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The Narrow Path 6/12

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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June 12, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 6/12

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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June 12, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Good afternoon and welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and were live for an hour each weekday afternoon, we take your calls.

It's a live program so it can be interactive. You can call in with questions about the Bible about Christianity, and I will talk about those questions give a different viewpoint in the host. We can talk about that to the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 well our first started color today is Michael from Huntington Beach Michael looking to the narrow path.

Thanks for coming to illiquidity with Philippians chapter 2 verse 12 would work out your own salvation with fear and trembling in the Greek word is a verb in the imperative mail-order order a command and strengthening her personality. Chapter 6 verse 12 fight the good fight. The same places in the Greek then ordered a command unit. Her parents sure means you can easily tell by the translation that it is because of the statements are either in the indicative or the imperative and the indicative would simply restating something to be true. The imperative would be giving a commander in exultation or instruction to someone, and the English translations they follow the grammar of the Greek itself so it is an imperative in some units and others. If it was not an imperative have to be saying something like you are working your son out you are working out your own salvation third from 11 indicative statement.

Work out your salvation is impaired. Okay Mike, you can pretty much tell from English translations. Simple things like whether something is imperative or indicative but sometimes what you need to go to the Greek forward beat. If there's some nuance of grammar, or some nuance of the vocabulary, but when it comes to the overall kind of sentence it is. I don't know of any case in the Bible where the translation fails to reflect that there might be some but I haven't none come to mind. All right Jim from my Los Angeles welcome to the narrow path expert on hello I want to comment, please reply one. Okay, just adverse yeah okay Paul says stand fast therefore in the liberty with which Christ is made us free, and do not be entangled again in a yoke of bondage commentary. I have commentary verse by verse through the whole book of Galatians and the rest of the Bible at my website that is there something about you were wondering one or more light about the chapter looking that's right that's it says in verse six. Christians are supposed to be bondage" that's of course with the book of Galatians is saying the whole book of Galatians is complaining that the Galatian Christians have been into the trap of legalism. And that's as a result there departing from the true gospel.

So he said to every part of the book is his warning against that when he says don't be caught in the yoke of bondage again. He means bondage to Jewish laws, which is a legalistic religious system, and as you pointed out in verse six of the same chapter he says that in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncertain position avails for anything which makes very clear that the bondage assignment is the bondage related to circumcision and other ceremonial laws that the Jews wanted to put on the Gentile readers. But, he says, what does avail his faith working through love and of course when people hear that were not under law they might assume that we don't have any rules or any standards to uphold. But of course this is the standard 800 faith working through love. So love is the standard and Jesus even said that was the standard in the Old Testament law. He said to all the law and the Prophets hang on these these two commands to love God and to love your neighbor so if what you're doing is in fact informed by God and and obedient to him, and you do it out of love to him. You will also be doing that will bite at the same actively doing what is loving your neighbor because that's what the commands of God requires to do so. In other words to say were not under laws doesn't mean we have no standards to live by means that we are under very high standard that we must love as Jesus loves and that in doing so, of course, we will live very differently then we would have lived if we didn't know Jesus and then the rest the world lives that does not know Jesus aren't thank you for your call. Good talking to you. Color is the magnifying glass or been from Sacramento and welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling Greg. I am 70 years old and I'm a veteran and my wife passed away about. She passed away six years ago and since then I been having a lot of problems, but rather a problem reading the Bible and am praying and now that the church is a close little to open a not here in California but Sacramento. It is really my spiritual life is going down little bit. Well, actually, a lot of the churches in California have opened up in defiance of the lockdown and some of them are very large churches. I do know that Sacramento, but I know something where I live in Southern California.

A lot of it doesn't affect but I don't know about the ones near you. I would say this you do have a computer or smart phone. I have multiple have you have you avail yourself of any of the resources available Bible teaching resources on the Internet or on YouTube or anything like that movie and I don't understand all this, and I just guess I'm just waiting for the church is still open.

