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The Narrow Path 7/10

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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July 10, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 7/10

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Dragon were live for an hour each week. The afternoon taking your calls if you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith, I be glad to hear from you and have a number to call is 844-484-5737 our first color today is Richard from seal Beach, California Richard, welcome to the narrow path that you're calling Dave. I was wondering if there's any way in the Bible that would mention that human conditioning which I call the point of no return it when people believe a certain thing are certain lies for so long that all the evidence in the world can just get them to change their mind or except the truth and the reason I'm asking is because I have some friends in a relative, despite all the evidence they will not read the Bible. They believe it's a bunch of silly stories and then they call themselves Christians and they vote Democrat because they believe Planned Parenthood is a good organization and that homosexual marriage is okay so I was wondering if there it was anything the said that that that the Bible and I'll listen to you on the radio. Thanks, Steve. Okay. Thank you. Call one of the biggest problems. Differences of the comments of Christians and I wish people wouldn't do that if they don't want to be Christians shouldn't take the name because it gives the rest of us a bad name. The word Christian means a follower of Christ, and you can't be full of Christ without knowing what he said about things and you can't know what he said about things without accessing the Bible, which records what he said and when somebody does learn what Jesus said of course it does influence the way they likely to vote and yet different person calls himself a Christian simply because they believe in the Golden rule. Let us say which doesn't believe in that will then then they may vote very foolishly and not if they haven't studied what Jesus said is there a point of no return that people can reach me can't be reasoned with me on that point, I imagine there is I don't know how you would know if someone has reached a lot of times a person who seems very hardhearted and very very apathetic.

You think that they were never to become a Christian. Some of them eventually do so you would not really be able to know if somebody has reached the point where they can't change their mind, but you could of course limit the time you waste with somebody for not receiving it if they're not currently able to change their mind. A lot of times people at one point in their life are not open to the gospel not open to the Bible not open to change. But something happens in their life later on and it could be any number of things. Maybe God will bring about to soften her heart and create an interest they didn't have previously so if you find that somebody at this point in the life does not have sufficient interest in the truth to want to study the Bible and find out if it's true, I wouldn't waste a lot of lot of time on them if they don't want to talk about or didn't want to think about it not have questions. If they have doubts within questions.

Of course, that's another story. I'd love to talk some of the questions and and I think people's hearts can be softened as a result of your prayers.

So there are.

It's not like there's nothing that can be done but there ultimately you can't change their mind for them and you can't really know if there at the point where they're not there. Mind can never be changed because that's an awfully hard thing to diagnose, especially since we can't see the future, but yet I mean there comes a time when you talk to people enough that you can say okay at this point in time they're not listening they're not interested and there's no sense casting pearls before swine. Perhaps later they will wish to be sheep instead of swine. But that's not what they are right now. Apparently so that would be my answer to right, the Bible does talk about people being given over to a reprobate mind. In Romans chapter 1, which could possibly mean one that is beyond redemption, but Paul doesn't necessarily say it's beyond redemption. But that's I think often assume to be the case. Yet we don't know when any given person has been given over that way by God because again people can seem very stubborn. They can seem very hostile to Christianity and sometimes that hostility may be due to the fact that they are feeling convicted and are feeling in a like insecure in their rejection. I just send you go away and not make them challenge what they believe because they're not all that sure that the right so sometimes a person seems to be very strongly opposed may be very weak and their appearance of strong opposition is really just a protective mechanism to keep them from falling to something they think they may be very near to vulnerable to falling into, which is of course knowing the truth. Anyway, I appreciate your call.

Let's talk to Bruce from Whittier, California Bruce, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling.

Thanks for taking my call.

State are you aware of the beautiful PD front of the Trump calorie yesterday black lives matter. I heard of it while I shot and dad. My question to you is would you support white Christians doing the same thing in front of the mayor's office white lives matter. I don't know that I will and I think it's vandalism and I think the people who painted on the streets didn't have any real right to do that image is now I believe that the mayor actually had that that particular graph idem, but there is also graffiti done in some other towns that people have you participated in. Yeah. So lots. You know he doesn't own the streets to see our politicians need to learn something and that is that they don't own the people. They don't own the property they don't own what they govern. They are public servants.

They are elected by the public who are the true owners and and they are elected to serve the public. Now of course almost every mayor would suggest that he serving the public what he does what he does but it may be that the majority of the public would disapprove. In which case he's not serving the public at all, but for us to do the same thing would be you know to to be involved in desecrating public property, which we don't have the right to do besides I don't really see that would convince anyone of anything that I actually don't think that printing black lives matter on the street at this point, convinces anyone of anything. I think it's just a thumbing thumbing their nose at the majority of Americans. But it's I don't think it's converting anybody and I don't think it's a persuasive statement. I think that maybe at one point when black lives matter first emerged, a lot of people who hadn't thought about was so yeah I guess I'm with you on that.

