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The Narrow Path 6/30

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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June 30, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 6/30

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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June 30, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the Merrill's radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and live for an hour each week afternoon and taking your calls as usual.

If you have questions you'd like to call in and ask about the Bible of the Christian faith or you like calling and express a difference of opinion from that of the host. Feel free to give me a call. The number is 844-484-5737 and if you called in the past not been able get through.

I would just say there's a few lines open right now if you want to call. There's good chance you could get through immediately.

A David from somewhere in California. Welcome to the narrow path answer: I we go to God. Deuteronomy 33 chapter 1775 is where it says that the tribes of Joseph it is Ephraim and Manasseh will be pushed to become severe. All withdrawals be part of the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Well, that's a good question and is not entirely clear where where Moses is giving these prophecies about each of the tribes. It's a little bit like going to Jacob on his deathbed, and I gave prophecies about each of the tribes and in Genesis 49 and its their very obscure the very poetic and it's really hard to know exactly in some cases how they were to be understood. The expression the ends of the earth. The word earth in Hebrew is Ararat's which can mean land or commune earth sometimes of their push to the end edge of the land or the end of the earth if it some of the edge of the land. It might be target the land of Israel and the allotment that they would have when the tribes are divided in the days of Joshua. If they push the ends of the earth it could even be referring to the dispersion of the northern tribes which, of which Joseph's ties with the predominant ones and and how they were dispersed throughout the world and intermarried with Gentiles, so that innovate, they would no longer exist as tribes because they've mixed with Gentiles to such a degree that there is no purity of bloodline bites yet it's it's really hard to know exactly in what sense has to be understood because it could be talking about their tribal portions which were allotted out in the days of Joshua after he conquered the land or could be referring to something much later. Like after 722 BC, when the Assyrians drove them to all of all of the landmass of Eurasia so it's hard to say.

I would some people say that Jesus actually might've traveled more extensively than the traditionally understood and that is one theory that's out there. Some people think that he traveled to India and Tibet and Egypt and places like that.

In fact, New Age people think that that he learned from the mystics in the East and when he came back with certain powers, and so forth. That's where he got them course he himself said the opposite. He said he got them from his father. So if if some of these theories are true then Jesus was lying about himself which is not reasonable to assume since we don't have any real evidence to the contrary.

So the leaders is no real evidence in the bottle.

He traveled beyond Palestine in his lifetime, anybody maintaining that there was word-of-mouth that he traveled to the Americas is not not likely to have any credibility. Well, he certainly didn't travel to the Americas because nobody in those days, and Israel knew that the Americans were there. Now the Mormons claim Joseph Smith claimed that Jesus came to the Americas.

I believe after he had lived and died in Palestine, but glad to hear that's just from the book of Mormon that doesn't have any historical credibility.

Thank you Steve all right appreciate you, God bless Kim from Los Angeles. Welcome to the narrow path transfer calling. Thanks for taking my call should not ask you a little background information on at three questions and I'll hang up and I'll take the answer off on the radio okay according about social justice, my church and other churches that I know of. I think I think no man I think I getting involved in this movement and I'm concerned about. I listen to your teaching on your website that's what's making a concern that the teaching on social justice. Yes. And so my questions all letters that look like or sound like in the church. What harm can do in the church and am I am I thinking my thinking is also in the morning if it's your opinion if it's a veering away from the great commission. Well it is but they don't think it is.

You know the Scripture teaches in the Old Testament and the new that one of the effects that Jesus would have of his coming in establishing his kingdom would be that he bring justice to the nations to bring justice to the Gentiles and the islands will await his rule and this is stated for example in Isaiah 42 verses one through four and is quoted as being fulfilled in Jesus ministry and not Matthew chapter 12 it quotes that verse about his ministry in Galilee and so forth. Now that means that Jesus according old and New Testament is to bring justice now. Unfortunately, the church is very poorly taught on the subject of justice. So now that there is a form of alleged justice called social justice that is being talked about a great deal churches seem to think oh I guess that's what response we talk, not because were justice is a good thing. Unfortunately, too many pastors have never really studied to know what the word social justice means just like many people who embrace and endorse a black lives matter don't have never looked at the website Seo black lives matter stands for. They don't stand for social justice at least well they do set stand for what they call social justice. They don't stand for what the Bible calls justice whenever you add a word to the word justice like environmental justice or social justice or something like that usually you are changing the meaning of the word justice. Otherwise you can just use the word justice without the modifier social justice is a movement that believes that people should not be judged on the basis of their individual merits, but they should be judged on the basis of what identity group they are in. It could be a racial identity like black or white or Hispanic or Native American or Asian or it could be a group like a transgender or homosexuals. It could be a big group like women as opposed to men and so forth. It can even be a group like disabled people as opposed to able to people you know I mean any group that is considered to be disadvantaged or in any sense oppressed is is in identity group for which social justice is being sought now that means is everybody in that identity group is considered to have been oppressed by everybody in a different identity group real estate What's in the news all the time. Now this idea for the black and white racial differences. A lot of people asking for social justice to be done on behalf of black peoples because some of them have ancestors who were slaves and some white people have ancestors that were slave owners.

