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The Narrow Path 6/29

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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June 29, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 6/29

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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June 29, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to pass radio broadcast.

My name is Steve Greg and Russell on the edge today, which is not uncommon this is. I talk too much talk all the time is in effect is not really true, but talk too much and so while my voice gets little bit like this but it has never yet preventing me from doing radio broadcast.

In fact I been doing this over 22 almost 23 years daily and in the early years, I used to actually get a laryngitis once a year. I won't happen would would be. I was teaching a school at the time and doing the program and in the school is teaching three hours a day when I do the radio show. After that, and I I would often get sore throat but sometimes usually everywhere.

This would happen. I was in Oregon I get a sore throat and it would last for about a week really a really painful and I still teach and do a radio show.

But then the sore throat would go away and immediately afterwards I get laryngitis and that would last another week so you have two weeks of affectation, but when my voice was sort didn't affect my voice and when my voice was gone and it wasn't sore so that IAI often had to do a week of broadcast with laryngitis literally whispering I just turn the microphone up really high until Matt is trying to signal just to show anyway. I don't ever take a day off if I ever take a day off, it's because I'm I'm traveling I can't can't get to the microphone or else I'm dead because I like the program I like doing the program. I feel like I'm in my living room with a bunch of friends who want to talk about the Bible and to be there's nothing I enjoy more than that. That's why like it so much for the weekend ends because I don't do the show on the weekend and I'm always eager to get back to into the fellowship of this audience on Monday as we are doing right now if you would like to be a part of the show. It is live Monday through Friday from 2 o'clock to 3 o'clock Pacific time and we have a phone number you can call if you have questions about the Bible of the Christian faith. You see things differently than the host wanted a balance comment feel free to give me a call. The number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 all right and skinny. Our first color today is Ian in Tallahassee, Florida Ian, welcome to the neuropathic circling my call and I'm enjoying your daily question and answers on the health as well as some of your reviewed another video you've been posting. I first tried a couple quick questions that I first wanted to say on your area.

Bart Ehrman right Ehrman review. I really enjoyed it. But one question you posed in their words to guarantee the way you do and you can preventing it and I must say that the church I grew up. Dan and I think some of the pastors and friends. I have four big fan great grace to you and some other things that that's exactly what I was taught that the Bible was essentially handed down from heaven immaculate form so as to some pocket. I have to say I was raised with YouTube that I congruent simply by studying. By the time is probably 19 or 20. House is not about selling it strange that Bart Herman could have gotten into college and graduate school and Bible colleges without ever realizing that that view of the Bible is a little bit will recite naïvely asked in a yeah anything you comments. I know there's a lot there. Who do I doing in my in my lecture I say something likely I don't think people believe that anymore. I'm sure there are people who do, but they are very much. I think in the minority of evangelicals today, or at least any who have any scholarship credentials right.

I had a question on your view of ordination and the distress to the event because there obviously people like you can search it, who will have been ordained who are preaching. I would say not reaching a very wholesome Bible perspective at all that. Then I came across someone named let's go several months ago. I don't know if you've heard that name actually had the idea that he had no Bible training, but he rented a lot. She had a TV show for a long time and I really found disdain for his new perspective of the hyper dispensational hyper dispensationalism, and I think you referred to herein else so I am thinking what you have to understand is that there are people who've gone through Bible college and who are ordained in some denomination often be the Baptists are some of the very conservative type of denomination and have his same view. So his problem is not that he didn't go to seminary to entertain his problem is that you got the wrong views and you can find people who have all the credentials who hold those used in fact, he probably learned them from reading books by people with credentials who hold so it's not the credentials that make the top of the teacher. You know, which was a safe or trustworthy. It's basically there. It's their expertise or their open-mindedness or some other things like that but perseverant has to test all things, and hold fast what is good no matter how educated or credentialed teachers that they listen to the go. Have you had more to say. You will one more question after that I was reading Genesis narrative again and something I hadn't really thought about the floor with it coolly been planned on marrying Leah during Jacob's first seven years of serving him or did Laban always planned a trick gave Jacob into marrying Lee while Rachel is the same option. Both are you wondering whether Laban decided at the last minute to substitute Leah for Rachel in the wedding or whether he had a plan for the whole seven years. The Jacob work for dressing yeah essential really did from the very get-go of the seven years did he have this in mind, or when probably good because Leah needed to be married first and no one had married her before that really took advantage of the opportunity. While I and we don't know how it is possible this is.

