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The Narrow Path 6/9

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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June 9, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 6/9

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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June 9, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to Arafat's radio broadcast Steve Dragon will live for an hour each week afternoon.

We take your calls.

If you have questions or ask about the Bible of the Christian faith or maybe you see things different than those we want to bring that up.

Feel free to do so I just assume nobody asked many questions today about Mike lives matter about the George Floyd and things like that. Not that I don't want you know I think they've come up if you're interested in knowing my position. Yesterday's program my Fridays program they're available to listen to at my website. The narrow you got the archives of programs several years. Very easy to find and be nice to keep the subject matter on more directly. Typical subjects I say more directly because I'm I don't believe that these subjects are totally unrelated to biblical subjects. Certainly justice is a biblical subject, but I have no more to say about the subject that I've said on the last few programs and people asked me about it and and I find that it is so volatile today because it's all politicized. I find it when I tell the truth or state the facts or give Scripture my state statistics. There is always an element of our listeners, even someone who claim to be Christians who become offended. Even though I said nothing incendiary in itself, it's just that the frankly, the whole subject has become incendiary unless you like your take a knee, and March with the revolution and I am not interested in doing that because I think the revolutions hypocrisy, but I do believe there is such a thing as racism.

I think it's a problem.

I do believe there such thing as police brutality and obviously it's a probe problem no one on this show or frankly any show I've ever heard in the whole world has ever set otherwise and that will it's the extrapolating from that because there is some police brutality all the police are bad and because you know some black lives are threatened by the police that the all black lives or data from all reminisces it. It's of course an irrational response, but generally speaking, the subject is not treated rationally often enough. So if you're interested.

My response feel free to listen to the archives of my program yesterday Friday and I don't think having new to say about today. That's if you're an award finalist programs go to the narrow and look under radio programs and look for the archives and will easily find these programs okay so let's take a moratorium on this volatile subject. Let's talk to Sherry from Detroit Sherry, welcome to the narrow path is for joining us today are you there Sherry studios or volume turned up and I'm not hearing her okay I do know for a problem with the challenger on general hello Sherry hello hi I'm hearing now. Thank you. Yes, go ahead and have a question. I have been told my my Bible high-class that might Bible study teacher manual rooted in the way she responds to some of my questions were in agreement with her, you know, teaching, and just different things that come up and I've sort of been not really worried about it.

I just sort of kinda let it go, but now come to the point where some of the people don't want to take her class. So I'm like you might be taking this class again all some wondering. Biblically, you could tell me what would you pay for someone who is just like the teaching that she uses is the only thing that is correct. If you question it, knowing your yeah I don't have is for teachers like that. I find it there are some teachers and some pastors to that if you question them. Even if you not the least bit hostile.

You just looking for clarity.

Are you looking to ask what they're basing their comments on whatever they take is and that's my mind that's a character defect. It's a matter of arrogance.

It's a matter for thinking I'm the teacher here who are you to question me or else it's just insecurity on the part because they can't defend their position. Now, if a person can't defend her position with her teaching of the Bible then not qualified to teach and live in Washington teach something that they can't tell you why it's right and and that if they if there pretty sure themselves and feel quite secure and they still object the mother objected to is apparently that you would challenge their authority and have the audacity to do so. In either case the person is not qualified to be a spiritual teacher.

They might have some knowledge of the Bible, but you know to me. Bible teaching isn't just transmitting knowledge. Teaching is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And when it's done through the power of the Holy Spirit is done in the spirit of Jesus, and with some gets rude to simply ask question or feels threatened. I think that person just very immature and does not appear to be spiritual so I don't care how much knowledge they have. I'll get my knowledge somewhere else because your teachers and pastors tend to transmit more than knowledge and assumes a per transmit attitude as well and you can see this.

