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The Narrow Path 6/22

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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June 22, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 6/22

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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June 22, 2020 8:00 am

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and were lives for an hour each weekday afternoon, taking your calls if you have questions about the Bible or about Christianity. Feel free to give me a call if you have a difference of opinion from the holes. Feel free to call about that will talk about right now. Amazingly, there's no calls waiting, usually at the beginning, progressing all the lines are full but you if you call back your capture line open, but right now all the lines are open so you could be the first on the program today.

The number to call is 844-484-5737 or maybe it's not that there's no calls like I said that once like last week or two weeks ago because the screen I was looking at had no calls visible, but then there was like an alternative screen that wasn't on my computer that is okay there it is us come back. Now there are some calls but there still some lines open all right number to call is 844-484-5737 our first color today is Steve from Lakewood is a liquid Washington question read the first question is, you know, I've been known to God for over 40 years learning about church fathers so important to refer to something to be just as good as adverse as Christian Deutsche Bank. My second question will feel in science? Question I would rather live my life to God and I find out that there isn't live my life and try to find out if I do have being there is a God metal that we can't really think this is liked by some chance a figment of our imagination can week to meet with 35. Another was coming back soon and that he really does exist. Thank you all right procedure calls well the truth is a lot of people don't seem to know God and with every fiber of their being.

I do believe that they should.

I do think occasionally even a true Christian is tempted with doubts just because that's one of the temptations that Satan brings to people's minds.

This is doubt.

But a person who really knows God should be able to fight that off without much difficulty rearming. For example, I know people always have the thought welcoming from time to time have the thought in a will.

What if I'm believing something isn't true.

While in a fat that ever comes to me I was just remember all the all the encounters that had been, and all the reasons I have for believing you know my my the way to God. His work in my life since I was younger with the objective facts of history and and so forth that I've known for since I was young that is still true facts and I don't really need. You should know enough about God to be able to overcome doubts.

Of course if you're walking with God in a close way you don't have those doubts but not anyone wants regarding exactly the same closeness at all times people have their tests and trials and so forth, which should drive them closer to God. But sometimes challenges them a little bit so I mean a person says well okay even if I don't know hundred percent that God is real maybe five, 99% assurance of it, but what about that 1%. What if I was wrong. I think that that saying you know makes some sense it's it's sort of a restatement of what's in no then said for a long time that the believer has nothing to lose. If he is wrong and the unbeliever has nothing to gain if he is right, but a great deal to lose if it's wrong, which is Pascal's Wager put in different words anyway yeah I don't need to you.

I don't need to worry about whether God is real or not, because I know he is but if someone says what if you totally deluded. Well it's not impossible that a man could be totally deluded and I'm a man so I guess I could be totally deluded but again, if it turned out that I was. I have no reason to regret. Frankly, if there was no God, and I would live my whole life deluded into thinking that was it's like if someone slipped her whole life believing that they were by the child of their parents and they later found out that their parents were not the real parents coming well okay that was that was a mistake but took to make a similar mistake about God would be a frankly an entirely say innocuous one is when's one that no risk.

Now some might say well, but if God does exist, and you live like he does, then you cut out a bunch of stuff from your life that your religion wouldn't permit you to do what you could be doing yet you think good that God would take out your life that you can't do as a Christian I can't think of any good thing that I'm not doing that is to say that I'm not allowed to do if I'm not allowed to do something so what that would only matter if it's something that's desirable to do or something is good to do something that would make me a better person to do.

See, so if I don't go out and use drugs and alcohol.

And I don't sleep around and I don't get violent with people and so forth and I forgive people all the things that Jesus tells me to do my worst person for I don't think so and probably a better person for it. Certainly not the worst, so there's no risk in living as a Christian, but certainly I would hope that most Christians don't have to fall back on that argument, you know that well you know I don't know if there's a God just act like there is because it's a safer bet.

What is it is a safer bet if it's if you're sincerely trying to follow him, but I don't think that's what were left with. I don't think that I don't think normal. Christianity is not knowing. Remember, the Bible indicates eternal life is knowing God, and Jesus Christ whom you sent, but there are people who think they they know and and later on find out they don't even people who are not quite converted people so this statement is itself reasonable.