I think there's about 6% of the white people in this country was calculated had ancestors who owned slaves, so, so that means 94% of white people never had a connection to slavery any of them have come to this country after slavery was abolished and and so let's face it, white people don't all share guilt for what happened in 150 years ago. Whatever hundred 60 and and black people as a group, don't necessarily all share disadvantages in the sense that there'd have to be reparations.

Now of course everybody on the planet has some disadvantages.

For example, I was always skinny and not very strong and I and I felt kind of inferior to people who are athletic was in junior high school and picked on because were to psychosocial disadvantage there, but I would never call myself a victim because in addition to having some disadvantages which everybody has. I also have some advantages which everybody has some anyone who's been born in America is part of the most advantaged part of the world, and no matter what race they are being in America is better than being in almost any other country. That's been around through history as far as Wrightson and empowerment and affluence, or whatever. We all have tremendous advantages and we all have some disadvantages of what social justice does is tries to assign a blanket disadvantaged status to a group whether it's like you said it could be women. It could be transgender is.

It could be Blacks or Native Americans or any anyone else might be a minority. And they say okay those who are in the majority.

They owe something to these people. Now that's not based on any real justice, real justice in the Bible is if somebody commits a crime, they should be punished for the crime. If a person has not committed a crime, they should not be accused of having committed when in fact in the Bible. If somebody accused a man of committing a crime that he did not commit. And it was found out that that was so the accuser had to receive the punishment that was going to belong to the accused person had he been found guilty. So in others a son accuse me of murder and I didn't murder anybody than the accuser would be subject to capital punishment or somebody accuse me of robbing a store and I didn't do it. The person accused me would be given the same penalty that would've come to me if if I had been found guilty of that. That's justice. That's biblical justice and its individual, if not groups.

It's ridiculous really to speak of distributive justice, I think, which is what social justice means and that is everyone in a group is aggrieved and everybody in the other group is the oppressor that just registers in touch with reality and not in this country away so unfortunately instead of actual justice which makes an appeal for the benefits of those who are truly oppressed and sinned against you know which is individuals meeting. Not every black person on the planet was a slave and not every black person in this country is descended from slaves. For example, Barack Obama is not descended from slaves, though he was considered to be a black man when it was convenient conduct.

Sometimes, white people who don't think it's a true black man who wasn't dissent from slaves. There's all this verbiage and all this you know favored words and so forth. Identify things that real justice is very simple thing if somebody does something wrong, he receives a proportionate punishment for that. It doesn't matter if he's white or black or red or yellow, or brown or whatever color is. If he did a crime he does the time.

That's justice. If someone didn't do a crime then they are not held responsible for crimes that other people have done their ancestors assessing Ezekiel chapter 18 that the father should not be punished for his sons crime and functionally punished for the father's crime or persons be punished for their own crimes. So even though I didn't have any ancestors on slaves. If I had had ancestors on slaves in a white guy now for me to make reparations to the entire black population of the United States at my expense when I might really rather give my money to someone who's really in need and are in really like poor people in Haiti which is where a lot of my money goes. I'd much rather help people who are real victims, not people who are pretending to be victims based on something that happened six generations ago. I mean six generations is a long time to pull yourself up and an awful lot of black people have shown that they can do that. There's lots of black people who are not and do not see themselves as victims. In fact they see themselves as some of the most fortunate black people on the planet because they hit the jackpot and happen to be in America now slaves didn't hit the jackpot I realized that but black people today were not born in slavery nor were the parents and probably not the grandparents either, but even if the grandparents were next two or three generations, they've had a chance to do something for themselves and a great number of black people have done a great deal to better themselves who got at least one black person is been president.

