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The Narrow Path 7/8

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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July 8, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 7/8

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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July 8, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and were live for an hour each week. The afternoon we have a phone line that is so our phone lines are full right now but I need to give your phone number anyway because if you call later in our you may affect find that a line has opened. If you have questions about the Bible about the Christian faith or your different viewpoint from the host and want to bring up that event for discussion.

The number to call will be 844-484-5737 take that number down and call the lady might get through 844-484-5737 our first color today is Damien from Boise, Idaho hi Damien, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling you having me show 832 the book of John chapter 4 verse John chapter 4 talks about testing the spirits right down Michael, I have just two practical questions so you reference Deuteronomy 18 and then Jeremiah 28 or talks about Google come to pass and then also Deuteronomy 13 where God tests us to see art has to be literal to see if the glass could befall God. My question is what does that look like in the practical sense. So like, say, a prophet rises up in the church setting, and he said a couple coffee thus says the Lord. What does that look like in a practical fence and had had a week that and then also this idea of going after the other. God, I don't.

I haven't heard anybody say, hey, let's worship the golden calf.

What does that look like in today's society. If someone would say hey let's go after I'm in no something different than God them extensively. What does that look like in a practical sense. Well, are you in the church that were processes likely to be given are you in a church that doesn't really practice the miniatures that really doesn't practice that. But I have been in settings where like to have a special guest of my profit or whatever and he'll be like the says the Lord. And then I was like in a church setting where a prophet came south and have a my first child would be a sign and I actually had a daughter and so I knew Alice completely false. But he had a 5050 chance of being right, like I never hear.

We I never hear people profit assembly to have a daughter but they always simply prophet of the sun, so probably right about 50% of time. That's a false prophet. Of course, I mean what's it look like it when somebody says this is the Lord is if what the if their message is not glorifying to Jesus if it tends to distract from Jesus, or to go to lead away from your total reliance on Jesus, that would be similar to you know preaching to go after other gods. Likewise, what John himself socio-if anyone denies that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

Now nobody really that I know of. This is preaching that particular false doctrine in our day there was a false doctrine.

John's day.

Some people were saying that Jesus had not really become a real human being that he was more of a divine being who came down and didn't really have physical substance now. I don't know of anybody who's teach that doctrine today but but obviously the gist of it is if they're teaching the wrong things about Jesus and their professing to speak in the name of the Lord by the Holy Spirit. There obviously to be not trusted. The idea here is that profits will always be speaking in such a way as to exalt the truth about Jesus insofar as they you know as truth of theological truth made may appear in the process of all of course if it's a predictive prophecy which of course left times prophet is like Agnes in the Bible predicted that there be a famine in Judea, there was in the reign of Claudius, and he predicted that Paul would be bound.

When he came to Jerusalem and he was so that those examples in the New Testament of prophets speaking to the church in the first instance in acts chapter 11 into Paul privately in acts chapter 20, but the thing is that the prophets speak you know they they Josie thus says the Lord, and they give a they give either prediction or word of comfort or expectation, which is what Paul said prophecy does and you know if it's if it's directing people toward God and toward Jesus and your way then I would say you can either you can trust that is either true prophecy or at least it's an and not innocuous, mistaken prophecy because it's not doing any harm but what John is saying and what did Moses schism in the 13th chapter of Deuteronomy is that if it's teaching false things about God or false in Christ than that would be a false prophecy. It should be too difficult. I mean it's it's very difficult sometimes to know if a prophecy about the future is true. If it if it's not tenant messily come to pass real soon. We don't know until it comes to passive was a true prophecy, but not in the case of a lot of proxies I've heard in in charismatic settings. It's very hard to test them because there's nothing heretical about them. There's nothing predictive about them.

