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The Narrow Path 7/1

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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July 1, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 7/1

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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July 1, 2020 8:00 am

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrowcast radio broadcasts line Steve Greg were alive for an hour each weekday afternoon, we take phone calls during that time. If you have questions like ask on the air about the Bible of the Christian faith or if you have a difference of opinion from the host.

One thing I would urge you if you do calling is to be as succinct as you can with your question. A lot of people take a long time getting around to it.

The question it sometime later that ask him what is your question. After talking for a while.

I usually don't set it up very much. You have to set up try to set up about 30 seconds. But anyway we have a lines full. That's where I saved a lot of calls waiting and by the end of most days we don't get to all of them so of the lines are full now, but they will be opening up actually won one just may have opened up if you like to call the number is 844-484-5730 7F 844-484-5737 now something is happening tonight to some of you may be interested in. There is a church in Portland, Oregon that has an apologetics class. I guess once a week. I've never attended it but they asked if I would join them tonight by way of zoom and maybe just answer the question, so I don't know what they been studying. I have no no advance notice about this murder.

Care to have it let the whatever questions they have in terms of apologetics. I guess is what I'll be fielding for about an hour and 1/2 from about 7 to 830.

I believe and the reason I say it is because zoom is a format where I think up to 100 people can be there and in the class is smaller than that. So we have doubts. I think 25 of our listeners have already signed up to to join it. Besides the class itself, and if you would like to participate in that you may, in its mechanics tonight at 7 o'clock. What you need to do is go to our website. The narrow that's the in the narrow and they go to the link that says announcements and scroll down to July 1 and you'll see the information there about it and what you have to do to join it.

You'll have to get a an invitation from the host and he I we've given you his email there at the at our website. His email is Michael Lucas and the if you email him. I he will send you a link unless you get into late again. They can only think have as many as 100 people. So if you're interested in that.

Just go to our website.

The narrow click the tab that says announcements and then scroll and down to July 1 and see his email and that when you do that you can email him and say I'd like to being on the zoom session tonight and he'll send you a link so you can automatically be part of it all right. We talked for small to Richard from seal Beach, California today hi Richard, welcome to the neuropathic for calling. I was just wondering if you ever tried to find the 10 Commandments, long before Moses was born. For instance Genesis 9 verse six that shall not kill Jacob stormed his brothers birthright. Thou shalt not steal. Not had sex with his daughters the Israelites himself built.

I don't: And in John chapter 1 it says they existed in the beginning and God wrote the 10 Commandments himself. So I was wondering if you ever thought about that and I'll listen to you on the radio thing okay you well. I haven't thought about it in those terms.

Below I have often mentioned when I'm teaching about the 10 Commandments that nine of them were not new and and they don't they don't lose their relevance. After the passing of the law because the law of Moses had two different kinds of laws, some of them were morally rooted to the nature of God, so any active unfaithfulness or injustice. Certainly or input or sexual impurity would be something that would be wrong. And because that's because of God, because it's it's it betrays the purity and the justice and the holiness of mood and the faithfulness of God so we can find that of those commandments. Nine of them would fit that category and you can find in the New Testament also. After the laws passed in the epistles of Paul and even before the law, as you point out examples of most of these laws so the point is that, for example, the command, you shall not murder, or honor your father and your mother do not commit adultery, do not steal or do not bear false witness to those commandments.

They don't belong only to the 10 Commandments they they existed in many societies before Moses was born and they are some of them are seen to be expressed in Genesis before Moses came along. So when the 10 commitments included these it was not inventing is not creating them from scratch. When people say well if you believe that we don't have to keep the Sabbath. Why do you keep nine of the 10 commands and of the Sabbath commandment, my answer is because nine of the 10 Commandments are moral issues and God doesn't change. Moral morality is rooted in the in the unchanging nature of God, but there are Commandments in the Old Testament that are not rooted in his character there rooted in something else. In most cases they they are maybe in every case, they are symbolic of something else. And these were ritual lost of the whole tabernacle is symbolically designed and described of the sacrifices in the holy days have symbolism which is fulfilled in the New Testament and one of those holy days was the Sabbath, which as you can see is not a moral issue for the simple reason that moral issues are eternal and there's no command to keep the Sabbath prior to the giving of the 10 Commandments, nor is there any command keep it in the New Testament after the after laws passed. In fact, that the Sabbath is very much like any other ceremony law. It is a holy day and holy days always represented something we can see how the Passover holy day was fulfilled in Christ and how Pentecost was fulfilled in the giving of the Holy Spirit is examples of how these holy days they represent something in Hebrews 4 the Sabbath is said to represent the rest that we enter spiritually in Christ, so give me a days, holy days holy places holy rituals and so forth are of a different sort of command than the moral commands and you can you can prevent yourself by simply saying this could God have said, thou shalt commit adultery. Of course he couldn't because adultery is unfaithfulness and that goes against his nature is faithful so he could never give a different kind of commandment than that without violating who he is but could he have said keep three days holy and every fourth day, I mean keep three days normal to your working every fourth day, rest when he could have wouldn't have them violated anything in his character of the keeping of the Sabbath. Of course, represented something.

