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The Narrow Path 6/8

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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June 8, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 6/8

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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June 8, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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Right now we have Richard from seal Beach wanting to talk so let's talk to him original. Welcome to Prof. Dolly.

Good morning. What the Bible say about allowing immigrants into your country and should we help support of and I will hang out politically on the radio.

All right, well, instructions God gave Israel about immigrants as a base to receive them and that they should not miss treat them if somebody wanted to dwell among them there to be circumcised and keep the Passover and things like that become a proselyte, in which case they would be like a native of the land the Bible so one of the reasons are one of the incentives got them to be kind to her refugees and immigrants that Israel had spent time on slaves in Egypt and therefore they knew the heart of a slave into the heart of a stranger over foreigners so having this is compassion on foreigners. Her was something that would only make sense to him and foreigners knew what it's like to live in someone else is land after God said so.

We should have a welcoming attitude.

If people came pouring into their land.

In large numbers are not converting to Judaism.

They might've had to do something to to control the influx, but in general they were supposed to be welcoming of strangers and treat them well in the land of course. Perhaps we have to ask, how might that apply to our own country and it's hard to say how that particular teaching replies her own country since his was a religious nation and people who came were expected to live under their religion and that being so, it's different than our nation.

We don't require people live in our religion, but perhaps becoming an Israelite, and being circumcised, and so forth was maybe comparable to becoming a citizen or at least a legal resident under the laws of the of the space here so it should be the case that we should welcome immigrants.

I think our country always has. I forget how many immigrants a year. I think a few million immigrants a year come legally to this country so we've always been a welcoming nation of immigrants. In fact, anyone who would listen to my voice is not a Native American is and immigrants are if you go back for generations are your ancestors were immigrants so we can be very thankful that this nation has allowed immigration if the current problem with illegal immigrants is what is so behind the question.

I'm not really sure what to do about those situations, I mean I'm not a governing official article how to process people who are allegedly known refugees from from bad situations in their own countries.

I think every nation has to have some kind of a system for integrating those people into our society.

And I think we do have such a system. I don't know if it's of just one. I don't know if it's too slow. I don't really know very much about it because I've never have been preprocessed myself but I do think there is such a thing as having certain control over immigration. Otherwise you can simply be flooded and your culture can be totally immersed in.

In other cultures that are not agreeable with with the cultivation that was something. It would be. It would've been a concern in Israel to the Philistines. For example, to just all started coming en masse to live among the Israelites and their villages are not converting to Judaism that would've been a problem and that in fact God didn't even allow the Canaanites to dwell among the very reason God wanted to maintain the specific ultimate God-given them through his laws.

All right, so I think I really suggest my apologies that you had to listen to a recorded answer to this point on live now and I'm really taking calls but I have to say and I'm recording. I'm not recording on broadcasting remotely. I'm not at my regular studio and I have my remote equipment and I was at one point, just before the show equally just died.

It's maybe getting old McGrath replace. I'm not sure but I I don't know if it's good.again so II just at this point were doing the show live as usual, but if my equipment fails will have to go back to a prerecorded show and I'm hoping that won't be the case. We have but you're listening to the narrow path. My name is Steve Greg and that we have all our lives full. If you want to call during the course of program and word and were still connected.

You can call me here at 844-484-5737 first color today is Carol from our feral from Long Beach, California, low welcome to the narrow path welcomed. I'm sorry to recall the question but on chapter 41.

