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The Narrow Path 7/13

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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July 13, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 7/13

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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July 13, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast lighting Steve Greg and we are live for an hour each week. The afternoon taking your calls.

If you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith. Be glad to talk to about those things. If you see things differently than the host and have a different viewpoint, you may feel free to call in balance, the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 Evers College today is a Dane from Somerset, Pennsylvania, and Dan. I'm glad you called because I know you I saw the Facebook post. You did Biden have chance to respond to Haida. Thank you, and you can ignore that question, not to talk to right yeah idea to see Dana cover stone video came out just in Canada and intrigued with the whole thing and what I did was did some research on on YouTube was watching a lot of prophecy videos out there. You might well Natalie Portman around and it can hear me okay yes can you hear me okay yeah you like it anyways others a lot of videos out there right now there are certain people prophesying and having dreams and visions of and so forth. What I did is I didn't.

A brief survey of them and of the ones that I was able to identify their ecological positions hundred percent of the ones that were able to identify happened to be dispensational, and I thought that was kind of a unique finding. I'm not seeing any kind of dreams and visions being posted. Currently by millennialist or post-millennial's, or even historical premillennialist.they all seem to be dispensational so I guess my question is twofold. One on can you comment on that. Just the kind of assuming my information is correct and then what happened.

Some happen then you got cut off. I didn't cut you off I just look at my screen and you anyway I I think something must've happened in the studios.

I don't know about.

So please call back. I want to hear the rest your question. My apologies. I didn't do anything so I did a few phone battery ran out or something else happened at our end, but please call back. I want to hear the rest your question near just perfect.

Probably just get close to setting it up so call back 844-484-5737. In the meantime were to talk to David in Michigan. David, welcome to the narrow path answer: yes, yes, your little wonderful to demo your best Jesus and specific answer to both lease to Jesus and the prophets to the ever take a day off North… They took the seventh off her sabbatical. Very ever do that while I imagine they did you imagine they usually took the Sabbath off.

Jesus was, of course, the Lord of the Sabbath and and in that sense he healed on the Sabbath to but I'm sure that there are many times, especially when he is traveling and I don't think he was healing every day, all the time you wheat we read about about 39 days of his life in the Gospels, spread out over 3 1/2 years, but only about the events that 39 days a recorded and there were a lot of times he walked in with his disciples for week from one place to another. We don't have record of those walks. And I'm sure that you know he was initially thronged with people all the time so he probably had a lot of times of rest.

I don't know if walking would be considered respite. Jesus didn't feel obligated to keep the Sabbath. Obviously because he worked on the Sabbath. They said my father works everyday and I work and so you know he's he's like his father following his father's example of working seven days a week, but there'll be lots of days that just by because of the fact that he's between between gigs. You know that he is traveling from one place to another that he's he's not doing any of his work so I don't know that he, I think when he was you know in unit when he was able to he probably more or less rested on the Sabbath. After all, there was an awful lot you could do normal business on Sabbath and his siblings closed but but he wouldn't refrain from healing or doing something seven so I don't he really felt like I don't think he had a day off in the sense that okay this is a it's just it's a me day I just for me. You know, I don't think they like that of the prophets who would not know when would you know that you place pantries in Lake a lot of people think that was a time of waiting for Lazarus for that that situation now to mature or something like that so I don't think that the components being considered like a holiday produce to do still enjoy the sun or or do you think is more in line waiting for the situations to develop what Capernaum was actually Jesus headquarters in Galilee and so a lot of his work was done in Capernaum and and apparently Peter owned a house in Capernaum and that's where the used is there a launching place to God on various short-term missions. A huge number of the miracles that we read of in the Gospels Took Pl. in Capernaum because that was his base of operations for which he would launch and return now because Lazarus was down in Bethany, which is down and the other end of the country and when the sisters of Lazarus came as advisors and sick Jesus waited a couple of days before he went down to do anything now to say he waited.

I don't think is to say he waited and did nothing at all just kind of sat around his disciples, he may have been healing or preaching or doing what he normally did on those days, but he just waited in terms of going to Bethany.

He didn't even make the trip immediately. Rather, he delayed it for couplers. I don't I don't see Jesus as a person who felt like he needed days off are one left clicking on the problem not the product like I know what I am except one who comes to depression and not an and you meet the tree or something like that with glandular rest and recoup rest and recoup for the topic. Well, I'm sure they did. I mean, like Jesus, they walked places and when you walk places.