They just think that you know that they speak as if God is the same in don't worry, I'm with you, you know that kinda stuff which you could have gotten simply by citing Scripture. Anyway, he would need prophets to let's when they do say things like that. They're not saving wrong, but it's still not certain whether it's a prophecy or not. I'm not sure if it matters of the depressive not in that case because there saying only the same things you get directed directly from the Bible so you know I I have to say. Although I've been in charismatic circles a lot since the since the 70s. I don't hear that many prophecies on a weekly basis or a yearly basis. Even and as far as how to judge them. I'd say in a judge them according to their contents if they are exalting Christ then then you know don't be don't have any qualms about them if they are leading astray, then I'd say reject them. Okay, got it. Just one quick question looking for some Bible commentary give me suggestion of some authorization look into. I really like in the New Testament. I really like FF Bruce that's the initials F. F. Frederick Fife is his name Bruce PR you see anything he writes in the New Testament pretty is pretty good now I can't trust everything he says because he's a man and people including myself being humans make mistakes but he's is one of the best evangelical commentators I've I've read the Old Testament things go. There's different ones. I really like Derek Kidner on some of the books is written on Genesis is written on Psalms and Proverbs, but I don't think is written on the whole Old Testament I would, you know, there's a set of commentaries I like her quite a bit and when I say like something that doesn't mean I agree with everything in them but I think they're pretty good commentaries in the written by different people different volumes written by different people, but but they're all good and that's the Tyndale commentators TY and DALE if you go online say to Christian and look at the Tyndale New Testament commentary series and the Tyndale Old Testament counters there's there's lots of volumes or paperbacks of a little cheaper the investor to cost a few hundred bucks for whole set. But their great great comedies. Thank you that you been okay thank you very much Tammy okay Dylan from Hillsboro, Oregon Dylan, welcome to the narrow path extra calling the judges want let you know that if you ever need to flee California yet children really did not go to will.

I'd love to flee California but I don't understand someone else's house long-term appreciate that. Yeah italic yeah I've recently updated question to what your thoughts on Christian dating, their wives like it is a popular idea going around lately that she date a wide you know once a week and get away from the kids and get away from everything and I think that she is totally contrary to know Paul's teaching that we should live as if unmarried, you know, and also take tendon and bothered by the idea that you know adults should need to get away from the kids and I don't feel like I ever needed like my kids just get your thoughts on that while not every wife wants to get away from her kids to try. I never really wanted to get away from mining and my children's mother didn't want to get away from them either. When they're young. Sometimes I meet any wife can get a little overwhelmed.

I mean if if she's okay if she if there's someone who she can leave her kids with like her parents or some daggers some she trusts a long time so the wife would like to get out of the special she homeschools and she's with the kids all the time just to get out and just have adult conversation without talking little kids might be something she would like. I I don't say that it's it's in no agreeable or disagreeable thing. Paul said when Paul said, you know the time is come where those who have life should be as if they have none, and those who use the world as if they didn't abuse is not abusing and so forth. He was apparently target some particular crisis in Corinth, staring for scripting seven he says because of the present distress at it.

We don't know the present distress was theirs referring to something that his readers know about was unusually distressing I guess. And there were times when he's not well you know it's gonna be can be hard to care for a wife in the same way you would want to get out of this distressing. Some of you may have to just be content to live differently I die and I don't really know what it means to live as if you have none. In summary doesn't mean to neglect your wife. What Paul really meant is very difficult to understand because you have wives should live as if you have none. He doesn't mean divorce them doesn't abandon them.

So I think it means that I don't know what it means. I think it means that you can if you diminish the companies American pardon are we following on-site dog yeah II think I think it has something to do is diminishing the comforts of marriage in an emergency situation, but you know when things are at peace. There's no reason you can't enjoy your marriage in and give your wife is much relief as she needs you know she may not want much, but if she wanted. I don't think she should be truck deprived of a deal we dwell with our lives.

According to knowledge Peter said in first Peter chapter 3 and so you know what, if you know your wife needs it should not be that you just feel so that you feel it be a good disciple means neglecting your wife. That's a Armed Forces been some people have thought that way and most of their marriages didn't survive. Or if they did their marriage, their wives are usually pretty unhappy. I think that remember Jesus gave himself for the church and were supposed to love our wives as Christ loves the church and gave himself for her says in Ephesians 5, and so I did. I would just say communicate with your wife and see what would bless her what would make her life better. Now if you got a whole bunch of carnal interest wants to spend all the family money on stuff that's a waste or something obsolete can't just accommodate everything she wants, but but I think your wife might have some reasonable requests just for in a little time off, but again, not all wives do, but some might and if yours did I think would be good to give her some it of course have to have someone you can trust the kids with for the evening are not even have someone like that in their life and that case you might have forgo that until such a situation arises. I'm sorry more specific about that younger had yet they don't think like doing it once a week every single week date night with your life is like a lackadaisical for the Christian law. What I mean what you mean not going out to eat with your wife and I mean that's just the night like we could be doing other things, you know… Treasure serving the Lord some way instead of writing that may not. That may not bless your wife that much you mean you might be zealous for going out on the street pass out tracks and that might be your calling. I don't know but you year also as Americans have a calling just to please your wife and surfer that she was going pass out tracks.