I'm not sure which night. Between 19 to 21 in your opinion, what you say without is the that is better Dragon Dragon today you talking about the Leviathan which is chapter 40 is not believes in chapter 4 and I was 41. You're right it is 41 yeah the whole chapter 41 sold like Dragon Dragon fire. A lot of times what you're saying is that something is more okay meant to be. Yes. Well let me just say the that the passage is politico all all of the book of Job is written in poetry, except for the opening two chapters and the last part of chapter 42, which are written in prose but the rest of the entire book, including the part roustabout is in poetry, which means we might expect to find some metaphors and some hyperbole, and so forth. As you doing portraits not being completely literal. However, we have to say well to what degree is it literal. It certainly corresponds with something in reality. And this is at the end of a section of several chapters were God is speaking to Job and pointing out to him. Some of the marvels of creation. He talks about the of the stars and the planets and you know the astronomical phenomena, and they*animals and some of the animals he talks about are the wild donkeys and the ostriches send along the Eagles and in certain other animals that he talks about and any begins in chapter 39 to talk about something called the humus and then chapter 7, 740 is behemoth in chapter 41 he talks about Leviathan now. I will say that when he describes horses, wild horses would describes Eagles and things like that. It is a poetic description. Not everything he says out horses and eagles is literal.

Although to say something literal doesn't mean it's meaningless just means that it's observing something that is true, and maybe putting a poetic spin on it. You're exaggerating a little bit. That's what poetry does. That's what we were familiar with poetry and that's what this is so you know I think that when you come to behemoth and Leviathan. There may be a measure of poetic license that's been taken when it says it Leviathan breathes out sparks of fire, it does sound like, especially since the whole description is that of a reptilian creature with scales and with sharp teeth all around straws, and almost all food. Almost all commentators will say that they think that's a target of the crocodile, though I think many of us feel that it would not really represent crocodile very well and that it seems more like a dragon or a dinosaur of some kind. Likewise behemoth in the previous chapter, it doesn't really fit the description of any animal. We know now, even allowing for a little bit of hyperbole here there. For example, target behemoth it says he drinks up the whole river and all the hills you provide a meal for him and I mean obviously it's exaggerating his appetite and then on how big help draft water you drink it only says he moves his tail like a cedar tree, although of course that's poetic to it would rule out certain animals that that many commentators want to associate with the him flight the hippopotamus of elephant which they sometimes behemoth is well behemoth you know had to have a very large tail or you wouldn't even by way of exaggeration you and say he moves it like a cedar tree. You might say if it's a hippopotamus or an elephant. You might say moves like a whip or something like that or flyswatter, but not not like a tree, so I think that when you look at the thing you say okay there is some poetic language here there is some exaggeration of some things, but we have to say that certain things are everything that is said must have some connection with truth. It's just a poetic description of it and to say that behemoth moves his tail like a cedar would have no connection with truth of it I got an elephant or hip or something like that. Now about the Dragon or whatever it is, it does say that no human being would dare to hunt Leviathan it says that's arrows that are shot at it would would be would bounce off it scales like they were rotten straw you know from frankly, in many respects, it does look like a description of a crocodile, but those things I just mentioned are not true crocodiles that you cannot think their skin can be penetrated with an arrow or knife or not invulnerable to weapons and then of course the matter of the sparks flying out of its nostrils and fire coming out is hard to know what that's about it. It does sound like a firebreathing dragon and therefore some people think that now were target a mythological creature, but that doesn't make enough love since the context because it simply, at the tail end of a number of creatures, including horses and eagles and ostriches that are not mythological wild oxen and so it looks like God is pouring out or drawing Job's attention to certain animals with which Job is familiar and that would include apparently behemoth and Leviathan so it's describing something that was alive in his time, but both behemoth and Leviathan do seem that.

Well, it just seems that they must be dinosaurs or something because they may seem extreme first written book of the Bible that that also use imagination well yeah I doesn't seem like it doesn't seem like these creatures are figments of the imagination because they are included with very normal animals were familiar with, but now I don't know what existed back in the days of Job. I have no reason to insist that dinosaurs didn't. How do we know they didn't their mind and very few of them, but we don't know that they did exist anyone sums as well.

Dinosaurs all died off 70 million years ago. Well that's based on the idea that we haven't found any dinosaur bones that we reckon to be any newer than that. Although our dating systems are not flawless, and so even the bones we have found might not be quite as old as some people think and there have been many things in history and artifacts of ancient societies that indicate that they saw dinosaurs. There is there's temples in the jungles of ancient peoples who have carvings of various kinds of animals, jungle animals, mostly on their pillars and and you can see them online. If you look them up.