A lot of black people in the Congress or in the king's cabinet and the Kings. The presence cabinet I've been writing my book on the kingdom of God targeting sometime but the presence cabinet or in the Supreme Court that having the highest positions in the land are occupied. In some cases by people who are slaves and many of them probably have slave ants arming the black of her slave ancestors survey works that are not slaves, but there ancestors were.

And so they gotten out of it and so to say that these people let's just say there's some some poor white single mother with three kids living on welfare in a trailer park and and someone says that she should be penalized because of what happened to us to say Clarence Thomas is ancestors forcing generations are that's what social justice would would really say because a whole race. In this case is considered to be guilty and needing to redress their crimes against the whole race is not how justice works. Justice is blind and it is colorblind and so you know that used to be known.

Actually when I was growing up. After the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King and others had had no succeeded in convincing the white population that black people should be treated with the same dignity as white people, which is a very tremendous advance. Now I'm sure that that didn't catch on in the in the popular sentiments of some people in some parts of the country, but in for the most part, most white Americans acceptance. That's why they were willing to elect a black president to two terms. Let's face it Barack Obama short while every black probably voted for him or every liberal black. He was elected by black folks is like.

I like books and the same is true of the civil rights acts. Past those are those are essentially by white people and black people. The mostly white you see them. The idea that modern white people still oppressed black people institutionally, I believe, is a social justice canard. I'm sure there's plenty of policemen and chiefs of police and the vice presidential former vice presidents like Joe Biden who used race racial epithets and who are very have been very prejudiced against black people. But that's not an institutionally missing her heart.

That's not in the laws, the laws are largely there to make sure that doesn't happen in while America is not a perfect country and no country is America probably is and more than any other country to try to undo the damage that was done to the black people in slavery. So now we were not perfect yet, but frankly police violence against Blacks and in black crime and so forth is is down from what was in the past so I think that the social justice needs to look at case by case like real. That's real justice needs to do that social justice is basically say no don't do that judge a whole group and put everyone in that group under penalties for crimes. The people of that group of committed that's kind of that's what the whole thing behind this abolish the police movement.

There's a few policemen. Relatively few compared to the total number who have been either racist or or at least bullies and by the way white people of experience bullying from policeman to let these policeman to do that are not all policeman and to say okay the whole group that's called policeman has to be punished.

Why why should good policeman be punished along with the applicant is a justice doesn't do that.

Social justice advocates that it basically says we don't care who's guilty in his and everyone should be treated as if there guilty and punished if they belong to a group or there are some guilty parties with each of the same central black people.

There are some black criminals to but we don't believe in punishing all black people, at least intelligent people don't think it should happen. So those are some thoughts about it now. I don't know if you're familiar with body bottoms of video on social justice have you seen him on.

Yet he's good. He has he has a good one on social justice and for those listening who don't know him. His name is spelled V ODD i.e. body and is his lesson is blocking my thinkers apartment about. I tried anyway to be AUC ate something and you look them up on YouTube and you'll find a really good teaching on the subject. Thank you very much okay thank you for your call and sorry about your church that churches all over the country are apostate sizing and and I frankly they're doing it because they have never really become established in the word of God's sake. Since justice is the major assignment for the church to establish justice and effect Christ's mission. It says in Scripture, it seems to me that for centuries the church should've been focused on justice focused on what the Bible teaches not justice teaching their people to do it to do to do justly and to love mercy.

Luckily for God, this is what has been the command for Christians ever since Christianity began, but churches are not taught. It very few churches of taught it and now that it's necessary to know what it means because it's all talked about in the culture, and even the pastors himself. Note the word needs so you know I you know it's it's the churches it's the leadership of the church is called but it's also the people in the church who had lived long enough with Bibles in their hands that they could've search this out.

They want to. I'm I'm not a pastor or church. But I have a Bible and I certainly wouldn't of unsatisfied not to search it out since it's a major duty of Christians that the churches paper much negligent on most of its actual defined duties and very keen on entertaining people, which is one of its duties all right. I knew I had to have a call thank you okay Rodney from Detroit, Michigan. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling Michael and my question is about.

