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The Narrow Path 6/15

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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June 15, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 6/15

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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June 15, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrow pass radio broadcast.

My name is Steve Greg and we are live for an hour each week afternoon, we have an open phone line you can call it. If you have questions about the Bible of the Christian faith, and you'd like to discuss them with me here. If you have a different viewpoint from the holes you like to discuss that you're always welcome to call the number and let me just say forgive the number so you don't just dial it right now our lives are full but within minutes.

Usually lines will open up and you may feel to get ended anytime in our if you have this number ready. The numbers 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 our first color today is Alex from Honolulu hi Alex, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for going. The question today is wondered what your take is on the stories of people who claim to have been taken up to heaven or down to hell, like the boy and hasn't really demand from 23 minutes from hell.

That book that he ran well, I don't want to say these people are liars, but I will say that I've heard enough of their stories to know that they don't agree with each other. There are contradictions between them and and so forth and I just I just don't have any reason to accept their stories.

Now of course there may be medical records that show that they were clinically dead for so many minutes or whatever and then they were revived. That happens all the time actually in hospitals and you know some who comes back from a situation. Who knows what the natures of what they saw it on your clinically dead. We don't really I don't know that science can tell much about what's going on. What were your mind is gone.

If the brain stops you assume there's no thinking going on that if there's spirit or soul that still functions in some way. I don't know to what degree it could still be deceived if you're not a believer but if you are a believer, I don't know you know I don't know that what happened shortly after death is is is necessarily something that's universal with everybody. I have no idea, and I'm frankly I I've never cared. I just never even I would walk across the street to listen to someone coming their story about that because I don't I don't need to know I'm know the Bible doesn't tell us very much about heaven or hell ice I've always suspected that that has to do with God's priorities. He doesn't really think it's necessary to tell us much. If he doesn't think it's necessary for us to know much. Why don't list someone told me that he thinks he knows more than God is revealed also like the story of Lazarus and the rich man. Although I take you to be a parable seems to have one of its subtexts that there is no need for God to send people back from the other side. Remember the man in in Hades, in the story of Lazarus nourishment bags that Lazarus who is in paradise could be sent back to earth to tell his brothers who are unbelievers about the afterlife and Abram said they don't need that they have the Bible, the massively don't read the Bible, the bill understand if someone comes back little impressive in terms of now they don't read the Bible to not believe the word of God. It won't impress them. If someone comes back from the dead.

So I mean if that's God's attitude that was Jesus telling a story. It sounds like he saying people don't need that. You know they have enough income to have enough revelation of the truth in the Bible. If they don't believe that, then they have no reason to believe the stories of someone who claims come back from the dead, so I it's it's simply a nonissue.

To me it's it's it's of zero in interest to me, but I have my doubts here all right because I shall make you tell you I got I should thank you Donna Rodney from Detroit is next in line.

Heidi Rodney, welcome to the narrow pathway for calling about the medical question today is about the three views of how particularly the ones that believed in its annihilation is that we are in good condition.

Armor target at the same thing yet that is the same thing. Okay, I know that listening show for A month now and I know that you can hold a neutral view on yet. I just wanted to post two questions group that holds to the commission on mortality and see how they responded to know you studied them all. My question comes from Matthew 25, 46, which I know you know this is very familiar verse and the question I have is two questions I have about that versus number one. I know that they isolate the word everlasting punishment when they when they say punishment. I guess don't they say that while annihilation is punishment is out like one of their arguments like it doesn't have running eternal torment right. That's what okay my question about that is like when you look up that word punishment in the concordance that particular Greek word is only used twice in the New Testament and the other verses in Timothy where Paul said that fear hath torment. And that word torment is the same word punishment so that to me I could I could see relating that word to being torment you know because it used it is translated torment in Timothy and also like if you read the Geneva Bible which is like one of the Bibles right before the King James translation to have the Geneva Bible on my phone. Matthew 2546 says and Lisa go into everlasting pain in all right now considering know you no pain or torment in my second question comes from. I know they say the word everlasting doesn't always mean life rather than making it that the Greek term kind of media could mean like enduring purring age or something like that. That is correct I might question my second question is, every time in the New Testament. That word is used. It's used in the context of being eternal so how could they have biblical basis by saying that it means enduring finagling every time. In the New Testament it means eternal so those are the two questions I have. Sure sure well as as far as you know, Matthew 2546 kg which is where it says they should go wait everlasting life. Art underwritten the Skoda everlasting punishment the rich to the righteous to everlasting life everlasting punishment as you say the word punishment has been, in fact, translated log different ways that the word here is Colossus Colossus in in this case and that word has had a number of nuances and in fact prior to New Testament times were Clawson meant correction actually now if the Geneva Bible said pain. I don't know to what degree of pain might be in the range of meanings of that word punishment is certainly in the range of meanings so and torment may well be also made it obvious it's a word that has a range of meanings. What did what the annihilation us would say is that we derive our doctrine of conditional immortality from a variety of scriptures that actually teach it.