There's a very clear depiction of Stegosaurus on them, along with other jungle animals that are modern animals so these are very ancient people who carve these in Mexico. They got a whole bunch of figurines of lots of different kinds of animals, including what appear to be some Stegosaurus of figurines to protect Michael. All right, so I think it probably is a dinosaur something like that. All right, I appreciate your call. Okay Scott from Phoenix, Arizona.

Welcome to the narrow path.

Things are going. I think that it like that. It could be because cobras cobras shoot venom at their enemies and if there were giant reptiles in the past who had similar abilities to that which modern reptiles sometimes have no incentive spits venom or some stinging acidic you know substance or something might be politically described sparks of fire coming out of I don't mean II really I wasn't there but reading it intelligently, which I think we should do.

It does seem like there's some kind of creature that we are not sinners today that was still around Job standard did apparently project something from it that that burned my noggin little fine. You probably told us something else in the even how God had commanded Adam that not not talked about eight in about the and the back. She came didn't change because Paul meeting got made when God made man and woman he had a certain family order in mind. You see it in the Old Testament is in the New Testament.

You see, before Jesus came soon after Jesus came that there is no evidence that whatever change because it's the order of creation and creation still is here. I mean, God has made it so that you carnivores eat certain kinds of animals that hasn't changed. That's just the way it's that's how creation is not all things are bad though, and creation. Some things are good are being challenged in modern society and to say that God made structured home where the husband nurtures and cherishes and protects the wife and where she fits in with his plans and cooperates with him. That doesn't mean some women today think that's a really bad idea. I'm not really sure what they have today.

That's better. We don't really have any marriages that last as much as as they did in the old days, and I think maybe because they're less happy now under the new system. You know, if we follow God's ways maybe people would be happier.

I think they would because they be living the way they are made to be, but were I think we have a cult of modern where people want to be modern and everything and make me almost afraid to be old-fashioned, but not be up to speed with the current suicidal thinking and that's when things are is hurting us at this very moment. I think I mean two months ago. No one in their right mind would ever suggest defunding the police of the city of it just would; absurdity and look how quickly that's changed course. I think sensible people still know that's a bad idea but think of how many people who never would've thought it was a good idea are chanting that now just people are sheepish and in the often think that whatever is modern what is the newest thing is what you get on board with even if it doesn't make any sense in terms of historic norms, even those I go back to the Garden of Eden. So you know if if Eve had been submitted to Adam rather than the other way around.

Things might've turned out differently. We don't know how they would find out that they we know they turn out badly as it was and and Paul actually uses the Adam and Eve story in first Timothy chapter 2.

When is giving instructions about family order. Is this the way God made so yeah I do think that you know that the enemy stories relevant to the whole issue of wives and husbands in the relationships will talk next award from Eugene, Oregon Ward, welcome to the now path. Thanks for calling you. Hi John the climbing over the wall and later Jesus is the good Shepherd and that's pretty easy for me to understand I do not know the thieves that came before, who ran when the wolf came and all that good of those well. He doesn't identify them. He says all that came before me were thieves and robbers.

I would assume that that would mean those who represented themselves falsely as the shepherds of God's flock that would be in Jesus day the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin in the leaders of the country they were in the Old Testament, the leaders of Israel were usually called the shepherds, but sometimes are scolded like in Ezekiel 34 for being terrible shepherds more like more like thieves more like abusers of the sheep. Then like shepherds and surgeries on the good Shepherd those others who came before they were they were not good shepherds they were thieves and robbers, and so that's what I think he saying that could be their political leaders. You could be there spiritual leaders because both were referred to shepherds in the Old Testament. David was called Shepherd of Israel. He was more politically religious, so those who lead the flock are the ones who are at least posing as shepherds and he saying the ones who run away when the danger comes once won't lay down their lives for the sheep that are good shepherds or thieves arrived just in it for themselves what he thinks is the good Shepherd lay down his life for the sheep and others he's committed to them is committed to them in his sacrificial he's not is not there to fleece them is not there to abuse them for his own pleasure.