But of course I think an awful lot of people now know that black lives matter is his hypocritical slogan, but the black lives in your organization doesn't care about black lives just cares about destroying police force and it's a Marxist. You know, organization, anarchist organization, so you not whoever doesn't know that just hasn't white hasn't hasn't gone so far seem to look at the website you know so and if anyone says they support black lives matter and haven't been to the website. Most people are extremely foolish, but I don't think that writing white life matter white lives matter on the street is to convince anyone of the truth is, it should have been black. Why matter and that comes from David Clark of black sure okay all right will appreciate your call. Thanks for joining us. Steve from Lakewood, Washington.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling by some chance we personally not being a Christian who otherwise would have been really built us. When Jesus said printmaking crystal morning to be offended. Children were to be held frugally always will be a Christian.

Well, God would deal with that as with any other sin is a great penalty. You know, attached to causing a little one to stumbled you said you be better off having a millstone around your neck and be thrown into the sea than to do that but so it's a very great it's a great sin, integrate crime and outside.

However, repentance and the blood of Christ cleanse us from all sin. So you know if if a person has become a believer and has repented of the sin, then I don't think that they will answer for any further, however, if of course I felt that I had done something to keep someone from being a Christian. If I knew of it and have the opportunity want to go to that person and apologize to them, and own my responsibility and tell them, but you know you know what you what happened was my fault, not God's fault so that they would use Christ forgives me if there if at all.

Second question is you say this over and over again when people call that they are not saying that they were going to for you always say that God is going to be how can companies save you publicly do to save mankind and mailed to do anything he can to save a person, not technicality help find John 316. What scripture you have really really support the claim. Well, I mean the whole New Testament is full of declarations of God's love.

Some of the strongest would be in first John, of course, first on his epistle. It focuses on that quite a bit and John says, for example, that God is love and that it says in verse verse 16 of chapter 3 is first John 316, not just on 313 first John 316 says.

By this we know love because he lay down his life for us and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren now if he lay down his life for us. I mean, what is it that he would not do what what Scholer proof of love. Could he give greater than that and an infant Romans chapter 5, Paul said in verse eight, but God demonstrates his own love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us and then he says in verse 10 for if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through his death to the death of his son.

Excuse me, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved through his life. Now what what Paul says is when we were God's enemies and sinners. He loved us enough to die for us. That was his demonstration of love for us and and now that he's now over his children and not his enemies how much more you know, does he love us so the whole teaching of the New Testament is that God is love, and that he because of his love for sinners that he sent Jesus a questionnaire that said, behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day from the heart reported to the children. The heart looked like a deer. My question is what the great dreadful day actually was a great thing like Synthroid tell you that many prophets and kings have been fired a single thing which you seek to hear the things you have not what you hear little thing that you have not heard them helping him coming down here knowing what you dreadful part.

Yes, yes it is targeted 70 ADC to take the coming of Christ in the context of Israel, which is who he came to the Godhead threatened through Deuteronomy endured only 28 and in Leviticus 16 are semi-Leviticus 26 that if Israel would turn against him. Then he would bring all kinds of curses on them and that's what is referred to at the very last line of Malachi chapter forces, lest I should come and strike the land with the curse that is the curse that is threatened and which finally came upon them in 70 A.D. John was sent and so is Jesus to help turn people back to God so that he would have to strike near the land with the curse that he threatened and so John came and said hey that threat that curses nearby. He's standing with his acts poised at the root of the trees and any fruitless treasury thrown in the fire season and he's got his fan and is has good thrushes threshing floor and he's going to throw the shaft into unquenchable fire. This is talking of the judgment that was coming upon Israel if they didn't repented. According to Johnson, Jesus's message out the way we know that the rate terrible day of the Lord is in fact what happened you know in A.D. 70. With the destruction of Jerusalem support is because the same term or one almost equivalent to it is found in verse in Joel chapter 2, verse 31, which is the sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the great and before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord now. Peter quoted that and said that that was being fulfilled that was in the progress of fulfillment at the time he was preaching in acts chapter 2.

So the prophecy of Joel's has gotten part of spirit, which he did in you know on the day of Pentecost and then the God can bring judgment a great and terrible day of the Lord and Peter preached that both of those things are in the process of fulfillment. So the judgment was imminent, just like John the Baptist said it was. And just like Malachi said it would be when John comes so to me this is talking about something that was coming on Israel because of their violation of the company. According to Deuteronomy 28 Leviticus 26 and many other places where Godhead threatened that he bring great disasters and annihilation, and even depopulation of the land he promised almost 6 of those passages in the Old Testament. That's the curse and so when John appeared in Jesus appeared that was within a few years of that curse coming down and John and Jesus were trying to call the remnant of Israel to be faithful again and to escape that curse and they didn't get the kind response that they should have gotten, and therefore the curse came on the apostate, but both Joel which Peter understands as being in the process of fulfillment when he preached and Malachi both speak of the great and terrible day of the Lord which is of course that which comes on the land lest God should strike the land with the curse he says in Malachi some that's what that is all right appreciate your call.

God bless you. All right to Marty from national city, California.