It represented remembering God's resting after the six days of creation and also foreshadowed our spiritual respite.

There would there's nothing moral in it, by nature, because again, if God could have said it differently without it you compromising his nature, then it's not a moral issue because morals are always rooted in the character of God, and that's why they're permanent and their relevance okayed ST from Lakewood, Washington.

Welcome to the neuropathic for calling. Thank you, but I question the question will attest to the gospel. John heard and read that book many many times that I can across interesting passages are never seen before in the light of the claimant up to 24 to 25 it says Jesus did not commit himself under them because he knew all men he needed not to testify mentoring new man. So my question is saying Mike and also been said that we should follow use of examples of that medical mission trip in command and it comes right down to it, question savers, in one sense, yes, we, there are limits to the amount that we should trust people because as Jesus says of Jesus. He knew what was in people suddenly sin is in people and and you don't want to fully trust yourself there. It says in ingesting.

I guess it's Jeremiah chapter 17 it says woe to him who puts his trust in man. Now, of course, people have to be trusted at some level, but we don't want to fully entrust our souls are our integrity or our moral guidance to men. Jesus of course was in a position where people are starting to get excited about him and probably saying hey I like to promote your election and I'd like to invite you over here to preacher over there and preached and he wasn't taking instructions from them because he was taking instructions from his father and all the people often you know profess friendship and and loyalty. He knew very well that many would turn on and as for example, happened in John six and verse 66, when he said about eat my flesh and drink my blood. Says many of his disciples departed from them, didn't follow him anymore so he knew that you really can't ultimately trust people, however, of course, some people can be trusted and measure more than others. Some people are entirely untrustworthy and summer are very conscientious and have good character and so when it comes to our trusting people. We should we should only render to people such trust as they earn. Now even even though if somebody has been faithful to you is to say, been married for 20 years and your spouse have been faithful to well then, of course, are likely to trust her, but they are human being and she is a human being and therefore you can't fully trust in you never know that after 20 years of marriage. She won't just take off and abandoned. Many Christians have found this to be the case, myself included, so you you you trust people as much as it seems like they earn it.

And of course when you trust people, you do become a vulnerable to being deeply hurt by the betrayal but the more the more a person's character can be seen to be faithful, the more they really have earned a measure of trust that your ultimate trusted him would be to God and exiting her was Jesus.

Jesus entrusted himself in some measure to his disciples, he made himself vulnerable to them. Certainly Judas when his disciples knew some of Jesus. Secrets like where he beat on the night of that he was actually arrested. The public wasn't given knowledge that that he gave his disciples knowledge that someone betrayed them so you know, to the degree that you trust people you are vulnerable to being betrayed.

But betrayal is something even Jesus experienced the main thing of same. In John chapter 2 is a Jesus was knocking on turnover you know anything like that. The direction of the guidance of his ministry to well wishing humans because he knew how unreliable humans can be. We should activate the dental application for a year and half of the question click over and over and something we can ask you. You said the teachers that say there is a long-standing rivalry and hatred between Ishmael and I looked around because you have no idea learn such a thing to think. The Bible well I don't know English and work toward Internet and I think I remember certain pest description.