Of course, when you listen to certain Calvinist teachers and and then see how their how their students are certain dispensations, teachers, or frankly even teachers who agree with my theology can do that if they got a bad attitude that's with her listeners will eventually pick up unless they stop listening so again there's more transmitted through teachers than just information and ideally, if a person's spirit filled has gifted teaching of they will bill transmit not only the truth but also the spirit of Christ, so that others are somewhat more filled with the spirit of Christ through their ministry so that would be my thought about such a teachers that I don't think she she's rude and she's and she is threatened when you have questions. She's not.

It's not very mature spiritually and that it would seem like the teachers rude than negative probably transmit rudeness along with the information and you can get good information without the rudeness that so if if some of these people say I might go to her study in order to take a class in your that could be the best thing in the world really directed her like personally.

Of course you could. I mean yeah I mean you should probably speak to privately. If you do it in front of people. She might just meet many people, their pride will get defensive. If the child is in front of a group where as if you could say you have some coffee or have lunch together sometime to tell your concerns. If she still offended that her pride is much worse than I thought. You know sometimes people be more humble one on one than when a child is in front of their followers. You know that's going to do one on one, but I just don't like I don't want to blow that sound like I mean, I realize that I mean sometimes parents don't discipline their children because they don't be mean.

Actually I don't correct somebody if you don't correct somebody who's going the wrong way. That's it away the mean thing because you just basically saying I'll let you go the wrong way for the rest of your career and be less fruitful or less successful and less impactful for the gain of God than you and and and you made maybe never get a better, rather than may be made uncomfortable by having to tell you I think your major mistake.

But you see we need to be capable of telling some of that, we believe the wrong and take the risk of not liking us, and I think one of them hardest things to find right now our people who will say what they think when they disagree with the no majority view and and willing to take the heat for it. But now the whole class. You don't don't come off as a know it all because you're not, you don't know at all either.

I doubt my friend. Think about you all know her and move on and we don't have it now. What if you have sank in the truth in love, and she's resistant to it. You owe nothing more.

You set it you said it, she's heard it.

If she's rejecting it. That's on or not you okay Dominic.

Dr. probably impertinent to one-on-one. I think you should know. Thanks for your insight and all I love you I love your website. Thank you.

Thanks, Sherry God bless you.

Okay were talking next to René from Granite Bay, California René Wilkinson allopathic spelling yes I like my dad. My dad got my will actually never really not that we think it sounds New Age is mean something.

Some of the language might sound like something I don't think the concept is itself New Age, but it is speculative in others.

The Bible really doesn't really doesn't describe the answer to the thing that's been asked there's hardly anything in the Bible about heaven and all is a place where people go, there's there's reference to God being in heaven and into judgments coming down from heaven and angels in heaven, but comes to people in heaven.

There's very few verses of Scripture relevant.

So in other words, God has not really explained that to us so different. Christians of course will have contemplated it and speculated about it and come up with what they think is probably a good idea and they could be more or less right but we would have no scriptural basis for testing because Bob just doesn't answer. I didn't. I do believe that's when we are with God and the new earth that we will have individual identities and so forth and is just absorbed into the one and like like that we New Age. Debbie hinted that we all just become absorbed into the one that's that's totally we will be individuals, but I don't know to what degree the unity that we will have with God will be manifested or realized express that event. There's simply no information about that. I've always just assumed that if God didn't tell me all about heaven that must not be a very important subject for me to consider since almost everything the Bible teaches us about how to live here on earth. I don't think anyone can Bible but but but I would say that the opinion that you heard. Notwithstanding some similarities may sound like it has with New Age think it's particularly New Age, but no one should be able to affirm such a thing, and claim they have biblical authority if they should mention this is strictly speculation, but I think yeah okay thank you and I appreciate talking to you okay Randy from Davis, California.

Welcome to the neuropathic for calling.