It takes days to get from one village to another, sometimes in so that will be a time of rest and I mean I guess my single walking is resting. I guess I find it is I like to walk and I don't mind walking working walking but you know whether they kept us out is not. We don't read.

There's no record of it and I don't know that they think they felt the need to take a day off but in the Old Testament, they might have for the Sabbath and Jesus probably sometimes did for the Sabbath because he was in the Sabbath keeping culture. But Jesus didn't keep the seven strictly so he probably had certain days that were more or less days off, but you are not.

I don't really think a day off is something that Jesus needed and I don't think you either necessarily all okay thank you very much all right got blessed when I said I don't think we do. I what I mean is I I don't think we have to work out of these obligatory force to think lots of people do need a day off to rest and read their work as hard and they need to rest and hang out with her family. Some that's obviously needed for some people, but I don't think that we have an obligation to take any offense, Old Testament law, the Sabbath, we don't have a New Testament Sabbath law of the Sabbath day.

All right, I know that's different than what many people think again is back. Thanks Dana don't know how we got cut off, and I'm glad you called back yet. Thanks.

I don't know how long I was to I really thought the air so you need a question that I tried you. You said you said you've researched or surveyed a lot of the prophecies that people given on YouTube. I think about the end time threatening people prophesied the coming of Jesus is near and the tribulation is upon us.

That kind of stuff sweetheart about any surly about dispensationalism himself just about things that are happening in the world events and so on so forth. But sorry he said all the ones with dispensations that you found correct. My question was correct that the other is a large majority of patients who are posting dreams and videos and having dreams and videos comment on that and then second of all, do you remember back in the 70s when dispensationalism was at its horizon, surly heyday. If there were false prophecies being dreams and visions was a lot of those being circulated. Back in those days think that maybe didn't come true. And were they also love dispensationalism would you recall other camps and ecological camps. Having those things as well. Right. Well, almost, almost all the people who have dreams and visions about end times are dispensations because there are so focused on the end time show dispensationalism isn't just a system that's about the end times, but the end times. Part of it is the part that's the most intriguing to most people I know that you have so much interest in dispensationalism. If not for the end times aspects of the teaching if it was just about yours. Seven dispensations and in these is if it's just all the theological stuff. I don't know that it be as huge a phenomenon as it is now, but everyone wants to believe that Jesus is coming soon and therefore you know that that is the view that seems to present a system that would give those kinds of guarantees now as far as millennialism post millennialist. I don't know if people making predictions of the Andrew thing like that among them except for Harold camping, who is in all millennialist and he was unusual and he was unusual in all respects, but he yeah he predicted the coming of the Lord on a certain date, twice, of course, is wrong both times and he was on a radio station that he owned called family radio and and he back in the 80s are seen in the 90s. He predicted a date for the second term of Christ, which passed without event and then I think it was 2011. If I'm not mistaken was sent out 11 yes to what I say get 2000 so that he didn't prophesy like thus saith the Lord. He said he had figured it out and calculated from the Bible. It's very different thing when people prophesied that they usually say God is revealed this to me in a supernatural way. Harold camping heat. I do know to what degree he's not there is supernatural about his his ideas but he had more like calculations. I just another dispensationalism who done the same kind of thing was Edgar Whisenhunt who predicted that Jesus would come in September 1988 and courses, obscene, wrong again. There's these date setters are really no usually of the dispensational sort. Harold camping was one example of the difference of course Miller William Miller back in the 1800s predicted the date for the underworld. He was the kind of the precursor to the Seventh-day Adventist movement in they are dispensations, but they are pre-millennial anyway you get most of this fervor about the end times and stuff from dispensational camping interrelates to that most Pentecostal denominations are dispensations. Now Pentecostals of more likely to talk about having dreams and visions and so forth that I'm not getting its many Baptists, and Presbyterians and Lutherans talk about that kind of stuff but but it's Pentecostals and charismatics that talk a lot about those things and almost all Pentecostal denominations are dispensations and a lot of charismatic churches are to like cover chapels so you know you can find the dreams and visions coming out of the charismatic Pentecostal camp more than anything in the fact that they only come from. There is suspicious to my mind because I mean that God would only give dreams and visions of the significant sort or prophecies to a group that happens to be focused on them and that those groups that aren't focused on them. But maybe are focused on Jesus more in some cases they don't get this.