That's excellent but there's nothing in the Bible that says you have to spend every night or even even one night a week or even one night a month passing out tracks immediately. There is such thing as being a little too legalistic, or belittle much more spiritual than God requires.

There are people. Of course, who are in callings that are very difficult on marriage missionary callings and so forth. Where they don't have comforts and they don't have much money and they don't have much free time and there's there might be an epidemic in the Navy medical mixers of a busy night and day.

In that case you don't, husbands and wives probably will not have all the normal things that they would in this country, but certainly I can't think of any reason why a man could not take one night a week. I'm not saying you have to or not I'm not I'm not making it mandatory. I'm just saying if you're wondering if that's excessive I don't see why it would be excessive domain. Your wife is the most important ministry you have even more than your children. Frankly, because you have a covenant relation with her. You are your wife is with you for your whole life. Ideally, your children are only with you for a while. You you you raise them and launch them into the world and so your relation with your wife is even more important than your relation with the children not to diminish the latter. Your relationship is very important to but I would say that you're keeping keeping your wife happy and so far she's not asking for carnal you things to please her or excessive things is a collective sigh crisis is very much agreeable with living a holy life. I think it marriage right okay yeah if you feel differently than my guess two things different about I would communicate with your wife about it if you would see what she thinks about that and listen to her. I mean, the fact that the man's ahead of the home doesn't mean he's is the dictator. You know, it just means that your leaving the home for the good of the other people in it more than for yourself. And so you should be in tune with what's good for your wife and make as many concessions as you can without compromise to her well-being right appreciate your call. Dylan Bill from La Mesa, California. Welcome to the neuropathic's recalling. Thank you.

Question about Psalm 82 first about God stand in the divine assembly he administered justice of the God we come to latent habit. The I read a book by Michael hi okay what what your opinion of his idea. I don't Nestlé follow Michael Heiser's ideas, I don't know anything that's evil about them. I'm just not persuaded of them.

He he makes a big deal about the Council of the gods of the divine counsel of the Elohim, and so forth. And I think he makes more of it that is justified in the text of Scripture. Michael Heiser is an Old Testament scholar and he's also very knowledgeable about other ancient near Eastern traditions and things like that and he thinks a lot of the traditions of the of the time of Abraham. For example, one of Moses may have had some bearing or some at least some similarity to the views of Israel and the and so he he cross-references things from other cultures. The Sumerians, and so forth. I have not I read his book. I didn't find it as persuasive as many people have, and that doesn't mean I didn't like his book Greg I thought was a bad book are dangerous, but not nothing like that. It's just that there's an it's a matter of opinion. I don't believe that the divine counsel in in Psalm 82 is a reference to deities or even angels necessarily. It could be a reference to angels and we know when he different when he does describes these members of the divine counsel I can't tell the difference between what he's describing and what we could call an angel, you know, so if you just if you just come up with a more controversial word for angels then okay then he hasn't really discovered anything quite as novel as as as people think. Yes, and as I was listening to his art. I listen to the audiobook I have hard hard copy also listen to when I was listening to you know everything he saying about these God's so-called it sounds like you sent reversals are not real gods are created beings and their powerful beings and that that they meet in conference with God and so forth and I think well unit you can sale the same thing about angels and it wouldn't really be nothing novel about it but I don't think these are referred to angels and Psalm 82 if they are, that's fine.

I don't have any objection to that.

I just don't think they are. Because the gods that God stands among our is as near as I can tell human judges of Israel and of course the most famous verse in this passage is the one that Jesus quoted which is verse six.

I said you are God's.