I don't know what you think about this. Galatians 4 2231. Now we either quit or the children of promise, but has been acute with the flesh to contend with the spirit. Even so, it is now Scripture cast out the woman and her son the front of the bone shall not be in the front of the moon but of the three I know Plato is trying to keep people unclear whether the spirit is using this ongoing event is not an ongoing thing doesn't think it know Paul isn't implying that there is an ongoing conflict green the Jews and and Ishmaelites Arabs there might be that that's not the point is making he's saying that in the historical story of Ishmael and Isaac, Ishmael persecuted or mocked is really what happened in the story Isaac and he says that's how it is now, according to my analogy here.

He's not actually talk about the descendents of Ishmael or the descendents of Isaac because he says we are like the descendents of Isaac. He's writing to Gentiles, Galatian Christians and he said the Jews in Jerusalem are like Ishmael, so he's not really talking about the literal Ishmaelites of the literal Israelites he's talking about. There were two sons of Abraham two different kinds Ishmael was a child of the flesh, just like the Jews are.

They have been decided according to the flesh from Abraham.

So there are a lot like Ishmael is nothing they descendents ratio he just saying they are like Ishmael in that respect, but that Isaac was miraculously brought into Abram's family after his mother had been barren and and and couldn't have children and she's getting old so what he saying there is that we who are Gentiles who are only children of Israel by a direct act of God, not by natural part regeneration that we are like Isaac. So he's not saying were descended from Isaac as were not were Gentiles and Isaac was the father of the Jewish race but and he saying the Jews are like Ishmael, those are not descended from.

So this is not a passage that in any way is affirming some long standing rivalry between Isaac and Ishmael or his descendents because there's no reference here to their descendents, but rather to their spiritual counterparts. So what I have said is that I often hear preachers say that the conflict in the Middle East today is simply a part of an ongoing and predicted hostility that will forever exist between Isaac and Ishmael, meaning the descendents of Isaac and the descendents of Ishmael, meaning the Jews and the Arabs and I saved. There's nothing about. It says that not not that I've ever found.

I looked pretty hard so I don't know of anything in the Bible it says that forever is to be this inveterate hostility between the Arabs and the Jews. It may well be so, but that would be something to observe from history, not from Scripture.

I appreciate your call. Let's talk to Brad from Comiskey Brad welcome that's Idaho highbred how you doing I about yesterday you on your last call you, want to ask the question he had Artie hung up on a few weeks ago action month ago I would hold you and I was indeed the right lecture to listen to and I was not able to do that. My computer not working, but this lecture, answer your question and you remember what I'm talking about the laboratory, institutional racism yet and is asking for examples of what he had in mind yet or not. And then this video also needs a really good to watch it. I just why today I watched Brody Baucom and Amnon course I don't really agree with him. Mostly, but I do not. In a lot of ways, but it he's leaving a lot of stuff out that I want to be a said this video is like you notice a different side of the story content in any good thing about this video is that both black men are both Christians evoke in full-time ministry in Nebraska, California so his name is Brian Stanley and just click with you to quickly is quite Newark's February 10, 2020 and is called structural racism. What is it, what does it look like and it's found on the YouTube channel called St. Joseph's College. Very good video for both of those issues wanted like I just about what I'd said everything I wanted to tell you about social justice. Now I'm not give you what going on in America and see if you consider that social justice could I do America printed Mañana anywhere nearby should know that very common knowledge. So, with a commitment to the mayor and give it to some people but don't do it at the audience in the form of FHA loans VA loans stuff like that in Internet and in this case, state don't give it to black people generally but do give it away so that social justice well it depends on why they're giving it mostly white people and why not soften the black eye and Ashley talk to black people had no trouble getting such loans so I know it's not a uniform thing of don't give these to black people because I don't like will get them tickets. I think it mostly. I think banks and government agencies when they are give money think they do it mostly on the economic status of the person who supplied right with you guys want to go down because it proves primary source evidence that that is not the case. I wanted yeah she felt but don't dare do medically, I'm saying in the way videogame I think the definition of that would be social justice well okay it be simply an injustice really mean to be able to gain social justice and social justice would say that they have to force these institutions to give as many, or at least proportionately as many loans to black sister whites that would be a social justice point if in fact if in fact there are some black people getting these these financial help and in many not, then it would have to be honored on some of the basis than whether they're black, but many times there are economic factors that are combined with pre-peoples races not always enough to an other Doctors all maybe my not on the okay okay Brad will appreciate your call but I will look up that that video.