I'm hoping you can insight into a man named Diane second Peter and John were only told Wally told him that he loved to have the preeminence that he rejected John and the people that John sent to the church. He did put them out of the church if anyone in the church did receive them. He put them out of church to so is obviously a very authoritarian kind of bad guy leading the church. Apparently, by his own self appointment. It may be that he was a legitimate elder at one point he just went to his head and he simply became a tyrant, but he was not a good guy and he's mentioned only in third John.we actually don't have any reason to believe that his teaching was off. In any definable way. It was more his spirit that was officer like I was talking to someone earlier a leader in the church father giving people's information and not, as it were, imparting the spirit of Christ because they themselves are filled with spirit of Christ and people who expose their ministry become more filled with spirit of Christ. As a result, if that's not the case, then the church no good. In the case of Dr. fees.

John doesn't mention any particular heresy that he was teaching John Wright's first John and second John, it would appear that there are some heresies in to the among the audience that he's writing those letters to along the way of Gnosticism. We know there were plenty of Gnostic kind of influences in the late early church addressed in Scripture, but we are not told the Dr. fees was teaching anything in particular that was bad doctrine is life is as bad you know his his attitude toward leadership and so he yelled.

Jesus said the rulers of the Gentiles seek to have dominion over them, but it shall not be someone you but he that would be chief among you must become a slave of all. So this man was the opposite of the spirit of Christ and his leadership and and he's certainly not love love Dr. fees today, but yet we don't have any information at his doctrine.

That doesn't mean his doctors good, but apparently it wasn't off in such a degree that it overshadowed the wrongness of his attitude toward leadership, so his character was worse than his doctrinal likelihood okay will I appreciate your comment okay and I appreciate your calling ready are Kim from Las Vegas, Nevada. Welcome to the neuropathic for calling. I try to program.

Thank you. You helped out a lot about question that apostolic and that can contain is Saugus you want to. I'm wondering in Scripture where are you going okay well the apostle gift is something somewhat unique that there's quite a lot of other gifts. Also, and there is the doctrine called sensationalism the teaches that all these gifts ceased at the end of the apostolic age of the end of the first century, and therefore that we should not be talking about her, looking for the gifts in the modern church. I don't hold that doctrine. The other view is called continuation is him which is simply to say that not much has really changed since then.

In terms of the availability of the gifts the Holy Spirit gives the spirit are what make the body of Christ function is Eisner's hands and his feet and their noses and what defines them as such as the gifts that they have a decision to remove against the spirit you got no more distinct functions of the body at all and somebody simply is a nonentity so gifts still are you principally assume the apostolic gift I can heal people.

I can catch the game and the kind with no interpreter. I'm not needing to have a difficult time right so you're having questions about the charismatic movement itself and I will say I have problems.

The charismatic movement because the charismatic movement has not disciplined itself by the word of God is as far as I'm concerned, to very large degree, the charismatic movement is as bad as a secessionist movement and neither of them have disciplined themselves by the word of God. Although there are there are charismatics that do. I'm on the charismatic and I stick to display my ministry of the word of God, and I know not charismatics secessionist who disciplined their ministries by the word of God so you know the movement itself can be critiqued on many levels, but individuals in the movement will not be uniform. There are some wonderful charismatic teachers and groups in there some wonderful groups that are not charismatic and leaders were not. But find some bad, some fancy and in both movements, but as far as the gifts are concerned. All I can say is you mentioned the gifts of healing in tongues and whatever prophecy things like that and I have no reason to believe that gifts such as that have ceased for the simple reason the Bible doesn't say they have an a secondary reason is that they don't appear to assist. I'm sure if you go to some churches, it would appear the gifts of ceased because they don't practice them and they don't implement them.

But you know, in many places around the world. The gifts are still very much in evidence, and there's no Scripture to to say that's wrong. In fact the Scripture does say in first Corinthians 17 that the church will lack none of the gifts what's waiting for the revelation of Jesus Christ which I take to be the second coming. So I think that until the second coming, the church will lack any of the gifts. However, I think a lot of times people may think of the gifts that are thinking of working miracles and healings, and speaking in tongues, and prophesied, as if that's what the gifts are what those are.