And all of you are children of the most high, that you shall die like men and fall like one of the princes Michael Heiser thinks it was, as you will die like men it saying you aren't men you're not men, but you will die like men do, but that would suggest that angels die like men or poor gods do which would be a very strange idea. More than that.

I don't think that he means that they're not man. I think a lot of translations would understand this to mean you will die like any other man you'll you'll perish like any of the princes you are the princes and the judges of Israel.

You stand in the place of God you like little gods, yourselves, but you'll just you'll die like any other man in others are not all that you not divine really your mortal your immortal and notice what he tells them to do.

He tells them in verse three and four defend the poor and the fatherless do justice to the afflicted and the needy deliver the poor and the needy free them from the hand of the wicked. These are the things that God is continue telling the judges of Israel to do in the prophets. That's a big complaint God has is that they have neglected to social justice to the widow, the orphan, so forth and so it sounds like just a typical rebuke of the judges and the magistrates who God had appointed as neo-small regents of himself to govern on his behalf, but they have not done well and he's rebuking the important thing hate you. You can die like anyone else, so I and I've always understood or not. I and Michael Heiser book he mentions that this whole idea of discovering this counsel of God's came from somebody in his church pointing out Psalm 82 to him and he had. He said he never seen that before. Well okay I thought was a lot younger you know I've been to me. I never had a trouble with the bidders and it just kind of blew his mind. He said, and so he did some research and assumed that this is referring to a divine counsel of God like created P beings well I mean if if he wants to take them to be what we usually recall angels, I I won't have a bone to pick with them but I don't see it that I see these as a reference to people so yeah I think it will be needed there created being what we would call the Angel is a messenger in the art messenger. In other pet for a little one to governing nation right 70 according to Hebrew tradition, Hebrew tradition is that there are 70 nations of the Gentiles, and in Deuteronomy. There's a reference to God dividing the nations, according to the sons of God and so he single sons of God therefore refers to 70 angelic rulers who who in or over the various nations, but that he believes some of them became evil and now here's another thing about eight Psalm 82 somebody to his calling. He's speaking to evil persons.

Okay, they may be evil gods or evil angels if he prefers, but that would mean the start of the demonic video forces and yet he calls them to repent and to do good, so are we to understand then that the fallen angels are encouraged to turn around and do good and get right with God and judge righteously, I mean we know that we know that bad rulers can do that Manas is a good example of that in the Old Testament, but do angels army.

He's not talking to good angels because he's rebuking them for their injustice and yet he's he is correcting them and telling them to do what's good so if you target bad angels or bad gods, fallen ones will what is are we to understand that he's calling them to repent and where else in Scripture do we find any suggestion that falling divine beings can be expected. Repent II just not seen this Psalm is fitting as it into his paradigm that well already. Okay appreciate your call.I should find K Michael from Aptos, California will wait Michael I may have to hold off on taking your call. You'll be glad I did because never break coming up and I don't want to have to interrupt your call. Well, maybe you can give me your your your question first, then we can take it after the break we do have few seconds. Go ahead along the line. Along the lines of the previous caller. There are angels in the devil and human being many, many being, but obviously God cannot create a being more powerful than itself. True. And yet there are these very powerful being in develop an orientation that is anti-anti-divine will fill see it now instead of the covenant say that God knows how everything will play out before creation. I can't fathom why all powerful creator being with generate such a difficult experience. What would be the point of creating angels and pollinator allowing for the possibility of powerful beings, angels, whatever that fall and the whole drama that okay listen. I go take a break and I'll come back and calm LSI question number. You can stay on Which I hold you listening to the narrow path radio broadcasts. We have another half hour, and we only have a short break at the bottom of the hour to let you know that the narrow path is listener supported. We pay lots of money to radio stations but we don't pay money to anyone else. That is to say I'm not paid nobody's and we got Ashley dozens of people who volunteer in different ways and they're all unpaid volunteers, but the only people who are not unpaid is the radio stations. That's how we get on the every by time you like to help us stay on the air. You can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website.

The narrow and click on the tab that says donate I'll be back in 32nd stucco away again to nearly the path that leads to life to the narrow path. Steve grand has nothing to me today but everything to give you the radio show is over. Go to the narrow and enjoying the three topical audio teaching blog article teachings and archives of the narrow path radio Sharon thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path that Steve grand when the narrow broadcasts Steve Greg and were live for another half-hour taking your calls.