Okay, let's talk to Tony from Fullerton California to face the coming year on John 14 to 21 and think about John 14 to in Revelation Revelation 21 to talk about you saying my father's house there are many Mankin gains in the bedrooms and them versus talk about heaven.

For that the correct will. I don't believe it is okay Revelation to its terms, and I saw John saw the city, Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven.

The same thing two different thing altogether. Well, I think that Revelation 21 to is talking about the second coming of Christ and the establishment of the new Jerusalem on the new earth magnetic plate okay that's I believe now as far as John 14 to when Jesus said in my father's house are many mansions. People usually assume that means that he's heard about heaven and I'm not sure why. I guess we assume because God lives in heaven that must be what his houses, however, Jesus spoke of his father's house earlier in the book of John in chapter 2 and he said do not make my father's house a house of merchandise.

Obviously his father's house was the temple and in the Old Testament, the house of Yahweh, the house of the Lord is always a reference to the tabernacle or to the temple.

Although the Bible does say that God dwells in heaven. It has never call heaven's house to manifest God's laws everywhere. It was a shale also and everywhere in the universe, but he has a house among men on earth and in Moses day that was the tabernacle is called the house of the Lord and later on after Solomon son.

It was the temple's house Lord and remain so until the time of Jesus. When Jesus said do not make my father's house house of merchandise which is referenced the temple. Now he says in my father's house are many dwelling places the word mansions is a terrible translation. I have no idea why.

Thinking Jim shows it. The Greek word, Monet means a dwelling place, except it's the noun form of the verb may note which means to dwell.

Many modern translations as you say transit rooms in my father's house are many rooms.

That's not too bad, because usually when you are in a house you dwell in a room, but the word Monet which is transit move rooms in a case or mansions in King James that word symptom is a dwelling place now.

Later in the same chapter Jesus use that word again which is again the only other time in the New Testament that the word appears that strange word translated mansions in John 14 to is Monet and it's found only in one other place in the Bible actually and axing the same chapter verse 23 John 1423 Jesus answered and said him if anyone loves me, he'll keep my word and my father will love him, we will come to him and make our Monet with him here translated home but is the same Greek word so Jesus is saying the Monet were God dwells is the believer. He says if you let me to keep my commitments, my father and I love you we will come and make our home with you and others will dwell in you.

So the father's house has many Monet's. That is if you're a believer in your following Christ.

You're one of those you're one of those rooms. When those places were God dwells. After all, it's his house. It's not our house it's his house. So where does God dwell among men. He dwells in a house which is called the body of Christ, the temple of the Holy Spirit, Jesus will Paul in first grade. In chapter 3, referred to the church. In verse 16. As the temple of God, and in several other places in the New Testament the church is called the temple of God.

It's his house. In fact it says in first Peter 25 that we are like living stones built up into a spiritual house, you know, and that he means her temple.

Likewise, in Ephesians chapter 2 Paul refers to us as the house of God, the temple dwelling place of God. And in Ephesians 219 through 22, especially in verse 21 and 22 he says, in whom the whole building in the church being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord in whom you also are being built together for a habitation of God in the spirit so we are the habitation of God, collectively, the church is made of living stones.

We are the habitation of God, individually, because where the rooms that house in which he lives, he lives in the whole house that we are the rooms in the house that he lives in. So that's how I understand John 14 to appreciate your call. I did take a break about coming back with another half hour ago, so don't think relieving the narrow path is listener supported. You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or from our website. The narrow will be back in 32nd stage in as you know the narrow path radio show is Bible radio that has nothing to send everything to give you do the right thing and share with your family and friends tell them to tune into the narrow path on this radio station narrow where they will find topical audio teachings blog articles and diverse teachings and archives of the radio shows you know listener supported Nero With Steve Greg share what you know and back to the narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and were live for another half hour taking your calls.

The lines are full but if you take this number down and call a little later and have our you might just get through lines to open up the number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and I want to announce again as I did that in the first out half-hour tonight at 7 o'clock Pacific time. I'll be joining with our class at a church in Portland, Oregon. That is a weekly apologetics class and they like me to come tonight. And to answer questions about apologetics and so I'll be doing that from about 7 o'clock tonight till 830.