Welcome to the narrow path things for Tony my exact situation I siblings and I'm holding back from like ordering Christian help for them by mail because I ran across the scripture in John 1247 and eight and I like you to comment on that. The researcher will click, if any man hear my will and believe that a judge and not breaking not to judge the world, but to save the world. He that rejects me and received, not my words That Judges Them Were There As Well for Jim to Go Mostly Waiting to Speak to You. What about the She Put It on 11 over More Than 99 That Need Repentance or All Keep in Mind about You Know What This Means Working out Check like You Would Not Condemn the Girl Was Thinking I Didn't Hear Question Okay so Would like to Let Me Know What You Wanted Me to Talk about. Okay, Let's Talk to Mary from Burlington I'm Sorry, Can't See the Michigan Hi Mary, All Agriculture, I'm Sorry. What Do the Same for Them Dying to Well No I Don't Think There's Any Promise of Eternal Life to Plants or Animals. Immortality Wasn't Even in the Eight and Adam and Eve They Could Die, but They They Could Also Live Forever If They Leave the Tree of Life. It's Very Clear in Genesis 3 That They Had to Eat of the Tree of Life.

If They Were to Live Forever and so and They Were Not Forbidden to Do That They Were No Doubt Expected to Eat of the Tree of Life and Live Forever, so They Were Potentially Immortal, but When God Told Him That They Would Die As a Result of Their Sin. He Simply Banish Them from the Tree of Life Which Means That Their Normal Mortality Would Kick and Eventually They Would Die. Same Thing with Animals and Plants with or without Sin, Plant Cells, for Example, When You Eat a Plant. It Cells Have To Dissolve in You.

You Can't Expect Those Cells to Live Death. Things Are Made to Die Unless They Receive Eternal Life.

The Default Fate of Human Beings Is They Perish Unless They Receive Eternal Life so That John 316 Says That God so Loved the World That He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whoever Believes in Him Will Not Perish but Will Have Everlasting Life. So Believing in Christ Is the Condition for Immortality and Otherwise Mortality Is Is What Anyone Would Receive Animals to and There's Not Never Been a Suggestion in the Bible the Animals Would Have Immortality That It's Okay, I Thank You for Your Call. See Here. John from the Bronx, New York. Welcome to the Narrow Path Is the Calling and All There Was an Everyday Kingdom of God and Had Question Will for Nine and Yes*Lincoln 69 Going on Now Is Goat Feed 20 Didn't Know. I Don't Know I Don't. Please Note Multi-Not Commit You Not Drunk on Snow and Regular Snow. "What Anyone Would Call You That Mike Got You Probably Feel to Read That Scripture Disqualifies Nine and 10 and I Will Know I Did Not Know I Did Not Miss. I Do Not Miss That Passage, He Says in Verse 11 and Such Were Some of You but You Were Washed and Sanctified, but You Were Justified in the Name of the Lord Jesus and by His Spirit Is for God so His Readers Were Doing Those Things Anymore so I Will Wriggle Driving, I'm Driving and I Said You and I Did Not Play a Card That You Went Home Thinking That If You Are Nine and 10 Disqualifies Head from the Going Got My Content Not Know What She Went Home with and She Will Be Publishing – What I Call These and I Will People.

People Should Be in and Out Of Their Salvation. If Their Fornicators and Idolaters, Adulterers and Sodomites and Drunkards, My Dog Paul Said That They Won't Inherit the Kingdom of God Father Doing That but His Readers Weren't Doing That His Readers Had Stopped Doing That They Had Repented, They Become Christians.

They Were Now Washed and Sanctified and Justified so They Were Not Adulterers, and an Fornicators Support but but People Who Are Should Have Doubts about the Bebop You Will Admonish Them Will Be Full, Then You Live Death. Do You Want to Leave… I Did Go Back and Do Full Night and I Deathly Disagree with You on That. You're Saying That Once They've Been Washed in Clans That They Can Still Fornicate Still Commit Adultery and Still Do Their Homosexual Acts Still Practice Idolatry and Will Still Be Saved Because They Were Washed Know Paul Doesn't Say Anything Remotely like That He Saying That These Are the Lifestyles That They Once Were in before They Were Christians and Those in Such Lifestyles Are Not Christians. They Won't Inherit the Kingdom of God.

But His Readers Were Not Doing Those Things. They Were Not Christians, He Was Not Saying but If You Go Back and Do Them Again. You Can Still Be Christians. No, I Mean If You Go Back to Those Things Again You Won't Inherit the Kingdom Got That's What He Says Very Plainly, Those Who Are Doing These Things Will Not Inherit the Kingdom of God. So I Mean I Don't Know Why You'd Read Something More into Them Than What Is Actually There. He Sees Simply Make a Statement about His Readers That They Have Stopped Doing Those Things Because They Are Now Following Christ. By the Way, There's a Parallel Passage in License Five Verses 19 through 21 Repulses Now the Works of the Flesh Are Evident, Which Are Adultery and Fornication, Uncleanness, Licentiousness, Idolatry, Sorcery, Hatred, Contentions, Jealousies, Outbursts of Wrath, Selfish Ambitions and Dissensions in Heresies, Envy Murderers, Drunkenness, Revelries, and the like, He Says, of Which I Tell You Beforehand, As I Also Told You in Time past, Those Who Practice Such Things Will Not Inherit the Kingdom of God Doesn't Say That Once You Are Christian, You Can Still Do Those Things and You're Considered Not like You Can Still Commit Adultery Not Considered… Turkish or Christian or That You Can Murder but You Not Consider Murder Because Your Christian Versus Those Who Do These Things Now Hear Him Say Non-Christians Who Do the Sainted People Who Do These Things Do Not Inherit the Kingdom of God.