Our lives are full. If you have a number handy may try to call a few minutes in a line might be opened up. The numbers 844-484-5737 and before the break we were talking to Michael from Aptos, California, and he had asked a question, let me restate the question if I could. Michael you are saying. If God is so all-powerful. Oh, why would he create a system where there would be opposition to him like the devil in fallen spirits, demons, and so forth. Yeah theological perspective. It reminded God no, I will play out in would be the point of giving. Write an experiment or anointed pain.

The world knowledge of crumbling. And that happened before and it is a very bitter fruit. I got can't fathom it. Okay, so the point here is that the bitter fruit is the fruit of people's bad choices. Now the fact that angels had choices to apparently and some of them fell is not really any more remarkable than that humans had choices to do that the fallen angels will be punished for the choice.

Eventually, when God decides it's time to settle everything up and desolate to the people who made the wrong choices so early that there is free will, whether among angels and humans is a necessary part of what God had in mind, God had in mind that there would be creatures who could do good and could do good in the presence of other options so that their good deeds would actually mean something. You know the birds sing beautifully and the flowers bloom beautifully and so forth.

But they don't have a choice in the matter and they they're not good they're just what they are there not morally good. They may bring to light to God, but they don't have any choice in the matter and the same thing be true in if I cool instead of having children if I collected fine pieces of art or fine music collection or had wonderful animal pets and so forth mean they're all wonderful but they are not anything that's on my level at all that I could communicate with like a person and so many people while they have other options do choose to have children and that's because it's frankly more fulfilling to bring something into the world. It's that you can relate with that you can love and love you back. And of course your dog loves you, but the doctors any choice. It's in their nature, but it's more meaningful when someone chooses to love you when they have other options. I mean if you were if you are trapped on an island just you and some woman and and you said will you marry me. She said okay. I guess I will. You might be glad that you would initially be flattered you know that you're the only game in town. There's no other choices for her and so you know, God wanted someone to love him, who had other choices and therefore there were other choices available, God did make it creation where obeying God was not the only option but it was the option he wanted people to take and disobeying God was something that would be inspired by tempter and so the tempter was there to test people to see if they would love God or not, and as far as angels who send. It looks like to me that they were tempted also and they failed the test, and human beings often fail the test, but fortunately, human beings, at least we don't know much with the Angels, but human beings do have the option of turning around and and pleasing God. Now if you say why would God do such and such a well. Apparently the love of those who turn and follow him and love him by choice when they could do something else is a very valuable thing to him and and you know he has to put up with a lot of people hate them. In the meantime but apparently the love of his children who choose him is so so valuable to him that it's worth him putting up with all of the guff that other people serve out here. The hatred in the disobedience. The rebellion turn out well if you say why would that be well that's just his value system. He he wants children who love it and who love them by choice, and in some way so I can't fathom that one thing like I know you don't have any children so that might might make a difference to but many people do have children and they have those kinds of that great great delight that taken in the love of their children and so I think God is a lot like that and that's why he described himself as a father and us as children because we do have an analog to that in our own relationships with our children so you know if you find that difficult value, not the first person to find it difficult. There's a lot of things about God that people find difficult, but it's entirely consistent with his program and we might say why would God allow so much grief in the world. Well partly I would say, partly because the world's temple and not eternal, and the outcomes that he's looking for her to have ramifications for eternity. So Paul said, for example, our light affliction, which is but for a moment workforce and exceeding and eternal weight of glory so are our afflictions, and Paul had greater forces and almost anybody else in the Bible as he called them light afflictions only last for a moment, that moment was his lifetime, but the lifetime is very short, like a moment compared to eternity. All of history combined is like a moment can contrast with eternity and so I think that that's why God put somebody puts up of a few minutes of the grief so there can be an eternity of joy on his part, and others think.

