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The Narrow Path 7/6

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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July 6, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 7/6

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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July 6, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio.

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and we are live for an hour each week afternoon where we take your calls. If you have questions about the Bible about the Christian faith or if you have a different viewpoint from the house to watch a balance, feel free to give me a call the number. Well, I just notice the lines are full but take this number down call a little later in the show and you will probably find a line has opened up the numbers 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our first caller today is Scott from Fort Wayne, Indiana.welcome to the neuropathic for calling you for taking my call.

I my question about David and how he expresses it in Psalm 51 verse four. He says something like you know God against you.

You only have I sinned, I would just part question about that first against only God literally did he not also sin against others like maybe Uriah's family against Bathsheba or others and then and then secondly related to that is, would you view that verse is on whatever you call other things as it is unlimited negative, even though it doesn't kind of express. Like both sides of what you typically give is an example of the limited negative well I I don't think I would call that a limited negative just because I think the limited negative as a is a negative statement that is qualified and limited by a positive like do not lead us in temptation is a negative statement, but deliver us from the evil one is a positive. So it's a limited negative.don't simply lead us into temptation, but also deliver us from evil, but this one only has a positive statement which is against you and you only have ice interviewed said I have not send any you are not sinned against anyone except you. That would be a negative affirmation and then would have to look for a limitation on it.

He doesn't state a limitation.

But there certainly would be 120 says against you and you only have I sent certainly have sinned against Uriah, who had not only's committed adultery with the man's wife. It also killed. He sinned against Bathsheba because so she was not a knocking at his door trying to seduce him. He he called for her, and as King young he could command her to do things she could've refused.

Of course she didn't and and he put her into a very compromising position in which she lost a baby and said he saw me he certainly had wronged her. And then of course there were the nation. It says you know when Nathan confronted David. He said you've given the enemies of the Lord occasioned a blast. I think that of all the offenses involved in David's horrendous crimes. He was most gripped by the fact that he had given the enemies of the Lord occasioned a blaspheme against God, and that his sin against God was so overwhelming in his mind that he was speaking hyperbolic hyperbole.

Of course, is different than the limited negative but it's also a figure of speech. I think he saying you know that you know everybody knows that my sin was against a great number of people but to my mind it's just against you, and I mean it is my sin against Rousseau so great that it eclipses all other persons that sinned against. Okay so you would consider it hyperbolic ironic so yeah okay okay I just kinda wanted it, he doubled down. It is that is sitting instead of saying I sinned against you EE I double damages and only yeah I know that I literally hear your saying that he certainly knew he certainly no better recently knew better than to think that God was the only victim of consent so I think what he saying is that God is so infinitely more important than any human being and more. More infinitely innocent of anything. I mean, there's a sense in which you know if you sin against a person, you shouldn't do this but you could argue they're not perfect people themselves running that's that's not an excuse for sending us about me could argue you know I I've had people sinned against me when I was innocent and meaning of of a specific thing that I'm not an innocent man altogether so I can accept the troubles come into my life. Even if I didn't ask for that particular one. I do not mean I don't know how he would reason, but certainly there's never any excuse for sin against God and that God is the most innocent and holy of person search the sin against him is just overwhelmingly great as opposed to sitting against anybody else, but I don't think the David in his own mind minimized the effects of his sin on your right hand on – even on his baby who died and so forth. I think you simply send it by the time he came to his senses.

He is here. This crushing sense of you know the offense against God that his committed Mets result. That's all these on his mind when he is doing this.

Thank you all right appreciate you because good question Richard from seal Beach, California. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling. 37 verse 29 the righteous will inherit the earth and live on it forever, in X, chapter 2, verse 29. King David is that ascended into heaven in John 313 no man has ascended into heaven sermon on the map to meet John Eric.

21 verse two verses.

I grieve so what is your question/why do people keep thinking we go to heaven and I know you have three definitions of hell. You also have several different net emissions of heaven and ocean doing on the radio thanks Pete, I think I have three definitions of hell. There are three different views of what hell entails, but hell, I think I think most people have the same definition of hell that is the place of judgment to which the sinners center goes after the final judgment that would be most people's definition of hell. I would imagine that you going when I would recognize, but there's three different views of what happens in hell, that's a different things in different definitions of hell as far as definitions of heaven. In fact, there are three different definitions of heaven in the Bible because there's we read in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth which is obvious to the universe in which the heaven is then he made them in the earth is and then he created a firmament in a call around the earth, which he called heaven. So that's another thing that the atmosphere of the earth.