It's not necessarily a statement of normative Christian assurance. I don't think now as far as the church fathers go they did disagree with each other on many things, but not everything. Actually, modern modern church writers discredit far more things than the church right father stood for example in our modern day. We have tremendous division between Christians who believe in Calvinism and those who don't believe in Calvinism. There is no division in the early church fathers know that none of them believed in Calvinism that didn't come up until August so the first 350 years of the church, all the church fathers held one view on that now the church is deeply divided over same thing with dispensationalism so the early church fathers were not all in exactly the same page asked to logically they were close to each other in many respects, at least most of them that we know of who wrote that the reason you say why are they important well you know it's important to know what the church thought or what people in the church thought when were wondering whether the views that we hold are too far afield of normalcy that the church fathers weren't always right obviously and with any other mere humans are, but that they were close they were closer to the time of Christ. Some of them knew the apostles, or at least new people who'd been taught by the apostles. That's I'd love to have a pastor like that you know the guy who'd been taught by the apostles, for they read Greek. The earliest Greek fathers.

They read the same language that the New Testament is written in as their native language. So they didn't have to sort through lexicons stuff to find out which which meaning of a word is more likely to be true. They they understood the language as their native tongue solving what they saw wasn't always entirely correct in my opinion because nobody is infallible but they know they were closer to the original than most of us are so those are some of the thoughts I would have about your question about church fathers, but you know I could probably say about that now. My my screen is not activating calls at this point.

Not sure why my call screener would you go ahead and take the next call for to find out if I omit maybe to work. Now let's see if I get Lynn from Hillsboro okay either. I did it refuted highly unwelcome in your program all the time.

My whole family listening on a regular basis. Currently enjoy it so much. So right thank you, thank you for your program. I have a serious question that I puzzled over many years and it has to do with Joseph and Potiphar. It says in the Bible, Potiphar was captain of the guard.

When Joseph worked in his house.

He worked in the house of Potiphar who was captain of the guard and then later it says when he was no impoverished white light about me was put in prison. It was put in prison in the house of the captain of the guard yeah and it was the captain of the guard who trusted in it all in and put into him in charge of things in the prison. Is this all the same guy over there to captains of the guard to you at your I have got have of that, because the same phrases used in both scenes.

There's there's two possibilities. Of course, one is that Potiphar in order to which we say nominally punished Joseph put them in the prison where he Potiphar had supreme authority could could you treat him well. First, that the other is that there's two prisoners to officers of the guard, one would be in no guards in one location, one regarding another location. Like maybe the guards.

The prison guards, but yet that's not explained and it seems strange. If it is the same person that in the second case it's not named as Potiphar, but it is an intriguing possibility. We may never know.

And that is that Potiphar one when his wife accused Joseph of trying to molest her, which does of course have not done it says when Potiphar came home and he heard it. He was angry and he put Joseph imprisoned since he was angry, but it doesn't say was angry. Joseph, in my opinion I think keep people leave Joseph side the story, not his wife. His wife officers a woman of low character sleep of the servants, and I imagine Potiphar had some knowledge of his wife. He also fear good knowledge of of Joseph and if he had really believed that his slave had tried to rape his wife is his wife saying he would put in prison. He'd hang you know if he if if he had believed his life story and thought that Joseph was guilty he would've had him executed that the obvious thing to do for slave who tries to rape his master's wife. The fact that he didn't do that tells me that he did believe that Joseph was innocent, but some is that some might say well if you thought Joseph Vincent. Why put them into prison while let's face it, Joseph was a slave and a man can't very well officially believe a slave assessment over that of his own wife. He couldn't do that. He had to do something he couldn't. I think he was angry because the situation had arisen and he was a lose a good servant. I think he is angry or lose Joseph as a server because of his wife's real betrayal and so it may well be if the prison was actually Potiphar's domain. He may have sent Joseph there so that he could continue to assign him with duties because he was trustworthy. It's an intriguing thought. But it doesn't you know it doesn't say that the second man is called by that name is is Potiphar and we simply have to read uncertain I thought the same thing.