During the seven years. If Leah had found another husband that that Laban was not determined to to deceive Jacob. Nonetheless, but since Leah didn't have a husband and was apparently many suitors, Laban may have thought way ahead and thought will it be if she's still single and a lasting seven years out to Jacob. I mean, we don't know what Laban may have projected out into the future seven years ahead. I think I think he was very much the type who would would think that if he would do this after seven years of think he was a man seven years earlier would've probably done the same thing. I don't know if you have any assurance that Leah would not get married and in seven years and I'm and I don't think it's like he would refuse to give it to someone else because he planted chip and no Jacob.

In this way. It's just probably the way things worked out, but it's it's a manifestation Laban's character. Now I don't quite understand what your question was about ordination re-saying that this person you're listening to his not reliable because he was ordained. Is that what you hundred. Oh well, not so much reliability based on ordination that you would see ad for the new Yvonne Paul and that one of the hyper disposition of that with teaching we don't follow Jesus. We are to follow all following and she had this big talk show, and I think in the 90s maybe beyond that, and I found it very repulsive.

But one you're asking. I'm hands-on. It is right you are asking me about the stone had more credentialed.

Good day. Would that perhaps avoid someone just would not know there's there's very many ordained ministers whose theology is very bad in some cases is because that they were trained and ordained in a denomination that has bad theology or it may be because even though there there denomination is okay and they made it through ordination process and then they began to innovate their theology when in bad ways to say this, I I was ordained in Calvary Chapel back in 1981 I suppose it was. I didn't want to be ordained. I was not interested I was teaching for about 11 years before that, without any interest in ordination, but as an elder cover Chapel in Santa Cruz in the early 80s are our pastor wanted to ordained the elders and so he ordained us and so I have ordination papers and cover Chapel but don't mean anything because frankly cover Chapel would regard me to be a heretic today because I I believe in what they would call replacement theology which I think is the last days heresy which is, in fact, of course, the beautiful church held until dispensationalism rose but so my castle church was in last days heresy till dispensations and came along and brought in our last days truth, I guess. But the point is there's not cover Chapel anywhere around that would even let me say were in the pulpit, even though I'm ordained in their movement. So I mean I don't call on that ordination is anything because it would be misleading if somebody said well you know who or who were your day by bicycle by Calvary Chapel. It might give the false impression cover Chapel you approves of me. I was ordained part, you know, in the days when Chuck Smith was still running things in the and yet my views have changed and so I don't call upon that complement ordination for anything. I also not formally trained time like like this guy you talk to other have different views than him. I was my most formal training was sitting under Chuck Smith for years and his church, and my informal training came from Bible study on my own so I don't put a lot of stock in ordination because of her too many heretics who are ordained and I don't put an awful lot informal theological education.

I don't I don't put it down.

I'm not against it, but it doesn't mean an awful lot to me because I've gotten most of books I read by people with PhD's in theology and an awful lot of them don't how to think and don't know how you execute Scripture, and so forth. So training doesn't prove anything in ordination to improving now. I'm not since bad habit. I think there's something of value in it if if the if the group that ordained them you know is aware that they are teaching approves of it, and if the in that particular group has good theology, but we got like 40,000 Protestant denominations around and they all have different theology so I I don't really I don't want to know where somebody got their education or who ordained them necessarily want to know what do they believe and how to be live won't move. Most important to know how they live on and is a live recording sermon on the mount how enough they live according to Jesus teachings and whether they consider the Bible to be the authority in their life if they do, and if they live that way. I like him.

Even if the theology could be that on some parts I like him but if they don't live right. If the theology is that I don't care Gordon ordination unfortunately is what used to be in the in the early church, the apostles ordained elders will obviously if the apostles ordained him that gives him a fair bit of credibility. Although Paul said to the elders of Ephesus, whom he must've ordained himself.

He said I know that among you. Some will rise up her grievous wolves, not sparing the flock. He told the elders that some of them might or would go bad. So even when some of been ordained by a good guy like Paul. Sometimes legal that and Paul himself predicted that in acts chapter 20. So the I don't make too much about ordination. These days, and even in the biblical times and sometimes to improve as much as we would like to appreciate your call. Though Russell from Massachusetts. Welcome to the neuropathic circling.