Yeah, well, what if the government closed on the church is permanently Richard would your spiritual life have to forfeit. I really think that we need to learn to be self theaters in Iraq. I'm not blaming you have a hard time reading and so forth. Lots of people don't read well or they can't read because their eyes are bad, but but really we as Christians, we ought to be self theaters. If you don't know how to use these websites, then I'd say find one of the kids in your neighborhood.

Anyone say 10 years old or older and he'll show you how to find the minutes of very simple thing you can find all kinds of sermons from different pastors.

You can find lots of studies you can find, you can just you can just find websites where they just read the Bible out loud to so that's like having somebody in your home. Reading to the Bible if that's what you want to do and you can even nail you move back here something over again, and so forth. So I would suggest there's a lot of resources opened. If you have a computer or smart phone, ask somebody, anybody of the younger generation to find you a Bible app.

There are Bible apps like I said that'll go read the Bible to you out loud with a pleasant voice or there are teaching sites might my own website. The narrow has over 1500 Bible lectures on it from yours truly teaching through the whole Bible verse by verse and on lots of subjects and all of these are really if you have a phone in your hand, you have all these resources and so this is a time like no other, but but the point is that the time will come when I shouldn't say it will come to. I don't know what will come. But the time could easily come here as it has come in many parts of the world where Christians are not allowed to meet and maybe not even allowed to have Bibles and perhaps even some of these websites be shut down. Maybe mind will I don't know. So I would suggest use the resources while they are while they're available and I mean any Christian who wants to survive if times get any worse than they are now here may want to start memorizing Scripture so that if you ever put in prison and I know that when I said things that I said things like this 40 years ago and it sounded silly if we ever put in prison, but here in America.

No way yeah well, nobody was paying attention to that silly now and so I mean if you ever put in prison, that you have the Bible many parts that memorize would be greatly to your advantage and to neglect that at this point in your life is to simply I don't seem to be set yourself up for vulnerability. If you're if you depend heavily on the meetings of the churches well and you know in Saudi Arabia. Church meetings are totally illegal and you know in many communist countries, only the most compromised church services permitted legally and in a limited time with his great hostility against Christianity.

Sometimes they representatives hostility against Western civilization, Western culture, which is was built upon Christianity and therefore Christian people are probably going to have to be deprived by the state of many things that we take for granted.

Right now if you don't. This is like if you're Joseph living in Egypt and you knew visually seven years of plenty and then you know there's a seven-year famine, and you didn't store up anything from seven years of famine when you could he be kicking yourself and your starving later that same thing is true spiritually. Now we we may very well have famine on her hands. It says in Amos 11 Amos 811 it says that God will send a famine not of food or drink, but of hearing the words of the Lord. That is to say, hearing the words the Lord will be very hard to do. It says submit will rush here and there, looking for the word of the Lord and it won't be there so that just means that it won't be accessible like it is now, but if you've got in your head if you got it memorized. Then it's accessible, I realize, at age 70. If you have memorized much Scripture, or even if you have it's a lot harder at age 7 is Hartford I'm 67 is harder for me to memorize Scripture that used to be was younger but it but what is hard is not nestling possible and it may be slow going. If you memorize one Bible verse a day. Still, that's over 300 of my year so I'd say the best times of got started, but that was about 50 years ago, but no sense. Waiting another year for preparing because were living in times where we just cannot be guaranteed that will have the resources in the future in it. And if you can't come in a few specialized windows because they want to go to church, then you're more vulnerable than you need to be I don't need to go to church and ordered for my spiritual life this system survive because I've always been a self eater but some people don't self it is and what the pastor for I think those who cannot feed themselves spiritually are going to find them selves at a great disadvantage in our society into immediate future. I hope I'm wrong. I'm not try to be dimmer tonight. Maybe I'm wrong regularly revival me, the whole country turn to God. They visit your church services available than have ever been before, but at the moment that's not the trajectory of our society so I wouldn't count on it. But we should pray for and I do certainly hope that that you you will find some resources. By the way that the other churches are closed other pastors for the most part are still alive and if you find a church and ask her to be in touch with the pastor. You can ask him for suggestions, maybe to be able to visit you or send somebody over to do so. You still have telephones and we still have pastors and and strong Christians who are around there not all rounded up in prison yet so I would suggest you your spiritual life is more important than anything else. So it's the same as kindhearted and is a little difficult to call the pastor little difficult task to disarm and use the unit well earning you do what you value, you know, if you value something you put out the effort. I would suggest that you place a very high value on your spiritual life at this time will thank you very much Mr. Greg and Oakley adventure program thank thank you I appreciate your call very much publishing okay let's talk next to Stephen from Sacramento also to enroll from Sacramento hi Stephen, welcome you doing good question. I'm starting to get more into the word lately because of my own. The bad habit I'm just wondering I heard a couple days ago that God didn't put it. Here, the worry he didn't worry, wondering how get rid of my feeling of worry because I know that that's something that we should be doing something to get well.