He Did Not Say That His Readers Were an Exception. They Could Do These Things and and Still Have the Can of God. I Think You're Reading Something in There That Just Isn't There.

Now of Course It Is Important to Note the Difference between a Christian Slipping up and Falling. You Know into a Sin. On One Occasion, Then Repenting, That's a Different Thing Than Going Back and Practicing These Things. See Practicing These Things Means That's What You Are Living in Them like Sinners Do.

If an F a Believer Is Living Just like a Sinner, Then Their Belief Is like the Devil's Belief, James Said Faith without Works Is Dead. The Devil Has Faith but He's Not Saying You Don't Get Saved by Having for the Devil Has Peace. He Believes All the Truths about God Because He Knows Better Than to Doubt Them, but He Still Lives in Sin Is Not Saved. James Said If You Have a Saving Faith. It Is Going to Be Marked by Your Good Works by Your Righteous Works and of Course If You Are Doing since It Works Instead It's a Sure Mark That You Don't Have Faith. James Says Paul Says the Same Things Elsewhere Would Look at All the Places Now, but I Do Appreciate Your Call and Maybe Talk Again Sometime. We Have Take a Break at This Time Will Be Back for Another Half Hour and Bob about a Minute from Now. So Don't Go Away Restart Calls Waiting in Their Lines Open. We Have Another Halfhearted the Narrow Path Is a Listener Supported Ministry. We Don't Have Any Commercial Breaks. We Don't Have Any for Sale Real Selling Thing on the Went on Their Website We Just Let You Know If You Would Help Us down There. You Can Write to Us at the Narrow Path, PO Box 1732 Macula CA 92593 or Go to Website the Narrow Operator. Tell Your Family. Tell Your Friends Tell Everyone You Know about the Bible Radio Show That Has Nothing to Send Everything to Give You the Narrow Path with Grant When Today's Media Share with Them for Your Social and Send a Link to the Narrow Path down One Can Find Free Time on Your Teaching Blog Article Verse by Verse Teachings and Archives of the Narrow Path Radio Shows and Tell Them to Listen Live Right Here on the Radio. Thank You for Sharing. Listener Supported the Narrow Path. Greg Has a Radio Broadcast. My Name Is Steve Greg and We Are Live for Another Half Hour Taking Your Calls.

If You Have Questions about the Bible and the Christian Faith. You May Call This Number Is 844-484-5737 Also Welcome to Call If You Have a Different Viewpoint from the Host 844-484-5737 Writer Next Collar Is Sally from Nashville, Tennessee Hi Sally, Welcome to the Narrow Path Hi Steve, Thanks for Taking My Call. I Have a Question about Luke 13 Versus 1818 to 20 about the Parable of the Mustard Seed in the When I Read It before. It's a Pretty Straightforward, It Is Jesus Says What Is the Kingdom of God like What Shall I Compare It to. And Then He Goes on to Say, but I've Been Hearing People Talk about It and I Guess the Pejorative Way Saying the Mustard Seed Should Be a Bush That If It Grows into a Tree, It Means It's like an Overgrown Institutional Church and the Birds Are like Bad People and Bad Teaching and That Kind of Thing That's New to Me so I Did Note That Something Going around Are You Had Started A Few Times Now, but It's Thrown Well What You've Heard Is Called Dispensationalism Okay You Read the Passage and Saw What It Said Because It's Plain. They the Dispensational View Believes That the Church Is an End in Failure. Now That's the Opposite of What This Describes This Describes Is the People, the People of God the Kingdom of God Growing Very Prominent and Being a Shelter for the Helpless, like the Birds in the Branches and like Leaven in a Lump of Dough That Causes the Whole Lump to Rise. That's of Course a Reference to the Kingdom of God Being in This World and It Causes Improvement in the World and We Can See That That Has in Fact Happened It Is Happening over the past 2000 Years Now. Dispensational's Believe the Church Is Kind of a Bad Idea. It's Kind of a (God Really Wanted to Save Israel and When Israel Rejected Him and Decided to Launch the Church Is Another Project and What Is Done with the Church When It Fails He's Good to Go Back to Work with Is Really a Mess Dispensational Position. They Believe the Church Will End up Corrupt and up a Failure and Will Be Ratchet out Here like a Dog with His Tail between His Legs Going Out Of the World. A Total Failure and Humiliated but That the God Will Pour Spirit out on Israel and Then They'll Succeed Where the Church Failed Is Not a Word of That in the Bible, but Because of That Idea. They Have To Interpret These Things Differently Because They Recognize Jesus Describing His Own Movement, Which of Course Later Kendra Called the Church Is Being Called the King of God, His Subjects and so and Any Says It's like a Little Mustard Seed Grows into Great Tree and the Birds Largest Branches Now.

I Have Heard Dispensational Say Mustard Seeds Not Supposed to Grow into a Tree.