Revelation chapter 20 in the millennial reign. I know when I read Revelation chapter 20 the first seven verses talk about the thousand year reign and I know andseven versus the 10,000 year is six times and that using template God thousand euros when the thousand years have expired at the end of the thousand year ratio live and reign with Christ for a thousand years of it seems to be there's a particular affect that's put on thousand year my questionnaire that I know like when I talk to someone and that in seven sentences. The repeating something textile and cleared kind of you know, put a particular emphasis on something so my question is why would people believe that the thousand years would be literal. Given the fact that there's a lot of details and maintenance go to great detail, trying to describe the thousand year end and even report. At the time of the first resurrection. So my question why would someone not take that literally Inanna site going. I know I heard you say in the past that you kinda compared that Satan being down the thousand years to that Jesus talked about binding the strongman in my in my very clear that I mean those two verses cannot be brought together because Satan is deftly not bound to date is that one side is the God of this world are walking about, seeking whom he made that by exactly right, running them into this was Jesus was Satan bound at the time of Jesus that he had bound him down to near end as he now must eat that much time I want to answer all your questions for your answer might that when Jesus said he had bound the strongman had he done it.

I believe he is talking about situational things like writing this dominates. For example, unless you talk over each other, have put on hold.

If you talk of me, I have to try to get an answer to you and I have limited limited time. Okay, I don't think that Satan was literally bound when Jesus said he bound the strongman in the sense that we think of someone being tied up nor do I think that Satan is literally bound in Revelation 20.

When there's all the symbolism of the Dragon in a chain and a bottomless pit and the lid. I think the whole chapter symbolic, like the rest of Revelation. Now when you ask what what if the what if it says a thousand or six different times doesn't mean it's literal. Why should it. Jesus is called a lamb 27 times in the book Revelation, but 27 times doesn't make him a little lamb.

He's not literally plan so you know you I did. I don't really think that the number of times that of a figure is used in the book Revelation tells us whether it is meant literally or not. If it is not literally fine if it's not meant literally, then it isn't meant literally any of the times that she was again the word lamb issues 27 times to speak of Christ.

We know that that's a symbol because he's not really a lamb so I don't see any argument there for a literalness of the thousand years, when in fact the number thousand and the rest of Scripture never is used as a literal number. When God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. It's not literally thousands to exactly. He keeps covenant to a thousand generations or a day in your courts is better than a thousand or a thousand years in your site are like yesterday when it is passed and is watching the night or day to the Lord like a thousand years or thousands like that none of those are talking literally of the thousand number thousand just makes a large number like when Peter said, Lord, site forgive my brother seven times she's now 707. Route 707 is not.

He's not target literally 490 times. He's basically saying so many times that you lose count and just keep doing it thousand just means a very large number in Scripture and all of its occurrences and I don't see any reason why in the most symbolic book in the Bible it would suddenly take on a literal meaning of what it doesn't.

It's not literal in any other passage in the rest of Scripture. So that's my thought and that supply the church throughout history believed that it was not a literal thousand years running there and I take that back. There were some church fathers who believed it was but if for 1500 years after the third century not virtually nobody in the church thought it was literal and it wasn't until dispensationalism arose in the 1830s that the idea that it is literal was reintroduced into its fine and in a person wants to see it that way, they are welcome to do so, but in my opinion, they're not paying very close attention to the way language issues either in Revelation or in the rest of Scripture. So we just have to disagree about that.

I need to take a break here, but we do have another half hour. I wish it was a thousand years because I don't like the limited time only half hour and it's in Revelation or silence in heaven for half that. I don't think it's a little half-hour. Nor does anyone else's written commentary and excited by the way, the narrow path is listener supported. We don't have any commercials that have a sponsor, don't have a salaries don't have any expenses extends in a radio stations for the time you can help us stay on the air.

If you go to our website. The narrow and click on the donate button that the thing more than anything else that will keep us on the air. I'll be back in 30 seconds.

Patent gains in nearly the path that leads to life into the narrow path. Steve grand has nothing to me today but everything to give you the radio show is over. Go to the narrow you can study, learn and enjoy the three topical audio teachings blog articles teachings and archives of the narrow path radiation. Thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path that Steve Greg see when the narrow has radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg in your life for another half hour taking your calls.

If you have questions about the Bible and the Christian faith would be glad to hear from you the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737.