And in this verse becomes one that we have to therefore harmonize with what the rest. The Bible teaches. And since the word Clawson can mean punishment they they feel comfortable with it being translate that when it is certainly transfer that when very many translations so it's obviously one of the several possible meanings so they would say in this case.

That is the meeting that would most fit with the view of annihilation because they believe that the punishment is death. The wages of sin. The Bible says is death.

God said to Adam and Eve, the day you eat of it you will die the boxes the salt since it will die. So we have all these references in the Bible to what the punishment for sin is the pressure of sin is his death, and that so they would say eternal punishment is eternal death and solitude, a death that they enter ours revelation because of the second death they going to the second death and NS forever so it's eternal, to be sure it's it's never going to change in their view. Now there are, of course, those who hold the third view which is reconciliation of all and they would say that ion is which is everlasting. There is not necessarily reference to eternal because it does in the lexicons often mean something less like pertaining for major something now.

You said that all the cases in the New Testament of IIS mean eternal well that's kind of in a way begging the question. The question is what does Ionians mean in any given passage, and to say well it always means everlasting.

While we can't say that to discuss the passages which count sometimes it may mean everlasting, sometimes not, because frankly in the Old Testament and the Greek, which at the Septuagint was written in the cornea. Greek just like the New Testament was ion is often mean something other than everlasting and also in the lexicons in the Greek literature of the time it often mean something other than everlasting.

So to say.

Well, it always means everlasting in the New Testament, we might say well it has traditionally been translated that way in the New Testament that we might want to consider each case and see whether the translators who are in any case, not infallible might have adjudged to be meeting that and use that word in English when in fact one of the other meanings. The word might've been implied or intended so we really mean I think one has to really study the cases case by case and I don't I'm I wouldn't be prepared to say that every case of Ionians in the New Testament necessarily means everlasting love… And it actually does like every time it every time that you get in referring to everlasting life, and rightly so, to deter analogy without well not always everlasting life. Might you mean a life of the age and that's what many evangelical scholars believe that if you are from Earth FF Bruce. He was that he died in the last late last century, but he was the most respected conservative evangelical scholar of his generation, and he believe that ion is life means life of the age.

That is of the messianic age, rather than life, enduring forever or for in a sheet. He believe that the term should be translated life of the agent and so every time you find expression everlasting life. He and very many other Greek scholars think well it's not really talked with the length of the life of the fact that that life pertains to the age of another age from from the previous age, so messianic age is forever. It is, yes, it is proposed that something pertains to an age could mean that last forever, but that doesn't mean that the word pertaining to the age has the that the word that she was means for me. For example, if ion is simply means and many scholars think this that it just means for very long time and the end of that time cannot be seen from the vantage point of the one speaking because the word actually means beyond the horizon or something like that.

At least the Old Testament word ion is in the in the Septuagint is used to translate the Hebrew word alarm which means beyond the horizon and saw something that ion is should be translated, just very very long. Now if something is very, very long. It might last forever or might not.

If you can't see the end of it you don't know. So if God is called the eternal God. We know that he last forever, but that doesn't Jay Sekulow very very long, you know, it just happened very very long in his case is forever.

