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The Narrow Path 7/9

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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July 9, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 7/9

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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July 9, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Greg and we are live for an hour each week. The afternoon I was an open phone line for you to call if you have questions about the Bible to the Christian faith or maybe you have a different viewpoint from the host you like to bring up for discussion. The number to call is 844-484-5737 844-484-5737 our first color today is Linda from Michigan Linda, welcome to the narrow path that you're calling John 44 and I wanted you know that cabinet you to speak toward predestination and election and would like to know what your prospective Internet scripture section is on Revelation 2 and regarding the one who sits on the white horse you are you on that as well as if you have time about the other three horses think. Thank you very much. Talking to write well. One of the favorite verses of Calvinists is well one favorite chapters for compasses John chapter 6 and there's a number of verses in this chapter the like, including verse 44 where Jesus said no one can come to me unless the father who sent me draws him and I will raise him up on the last day.

Now there's a similar verse to visit later in the chapter and verse 65 and he said therefore I have said to you that no one can come to me unless he is. It has been granted to him by my father. So coming to Christ is something that God must initiate on with the with the unbeliever of the unbeliever apparently would not have any interest in coming to Christ or or would not have any knowledge to come to Christ. I would not have any opportunity to come to Christ if not for God's initiating the opportunity and and even the interest.

I believe what this means is that people do not come to Christ. Unless God first convicts them of their sins because conviction is what would lead to repentance. A person is not to repent of the file conviction and repentance is a first step toward coming to Christ, so obviously God has to convict the center of sin affecting in John chapter 16 Jesus said the Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin and of righteousness and judgment. I believe what that means is that if the Holy Spirit working in the heart of the unbeliever who convicts them or makes them have convictions about what's right and what's wrong and about their own sinful behavior. If God doesn't do that though, go along your merry way, oblivious to the fact that they are on bad terms with God. So is my opinion that Jesus simply say that no one can come to be less the father who sent me draws him now.

I will say this, the Calvinist places a certain meaning on the word draws unless my father draws him of the word in the Greek's telco and it's found in the Old Testament in the Septuagint and in the New Testament numerous times in the Calvinist says it telco refers to dragging or bringing somebody against their will. In other words, it's they they would say of God's drawing someone they necessary will come to him because God is dragging that he's not. No one can resist God's power to drag them to himself so they would argue this isn't really of course true, because in John 1232 Jesus use the same word telco when he said if I be lifted up I will draw all men to myself what God does seek to draw all men to himself, but his drawing can be resisted and we know it can be resisted from numerous places in the Bible is that speak of that, for example in the Old Testament God talks about God drawing Israel to himself in Jeremiah 31 three also in Hosea 11 for both of them use the word to drag or to draw and so God drew Israel to himself, he says, but he then says that they went off after the gods.

Now, if God's drawing was irresistible, then those that he had drawn would not go off after the gods were he doesn't want them to go. In other words, when God says he draws them.

It doesn't mean he drags them against their will. It doesn't mean that he irresistibly draws them the, the lover in song of Solomon use this were to draw me into and I will and we will run together how draw me into just me and sees me and force yourself upon me. It means attracting draw you draw me to you. I think the people of course, have to be drawn to Christ, or else they won't come to Christ.

But that doesn't mean that God uses some kind of force that cannot be resisted. After all, Jesus did say to Jerusalem and the 23rd chapter of Matthew and I think it's verse 37 but I'm not sure what that Jesus said to you know, oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you how many times I would've gathered you as a hen gathers her chicks under her wing, but you would not others, God, Christ, trying to gather people to him but obviously not irresistibly because they wouldn't come. So God draws us by persuasion by conviction, and so forth.

But we still make a choice of what will do about it.

In the book of acts it says on the day of Pentecost that when Peter preached and accepted to that the people were cut to the heart and they said what must we do, but later on in chapter 7, when Stephen preached it says the people were cut to the heart and they stoned him to death. Okay, so they were convicted in both cases. In one case they were converted in the other case they murdered the messenger so being convicted being cut to the heart does not guarantee conversion that's there still a free choice to be made about that now. You asked about the white horse in Revelation 6 to of course. Revelation 6 begins the breaking of the seven seals in the first four seals each reveal a horse and rider the first horses or a white horse the writer has a bow and arrow and it is given of the ability to conquer the second horses read and he's given the power to take away peace from the land or the earth. Depending on how to translate the Greek word can go either way.