Oh, I guess. Oh I thought you were activity weren't where are you there sorry Mike, like I guess you would not activated. Anyway, that's Debbie my answer a question there may be better answers out there. That's when it comes to my mind or at least talk to Abraham from Spokane, Washington, Abraham, welcome to the narrow path. That's the calling line. Thank you. Two quick questions on the first is easier than the second. Probably will tell you a little bit of elaboration. So the first question you have any lectures in your topic Lectures on on the once saved always saved a concept that's popular among evangelicals. Side note that the carbonates reformed doctrine that the prescription second question that the virus that is America and the rest of that really America is a punishment legalization of abortion. They say that America is that the wicked King Manasseh, citing Jeremiah 14 and 15 and second Kings 21 is Manasseh supposed Israel to offer their children to the fires of Moloch that will versus Wade is similar evil that now is being punished by the virus and biblical theology to take such passages and apply them to our nations current circumstances okay on your first question, yes I do have some lectures on eternal security.

One of them to go to the topical lectures at our website. The narrow you'll see a series called the content of the gospel and that several lectures and answers.

One of the lectures is called something like eternal security or once saved always or something like that it's it's on that subject. Also, there is a debate between myself. There might be two debates. I'm not sure I think are two debates of mine at the website also one between me and a Baptist pastor and another between me and pastor cervicalgia Chapel type pastor and in Las Vegas and that's all on that subject. So there we have some some recordings based on that subject. As far as whether it's good theology to take an example from the Old Testament of Manasseh, causing his children to pass through the fire and then judgment coming on Judah as a result, on the one hand, and then applying that to us and we we are killing our babies through abortion.

So therefore this covert thing is a judgment from God. I don't think you we have a parallel situation.

Although I do think the abortion is every bit as evil as what Manasseh was doing. I don't know that God has sent to the prophets to tell us that this this covert thing is the judgment of God. Now, when when the northern kingdom of Israel was invaded by Syria which was a judgment on their idolatry and when the southern kingdom was invaded by Babel in which was judgment on their idolatry and their other misdeeds. The prophets actually forewarned this is going to come God's going to have the Assyrians coming take into captivity. Israel got to have the babblings, taken captive. Many of the prophets spoke of it and and therefore when it happened there was an obvious link of God's revealed threat followed by the event itself. Now I don't know of any profits of predicted this particular pandemic. Now I will to. I will stop there for moment because I heard a rumor that David Wilkerson had made a prediction about this before he died and I didn't hear him make it so I don't know but so maybe maybe a prophet did say something like that. But I don't even know that he said it was good to be judgment on the nation for abortion I think. In fact, he said there's a scummy great plague that would come and devastate the country and that he said there be great revival afterward so doesn't sound like.

Specifically, a reference to the covert thing being a judgment so much as may be a precursor to revival in any case, if it were judgment on America. It would have a hard time. I have a hard time knowing why, would have come equally or or or harsher on on other countries around the world. I mean we have our sins, of course, and they have theirs, but it seems like around the world there nations that have been hit hard by this and it could be a judgment on the world. I don't know. I'm not saying it is. I don't even know that I would need to know.

I'm not sure what difference it would make if I knew that but a lot of people do try to connect it and I'm not sure why I'm just not sure why they think would be important to know that we know what God wants from us and we don't have to know if this is a judgment from God in order to be motivated to do what God wants we should do what God wants, with or without that information so I can't really answer for that. I don't know of any prophecy that specifically said that because of abortions.

This covert is going to come so I can't really I can.

I don't know that that's a clear parallel to what happened to Judah. I appreciate your comment. All right, let's talk next to Marty from national city national city, California assume I'd like to know you could connect adopt like all walking in life with concerning baptism, second Kings 66. The iron did swim all the cats in the branch. The iron did swim and drop 26, five dead things are formed from under the water can listen to you. I think you okay you can well I don't see anything in those verses that speaks of baptism in their Job 26 five. The version reduces the dead tremble, those under the waters and those inhabiting them. Sheila's naked before him, and destruction has no covering. I don't see any reference to baptism here. I know that baptism in the New Testament as compared to a burial that you died with Christ and now your rise to new life in the burial and resurrection is depicted in the submersion and immersion from the water, but I don't think that Job has those concepts are all suggested in his statement as far as the iron swimming that's referring to a miracle that Elisha did when the sons of the prophets lost what they lost an ax head into a body of water. I guess into the river and and couldn't find it and and the guy who lost it. So I borrowed this I need to return it. I can't find it and so Elisha did some miracle to make the ax head arise to the surface and so I don't really see anything between the iron acts had rising to the surface. On the one hand and a person being baptized. The only thing they have in common is water and there's a lot of lot of water in the Bible did isn't specifically referring baptism all right really talk next to Brandon from Edmonds, Washington Brandon, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling about Elijah returning and then saying that you would believe it John at the fulfillment of right and just and I just had one and I'm not taken on 820 fed like the fulfillment okay cool I get it.