And then of course the Bible talks of God dwelling in heaven and not in that sense in the sky but in the sense of the realm of spirits in the heaven, heavenly was so heaven coming three different things in the Bible and does in different places.

Now as far as why do people say we go to heaven. While I believe we do go to heaven when we die, but I don't believe we live there forever.

As you pointed out, the Scripture says will dwell in the earth forever will inherit the earth will reign with Christ over the earth. The Bible says it over and over again and we will Christ will live on the earth. See, he purchased it, to endeavor to reign with him over. That's that's the consistent teaching of both the old and the New Testament when God first made man and woman he gave them dominion over the creatures of the earth, and he didn't give them dominion over some other place in the sky so everywhere in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation where it says in Revelation 510, we will reign on the earth. It's very clear that the earth is the new earth. The renewed earth is the destiny and the heritage of God's people, and of Jesus himself. He's going inherit the earth, and that will inherit with him so I agree with you on that, but but that happens after the resurrection.

In my opinion, as I understand it, we don't inherit the earth until the resurrection.

Now, of course, the resurrection occurs on the last day when Jesus comes back, but some of us won't live that long.

Obviously, we would need to be resurrected if we live that long, so people die before then. And then there resurrected when Jesus comes back the question about heaven has got to be do we go to heaven.

In the meantime, that when I die to I go to heaven until the time of the resurrection when Jesus comes back and when I when I'm resurrected, I will reign with him on the earth, but where am I in the meantime between the time I die in the time that Jesus resurrects us on the last day. Now, many people believe that the soul sleeps, and has no consciousness. During that intermediate state as it's called. I personally think the Bible suggests that we go to be with the Lord. He's in heaven will be back and he brings with him.

It says in first Thessalonians chapter 4, I think, in verse 14 it says that those who sleep in Christ. That is who those who died in Christ, he will bring with them when he comes so there with him now. The fact that says they sleep. I think that's speaking of a metaphor from the earthly vantage point, they seem to be sleep here but but Paul indicated that he be happier after he died because he be with the Lord which strikes me as being conscious risers far better to leave here and go be with the Lord is not time of the resurrection is talk about when he departs his homilies absent from the body and course when you're resurrected, you're not absent from the body. So the only time you're absent from the body is after you die and before your resurrected and that's when Paul says we are present with the Lord. So I think that's why there is confusion. Certainly, people are very confused about that sometimes and I don't think it's necessary to be but people confuse the final dwelling of the believer from the intermediate dwelling after death. So hope that clarifies something for you.

All right thanks you call Scott from Phoenix, Arizona. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling and that letter from John particularly nine and all heaven you married afterward. You know, okay, we were in bed not abide in a doctrine of Christ did not have God in the doctrine of Christ." The father and the anything you and does not bring the doctrine did not receive him into your house. No ingredients. We greet fans shares in the illegal being my first letter to Dr. Beck that I would learn. I think I read the NIV for long long time and I don't remember it being like doctrine, the word doctrine is where the just means the teaching okay that we think of doctrine is like a theological arcane propositions and things like that that the word doctrine. The Greek word that's transit doctrine and King James new King James is just a word to me, teaching. So John says whoever doesn't remain in the teaching of Christ. Now the teaching of Christ can refer to teaching about Christ or can refer to the teaching that Christ gave. I tend to see it as a reference of the teaching that Christ gave the reason I say that is because the apostles were told and John was one of them to teach all nations to observe all things that Christ commanded so would be what Christ taught is what has to be taught to people and he certainly doesn't remain in Christ's teaching, the teaching of Christ, then that person don't trust their false teacher and Doug don't know don't send them along the way with the with any kind of blessing.