By the way I was talking to Rodney from Michigan before the last before the break and he was having difficulty understanding how all millennialist like myself could see the binding of Satan for a thousand years. In Revelation 20 is anything other than literal. And we end up talking mostly about what a thousand means and Scripture is its use. Many times in lots of places Scripture always just needs a big number doesn't mean literal thousand search.

I've I've searched me. The only exception would be perhaps in some of the genealogy are not genealogies but the censuses of the Jews there might be those numbers are used literally consistent actual count of heads, but when it's used in the Scripture generally it's the it just means large number, even as we might say there were millions of people there. I told you a million times.

It's a hyperbole, but it's it's not literal now. What we didn't talk about much is what it means for Satan to be found, and I don't want to get into this too long between calls waiting, but it is something I probably should comment on because I mentioned and heated to that in in Matthew chapter 12 Jesus said he had bound the strongman and was plundering his house strongman being Satan in the plundering of his house, mean the casting of demons out of people. Now I said, I believe the binding of the strongman is symbolic because I don't believe Satan's ever been sitting around an inner with chains on his on his hands and or ropes binding him. It's a metaphor when he talks about the house and the strong man's house and his goods be taken from her. He does talk about you if you bind the strongman. You can spoil his house therefore binding the strongman obviously means make him incapable of resisting you in fact the same teachings found in Luke where the imagery is even a little different in in in Luke, Jesus says when the strongman is armed his house and guards house, his goods are in peace. But if one stronger than he comes. He takes away all his armor, in which he trusted and then he spoils his house now.

It's the same context as the Matthew passage is the same teaching. It's just different because in Matthew says to spoil a strong man's house.

If the blind and looking for chef to disarm him. In either case, although neither is probably literal fires Satan having weapons that are taken away from them or being tied up somewhere disarming a man or binding him are both ways of figures which talk about reducing him to a point of incapability, resisting you have to disarm him. You have to render him incapable of resistance bind him and that's what Jesus did, however, at the moment that Jesus spoke it. The devil is still at loose.

The devil later.

Of course, inhabited Judas and a great number of demon possessed people still confronted Jesus after this and and Jesus even said to those who arrested and this is your hour and the power of darkness. So even though Jesus had bound the strongman Satan. Satan wasn't literally down. Jesus would not try to speak about a literal situation binding. You simply saying the reason I can cast out demons, you consent spoiling things house here plundering it is because I've rendered him powerless and that's what it means powerless to resist. Now we have the same imagery and, well, a little little different imagery. In Revelation 20 on Angel comes down, grabs a Dragon. Satan is not literally Dragon that's an image symbol for Satan in the Bible and the book of Revelation special. It's simple. He's also symbolized as a serpent in the same passage so he's a serpent or Dragon. Those are not the same thing by the way, these are two different symbols for Satan and his symbolic representation of Satan as a Dragon is seen as a heavy chain put on his neck and thrown into a pit. You cannot bind the spirit with the real trainer letter literal check and so we know are using symbolism here is bound for a thousand years.

What's that mean what probably means something very similar to what Jesus was target. We target binding Satan by his strongman means he's rendered him incapable of resisting the kingdom of God and its forward thrust and so that is how and all millennialist would understand this symbolism of certain biblical revelation is full of symbolism and and I realize that dispensational is don't think so. They want to say no. We take it literally. While the irony is that they think that they have a higher moral ground because they take the book of Revelation literally in other people take symbolically that they take it symbolically.

They know that Jesus is not literally a lamb with seven eyes and seven horns.

That's the symbolic description of him in Revelation 56 and is referred to as the lamp after that number 26 times, not literal certainly is not literally lamb anymore than the trip details a literal Dragon or that the beast out whatever that represents is a literal animal seven heads and 10 horns.

In fact, we know that because were told later on in Revelation 17. The seven heads are seven hills the 10 horns are 10 kings and others do not horns or kings do not heads there hills of the beast is not an animal it's something else. It symbolizes something the book of Revelation is entirely written in symbols because it's an apocalyptic book and anyone who studies inter-Tesla literature, which was popular in the time of Christ, knows that this is a book.

It's very much like a lot of other Jewish books that use the same kind of symbols and so forth. So anyone who is unaware of that.

Of course can make some big mistakes in their approach. The book of Revelation are there you think it was written for 21st century American Western reader and I can realize that the original readers were drenched and in immersed in apocalyptic literature.