Those are gifts the Bible clearly lists them among gifts in spirit, but but also the gift of helps the gift of giving the gift of leaving the gift of file showing mercy. These these are also in the same lists with the gifts and therefore I don't think anyone to say there are no people have the gift of giving the gift of serving. I think there's a lot of people those gifts. In fact, what I think is that there's a lot more people who have those gifts.

Then there are who have miraculous gifts or or what whatever you know I think because I don't think we need as many miraculously gifted people as we need people who are support ministries either. Even with their work as helpers or is that with her giving. Let's face it, one dynamic, effective preacher can do a great deal, but he's going to need if he's doing this full time is getting a lot of help financially and otherwise so it could take them in the normal church situation. You could easily have a dozen or more people who have the gift of giving her helps or some of the gift like that for every one that really is decent preacher since I'm not saying that's the right racial incident could easily be so we shouldn't assume and read these gifts that these most sensational cancer gifts are the most frequently encountered ones in my x-rays they are not and I don't have any real everything in the Bible that were times I sometimes it seems to me that people feel they have to pressure speaking behind and specially organized by people speaking in times but nobody's telling anybody what they said yeah well depends on means and some charismatic groups they try to practice the biblical norm, but unfortunately Pentecostal churches throughout of a revival in Los Angeles in the early 20th century where speaking in tongues almost became the trademark of the movement and and they became very enamored with that.

They even went so far as to say that you not filled in spirit. Unless you speak with tongues, and so speaking in tongues in those groups.

Pentecostal groups is like a rite of passage of urinary group if you grew up in that group until you speak in tongues are not a normal Christian to them, but interpreting tongues is not as much emphasized so I think I will say that when somebody speaks in a tongue that no one understand the need to be handling to interpret right okay now, in your opinion, are time unknown language through language of film of some people somewhere can be nonsense yeah well it's every every foreign-language sound like nonsense to someone who doesn't know the language mean if you went to the South African bushmen and heard them click and whistle instead of speak words instantly selling nonsense to you because you don't understand the language and and what you say I dealt understanding at understanding and responding and I can I can determine language. If somebody says something nobody knows what they said and nobody responds to it while you yourself write you yourself just quoted first 2014.

Tumor says that when a person speaks in tongues, no one understands him so you can't really judge whether to language not by whether somebody there understands because Paul said, no one does is in the spirit they speak mysteries and no one understands and there's not speaking to man, but to God then that's why Paul said, you should really do that in the church unless you have an interpretation then someone can understand but he's not assuming that the language is one that will always be one that will be understood in the book of the book of acts. The languages they spoke there appear to be about 15 different languages spoken among the people there and people from those language groups understood what was being said. But, but that was a different kind of phenomenon apparently than what was going on in the church at Corinth because Paul assumed that no one understands between said and but that the Holy Spirit does and that he could interpret it if someone has a gift and I appreciate your insight and mortar could go on and look into and ask you one more question. Okay, only about maybe a minute or less.

Go ahead okay Calvinism whole thing to me. I struggle what I try to listen to both sides, but very effective thing which we read in the Bible as unforgivable sin to me. That kind of makes Calvinism nonsensical.

You know like actually. Well, I don't believe so. I think it's nonsensical to his interest in a thorough treatment of that at my website. The narrow you will find a series of lectures called God's sovereignty and man's salvation Rye analyze, is currently defined. I said I don't think something in any case, I can't really get into it now so I'm going to have to take a break, but I appreciate your call and I did take a break here we have another half-hour coming up folks so don't go away.