Now that's a zoom meeting. I'm not in Portland I'm in Southern California so will be done by zoom and it's possible for people anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world to join that meeting if you're among the first hundred two to to login only hundred can do. So how would you do that if you want to you can go to our website.

The narrow Click on the tab that says announcements and then scroll down to tonight, state July 1 and you will find an email address for Manny Michael and if you email him and say you'd like to participate in the zoom.

A discussion he will send you a link and you simply click that link.

To get into the meeting and you'll be the free and that you can even you can be among those master questions so that's a go to the narrow under announcements. Scroll down to July 1 and you'll see the email for this man, Michael, whom you will request a link just request a link to the meeting and he'll send you one and you can participate. All right, let's talk next to looks like it's good to be Eddie from New Haven is that Connecticut I imagine Eddie good how you doing.

My question for you Steve.

It's a little tricky, but it's good to meet you. What I will rabbi back in the day when Christ was on your creation and we were studied in the call. We were in the synagogue is all thing we knew the torrent site it out one day that we left for lunch and we heard Jesus talk that we heard him say no man comes to the father but through me. But by me.

We would look at it and say, look, this guy is crazy what you talk to me just say I guess is right… Will this way.

I mean, how could we even hear something like that. I totally studied in the Cornell and what you just said is completely another direction share. This may be just a matter of minor detail, but actually if we were rabbi's back and we wouldn't hear Jesus say that because he said it privately to his disciples in the upper room just before he died he didn't really make that kind of clear statements publicly. At least not often. For example, he never publicly declared himself to be the Messiah. He did privately with the disciples, and with one of the well and even when he was on trial to Caiaphas, but Jesus didn't nonpublicly say those kinds of things much and so we might never hear it, but we would have to make a decision if we were rabbi's in the sink alley somewhere in the hearing of him insane his miracles would have to make some kind of decision.

What do we make of this guy and I you know I've often wondered if I was one of the Pharisees back then would I have acted like them or would I would I have become a disciple now a Calvinist example you you would become a disciple because your election and you know it doesn't really matter anything else. If you elect God would see to it that you believe in Jesus, but some are not a Calvinist.

After wondered what I be persuaded that Jesus was the Messiah. Like you said you said that privately, let's say we heard that down the road after the resurrection of whatever you like say that that's completely against the Torah teaches about Yahweh well does that ethical first light after I'd have to ask myself what did Jesus mean when he said no one comes to the father but by me. And that's even something I think Christians need to ask themselves because we might assume we know and yet the wording may not fall into the categories that we sometimes imagine I I believe that he saying that no one can come to God except through his intervention but many times we think he say no one can come to the father unless you understand the Trinity and know that I'm God and and you know you know know what you know enough theology to know what I what I am. There are many Christians and I would lean into stretch myself to believe that there are people never heard of Christ, but whose hearts might be so much toward God that they do come to God through Christ whose name they've never heard. He is the word, and he is the light it says in John chapter 1 he is the true light that shines that it enlightens every man coming in the lateral so everyone receives sunlight. According to John, 19 Jesus is that like so response to that light would seemingly be a response to Jesus and what it maybe they don't as much light as we do, but if you were rabbi and living somewhere in those days where you knew something about Jesus are.

You'd have to have to ask yourself is, what is the evidence that he's that he is the Messiah that we been looking for and I don't.

The Jews were looking for certain things in the Messiah which Jesus didn't do, but on the other hand, it depends on how many of the Scriptures that we looked at with an open mind. We were able to see kind of through it are more open-minded lens. I don't know you have wondered that too is only a speculative question.

Would we would we become believers or not, but some did even in the book of acts we read that there were Pharisees that joined the church after Jesus was gone so could be. Could be that we would all right, let's talk to Danny from Sacramento daily. Welcome to the narrow path the first time caller. Thank you Colleen, you look this will let you know I'm a third-generation ministry brat know what I mean by that, I have a feeling okay and so this is the question because problems don't ask for permission before they hit us of the right to be denied access right and when were Christians.

They only had the power to dismiss as much force as God allows. Could you go back to the Job remember to take everything for me as well, just don't take it like okay well I had Last August 27, 2019. My father is a Pentecostal preacher and his wife of 29 years of marriage, left him for another woman in the church at the retaining Stockton.