Something else that last for very long, might not last forever, so I'm saying that just the use of the word in the Bible itself is you have to take it case by case and sure enough, you will certainly find ion uses a Greek word that is used many times to speak of something that last forever, but it may not be that the fact that that last forever.

That is been designated by that word. Anyway, I have you read my book on the three views of hell no I haven't. Would you read it if you had a copy.

Definitely I have a chapter about ion his five chapter well I think be very helpful book if you want to email you your address to mail mail it to. Okay, I thank you very much.

Thank you Michael sure email okay thank you very much okay grant you in writing you to okay our next colors.

Anthony from Providence, Rhode Island hire Anthony good to hear from you on is going well.

Thanks for your book on how an masterpiece absolutely unanswered.

I'm not the best leader in the world and anything was spelled out so easy for me to understand I just I loved it. My question a while back you possibly possibly be on audio I went happening with that. In fact, while tell you about that because I never mentioned this on the radio previously but I've been eager to see this book come out on audio and the people who put out audiobooks are not the publisher themselves, the publisher has to license some audiobook or publisher probably audible war or Christian audio horse when these companies publisher Thomas Nelson would have to license them to to make it and I look into that and I am it's hard to get a definitive answer of how to get them to do that our target calls back from time to time but one guy from Thomas Nelson told me it would cost about $5000 and he said that he didn't know that it would sell enough copies to be to be worth it to put put that much into making the arguments so that's what it takes. I told him I'd be willing to pay the $5000 to have it done even if we never recovered it because I would like to be available.

Audio well he's. He's got some other things on his desk, this nothing moves very fast in this publishing area, especially with these companies and and the guy I'm dealing with has specifically told me twice, things going very slow for them because of the lockdown to so I don't have any information about how long it would take there also looking at my manuscript for my newer book and haven't heard back from them for six weeks on that probably so I really can't give your progress report because everything is slow down but I'll certainly announce on the air. If either those units are very might like my question today is could you point down for me. The store living creatures in revelations five and six.

Well, maybe coming out zero different views about who they represent. If there are people who think that when they go to heaven, then to see these four living creatures, one with the face of a lion when with face of an eagle in the face of an ox on one face the man and having like the we have four wings while I don't think receipt of screech. I think they symbolize something in the vision, and I think almost all commenters would suggest that to them and maybe some exceptions, the common view and and and in many cases these things. Revelation are not easy to determine what the correct view is but a common view among commentators is that they represent creation and that they alongside the 24 elders who were also introduced in the same chapter. Chapter 4 Revelation chapter 24 elders represent the redeemed of humanity.

Some would say that it represents the church but I think more commenters would say represents the old and New Testament save people. So we've got an image represents creation and another image that represents the church on the redeemed of both Testaments and the image we have is that they are praising God continually day and night, so that God receives praise from his people whom he is redeemed but also from his creation is creation of the heavens declare the glory of God. Your nature does reveal a great deal about driving is glorified in the works of his hands so the concept that God is glorified and praised in the redemption of his people and his creation is often thought to be represented by these four living creatures representing creation creaked the word creature means creation so that the like for living creations and that they represent the creation itself and by his people.

24 elders now. The reason for the use of that particular imagery is that those four faces one of a lion. One of the Eagle one of an ox and one of a man are borrowed. In Revelation, apparently from Ezekiel's chairman Ezekiel chapter 1 and Ezekiel chapter 10 both give this description of the chairman's not the same, but it's got characteristics that are similar to the beast out to the living creatures in Revelation and the rabbis of course the Jews don't read the book of Revelation will comment on it, but they do comment on Ezekiel and since the face of a lion. The face of an eagle, the face of the oxen face of man also appear in the cherubim in the Old Testament, which seems to give his seems to be the source of the imagery of these in Revelation rabbis have said that the lion is the chief of the wild beasts. The Eagle is the chief of the birds, the ox is the chief of the domesticated base and man is the chief of all creation so they see in these four faces sort of the just a multifaceted to be quite literal representation of all the realms of creation. In this case, all the realms of living creation, but so the four living creatures are typically in most commentaries, it seems thought to represent the creation itself, praising God masterful speed. Thank you so much and have a blessed okay Anthony could talk to you.