We will be taking calls after this the narrow way is listener supported. Our website is the narrow back in 30 seconds for mortals. The book of Hebrews tells us, do not forget to do good and to share with others and share the narrow show is one and then they can learn and enjoy your teaching articles verse diverse teaching archives of all the narrow path radio show and be sure to tell them to tune into the show here on the radio chairlift and do good luck back to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Greg and we are taking phone calls today as we usually do right now are lines are full but there may be a line open up before the half hours done and if you'd like to try to access that you'll need this number is 844-484-5737 our next caller today is Rodney from Detroit, Michigan Rodney, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling my call about the regathering of Israel and the latter in the latter days in the Old Testament is a lot of scriptures like to match them out obviously but there's a lot of scriptures that talk about that God and in the latter years of like at the second coming wall will regather his people in the nation of Israel, like from all nations under a lot of people that believe that these prophecies of the Old Testament are talking about maybe the Babylonian return order like another return, but my question is, how come people would believe that when many of the scriptures in the Old Testament, especially in Isaiah 66 like the last 10 verses say that God specifically what we call them from every nation, and even less the nations and God said that he would bring him back to the land and that he was he would not hide his face from them anymore. And after he would require all the nations to the common worship in Jerusalem and keep the feast of Tabernacles. Obviously a lot of those details did not happen in the Babylonian return. So why would people believe that that would be talking about anything other than at the second coming, please come to the question because I'm one of those people who believes it's fulfilled in the Babylonian exile. Why does it say you gather them from all the nations to which I scattered them all because I even left the nations to the like. In Isaiah 60 fact that I sent about which which nations is a list I do not know. He is a descriptive glasslike in Isaiah highly moderate and not actually modern nations are asked nations that are now extinct nations that were listed as something other believe we know through studying. I believe it looks like nations in Africa and like turkey, unlike in other European nations which you see under a different name C specifically listed nations at least when we read of nations in the Old Testament.

It's not referring to political nations for ethnicities Fritz or for example the Edomites. The lights lived in months here for a long time.

Then they went into captivity and then a lot of lived in southern Judah, they were still Edomites it didn't really matter where they live there. Whatever it's it's not geography that identifies nations in the Bible, even Israel when they're taken in battle and still Israel. That's the ethnicity of the word nations. And though in Hebrew is ethnically I'm sorry that's the Greek it said going gleam is a term for the Gentiles, which is an ethnic designation in the Greek New Testament it's F Neu which is also an ethnic we get our word ethnic from so nations in the Bible.

Generally speaking, are not speaking of geography. So if we say well. These nations are mentioned that they either extinct nations and others know people of those races anymore, but there are new names for those nations. Welders known as new names of those territories and if I was interested in territories that be one thing, but is talk about Gentiles in the Bible, especially in prophecy.

A lot of times the prophets simply name a bunch of nations that that represent the Gentiles out there.

And they simply represent the Gentiles of any.

So listing a bunch of known Gentile nations at the time to the readers is simply way of saying Gentiles a lot of Gentiles loss places in Babylon right thing is recalling them, recalling him from all nations in the list of other group in a matter Mark, you need to be mark when it was what really happened. If you read Jeremiah 20 talks. You said I know you I know you I know I know and speak with when you look at Jeremiah he's talking to the exiles in some cases, who have been taken in Babylon.

He talks about all the nations to which God has driven them now, they've been in the very part of the Babylonian empire. But there's a lot of nations in the Babylonian empire and therefore the Jews were dispersed among many nations, which are all under the Babylonian king or emperor. So when the Babylonian exile is spoken of the prophet Jeremiah speaks of the people as have been driven to every nation meeting and enlist those nations that rendered Ballin empire. Now I don't see a reason why Isaiah should speak differently than Jeremiah on the subject. Special is the same terminology about something completely deaf and you can read it yourself and see you.

I have a few times well that is your opinion okay in my thank you very much. Thank you. Good talking all right we'll talk next to be Brandon from looks like Washington-Washington state Brandon. Welcome to the narrow path went out and bought a handgun the other day. I'm on the 10 day waiting in my little about it. I have a firearm. I don't think he looked back and he you know like the only time he rang when they're not interested though. I don't want to let your thoughts were on goal. You can do that this there's nothing moral or immoral about owning a firearm firearms can can have lots of purposes they can use for self-defense. It's true, or they can be used for target shooting, which is a sporting thing they can be used for hunting. There's always firearms can be used legitimately. Some Christians feel that self-defense is is not Christian and I don't know any verse in the Bible it says so.