I actually have a lecture about the sin of worry and how to avoid doing it and it's based on Matthew chapter 6 Jesus gave direct commands for us not to allow anxiousness or worry to reside in us and and make several important points in that passage one is that worrying doesn't help worrying does not change anything. The things you are worried about are things you can't control, and therefore they will happen when you were about them or not. You never worry about things you can control because of stages.

Make preparations for you see a storm is coming.

So you get your umbrella you not mean you don't worry about the rain if you know it's coming and you know you can do something to stay dry. It's the things you have nothing that you have no control over. You worry about what you get cancer Will there be a war will your children get sick. Those are things you have no control over, and those of the things people want to worry about and I understand it very well and I'm prone to worry too. It's a temptation, but is something that is a temptation to be resisted because it's wrong not Jesus points out first so that worrying is fruitless.

It won't change anything except it might hurt you. He says it won't turn one hair white or black and will change your stature by so much as a cubit, but the truth is, it may hurt you because worry and stress are very bad for people's health. That just doesn't make that point.

He doesn't say it hurt you just says it won't help you that's that's good enough reason not to waste energy on doing so. Another thing he says about it is that tomorrow's problems are for tomorrow not for today. Now what I understand that to me is that let's say let's say you're worried that something could happen to be put out of your house and there's nothing you can do about it because you can go to work.

I mean that's that's a terrible thing happened. And let's just say that you know three weeks from now you're facing that possibility will be put out of your house. Well, if you can make preparations for that time. Do what you can if you can do nothing. You can have just trust God that he narrows and he closed the grass and he's got it and you're worth more to him than many sparrows and much grass so the point here is that you if that's going to happen if indeed you are to be put on your home just taken this is a hypothetical then and if that's nestling to happen. Then you will suffer it when it happens but if you worry about till then you'll suffer about it before it happens to seal suffer twice. The truth is you don't know that the bad things that have that's that's the whole point to worrying can be vain. You can be suffering in vain because your worrying and suffering the pain of something that hasn't happened in which in fact may not happen.

And if it's if it's not going to happen. Then you worried for nothing and you borrow that stress for nothing. If it is going to happen worried about isn't a change although making preparations might say there's a totally different thing between worrying and making preparations back in the time when a lot of people were prepping for Y2K I took in a little bit of food to. I didn't have much money to prepare much but I thought well you never know if the stores can be closed could be.

I mean everyone is found with this this covert thing that for example for a long time. You can get a try. So happen I need to store a little bit up here like Joseph did, storing up grain in the years of plenty, so that have some of the famine or like the ant does according to Proverbs the app stores up in the summer so the point here is that if there's preparation that can be made, then do it. That's not worrying. Sometime some people made preparations for the seared effects of Y2K. Other Christians send them what you should be worrying Jesus said not to worry about the future. We got you. Don't worry, you prepare for the Bible does say twice in Proverbs of the wisemen foresees the evil coming and he prepares himself, but the foolish pass on and are punished so the Bible is not against preparation against things that you foresee happening, but it's against one of them worrying is just fretting the work, worrying is unproductive. Preparation is productive now you know it may be okay.