Yes I would like to know what your opinion on revelations chapter 3 is when he started to the church to give his tires about lukewarm or something and he will cast them out of the book of life to determine what your opinion on that is Laodicea part of the Army. What part of the what is it you want my opinion about not just the passage and the knee when he sent you casting my life that is he needs money such that when I've heard teacher say that the – the covenant not that actually like around 11 say that he's actually saying that to the church of Sardis and it's in Revelation 3 verse five he says he who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father and before his angels. Now those who overcome. Of course, are referring to those who were faithful unto death were told that in Revelation 1211. They overcame because they did not love their lives into deficits so those who live their lives faithfully to Christ until death. They have overcome, not to sue those who do that I will not blot their name out of the book of life. Now he doesn't say if you don't overcome. I will block any notable type of sentencing.

Sounds like it's implied. Someone who believes that you cannot lose your salvation would probably make that point will you know it doesn't say that you can have any blot out yeah but that's kind of is kind of a weak statement seems to me, in view the fact is, if you do overcome. I won't do this which sounds like a conditional thing. It sounds like if you don't overcome. I will block only those who overcome that is only those were faithful to death. Will it be in the date of life at the judgment and it says in Revelation 20 verse 15 all whose names were not found in the book of life were thrown into the lake of fire.

So those in the book of life clearly are those who don't go to the lake of fire words Need to Christianity getting out of it and your name will still begin their well right and you can't you can't willfully sin the body. In Hebrews it says you can't.

Wesley said, because then there is no other sacrifice money and yeah I think I think your interpretation.

Hebrews 10 is not quite with the right of the Hebrews had in mind that he said if we go on sinning willfully which is how some translations reading I think should be read if we go on zoning mainly. I know the King James as I memorized the King James. Also, I'm telling you that some translations render little better if we go on sinning willfully, willfully, after having received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sin, not including it from memory from King James, mostly for the fur-lined okay so so he says that if we go on a life of sin. That's was talking about if we willfully live in sin, then after we've known the truth.

That means we've departed from Christ, you don't you don't follow Christ and live in sin willfully and so not departed from Christ, he says, and there's no other sacrifice available than that of Christ.

He didn't say Christ's sacrifice is somehow made null and void, and although it might be in your case, but that's not the point is making he's talking to Janice Christians who are thinking about going back to Judaism and going back to the temple and letting the animal sacrifices do the job opportunity for their sins, and of course a Jew, then would often have the view that they could live how they want to sin or at least it had be obedient to Christ and they could always cover the sins of the animal sacrifice and Paula same arm in the right of Hebrews is saying other isn't any other sacrifice shirt. The temple was still operating. And there were still sacrifices being offered there. But he's basically same. As far as God's concern, there remains no more sacrifice for sin.

How do I know he means that all because he cited a few verses earlier. He was talking about how in the new covenant, God says, I will remember sins and lawless deeds no more which he quotes in the same chapter and verse 17 and then in verse 18 he says now where there is remission of these that is where the new covenant has brought remission of sins. There is no longer an offering for sin is that is no more sacrificial system. There's no more offerings to be offered for sin and God has remitted your sins according to the terms the new covenant through the blood of Christ. So in verse 18. He says where the court is a new covenant and the sins remitted. There is no longer an offering for sin and then in verse 26 he says, there remains no more sacrifice for sins to the person who was a Jewish Christian who departs from Christ and goes back to Judaism, hoping for the sacrifices to cover.

Of course, is not just Latin is not is not denying that offerings and sacrifices were still being offered in the temple he just saying there nothing if God is familiar since you don't need those anymore they don't have a use anymore and there is not a value anymore so don't bother going back to them if you do then you know you find your counting on an atoning sacrifice that relate as far as God is concerned doesn't even exist anymore anyway hey brother need to take another call I appreciate you joining us today. Mark from Vancouver, Washington.

Welcome to the neuropathic circling the stance I need. I believe that you do that the 1000 years mentioned in Revelation 20 is is obviously the church age. Obviously that position mainly known as the a millennial, or in the millennial position but a few years and it seems to me, and I haven't heard anybody else. We say this but it seems to me that that the dissolving of the elements and in the brain of the earth which occurs at the day of the Lord oriented. The Lord is not necessarily at the beginning of the day of the Lord. In other words, obviously we believe that you will be the new work precedes or follows. Obviously, that the church age and that that you think that it's possible that the dissolving of this present earth, which happens definitely in the day of the Lord might not necessarily be at the beginning of that day of the Lord because Peter mentions that RBC the day of the Lord can be as a thousand years ago was figuratively speaking. But what what your thought on that.