Well, that's not quite what I think he means by that. I think we says don't receive them in your house and so forth. He's basically saying don't in any sense become a partner with them. Now a greeting would often be something like Godspeed her. God bless you. Or God give you safety in your journey to be a typical greeting and I think what is saying it's not is not saying don't say hello to them or don't be friendly to them at all. Just saying don't wish them well along there in their mission is several false teachers coming to spread something contrary to Christ and you don't want to seem to be encouraging that her wishing God's blessing on the or or hosting them in your home. Now some people think well that that doesn't mean I can't let the Mormon of the Jehovah's Witness into my home to talk you can do that when you talk about is someone being hosted at these traveling teachers who try to find somebody in the local church to house them while they're there to feed them and give them shelter and things like that and those who did so will become their partners in a sense, in the ministry there helping to finance it, helping to support it. And so when he says don't you receive them in your house you doesn't mean don't let them cross over the threshold and sit down and have a glass of water if they needed, whatever is he saying don't don't close them. Don't let them stay with you while they're doing to encourage what they're doing about lead Bible. And everything I know about Bob dumping. I felt pretty good that you recommend the whatever one you read yeah well I would say I wouldn't recommend every Bible equally, but certainly it's better to read.

One of the Bibles of lesser quality rather than to read nothing of the Bible. Obviously, it's kind of a copout or something but Bibles are either not asking you know anything they want some recommendations to which one would be better certainly are some that are better than others, and answer the question many times on the air. Of course, that I believe that the Bible is that follow a more literal word for word translation are much to be preferred over those that are more tending to paraphrase and those that are following the color dynamic equivalence with her trying to find the basic idea of the original imprint restated in their own words in English.

I don't think that's a very good way to translate the Bible.

Frankly, but there's a he was being cute yeah that's right, I appreciate your call got blessed okay we're talk next to Jacob from Lakewood just think it's Washington as it Jacob incidents hi Jake this morning and teach about the limit and just starting your voice is thunderous and echoing in and having a hard time understanding maybe usually want to talk more directly and maybe if you pull back a little bit. I can understand them better and I'll probably go ahead and particularly in the wilderness question two 3913 and 38 okay do you have in the hoary with the map doesn't show them penitential and not right.

Well, it's true, we do read in Ezekiel and in and some hints in Genesis 49 about where the different tribes will be settled and Zebulun by the CA think it's what it says in Genesis 49. As I recall, and yet Zebulun or we think Zebulun is not really by the sea, so I it's not clear entirely. If he means the sea literally, or if he's using it in the sense of the prophet.

Sometimes do, and certainly Jake appears prophesying the sea often represents the Gentile nations as opposed to the land representing Israel commonly in the profits and so it may well be what he means is Zebulun by the by the Gentiles.

The Zebulun was of course up in the northern part in Galilee and Isaiah speaks of this also talks with the land of Zebulun and Naphtali.

He says in Galilee of the Gentiles, so he refers to the way the land of Zebulun and Naphtali were this is in Isaiah chapter 9 verses one and two. It speaks of them in in Galilee of the Gentiles, so to say that there by the sea if the sea is being used figuratively of the Gentiles, which could be, it sometimes is in Scripture, that he might be saying Zebulun is and you know in the neighborhood of the Gentiles, rather than a body of water right with a lot of it comes to me. If you look on the maps in your Bible is where the tribes were located and Zebulun was not on the concert wasn't really by the sea.

Percent was invited was named by the Sea of Galilee. Messerli was just by discrediting in the middle of the country so you okay okay Jacob – thanks for your call Steve from Bellevue, Washington Steve, welcome to the narrow path answer: we didn't use the scripting and 21 and I'm focusing on version 24 and I tried to go to them.

Matthew description of the all of the confining equivalent to the understand and calling you to tell me what this means. Okay well it's it's referring of course to this slaughter of the Jews. When the Romans break through the walls of Jerusalem and, although Matthew doesn't give that in quite the same detail that looked as he does refer to it as a time of great tribulation, and that mean he doesn't go into the detail of it there but in Matthew 24 in verse 21 it says for then there will be great tribulation, such as not been since the beginning of the world to this time known or ever shall be, and unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved but for the elect's sake to be short now, having said that you Luke's version seems to give a little more detail on that when as he says in verse 23 woe to those who are pregnant and those who are with eight nursing babies in those days that Matthew concludes that further be great stress in the land and ranking on this people I understand that second half collected trampled by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled that the part I don't understand right. Matthew doesn't include that statement, but it made me well. It means that the city of Jerusalem, which had been in the hands of the Jews for most of their history and at that point in time for a good 500 and something years since the exile, it would no longer be in their hands the Savior's Jerusalem will be destroyed level to the ground and the Jews be carried off into the world which they were in A.D. 70, and, and, therefore, that land was trampled by the Gentiles and he said he will continue be trampled by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. If you are asking with the times.