The third one is a green horse which most people assume represents famine and the lessons of a black horse, which is said death. I'm sorry cigarette, it's that the black horses third and that's when the salmon and then the green horse is death. Now these horses are not real horses of course are real writers wanted some people might say they are, but I don't think it's very commonplace to think that there is very literally for horses, riding out on the earth that are these colors and have someone holding up balances hands and holding: arrow in his hand.

Of these are representative of different concepts. The first one apparently is of conquest. The second one is a most, there's a degree of Civil War taken peace from the land.

The third one is famine, and the fourth one is deafening and general calamity.

Now these represent different phenomena representative riders on horses. After all, the fourth horses written by death and obviously death is not a person but speed personified. So, reason symbolic imagery here and are not real horses or real writers at all. They are simply a representative of something and the first one apparently represents conquest and and I believe it probably refers to the Romans coming at the beginning of the Jewish war in 66 A.D. and conquering and of the red horses Civil War which breaks out in Israel. As you read in Josephus account. Every town was an armed camp against neighbors against their neighbors and then famine was clearly recorded in Josephus work during this time the Jews suffered great shortages of food and even began to eat their own children because are so starving and then general death. Actually the fourth horse. The green one. It says that it kills 1/4 of the people of the earth or the land with famine and with the sword and with pestilence and with beasts of the earth. Now these four things are mentioned in an easy kill chapter 14 as the four terrible judgments that God brings upon Jerusalem.

Of course, an easy kill say these things were coming on Jerusalem when the Babylonians came to destroy Jerusalem in 586 BC. I believe revelations talk about a second similar situation when the Romans came and did the same thing. In A.D. 70 cell I'm seeing these horsemen is relevant to the destruction of Jerusalem in the first century a lot of different views exist other people who think that the white horse rider is Jesus because Jesus is seen riding on a white horse. In chapter 19. And you know you and II don't think that they're the same writer on the same horse necessarily they could be many people popular dispensationalism seems to teach that the white horse rider is the antichrist, which of course doesn't really get to my mind there's not a thing in the Scripture that would point that direction. So those are my thoughts on those horses and on John chapter 6 verse 44) talk next to John from Oregon city, Oregon.

John looking to the neuropathic's recalling think here. So what are your thoughts on the Lord you will, the founder of the Baptist in the colonies USC yet I haven't really read much about him by me. I remember his name from when it when I studied colonial history.

I know he was a I believe he knew it wasn't the founder of the Baptist movement in the United States or before the before his unit states in the colonies yet yet yeah and also he founder of Rhode Island right right and you will all I all I remember about him are those two things and the fact that he had really long hair also when I yeah stated that he wrote a book called the ability tenant of persecution, for conscience sake, including freedom of conscience, very big on that he was what I would call it.

I identified them very much establishment type, and I wondered where you get ideas and so I kept looking I went on the one on the Internet and looked, and Wikipedia's were on, but is not there anymore, but I want put into the article and it made reference to Revelation 17 eight. So, which of course, identify who the harlot is on the feast and so if you could just read it and then you do a quick use of it while I II need to know what it is I'm addressing about it because that verse simply says the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth. I don't know how Roger Williams applied that what views he took from okay very much establishment. He and I felt like you got invited from that that there is a time when not what I just what ideas did he get that passage, the passage doesn't really say very much, that would be directly relevant to say the colonies. It's talking about the great city that rules are the kings of the earth which probably most scholars would apply to Rome and John stay after you speak of the present tense. It's the city that reigns present tense and John stay over the kings of the earth, so many scholars believe is reference to Rome. I'm inclined to think it's reference to Jerusalem, which was also standing when John wrote that before 70 A.D., but I but those are two opinions I I know how to defend. I know of other opinions. I don't think is defensible but what what is the point he's making II can't comment on his view.