Well that is something that is often suggested by people who disagree with you and me. I those who do agree with you and I often say that they that right and I and I wouldn't say because I don't think that's the point of Peter's making. In second Peter three when he says a day to look like a thousand years and thousand years like today.

I think he's I don't think I don't think you setting up a paradigm where from now on when we redirect the word day we were it's always give me a thousand years you don't agree with you and so the day of the Lord. I don't necessarily think to be inclusive of the whole thousand years now. I mean if you do not know any reason to condemn that position but I just I don't I would read and into the passage. I think the day of the Lord Jesus calls the last day is what happens in a moment in the treatment of eye that were changed in resurrected and glorified rapture, and so forth it.

That said happened on the day of the Lord but but there are some, especially premillennialists who believe that the date of the Lord begins at that point and continues through the whole thousand years of millennium and then there's the new heaven and new earth. I'm not. I am not seeing a biblical reason to say that and so that's that's what I would miss him as the principal Sabbath day being made for man, as opposed to man the latest update would you not say that that same principle carries intermarriage that that is say that marriage was made for man in and then thought me for medical uses of that is the same principle would marriage of the Sabbath day. Well, I sometimes thought about that very, very parallel, and of course, in cases where marriages are actually very intolerable for everyone concerned.

And yet there's been no grounds for divorce and and I would not object to them getting a divorce without prior in-home technical grounds and so forth in the idea will God's purpose for marriage was to be a boon and a benefit to the coupling to the children to humans and that the difference I think is this that if a marriage is horrible. It can be redeemed if the parties are willing to now sometimes the parties are not willing to, and Paul makes.

I think room for divorce in first Corinthians 7 for person who doesn't want the marriage to continue the unbeliever who wants out and it will always be an unbeliever because a person who really wants to follow Jesus wouldn't want to save the marriage that's that's merely not obey Jesus and stay in the marriage so the person who insist on getting out or doesn't want the marriage to work as a person who is not concerned about Jesus and his commands and is therefore not a believer but Paul says the unbeliever departs limited part and I think his statement the brother or sister in such a case is not under bondage. She says I think that means there there free from that marriage and so I do believe that God has made an escape valve for case where you know one party does not want to save the marriage and the other party. Does that answer I would quickly stay white, and finally that the principal, all present when working in Colossians 2 where Paul speaks about Norman Judge Ewing in the respective assembly is a lot obviously in two cases like Those who do believe in the Sabbath, being still in quote for the church age would say that the only the sole exception in those passages would be the weekly seven other words, I am the same way. For example, victim Mark and Luke in their Gospels don't mention the exception of adultery in the subject of divorce that same principle when the working classes to speak about the you know Sabbath days. The actual weekly Sabbath is not mentioned in and that exception, which is not mentioned, which could be an exception, which is not mentioned. I actually could be an exception, which all answer the question okay that's think that the question okay okay in Colossians 2 and Paul says don't let anyone judge you with reference to festivals or new moons are Sabbath. The strongest evidence in the world is that Sabbath means the seventh day because new moons. Our monthly and festivals are annual so he mentions festivals which are annual new moons which are monthly and satisfaction weekly and so the easiest way to understand that is Sabbath day. Although as far as the Romans 14 passage. Paul said one man esteems one day above another another man esteems every day alike now to say the man who seems one day is not referring to the man who gives the Sabbath would be strange because the other is on who seems every daylight a person keeps the Sabbath doesn't sting every daylight to take a break here appreciate your calling your listing the narrow path. Our website is the narrow