I I see that I be good to prepare for what to say if the whole all the banks close would be good to have some money or gold or something on had well, but I don't have any money to to do that I can't put anything aside and can't prepare well finding then you've got God and others don't. You help many people prepare who don't have God and they'll lose all the prepared build to lose everything because it and they were trusting God. If you lose everything, but still have God will still be okay. That's what it says in Hebrews, be content with such things as you have because he is said I will never leave you nor forsake you. So when Jesus told the disciples, they were worrying. He said you of little faith. The persons trusting God and knows the promises of God really believes them and is obedient to God knows that the future is not my problem. It's God's problem.

I don't have any control over over most of the things in the future, including the things that would be most disasters happen have no control over that. So at least I know someone who has control not only over circumstances but over my well-being. So you I would say if a person is worried a lot and can't seem to stop when they need to get to know God. To find out who God is. Acquaint themselves with his character and his promises and count on them being true. I remember you and I live by faith and live my faith for 50 years and I I will say that I've read a lot of times I shouldn't send a word and that's what that's us, and I've committed I've five.

At times, worried because my rent was coming up to and I didn't have any money and I had never any visible or predictable source of money have lived by faith.

My only critical sources. God sometime since he's invisible. You know the days coming up to make the payment. There's nothing there.

There's no visible source and you start to worry. Remember, on occasions when I'd be worried about that. Briefly, I would work for very long because I think about Christ. Most my time, but I'm not thinking probably Christlike and worry, and I member my worry was simply banished by remembering the verse that Jesus said your father knows that you have need of these things. That's all you need to know all yeah God is my father and he knows what I need no problem.

That right now summer is a but I might have to lose my house. Okay, maybe you will. If God doesn't want you to lose how she won't, but if he does, are you okay with his will, rather than you that's the issue to the solution to worry is to be resigned to the will of God and trust that he will provide for the life that he wants you to have if you are obedient to him. It's very simple thing everyone can do it the poorest person, the richest person to do it all is harder for the rich and that is obey God and leave the consequences of him and don't worry about it because he's the one who can make things happen and happen. Worrying is thank you alright brother and I appreciate your call Hunter from Alabama. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling it. Thanks so like severe q. week of about moment in the new program for you get your take on the morning view of the priesthood and how that relates to Hebrews in that scripture. There idea priesthood is going on only what you would say that of argumentation is about a Christian being on the earth today. Well first of all, lots and said churches, especially the Catholic Church believes that they have priests that go back to the authorization of the apostles themselves. The Mormon church believes they have another priesthood that started with Joseph Smith when he received the first of all, the Aaronic priesthood and in the know because it priesthood from visitors from heaven.

No one was there to witness that.

So we have take his word on that or doubted. I doubted, but the point is if the Mormons believe that that is true and that they themselves as they do believe will receive both the Aaronic and the mechanism priesthood if they jump to the right hoops is Mormons. All of that seems to be so misguided because there's no there's no mention in the Bible of priests in the church all the church itself is a kingdom of priests, the Bible says of course that we are kings or kingdom of priests, it says in Revelation chapter 5 verse 10 Peter said that we are a holy priesthood, meaning the whole church is a priesthood to the world.

A priest is one who enters themes who intercedes between man and God. A mediator one is that people can't come to God on their own. So they go to the priest and the priest goes to God on their behalf. There is no such dysfunction among human beings today within the body of Christ is no church leaders that are priests for the other church members, but the church itself is a priesthood to the world at large. They can't go to God except through knowing Christ and we are the ones who can let them know Christ and then they can be brought to God. So in a sense the whole church on the planet serves as a priesthood to the rest the world that there is no functioning office of priesthood in in the New Testament church and of course it's not like the New Testament doesn't discuss church leadership does a great deal gives qualifications for leaders and so forth, but always calls them overseers or elders and it never refers to any church leaders are priest Joseph Smith felt that he was restoring the early apostolic Christianity in the 19th century which he felt had been lost since the time of the apostles. Well, we can actually read the apostles and see what they thought it made certainly didn't think anyone had to be a priest unless they were just think of the whole church is present there is no no church leaders in the new test forever. Countries that were apostles and prophets elders and deacons. Things like that but there were no officers called priests so that's amazing. I point where in the Bible to find anyone being a priest except Jesus and all of us together but not certainly, some of us getting a priesthood sets us apart from those who don't have hey I have take a break, but I hope that's helpful listening to the narrow path were not done with it though. We have another half-hour so don't go away this just a short break in which I tell you that we have no commercial breaks.