I've had a couple dreams suffer have nothing to within times every dreams that actually were something that God had something to say to me, but that only two or three in my life so I wouldn't claim much form, but as far as in the 70s. I don't remember too many. I think I heard some people you give name and alleged prophecy and say Jesus coming really soon. One thing we heard a lot in the early 70s was that somebody and it was always somebody that was known to somebody who is known to somebody who is telling the story is never the person himself had picked up a hitchhiker out in a deserted road and the hitchhiker said Jesus is coming sooner than anyone believes, and then disappeared from the car, and these stories before he realized it was an urban legend is a very excited us alone or teenagers allow an angel must've appeared set this, but those stories circulated lot but yet dispensations no matter when 70s are now are to be the ones who are most likely to be landing okay very much all right well good talk today. Nice work on you all right or next caller is Sarah Kevin from locking the California hi Kevin, welcome to see how you present your program is PayPal okay to utilize. You need for donations to the narrow path I don't I don't think I trust it at this point we we did that we did get some funds freed up with their holding for inexplicable reasons, but but you know we just don't really trust you can try it but there's other other ways to check that okay yeah it might take up too much of your time – and a call back three or four times regarding this one topic so you can move on, but I think that third temple in Ezekiel is actually the great mystery of God, and I think some verses that you could use to show that meaning that church case. Do you mean the church yes yeah yeah the church is the great mystery of God.

According to Paul, and you know that the temple in Ezekiel could be could have relevance to the church is certainly one of the things I'm open to. I personally believe that it could have become a real temple. If the Jews had responded more zealously when they were in battle and returned to build the temple.

I think it was an actual temple plan that they could have had if they had been more repentance and more zealous for God that they didn't get it because they weren't, but on the other hand, even if they had built it, it would've still had symbolism just like the tabernacle did God gave all kinds of details about the tabernacle of Moses and we we find in the New Testament that is understood that those things in the tabernacle those details are symbolic of spiritual things in our present time.

So even if they had built that temple. According those plans. I think the plan itself would've reflected the body of Christ. Yes, the church why think we could say that Christ actually deal – the temple and and I tell you why not call back another day as the Greek two Greek words, NIOSH and Harold pronouncing regular nail servers. The holy of holies right. When Jesus said that he was going to raise that temple in three days. He wasn't talking about his physical body he was talking about the NIOSH of his body right well that is not impossible.

You know it does say he spoke of the temple of his body of an ounce of his body and raising up in three days we assume is somebody's physical body is personal body, but your right arm in his resurrection from the dead, then was a very, that which caused the bottom of the body of Christ to exist as the temple of the Holy Spirit solving there's there's connections there and in all of that you go to differentiate between the physical NIOSH and the spiritual NIOSH and were to the book of Revelation. John 1011 and 920 I think it's in chapter 23 says, and I saw no NIOSH because of the lamb with the NIOSH.

She didn't say another word, and in the temple when the Shekinah glory with in the holy of holies that would like the NIOSH in the NIOSH. Another was like another perfect example. Romans 816.

This is treated differently his knee bears witness with our NIOSH that we are children of God.

In other words, the inner portion of the holy of holies is like our human spirit, when he did there at the Shekinah glory that is the true mass and that the only nail that matters. The very last verse in Ezekiel says and the name of that place, God is there right okay I appreciate your call back. They thought all right, let's talk to Michael from Texas Michael looking to the narrow path going high-speed contacted, so I don't come across as a stick in the mud that you think that you get all the calls on it.

Apology and theology, and more concerned with orthodoxy" of practically and so I cannot hear the discussion right now towards the more practical it might contention that the hallmarks of contemporary Christianity back on the individual level and and in the institutional level denominational level and even in the universal church levels that there is an extreme lack of power exercised through the church. An individual Christian and there's several verses in the Bible that talk about Christians having power and I something that evidence anywhere and I'm wondering if you could comment on that and also may be different suggestions for how we might build a cluster that will ask you about what kind of demonstrations are you considering looking for really good question. So that was written by Charles craft called confining powerless Christianity and he comes from a particular point of view on that and MPQ has a valid criticisms in their but comes from more about that kind of an apostle and charismatic, you and so now he's talking about things like the healing and think of that nature and I think that's one perspective that also I'm thinking of things like our influence on the culture. I don't see the Christian church really influencing the culture that much these days and so and I also see individual Christians.