I'll be back in 30 seconds for another half hour, don't go away is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to life, continue narrow Pat everything in today's media show is over and enjoying my visit in the narrow find free topical audio teaching blog articles. This diverse teachings and archives of narrow Panamanian shadows rethinking for supporting the listener supported narrow Pat Steve Greg remembered the narrow that radio broadcast regular life for another half hour taking your calls. If you have questions about the Bible or about the Christian faith will be glad to talk to about those two things are anything else of interest to you as a Christian and other listeners. As a Christian you can also call if you disagree with the hosting one of present an alternative view can take the whole time because we have lots calls but I would love to hear succinctly the case made for an alternate view on anything that you first set of this program. We have a couple of lines open right now so if you call this a good time to get through. The number is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 and that we talk to Richard from San Diego, California next hi Richard, hello. I believe it commandment to keeping the Sabbath holy. Can you tell me what circumstances and why did it shift over to Sunday. Well, it never did in the Bible never did Sunday that I understand but debated throughout Christendom. Now it is held on Sunday and being the holy day that about well okay the early church began to be on Sundays and because they consider that to be more important than the Sabbath.

They felt like a Sunday being the day that Jesus had risen from the dead was more worthy to be celebrated than the Sabbath, which was only commanded in the law of Moses. I mean, whether their reasoning was right or wrong, that's what they did network came from so they did refer to Sunday is the Lord's day in the early church of Justin Martyr believing that just about 100 years or so are 200 years, probably after Christ does describe the normal Christian worship is occurring on the first day of the week and that was a long time before Constantine came along in your lifetime.

Since this essay will constitute going to change the Sabbath to Sunday well know he didn't. First of all, Sunday was already a traditional Christian gave worship for consternation was born, and furthermore he didn't make it. He did not make it into the Sabbath is absent. That was of much later Pope actually declared Sunday was this new Sabbath, which he had no biblical authority for saying that some of course there's no reason for for anyone to believe him so I believe that Sunday is the traditional day of worship for Christians, just as the Sabbath is the traditional day of worship for the Jews. And that's as I say largely based on the fact that Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday and that Sabbath keeping was not really something that was an obligation for Christians to do now Jewish Christians often did keep Sabbath and that's where our previous caller was pointing out in Romans 14 Paul is talking of the church in Rome, where he schedule some time at some people in the church. Some of you esteem one day above another, and the another man esteems every daylight. Now I think it's it's a very, very well-founded gas that it was the Jewish Christians that wanted to keep the Sabbath and the Gentile Christians were the ones would be probably not so concerned about the Roman church was made up of Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians. And there were some conflict between them. Paul has to you mediate between them somewhat in his Romans epistle and one of the conference they had was apparently dietary laws and Sabbath keeping and so it was clear that people have been raised Jewish, and who were not Christian had always kept Sabbath and they still felt comfortable doing so policy and wealth gap is not necessary. So don't don't judge those who don't do it you can do it and they shouldn't judge you for that and you can't judge them for not doing it now in saying that everything is make it very clear it's not mandatory. Now the Seventh-day Adventist and other cemeteries usually say will Paul is not talking about people who are keeping Sabbath when he said one man esteems one day above another is not the Sabbath because he would not certainly give permission to the Gentile Christians to not keep it so they think, but I'm sorry that the burden of proof is definitely on them. He didn't say he wasn't talking not keeping a lot of different days during the year like the pagans and the Jews did not. One man esteems one day above another. He didn't say one man esteems several seasons and days through the year above others. He said one day, and Saturday is one day out of seven, and that the Jews One day holy out of each week is certainly provides the background for that. That makes almost certain that these talk about your some people church wanted to keep the Sabbath day and then probably be the Jewish Christians, other people didn't think they kept every daylight, which means they didn't keep the Sabbath day. So anyway, when people treasure will calls not target the Sabbath day. We have to realize that he's contrasting the two sides. This way one group keeps one day holy. The other group keeps no days.

Holy now obviously he said to those who keep well I should say keep no days holy. I think the position of the of the non sequitur and is at all days are holding but no days holier than another. No days Holier than another. Some cemeteries say where in the Bible does it ever say that the Sabbath is reduced to the level of other days when it isn't. It is reduced.

Little of it is there elevated to its level.

The Jews only have to keep one day holy week Christians have keep every day holy. And so Paul didn't have any objection to those who kept every daylight because they were keeping everyday holy and that's fine if you do that you keep the Sabbath holy. You not miss working out observant and the Jewish manner and argument treat the Sabbath is a different kind of day and so Paul was actually defending, although not overtly taking the side of that he was coming. He was not condemning those who keep the Sabbath, but is not allowing them to criticize those who don't.