This is not a commercial break is not selling, and we have no commercial breaks in the whole hour. We just just talk to college.

The whole time, but we do want you know that we do pay bills and relist or support. If you'd like to help us stay on the air. You can write to us or go to our website. The website also has the address.

You can write to which is the narrow I'll be back in 30 seconds again to nearly the path that leads to life into the narrow path. Steve Greg has nothing to me today but everything to give you the radio show is over.

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The narrow path that Steve Greg when the narrow welcome back to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and this announcement. I should've been making all week, but I didn't. I forgot that I can make it today instead last option I can announce tomorrow night I'm going to be I guess live streaming on Facebook as athletes can happen from our Facebook page. The narrow path. Actually it's it's Steve Greg.

The narrow path is the Facebook page of Steve Greg, the narrow path and what is a good bit 6 o'clock, 7 o'clock, 630 you can find information at our website. The narrow under announcements 630. I'm going to be giving a lecture responding to the influence of Bart Herman. Now this is not a debate with Bart Ehrman. He's not showing up as far as I know he be welcome to bots and it certainly not an exhaustive treatment of all his writings.

He's got so much but a response, whose basic propositions and where they are in error and anybody who's read Bart Herman or hurt his lectures on YouTube if you especially kids who are teenagers or whatever, who heard him many times he sounds very persuasive to young people who don't know very much about the Bible or about you know history are things like that.

I and he says a lot of things that are true.

The problem is not that he that everything he says is false. He says many things that I say in terms of the facts about manuscripts and such like that effect if you listen to my authority of Scripture series which is I started giving back in 1982 or something like that.

Many of the facts he gives are in my lectures that go back that long. That's before Bart Herman was on the radar. So I mean he doesn't he doesn't really know any more than almost all Bible scholars have known for my lifetime and that I've been teaching for 40 years or so, but what's different about him is he takes the facts and he seems to twist them to reach a conclusion that is totally unjustified by any thinking person but it was a problem is he's had a lot of advice because we don't have very many thinking people in our culture anymore. They hear him. He can suggest an interpretation of facts, they never thought it through themselves. These facts are new to them and therefore they think his interpretation.

So basically what he thinks is you can't trust the New Testament to tell an accurate story of Jesus. Or at least that's the impression he gives. Ashley doesn't believe that he actually believes the New Testament does tell a generally reliable strategies, but his main point is that we can't trust the Bible to be inspired by God and and so that's kind of the issue. He's undermined the faith and the inspiration of Scripture for many young people and older people to become some older people don't think I'm pretty ignorant about these things to well I'm familiar with the facts and insulators, and since I was in my 20s and he got he learned them in 2020s and in Bible college, I learned them just my own reading recognize my early 20s, but the interesting thing is he somehow is used.

Facts that are not relevant to the question, to suggest that so we can't really know much about Jesus and and and he himself is an agnostic, though he's one of world's most famous New Testament critics talk scholars, so we have to realize that there's scores if not hundreds of New Testament scholars who totally disagree with his conclusions, but to be talking about him and if people have listen to or read Bart Herman. Not sure what to think about things he says well I have listen to them in writing to and I'm I have some things I think we we could say about it might be helpful. That's good to be tomorrow night actually guess it's at 630 live streamed on Facebook and then there's a vehicle Q&A with anyone listening out there on the Senate asked questions on some other meeting with you soon. I don't remember something else videoconferencing okay so let me all the information is at the website.