There's a lot dysfunctions that are okay not been dealt with. Answer my question that I also I also believe that that power the power of God can be displayed in signs and wonders and healings things like that but I think that the most normative manifestation power is the transformation of of life and we Steve weeds do see that sometimes but not in as many of the Christians as we like to see in other words, you're right DC dysfunction in the lives of Christians out becoming a Christian never did make a person perfect, but but it did transform them did make them a different kind of person that generally speaking, was expected to deliver them from the bondage of sin's. For example, and so forth. And to be filled spirit.

This is, of course, for the power is Jesus said to the disciples in Luke 24 remain in Jerusalem until you be endued with power from on high and that same promises worded a little differently in acts 120 win 183 says you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses. Now we see that it happened in acts chapter 2 verse four, the Holy Spirit, they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and and they began to manifest supernatural power, especially the apostles and I think all the Christians in the upper room, spoke with tongues, but that's not the greatest manifestation power that was assigned to the unbelievers who present but something was happening but the apostles in the book of acts are the ones we primarily see with a few exceptions, Philip and Stephen.

The two exceptions may be NIS could be one to whom is the Paul but apart from a few exceptions. It was the apostles who had did the signs and wonders.

Now the fact that there were some who were not apostles like Stephen and Philip and and eyes who who did sums some meant miracles to means that it it's not something restricted to apostles, but the Bible in the book of acts does not give me the impression that everybody was doing supernatural things, healing, and all of that kind of the expectation that people up in Bethel Redding California would would put forward that evidence must be doing that kind of thing. Paul said there's lots of different gifts, the spirit, and to one is given the gift of the working of miracles, to another gift prospect to another word of wisdom and there's quite a few other gifts. Besides, working of miracles, and 40 sounds like you said is that some people not all have been gifted to do work works of miracles in the apostles were among them a few others to it. We know about, and there are probably some today to but we don't seem much of the kind of power I'd like to see in the church and that is people changing it when they become a Christian, they become totally a change person I know people that who had that happen and that's you normative that's normative cliché when somebody's becomes totally reoriented in their life, so that they now are focused on God and loving Jesus, and obedience to him by nature, but so many people seem to just kind of go through the steps that the church recommends for conversion and then they don't really change that much which is something that's peculiar and hard to understand. And that's why selected power and and I think that the influence over the culture that you mention I think is the reason we don't have more that is more the other. We don't have more of the change lives have more of the power manifested transformation of lives. I think that's what caused the archers to to impact culture. So now, why is it relevant, it could well be the gospel that were preaching because so we don't hear much of the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom of God. And that's the gospel is preached by the apostles and by Jesus, and there is power in the in the gospel. There's power in the kingdom Jesus.

Paul said the kingdom of God is not in word only, but also empower and so when you when you've got people understanding and submitting to and coming into the kingdom of God as Jesus preached in Paul the apostle's pursuit, then you know they realize they're changing is like being born over again into a new society, and they receive an art tend to be understand the nature of conversion is. That's not hang on you. I think it's a lack of preaching is one of the major neurotic and I were not going away. We have a short right here for another half hour so please stay with us. Are you listening to the narrow path, we are a listener supported ministering to write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 from the website which is the back in 30 seconds. Please stay tuned.

Hebrews tells us, do not forget to do good and to share with others and share the narrow Family and friends. When the show is one of the they can learn and enjoy your teaching articles verse diverse teaching archives of all the narrow path radio show and be sure to tell them to tune into the show here on the radio chairlift and do good narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg and we are live for another half hour were taking calls, but our lives are all full so you can't call now, but you can in a few minutes when lines of the up you get this number handy if the numbers 844-484-5737 and before break, we were talking to Michael in Texas and he was still complaining how the churches don't seem to exhibit off a lot of power and we're talking about that phenomenon here. This follow-up question Michael, welcome back. So in online lectures.

You mentioned in their the aspect of the baptism of the Spirit that come after the actual conversion and that that could be the key to actually exhibiting the power. So I guess you could elaborate on that or not but also what would you say an individual who who had a fear conversion experience, but felt that they were not experiencing any kind of significant power in their walk. Okay well first of all, I do believe the baptism the Holy Spirit is the is when power is imparted to the believer and you mentioned the baptismis after conversion. I believe it does not be very far.