He's there to do them good. And that's the that's what I think you say about thieves so you know anyone who does not come in his way is, and who doesn't come through the door and he said I am the door of the sheepfold so I certainly doesn't come through him any leader of Israel that rejects Jesus. In other words, is a poser as it is a false Shepherd.

I believe it's what he saying okay you will be those people you just mentioned in that I thought of to thank you okay got my sugar talking work KR next caller is Bruce from Sacramento, California Bruce, welcome to the neuropathic for calling you capital and I went down there started preaching about your how, what, how perfect they were appropriately work out from there relied on work clinking the temple and he with original revelation people straight women trip relapse mean leaders have no revelation of the people cast off restraint silly. Was it the appropriate response that his sister Brooks glorified card which you are being destroyed. Well, that's just not a very intelligent way to talk about the Bible when the Bible says where there is no vision the people perish. This is often quoted out of context to suggest that you know you need to follow your pastor's vision or something like that but actually what Solomon means by that is where there's no where people are don't have God's revealed will. Their unrestrained's revealed will is what restrains that now we have his revealed will in the Bible, but the nation as a whole is rejecting the Bible or at least a large portion of it is and if you reject the Bible you don't have any revelation from God so you do cast off restraint that doesn't justify it doesn't mean that's a good thing to say we should get rid of our history books because they glorify people who have slavery well your draft associates or get rid of all history prior to the Civil War because we won't have any human history.

Because every society had slaves from the very beginning of human societies and you know Mesopotamia or Egypt or anywhere you want to name Babel media Persia, Greece, Rome they all have slaves and in many societies still do, but only a few societies have denounced slavery.

Thankfully and those are generally speaking, the societies that were influenced by Christianity because Christianity is the only religion I guess Judaism trooper to a certain extent that basically life and that means it shouldn't really abuse some group like like slaves so slavery was abolished in America and a few European countries because of Christian influence, but if were going to say we can't can't have any history about people who had slaves. That means we can't have. We have to just expunge all human history until the 1800s, and I'm sure that a lot of totalitarians would like to do that because then you know you just if people don't know the history, there doomed to repeat it. That's a famous statement obscured by Santana and the Carlos Santana but another Santana.

But the point is, things that are being suggested now are simply making the protesters who are the people were advocating them seem less and less rational way.

Let's face it, we know there's always been police brutality. A lot of that's been directed to Blacks but I mean before we before we just decided that's racist. We assume that the police are called in when there are criminal things going on. Yeah, both whites and Blacks and Asians and Hispanics have suffered injustice from placement of various kinds. Sometimes the police have arrested people were innocent sometimes they just bully people for no good reason, but I would imagine over 90% of the time police and citizens don't have any contact with each other all in less the policeman called because or something suspicious or criminal going on and if that is so, then you need them because there's always suspicious and criminal things going on and yet we've known about police brutality. It certainly is only to Blacks, it still it's kind of across the board. That's only by a small number policeman, relatively speaking, so I think Kayla has nothing to our country, but sure I will. But I have to take a take a break here and I come back from the break and I'll talk about the money changers and Jesus claims in the temple so put on hold hold you through the bright all right all right you're listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. We are taking a break that will be have another half-hour coming up. Don't go away. We are listener supported ministry if you'd like to help us down there.

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Greg back to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg and we are live for another half-hour still taking calls from you are listener's and the number to call is 844-484-5737 that's 844-484-5737 we were talking before a break to Bruce from Sacramento, California, and he had asked that he went to the prayer gathering of the capital income of California. I guess yesterday and some preachers or someone was saying that it's good to have you know what's going on, the social disruption so forth because Jesus cast the moneychangers out of the temple and okay and how what I think that that connection. Why don't you guys a connection all Jesus was casting moneychangers out of his father's house. They weren't supposed to be there. Okay there was not supposed to be business been done. I just don't make my father's house house emerged as it's as if I would come home from day and if I was living with my parents. Let us say or my parents had left me in charge of the house.