The Gentiles refers to its were not.

We can't be hundred percent clear because it's the only time in the Bible. That phrase occurs. There is no no other place that you can cross reference that phrase old time the Gentiles means that some people think some people think it means the time of those Gentile nations that are lined up in Daniel chapter 2 Nebuchadnezzar's dream. I don't think so because throughout. I just have a different idea for the times, the Gentiles are II understand the times are Gentiles simply to be the times of the Gentiles are trampling on upon Israel and that God is his.

He's dealing with someone else other than Israel, the Gentiles, you know, Paul said in Romans 11 that he talks about until the fullness of the Gentiles come in, which I believe brings us to the end of the age. I think what he saying is same thing. Lucas by the way, Paul and Luke were pretty close friends to an probably probably discuss these things, but although you have the same phrase the fullness of the Gentiles coming our children times the Gentiles are fulfilled. It sounds very similar.

So I'm thinking that the times the Gentiles refers the time that God is not dealing directly and principally with the Jewish people as he did throughout the Old Testament where he is now dealing very largely with the Gentiles meeting. That's the group that are largely being reached and brought into the kingdom. Some Jews are to but certainly the majority of people that are hearing the gospel today are in Gentile lands and not in the land of Israel and answering people who been harvested into God's kingdom are mostly Gentiles at this time to so I think that the times the Gentiles reverses.

That we are in an so that's my understanding of the statement and settled into and at times the Gentile. The question when it fulfilled right at me and wondered it right well events when it's over.

We don't know the times and seasons, the amount Jesus disciples asked him you at this time, he can restore the kingdom to his early sense not feed another times and seasons of the fathers put his own power. So God has given us any clues about how long it'll be her wings, and or anything like that. Okay okay thanks your call. Good talking to you all right, Robert from Inglewood I would have Inglewood, California or another Inglewood okay good to hear from you Robert will have a quick question here Scripture, but in a simple way your way to simplify my grafting here at work about where the Bible would've gotten you yeah you know you didn't really say that. But anyhow, how what can I say to reply to that.

Well you can say it says it it says about 4000 times in the bottom.

Absolutely the number where about writer says this is what the Lord says, thus saith the Lord. Now when you sense is this is what the Lord says he said he's given you the word of God. And so the Bible claims that thousands of times throughout its pages and and by the way, depends anyone. Where does it say it's the word of God, and asked him what are they picturing as a concept of what they mean by the word of God are they thinking of a book that God wrote with his own finger how we don't have any claims like that in the Bible about the Bible in order not to.

We believe in God wrote or revealed his word to prophets and apostles, and of course revealed through Jesus onwards to and that what he revealed to them and they wrote down is his word to us.

His message to us and they do claim that Deming's basic claim they make throughout the book, so we can talk more about this after the break. If you want to elaborate on the question okay okay fine, yet you go to the series authority of Scripture. The website I do give a longer answer to that of obviously you're listening to the narrow path, we have another half-hour coming so were not going away. We just want you to know we are listener supported.

We pay for radio time you go to our website. The narrow and see how to help her stay on the air. Be back in 30 seconds. Small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to welcome you to give you today's radio show is over, we invite you to visit the narrow you will find Todd audio teachings blog article verse by verse teachings in the archives of learn and enjoy the thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path. Greg narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg and we are live for another 30 minutes. Half-hour taking your calls. If you have questions about the Bible in the beginning of our our we didn't have any lines open for you with their willful, but we have some open right now more than one so if you want to call in the number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our next color is Ward calling for from Eugene Ward. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling. I need your question because I wasn't planning to call you but when I heard that laugh question and I agree with you about the Bible and how God wrote that I thought the thing but I thought it the 10 commandment were actually written on tables of stone by the finger of God course and then may need mean you tackle your part was God actual handwriting on the wall which was the word of God meeting you been weighed in the balance and found one I pretty much of word from God.