If you were anywhere near television on that day, you know, like you say you know it's serious when even a certain station we defeat know if there's anything good they Sacramento covers. It still looked on. Determined to kill both of them went down there when he came out he pulled the trigger misfire neighborhood. The shot called the police when they showed at the point the gun it ended. They did what they were trying to do and if it's any consolation, my father when he was on the ground, not breathing like the deputies resuscitated him ;-) asked my father if he was okay said that my father speak in a language he couldn't understand my father. 69 he be preaching the gospel for 50 years and he was ordained a culture gone after communicative denomination but before he started his own, but an and my father was always quick to make things right. If you ever do anything wrong when he was alive, but we believe that he initially done wrong and he's making things right with God and he had diabetes and he was diagnosed with liver cancer "weeks to live. When she did this to him and he died before he got to the hospital. I mean there's more to the story but had given more time, but how should I handle it.

Now I don't ministry God has called me into my compasses broke the well your dad obviously did a lot of saying that all Christians sometimes do wrong things. The real question is, is that is that characteristic of of them in is that is that something that speaks to their commitment to Christ or not, I will say this when we know our spouse of 30 years, leaves her husband or or leaves his wife and people who go through that sometimes goes through crazy time. I mean if you read below about divorce was crazy at times, you know where you you really kind of out of your mind really do think you and do. Now I know frankly I'm pretty sure I wouldn't take a gun and intend to kill anybody because I've never wanted to kill anyone in my life. Even people of been doing terrible but I other hand, on the other hand, he was it. I assume this is very uncharacteristic of him and it went, and God will knows and seems like what we what would've been characteristic of him I think would be that whenever he said he repent concentrically helps to so I would assume that when he was on the ground as you say it was no doubt repentant, sorry. I would expect I'd expect to see him in heaven steeply delivered because I pay 100 audit you, I just couldn't believe it. You he was to me on how much you missed me to court you would like to me what Samuel anywhere blood that he was to be his family was dictated and I just I just took it so hard it and it uncharacteristic of him and I think that's what you give you comfort and that is that that was selling characteristic of him. You know, there are there are ministers in the I don't think it Is one of them, but there are ministers who are who are just not very sincere followers of Christ and they know they get eaten they steal money in the get Agnello forth, but but that's not apparently how your dad was so I would say that this is very uncharacteristically thinking probably snapped and the thing about it is Steve and Mary and I don't have any children undulate for the got any type that make them wait for you know, like a God honoring women to come my way to church instead of the night I attended based on the second elected basic Pastor Ray John is more likely to be great Pastor precognitive heard of the few books out is when it is patently to breach a bit at Longstreth but get back to the original question, so I'm just my compasses broke with the Lord's help I don't know what the Lord had in store for me for ministry or what can I struggle to find somebody foster parent to cop say no and it's hard to know this company should not be broken because you know that this is not what your dad would recommend you to do and if if you if you initially got your moral compass from your dad's teaching you know that you did what he did on that occasion and will and what we all do.

On some occasions are things that go against what we know to do. You and I would say that there's not not excuse for what he did because and I think he wouldn't think so either you I think you know if you have an excuse for some you don't repent of it, but it went repent of it, it means you say there is no excuse for what I did use for our sinning but we we repelled an army that simply your dad did and what happened him is an exceptional story for the news but it doesn't really challenge anything that the Bible teaches about being a Christian and not know what tomorrow or whenever you just realize they are dead.

Your dad taught you to trust what the Bible says, but he probably if you'd asked timidly see photos that hate a don't think that I'm the perfect example of this is basically borderline push.

My fault.

I think I am the attention of the other and have to God had for my father and I think it really I think I didn't want to lose my sore salvation up in hell.

I think like what it's what I deal with whatever they think you want that.

I believe that God did not even spare my father to keep me on the right track. So I would lose my salvation up in hell for eternity to my father sometimes. Frankly, I think that sometimes that's awake at all that is in you, you know. I doubt things wrong and the people who know me and who know you said done wrong, have often thought will I you are about doing some like that. I thought I was to thought it was to know the worst thing I would hope would not happen would be that when I done something wrong.