If I don't know what he said about what didn't. But one of he said will he said I would do is take care of the elderly friend of mine and I get a lot of government money and said I get a lot of government money I my mind.

I saw the holy don't be so.

I also got the woman woman in Revelation chapter 12 that Jerusalem and I think the one as well go home represent the that the Jerusalem represent okay, listen, listen.

I went through the whole whole book of Revelation. II have my own opinions and you probably have different one so we can't really evaluate the whole book of Revelation right now because Miller calls waiting, this is a talk show with Q&A.

I've heard a question really understood yet but the thing is that if you want to know my views about Revelation.

I have lectures on it at my website and the free listen to them.

Verse by Thank you for your call. Let's talk to Carol from Oakland, California Carol, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling everything that you how much you claim to a Jehovah witness that you don't agree with their interpretation that Jesus is not God because God cannot die, and Jesus died and then just secondly they don't have to vote and they don't participate in anything of the government because it says that my kingdom is not of this world, so they feel that they don't have to vote and take a listen to Auxier okay Jehovah's Witnesses do not participate in government. They don't say the Pledge of Allegiance. Anything that bothers some people, but I mean that's not the most objectionable thing I could find about their movements. In fact, there are Christians who have that same position is not distinctly a Jehovah's Witness position. Although they do hold it the view that the kingdom of God is transcendent to any nation and of the concerns of the kingdom are transcendent to any concerns of any earthly nation. In a sense is true. On the other hand, the kingdom of God has certain values that that God wishes to promote through his people and through Christ. The world is supposed to improve under Christ's leadership. There's many places in the Bible talk about how when the Messiah comes here he's gonna rain over the kings of the earth, and how that is, establish justice in all the earth, and that your peace and so forth. So me. These are concerns of Christ and therefore the Christian to now in John's day in the Bible days they didn't really the Christians and have a power to have any influence in government so there is no recommendation of doing so. We have them situation in an American modern history that did not exist in biblical times and was not anticipated in any of the writings of the Bible that is Christians in the position to actually promote righteousness and justice in society through their votes and and having that opportunity. In my opinion translates into a responsibility to whom much is given of them, much is required.

Now John and Paul and Jesus frankly did not live in a time where they could elect rulers or affect legislation or anything like that so they they didn't have opportunity and therefore they didn't have responsibility you not responsible for, you can't do. But we do have opportunity and we have to decide is that is it our place to promote justice and righteousness in the earth through the influence that we happen to have that the early church did not have.

In my opinion, the answer is yes. Now there's a time when I thought like the Jehovah's Witness to my dispensation was due today that the world just get worse and worse and worse and that's just the way it is. Shouldn't really try to improve anything I think is DL Moody, who compared Christians trying to improve things in the world as your polishing brass on a sinking ship. So I'm in the ship the world a sinking ship you. You don't want to do some like try to just make it nicer. Another radio minister I've heard says that to try to improve the world is just making the world a better place to go to hell from for the unbeliever. Well, I mean, obviously if were not working on our converting people then were not doing much good. Even if were making a better world for just make people more complacent in the world. On the other hand to help the poor and to visit sick and to do what we can to relieve people who are in misery with those strike me as the kinds of things Jesus said would be judged by in the parable of the sheep and the goats said if you do it, to lease the suit to me so you I was hungry and you didn't feed me are sick. You didn't visit me as naked and clothing. They sound like you know concerns for the poor and further suffering and if you don't do anything for them.

She said you neglected to do for me so it sounds to me like a concern for people's plight, especially people in misery or in need. It is a concern of Christ and is a concern of the Christian now that can for a Christian might exercise that duty simply by giving money to the poor. But if a person has the ability, for example, to influence society of through preaching the gospel, as well as through you know the selection of leaders in any kind.