Scholars now know of many many many books of that type. The book of Enoch being one of the most influential once upon the Jews in the time before Christ. And so anyway to take Revelation literally is your prerogative. If you don't want to study enough to know what is really saying and what the readers were expected to understand it to me if you want to just make it mean whatever our 21st century American want to me you may do so that you're not a very good Bible students.

If you do that you have to actually study the Bible in its historical context. Its literary context and in the way that its readers were expected to understand it.

If you don't do that you come up with anything and and that's obvious because of all the books that have come out that are trying to take Revelation literally, but they don't know they say the beast is a man, an Antichrist will in the book of Revelation, the beast is not manage the beast and animal with seven heads and 10 horns, and that and that the head start in the horns are not a man either. They are kings and hills and so forth like that. Summing to say oh that's a man well you can say that if you want to, but it is not literal interpretation by any means. It's it's is far from a literal temptation should get and so also with most of Revelation.

People who say we take it literally no they don't. Nobody does not ever has. They can't because it wouldn't make zero cents to do so because it's written in apocalyptic imagery.

The real task is then to find out what the imagery means and that is something that responsible Bible students would want to do rather than just decide that there is the impressions they get from reading it is somebody totally unschooled in the form of language. It is an independent literature is a go-ahead that if your teacher and Rodney. I don't know that you are, but that if a pastor is listener. He teaches Revelation literally thinks he does. I'd suggest you be not many teachers you have a stricter judgment. If you're not willing to do the work necessary to understand something before you teach it, then please don't teach it.

Okay, let's talk to Bruce from Whittier, California, proves welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling Dave for taking my call and I want your thought process.

Affirmative action and also and I'll take this LaPierre. Whatever your thought process. That is, should it be also related to sports.

This is a good flight.

All right, thank you. Yeah, I mean that's a typical social justice kind of thing. Affirmative action is a will. Blacks aren't really as capable as flights so you have to give them a leg up now. I don't believe that I believe Blacks are smart as white people are, I believe that they are capable of doing anything I can do while I take that back mean that some of them have the gifts that I would have them. Some have other gifts I don't have but the point is, for everything that a white man can do.

There are black people who do it as well. Possible probably better in many cases, and you mentioned sports affirmative action usually has to do with hiring practices and admission to colleges and things like that but it really is, to my mind. I mean, it may have been necessary. Maybe a generation or two ago when black people really have had not because of the former oppression preps of their lives in this country.

They had not risen to occupy Sonny's high positions but now they do and some like Ben Carson and he was raised in poverty by a single mom, black mom and and he just his mom urged him to read made him read and so he read it and came smart and he went into college. He became a medical doctor, became one of the most esteemed neurosurgeons in the world and then became in a part of the president's cabinet signing this. This man had as many disadvantages as anyone else. With the exception they had a good mom. Some people don't have that but he didn't have a dad and the greatest disadvantages to those who don't have a dad and he didn't have one. Anyone who is a dad who is attentive and in the homes that are often some who doesn't. In fact, I believe a black man who has his dad and mom together is much more advantaged than a white person who has a single mom and doesn't have a dad in his life, sent by advantaged I don't mean inferior or and or superior, I just mean they've got more to overcome. And that's how life is people have things to overcome it at these things to overcome are not distributed racially.

Some things to overcome are certainly distributed more well within certain races than others, but but to say that the disadvantages.

One race has trumps all the disadvantages that other races have and therefore they should be treated as if they can't perform is insulting to them.

It seems to me, and I know many black people who think that's insulting to say what you think I need white man's help to make it in life.

Some black people apparently are willing to let that assumption go unchallenged, but I I've heard from many black people are things there insulted by the suggestion that they can't make it without the white man's help because they they have a sense of dignity is not because they're black but it's not hindered by them being black is just their human human beings and every human being has equal rights under the Constitution in this country so it's the best place of all provides the best opportunity for anyone of any race to rise from whatever it is they started as to be as high as in in society or in success as anyone else.

Now I'm not saying there never was a time when affirmative action might've been a good thing because of actual oppression of the Blacks.