Certainly if they use the verse from the sermon on the mount. Deftly misapplying them as far as what Jesus is teaching but at the same time, we should love our enemies and therefore I always have felt like to be almost impossible for me in a life-and-death situation to body who is my enemy. On the other hand, situations are somewhat complex.

If I was defending a group of people say my wife and children, or somebody else's wife and children from a bunch of thugs. The question becomes, am I supposed to love the plug more than I love their innocent victims and Jesus didn't address that directly partly because I don't think it was ever a controversy question. Jesus said if a man strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other cheek okay in that case is just between you and another person and it doesn't appear to be the lethal situation potentially. So that's one thing but he never address a question for you should defend your family and I think because there's a well-known universal ethic that a man should defend his family and I don't think Jesus ever questioned. On the other hand, the defense of your family. It is a great tragedy. If you have to resort to lethal or deadly force to defend them. That would be something to any Christian who wish to avoid if possible. But if it's a matter of the life of your children. The life of your neighbor's children life of your wife or your neighbor's wife or someone else your neighbor or the life of the thug who happens to be because he's putting his life in danger. He's doing something worthy of death is committed a capital crime so I would say if I were in the position to stop a capital crime at the expense of killing the person who's doing something that the boxes are worthy of death.

I'd hate to make the mistake of saying well I don't think I should intervene a let these innocent people die and let him walk when in fact I am called not only of the a believer in Jesus and be a loving person. I'm supposed also be a person passionate about justice and I think that does Miller got shoot criminals.

That's the job, but at the same time, the police aren't always present so I don't know III can. I cannot imagine myself you lethally killing somebody else know how bad they were because I don't hate them and I would never hit anybody and however to tell you the truth, owning a gun. If that's ill let you know if that's immoral, then owning a baseball bat would be immoral to because if someone invades your home base. What you're likely to defend your family that we want to be killed with baseball bat. So I think a gun could be used in a nonlethal way to, it's much more difficult. Probably there are fortunately in our day.

What they call Leslie for our nonlethal forms of defensive pepper spray those kinds of things that are not always effective but need our guns. I would feel much more comfortable to some is my house to confront them with a Taser or pepper spray, something would not harm them and just stop them and they lived to tell the tale. And I don't want to kill anybody but the fact that I don't want to kill anyway doesn't mean it's that it's not justified or even called for insert situation I man falling on that it okay were talk next to Dominic from Massachusetts hi Dominic, welcome to the narrow path. I actually like reading so I can put before taxes and with the coronavirus and everything my brother-in-law's church be tied to that church was telling him he cannot believe that the New Testament says you don't have you tried what you believe. I bet I would also like to do it to church like if you wanted to do it to a charity or like Gollum your show but I would think that typing to a charity show would be more but not at I well that's that is how I think most churches teach it. We often teach that you owe 10% to your own church and then you can be generous with charities or radio ministries or prison ministries, which are missionaries or whatever beyond your tithe and they call that offerings a day. Put in a different category than Todd so I'm and I'm inclined to believe what your friend or brother. I remember was running I see in his own way that the New Testament never mentions tithing, there's not anything in the entirety of Scripture talks are giving your church 10%.

It does say in the Bible that if you're taught in the word you should share financially with those who teach and and your pastor, presumably, is teaching.

If he's not teaching you should probably find another church that is assume your pastor is teaching venue for you to support that man or whoever is teaching you would be you know all that's really commanded. It doesn't say it has been a pastor of a church that you support, and in many cases, some people don't gets fed by the triplicate fit elsewhere, but the thing is, you're giving to God not giving to an organization you have to realize that the church you attend is an organization they might call themselves the body of Christ, but have to admit there's 100 other churches in the same town that all columns of the body of Christ and truly all true Christians are the body of Christ, but if you're giving 10% to God, and I don't believe that this required I actually think most of us get more but if you're giving to God. God is equated with your organization you attend on Sunday morning. Why not get one of the other organizations in your town.