The right kind of leaders can to promote more justice in the world that strikes me is a good thing. I don't think just polishing brass on a sinking ship it if if you have the Jehovah's Witnesses just leave it the world come crashing down and and there like this from sick dispensationalism in respect of the church that history didn't believe that throughout history, the church believed that we were here to be 11 in a lump of dough to cause the whole lump to rise that we were to be, you know, a blessing to all nations, and that blessing certainly the primary blessing we have for operations is the gospel, but certainly not the only one main member James that if use of this world's good news. He was somebody in need, and you say, be warmed and filled, but you don't give them what they need for the body. How is that faith, your faith is without works so clearly, the Bible does not indicate that were supposed to just bless people spiritually. If we can help them physically. We should and that's I think a Christian duty. So in my opinion those who say well we shouldn't really do anything to try to make the world better for people that's that's easy for us to say if were comfortable.

We are fat and sassy Americans were comfortable and were not repressed. Not yet. And so it is easy when the other world good enough.

Wouldn't you make a better it's not our business.

But if we had a heart for the poor as Jesus does I think was a way there's way too many people who are poor and unrelieved. There's way too many people who are suffering from injustice. There's too many people who are in no sick and don't have their needs met and yet you said occupying telecoms and I said why think Jesus coming so soon. Can't getting done what we said that back 50 years ago, 1971. Hal Lindsay wrote the late great planet Earth, all things going.

That's a fast we should just gonna hang onto her salvation. Hope to be ruptured in the next few months, but we were wrong 50 years has passed since then, we might be wrong for think is coming right now to. In the meantime were we doing are supposed to be doing the things that will allow Jesus to say to us on the judgment day.

I was sick and you visited me, I was hungry and you sent me. I was naked and you clothed me, those are things we better be doing, because those are things he told us where we judged by so I'm you know I think pulp politics has a lot to do with poverty and with the with justice and injustice done to the poor, and so forth. So I don't agree with not being involved with whatever degree one can to help other people have a better life. I realize that we often are not aware that some people need a better life because our life is just fine that, of course, being self-centered like that is the opposite of the Christian attitude now as far as their view that Jesus is not God.

Well, there's a lot of Scriptures that would day and I would disagree about if you want to know my full answer to a Jehovah's Witness about that.

I guess I'd tell you to go to my website. The and go to the topical lectures tab and find the free series.

All officers are free to listen to called knowing God and there is there's a lecture about the Trinity is lecture of the deity of Christ, and there I go into every relevant passage obviously show like this I could at the most government he won a little bit, but there's lots of if I said well I would. I disagree with them on John 11 because they add the indefinite article a before God.

So they say the word was a God instead of the Word was God.

Okay, so I disagree to them that they know about that discriminate there. There pretty invulnerable to because they been told I'm running there right at the don't know much of a Greek any of them, but that's with them and told now also they would then ignore that because there's like you half a dozen other scriptures that use to prove that Jesus is God and I would have time to go to all those right now but I do in my lectures I don't leave any of that out. So let me urge you to go to the website. It's evidence free at the website. The and go to the tab that says top topical lectures and find a series called knowing God, and then look at the lectures on the deity of Christ in John the Trinity.

All right.

And that's that's most like to say right now just because of time limits. By the way over to talk to Michael from Huntington Beach right after our break. The break is coming up immediately and I don't want to have to interrupt the call.

I also say we have some lines open. That's not always the case. So if you wanted to call and the pastor from the line busy. This is a very good time to call because we have a were at the break at the bottom of the hour and we have another half-hour coming up so you can call here at 844-484-5730 7F 844-484-5737 and if you get in line.

Here we take your call in the next half-hour. However, until we take a break or as we take a break. I want you to know the neuropathic is listener supported and our expenses every month. A very great and all of them have to do with pain for airtime. I give a caveat here because this month I actually to buy some equipment some broadcast equipment. My old equipment was failing and that some of you may remember a few weeks ago I was hooked up and then went out and so forth of the building that was just an old so I bought some new equipment and that I would just want to know some of those donations went toward that so I don't I just full disclosure, I usually say all the money you give those to radio stations and that's generally true that once in a while we have to replace things and read but we are endangered on some of the stations. That is, some stations were on, which is not receiving enough from that area to maintain our presence on your station. Long-term hideaway Omaha Nebraska is one of those locations just just so you know there are some others to if you'd like to help us down the air you can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 just up from the website go to the narrow and click on the tab that says donate and so you doing hey I'll be back in 30 seconds. It will take some more calls. As you know, the neuropathic radio show is Bible radio that has nothing to sell you everything to do the right thing and share what you know with your family and friends. Tell them to tune into the narrow path on this radio station. The narrow when they will find topical audio teachings blog articles and diverse teachings and are kind to all the radio shows you know listener supported neuropathic Steve Greg share what you know and radio broadcast Steve Greg and we are live for another half-hour taking your calls.