I don't know. I was too young when it was when it came into power and when it came to be a policy I was not in touch with these kinds of things was a child so I can't say much about those times where I would say that now a generation or two later on I'm not aware of anything that an energetic, intelligent black person cannot do that a white person could do so I'm not sure that it's good that may now be discriminatory against people who aren't black and that your course anytime a policy is made for someone because of their race, and is withheld from Smith because of their race that is textbook racism. Racism is when you say it's not your abilities. It's not your character. It's not who you are. It's what color your skin is going to give you special rights that's that that's racist policy, whether it's favoring whites or Blacks or any other races so I'm not really that much for affirmative action, I'm not.

I'm not a campaigner against yes my opinion. I'm not really for $0.90. Do I think affirmative action should apply to sports.

I think that was obviously a sarcastic remark at menace and a good point. You know how come more white guys can't be in the NBA. How come more Asians can't be in perfect health professional sports against well is a predominately black set of athletes well because sports doesn't need affirmative action doesn't use it to get black people to rise. The top because their talented black people are often talented more than whites and some of sports. On balance, and in so you know it's a merit-based system and I don't think think sports teams draft black athletes because of their skin color think they draft them because they're the best in their sport, and if so, that's merit-based not race-based but apparently people don't think that Blacks can compete in what in areas of intelligence only in muscles with white people without somehow a government program to give them an advantage. I personally think that black people can compete with white people on their level without any disadvantage unless of course they have failed to get education and it's true Lana black people are in lot worse schools and worse neighborhoods than I was in so I had an advantage there. But again, so Ben Carson didn't have the adventure ahead, but he had a mother who made him read it, you know you do get pretty much in life which you work for and if you know if you if you decided not to work, but to be in a gang can really end up getting as far as somebody who decided work for something. And that's true regardless of skin, it's not more true Blacks than of whites or vice versa.

Tom from Seattle. Welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling Tonya education about the market with the witchhunt about dad and it went again. We did not dispensationalism/I agree with you on on that point.

My question will quickly increase meet digital society like you like me use a plastic card for transactions not many people are carrying cash anymore MSW go now. They require some sort of digital transference of money to make a transaction even banking it is that what he now says Augustine makes perfect sense then to to use digital currency so Ryan [cyber maybe it happened the people required to get into the digital identification mark that make that such a bad thing, but they could collect the market. The piece to me. It makes perfect sense. Not going to let why all this fuss about Eric you get this Mark you know it seems like that's ever going that it's implanted in the makes perfect sense. I wanted your comment on that, first of all, I will cite as hard as I can to prevent the government from putting any kind of a chip inside of me.

Not because I think it's the market with these just because I don't like the government making decisions that was put into my body. Certainly not.

You technological items. I don't even like the fact that my telephone is listening to me right now. I speak through Surrey and I I just don't like being spied on, that's all.

It's not a it's not really a's scriptural issue. It's it's it's a matter of I don't like intrusive laws I don't I don't even know. I don't want to get a posted vaccination. I hope they don't make it required by law, they probably will now avoid as long as I can't drive. That's just my sentiments. Okay, as far as the mark of the beast he I don't see any reason to believe that a chip implanted in her hand or four head would be the mark of the Bible talks about.

First of all, a chip is would be invisible in a market something visible.

That's the whole idea of a mark that you can look at it and see it it's it's it's your marked also.

Whoever takes the mark of the beast is going to be in the lake of fire.

Now you know I don't I don't see why salvation would be an issue of how you pay your bills. Some people think while you get this chip you have to be a cashless society which the Bible never mentions a cashless society. By the way that's heavy cashless society.

They saying again have to scan your ship to buy groceries and buy anything and therefore if you don't have it, you'll be you have to go hungry, and so forth.

Well, first of the Bible and say any of that.

But if it were true, why would God make the decision about who's going to heaven or hell based on how you pay for your groceries.

You know I mean, you're right. We used to use only cash or checks and now use plastic and if someday. Turns out we use and now my plastic card has a chip in it and if if it turns out it tears from out there. It was getting chips in their hands and admit that's replacing the chip on the card. I'm not really sure I don't like the trend but I don't see why that would be a matter of salvation your God is always made salvation, a matter of people's hearts and their behavior, not the particular medium they use for paying for groceries that something I say will take in the mark is in an evidence of giving your loyalties. The beast system and they still think it's a payment chip. I think what what what what if I'm rough I'm not loyal to the basis of on one of the gutter. They put a chip in me against my will and I sat on it and wanted but they probably not put it in okay and I get to go to hell now because they put a chip in me even though I'm still loyal to God. This whole idea is to my mind, silly and honestly.