The narrow under announcements. Okay, that was a long enough announcement to justify be justified by the fact I did saving that all week should have okay Cheryl from Lincoln, California.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for going with what worship like like that during the well some time. Apparently during the time the book of Judges. It was in a place called Shiloh in the time of in the early part of the book of Samuel for sandal instruments angles a child. The Philistines rated Shiloh, and destroyed it and apparently ransacked and maybe even destroyed the tabernacle. If they did, destroyed, then at least it was partially restored. That is to say it was replaced by newer tent material and so forth and it was a place called Nob in the days of David and the priests were serving their malware. Shiloh is over Nob are on. I'm not all that clear. Those are pretty ancient names. The place names in Israel, the tabernacle was first built. Obviously, at Mount Sinai, and it stood there for about a year until his rights began to travel through the wilderness and traveled with them for 39 years, but when they came in the land of Shiloh were apparently first resurrected until the time of the Philistines destroyed play all that Tory festival-like they want really really clean all of it.

Well I don't know I don't I don't know how faithfully they were followed. You know sometimes were not told Israel's history.

When you read it. Sometimes it passes over hundreds of years without telling us very much detail of their worship, but week. For example, we know about their 40 years of wandering in the wilderness that they didn't circumcise their kids but we don't we don't know that until later when they come into the promised land. They circumcise her kids that were told because they didn't do it during the time they wanted wilderness so there's things were not told in the narrative. I it's very possible that during much of that history, Israel was been very slack in the bring of sacrifices, but it's not as if they didn't do it. They were still supposed to, and that the priest we know the priests were offering animal sacrifices on behalf of people because in the days in Shiloh, which are spoken of in the early chapters of first Samuel Eli the priest and his sons were still dealing with sacrifices his sons were abusing sacrifices and taking portions for themselves that were supposed to be theirs so that the Jews did offer sacrifices how faithfully how universally they did is would be were not told but animal sacrifices were in fact practiced at the time all right. Thanks Cheryl Scott from Phoenix, Arizona. Welcome to the narrow path for going on in your mind mind you think that there is possibility of mental or human the human without using whether this is a phenomenon that is found mostly in our Colts practices of clairvoyance and and sometimes fortune-telling. Of course I can be thinking very often is fake but the Bible gives us no reasonably that it is always fake and demons. For example, have been known to two revealed things for example of about the person is try to cast the demon secret things out late they know things. The reason they know things is because they're not confined to the devils kingdom has has a network throughout the world and that and so there's information that's can be available to them that they can let you know so I mean it's it's I don't know that I through my mind can through telepathy transmit thoughts into another person's mind like that but that the devil may may take something Godfather said and carrying putting someone else might I know this is something the Bible never explains, we have to go by possibilities and in what what is not. You know, denied in the Bible, rather than what is affirmed. So I mean I believe that many kinds of paranormal communication can be a reality but I my impression would be this demonic, rather than having any other explanation where only approach God with the angel of God dammit, dating back to your being that one right is not on the present. You think he has, but it will be like Jesus.

When you resurrected something like that while I have no idea. I mean, I don't think I need to know.

I'm not sure what would be free to know I know this, that the devil has a network you know he's got demons all around there's principalities and powers rulers of the darkness of this age and spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places, and I believe they all answered Satan and enter their all around so he's got we could save information gathering network.

He certainly is not like God who is himself omnipresent. Satan is not omnipresent, but we might say that his his agency is omnipresent or almost omnipresent. I mean we we can't see them so we don't know how often we we may be in their presence or how.

If not, but we certainly have reason to believe that they've got a worldwide influence in a worldwide network so for me this is probable that they have means of passing along information from wherever they are to Satan. If it's something that he needs to know for his own benefit, and they are his agents, so I these are just coming. These are questions we can't answer from the Bible but it except to say, however fast, the devil may move. I don't know if he moves faster not. He described himself as walking around to and fro the summit very fast motion, but of course it could be a morbid thing to Satan you don't get behind me Satan, devil you know network. Well, I think it was very probably the devil himself but maybe not because you can speak of what the devil does through his agents as his own doing. Remember in Matthew 12 when they said the Jesus casting out demons by Beelzebub the prince of demons now. He said if Satan is casting out Satan and his kingdom will not stand. Now they had said that Beelzebub the prince of demons was casting out demons and Jesus refer to both of them Satan. If Satan in this case, Beelzebub is casting out Satan, which is reference to the demon serving cast out then it's clear that you could speak of any part of his network as Satan, just as we could say that Saddam Hussein was was captured by George W. Bush while George W. Bush and go looking for. He was right there in Washington DC and that's not worse than I was.