They were there and I found a bunch of people abusing the premises. I just thrown out because it's not their place is mine and my parents place after Jesus during his cleansing his father's house as is as God's agent because it was God's house.

It was not the moneychangers house now. It also okay, let's when somebody goes out and throws rocks through the windows of business that probably is not their father's business or their own business. If they want to do it through windows to their own business. I can say they shouldn't but to destroy other people's property, who are legitimately where they should be something legitimately running a business on a certain street for years and years and they own it outright in its order still painted often, it's legally there's an some stranger comes up and just breaks the window salutes and so forth.

How would that have any relevance to Jesus cleansing the temple is not even I can't think of one point of comparison. Can you my country cleansing it from what from the abuses and you will view your claims by abuse by anything we can't get attention but that isn't true. There's been abuses that been publicized many times in fact there's been a lot of changes in the society and the civil rights movement brought a lot of abuse slides and yet there were some violent people, but it wasn't violent it was Martin Luther King who is totally nonviolent, who who really made the most change to say that you can only get attention by breaking windows is a simply a way of saying I'm angry and people are paying attention to me yet that's all make them pay attention to me. Well there's lots of ways to get attention, committing crimes and destroying a few probably is not a legitimate one.

It never has been. I mean if you were trying to get some girl to notice you in your single guy and she's she's not answering her phone calls.

If you go throw bricks through her window. That's not really a proper response of getting attention and frankly the people whose properties being damaged probably have nothing to do with the problems that they're complaining about effects on the business are owned by black people who the protests are allegedly concerned about some of our current owned by white or Asian or Hispanic people, but what does that have to do with making your point. The only point he makes is your thug going to point a secure criminal and we really don't want to make changes in our society.

If the people calling for changes are the criminals now let me just say this sums good to be angry because he said you just said the protesters are criminals. And please don't be such an idiot as the say that I said that I never setting close to that. I realize the protesters are saying that all police are abuse that that's idiotic because there's probably not 5% or 10% of the most of the police that are you know crooks, there are some but a small amount but condemned the whole bunch.

Because a few do certain things is simply not justice. And it's not rational. Now I don't condemn all the protesters because some of them throw bricks I'm condemning the throwing bricks so all your criticizing protesters.

I don't I don't have any complaint with protesters on the protester, myself.

I protest injustice all the time on their I I think that we should be allowed to protest. I'm not protesting for a crime and if someone says well because some of the protesters are criminals.

We have to defend the criminals because of different protesters. That's just I don't know of any human thought can be stupid and that he would go out well. They may be, but what they're achieving is a criminal goal and that is to destroy justice to destroy criminal justice again to ship a lot of a lot of innocent policemen have been shot since George Floyd was killed. It's not it's not a just thing when one policeman does anything to go and shoot somebody else's dad somebody else's husband or wife or mom who had nothing to do with what George Floyd did someone who's probably spent the whole career helping people who were in danger from crooks.

That's the most please do bodily summing.

We what we have is a world that's gone crazy and Christian should not join them in going crazy.

We need to look at things with justice when you look things with clarity and that simply is not looking done by people who make the arguments that you that you heard yesterday. I need to take another call but I appreciate you asking that seizure. This print is so small Paul from Bonavista Colorado. I welcome to the neuropathic circling an older gentleman friend of mine you felt like they were accusing our president of not acting quickly enough as far as bringing in the military to take care of the writing that you're on that day with it and it made me stop and realize that I heard of Job morning talk about that. Back at you Jordan brought in the military situation. I can't remember what it was and forgive me. I wish I can remember back that even though I was really okay yeah the point is I did in the 1956 to military to calm down, biblically speaking, because I know what you thing out are doing or not acting or not acting quickly enough you get more heat if he did this he did act that you get a lot more about well that that's what I'm wondering. But then also the virus well and he really know. Caleb what went on with that to and that I my opinion would only printed $3 trillion for crying out what the American anybody who says Mr. Trump should've done something sooner.