Somebody would say well hate trusting you is the whole basis of my salvation. So I'm going to leave the Lord, you know, and that your dad wants you to do that either. So now let me recommend something to you if I can better and terrible thing you've gone through, but at my website. The narrow path icon. There's lots of lectures will free you listed with the second making making sense out of suffering and it covers a lot of the things that you probably are facing and confused making sense out of session so it's in the topical lectures category. Okay the narrow path you think you Steve for your kind words of encouragement you know and you know if I had been strong in the faith by dementia. Somebody has to didn't know the Lord I cut I felt like… At times to come to my mind to check out that he was meant for that I had the Lord and I know what you know and my dad cannot go to court by his own hand.

He went by someone else's and I know you happen to people if they will suicide would've written out you go by Johann Jackie you have time to repent, but you do. I mean I need divorce on suicide but I'll tell you what you told me. I believe your dad had just snapped and the people do very crazy things, especially in situations like that one seems okay. I'm just so it doesn't necessarily mean that he had given up his his whole faith in Christ you know and and and and and Steve on interjecting real quickly. He also had diabetes is diagnosed with cancer, liver cancer know "we still are part of that. Yeah, that's the surprising thing because you know if I was going to the county Greece going to ice it will affect only a live with us for four weeks more. I need just I just to is limited, but obviously he is not fully in his right mind, and God knows that knows anyone better than you are the most effective conducts a cyclic, you know, I guess what the heck did you not I would never wish my Back you up if I wanted to see him. I better make sure I make. I do right you know that Peter his message to you if he could get across a make sure you meet me in heaven. Don't don't let this link to Steve Lord bless you that.

Okay so free to call back anytime. God bless thank you fiberglass find that's an unusual story tragic important talk next to Perry from Portland, Oregon. Welcome to the narrow path next to Colin is so I was looking at your show yesterday and I can have a bone to pick with you about a call you fielded regarding the mark of the beast. A caller called in and said what the big deal about getting the vaccine and in going to curtsy and I want to point out because I was in the city over the years and that you always point out that you believe that the mark of the pieces related to a slave having a brand or tattoo from one of the owner and light. I just don't agree with that whatsoever on the basis that if I went to the marketplace is back in time and I didn't have a tattoo or brand. I'd ideally by himself now if I was a slave in my owner like that me to the market Square to pick up supplies or whatever and I did have a brand I would still be able to abide in order. If the seller there would all I brand you gotta reject me, all you have the brands you can't buy from here because your slave, so it would relate to you would be able to buy so being at that Revelation 1317 refers to what you know, because although small, great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive the mark on the right hand that he made by herself, but point is the mark on the beast wouldn't stop somebody's are the mark to market everybody would build buy sell back in those days whether they had mark or not freeman or slave. That's not necessarily so now the Roman for example, many times in history.

Enemies of Christianity have forbidden people to do business with them. You don't think about this. Suppose you were a devout and observant Jew and some Nazi government made you put, you know, a swastika on your forehead. And you wouldn't instead you had a Star of David on you for okay well when you go to buy and sell in the marketplace, people shut their doors to because you don't have the swastika and you don't and you gotta start David, this is happened many times excepted people generally have things on their foreheads. Jews in Germany. Of course had to start David on their armband but even if they didn't the fact that they were Jewish merchants or whatever. A lot of a lot of the anti-Semitic could not do business with and I think that's what Revelation saying that there are people who so anti-Christian that if you are evidently a servant of Christ. There would be people who will not do business with you. They boycott your shop then and want to.

This is historically happen very many times, so it's not even sure you know theoretical. This is often happens through the Pope's often made the papal bulls that people could not do business can buy or sell with the Waldenses who were, you know, before the present Reformation people who are a lot like Protestants so you know, to boycott a certain business or or proprietor or whatever because of his views are because of his religion is a very commonplace form of persecution. Now when Revelation says if you don't have the mark of the beast. You can't buy or sell.

I think by yourself simply means you'll be persecuted and one of the forms of persecution is boycott is not the only one it's like throughout the book of Revelation. If you die for Jesus, you refer just one who is beheaded, but not all people drive cars would be headed.