It was found, but forces and troops answering to George W. Bush on a mission of his assignment. They did, and generally speaking, we can say he did that and usually what is done by the military, under certain administration is historically credited that administration so it is possible to speak of anything was going on by Satan's minions under his command is the work of Satan. Okay appreciate your call governorship. Paul from Denver Colorado looking to the neuropathic for calling you. So I was starting Revelation 20 is blessed and holy part in the first resurrection and my analytical Greek Bible and some of the other interlinear groups on the Internet that were as present active and I was wondering how someone who believes that worsens only future would get around degree: well that's that's in the same point in everyone who has a part.

I think they would probably say that now I I'm not one of these people, as you know, but I think people is able to start a future millennium, they would say well we aren't in the first resurrection yet that'll happen when Jesus comes back, but we can be said to have a part in it because we are his children were to reign with Christ you know. So in other words, they would say that even speaking about a future participation could speak of is already possessing the earnest of having a part of you know, you know, I just think that is a way that words could be used even in the present tense. That's not my interpretation of that that's probably what they would say in Christopher Guest's there would say you just curious to start my cell at one time through a short period of time when I first got started I was because of the school shall Bible you know I just thought it was pretty unique versus actually present tense active soulmate were actually having tarred in the first resurrection now I'm laughing when John wrote, that's hardly what we mean by that is the spiritual resurrection in Christ that we have passed from death to life.

Yeah, and when we die. That verse also indicates we go to be with Christ.

Do not you. I believe very going to some type of loan you know straight to the rest did not begin until after the thousand years right so what you're saying is that the doctrine of soul sleep which seizes it where people when people die, their unconscious would be in this case true of those who are not saved but is not a personal issue, but those were save their souls are seen raining with Christ in heaven. In the interim between death, resurrection, yet I could see that very much. Okay appreciate your call. Paul in your thoughts. All right, John from Winters, California.

Welcome to the neuropathic for calling Steve how you doing today fine. Thanks in mind dispensation list and we were taught he was trying to tell me that the temple was long gone before Revelation was written, and so there must be another couple coming while we were debating. I realized this is my question to you is exchange the all the internal evidence in Scripture seems to point to Revelation happening back at that time that it was around the time that was written and when they know you in the reign of Nero before 780 Right Way. Yeah, and my grandma used to try to say that it doesn't seem to be external evidence like church fathers, mostly that truly would, yes, yes, I mean in my book.

Revelation 4 views.

I have a lengthy introduction like I actually do survey the arguments for the early date, and for the late date and that's been my observation.

Also, the, the evidence for the early date seems to be what we call internal evidence stuff that's inside the book itself, though the evidence for the late date appears to be mostly external evidence. That is what people said about on the subject or so in the early church fathers. From Irenaeus onward were saying that this happened in the reign of Domitian. Well that that that early testimony for being written in the government of Domitian, but it's an external test having Irenaeus wasn't there. We have Irenaeus's opinion about it but we don't have we don't have its own statements about that but but the statements. The book itself makes seems to point to the time of Nero. What about in Revelation 17, nine and 10 where he talks about the 17 seems to indicate that while he was writing this King was in power, which was a general right well Nero was young Nero was the fifth Emperor and endeavor right and so if the kings he mentions refers to emperors of Rome and many believe that they do. Then he saying that the fifth Emperor is present. He said there are seven kings.

52856 and for nearly 65 the fallen one now is and one is yet to come. So it's of the six temporary Starbucks and that's Nero so okay now there is a counter to that that the that the late date.