After I think it could happen the same minutes as conversion.doesn't always.

It doesn't always for some people in the New Testament. It was apparently days or weeks after their conversion Paul was converted on the road to Damascus.

It was like three days later that Ananias laid hands on them and he was filled with the Holy Spirit and Samaria.

Philip evangelized the town and converted a lot of people, but they weren't baptized in spirit until Peter and John visited from Jerusalem and laid hands on them and sometimes sometimes it happened without the laying on of hands and is in the household of Cornelius and ask chapter 10 innovative. They were just listing the preaching of the spirit, but I think the norm I think.

I think all those cases were somewhat a deviation from the norm because they know they each had something special about them where the ordinary situation or person just became a believer and became a Christian I think we have described in acts chapter 19 where Paul admits these guys in Ephesus and their understanding of the gospel is very weak and so he tells about Christ, and they become believers and right then and there.

He baptizes them in water and then once they were baptized. He laid hands on them right away and their filter Holy Spirit, to my mind that's probably how things were done in cases that were not exceptional. Another book of acts, of course focuses on exceptional things just like the Gospels do I mean you can if you limit the amount of things you can report you want to report the things that are most spectacular of the most noteworthy and there that would include the things that are exceptions to the norm but as far as Jaswant happened to the average convert in the time of the apostles and what procedure they went through. We don't have much there read on the day of Pentecost.

Thousands of people were converted but that they they apparently were all baptized. Now we are told that they had hands laid upon them, but they were promised by Peter in that chapter that they would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and we do notice that throughout the book of acts. It was more normative for this to happen with the laying on of hands, but the fact that things happen outside the norm means that we can't expect everything to go to always the same way. For some reason it's not like you can put God in a box and say what he did it this way and that time you get up to do it that way now. I don't think that's how we should look at. I think that God does things how he wants to see what he wants all of his people be filled with the Holy Spirit and there may be things that obstruct that in some people's lives. I mean they really come to be believers in Christ and really do surrender the best they know how. But there may be some obstructions that make it more difficult for them to be filled with the spirit that gets delayed or something. I know that in my case I was converted as a child in evangelical home in a Baptist Church and and I grew up reading my Bible and bleeding, even preaching and witnessing to people that I never heard of the baptism. The spirit never heard about and it wasn't until I was 16 and I went away to cover Chapel Costa Mesa actually when the Jesus mom was starting that I first learned of that and I received the baptism spirit made a huge difference in my life. So I'm in my case it was mere ignorance. My church had not taught anything about that subject. So I didn't know anything about it and didn't expect it but once I heard of it. It didn't take long for me to to receive. If you just in your own case, you mentioned even you been converted for some time, but you not seen evidence of power you say what what what I say to someone like that might safer so I might be mainly concerned about what you're looking for in terms of power. Not all Christians live a life it's going to be used have miracles flowing through them to the outside world, but you should have a totally changed orientation God should write his laws in your heart and take out the hard stone give you a soft heart and one that loves God, you should have the Holy Spirit. I think all Christians have the Holy Spirit.

I just don't think all Christians are baptized in Holy Spirit I realize I might sound like doubletalk, but there's a difference. I believe I believe that when you be our converted you receive the Holy Spirit. That's how you converted. That's how you are born-again you are born of the spirit, the spirit comes to reside inside of you, but being filled with the spirit is not necessarily the same thing. That's why Paul could say to the Ephesians and Ephesians 1 that they had received the Holy Spirit.

If they believe but then he tells them in Ephesians 5 be filled with the Holy Spirit. So he assumed they had the Holy Spirit, but he did not assume they were filled with the Holy Spirit and told him you need to do that to so I have met people who seem clearly filter Holy Spirit from the moment of their conversion and and with a genuine conversion.

I would hope that there would be more often the case than not, I would think so, but I've also known people were truly converted that they've never heard of are never prayed for never asked for the fullness Holy Spirit. I believe that after conversion Holy Spirit came to live in them.

But as far as filling them. This is the step that I think some of them have not taken like Paul suggested the Ephesians. So I you and I talk about that in my lectures, I think you've actually move those lectures and I would save that does speak to the issue of lack of power in the modern church. I think that being filled with the spirit is not really what most people are interested when they go to church. I think a lot of people are interested in being entertained and getting spiritual shot in the arm to help them through the next week and feel that they've done you take that box and so when Jesus comes.