It's Only Big Bush Will Find Jesus Cancel Retriever Big Bush If He Wants to. If It's If It so That Birds Can Lodge in Its Branches Than It Does Not Be a Big Tree Can Be a Big Bush but the Point Is He's Describing a Good Phenomenon and We Can See That by Taking a Look at the Very Passages in the Old Testament That He Is Alluding to. Most Notably, He Is Alluding to Ezekiel Chapter 17, Which Describes the Kingdom of God, the Messiah Is the Messiah and His Kingdom As a Little Twig That Grows into Great Tree in the Birds Lodge and Its Branches and That's of You Can See It in Ezekiel's 1722 Says, Thus Says the Lord God, I Will Take Also the Highest Branches of the High Cedar and Set It out Crop off from at the Topmost of One of Its Twigs Attender One and Will Plant It on a High Prominent Mountain on the Mountain Height of Israel. I Will Planted and It Will Bring Forth Bowels and Bear Fruit and Be a Majestic Cedar under It Will Dwell. Birds of Every Sort and in the Shadow of the It's Branches They Will Dwell Now This. In This Context Is the Description of the Messianic Kingdom. Jesus Takes That Imagery He Changes It up a Bit Because This Has a Twig Being Brought You Know Going into a Cedar Jesus Makes It a Mustard Seed Because Mustard Is so Small Is Trying to Come No Illustrate the Size Differential between How It Starts with Just Him and His Few Disciples in the World and Then It Grows to As Daniel Said a Great Mountain to Fill the Whole Earth. This Is What Jesus Is Echoing Daniel and Ezekiel. Also, by the Way, Ezekiel 31 Talks about the Assyrian King As a Great Tree and Birds Were Largest Branches and and Animals Were Bringing Forth Her Young under a Shadow and so Forth. And That's Not a Bad Image That's a Good Image. Likewise, Nebuchadnezzar Had a Dream in Daniel Chapter 4, Where He Saw Himself Picked up As a Great Tree a Great Kingdom, and There Were Birds Lodging the Branches and Again the Wild Animals Were Benefiting from the Tree As They Do Is Are Supposed to. To Say That Birds Represent Something Bad Is to Make Something up Out Of Whole Cloth.

And I Didn't Say Anything Because I Would like You, Heal the Little That I like How True That It's True That A Few Chapters Earlier in Chapter in Chapter 8 of Luke, There Is the Parable of the Seed and Some of the Seed Falls on Top of the Ground Where It Doesn't Penetrate and Birds Eat the Seed so There's No Fruit from It. There's Nothing Grows from It and and and so I Think That There Saying Well since the Birds Are Bad and That Parable of the Seeds.

Therefore, They Have To Be Something Bad. In the Parable of the Mustard Tree Now There's No Reason to Believe That in the World Is Not a Single Reason to Believe That We Must Will Say That since the Devil Is Said to Be like a Roaring Lion and Jesus Is Said to Be a Line of the Tribe of Judah That They Must Be the Same. Somehow the Rescue of the Devil's Passages or That Lucifer Is Called the MorningStar and Jesus Called MorningStar's out.

You Must Be the Same.

Obviously Not That Stupid. In a Parable. If Your Time at Seeds in a Farmer Wants Growth.

A Bird That Eats the Seed Is a Problem and That Represents the Devil Taking the Truth Away from Somebody Hard When They Hear It, but in with in Terms of a Tree Having Birds Largest Branches Is Not a Problem. That's Where Birds Belong God Made Trees for That Purpose. And so, I Mean Victor Just They're Just Trying to Shoehorn an Idea That Is Absolutely Missing and and and When You Come to the Parable of the Leaven There. Even Worse, Because They Say Leaven Always Represent Something Bad Will Know Doesn't Sin Right Here but Here, Jesus Is the Kingdom of God Is like Leaven Is the Kingdom of God but God That He Is Bringing into Existence. Why Would He Say It Bad Right I Mean Again the Dispensations Have a Narrative That They Want to Find in the Bible Jesus Said A Lot Of Things That Spoil That Narrative so They Have To Bring in Totally Counterintuitive Ideas That Have No Basis in Reality in Their Temptation. You Got It Right When You Read It Simply without Their Lenses on but since They Can't Have Jesus Teaching That the Church or the People of God Are Going to Impact the Whole World for Good and Be Known As the Bible Says a Great Mountain to Fill the Whole Earth Because They They Have a Different Outlook for the Church in the Future. They Have To Make the Parables Exactly the Opposite of What Jesus Is Teaching. I Thought I Said It Would Take No, but I Did Not Realize That with Something That They Believe That the Church Is Going to Fail That Target Standard It Standard Dispensationalism. I Don't Think I Don't Think You'll Find Some Who's Not a Dispensations Who Would Impose Such a Meeting on the Parable. Ha. I Think I Just Got Children's Paradise. Paradise Restored or Something like That and That Seems to Be Talking about How What Is the Opposite.

So like It That a Failure and What It Can Happen. I Guess Hunker down and You Know until the End. It's More about Pushing Forward with Taking Them and I Thought That Was Really Intriguing Fell on It or to Remap That I Did Not Realize That Dispensationalism with That Gloomy God Is Very Pessimistic about the World and Golly.

Okay, That Really Help. I Appreciate Your Time. All Right. Thank You, Thank You.