I'm not counted, contradicting you the question was where does the Bible say that it is the word of God. He was masking. It was not that the stone tablets or that or the wall of Bell's hazard policies in Bible times the garden and while the Bible of course does tell us that God wrote the 10 Commandments on stone that doesn't tell us who wrote Exodus or Deuteronomy or so.

So the question was really his actual versus where does the Bible say it's the word of God and so your ear point doesn't contradict what I said okay and I did want to kind of looking at it right yet another question to another question. Okay anyway, good talking to you. You don't okay. Thank you for: let's talk to Dustin has been waiting a long time from Fort Worth, Texas hi Dustin, welcome.

So what about Revelation. I guess it would be 12 in the life and I just listed through your teaching on Revelation 12 year saying that the woman there.

In the illustration, the Jewish remnant that is spared and sustained by God for the three and half years with course you know we can to your teaching on that.

We know you're saying that the time from the district of Jerusalem round about that time until that is my and I think the yeah I think it's great you know where the first I've heard ever heard that the question I have heard you say need time, you know, God is not a racist meaning that God anything special or ethnic Israelis.

I guess you think that it seems like saying that there is the woman ethnic Jews who are believers and they are being spared during the time of the.

During this time now until the end and the woman's offspring being the rest of the church.

The Gentile church. There is some sort of attention he got Gittings specifically to ethnic Jews who are believers. Jesus well not not necessarily mean the woman is not identified ethnically. It's true that the people who belong to that company are Jewish, but it is the believers.

There is no distinction with the Jewish and Gentile believers of the age of the Jews who are not believers I think are not included company so it's not ethnic it has to them be believers not being Jewish because there Jews who are part of the Jews were not so obviously I mean if we were talking with the history of let's say the Chinese people and and wheat we mentioned the first Chinese Christians and know what they went through or something like that. It doesn't mean that were saying that they were different than other Christians just means we're talking about what happened it with the fact that there are other children of the woman which are the Gentiles who believe in Christ means that were not really talking about any ethnic division it recognizes that the first people saved and rescued from from from the Holocaust of 8070 where the Jewish believers that was that was the first church, but of course there are many Gentiles have been added to them to serve the church's Jew and Gentile. I don't think that this is making a statement about the God showing special treatment to Jews, but special treatment to Christians would agree that special treatment to a Jewish person just because of the right, but at least making tension between Gentile believers in the verse about her flee into the wilderness and the noncitizen historic fact this is a historic fact, the same people who were the first Christians the Jewish remnant were the ones who fled into the wilderness to escape the Holocaust's make given a historic fact it's not saying that there is that they are allowed to flee and be nurtured because there Jewish. It's just there there in Jerusalem and Jerusalem's going down so he he told the church in Jerusalem to flee from Jerusalem. There might've been a few Gentiles, among them Fräulein Elamin if there were Gentile Christians are called and not many. And in Jerusalem, but it's it's not because they are Jews that their fleeing it's because they are believers who happen to be in the danger zone and into line of fire know the Romans come to destroy Jerusalem.

These people are in Jerusalem, and there the believers in Christ, and God isn't interested in destroying them, along with the necessary so he tells them to flee. That's not a racial favoritism is just his people and his people out of their they happened to be Jewish because that's Jerusalem people in Jerusalem are generally Jewish so but he preserves them in the sense that he doesn't allow them to go down with the ship and and they are joined in that preserved status with all the Gentile Christians to you. I don't see any you know it's a historic fact that the Jews who believed in Jesus fled from Jerusalem and that's where things referred to their but I don't really see I don't see any suggestion that it's because they are Jews. It's it's actually because they're in Jerusalem and that's where the bombs falling away, not a robot but I guess that's where the fist is coming down so they got I does. It's like he let something he let lot escape from Sodom before he destroyed Sodom and doing that or he let the insights put blood over the doors in Egypt before he lowered the boom on Egypt so you know it's wherever his people are. Will there.