The only thing that comes to mind against that is that you know Joseph is happy to wait an additional two years after telling the dreams of the Bett Butler and the Baker and I'll cry thank you get message to the Pharaoh.

You know it seems like you that would prove that he would have a line of communication to the captain of the guard who felt kindly about him.

I so I is Potiphar had been pressured or forced by this scandal to the Joseph imprisoned.

I don't know that he'd ever be able to get them out without without Pharaoh's decree.

I mean I think Joseph had to go over the prison guards head leaving out as Potiphar, even if offer is very favorable tournament to the prison guard was it's possible that the prison guard didn't wasn't extremely close to Pharaoh either and he could nationally go and it wasn't until these guys heads in a dream. The dream and it came true that there even be any reason to call Joseph to Pharaoh's attention. I yeah I don't know the answer to your question because we don't have enough information to know if that's the same Invalid argument. I appreciate your day… Same thing you doing a great job. I love your show. I tell everybody I can about the great program. I used to live just up the road for your McMinnville for many years. The type live in California from Sirena.

Have a blessed day, God bless you to find okay. Jim from Spokane Washington plug into the narrow path. Thanks for calling 312 three live except by the Holy Spirit a few times and some people who have been Christians Christian from the city and God anymore and it seems odd to me as someone who believed my life and live the Christian lives in turn from them and God see that you actually God if they decide. I believe the Christian my family called no not Mama and Alex got well, I don't think that that would be what I wouldn't take that from verse I like in and first Lincoln's 12 polished time of the gifts. The spirit in particular the gift of prophecy as he continues to talk on through chapter 14. His real concerns processes pointing out at the beginning of the chapter that his readers who were converted out of the pagan background had formerly served what he calls dumb idols by Donnie Guzman stupidly means mute. They can't speak and therefore they were not accustomed to worshiping a God that could speak to people living God really communicates. And now, as he goes into the discussion of the gifts. The spirit is going to be target ways in which God actually speaks to the church but he says you need to not believe everyone you need to realize that some times people who speak as if their prophetic are not only the Holy Spirit will he means to prophetic gifts and so forth. Only the Holy Spirit will uphold the Lordship of Christ and any and no no one speak about Holy Spirit livered diminish the Lordship of Christ as he puts it say Jesus is accursed. I think what he saying is, now that you worship a God who actually does speak through people legitimately. You need to know how to tell when he's doing it when he's not and that you know anyone who prophesies in and seems to didn't do me in the Lordship of Christ in any way. They are not speaking about Holy Spirit and if they are speaking about Holy Spirit.

They will be affirming the Lordship of Jesus that's excavated the basic test of true and false prophet so I don't see this is commenting on the issue. People who fall away, who appeared to be Christians but it is true there are many people who seem to be Christian for a while and then they fall away, even Jesus, made reference to that in the parable of the sower in this in the soils. He said those who you know, following shallow soil with where there's rock underneath. They don't have roots and therefore they believe for a while and then they fall away. This would be a different subject I think about Paul's describe discussing and prescriptive. 12 but my own opinion is that some of those people really never did know God and others may have. But as Jesus said, the only believe for a while and fell away I saw you. I can't evaluate somebody else's experience in their own heart, except by the fruit and there's many people whose fruit of their life for many years was very godly.

They serve God. They were in the ministry or whatever led people to Christ and then later on they can abandon their faith. Now what am I supposed to think about that you know much mistake, all that good fruit by which we would judge them as a Christian if we had made such judgments and would've done so for years and decades are now suddenly we have say oh I guess he wasn't really Christian will actually take that position will not have say what and how I know I'm really Christian. I mean, that person was seem to be as much a Christian as I seem to be, and they and now I'm saying they weren't one cell may be some a good easily argue maybe I'm not one how I know they thought they knew and I think I know Solomon is if somebody can seem like a Christian for decades and then fall away and we have to conclude that they weren't really Christians, then none of us can really really be secure, but thankfully the Bible doesn't require that the Bible does talk about people who aren't really Christians who think they are or who appear to be and then they fall away because they never really were.