I John from Burlison Texas. Welcome to the Narrow Path Yesterday Just Wonder If You Explain Something to Me, Never Really Heard on Your Show before It's Matthew 11 Eight.

I Say to You That Many Will Come from the East and the West Will Take Your Places at the Feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdom of Heaven, but the Subjects of the Kingdom Will Be Thrown outside into Darkness Where There Will Be Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth.

I Guess I Got My Kingdoms Confused or Something. Sounds like You're Somebody Crashing This Feedstock Have To Straighten Me out on the Phrase Okay Yeah by Doing This on Matthew 11 Eight. That's Matthew 11, but That's Fine Jewelry Just to Clarify for Listeners Okay Yeah Jesus Is Talking Gentiles Coming into the Kingdom Which Is News to His Jewish Readers Because His Army Listeners.

His Is Is Listeners Were Anticipating the Kingdom of God Because the Prophets Had Predicted for so Long, but They Thought It Was Going to Be a Kingdom in Which the Jews Were You above All the Other Gentiles. The Gentiles Will Be a Part of It, but Only Is Subject to the Jews.

The Jews to Be the Ruling Race and the Gentiles Would Be under the Foot of the Jews, so This Is What Jesus Is Surprising Them That That's Not True. What He Saying Is Gentiles Are to Come from the East and the West, and Sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdom of Heaven or Cano God and in Others the Gentiles from All of the World.

Every Part of the Kingdom, Whereas He Says the Children of the Kingdom Which Means the Jews, Who Are the Natural Heirs of the Kingdom Will Be Cast out.

Now What He Saying Is Most the Jews Are Going to Miss out on the Kingdom and the Standby and Watch As Gentiles Come into the Kingdom. That's His Point and in the Context of It. Of Course, Is That He Heals the Centurion's Servant.

The Sintering Was a Gentile and so Was the Same and so Is His Servant and When the Man Expressed Tremendous Faith in Jesus. Jesus Said, I Have Not Found This Kind of Faith in Israel.

In Other Words, Here's a Gentile Who Is Showing More Faith in Me That I Have Found among Any Jews so Far and He Says and There's Remote Many More like It.

Many Shall Come from East to West Me from the Gentile Lands and They'll Be in the Kingdom like You like like the Centurion Himself Because of Their Faith, but the Jews Who Do Not Have Faith in Christ Rather to Miss out. Let's Resent Okay by the Way, the Children of the Kingdom in This Case Refers to the Jews Who Would Be the Natural Heirs of the Kingdom Because the Kingdom Was First Established in Israel. In Exodus 19 When God Said, If You Obey My Voice and Keep My Covenant, You Will Be a Kingdom to Me Absurd. Israel Was Given the Opportunity God's Kingdom First and Then When They Gave up on That by Rejecting God's Rule. The Prophets That the Messiah Would Come and Reestablish the Team and That's Why the Disciples Even after Jesus Rose from the Dead Said, Lord, Will You at This Time Restore the Kingdom to Israel.

But Here Jesus Pointing out It's Not to Be Just, Israel Is Certainly the Remnant of Israel into Believing Christ Come into the Kingdom, but Most of Them Don't. Most the Jews Don't End and Likewise Most Gentiles Don't but a Great Number Gentiles Do, and so He Simply Commenting on the Greater Number Gentiles like the Centurion Who Will Come into the Kingdom Because Their Faith in Christ and the Exclusion of Those Who Thought They Were the Natural Heirs. The Children of the Kingdom of Anarchy to Be There. Okay Right Thank You Much. Thank You for Your Call Dave from San Pablo. Welcome to the Narrow Path, Thanks for Telling It. Great. Good to You. I Have a Question regarding the Sovereignty of God.

Okay, My All That I Read in the Bible Seems to Point to the Total Sovereignty of God. Okay, and He Just Died. When We Die. And When We Come to Faith. If We Come to Faith or Whatever. A Lot Of What Were the Sort of Dropped the Ball When It Comes to Being Born. If You Just If You Limited. I'm Not Sure Why the Question Arises. Did Someone Say That He Is Will Know I Hear A Lot of Things like Antiabortion, He Though It God One Child Would Be Born. Is There Anything We Can Do to Prevent That.

If It Will. While That's like Saying Yes. If God Wants Somebody Child Has Been Born to Live. Will He Prevent EE Five Ring What Cindy God Is Sovereign Is I Think Often Misunderstood to Say That Somebody Is Sovereign King Is Sovereign, for Example, Is to Say That He Has the Authority to Act without without Counsel without Approval from Anybody Else.

He He Is in Total Authority.

Now We Say That God Is Sovereign and He Is He Has the Authority to Do Whatever He Wants to, but That's Not the Same Thing As Saying That He Controls Everything Because He Doesn't Know When You When You Die, He May Not Want to Now He He Does for Us Christians Because the Bible Says That Not a Sparrow Falls the Ground Apart from His Will.