You like to be on the program. The number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and Michael from Huntington Beach.

Thanks for waiting on the break.

Good to hear from you. Timing of the kingdom of God as Jesus who you at this time is not for you to know the time is Stephen's how I met with the gospel of Mark chapter 1 verse 1450 with the Jesus came preaching of the kingdom you therefore believe sake saying oh right now.

Could you please to assure the kingdom of God is a phenomenon in the New Testament that is seen as a progressive. It arrived with Jesus and it progresses Jesus like a mustard seed that begins as a little seed that grows up into a great tree that's a process he described it as a seed planted in the ground that grows even while the farmer sleeps and it springs up first the blade than the head than the full grain of mature grain in the head and then comes the harvest, so he talks about the kingdom is growing in stages and in increments. He also likened it to leaven in a lump of dough which obviously over period of time expands to fill the lump of dough into make it rise. Also in the Old Testament, which predicted Jesus bringing the kingdom in in Daniel chapter 2 and verse 44, while trying to hold vision and dream of Nebuchadnezzar, the kingdom of God is likened to a stone which comes and strikes the kingdoms of the earth on the feet and then grows into a great kingdom to fill the whole earth which is of course has been doing ever since Jesus, that stone arrived and his kingdom has been growing to fill the whole earth but is taken 2000 years now. What I'm saying is the kingdom is seen as a progressive phenomenon in one sense, we can say it.

It has come in another sense we could say it is coming and another sense we could say it will, and it's in its final phase.

Like I can.

Sometimes to David's kingdom because David is a type of Christ that David was anointed king in a secret ceremony's father's house. Shortly after that he fled from Saul and other people followed him 400 people thought of as his is his subject surveyed, they made him their captain later on when Saul died, the tribe of Judah asked Jesus to rule over them, and then a few years later seven 1/2 years later, the whole of Israel did and then she's became the universally recognized king but it was me, David, and that so that was a note in stages. First was the secret anointing he was King says the spirit came upon in their but he was a persecuted king for a while and then he was a king over just Judah, and then over all of Israel.

So I think that's how the kingdom of Christ is to it began with his quiet anointing at his baptism, and then wishes his few followers who follow him during times of persecution and then the growing of his kingdom, so that more and more people become his subjects and then finally when he returns. Everyone will acknowledge him as king.

He'll be the universe looking out each of those represents a different stage in the kingdom of God and so when Jesus of the kingdom of God is at hand. You type himself. He was there in the kingdom that he was establishing was ready to ready to get started.

Later on when he said to the Pharisees if I'm cast out demons by the finger of God and the keyword has kingdom of God has come upon you, or when they said to him once of the kingdom of God appears are essentially the same question. The disciples asked in acts 16.

The Pharisees asked Jesus in Luke 1720, and said, when shall the kingdom appear and he said well it's here in your midst already, and yet the Bible does talk of the kingdom progressing. It talks about it. Run it and it talks about the future completeness of the kingdom. So there are aspects of it that are still future, like the universal acknowledgment of Jesus as Lord for every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, that still future, but but some parts are now in the past and had it and have been present ever since Jesus came the first minimally remembered yet. Okay. By the way, if you have trouble remembering it that I do have a series on the kingdom of God and I since this comes up on the Internet series at our website the course of the yes on the same subject. When not I don't know it's it's it's written it's written but it's not published in God like you to appreciate your call Michael okay we talk next to Luke from Scottsdale, Arizona. Luke welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling Michael my question today is about numbers. Numbers 12 three where it mentioned that Moses was very humble yet more than all men who were on the night the district if the remarkable could in a being who he was bleeding.