God bless you and thanks for calling.

See here next caller is Lisa from Manzanita, Oregon Lisa, welcome to the neuropathic for calling and now how do we interpret the old went on my way. I am Randy. I live here on clear very, very and topical all the time and I really appreciate all your all your lecturing on and I've heard a lot of what I'm just wondering if you can think on how do we interpret. I know I think that I'm in the fact that Mike and Molly and with a pint and then as opposed to what it will find you today and I'm having trouble with that thing with blank, then a moral moral law or anything.

I and ceremonial ceremonial ritual and anything that I'm technically thinking on.

I ran to her and her had been well with mostly men and believe that I'm at actuality is that Ron biblically and I think one of the I know why they believe that and I think one thing and that there is I think they kind of throw out a lot and went in the Old Testament and have an explanation that is one thing, because I okay let me answer if I can think because lots of calls waiting.

Okay, first of all, in answer to your basic question. How do we know what in the Old Testament the commands the alternate what is valid today and what is not.

I would say at our website under the topical lectures in a series called the authority of Scripture the 11th lectures called the law of Moses and the Christian and I discussed that very thing that that's the whole subject of the lecture, how do we know which parts of the law of Moses apply to us today so that's under the series called the authority of Scripture at our website. The narrow under topical lectures.

The authority of Scripture. It's the 11th lecturing that series.

The law of Moses of a Christian now let me give you short answer the law. Some laws are moral, as you mentioned them and you know that term and they used it that they are the ones that are can never be changed because they are morality is always the same. Other laws are ceremonial, which have to do with only what God told Israel to do that had to do with their worship practices of the temple, and so forth with green clean and unclean, and being at having access or not have access to the temple what they could offer what they couldn't and under what conditions and so forth as the ceremonial laws of course don't apply another. The temple was obsolete and gone and so whatever is ceremonial is not applicable. Whatever is moral is always applicable. Now let me just say how you can tell the difference here. Moral law and ceremonial ceremonial law is going to be something that God could have given the instructions otherwise. Had he wished, but that the symbolic value of the tabernacle and of the altering of the priesthood is is what dictated this December as the rituals were symbolic of things and so the reality is that the symbolic cover in the New Testament and and so you can see the symbols of what Paul calls the shadows pulses. These things were shadows of things present, but the substance of his Christ. So when you read a law and the law of Moses say, could God have said this different without compromising his character and if the answers yet he could give it differently when compromises care, then you're probably looking at what we call a ceremonial law or ritual law now. That's because the, the ritual laws were not determined by the character of God, but by the purposes of his future plans that they were that they were prefiguring earth shattering now moral laws don't change and they are the ones that you could actions could God have given this command, the opposite of this and if he said no and if you say no there's no way he could go right against his character.

He could not command people to murder or commit adultery, or to steal because those are unjust is that records against the justice and the faithfulness of God. Anything that reflects his own character that's been required of us is a law that could never be changed because his character doesn't change the and are all human beings from the first man and woman to the end of time of the primary obligation is to better God's image and to be like him. So to do things that are morally unlike God's character is to do something else sinful. Now of course you say but what about the homosexual laws you know is that based on the character of God that is based on marriage that is based on what marriage is. And God ordained marriage before he wrote any laws and that and Jesus repeated the standard of marriage, so he must've thought it was still valid and Paul repeated it to so that the standard of marriage given in Genesis chapter 2 in verse 24 is for this cause a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two of them should be one flesh.

Now when Jesus was asked about marriage and divorce.

He quoted that so that's that's the way God made it. That's the way God wants it.

Paul also quotes that verse in Ephesians 5 so even after the death and resurrection of Jesus. Marriage is the same thing in the body can't have sex outside of marriage. So homosexual sex or heterosexual sex, both of them are wrong. If you're not a marriage marriage is Jesus said is a man and a woman joining their lives forever. And next next same thing is people in same-sex list. If you want talk more about this. I'll hold you over the brain.

I need to take a break at this time there listening to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Greg you can help us down the airway listener supported.