John is the moment but then right afterwards you have any idea on the now with his disciples and that seem more like the fulfillment of the copy of the light when he actually showed up on the mountain with no known the Transfiguration. Well I Jesus didn't interpret the Transfiguration. That way, because the statement that if you can receive it. Moses, John the Baptist, John is is is is Elijah who is to come in that's found earlier course when John's messengers came to Jesus to ask him if he was who he who John thought he was or not. And Jesus said to his disciples at the messengers were gone away. If you are willing to receive it. He is Elijah is John is Elijah who is to come.

That's in Matthew 1114 without Jesus made another identification guys like you after the Transfiguration of course, and when went when the Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus and three disciples in Matthew 17 and you know then the disciples said after that in verse 10, oh why do the scribes I'd like to must come first. Jesus Elijah truly does come first and restores all things that I think Elijah has already come and they did not know him but they did in whatever they wish. Likewise, the Son of Man will also be about to suffer at their hands since the disciples understood that he spoke to him of John the Baptist or twice. Jesus refers to John the Baptist as Elijah, Malachi chapter 4 which predicts the coming of Elijah says that he'd send Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord. Now the great and terrible day of the Lord is also spoken of in Joel chapter 2 and it's a reference to the destruction of Israel and Jerusalem by the Romans in A.D. 70. So before that happened.

God promised he would send Elijah and course. When John was born. The angel told his dad that he's coming in the spirit in the power of Elijah in Luke chapter 1 and he that he turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the foolish the wisdom of the just and so that's the that's a quote partial quote from Malachi.

So we see that even the angel told John the Baptist father that John would fulfill the prophecy of Malachi and Jesus if you can receive it. John is Elijah who was to come in Everett's the predicted Elijah the who is to come as a reference to the fact that will we know Elijah's to come and John is that one who is to come. So Jesus, I think, unambiguously referred to John as the fulfillment of Malachi chapter 4, which would mean there's not necessarily any other fulfillment of four that can be expected yet, under okay okay Brandon thanks for your call ON annex colors Thomas from Brad, Branford, Connecticut hi Thomas, welcome great guy about John. Verse 23 if you forgive if you forgive the sins of many, they are forgiven them.

If you retain the sins of any deer retained.

I was curious as to your interpretation of that yeah will. That's one of those passages. I'm not really sure what Jesus meant he was speaking to the apostles in the upper room, right after he had been crew had risen from the dead, and that same night he met with them. Any commission and he breathed on them and said receive the Holy Spirit that he said you know if you remit and insensibly remit if you don't, they won't. And so it's hard to know whether he's giving them a special apostolic privilege to know you apostles he's with the apostles and you if if you remit people sins will be remitted.

If you don't, they won't even if or if the FTC and this applies to the church mean after all, they were the representatives of the church as well as being the apostle so it's not clear whether he's making a generic promised church or whether it's a special promise to them as possible. Secondly, it's not clear what it means.

It now. The Roman Catholics believe that the apostles have their successors in the modern's are college bishops in the Roman Catholic Church and that they ordain priests and give them the power to remit people sins which is why the Roman Catholics had people going to confess to praising the priest and tells them if there forgiven or not and and they feel that this verse authorizes that because the priests are agents of the bishops and the bishops they think are the successors of the apostles. I don't accept the apostolic succession doctrine signed by when you say that this has anything to do with the Catholic bishops and priests, but it it does have at least something to do with the apostles. Now many have understood this to mean that the apostles now have the whole burden upon them of turning away people from their sins so they can be forgiven that when he says if you forgive their sins there forgiven if you don't they're not.