I don't know what little is like 2 million Israelites across the wilderness and is what a leader he had to be to be considered like the most humble nanometer on that topic very remarkable and I started thinking about it.

Unlike Moses wrote this book so funny to like make a statement like that about yourself and manifest the Holy Spirit lead UT I got yet there's a good chance that he didn't write that particular line. When we say that Moses wrote the Pentateuch, the first five books we mean that there their basic material came from his writing, but that doesn't mean that in the passing of it down through the ages that no comments were added by no those who preserved it. For example, the last verses of Deuteronomy, a book written by Moses tells of his death, and have the last last few verses of Deuteronomy talk, how he died and it even says.

And since he died. There is not a reason another prophet like him and all Israel you know well obviously you know it's written from the vantage point of sometime after he died. So from time to time.

Even though these books written by Moses that are sometimes explanatory notes.

For example, in Genesis 1514 it says the Canaanites were in the land in those days well that sounds like it's inserted by somebody who lived after Canaanites were no longer in the land and and it's very possible in the fact that editorial notes may have been stuck in there like Moses was the meekest man you are the humblest man of all those on the earth that that could easily have been added by Joshua or by you know, one of the others. After Moses died just like the last verses of Deuteronomy could be as far as a meek and humble man being a good leader or not we have to remember that Jesus is a pretty good leader, and in Matthew chapter 11 he said take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart gentle is the same word meek I meek and lowly in heart, and you'll find rest for your souls. So that's an Matthew 1129 so Jesus, meekness or gentleness or lowliness of mind hump humility was a trait of Jesus and and Paul actually tells us in Philippians 2 that we should all have that mind of Christ humility so being a humble leader is a possibility. Jesus is the best model that Moses apparently was another good model of it and by being meek. It means he didn't assert for his own way. That's what being meek means we cannot self assertive. Now Moses did stand up and head back backbone of soda.

Jesus stood up against evil and reviewed people as God gave him the words to give a man whose meek is not a man whose week a man whose meek is a person strong enough to restrain himself from retaliating.

When people insult him and things like that and strong enough to yield to two other peoples wishes at times against his own personal wishes that's what meekness normally is and frankly that takes the maturity of little children are not very good at yielding their preferences to other people without throwing a tantrum. You have to learn that that's learned behaviors to be self-controlled, self-control is one of the greatest strengths of all the Bible says that he who rules his spirit is greater than one who can take a city. In others, a man who controls himself is stronger and greater than a man who can conquer sitting in a warrior, so innocent as they grow out a gentle person, a humble person that wouldn't be really very good leader went to Moses and Jesus both exceptional leaders and and both are declared to be uniquely or at least exceptionally humble people so you don't think of meekness as weakness because neither Moses nor Jesus showed weakness but strength experienced at eight all right, thanks for your call, Doug from Ohio. Welcome to the narrow things for calling hello hi I got brother Doug from Ohio. Thank you for taking my call. Been listening for a couple months. I also will preach appreciate your your meekness and your humbleness or think my question is I think it was about 20 weeks ago you would prefer reading to the book of Revelation. I believe from Revelation work through the end of the is basically already being fulfilled and I wondered if you could please briefly speak on answer okay. I mean I could speak at length on it that I don't do that here just say that one of the one of the four standard views of Revelation is called the predator's view of the word predator rest comes from the Latin word predator which means past. Now a predator is therefore it is a person makes a predator's view of a certain class that means that that person believes that prophecy was fulfilled in the past at so the opposite of a futures view which holds that the proxy has yet to be fulfilled in the future. So when it comes the book of Revelation there are futurists and their predators and their idealists and historicists for different views. I've written a book on the four views of Revelation. I won't get into that right now but my view is that very much of the book of Revelation is written about the past events and that incident and and that it says and it tells us all.

It says that these things will shortly come to pass and this was written 2000 years ago. John said these things will shortly come to pass. It's about to take place at the time is near and so forth and indicates that his readers should be able to identify the characters in the story who must be contemporary with readers because he says the on. Here's the mind has wisdom, let him calculate the number of the beast.