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Don't use PayPal. We use to receive gifts through PayPal. But as I've been informed PayPal. It is a persecuting a number of organizations Christian and conservative as we been told and one of them seem to be us because they've refused we've receive gifts through PayPal for years and on the offer 22 years and just recently there say well we can't say we can't sit process just for you anymore. And they've asked for information we send them the information. Get back to us there there obviously give us the runaround. In fact, they say that they have some money that people donate to the PayPal giving fund which, if we don't get this straightened out lender to give to somebody else, which is pretty awful because we've done everything they've asked for. Give them all the information they want, but I've been informed.

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So do not use PayPal in giving to the narrow path. It can, it won't work. We can't get your donations anymore. My friend and I don't know why we've done nothing different alright now before the break, you're talking to see were talking to Lisa I believe what we from organs is that you Lisa okay gotcha now you have you had asked about homosexuality and its status in the New Testament. And so, what were you going to say more. You sound like you are the same so along with how to translate no and I felt when I was having with or about blank coming together during their menstrual cycle reading only thing in the Bible that Ron Iannelli blank then the Bible saying that it were unclean, but I realized that in a couple path I did actually thing everything. The other thing I might yet today and though I I'm just wondering how did like one of the questions and wondering about life and reading about and I feel like there's a part of it and dump that mark on your body and relating to client.

To help me with reference to the menstrual sexual union.

Which passage did you find it. Certainly, I've seen in the law. It has said it's an abomination and things like that but then so is eating pork said to be abomination. You know me, there's things were an abomination at the time, which were that they were an abomination in terms of the ritual law they worked the test I gave you. How do we know if it's ritual or are not, we could say well okay any given law.

If God couldn't could not have said it differently without compromising his character. It's a moral issue.

If he could have given different commands without compromising his marketer.

It's not so any taxes I could God have said during no problem with tattoos. He also said to the priest don't shave the corners of your beards and you know in your foreheads, and so forth that's that's the hesitant. Not much to do with any moral issues that's an external thing that doesn't have any impact on your personal your heart and your holiness. It seems to me now, whereas, of course, the command don't commit adultery has a very tremendous impact on your holiness because you're being unfaithful to your spouse or whatever or someone else's spouse, so I mean I would say my my lectures from the authority of Scripture on the law of Moses and the Christian answer these questions for the most part is as well as I can, and an hour and 1/2 or whatever it takes but as for the menstrual sex you know II think that it's just another matter of clean and unclean blood and leprosy and other things made a person unclean and I don't think that clean and unclean laws are applicable in the New Testament so I wouldn't think that would apply, but I am interested in the passage in particular to the course is mentioned a number of times in Scripture money. Which passage are saying it's alongside everything else that is obviously moral. You know which passage you thinking of like kind and I keep meaning to call you and now I don't member wetland. I remember it was like it was a lot when and I link on thing. I remember thinking every every other thing I can tell there is just a lot about menstrual uncleanness. You'll find that the couple were not supposed to have relations not only during the week of her uncleanness before the following week to us like every every month at two weeks of the month they were not supposed to have relations. Now the way that set up. Of course it means that when they would come back together after that second week that be when she's ovulating and so it's clear that God had his first concern in that that they would have first audit. Avoid contact with blood but a week after menstruation wouldn't have anything to he's interested that there relations potentially be able to have children so and that doesn't mean that a person can't have relations of the can of children, but it does mean that God seems have a concern for Israel as a race to make sure that they population did not diminish in their maven on number of other considerations that are out. You know I could look into this more.

I think probably the passage you have mine is probably Leviticus 18, 19, is also you shall not approach a woman to uncover her nakedness as long as she is in her customary impurity, but this is only one of many places that it talks about this anyway.

My just from the principles involved in discerning between moral and ceremonial laws. My judgment would be that that's a ceremonial issue.

There may be other concerns to it's hard to hard to see that as being in the same category with things that are plainly immoral because they are unjust.

There unfaithful. They are in no arrogant or whatever.

There are things that are contrary to the nature of God and will always be contrary to his nature, which are always wrong, but something something like that. II see it is in the realm of the unclean and the clean, which the New Testament makes it very clear that for the most part, those distinctions between clean and unclean are to be ignored. All right – and thanks for calling.