Why would God make it a matter of who's going to heaven and whose name held by whether or not they pay their bills by scanning their hand or by having a chip in there in a plastic card or use cash or gold or silver mint. It's just my mind it's it's totally unrelated to issues of salvation, but the mark of these in the Bible is again an image of us of slavery that everyone in the Bible in Revelation city would be a slave of Satan system or slave of God has nothing to do with literal marks or literal chips slaves in the Roman Empire often had their masters name or logo or brand branded on their forehead or their hands. This is can be confirmed from Roman history. I heard a long time before confirm that I went online and found out from secular sources. This is actually true that slaves in the Roman Empire often were branded on the hand of the four head which of course the readers of Revelation would not because they lived in the Roman Empire and it's interesting that in Revelation 14 one which is the next verse. After the mark of the beast. It says that the God's people had his name on therefore this is not Christians don't literally have God's name on.

Therefore, an orderly of a chip and therefore had identifies him with God.

The imagery is this the original readers knew very well them a mark on the forehead or the hand represented who slave you are and you're either a slave of God, in which case you can.

We symbolically said to have his name on your forehead or your slave of the devil system which you symbolically you have his marker his name or his number on your forehead or your aunt and to my mind that's that's that would make sense that that would explain why those of the mark of the beast go to hell and those who don't are God's people because of the weight who slave there who are they serving God or the serving Satan. That's really the whole issue and that's what's represented. I believe by the mark of the beast in Revelation. I appreciate your call.

Let's talk to Carl from Atlanta Georgia. Carl look into the narrow path. Thanks for calling the gable at a little tired to be affirmative-action question are okay and wanted to hopefully make clear that a permanent action wasn't about someone being being superior to another affirmative-action are called institutional law is fundamentally institutional laws wasted and escape, and that the truth embedded gifting at culturist Sobel called of institutions that reinforce student behaviors. For example, student separation, certain allotments, for example resources to one group much greater than another channeling one group in one direction more greatly than another because both institutional log behavior you gifting that society we all believe that we needed to put something in place to let the play. It wasn't because people thought that one is superior or superior to another cause of institutional log. A great network wrong and had created a great ballot between what one group regarding what what another case of just curious looks around really not that it was evident that the groups working all-black working. But that Blacks would be all controlled and held back by all societal all all warm and institutions well yeah I know I appreciate I appreciate your your thoughts about that and I wondered I mean weed on the side the documents.

I wish we had more could you give me an example for example of the kind of institutional racism that affirmative-action McGinnis like an example of what was going on before that which was remedied by Bohemia hung up. Okay let me just say I wish I did have that information from you because you mean my assumption is that you as as a southern black men have have expressed a great deal of probably prejudice because at that part of the country there's course history of that and and you probably do know more than I do. I'm sure you know more than I do about specific things that black people had to face in the past I would've been glad to have your further input on that. My lot without knowing as much as you do about it.

Probably my thought would be is that when retirement institutional racism we should restrict that term for racism that's written into the rules and laws of society. That's institutional. If you say America is institutionally racist. It would be well institutionally would refer to well the founding documents the laws and restrictions and stuff and I think that art our nation has done a great deal to get rid of that kind of racism but have never been able to change the fact that there are individual tickets.

Their individual jerks. There are individual people who are racist and no laws can change that but it is the fact that because there are Institute there are people who are bigoted that laws have been made that would prevent them from being able to do no wrong, wrong somebody who's of a race that they don't like now when it comes to things like hiring and so forth. I would think that any private institution or business because it is privately owned, should be able to hire whoever they want to now social justice would say no. For example, now businesses have to hire trans people if they among but I would think that a church if it's hiring personnel would should be free from harm transfusion because it's against their religion and the church is a religious institution, but I don't think they'll be protected. I think that private company should hire who they want to do they think fits the norms and unfortunately some hiring practices no doubt did reflect the racism of the people who did the hiring.

Racism is a horrible person but we don't change people's sinfulness by making laws against which a people sinfulness by bringing them to genuine repentance and a relation with God and discipling them in the ways of God. I'm signed out of China which I wasn't eliciting the narrow path, we are listener supported go to the narrow and check out how you might support us, or how you could just as our resources establish talk again tomorrow

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