They may be right, but would you like to step into his shoes and handled and juggle all the things he's juggling with. He's the most powerful man of the most powerful nation in the whole world and he's got dozens of real global crises that are calling for his attention and scores of you know local national crisis.

The guy has his has a lot on his plate, and when it comes up as chaotic as riots seek. As I understand it and I'm not. I'm not making a political point. As I understand the facts, I believe that Trump actually offered to send the military and to somebody states that were disrupted and they and the governors refused. From what I've heard. I've heard that he's offered several times.

The governors don't want them to do so.

So he hasn't done it so I mean it when you get to do yet you can't cancel, no matter ever.

Especially I governors don't want to happen now.

My question like what with the great commission take precedent over ethological argument. Should we be more about reaching one other person.

I cannot have that.

I like avoid men and women in America should be reaching out to at least one other person in their in their goal of the body of Christ, we should be like an army moving in a good way to impact the fighting in a good way so that we can turn our country around and retake that the house that it would people that are godly in God and want to put God rule and and and in his law back in place in this country so that we don't have vanity with all the leadership that we have the can even rationalize yeah I agree with you that the body of Christ needs to be more outspoken about what's right. I think a lot of Christians are confused about what's right.

I mean, I know they are because like the previous caller said so.

I think some Christian preachers were deftly on the wrong side of the fence because they are not clear thinkers they abuse the Scripture comparing things researcher for things that have no comparison when you've got Christians who don't think well are Christians who don't who have an agenda or are, whatever. Then, especially their pastors, you're going to have confused Christians, but there are Christians who do think in the ones who do had better be outspoken because people who don't think you do all the speaking otherwise and I just really think that Christians there's enough Christians in this country to raise a voice for what's right for Christ and for justice and for righteousness like Christians have historically done but I think it was afraid. I mean if you say something against these people. You're called a racist.

No, you're not a racist limit. Let me just, you know, no one has ever really defined racism force in recent times, the classic definition of racism is that you judge somebody based on their race, and not on other more other factors more worthy of being judged by well, that's not what I mean right now it's popular for white people say I'm evil because I'm white. And if you don't say that then your conservative racist. I would think that some is your evil because you're white is the one who's judging someone by their race.

I don't judge him by the race and you know if you if you ever wonder. I wonder if I'm racist I keep hearing Christian say. I think we might all have a little racism. I don't know that I do. I don't think I've ever had a racism to me.

But here's one way to test it.

If you're a parent to say would you if you're a white parent of an adult single daughter, would you be happier if she married a white non-Christian or black Christian your white daughters like your Christian guitars. Christian would you be happier if she married a black Christian or white non-Christian will to me there's no contest. My what my daughter could marry a black Christian nation Christian or Hispanic Christian or a Polynesian Christian I don't care what kind Christian. There's no race in the body of Christ.

There is no racism.

God doesn't judge people resentment and Christians don't either. Thinking like God without but for my daughter to marry a white non-Christian would be tragic.

It be horrible from my point of view, which means I don't identify with the white race I identify with Chris with Christ and with Christians and you know a person identifies himself by their race, so that they say yeah I know these I know this guy who got shot maybe of black that I'm black to an I should probably stand in solidarity with well okay if if your identity is in your race when you're racist that's that's simply a definition of racism. If you say well I don't care if he's a Christian or not, I care fees of my race to defend my race I will have an interest in defending the white I'm a white guy I'm up on my old white guy. I guess I've had some white privilege.

I spoke with anyone who lived in America's had privilege beyond that of any other persons elsewhere in the world no matter what race you are. But the truth is I would get to me.