Okay, next caller looking here's who's been there the longest. It looks like it's going to be you Seth Latif. Now I don't know there's to you Seth motifs in my audience, but I have heard from my friend you Seth Latif for many many years.

Is this the same guy. What's it been 20 years since you called her for long and I think so. It's been a very long time. Yeah and your family well yes and now where are you living you will just be like Corvallis or something. Rob Eugene Eugene. My mother is in Palmdale, California.

Okay yeah right yeah what you talking to them talking a long time and I was thinking. I know you have your get-togethers doing virtual get-togethers. Now you know I don't do virtual get-togethers. I do get together in small groups occasionally not doing so much right now. Since the lockdown that I we we we have held some have held some that are less frequent, and I'm not. I'm not traveling and doing it like I used you know they don't again and again. Okay I love you brother God bless you and will be with you and you lift up PayPal in prayer me that's a biggie for pointing that out. They were doing that so that I okay great is me again just to say hi RIGHT yeah I literally don't think he's called for 10 years is to call frequently when I lived in Oregon all right. Our next caller is here. Looks like Valley. The lettering is so small I got.

I literally have a okay valley for short order. I literally have a magnifying glass like Sherlock Holmes up against my screen to see these names here Valley from Sherwood Oregon look at the narrow path high and now that Cheryl I didn't hearing people say that she is to picture something for it carries only kind of the question of the only people in. Because Atlanta and stand at me in out lately that they don't, you can't find that anywhere in Scripture. They know that they're not the least cancer that they were in Scripture.

In fact I would say the more the more established ideas I could draw from Scripture would be that the church is to be under persecution, Jesus comes back.

I I don't see anything you see the word of faith, people are the people who think that if you really have enough faith you'll be wealthy and you'll be successful and you'll be healthy and apparently some teacher taught you her excuse me is saying. Well I guess the Christians really get this straight have enough faith to do that before Jesus comes back so that everyone will envy them because of the wealthy and healthy. That is as far as teaching from anything the Scripture as I can imagine I okay thank you very much good talking to.

Okay Dave from Fallbrook, California is next. Welcome to the narrow path.

Dave, thank you so much for to glycol magnetic question through simple one is John chapter 516 in a B-17 that try to read in front of it, but he switches gears. I don't quite understand what's going on about the sin unto death, or 60 about his Athlon about praying for someone who sin is sin unto death. Yes yes yeah I what John actually says there is if you see your brother sin which is not unto death. You should pray for him, you shall ask, it says, and he will give him life for those who do not sentence of death.

But then he says there is a sin unto death. I don't say that you should pray for that. He said all unrighteousness is sin, but not all sending you sending him to death. Now the real question. There is what is unto death, me. Obviously the word sin is used to raise. There's a sin unto death is a sin. It's not unto death. The point is if you if your brother has sinned unto death. John says don't bother praying for at least I'm not recommending that you do. But if he has sinned, but not send him to death and pray form for his recovery so it is on the death mean well I think maybe the majority of commentators and teachers I've heard on this disagree with me on it but they would normally say sending unto death means committing a particular sin which is the unpardonable sin, and if they commit that unpardonable sin of there's no hope for repentance so don't bother praying for them and that if they haven't committed the imparted surveys commit another since the not that one. Continue praying for that's that's how I think many people have understood John's phrase sending unto death that that would mean that they commit a sin and at this point in their life that will inevitably end up in their spiritual doom and death. Now I don't see much justification for that particular interpretation honestly and if it is correct, I would have no idea how to obey it because I don't know who's sinned an unpardonable sin and who is not.

If there is if there is such a sin. How would I know if it committed. John is actually telling his listeners as readers to actually pray or not pray for someone based on whether they've done this and that you know somebody has blasphemed the Holy Spirit at some point. How would I know if they've done that have I'm not watching these people day and night.

How would I know pray for not but if it's something that John expects his readers to actually know whether it happened or not, which he apparently does, then it must be something that's more unmistakable and I think unto death is a phrase that simply means until you die.