But it all starts with people who really are Christians and the danger of them falling away. I made it. For example, it says in Romans chapter 11 that the Gentiles who have believed in Christ have been grafted into the olive tree and they participate in the root of the fatness of the treatment is the life of the tree. There have the same life in them that believers have in the olive tree, but then he says in verse 22 of chat rooms levy socio-consider the goodness in the severity of God. He said on those who fell, severity on you goodness if you continue in his goodness. Otherwise, you also will be cut off people who are part of the tree in their standing by faith, he said in their participate in the root in the fatness of the tree there alive to have faith they're connected to God who is true to his community. In a sense that came only through faith but he says if you don't continue it, then you can be broken off, just like the Jews who don't believe were broken off, and they're not saved. We got a lot of that kind of stuff, and in the Bible in Hebrews chapter 1 scheme in Hebrews chapter 3 he opens the chapter and verse one by saying that he speaking to holy brethren and partakers of the heavenly calling is nocturnal false Christians are holy brethren and people who are partakers of the heavenly calling and he tells them in verse 12, beware lest there be any of you an evil heart of unbelief and departing from the living God. So there's plenty of stuff like that in the New Testament. There's plenty of warnings about true Christians are needing to make sure they don't fall away. And because there is apparently a real danger.

And Paul himself said, many will depart from the faith. Now you don't depart from the faith. If you have been in the faith. You can't depart from place you've never been so these type of people who are in the faith who will depart after in the face that me and say remember Paul said examine yourselves to see if you're in the faith, meaning if you really say so means that the statement in first convinced 1203 about those who say that Jesus Christ speak about Holy Spirit that's talking about how to judge prophecy. That's the subject of chapters 1211 1312 through 12, 13, 14, 12, 13, 14 of first Corinthians so that's it can be different subject, then the issue of people being really save you really say it has more to do with whether there really speaking as profits or not appreciate your call. See Everett from San Pablo. Welcome to Yes or the question is called the son of God explained that Al Qaeda begot as the summer got the same time also in the beginning God because of the debt being that God created right in Revelation chapter 3, I guess it is. Jesus said that he is the beginning God and some say that some people mistakenly think that that means he's the first thing created at least the beginning of the creation of God. The word beginning there is RK which is because of the source or on the beginner, the beginner of the creation of God. So yeah, I think what he saying he's the one who originated the creation of God. He's the one who created it because that's that's affirmed everywhere else that he's nothing was made except was made through him, says I'm starting to run it without him was nothing made so he can't be one of the things that are made. If he says there's nothing made that was made through him, he had exist before that, for them to be made through him, and Colossians 1 makes the same statements and that the writer of Hebrews is not on a different pager or the writer of Revelation. Certainly, so I think that it you know, our English translations say he's the beginning of the creation of God probably would've done better by saying the beginner or the source of the creation of God, rather than the first thing that as the Jehovah typically lie now is first he's been God and being the son of God same time, I'd love to, but there's no way I can cover that was thoroughly in a few minutes time. I do have, however, a couple lectures that will go through that in detail and their freedom. Like everything else, our website, and I know you've probably been to our website numerous times the narrow If you go to the topical lectures in the series. It's called knowing God in that series there's there's a lecture about the traders lecture at the Sun ship of Jesus and the deity of Jesus and those are.

I do of course tell in what sense I believe the Bible makes Jesus out to be the son of God and what sense he's made out to be God in the flesh. I believe that it's his being in the flesh as one that was fathered by God makes him a human son of God, but but the way in which this is done was by God taking on human form and that human form came through human family. So became a child of a child of Adam or child, son of Son of Man but also as the son of God because frankly, there was no human father God was his father, but this is means this is far more complicated than could really be thoroughly discussed in the format we have here because it's it's it's several hours lectures curtain covering the material and concepts. I think you find there.