Which means, of course, in Paul's mind. It's not necessary you want to keep it, you can. You don't keep it. You don't have to know when to criticize because it's an accident not a necessary thing, so policy on the Sabbath is definitely different than that of cemeteries. Alex from Honolulu.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling my call today about, so I'm feeling like possibly Darlington often guilt and worry and generally fall and I struggle and you could help me out with that one. Could you tell me you don't have either. Be very specific that are you are you guilt feeling guilt about some particular thing you've done or just have a vague sense of guilt. That's not focused on anything. It's really a vague guilt, came about yesterday. I was the church I was trying a new church in the past is very accusatory and judgmental sermon telling me I've done all the things and he doesn't even know me you know Christian. You know how many to clean up my act when I was feeling like I was already on the path of God being led by the spirit is for thrilling currencies argue whole congregation correct yet yet so he actually came in actually know his congregation pretty well.

He may not know you, but he may know that there is need for that kind of no expectation to the congregation we might have a very carnal congregation and you might not be as carnal as they guy wouldn't take nowhere preacher starts preaching against something like, I mean even when it's not a preacher when when people just get on YouTube or something. Start talking about how every white person is a racist and sober.

While I'm a white person that I'm not a racist on you.

I don't have to listen to. I know me.

They don't know me okay so I'm not a racist, but you know if a preacher gets up and says all of you people are carnal. He probably doesn't mean every last one because he probably doesn't know where the last one but is he said everything you're all carnal yet carnal that he's not. He's not, or did he say we all are. I mean I think he did say Yunnan documents LP once or twice but okay so well.

He's I think what he's doing. He's he's in touch with the fact that there's an awful lot of people go to church who aren't really Christians. He may not say it that way.

He may just say are carnal Christians. I think I think it's more accurate say an awful lot of people in church are Christians. And all they they been evangelized with a watered-down gospel.

They responded to it in a watered-down way. They are not totally surrendered to Jesus Christ as Lord, which is the only conditions for salvation that where ever recognized in the New Testament and therefore this their living in sin, about as much as their living for Jesus because limits are not living for Jesus at all. They may do some religious things they may praying they may read the Bible little bit to go to church, but if they're not living for Christ in their daily life there not what the Bible calls Christians and infects that's how Christians are recognized says in first John, if anyone says I know him and does not keep his commandments. He's a liar and the truth is not in himself, and who claims to know God and doesn't keep his commandments, that is, they don't live in obedient life to him while they're lying when they say they know they don't know they are not Christians Bible says. Now you it may be her on the other hand, someone who is striving to be obedient. I don't know you personally, but I mean I know you call regularly and I am going take your word for the year you're trying to move forward in your walk with Jesus. I may be imperfect to isn't everyone's imperfect that's not the same thing as being a hypocrite are being carnal, it just means we're fighting in a war zone and sometimes we get hit by the enemy and sometimes we sit home but then we get up again and keep fighting for Jesus, but you know you don't let's don't let guilt come upon you from a preacher who is telling you things about yourself that you know are not true and I'll tell you this, the devil is the accuser of the brethren.

There are times when a preacher is right.

Like the prophets in the Old Testament to condemn the whole society because of their rampant institutional idolatry and immorality. Things like that, but to address a church congregation where the people have come out of that society in and one measure another and are seeking to worship God one has been more nuanced because you have to realize that in the church. There are people who are living holy lives in there some who don't. So I think he has to be a little more for finer point on, you know, than to just broadbrush the whole congregation. But even if you find a preacher does broadbrush the whole condition you know if it's feisty or not and if it doesn't just let him let him live with his mistake in, or you can tell and you know actually I think I feel you used to broadbrush ear. I don't feel the things you said applied to me, but I realize they must apply to someone you know in the church, but I you may be a little more cautious about condemning everybody because there might be people in the church that it doesn't apply to them, they won't want to keep coming if you do that. In any case, if you're feeling condemned. If you feeling condemned and guilty, but you don't know of anything you've done disobedient, then I'd say that's the that's the condemnation of the devil, and you don't listen to him.