Advocates could use and that is to say, well, it doesn't say emperors and in the use the word kings might not mean emperors sometimes at least in Daniel, the word kings can mean kingdoms so that he be saying that we are living in the time of the sixth kingdom, not Nestor the sixth Emperor. Now if kingdoms would be looking at what really got exit would be looking at Egypt, Syria, babbling media Persia, Greece will be the first five kingdoms are empires and then the sixth one would be the Roman Sophie says the six floor now is he can within the Roman Empire is the sixth kingdom, in which case it wouldn't tell us what it was Nero or Domitian was running at the time so that's that's how I like that person would answer that but but on the other hand, many feel like it's more likely that his target emperors but we don't know so it's it's all it's pretty ambiguous, but the I think that's a I think that's a datum that points more likely to the early date with the fact temple to temple standing in chapter 11 verse one strongly suggest a date before the destruction of the temple, and of course the mark of the beast. The name it fits Nero much more admirably than it fits Domitian or anyone else. That's known to have happened shortly after that time and was missing John. John was quite sure that the perceptive reader in his day could identify the beast from the number he says you are wise. No know it's the number veneer you know and he extracts that readers in his time when his writing would know who you talk up by the number, so it's not aerosol living in the last days clearly because they wouldn't have any way of knowing that and omission doesn't work but but Nero works very well okay will thank you.

I appreciate your answers all right. God bless you John, good talking to you to Greg from Eugene, Oregon. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling my off track. King Rome public toward Julius Caesar in Emperor, yet you have Roman historians usually refer to Julius Caesar's will for Caesar first Emperor yeah there were kings and other out there is Republic and so forth before that we have a Julius Caesar is thought to be the first Emperor, and nearly under the sixth question John and 30 John 1721 through 23 inherent strengths Euclid reaching on indicate the Trinitarian doctrine here last weekend. He was saying that in the salvation required leaving Christ with God and the Nixon sentence. He said he required believing that he is now. John 316 38 first John 55 talks about being on Jesus. So I was wondering if it be something about the church in the 17 John 1721, 23 talks about the church being one with God.

That is, Jesus is on the other person of the Trinity. He was okay. Well, who is due out of Albany I got no hearing.

Oregon church is a pastor. I don't know it's on the radio first about your first love. The Bible does not.

The Bible does not use the word Trinity, but you can put together I think you legitimately put together the doctrine of the Trinity, from what is said about God and about the father about this on the Holy Spirit but I don't think saying in the Bible it would really suggest that the church is somehow part of the Godhead, but he's probably just trying to say that we are an extension of Christ. This we could say because Ephesians chapter 1 and the very last verse of chapter says that are given tips verse 23 that the church is his body, the fullness of him who fills all in all church is Christ body and therefore it's the extension of the fullness of him in the earthly elsewhere in chapter 5 of Ephesians pulses. We are his flesh and his bones and first-rate instructions were members of his body and so forth.

So we are connected to Christ in such a way as to be truly identified with him that that would make us 1/4 part of the Trinity that make us part of the part part of the son of God is the second person so I think that's a careless, careless speaking. Yeah, speaking on the part part of that particular teacher will by definition of John similarities. The one I the father 11 white lead that they are more merciful proclaiming the obligation of other Christians to be more merciful than God.

You mean that God is not as merciful as were required to be if in fact he subjects his enemies to the traditional understanding of hell no, not exactly.

God required here repeatedly. Christians proclaim, including one doll back in his April 2 after midnight. New location of every Christian to create if someone doesn't report well in 313 and Ephesians 430 were supposed to get like I want to get the okay haters of God, one okay well in Luke chapter 17 Jesus does say if your brother sins against you going to rebuke him and if he repents together that's in Luke 17, three. On the other hand, in Mark 11 verse 25 he says when you stand praying, forgive, so there is a forgiving in your heart that you do without rebuking and getting repentance from the person. There is a more formal forgiveness that comes once you have gotten hurt his repents anything with God.

God's heart is favorable toward us forward but he can't forgive us officially and restore us until we have repented, I'm signed out of time. I got on (10 seconds to save the narrow path. Our website is the narrow have a good weekend and let's talk again Monday

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