You can tell how you identified. You identify as with Christ or with your race. I sent what I rather have my daughter marry a Christian of another race or a non-Christian of my own race. If answers I'd rather she marry someone of my own race. Even if there non-Christian thing you're racist that's that's that that's a surefire tester member Dennis Prager once said years ago you want to know some of the liberal you can find a lasting one question and the question is does poverty cause crime. A liberal will always say yes and some of his in touch with reality will always say no. I know that I know the party doesn't cause conqueror spent most my life in poverty real poverty and I would've committed a crime to save my life. Honestly because I had convictions. Poverty doesn't cause crime bad character causes crime, but a liberal thinks poverty because the capsule is like a test question. My liberal or conservative. Well, I think poverty causes crime more than a liberal. If I don't think so, but I'm not the same thing about races is someone a racist. Would you rather have your daughter Mary Christian of a different race or non-Christian of your own race that will be flat-out guaranteed proof your racist or whether not racist because everybody identifies with some solidarity. The Christian identifies with the body of Christ. What is no Jew or Gentile barbarians to the embargo. There's no race divisions in the body of Christ. And if your identity is with Christ, then you level Christians no matter what race they are, but if you're identity is with your race that's near racist. Then, of course, because that's what that's the very definition of IM on the side of my race against other races left non-Christian that that's not even I'm not sure if a person can be racist and Christian same time I realize lots of people call themselves Christians are truly racist but lots of people call them. Since Christians are really Christians. I'm not sure that a person who identifies with their own race more than with Christ and his people is really a Christian at all because your race is your flesh if you're identified with the flesh that I'm not really sure you're saved and I think anyone here listing the white or black vinyl bolts.

I don't like people, I think even though more black people are highly secure for more black people who sound like the races because they're not judging things by righteous standards that judging them by support of their own race and white people due to an Asian people due to this accident, and certainly Hispanics.

Everyone says that if their carnal, but if someone is a Christian, they identify with Christ. And Christ identifies with people of every race who believe in him so I really think that people you know this whole thing is said to be about race. It's not about race.

It's not about black lives matter.

It's about power. It's it's really about trying to overthrow the present structures even though they work well for most people but the truth is, if if black lives matter really thinks that black lives matter, then let them go to Chicago and address the problems.

There that cause as many people he killed, black people be killed in Chicago in one weekend as I killed by police nationwide in a year. That's a fact. There were nine unarmed black people killed by police in the year 2019 nine. In that year. Two weeks ago. On one weekend 18 black people unarmed innocent people were killed not by police on one weekend so you got twice as many black people killed on one weekend in Chicago, then you have killed by police in a holy twice as many as in a four year now anyone that's a fact. That is a statistic and if people think black lives matter I do. I do think likewise that I think black people matters much of anybody but if you really are going to make that your campaign goal where the black people are really dying in large numbers unjustly and protest their against the lungs were killing them. That's not usually the police anyway. It can be replaced, but most of it's not. It's mostly crime by gangs and things like that so yeah I guess you got me riled up. I don't really know some people keep saying to me last few days because this people asked me these questions.

I don't bring them up. I don't have a monologue at the beginning to show. I don't have a topic I just take your questions and asked me about some like this.

I talk about some in my under gag order to talk about such things as anyone else love to talk about. If you ask a question.

I try to answer. I try to answer honestly not politically but some things that are not inherently political, have been been politicized. Race is not really a political thing by nature it's a social thing but it's been politicized. Gender is not political things with politicized sex have been politicized all kinds of your politicized that Christians have something to say about and then when you say something right because it's been illegitimately politicized sums of all your get into politics. No, I'm get into the Bible.

I'm getting into practical application of the teaching of Jesus Christ. That's what I'm all about and I'm afraid that people who, to whom.

It's a political issue are often blind to the moral issues and the scriptural issues of it and you know I I wouldn't bring these things up with people and ask that they do and you people say don't get into politics. I just as soon not be involved in politics. Let politics stay out of the Christians domain and then I'll be glad to be aloof from politics. I don't need you to get involved in politics. I'm not a belong to any party. I'm not a Republican or Democrat or I'm a Christian. I am a follower of Jesus, and I am an upholder of justice because that's what Jesus stands for. I'm not upholding the concerns of one race or another, including my own question. I my race is as corrupt as every other race and by the way, if you have a different recently your races as corrupt as mine were all corrupt and we all need Jesus. And until we get that through our heads were to be at each other's throats and that's what's going on right now because where there's no where there's no consulting God's word. There's nothing to keep people saying the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. And when you've lost the fear of God in society. There is no wisdom left. Only fools okay so that would be my thoughts about your question. I actually prefer people to and ask about this much given up trying to be controversial, just like answer people's questions and I'm a person thinks about everything through biblical lands not never through political ends.