You can find and listen them for again that's in the series called knowing God, and that is where I discuss it all right thank you God bless you to listening to the narrow path and although the music were not done. This is a half-hour break right at the half-hour will will break for half-hour break for about 60 seconds and would like to stay tuned for the next 30 minutes were taking more calls. Most of our lives are full and the program continues at this point we just want you to know the narrow path is listener supported and you can write to us at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow

You can donate if you want though everything is free there.

I'll be back in 30 seconds again to nearly path that leads to life to the narrow Steve Greg has nothing to me today that everything to give you the radio show is over. Go to the narrow you can learn and enjoy the three topical audio teachings blog article teachings and archives of the narrow path radiation. Thank you for supporting the listeners. The narrow path that Steve Greg see when the narrow back to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg live for another half hour taking your calls.

If you have questions about the Bible of the Christian faith you'd like to bring up for conversation. The number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 next caller is David calling from San Diego, California David, welcome to the neuropathic's for calling hello David is line activated, going once, going twice you there. David okay I'm not hearing you.

And if you're talking not. I'm sorry it is not much I know to do about it. So sorry very sorry and let's talk to you have to go to another, hopefully we hear her talk to Kyle from Dublin Ireland.

We I don't know if he ever had a call from Ireland on the show before welcome to Kyle and let you show and just appreciate you had a question today regarding the Septuagint and the fact that the majority of the New Testament verse in the New Testament are from the Septuagint. In fact, it is useful for hundred years you know it will translate from the Hebrew shouldn't have a presence in place in the Christian well I think I'm not sure what place it has or doesn't have. In different sectors of the church that lots of lots of scholars consult the Septuagint and you're right just for those who don't know who may be listening the Septuagint refers to the Greek translation of the Old Testament made by Hebrew scholars in Alexandria, Egypt. Around 285 BC, and it was the main Bible of the Jews of the time between the Testaments and took time and at the time of Christ and in the church fathers also used so we have our Bibles translated essentially from the oldest Hebrew manuscripts available to us, but the Greek goes back further, because our Hebrew manuscripts are not as old.

They only go back to the first century that the Septuagint of course is respect almost 3 centuries earlier.

And so some people believe the Septuagint is more accurate to the original because it was translated for much earlier Hebrew manuscripts than the ones we have it set its confusing thing to some people, but we suffice it to say the apostles usually quoted from the Septuagint when they quoted the Old Testament and Jesus often did to the new Hebrew also but they the Greek Old Testament was more commonly in use throughout the world. So the Septuagint differs a little bit from the Hebrew manuscripts that we have in ways that are not usually very important ways, but they differ enough that one wonders which was the original reading that one way we have in Septuagint, or the way that we have in our oldest Hebrew manuscripts and I think I think all the modern Bibles follow the Hebrew manuscript. The Old Testament, since that was the original language of the Old Testament, but again we don't have manuscripts of the original Hebrew to go back further back in the Septuagint, so there's there are a lot of Christians who think Septuagint should be probably preferred over the Hebrew manuscripts that we have found some Hebrew men trips go back earlier than the Septuagint at the something and then I'd say those be more to be preferred, but some people know nothing or make nothing of the of the Septuagint, and as you said, I think it's significant enough that we should be aware of of the alterations of the study. Now you know it should be. Maybe you know why the regular Christian a look at that, but the stories of the different options to ponder sometime it try to get back church. Many times Septuagint is not. You don't because that's the Greek and that is to say this to the Septuagint contains some of the books of the Hebrew Old Testament is not contained in contains pock apocryphal books and some of the Greek Orthodox Church, but also frankly the Roman church. They they like those books, Protestants usually do not leave them in the Bible because it does not appear that these books were regarded as scripture even though they were in the Septuagint. The Septuagint had a lot of books in it. Besides the books of the Old Testament, and even more than the Catholic Bible of the Greek Bible has to mean that is to say, you know, I think the Catholic Bible has two books of Maccabees and it but there's four in the Septuagint so so so it's like for some reason, even though they argue for the use they offer for the inclusion of the Apocrypha from the fact that they are found in the Septuagint, but even they don't accept all of the books that are found in Septuagint song know there's included Apocrypha but it is interesting. It was pretty some of like new revised standard with the set with the Apocrypha and stuff like that.