You know, you overcome him by the blood of the Lamb. You, the accuser of the brethren accuse you of your appeal to the fact that Jesus is tied in his blood is washed you clean and therefore you don't have to guilt your claim. Now if if it was the Holy Spirit convicting you he would he would put his finger on something that you need to repent of and this is one of the main ways to recognize the difference between condemnation from the devil and conviction for Holy Spirit Holy Spirit is only water and feeling guilty he wants you to repent of something that offended him and when she duly wants to forgive you and move on and don't live with guilt, so if the if you're feeling guilty, not really sure about what then that's the devil condemning because he doesn't want you think of any particular because then you might repent of it and feel clean. He doesn't want you to feel clean and he want to feel alienated from God by this vague sense that your unworthy and unacceptable to God but if you've been following Jesus and trusting in Christ for your salvation, and is your Lord is your Savior, then you don't need to repent.

Lester something specific that you've done and we don't we all do certain specific things we all do some things that are perfect were not yet. We want to follow Jesus, but we stumble and therefore we do have to repent of the sentence.

But the Holy Spirit will convict you without letting you know what it is because is not convicting you to make you feel guilty's convicting you to make you get it right and you can get right if you don't own it is so I would say will you I mean I know I'm more than that because I'm I coming from a very legalistic mind that might add, all five gifts always trying to hang onto that freedom and great freedom on the trying to be perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Sure you know what I went to church in Honolulu once where you live. I visited a church there and the pastor started blasting people who were into Christian perfectionism. You can't be perfect. Don't you know and I was thinking you know it may be true that we can't be perfect, but you shouldn't really condemn people trying. I mean, what goal should we aim at lower than that. I mean to to please God in all things to be perfect and behavior is certainly a worthy goal, even if we don't reach and I can write them a letter when I went home got home to California. I wrote them a letter sent using the service. I didn't really agree with you, condemning people who are trying to live a perfect life. Of course, if someone claims they live a perfect life and I don't then that's of course hypocritical and that's bad for them, but it almost made it sound like how dare you try to live a perfect life. You know you can't do that. The Bible says let us go on to perfection. Let's move on. Let's keep trying. We we don't get discouraged when we fall, but we do need to get back up and keep aiming at it now, you mentioned also and I asked takes more cosmological that you mentioned.

Also, anxiety is not related to the same thing. I think it is doing just fine up until you yeah I think so.

I mean generally, guilt is a precursor to anxiety because when you're when you got a clear conscience you you feel like God is on your side when you don't a clear conscience. That is when you're feeling unresolved guilt you feel like God is not your second says in Proverbs it says the wicked flee when no man is pursuing. But the righteous are bold as a lion and was saying is that if a person is not a guilty conscience.

Apparently they run away when the stakes that you can't be secure when you feel that God has something against you but the righteous are bold as a lion when you know that God has cleansed you that you are right in his side and so forth. And that you're doing what you can to please him.

Your conscience is clear and you and you don't get paranoid and I was bold yesterday but not invited. All I called okay to say this if you go to my website.

The narrow and look under the topical lectures I in the spiritual warfare series and the spiritual warfare series.

There's this there's a lecture there about the armor of God, and talks about an extra touch of the shoot that respite of righteousness and toxic condemnation and how to deal with sulfur side. I suggest maybe you check out that series on spiritual

I appreciate your calling brother. Okay all right you had a good day. All right, let's talk to see Patricia in California. Welcome to the narrow path. Patricia, you have time to get the preachers on TV date. Christine you're going to be stained have time to question which is a pre-trend wrapped rapture.

Okay. All right. Okay Patricia Mexico. I used to teach a preacher rapture for many years and I is a stated level. I became disabused of that view, I don't think the Bible teaches a pretrip rapture anywhere nor amid trip. Rapture the Bible places the rapture at the time of the second coming. Jesus said in John six several different times. He said I will raise my people up on the last day. So, not seven years before, not 3 1/2 years before you raise us up on the last day was no more days after the last day so whenever you read about the rapture, especially in first Thessalonians 4.

It says it takes place at the paras that which is the term Paul uses in that case for the coming of the Lord when Jesus comes back, he's gonna rapture the church destroy the wicked because in second Thessalonians were into the same people.

Chapter 1 and verse seven and eight. He says that Jesus going to come back in flaming fire and take vengeance on those who don't know God. He says that's when you will express rest with us.

So when Jesus comes back in judgment on the last day.

That's when we also will rest from these trials of this world so the rapture can't happen before then because we would then be resting before them.

