image of something in heaven. Not that I wouldn't worship it all and I thought I would worship it right but I don't think it's I don't think that images are evil unless they become something that we fix our attention and worship on Blondie. There is a temptation, especially if it's a religious object of know if people are people just like religious art, like stained glass windows. If they just think you're beautiful, well-meaning person. There's a difference between thinking it's a beautiful window in and bowing down worshiping toward image on it. There's it's not the same thing. Technically, the command against making graven images for bids making images of anything in heaven or earth or in the sea.

It's all artwork, all artwork, all statues would be forbidden unless we understand that it's modified by the statement and do not bow down worshiping my objection would be that it tends to focus on something outside where you should worship in spirit and truth. While I would agree with you my sentiments also appreciate your calling.

Thank you God bless. All right. Our next colors Lynn from Jefferson, Georgia Lynn, welcome to the neuropathic for calling all thank you for the helpful you welcome my question is churches the government forgiveness. Note that loan is could you explain to me try to get the loan. I kept thinking they can't about it at the end of March 20 April, giving and forgiving debts are what balance is small business loans and small business. Today, and they were trying to save for small business, because if they come back 19 that I don't think I don't think the government should die. I don't think these the church be depending on the government for anything. Frankly, I think. I think a lot of churches are run like businesses and you run like a business that I can see why they be tempted to say, like significant support businesses get but I don't think churches must be business at all.

I don't think the church is supposed to be a profit in a for-profit enterprise.

In my opinion, I don't really think I don't think it's the best idea for pass for churches have paid employees.

I think before people live by faith is a very good idea because, frankly, anyone who's doing God's work can safely live by faith, because God will never fail to provide for somebody who's doing what he wants me to do. The fact that churches sometimes are have employees who don't want to live by faith. Makes me wonder do they are, they really quite sure that they're doing what God wants them to do because if that is if their work is God's work if their ministry is God's ministry if it is, how can anyone doubt that God would support with or without salaries, but I know that most pastors are selling an attorney condemned that I'm just thinking that for church to operate like a business with employees and things like that is certainly a far cry from the early church, and I think in principle, it's it it it speaks of having lost something that was in the early church as well. Situation a group of believers who need to get there that aren't clad don't mean that judgmental back on it I don't know what to do about that than to pray that I found out three weeks ago. The congregation get back and wondered if it is now at heart that it it reminded me as can I think he might get cursed for you.

Trust/drink I returned to life in the Lord yeah I church leadership would probably say well were were trusting the Lord but were seeing this loan is a resource that God is made available were not turning our hearts from the Lord like I understand exactly what you're saying because again I think that I think that the whole idea of a church that the Corporation has employees and so forth bears no resemblance in in principle to the church of Jesus started. Jesus didn't have employees in his ministry needed to be apostles. They didn't run like a business at all and so I think this is something that the corruption of the of the church in general.

I don't blame everyone who is involved in it for the corruption because it has. It was done long before we were born, but it and it's the only way that many people have never heard of to do church shame more people in ministry.

Don't say when we go back and look how Jesus say positive things and they that wait maybe that would make a difference in the conference. Maybe that would actually get the results they got. If we did what they did buzzard, because I think churches should be asking themselves essences I need to go the music selling them off in 30 seconds. But I do appreciate your call and I am sympathetic Listening listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are listener supported. If you'd like to help us down the air. You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593.

You can also donate the website if you go to the narrow Everything is website is free. There's tons of resources there, but you condone it there at the website as well talk again tomorrow

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