Hopefully he'll mistaken for one of his because they happen to be sitting among people who were his and your people go to church for those reasons are not even thinking about being filled spirit or following Jesus or horse becoming his servant. They just want to get whatever you're supposed to get out of being a religious person but there are people who are hungry for God, and I think that they do seek and find him and if if anyone is hungry for God and has been seeking graphic doesn't feel that they've that they been filled to the Scriptures doesn't cost a thing that Jesus said if earthly fathers know how to how to give good gifts to their children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those asking, and saw me, he's not. He's not grudging.

It he wants to have.

So it's not like you talk him into but you do have to be receptive in that it does mean I believe that you also have to be willing to have the Holy Spirit take charge of your life and that's something that a lot of people have maybe counted the cost about nothing. Holy Spirit will fill somebody except to take charge of the as their Lord fill them and guide them in as many as are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God about selling some of my thoughts but of course the majority my thoughts on this can be heard in my lectures at the website for those of you new to this our website the narrow has hundreds of Bible teaching lectures and none of them cost anything to pay. Everything is free of the website so check it and you can also get the app which is also free at the app store or Google play.

Just look for the narrow app and download it and then you can listen to the show into these lectures right from your phone. Okay, let's talk next to Alan in Honolulu, Hawaii. Welcome to the narrow path calling the laneway you believe that leader by the Bible book of Maccabees the book of Enoch will bring the Bible why would you do that and make the Bible incomplete add like I can accept to be easily think first of all, the book of Enoch never was in the Bible, the book of Enoch was a book written by a non-inspired author who is not Enoch, and no Christian Bible that I know of has ever had the look of Enoch in it. Now there are some books in the Catholic Bible that are not in most Protestant Bibles, but the book of Enoch is not one of them. The book of Enoch's not in the Catholic Bible nor the Protestant Bible. The Catholic Bible does have some other books you mentioned. Maccabees 1st and second Maccabees are the Catholic Bible in the Old Testament Septuagint. There were actually I think four books of Maccabees, but for some reason By the way, has two of them, but in it. But anyway the these books are not really written by inspired authors, either. Even the Jews did not recognize these books as part of the Bible.

Although they were written before the time of Christ, which is when the Old Testament was written and collected.

So the Jews did not include the books of Maccabees as part of the Bible and there are several other books like that to the Catholic Church has from the very beginning I think accepted these Old Testament apocryphal books is there called, but there's no evidence that Jesus or the Jews or the apostles ever accepted those books as part of the Bible so Protestants usually don't don't recognize those books about because there is no evidence that Jesus or the apostles believed that they should be there right okay thank you got my ship okay John from Garden Grove, California.

The narrow path.

Thanks for letting us do at the Jew that the tribe of Judah meant the Messiah in the messianic and laid on teaching that the Chamber pink amendment to the site. Best not break God's commandment. Remember the seven-day rest and to keep an eye to commemorate my creation.

I make a family okay communication combination you well.

We are we are part of Israel. Now because of the new covenant with the new covenant doesn't have any commands about the Sabbath keeping as part of the old covenant and I and I just I went to college, but I was raised Catholic and I okay got my commandment and I and I and I and 75 yeah I know.

Okay, thank you for sharing that. By the way, for anyone who is unfamiliar with the messianic movement that he's a part of. I have a whole series of lectures on the messianic movement on the is called the Jewish roots movement so I mean I do I can't get into analysis its many lectures long but it's free.

You can go to the narrow and click on the tab. This is topical lectures and then notice look for the Jewish roots lectures and are those under the individual lectures still are the everything okay so I think we have to find those is when you go to topical lectures.

Everything is listed in alphabetical order. There's there's a link that says individual lectures something to individual topics, and I think it's under there you find several lectures called the Jewish roots movement and so he sees part of Jewish roots movement.

I'm not okay. Let's talk to bar bar in Michigan hi Barbara, welcome to the narrow path to dilute this is concerning the antichrist because there is a possibility but we need to listen something and antichrist may be here now.