They aren't of God to judge that region. We have several instances in the library. He warned his people so they could get away and that was that's this woman fleeing but the factitious other children to and they're not Jews would indicate that were not really talking about something that's distinctly Jewish just historically historically Jewish people that brought Jesus into the world and that fled from Jerusalem, so I don't yet don't see this as putting a special place of favor on them because the Jewish it's because there's millions of Jews that didn't escape and God didn't warn them, so it's not an ethnically Christian thing it's the right reason that I you know the you don't believe you provided ethnic call like I understand that what I'm saying is this is not an ethnically going to happen to be Jewish, but the only reason their spirits because there Christians and the Jews that lived in our neighborhoods in town works. So this is not showing favoritism to Jews assuring favoritism to believers in Christ.

That's not a yes he that's not a racial thing because of believers in Christ serve all nations and all braces all talk, so some of God's shows favor to Christians. He is showing favor to his family, but is not a racial group.

Okay I appreciate that you talk a dozen.

All right, let's talk to Mark from Vancouver, BC hi Mark to me like pure nonsense. When some Christian teachers suggest that the apostle John was 12 or 13 years old. He was told by Jesus, and it equally seems the lease is more at least as much nonsensical when people suggested. Mary was 13 years old when she gave birth to Jesus.

Would you say that that no surprise that she was being nonsense. Well let me just say what is it about those claims that sound nonsensical to 12 or 13 years old. Yeah well it's you Jewish boy was an adult at age 13, Yom Kippur.

Another man, a girl, please check your list with why don't have chapter and verse for that I do. I just have Jewish custom Jewish custom right so the point is that in a Jewish girl often married at age 13 or whenever she started. Really when she started her. She was marriageable so we don't know how old Mary was or John was and I would never affirm that Mary was 13 or the John's 13 or 14 or 15, but I can't think of a reason why he couldn't depend 12 or 13 I mean it was if he was with his older brother James in the family business and he had been bar mitzvahed and he was considered an adult, just like his brother James just like his dad was an adult I don't know why he couldn't because that age, Jesus, transcendent Jesus train them for three years and so he would've been even in his later teens. By the time he was doing. I would think that this event. Romans 14 seems to suggest that the Sabbath is no longer in effect. In Colossians 2 like I know that you and others have said that Mike pertaining to the verse that says Litton only judge you in peace nor in new moons, nor in Sabbath days and something including yourself and said well the festivals are our annual new moons are monthly, then it would follow logically that the Sabbath spoken of their weekly you think that sound logic. Well, the only alternative is that it's not talk about the weekly Sabbath that seems much less likely.

I mean why would why would Paul use the word Sabbath unqualified is not the word Sabbath. The weights used 99% of the time. You know that the seventh Avenue say well Sabbath.

Sometimes the first day of the festival a month and decile week and the last. They are also called Sabbath.

Even if you're not on Saturday. Sometimes they are but that certainly is a very rare way to speak of is the Sabbath was spoken of continually and not like that 99% time it met the Saturday Sabbath. What's more, why would he mean any other Sabbath since they wouldn't be included already in his reference to the festivals. The festivals if you target the festival Sabbath will go Sabbath were part of the festival. So he's already referred to don't don't worry the festivals, so that would include that already include the Sabbath that were part of the festivals when you another say that pertain to annual and monthly, will you have seven feasts in the year quite clearly that's more than annual right one another, each, and each of them are annual feasts each year like it is true that you only have one possible point per year. You have 7P is also true. The only have one likely will use the term January leave me so I only have one January in the year but you got you got 12 different months of the year so that is very irrelevant to the point.

There were several ceased vessels near but they were annual see someone Paul says festivals. He's talking annual celebrations that were 12 months of the year, but there is only one new moon per month is the first day of the month was the new moon so the new moons were monthly. Okay and you will. I really can't. Let's face it, the festivals of the Jews were annual they were annual festivals. If there were 10 of them are three of them for one of them. That doesn't change like they were annual I'm saying he's mentioning the annual celebrations when he mentions the festivals when he has a new moons the others.

12 of them during the year. So what there is, all new moons is plural answers are not monthly celebration start annual celebrations. It's about monthly submissions and there's many Sabbath verse 52 of many year but he start he includes them all what he says sums what I'm saying is it Paul is listing holy days starting with the ones that are held lease frequently which would be anyone's and moving to the ones that were little more frequently.

The new moons to the ones are the most frequent Sabbath now.