There is a similar phrase not identical to the similar phrase in Revelation 210 reasons be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life been faithful unto death. As I understand it means to be faithful till you die. Now you so to sin unto death for me to sin until you die, not to sentence a dog needs to remain in sin until you die so if if your friend has died in without getting saved first is lived in their sin until they died. Don't bother praying for, but if they sin in their sending, but they haven't died yet they have sinned unto the point of death will still alive and you could possibly you rescue them through intercessory prayer site. I think that that makes sense. At least to me. The phrase unto death is more easily understood.

That way customer death is the ordinary word Thanatos for death in the Greek so it's not really talking about some special special word for death or subject to say that people is when you do not confess Jesus. You don't ask… Like I did you wrong. I walked up To give me lithic turnaround. That's what makes it our standards are higher to God. He cannot forgive a person if they walked away. I think that he can't get that I think of you guys. I've heard a lot in certain circles may be similar to his, and that is that something unto death means that you simply reject the testimony of the Holy Spirit for your whole life and you die without repenting that you send them to death, which is very similar to what I'm saying that the lightning will quick question I James Bible. But what you can gain study Bible. I'm not really up on the contrary, you can get one for me to get tokens right now I can cross reference. I went back to Jenison lead Joshua unto the prophets. I agree don't know if on the Old Testament going think well most Bibles let for example the Bible in front of me right now is not a study Bible that has cross-references in the margin and its cousins is pretty unusual to have a bottle.

It doesn't there's plenty of new King James Bible's that have the marginal references now the kingdom study Bible is not the worst I've seen.

You know I've seen of the study Bibles I didn't like very much, but I can't recommend any study Bible unit with total with without reservation. Because you know you're always going to read somebody's opinion. Just like when you call me you get my opinion you know me and I don't and I don't recommend that you that you let me take all the decisions for you and I give you the information I have and then you choose and the same thing is true. The study Bible commentary your reading somebody's opinion about text and then you yet realize that's their opinion and they may be right or not you can keep studying and now you got there opinion in your head is as part of your kit for evaluating what it might mean out study Bibles do have a very positive use if if you're not reading too much of their doctrinal interpretations because they also have historical background during the Old Testament and tell what year ice King wasn't what happened in and you know what year the Assyrians came in of only those kinds of things are good to knowing and the study Bibles always have those and so I guess I'd say is that whenever the study Bible has notes giving historical background and they very and very much of their material, especially the Old Testament does that's useful. That's useful is good to know. On the other hand you know when they're giving interpretation of the verse that may be, is used.

Two. To address certain theological controversies. They're going to you are going to basically give their side of the controversy. I will say this to that one thing that almost all of them will do is they will say that the book of Revelation was written in the reign of Domitian in the 90s. I personally believe it was written in the reign of Nero in the 60s makes a difference in the interpretation, but they followed the popular view of the time, and most most scholars seem to believe that it was a later date of writing of Revelation, there are still a great John would admit to the fold through Jerusalem, coming out of go the I've got like a debate the question of the date I'm just gonna say that the study Bibles I think every last one of them will probably give you the dummy. Shannon acted so easily to redirect getting things from human speakers, myself included, in an writers taken with a grain of salt and just know that nothing is absolutely trustworthy except the Bible but that doesn't mean there's not a lot of trustworthy things you find in them. Okay procedure called a publisher okay. Our next caller is Rob from Vancouver, BC Rob, welcome to the neuropathic for calling.

I just finished reading Joe and I was hoping there is a lot to really get from that and I wish you could really just go really quickly with me, you know, some what it looks like God allows Satan to inflict him and then when he spoke into after not sure what's going on with these men that are speaking to him after I think that rebuking him for answering them, and that eventually ends up talking directly to God) you just sort of liquid will like first and foremost, are we supposed to take from that date. God only allows Satan to inflict this specifically you can do it without without God's permission. Yes, we can take that from it. That's one of the sort things we take, let me just quickly say the book of Job is in the category of Hebrew writings called wisdom literature.