So there's and there's much more that I don't have time to go into more but I and answer the question. I believe that the rapture happens at the very last day and not not in the middle of the tribulation before the tribulation so forth. Now as far as preachers who say you can live in sin and still be saved.

They must have a different Bible than the one that the apostles wrote because the apostles didn't agree with that at all alarming I would just suggest that you look at first Corinthians give you couple scriptures. But you like it a lot more if I had more time, but in first grade. In chapter 6 versus nine and following not intend especially pulses.

Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Do not be deceived. Either fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites nor thieves nor coverages, nor drunkards nor refiners nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. So people will not inherit the kingdom of God is there, living in those ungodly ways he says very similar layover in Galatians 5 in verse 19 through 21 paces now the works of the flesh are evident, which are adultery, fornication, uncleanness, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like of which I tell you beforehand, just as I also told you in the past that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God so we can get.

We get a lot more versus than that benefited all day to talk on that one question, but in answer to your question you if someone tells you you can live in sin and the and be saved. They must have a different Bible or else they don't read the one they have very well talk to Philip in Winchester, New Hampshire hi Philip, welcome to the narrow path.

Thanks for calling last you. All I would look at discipline because of the same thing. I realized that reading the Lord disciplined you and you have to know except as discipline B, guilt, shame, or whatever. And that's if you done something wrong. He was right on my I have two questions, but I'll give them a one first to the funeral #7 months ago I left my light I left because she had limits on last Sunday's notice you'd and he snatched the dose of psychologist you have it almost killed himself alcoholic and the right-I can't yet 77 months have been in the family meant a place in seven months I went to my pastor. Small church is not Massachusetts live Them.

I would have meant she was talking or not, but she would not communicate sand onto the past not going to go through. I want your prescription. You know about issues, not argument on the pastor accused me some things and I will not that recently I just said I have no I can't take it between the judgment of the pastor about about simply because nobody's hand and she will talk to me she's trying to shovel carrots and I've got a new home because her time here for a couple minutes.

What's your question hello okay well I guess your unit prevents plot if you're wondering whether you have grounds for divorce. There's a possibility of it because she if you're saying listen I'm not can live in this house with your 40 something-year-old son is smoking dope and taken over. So were moving out of here.

If he if you make not make him move out. I mean I'm I would make it without but you could always learn vacuum against my will. So if you make him move out. Then I'm moving out and you should go with me because you're my wife says I'm not go with you on this day, and disobeying him and you don't want to talk to you and don't want to be loyal to my son to study my husband I would say that's arguably not willing to be married because a woman gets married says that she's going to be a wife and a wife is a person who has ahead and her husband and I'm not saying you're going to be easy to live with. I don't know if you are not you might be a great husband or not. She said some bad things maybe about you to the pastor. My ex-wife really didn't communicate with the leaders of the church when she left me but but they just assume because she left things were bad that I had done think they got over it took about a year and they got over it realized the thought badly of me without evidence, and so forth. But so so you might be vindicated later.

I don't know but let you know that maybe if you should tell her I found a place to live. I want to come live with me later sent over there at the office, let him pay for himself.

She says I won't live with you under those conditions, then I think that sounds like a unbeliever who doesn't want to doesn't want to live. Married to her husband because America has mean to live with him. If NICs in season abusive or or and unfaithful has some unless he's given grounds for divorce. But if you haven't given an aggressive or she should be with you and simply be easier just to have this person without but she won't do that you can't really do it.

I mean, you could take his QA, but should give him another one.

Sorry, what do I think you're in a hard spot but and I don't know enough about your situation to give your pass to get a divorce, but I do think there are situations which could look a lot like yours which might end up being the very thing that Paul is talking about. If you want to read first Corinthians 7 verses 12 through 15.

All right were just about out of time.

I don't know Diana from British Columbia we want 30 seconds to search on. I guess we don't have time. I'm sorry and united in their all right so call tomorrow, begrudge talk to. Time does get away here and we don't even take any commercial breaks but time gets away anyway just because there's so much to say and so many things I want to ask this every day for 23 years and our day on weekdays and I hope it's not a regulation might become one. You can get our app the narrow is free and you can listen to the program on your phone every day or not as you wish. We have many resources at our website, which is the narrow We are listener supported. We don't sell anything on the website or have any sponsors.

We have even monetized our Facebook page are helpless and there you go to the narrow see what it says and Tony, thanks for joining us was talking

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