I mean if you want to say that the Sabbath are not referring to Saturday's well anyone's welcome say that every cemetery and says that but they don't have a basis for its are certainly a basis for saying that the word Sabbath means Saturday.

It does mess up the meaning of the word Sabbath, but to the to the Jewish people. The Sabbath was on Saturday the seventh day, and so he's target something out if someone said but he's talking here, not about Saturday at the weekly Sabbath, but that the unusual status that were parts of the festivals well there were in fact special days that were part of vessels that were called Sabbath, but they you would rarely mean that Matthew said if you're if you're in ordinary conversation with a Jewish person you and you said the Sabbath. They're never going to think, oh, you mean the festival Sabbath night to think immediately of center.

That's the Sabbath and what's more, he wouldn't have to include in the word Sabbath.

Those that were part of vessels because he's already mentioned the festival separately so the Sabbath that were part of vessels are already included. The festivals were a weeklong and had to special days and they called Sabbath, but that's that's included that's included in the festival so I do, I think.

I mean if that's not persuasive to you than you can believe whatever is persuasive here, but to me it's just common sense. All right, let's talk to Everett from San Pablo, Everett and California high Everett welcome one that we know that people in your blog making about the gospel when he's not saying that baptism is an important now this. This is an exit. This is an example of of what an earlier caller was asking about our first call today when I got limited negative positive God did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel. What he means is God didn't send me only to baptize, but primarily to preach the gospel that's that's a limited negative because he could. He wouldn't say that Jesus didn't tell us to baptize you take since you do when you evangelize. Make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the father's Holy Spirit, and teaching them Paul. Paul was under the great commission and therefore he baptize people we know he did, because there is reference in the book of acts and baptizing people.

For example, in acts chapter 19 when he meets the 12 people in Ephesus. He preaches the gospel of the gypsum in the water baptizes them there's no no suggestion anywhere that Paul's practices were really different than other apostles in this respect.

Some there are some people like the hyper dispensations who think it Paul that baptism is not necessarily necessary for the Jewish apostles not forget the apostle to the Gentiles. But that's rather silly Paul. Paul himself was baptized by Ananias and Paul himself baptized converts, but he's where he 27 first Corinthians is you know I'm I'm concerned because you people might think that you know that I am your guru and you might say I am of Paul, where others are saying. I am of Apollo, so I'm Cephas. That's the context here anything I didn't baptize any of you in my name, is that I only baptized a few of you anyway because that's not my baptism isn't the main thing for me that preaching the gospel is the main thing now Paul by the way, didn't I don't think you love these people. The unbaptized I think what he meant is I baptized a few of you and the rest of you were baptized either by the ones I baptize first or by my partners here working with me.

That is to say it's isn't in John chapter 4 that Jesus baptized more than John. In the opening verses of John four but then he says but Jesus himself didn't do it. His disciples did so disarming something of Paul. Paul every one of his converts was baptized but he didn't do it with his own hands all the time you know he had other people do that because he he could do what others couldn't do so well. Namely, preach his main mission was to preach he could baptize to and did sometimes, but he could also delegate that he didn't have to be baptizing people he had to be preaching.

That's what I think you sent will place you have a good talking to you Michael from Aptos, California. Welcome to the narrow path, how you doing Michael. Relating to late and that God created family got the creation of man, God created man male and female, but then later he created Eve. So is it unambiguous, while people often get confused by that because really what's going on is that we have the story of creation in chapter 1 given as a panoramic view of the whole seven days and then after that there is a second account of the creation. It focuses on the events of the late late events of the six-day which is the creation of man and woman so it's like the first chapter summarizes everything very rapidly included fact that God made humans on the six-day and made them male and female, but when it goes back to retell the story and focus on the most important aspect of creation was the creation of managed and woman already mentioned briefly in chapter 1 it goes into more detail and unpacks in all the details of it more. It's what we might call a sidebar lots of times when you read an article in a magazine. At least it used to be in a news magazine that you have an article that was written about some big some things going on in the Middle East or something and it would just tell the story. But then there be a sidebar to be in a separate box and be focusing on one aspect of the story that was that the that the writer didn't detain himself or in his in his quick narrative and that you know an important sidebar and I think that's what we have in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 we have that the narrative of all six days of creation in the seventh day of rest in chapter 1 in the beginning chapter 2 and then in chapter 2 verse four begins to that that would be function like a sidebar. He's already told us that God made male and female, but now you tell us that God made man first and then when men have names which the animals he then made of sleep. They took a ribbon made the female that's all that happened the same day. It's the it's the same event that was mentioned in chapter 1. All right appreciate what you much time and there's also the original language of the Bible in the Hebrew what it ribbon limited to be a ribbon that some people saying some people say the word in Hebrew, should be translated side to and from his side and that may be more correct. I don't know Hebrew very well, but I know what the Hebrew scholars say okay Michael, good talking to you okay Tom from Tacoma, Washington.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling yesterday.