It's the number of a man is number 666 is basically saying if somebody is clever enough they could should be able to figure out who is talking about from that number and so course is writing the people in the first century so I believe that there's many indicators that the book was written in an fulfilled, for the most part in the in the early days of remembering. Revelation 11 verse one into the temple was still standing, which was, it fell in 70 A.D., but I think that those prophecies actually speak of the fall of the Temple and so the great catastrophe that occurred in the first century shortly after the book was written was the Jewish war and the Holocaust that was from 66 to 70 A.D. the end of the Jewish nation the end of the temple system.

The end of the temple itself and the dispersal of the Jews throughout all the world and the end of their kingdom really so that minutes a major major turning point in God's dealings with humanity since he had been Israel had been his kingdom for 1400 years, and now he ends it and says okay.

The kingdom of God is taken from you and I'm going to give it to a nation will bring forth the fruits of it as Jesus said to them, so, so I believe that that's not a small turning point is not like just another collapse of another big country like Tyre or Sidon or or even babbling or Nineveh that it's it's the fall of God's former nation and its and it's becoming basically extinct, which it did for thousands Thousand years, so it's a big big thing and I think it's Jesus, by the way predicted it numerous times. He wept over Jerusalem said your enemies are commonly you even to the ground and not one stone of uvula standing on another wipeout you and your children because you didn't know the date of your visitation.

Jesus told them that not one stone of the temple would be remain standing on another.

He told the fig tree, which I think represent Israel that no one will ever eat fruit from you again and it withered up.

There's a young Jesus said, oh, Jerusalem, in part that kills the prophets you you know it's all the wrath is come upon you from for all the blood guilt from able to Zechariah and he said this will happen this generation, which it did person, 70 A.D. so mean there's quite a few references and Jesus teaching to this destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, and I think Revelation expands on that expands on that prediction in detail and you see it most clearly.

If you actually become really acquainted with the history which was recorded by an eyewitness name Josephus. Josephus was there during the war and was there when Jerusalem fell and he left a very detailed history and the more the more a person becomes familiar with Josephus's record of the things the more the more apparent it is that the things in Revelation were referring to postings. That's the short course right no longer there.

Okay, I guess you not there anymore. All right, let's talk next to Renate from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling.

Hello so if there's anybody there is still connected. So I don't know what happened around, get to let okay were Rear shut you down in a callback. Maybe you got a bad line. The number by the way vernacular callback is 844-484-5737 all right rear talk next to a John from Pittsburgh.

Welcome John thanks: not hear him either. Now we got a problem. These lines were working earlier suddenly they're not okay.

I don't know what to say except going once, going twice. Jonathan did not there make you are there and maybe the problems with us but I don't. I don't know anything about. So hopefully the student maybe or something needs to be attended to her to see if we can talk to BC from Las Vegas receive Las Vegas. I want to be a liquid and I'm not seeing Natalie, but if you do the Bible all translated from the original manuscripts that were written in Greek right yes so if you look at the Greek and some of them online, but would be Kodak that began after the fight in a couple of the site to Canada to sign Atticus. Atticus get out. If you look at the pastiche there with John seeing if he seen three symbol of the Greek symbols look at some of the original text say the number 666, the new Bible to see the actual number of the three digit sick sick sick but I got a Bible – 666 ballot written out the words and that matches perfectly with the Greek symbols the Greek symbol. Note the name of whatever Kai whatever and there's addicted Greek 8615 six and those three numbers are those° identical to the Arabic symbols of what the free-speech law is which means there is no God but Allah and Mohammed figure, which no doubt be pretty big abomination as part of God concerning the God of the Bible at least, don't you think that sharia law be in the B system defeated like what I try to do it know the antichrist and the Bible ever become a turkey or what did occur to Mama something that I have not been listening the same teachers you have been side. I'm not really sure Bible allies save the request come from Pergamum that or or why there'd be any concern about Arabic words, the Muslim religion. Mohammed did not appear until about 56 centuries after Christ and John was writing to people who are his contemporaries and hate his speech than his contemporaries and letters to the seven churches, and then he goes on gives the revelation what he saw, but as I said to the previous caller when John is talking about the mark of the beast in Revelation 13. He actually says here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast. Now this is a number.