So He Made a Parable about the Man Building a Warehouse Storage Brain Said You Fool Your Soul Is Going to Be You Know Your Life Is Going to Be Ended. Now That There's No Question That the Bible Says That God Can Take People's Life and He Wants to and That He Gets a Better Life Is the Answer: Answer If I Can Okay Because I Think Many People Have the Impression That God's Sovereignty Refers to His Meticulous Providence That Is God Is Meticulously Involved in Everything That Goes on and He's the One Who Makes Things Happen Decide to Happen. Everything We Know Differently. Let Me Just Say This. He Has a Right He Has the Right to Do That Because That's the Meaning of the Meaning of the Word Sovereign Means Someone Who Has the Right to Do That Kind of Thing. The Question Is Does a Person Is That Right Always Want to Manipulate and Micromanage Everything I Mean I King Has the Right, I Presume, If He's a Real King to His Right of Her Life and Death of His Subjects. In Fact, He Could Even Require If Using Autocrat That He That He Decide Who They Marry and How Many Children There Love to Have and Where They Work at the Job and What More Time in the Morning They Get up on Time to Go to Bed with the for Breakfast I King Would Have the Authority or the Right to Determine Those Things Were Very Few Kings Have Ever Tried That Fact. I Don't Know of Any That Have or Even Want to. I Mean, I Know That If I Was a King.

I Wouldn't Want to Micromanage People's Lives That Much and and I'm Sure There's Many Kings Who Haven't, in Fact, There Are Many Kings Who Probably Have Extended A Lot Of Freedom to Their Subjects and Have Not Made Those Decisions for Their Lives, and God Who Is Sovereign Can If He Wants to, but Does Does He Make All Those Decisions for People I Don't Know That He Does. The Bible Does of Course Indicate That Life-And-Death Are Clearly in His Hand Because He Can Protect Me from Dying.

If He Wants Me to Live or He Can Take My Life.

If He Wants Me to Die. Those Things Are Clearly Taught in Scripture. Now What You're Saying. Of Course, Is If God Doesn't Want to Enter in the Womb to Die, Then No One Can Kill It, and Therefore We Should Be Considering Abortion. We Might As Well Say That If God Doesn't Want Me to Die.

Then Someone Breaking in My House and Stabbing Me to Death Is an Avid You Know, We Just Can't Happen. But but If Somebody Does Stab Me to Death. One Could Argue, Okay, I Guess That Was Your Time to Go.

Steve but That Doesn't Mean That He Wasn't against the Action Is a Criminal Actions Murder Murder Is Forbidden. Now Many Times God Does Allow Things to Happen through the Bad Deeds of Other People like When Joseph's Brothers Sold Him into Slavery. That Was a Bad Thing They Did in Their Responsible for It.

God Allowed It to Happen As He Didn't Stop Them Because He Wanted Joseph to Go into Egypt to Save His Family and Save the World. Likewise You through Most of Jesus Life People Tried to Kill Jesus. They Took up Stones to Stone Him and Such and Wanted to Throw off a Cliff. On One Occasion, and They Just Couldn't Do It Because It Wasn't His Time When It Was His Time, God Allowed Caiaphas and Pilate and Judas to Do All Those Bad Things of the Romans to Kill Him. Now the Fact That God Didn't Stop Them Doesn't Mean That They Were Doing a Bad Thing. The Fact That God Allowed Jesus to Die at Their Hands Rather Than Delivering Him from Them Doesn't Mean That He Was. He Thought It Was Okay for People to Murder Enter into and to Judge Unrighteously in Court, and so Forth As Those Things Happen.

Likewise, If If the Baby Is Aborted. Maybe at Some Level We Could Say Well I Guess God Could Have Kept It Alive If He Wanted to but That's Kind of That's That's All of the Range behind the Veil or We Don't Know Everything about God's Will.

What We Do Know Is When Allowed to Kill People, Including Killing Babies, so Abortion Is Murder in a Person Who Gets an Abortion Has Human Blood on Their Hands and of Course There's a Tremendous Penalty for That Unless They Repent and Become Saved, but You Know I'm If You're Saying Well You Have the Baby Can't Die Apart from God's Will, Then Why Be Antiabortion. It Sounds like That Was Maybe What You're Saying Is That We Are Saying No No No Okay Baby Is Not Born, Can't That Be Part of God's Plan. Yes, It Can Be Mean, but We Don't Know His Plan. We Don't Know That Right We Don't Always Plan. I Mean the Way Things Turn out Our Lease Things That He Did Not Present yet. Well Anyway, Thank You.

The Okay, Sexier, Okay Brandon from Edmonds, Washington. Welcome to the Neuropathic for Calling a Conversation with Boxes during That Thing That Probably the Hardest Part of My Date Is One Called about like What You're Saying like You Not Be Done, Inherit the Kingdom. Okay Cool like Yesterday You Had a Caller Whose Dad Was a Pastor and at the End of the Riot Got Gunned down by the Cop Murder, and He Had like Parting with Them Practically Anything. The Crazy Thing and Then Paul Talking like I Find That the Law Can End Every Time I Want to Do. I Can't Figure Practicing on the Bike and I like Trampling My Family and I like When You're Still Doing the Thing I Find I Don't Want to Do That. I Agree That Your Lives Good Man and Man Here I Am in You. You're Right Paul.

Paul Hated It and If You Hate It to You If You Hate Sin. That Doesn't Mean You'll Never Commit Sin, It Means I Mean You You Will Hate It.