It's just that decapitation was one form of martyrdom and the Bible book of Revelation uses it to speak of all martyrdom and so also you prejudicial boycott is one type of persecution and I think that that's the particular kind of persecution that Revelation uses to stand for persecution in general it's a it's a milder form than some. I mean it's it's milder long and straight have him throw stones at your tell your dad or arrest you and put you in prison torture you. Regular everyday those kinds of persecution happen also but not buying or selling is simply a milder for former persecution. But what I think what Revelation saying is if you are if you don't exhibit conformity to the world system and that you two are a slave of the Satanic beast will then you'll be persecuted and people just overlook the bill on the show that you didn't but I don't believe that just anybody that goes in the market place. He doesn't have a mark that you yeah I wouldn't I would eliminate wouldn't necessarily know that Brittany would know if they where you know that you're applying your applying the imagery different I am.

I'm not saying I think the next time I need to answer will okay well say something I'm not saying that in Roman times. If a person had a certain mark of a certain master that people wouldn't buy and sell with him although he might if they happen to his master.

If he had a master that they really had contempt for they might not do any business with his slaves at all, but that's not the point. The point is that having them the mark of the beast on your hand forward simply means that you are a servant of the Satanic system. In contrast to the ones in the next verse in chapter 14 verse one of Revelation who have God's name on it for their servants of God and what's being said is in the time that Revelation describing that people who are servants of Satan will not do business with those were servants of God, or that they will persecute them, which includes that kind of ostracism I had another point running on time. Go ahead quickly. Like I let you today is that I thought people over the world… You can't go into work late now without a Matt and Matt we won just one letter from Mark was with Kate I can't go into the story without the master by itself.

I think the vaccine you leave the mark with an ingredient called Lisa Perez with bug juice from a firefly in it so you have a little mark on it that I thought was dead before you go personnel masking marker one letter separate any Greeks is relevant, but when I made yesterday is why it is. The Bible says everything to market.

This is going to some of the lake of fire. Why would God make as a basis of going to hell or not. The question of whether you have a computer chip in your hand that has some bug juice called listless for something. Another issue that when happening with your heart judge at the base of the heart and the retention certainly not on the basis of accidental matters of moral issues you conform to the beat system or to conform to God that will rival David conform to which it is at least radially to the dictionary online that I don't think what I'm saying is, what does this tell us about God. That's the question what what is it that God cares about what you have a chip inserted perhaps against your will and your body whether there is a substance that has a name that sounds a little bit like the name Lucifer that somehow got into your system and how is it certain that taking that wearing a mask or taking such a vaccine would be declaring loyalty to the world system. If you send your kids to public school is that declaring loyalty to the world system.

I don't recommend sending to public school, especially in California. Now with the new laws were passed. I don't know how any Christian whatever interest the children to such a corrupt system that wants to pervert your children sexually in the new curriculum they've ordered for all schools including charter schools is going to have your kids putting condoms on well I won't discuss it as it may be children listening but the point is, yeah, I don't recommend him for their kids in public school.

I don't think that someone who is in the position where they have to should be said that taken the mark of the beast because they happen to be complying with what the government wants, but I think you know I don't think I'm a Social Security number is taken Markowitz.

I didn't want one. I sure site and wanted to pay into Social Security because I didn't care about Social Security benefits but is mandatory and I do so to the fact that I did pay an associate's that make me a participant in the mark of the beast. Just because you do something the government makes you do that you don't want to do doesn't mean you've done something immoral.

I don't opening the Bible makes it immoral to wear a mask. I don't like to Aaron and I want anymore than I have to. I don't know that the bombing something immoral about having a shot or something put into under your skin. I wouldn't do that either have a choice of Dell avoided at all costs. But if if it happens to me against my will. I don't think that's an issue with God.

I don't see why God would see all man, now you're really on the devil side because you got chip put into your skin. Well, if the chip is supposedly about how you do financial transactions, which is what most people are saying.

Why would God care how I do financial transactions as long as not being dishonest. I think that's I think that it raises serious questions about God's priorities.

Hey, I'm out of time.

Unfortunate, which I wasn't all our lives are and that's a terrible thing to have to say going off their program a more encouraging thing I do have to say is that I'm on tomorrow and the next annexation or two days anyway and every weekday. So I hope those who are not in today. I apologize to you for not having time for you to call tomorrow. The next day and get to whatever it was you wanted to ask.

I apologize. I was had two hours of three easily filled listening to the narrow path radio broadcast.

We are listener supported. You can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 website is the narrow thanks for joining us

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