It's not a Muslim declarations and number for his number.

It's the number of a man a man.

His number is 666. Now he says to his readers who were living in the first century in Turkey actually let him who has understanding calculate the number, the beast, and afterwards his readers he thinks should be able to figure out who this is by calculating the number, the reference to the number of somebody.

Is there a reference to the gematria the gematria as it was a common phenomenon in the ancient Roman world were people would represent names by their numerical equivalents because all the letters of the alphabet had a numerical equivalent as we know from, for example,'s there letters but they have numerical equivalents so basically people would write code names and stuff like that.

Using not the letters but the numbers equivalent to the value of the letters and this is apparently what that's doing here. This is the number of his name so I don't really think it has anything to do with Arabic and and if it did, I don't know how people in John's day would be expected to anticipate something coming up the 600 years later, that wasn't in their world. So yeah, I mean that's not can it be a theory that that's very persuasive to me but some people may like it but he also didn't do quite well in that. So don't worry about some of the stuff for the entire generation well know, that's what was said. That's what was said to Daniel 600 and Daniel chapter 12 God said sealed up and you know until the time the end but the book of Revelation actually says the opposite because it says in chapter 22 in verse 10 do not seal up the words of this book because the time is at hand.

So Daniel was told to seal up the words of his policy because the time was not it sent at hand in his day, but John is told the opposite. Do not seal the words the prophecy of this book for the times ahead. In Revelation 2210 so he's basically same fulfillment is coming soon and he says it to people who were living in the first century so I'm not yeah I'm I'm not a futurist about this. I think that the evidence the book is written about things that would happen soon. Like you said that a market would be nobody going to order whatever the last generation that we want to market releases concern. I'm not seen as a literal mark on seeing the description of the mark of the beast in context of the apocalyptic nature of the book you see right after it mentions the mark of the beast. The very next verse which is Revelation 14 one talks about the servants of God who have his name on their forehead so so in Revelation. People are represented as either having the devil's number on their fighter name on different or God's name on the thread, which is simply way sender either servants of God are servants of the devil.

But as far as a literal mark.

I don't know what literal marks may or may not be applied. There certainly have been tattoos put on people over the hit throughout history. For various reasons. I don't know what made or may not come along in the future, but I don't think that Revelation 13 is specifically talking about a future mark to master the Beasley know it doesn't make you okay appreciate your call because I said all right let's talk to Mercedes from Davis California Mercedes nine Woodland but anyway I really hard time connecting with the church and let anything get them dealing just really I plated everybody in the default corona thing that you are you about 40 miles from Sacramento where you were. Davis is pretty close to right. How far is 30 minutes from sentimental okay I know I know some people in Sacramento matter. A good group.

I don't know how often the meeting but let me give you an email you can write and send very easy you in a little secret.

Don't tell anyone else. Okay okay it's we are the branches Let mail to Sam and the right, just tell them just like that and say hey, Steve, Greg told me about a trip you guys have everyone in the I think I'm one of the church listens this program because not yes we only have a couple minutes.

What is Jimmy feeling bad because of everything that's happening, you know that I'm grant defendants, that being in a bit of advice you go to the book of Psalms and start reading read through the book of Psalms slowly okay II say slowly, meaning thoughtfully. Don't just breeze over seven.

Think about it and I do that makes a huge difference that so glad that you have your program, your main thing with everything you do every day.

When I drive to work and help clean don't look like I'm taking up other people telling wonderfully wonderful to hear that God blessed our advising all right now lists several calls waiting, and I have to say I'm pretty sure we don't have time to take another one a believer and hear the music playing in just a few seconds here and I have to point down so this is only Thursday will be on tomorrow to learn nothing and those of you who are waiting and then get on.

Please call tomorrow early enough that we can talk you talk you on my apologies for having limits on nighttime listening to the narrow radio broadcast, my name is Greg and we are listener supported.

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