If You Do Annual Repent of It. A Person Will Not Live in Sin As a Way of Life.

If They Hated Now There Are People Who Are Living in Sin, They Don't Pay Percent Not Hate Enough in a Way Repent of It. Christians Do Repent and Therefore They Do Hate Their Sins, but That Doesn't Mean They Never Succumb to Temptation. I'm in the Flesh Lusts against the Spirit and the Spirit against the Flesh.

Paul Said, so That Sometimes We Don't Do What We Want to Do and When Paul Said Appalled and Say Whenever I Want to Do What's Right. I Find I Do, It's Wrong. He Didn't Say That It Happens All the Time Would Be Impossible to Imagine That You Know Paul Was Always Doing the Wrong Thing.

Paul Was a Man with the of of Imperfections like Us, Maybe Fewer Than We Have in Some Case Because He Was Much More Mature Christians Live a Holy Life, He Was Able to Point to Himself As an Example to Follow.

If You Follow Christ, Follow Me and Imitate Me. He Said He Is a Much Better Christian Than I Am but but at the Same Time He Was a Perfect Christian, and Therefore Not Christian Wants to Be Perfect by the Way a Christian Is Someone Who's Devoted to Following Jesus Perfectly As Best They Can and and They Are Always Disappointed.

Chris Is Always Disappointed When They Don't Do Perfectly. So Paul, like Anyone Else Was Not Perfect and Therefore He Was Frustrated When He Wasn't Perfect, Just like I Am and You Are but the Point Is the Christian Life Is Not to Be Discerned by the Trajectory of Your Life Is Your Life Aimed toward Following Jesus. If Is It Your Determination to Follow and Obey Jesus If It Is, You Will Still Stumble.

Like Paul Said He Did and Everybody Disarming James Was an Apostle Himself When He Wrote James He Said We All Stumble in Some Things and so James Wasn't Claiming to Be a Perfect Christian, Even Recently, Christian Christians Stumble and When They Stumble That Sending but They Get Back up Again in the Keep Walking toward God. Now a Person Who Sins and Doesn't Get up and Start Walking Back toward God and Repent That Person's Not Stumbling or Walking in Sin, You Know the Direction of Your Walk. Are You Walking toward God.

Following Christ or Are You Walking in the Flesh, and Just Desiring to Do Your Own Thing and Hoping Maybe God Will Give You a Break on the Day of Judgment. The First Description, I Think, Is That of a Saved Person.

The Second One Is Someone Who Thinks or Say but Isn't like Working You Will Think Trying to Write the over Time Really Encouraging.

We Sound like Someone Who Wants to the Holy Life and That's That's That's What a Christian Wants Your You're a Believer If You Want to Live a Holy Life for Christ.

What You Read John or James Any like Your Diet. You Know like You Know, I Know Takes It May Take a Lifetime to Get There or Not Even Get There until after He Did, but the Point Is, Were Aiming That at That Goal and Going That Way It's like You Know If You Want to Be a Pull Vaulter and You're Just a Beginner or Maybe Just Intermediate You Get over the Pole at the Olympic Gold Medalist Level and Solar Time You Try to Knock the Bar down but You're Still Trying You're Still Wanting to Do It Right and You Don't Lower the Bar and When the Bible Tells Us to Be Perfect. What Else Is Less-Than-Perfect.

I Mean If You If You Set the Goal for Less Than That.

You'll Be Satisfied with the Something Less Than What God Wants, Not What God Wants Is One Thing but He Will Forgive Is Another Thing You Know, I Mean God Wants Us to Be Perfect. He'll Forgive Our Imperfections.

If He Knows Our Heart Is to Be Perfect of a Hardest to Follow Him. Remember What He Said to the Disciples When They Were Certainly Committed to Following Him and When He Said Stay Awake for an Hour and Pray with Me and They Fell Asleep While They Disobeyed Him, but They Wanted to Obey Him, and He Said That He Says the Spirit Indeed Is Willing but the Flesh Is Weak.

And That's How God Looks at All of His True Children. We Want to Be Obedient. Our Flesh Is Weak. So Sometimes We Fail, but You Can Tell When We Fail If We Are Really Christians by the Fact That We Consider That a Failure and You Can't Be Considered a Failure If You're Not Aiming at Something Better. So Your Aim Are You Aimed at a Perfect Holy Life Follow Jesus. If so, That's the Direction of Your Heart. That's Who You Are, That's Your Believer. If You Fall, Some People Fall More Often Than Others but No One No Christian Wants to Fall Just like You Don't Want to Fall When You're Walking on the Road Are Running a Ration on Stumble, but It Happens but It's Not Just Describe Your Life It Doesn't Describe Your Walk Anyway, yet God Bless You and Procedure: Listening to the Narrow Path.

My Name Is Steve Greg and We Do This Monday through Friday. We Are Listener Supported. You Can Write to Us at the Narrow Path, PO Box 1732 Macula CA 92593. You Can Also Donate at the Website, Don't Realize That the Website Is Loaded with All Kinds of Resources and Everything Is Free. You Can't Buy Anything There Because We Don't Sell Anything. You Can Donate There If You Want to Website, Which Is the Narrow Thanks for Joining Us. Have a Good Weekend Starting Monday

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