Thank you so much, you don't sound like an Irish accent. Are you an American has moved to Ireland by mad ships out American but I didn't get my leg would actually judge on the Internet. Great men keep okay good talking to my friend okay Myra from Las Vegas hi Mira, welcome to the hay question to the Jenny account to people that I dotes on account of the Old Testament proof of Adam, the need to get your insight is done not I will answer them. There is no proof of that existence is if I truthfully mean archaeological finds the uncertainly and I find find their bones or if you did find him, you would know they were there is anyway signing how you can improve their existence. They are historical characters and and firm for many things you read about in history you can't find additional proof that they existed, other than the testimony of the historians are the people who whose records the historians are using one thing that makes me believe in Adam and Eve that Jesus believed in it and I'm a follower of Jesus. Hannah Jesus when he was asked about divorce. In Matthew chapter 19 and whether it's okay to divorce your wife usable. Didn't you read how God did it in the beginning any quotes from the start of Adam and Eve how he made male and female in a set for this cause a man shall leave his father and mother bequeathed to his wife and the two should be one flesh. He said now you know what God is doing together, let not man put asunder. Now to argue about a practical ethical question like divorce and to appeal to a fictional story wouldn't make much sense. I mean it.

I mean it's like appealing to the story, Humpty Dumpty had to make some kind a binding moral precedent for something, you know, I mean if Adam and Eve are not real characters. If God didn't really create them in the way that Jesus said he did. Then then his point would mean nothing for the question. It would mean a myth or a fairytale doesn't carry any authority when you're trying to decide major moral issue when he says don't know. Here's how God did it.your member did you read how God did it. He did it this way, and God did it the way he wanted it. So let's follow the way God wanted us was basically saying so. Jesus clearly believed in Adam and Eve.

He believed in the Genesis story and he believed another things in the Genesis story to me, believe in the flood the worldwide flood, which he referred to in Matthew 24 he believed in Cain and able which he referred to in Matthew 23 you know he believed in the giver mentioned the Tower of Babel that he did mean he believed these Genesis stories were true, and he treated them as true story so you don't have. I don't think I don't think you'll ever dig up the bones of Alexander the great, and you might or Attila the Hun, or someone like that.

I don't know if they can find the bones of those guys but what you do or not, that doesn't have any impact on what you believe that they were historical characters, not because history is verified by witnesses and by authorities and Jesus is the highest authority of all most faithful and true witness on everything so I go with him. Okay is your friend Christian Donna.

She said at me, became leader in a convocation of seeing and believing typing you can see this feedback sheet down at me and I told her well, you know, I've never really that I can't tell you want proof of the Moses in the Old Testament Jesus in the New Testament and Paul in the New Testament, all saying that that story is true of Paul quoted from it. Also in Ephesians 5 and a course Moses wrote this so we've got some pretty godly reliable witnesses to it. Now that the question I would have this. Does anyone have any proof that that it isn't true that be the next question because you know if the Bible said sum is true then we had like proof somehow that they were that it was wrong what I might try facing some kind of a crisis, perhaps, but but we don't have any proof that whoever doubts that they were real hasn't been on the show to ask for the proof is if you tell her that you're her mother. She believes you.

Now if it's later on.

There are some proof that you weren't her mother. Then she'd have to not believe you on that, but but if if she doesn't have any proof that she has a different mother, then why wouldn't she believe that your mother like you said to me when we have reliable people, telling us history will then want what we need, not only for example, does she believe that a family can existed. You know records right and down. I ran down that the archaeology they don't go that far down you go so far back in history wishers, how would they ever find remains of Adam and Eve that happened. They lived and died before the flood. Flood totally disrupted things, you know, I mean archaeologists can't prove anything before the flood, and there's many things since the flood, they can't prove but but the interesting thing and you can tell your daughter this because this is a fact that the history of modern archaeology for the past 200 years has included a great number places named in the Bible and and even nations named in the Bible which no one had any record in modern times of their existence, and there were skeptics who said that they were just made up that the Bible just made these people up in these places up and since that time. Archaeologists have discovered that they did they did exist are being dull shares are the last king of Babylon. According to Daniels. After five scholars didn't believe existed from any source they can have any source of information of his existence, except the Bible until about 1853, which is just no hundred and 70 years ago and when when they found no reference to him it proof that the Bible have been reliable all along so you can finally talk about some of these things in some my lectures or even on previous radial phone calls. There is a website I don't if you're aware of it called Matthew it's spelled out in ATT HEW Matthew and you can actually look up by subject calls that have company over the years to this program where I talked about these things. Sometimes in more detail than I can.