Some people think. This doesn't mean that you just you say okay I forgive you your sins there for your forgiven, but rather that you preach the forgiveness of sins and you preach the gospel, which includes the forgiveness of sins and the very preaching of the gospel then extends that opportunity for forgiveness to these people to all people and if you don't do it, they won't be forgiven, but if you do, they will at least some of them will live and some feel that that's all that Jesus is saying, not just to the apostles but to the church as a whole. That is the churches task to extend God's forgiveness to now I don't. I have to say it's it's an absolute difficult passage know how to interpret but what I just explained is probably the most common Protestant even though it was a lot of especially the Thomases out there make you very much for taking the time.

I appreciate that.

And God bless you. Okay Thomas, thank you very much God bless you Philip from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Welcome to the narrow path hi Philip, hello, thank you for taking my call and I regarding Mark 824 that Jesus healed a blind man and he getting ICP players.

They look like trees walking around now.

Jesus never had he done in America hating a cadre door for me complete and reported complete why in this case, he had to cut to ice again. And again, so here we have, especially the I'm wondering why he he came out of the vintage, and I greatly know to go back to the okay well this is America where Jesus touched the man. Any and you have been blind and he could see a little bit but not clearly suggest touch them again and then he could see clearly and so your questions since Jesus always did his miracles complete. Why was this one incomplete. Why was this like this take two steps. Well, I think probably the best way is this is this shows that Jesus didn't always do his miracles complete that there there's at least this exception and they may been others that we don't know about since only a very small fraction of Jesus miracles are are recorded.

Remember, John says that at the end of the gospel Johnny socio-if everything Jesus did, was recorded in the books would more than fill the earth, so he's basing it, making it very clear that only a small number of Jesus miracles are actually recorded and this may be included in order to tell us that from time to time. There were miracles that were in stages and why they reviewed.

Why would be in stages. We don't know it, so I suppose we could guess that the man may not have had enough faith initially to be fully healed, but he had some faith and so Jesus gave myself a little taste of you know, eyesight, but not the full healing and and that may have encouraged the man's faith to believe for the complete healing. I'm only guessing because were not told this, but it's possible that in Jesus, individualized treatment of different people whose needs is meeting, we see he doesn't always do it the same way running. For example, another blind man that he healed and in chapter 9 of John. He put mud in his eyes and told her to wash it out that he was healed, so he does things differently in different cases why this man got his healing into parts instead of one is never explained, but it it does kind of tell me one thing that's of help and that is that a full answer to prayer a full miracle that were seeking may not always come instantaneously. It may come in stages become gradually sometimes we pray for the sick and they don't appear to be healed. We may think well God didn't answer our prayers.

But on the other hand, sometimes they get better over time and maybe that's kind of God doing it.

Maybe that would've died if if not, so I don't know I don't have answers to all of these kinds of questions why did Jesus do this I can suggest possibilities but and likewise why do you take him outside the town and then tell him not to go into the town or tell anyone about this. This is of a piece of Jason's normal policy.

He very commonly told people not to report his miracles, and they often try to make sure that he could do the miracles as privately as possible.

We know that when a boy possessed with demons brought to Jesus by his father. Jesus was interviewing the man when he saw the crowds were coming he decide to get the miracle done before they got there. So he healed the board quickly. Jesus obviously was not a showman.

He wasn't there just to impress crowds. In fact, he seemed to want the crowds to not be a no overly aware of his miracles that he often told people don't tell anyone about this when he raised Iris's daughter from the days told the parents don't tell them about this will help. How do you not tell people when your daughters been dead and now she's alive, but I cannot tell people about it and I think Jesus is basically saying don't don't talk this… Make a big deal about this.

I'm not trying to get a big crowd following me for the miracles you know if people want the truth out. Preach it to them, but the miracles can be a distraction in a way miracles can also be a confirmation of the truth. Obviously, but they can, and in certain situations where people are just curious to see miracles, the miracles can distract from what he said and they just want to see more miracles of I think Jesus on many occasions, including this one did the miracle in a rather more private place. He took the guy out outside of town and told not going to tell people about this. I think Jesus is trying to keep the enthusiasm down the crowds because they tended to follow him around without necessarily having a real interest in changing our lives, which is all he was interested in arms.

I'm out of time. I don't know that I could do much more with this question with more time, but thank you for calling you listening to the narrow path – about a given listing the narrow path, we are listener supported.

You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 websites. The narrow thanks for joining

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