The book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes would also be that categories will some others. It is mostly poetic chapter 3 through chapter 42 of the first few verses 42 are written in poetry and they are basically mainly dialogues between Job and and for individuals. Three of them sharp initially and then there's 1/4 name LEU and then God shows up. So if speeches speeches made by these men and by God addressing Joe and we got Job's answer to them. So it's a dialogue through the almost whole books of dialogue, but the first two chapters and the last well from chapter the last chapter for the last 11 verses are not poetry there in prose there just narrative as as you tell a story. Normally, rather than writing poetry now in the first two chapters, we find that Job is an honest and righteous and godly man and God is very impressed with this in him. But Satan is very frustrated because Satan thinks that if he were given a chance he could make Job blaspheme and fall away from God and but he's not been able to because God protects Job in the Bible indicates a God protects all of his people. Remember Psalm 34 it says the angel of the Lord encamps around about those who fear him, and delivers them. I think that's probably for seven Psalm 34 I things were seven or eight, but the angel of the Lord encamps around God's people and delivers them says in Psalm 9111 and 12 that he is given his angels charge of you to keep you in all your ways and in their hands will bear you up last you – your foot against a stone. So we've got the angels of God protecting us and yet God does allow us to suffer harm, but not unless he sees a good reason to obviously so when the Angels of God surround us. The devil can't do anything to us, but the devil has to appeal to God to give information to harm us.

Now God does so, on occasion, but he will never do so unless he believes it could turn out for our good, because God works all things together for the good of those who love him and trials can turn off our good more than one way. One we can become stronger. Through trials we can become more dependent on God through trials we can. There's many good things that can happen to us spiritually through trials, but also God can be glorified in our trials and that's that. What's at issue here that Job also saw that there is potential for his own improvement because he said in the course of these trials when he is tried me, I will come forth as gold. So he sees these trousers refining him as gold is refined in the fire in the New Testament picks up the image to in first Peter 17, but but it's not just Job being in refined, it's that God is being glorified. The purpose of these trials is to prove that the devil is wrong, who has said that people only serve God. If God drives them to and others is your given Job all this wealth and all this good stuff no one reserves you but you take it away and he'll curse you his nature so I spatially say no and would love God, for God's own self. They only love them because he pays them to her meal. He bribes them to and so it basically is the accusation that God is not lovable in himself and his people have ulterior motives for worshiping well. God doesn't believe that's true, and so he lets the test go, and God is glorified in Job because Job does not curse God got got Job still continues to be faithful to God through the trial. So God is glorified in this situation.

Now my so that's pretty cool of God to make his love is his friend go through all this just so he'd be glorified.

Well Job has no complaints about it now we all complain when are going through trials complain were going to the dentist but the truth is sometimes going through trials while it's always temporary and in its sometimes I would say usually good for us and God may have a whole complex of reasons that he lets it happen, but the devil can't do anything to us unless God deems that it is good for us and good for him to good for all things good for the kingdom of God for us to go through even martyrs. You know, God allows martyrdom or doesn't fall had 40 men who took a vow that they were not to eat or drink until they killed them but they didn't because God didn't want them to die. Then later Paul did die samaras because God allowed it many times people took up stones to stone Jesus during his ministry, but says they were able to because it was not as our but when it was his hour God delivered them over to them.

Now this is this is normative Christian worldview that nothing can happen to you that God doesn't want to happen to you and therefore if that is if you're trusting him his target those who fear… You're not a Christian is. Note no promises there but if you are Christian, God protects you, except in those times when he wants you to undergo some kind of trial for some good purpose. And that's what the Bible teaches us that Job teaches so that be my answer all right hey you know what we just ran out of time. I just notice that – so the other people were waiting, I apologize, but this just Monday we got four more programs this week and I hope those of you who weren't able to get on today will be able to get on tomorrow and I can pretty much guarantee that you will assuming you call early enough, which is something that takes a little preplanning. The narrow path is a listener supported ministry. As I mentioned earlier, you can donate from the website.

The gives you some instructions how to please do not donate through PayPal.

We have in the past received a great number of donations from PayPal set for some reason they're messing with this level. Let's get donations that were so, there's another option. There is called we pay or you can do what most people do next. To send a check to the mail if you want to address is the narrow PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 the website again is the narrow, even if you don't don't go there because a lot of things you have is all free. The narrow talkative tomorrow

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