When I go to if you got one church but you know that the needs are greater in a different church when I give you time to them. It's a body of Christ is one body then the needs of all are the concerns of also mean if I was going to, for example, a rich church regularly, but I knew that another church in town. I don't attend is a good church but is very needy.

I feel better by giving to them.

I give something to the church I go to because I don't like to receive teaching without you responding with some gimmick that I I'd probably give less to the church that doesn't seem to need it as much that I would get to morning, but again I don't the 10% matter is not a distinction in the New Testament in giving its hive and giving often because there's no tithing mentioned in the New Testament as a duty of Christians and so giving growing I was doing anything, let them like some point when I'm financially I don't like that is why I give you one church or another church would begin offering what would be considered at time, I would not let me recommend you that my website the narrow article there's a tab.

This is topical articles. I have an article I wrote about tithing you can read seem to think about it. But, again, to put it briefly, tithing literally means giving 10% of her tithe means 1/10 of an old word for 10th so giving 1/10 is not commanded in the New Testament neither to the church anywhere else. But I agree with you. In most cases, especially in America. Most of us can give more than 10% and 10% is not even standard to measure by I would have to be in grinding poverty to give less than 10% and I've been in poverty before I was. Then I get 20% so I'm not really in poverty now, so I don't limit 20% here.

So the point here is that 10% is not a New Testament standard forgiving at all to the church anywhere else. Nor is the local church. The place that has that has first priority on giving.

Again, if you benefit from ministry of the church. You should give something back but you might give less back to them if their needs are not great. Then you get to some other part of the body of Christ which is the same body but with the needs actually greater so it would be that be my way of looking at things and and practicing them. So again, if you read my article on tithing at the website it will, it will address the subject very biblically appreciate your call.

Let's talk to Dennis from Hillsboro, Oregon Dennis, welcome to the neural pathways for calling all not very well but I can hear you now. Yes, again, thank you okay I would recommend that explain over and over, and then you explain what you remember what I the other. You basically know what the pre-trip you believe explain that to me yet. I certainly do because I taught myself. It is the nature of the way I prefer to teach that I don't teach without a lot of scriptural support boxes I can find you know. So for the first eight years my ministry for six or seven years anyway.

I was teaching the pretrip action I had a lot of scriptures I used it was just as I grew and read the Bible more realize that the Scriptures are used in science.

There were no star in fact out today having visitation over 50 years of the Bible. I can say I know of no verse in the Bible teaches a pretrip rapture. I thought there were about 2019 or 20.

I had in my list. I used to use my belief that, but of course you learn a lot when you teach to the Bible verse by verse. Many many times as I had occasion to do and begin to see these verses in the context rather than just as proof text that you left out as a argument that polemic for something when you begin to look at the passages in the context I saw one after another, just were not saying what I'm saying with them so I mean but but as far as understand both sides. I understand what you mean here one side it sounds good and here's how that sounds good to or not. I'm confused. I one resource I can recommend to his mild lectures on the subject because I get both sides. I give the arguments for both sides. In fact I have an entire lecture where I defend the pretrip rapture.

Even I don't believe I actually say this is what I used to teach. Here's how I taught it, and I give.

I think the most convincing argument for pretrip rapture that anyone can give because I've always been fairly convincing in my teaching I give the same way as when I taught that Dr. I don't think a five minute pretrip pastors who can defend it better but it you'll find it at my own website. The narrow If you go to the topical lectures there's a series called when shall these things be. Now there's two or three lectures on the rapture but one of them defends the pretrip rapture, even though it's not my view anymore and then the other lectures go ahead and look at those arguments again and show why they are not persuasive more than an accurate and so if you want to hear both sides.

My my lectures on the subject would be the only verse resource I know that would give them both sides. He argued convincingly both ways. And again that's at my website. The narrow go to the tablets is topical lectures find the series is called when shall these things be, and you see the label.