Chapter 8 John Jesus said that Abraham witnessed him coming and saw him. It appears Abraham wasn't sleeping that he was alert and knew what was happening with this be a good person to disprove sound sleep well is what Jesus meant Jesus meant that when Jesus came to earth and was born and was ministering as he was at that time that Abraham was seeing that now then yeah that would suggest that Abram was still alive somewhere. But the Jews understood his statement says Abraham, your father ever saw my rejoiced to see my day and saw it. The Jews didn't understand and retain Abraham is seeing it now, but rather that Jesus appeared or was seen by Abraham back when Abram was alive because they said you not yet 50 years old and when did you see Abraham so suggesting that you know that his statement means that he saw Abram when Abram was still living in UK that can't be true less than 50 years old so I think many many interpreters and I would lean this way myself would say that what Jesus is referring to is times when Jesus in a pre-incarnate appearance that we call a theophany appeared to Abraham like in Genesis 18, one we see Yahweh appeared to Abraham and Avon ate a meal with him and I even think that the appearance of milk to stick to him. In Genesis 14 is an appearance of Christ himself. That would seem to be closer to what he was meaning that I don't believe in soul sleep but I'm I'm not sure that what Jesus said there was intended be understood as as an office of soul sleep okay thank you thank you for the good talking to you Diana from Vancouver, BC, welcome to the narrow path when a couple minutes. I'm sorry to say go ahead.

I the commandments of Christ are what Christians keep the 10 Commandments were given to Israel when God made a covenant with them at Mount Sinai called the sign at a covenant. That covenant is over. There's a new covenant, Jesus made a new covenant with his disciples and says in Hebrews 813, that where there's a new covenant, the old covenant is obsolete. So the covenant God made with Israel in the Old Testament is obsolete.

So we have a new covenant made by Christ in him and are obligations to do what he says.

So that's why Jesus said, go and make disciples and teach them to observe everything that I have commanded you. Now Paul made a distinction between the laws given by Moses and the laws given by Christ in first Corinthians 9 Paul said that he's not under the law of Moses, but he is under the law of Christ.

So it's clear that he's not seeing the law of Moses as part of the law of Christ. It's a different set of laws so under the old covenant, God gave the 10 Commandments and 612 laws altogether.

In the old covenant.

Those that covenant is obsolete. The Bible says so there's a new covenant and are obligations due. Jesus said so in a sense were not really looking to the 10 Commandments as guidance that was part of the guidance of God gave to Israel under the old covenant we now look to Jesus for guidance and donation well here it here and keep the commandments of God and man 1912 game type thing and you have the name all like that lie that he put it in our heart and mind before you run out of time to time. He did put it in our hearts and our minds but he also said it would be not like the covenant he made with their fathers. If you look at Jeremiah 31 he says I'll make a new covenant with the house of this house of Judah. Not like the cover, not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers out of the land of Egypt, so he's not just saying I can take the same stuff I told Moses and stick it in your heart to make a new covenant and put that in your heart you have new laws have new authority and in the Messiah authority as we understand so we follow the teachings of Christ were not under the teachings of the again.

The new covenant has made the ultimate obsolete axis plain statement of the writer of Hebrews. So we need to look to Jesus as our guide, rather than some laws from the Old Testament. I appreciate your call.

I didn't mean to catch up. I would talk to for half hour I had the time, but I only have 10 seconds performed on. Thanks for joining us even listening to the narrow path. My name is Steve Greg. We are listener supported. If you'd like to help us down the air. You can go to our website. The narrow and click the donation link and see what to do about that.

Let's talk again tomorrow

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