Other times, yeah you your daughter Calista held his daughter, she too. Okay she can listen she can look up the questions on things like this there at the index of Matthew 713. Listen to previous calls or I would really suggest that you let her or encourage her to listen to my series of lectures called the authority of Scripture I go in great detail about this kind of archaeological stuff there every day and when she comes over time became diluted. I can well be the clock in the morning on the way to fix just tell your daughter.

Tell your daughter she's very interested in knowing whether the Bible is reliable, including Genesis to everything at my website is free so she can listed for totally free go to the website. The narrow go to the topical lectures link in the series called the authority of Scripture.

And if she listens to students at the beginning. Lectures about that. Should answer a lot of questions satisfactorily.


All right. Or you can even have her listen to this call on archives. Whatever.

Anyway, I appreciate your call and a different way to approach her on it, which thanks to Meagan, everything you say. Well, okay, appreciate your call again from Fallbrook, California or California. Welcome to the narrow path for calling you to take my call question I went to Joshua, Judges, Gideon, Samuel, but mainly when he casually how did he Moses hear from God with the auto complete dream.

I was thinking think that's a good question and we are always told that I mean on a rare occasion. We read of God speaking audibly so that everybody can hear other times we actually specifically River profit having a dream or vision or something that large percentage, the time when God said something about sister said something to Joshua, it doesn't really tell us you know how this information is being communicated. I Moses, of course, was up on the mountain with God and probably heard audible voice there and probably maybe even also when he was in the tent of meeting him back on the mount because God keeps talking to him, but Joshua we don't read of him necessarily having access to the tent of meeting Moses to actually there was, not not only wants, but more than one time that God appeared in a humanlike form to communicate with Abraham were with Joshua outside Jericho, there is the captain of Lords host and so forth.

And these are what we call theophanies so that God sometimes actually showed up visibly in a human like shape and talked with people that were it's called ICU.

It's a theophany to the THEOTHEL comes in the Greek word, God fails and then in PHA and why theophany that's from the word scenario in the Greek, which means appearance.

So I got appearance.

When Daniel went into the sauce may look like a son of man that actually God we are we separately saving the five furnace and Debbie has looked and he said I thought went through three men in their he said I IC for their not bound or walking around and therefore through them he said looks like that, depending on which by the good stuff Bible, save the son of God, and some Bible since a son of the gods. Now the reason I mention this because the word Elohim, which is the word God or gods in different contexts can mean either the one God, or can it's a plural commit jobs. So when he says he looks like a son of Elohim, it's possible to translate that son of God, because Elohim sometimes refers to God, but other times Elohim refers to the pagan gods and they could be saying he looks like a son of the gods, which is a pagan Nebuchadnezzar might've been more inclined to say that the word can be translated from Hebrew either. Either way and many people think the fourth. Many people think the fourth person was a theophany appear appearance of God in human form. And that's very possible, although it's not impossible.

Also, that could been an angel. We don't know doesn't say anything except for what Nebuchadnezzar said about an inmate that basically the event in my opinion, yes, yes, in my opinion I got Isaac was Christ.