The lecture titles on the rapture and so forth. So that's what I would recommend if you'd like to see both sides of the same time and understand them both very well. Talk to Lori from Las Vegas next hi Lori, good to hear from ICANN is a bit of an echo, but it's not hard to go ahead could be yes and earn money from government programs and Jack and then address, Social Security and my thing is I addressed her call with the Roman and he had to pay.

Right here on the ship. He exercises) and shifters taxes are taxes containing the social security, something that we will I disagree in principle with many of the government economic policies that we live under. Some of them are not voluntary payments to Social Security when it was for status was said to be voluntary and they would never be mandatory, but as with all with all things government. You can't expect them to tell the truth and so now it's mandatory, so you paid into Social Security. All my life I would've rather not not receiving Social Security. I don't care I could live without it. I've never ended on the government for anything that they send it to me in you know if I guess if they don't send me to send it to somebody else probably set up the plan. It also. Same thing with the government's you know what would become stimulus checks they sent recently. I didn't think those I don't eat dimming wanted to say I truly did not want to but it showed up in my bank account and send it back to them something get to Planned Parenthood I mailed this is okay if you want to give it to me.

I'd rather you didn't because I don't like to receive things when you receive things the government you're beholden to the government in ways that you would not otherwise be a positive shebang.

Taxes. But he said we should pay taxes the government because they provide services that God has ordained them to provide namely criminal defense and national security because of things Paul said the government has ordained by God. 47. Therefore, since we do these things pay the taxes of energy paying the salaries of those who are providing safety which God ordained them to do when it comes to the government providing healthcare and education you all kinds of other services. I don't I wish they wouldn't frankly and that that comes in my taxes to.

I believe that if I pay my taxes. The government's Answer to God for how much they waste and how much they deserve it, but Paul did say we should page taxes. Although he did he did not suggest that the government has any right to do a whole bunch of things. Argument does now if I wouldn't. I don't think that welfare should ever be necessary, but it is it would not be necessary if a several things. If everyone who who could work did work for civil be if those who could not work would be supported somewhat by their families and see if those who could not work and cannot be supported families were supported by the church or voluntary charities.

I really think that these three things would which is normal and has been normal in society forever until modern times would rendered unnecessary if if people were first first had to check go to their families for support and the families could decide what they want support them without working or when they think they should be working in the pressure the government doesn't put any pressure on them in that area so they just sent him a check in with the delays in some cases, of course, not everyone will first lazy mom saying those who could work should those who cannot should first will be supported by their families and those who cannot be supported families should be supported by charities and by the church and things like that, which are voluntary. Certainly the last resort would be if there is none of these things available, then maybe you know maybe the government should help them out. I don't think anyone should be left to starve if they're doing the best they can, but I think that welfare only becomes necessary when the actual safety nets of society like employment and family and church and voluntary charities are are not doing were there to be doing our meeting and Social Security list, and shall pay into it and no earlier pain into Social Security supposedly is like putting money aside for your retirement. If it was privatized. I think be far better because it is a business been involved but they are involved with them and it's mandatory just spent to put money into it. So there's I can't think of any reason why if you're putting your money into a mandatory savings account that you can't get it out when when it's duty.

I don't like the fact that the government involved in all should be entirely privatized and and so forth. But the government you know it always wants to control everything and in course it it lied because there's no money in the Social Security account. They claimed that it would not be touched for other things but Susan got their start stealing it from the programs that week.

They couldn't get us to vote for.

I guess so it's been corrupt about this since before you and I were born and they took our money. I think there is no reason not receiving charity from the government getting what you know that the right amount of time. Appreciate your call – and listening to the narrow path radio broadcast my name Steve Greg and we are like Monday through Friday doing the same thing taking phone calls for an hour every week afternoon. We are listener supported. If you like help us pay for the radio time. We don't have any sponsors or commercial breaks. So you might want to consider that you can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 go to our website. The narrow thanks for joining us. Let's talk again tomorrow

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