But as I say, some people politicized things that are actually Christian concerns. I think about them through Christian length and some loss of say well know. The Christian position is over on the southern side, you're always welcome to call and say so I haven't had anyone really make it a good case yet, but I be glad to hear if you've got one night and see we got our lines full, who's been here the longest list talk to Joe from Tacoma, Washington Joe, welcome to the narrow path extra calling. About this, and Matthew 19 verse 27 and 28 there's one word I would like to highlight quickly go through Peter says, behold, we have forsaken on quality, what shall we have therefore and Jesus said unto them, verily I say unto you, that ye which have followed me in the generation when the Son of Man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon 12 thrones, judging the 12 tribes of Israel. I was curious that word regeneration in the regeneration of man shall sit in the throne when you think about that as well is there's more than one way to look at the word regeneration is used. There is not used very often in the Bible.

It is found in Titus 35. I believe it's honestly five or six where it says that we've been saved by the washing of regeneration, so that which seems to be speaking of being born again and Christians often speak about being born of God born again is being regenerated and so some one position would be is in the regeneration is in the new covenant error when when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost and God's people were for some regenerated and that era of regeneration. While when the new order comes in the old orders passed.

Then you'll sit on 12 tribes are 12 thrones. Now, of course, the apostles never did sit on 12 thrones, and yet, that wouldn't have to take it literally could be just a way of saying you will be my my spokesman and ruling under me over the over the people of Israel and the people of Israel. Of course, are those who follow Christ.

Now the problem with that is easiest when the Son of Man is sitting on the throne of his glory which is a term he uses elsewhere for what I think is the second coming. For example, in Matthew 2531. He talked on the summation coming soon. The throne of his glory and inhaled judge the sheep and adults. I take that to be the second coming of Christ.

Now, at the coming of Christ. We will be glorified. We've already been regenerated, but we and the whole creation will be glorified in an in a new order. Even then, has come at Pentecost, a new world without a curse, and our bodies without the effects of the curse and so I think more people than not think of Jesus words is referring to that.

I think some of them see some of them would be premillennialists who say when Jesus comes back and were all written. Overall, glorified, and so forth that the 4000 years the apostles will sit on thrones and read over the 12 tribes of Israel. I think that be a fairly dispensational thing to say but you wouldn't have to. You could simply take it that the apostles have the honor of ruling with Christ. Those 12 and by the way, if there's a million disciples who to reign with him. Then the 7 million throne tsunami in if you're if you faithful to me you will rain with me. You have the throne to sit on, you'll reign with one that regeneration thing work, but judging the 12 tribes of Israel like what kind of judging lie judging them okay was very common in the Bible like authority over. Okay maybe can't remember the future holds. I can speak you know in the Bible in Old Testament and new often the word judge is simply a synonym for ruling the personal rules is said to judge and and that doesn't just mean that they may sit as a criminal justice judge, but that they it's just a term that means to rule many of the kings are said to judge Jesus is said in the Old Testament.

He will judge not according to the appearance of his of the eyes, but here's whatever but it's time in his ruling, it is true that rulers do judge literally, at least in biblical times are King would also hear cases and would judge civil matters and so forth. And that may include that we know Jesus going to judge. In that sense, when he comes back. Paul said were to judge angels and he thought we should therefore be able to judge matters between ourselves for this dispute but also judging in that sense is part of the picture is not the only meaning of judging it often refers to ruling something were to rule with Christ. I think this amount of time.

I wish I wasn't. Thanks for calling. Listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg and live Monday through Friday doing this is working out well supported and if you think there's something worth keeping on the air on this program and feel free to support you can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 just go to our website and the narrow where it is possible to donate from the website.

The narrow thanks for joining us talking tomorrow

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