Thank you so much to take my call is on brand-new geniculate today for the first time so the article you work. You just can't however I live just down the street from him. We just moved on Fallbrook from Spokane so I'm brand-new here find my way around town such wonderful moving to California is an improvement, but I guess B better if the traffic could slow down is more rain. I be really happy for your code so good you now just unbeatable paradise. You have to slow down like that out all right and they do except freeways are packed and they have to dress up like okay will happen got us today. Thanks for your call Stan from also from California hi Stan, welcome to the narrow path calling a quick question do you have coming in about five think I anyway give me an idea how many weighed one way it did on the question not with the newly Scripture nano (printed the Scripture talked about press down overflowing and talk like yeah it sounds like you, you can give anything away and got to make up the difference in. I've never gotten to that point I give about $100 a week out of my food. Checkbook and I'm bothered by how much I should be giving and iniquity. God doesn't tell me and so and I want to be generous with God that I just can't get over the hump of just giving it all away and I children to inherit anything I can't do that so what if you have it words of wisdom about this. Well, I always have cells that good stewardship requires living as frugally as is reasonable.

You don't have to live like a pauper. The Bible doesn't command you to be quiet. Yeah.

And then after you paid for your frugal lifestyle. Then to give as much of that away.

As you can. Now you're asking, but if I give all away having to leave my children and you know I guess that's can have to be something that a person has to decide between himself and God is how much does God want to leave your children doubt you have a house you are you buying a house that's something that's something you can leave them but I tell you today how much to leave them right. I will say this, that it's not always wise to leave a lot of money to your children because frankly, it depends ahead give wise children are not a lot of money to run a person if they're not wise and is not a lot of people today who don't have very wise children more than more than in the past because there's been less with hearted. This last degeneration site.

You just have to use your your stewardship sense.

I mean if your children you feel deserve something more than than the house that belief to them the night you put something aside for them.

I guess, but I I myself try to give away as much as I can to charity and to them is that thing. I get all the ad really get that are starving and homeless in all that they can, and do not difficult giving to and so forth it and gives me a big fat load of guilt.

I don't get well okay well you can't you can't alleviate all poverty from the world, but it is it is the case you when you see these pictures. I don't guilt into doing something less is the Holy Spirit convicting you but we should remember only see these horribly starved children are, or whatever, that they matter as much to God as is your children and my children to and that my children are much better off than those children. I can't. I can't alleviate all poverty those kids but I can make a difference for some and every one of them is worth as much as anyone in my children. Your children so I would just say that if your children were in that state.

If you are living in a really poor country and your children are like that. What would you hope the Christians in a more prosperous country would would do when they found out about it I guess and be just try to apply Jesus statement what you did what you would have government did you do that to them and you know I wouldn't saying be gilded about I just say be led by the spirit guilt would come if you're inclined to guilt when you feel like you I need to solve all these problems. But I can't and you can't you can't solve all the problems of poverty but you can certainly why don't you buy and most people probably think can certainly do something for some and I think that we should do as much as as we can and if we if we don't do as much as we can then will of course answer to God for why we didn't have when we could have so Christmas. There's even get 100 different charities writing to you and you can't give to the mall, but if you get to some. I actually just have maybe a couple handfuls of charities that I give to and others.

I just don't. I can't read their literature because I don't anymore to give than what I'm given to these others but it just don't, you should be inclined to guilt. If you're walking in the spirit and letting God lead you in your stewardship that you may want to research a charity before you have before you give much money took us some charities waste more money than others coming. Usually some of the money gets to the poor kids, but all in some cases, a lot of money goes to the American administration of that 501(c)(3) or something and very small percentage gets to the kids so you can do research online about love that kind of thing. And even if you just had one charity that you gave as much as you could to you. You have to give 10 charities or five or 30 year even to if there's some reliable charity that is doing the work that you think God would be honored to have promoted then just support that one with as much as you can and anyway, really.

The most I know how to say about that because everyone has to make his own decision about how the steward God's money, but I appreciate your concern about it and you're calling about. Sorry I didn't get to all the calls we have several calls still waiting to go on today. The music is playing regarding your topic tomorrow and every weekday run from 2 to 3 in the afternoon Pacific time and that you can call it talk to anyone about the Christian life you listen to the narrow pass. My name is Steve Greg. You can write to us.

We are listener supported right at the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 or go to our website. The narrow thanks for joining us. Let's talk again tomorrow

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