I look at how the children who have been in the silent because he didn't hand the image is totally missed and containment antichrist and God will guide and I think we are looking for someone to say that yet when I look at how to use our governor okay I will close to churches. I will close the screws that were closest to the liquor store is open. I will keep the marijuana dispensaries in the executing so much power and I think with something in your Pictures of them this in the fact that we may be missing the Christ. When I hear that I will not tell me you know you believe in a crisis when I don't want to send it does sound a little bit Corona my note to make sure we don't miss the antichrist with the masses. What would be the danger of us missing the response be looking for the scriptures correctly were standing at the that this person has to show them God and executed the power and this is taking place in an Bible prophecy being for you know we have been typing it and the burden should be interpreted amendment something that we appreciate that those thoughts. The word antichrist is only found in the book of first John in the book of second John and and there's where we learn what the word antichrist means in first John chapter 2 verse 18 it says little children. It is the last hour and as you've heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come by which any know that it is the last hour and then he goes down a little further down and says in verse two he said 2270 who is a liar, that he who denies that Jesus is the Christ, he is antichrist who denies the Father and the son so John says antichrist is defined as someone who denies that Jesus is the Christ others. A lot of those he said as many intact and no doubt some of the leaders of our country would be would qualify as antichrist. In that sense, they deny that Jesus is the Christ followers of Christ. But as far as the idea that anyone who's got a political office they might be a one world ruler type antichrist that so many people are anticipating, you know, it's always a possibility but II don't know that I don't know that we could point to anybody right now who stands out above all others. And you know I've been teaching the Bible for 50 years and during that time I've seen many people try to identify the antichrist with somebody who is, you know, prominent at that time and and of course all the people that were so identified are no longer prominent. Some of her dead now summer just out of politics and so forth, that there's I think you are right that we need to discern that when our leaders are in fact anti-Christ. That is when they are against Christ and against Christianity in your right when a when I got an error. Somebody says you can't go to church, you can't worship God.

Well, that certainly is a totalitarian type of leader that were not familiar with in this country and me with this country. The Constitution does allow political leaders tend to access that kind of authority is there. There obviously stepping above and outside of their realm that is legitimate so we don't have to pay attention to people when they when they claim authority from so that they don't have and you and I think Christians need to recognize that the rulers of many of the states, and in some of the federal rulers leaders are no doubt antichrist and would like nothing than to eliminate Christianity from America so I appreciate your thoughts. All my thinking. Thank you Barbara Douglas Tom from Seattle, Washington. Welcome to the narrow path, greetings from progressive liberal center.

Yeah okay I was raised in the Calvary Chapel movement that commutes that the I remember clearly be night Bible study project with human betterment might be back in 1970 completely convinced to be back delete my point very calm and at night last night that I lifestyle I mentioned in this. Looking back at the age of questioning things that were taught and that kind of talk actually been great. Then I think that there was respectively. Now about the only basis, but the push the heavy heavy push to make throughout the day. A lot of the Christian now they're very confused about what they today I think with Christian burnout and that happened ever happened to come down to basically lifestyle change rather than looking for the kind and my opinion I would not be disputation and believe in the rapture have, except that my credit, I believe it is going to come back and I found my key and just keeping an open mind to not putting people down, but just walking down the to get my attention, but I think every younger man back and document and I think that people think that not that that I think you meant that the evangelistic by the Christian grandpa have to better than ever and I thought that too, that the death of Billy Graham is the end of an era instantly death of Chuck Smith was quite significant to those who had been in the Jesus movement to I have to say I can't disagree with you.

I believe that a lot of people did over spiritualize their impressions and think they were words from God and that was probably just largely from youthfulness, but I would say this to that was a time I think of real revival as well and I don't know but that people sometimes work. In fact, hearing from God more than many people do. Now you during the times of revival. It does seem like there's more of the gifts of the spirit manifesting now. I didn't ever go around saying, the Lord told me this is always not well, you know, if you say the same. The Lord, and you're not really speaking for the Lord your false prophets like I was always cautious about that but I do remember is you do you know that that phenomenon people as a have the Lord told me to tell you this brother and that would you that I sometimes will have to say. More often than not, I think they were wrong, you know that there had there were times in Pitkin Green city. I think of work for you and it turned out that I'm quite sure they were right. You know, but that was I think you're wrong more often than right in this case so that if anything at all for that is true is very true today. That's true and that's part I don't know how much that's the fault of the church and how much that is the fault of the conspirators who are Marxists are trying to bring chaos to society but you are right that that was wonderful time of love and unity among Christians, at least those reported movement worldwide and I traveled inside Christians in the Jesus moment in many countries, all right will get less you find all right.

Well we are about out of time.

Narrow path. My name is Greg and we are in the radio business down there.

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