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The Narrow Path 6/5

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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June 5, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 6/5

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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June 5, 2020 8:00 am

Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the narrow path radio broadcast Steve Greg… You have questions about the Bible of the Christian faith you like to talk about. That's what we're here for you can call him and we can talk about them, and if you see things differently than the host.

You can call we can talk about that to we have an hour together live and this last day of our broadcast week. Of course Friday so you may want to give him we have lines open right now, which we don't always work out – or several lines up right now and if you'd like to call in number is 844-484-5730 7F 844-484-5737 want to remind you if you live in one of the areas where we broadcast where I sometimes visit to speak and hold meetings.

We are not posting meetings at the moment but if you want to write in for information about the next time will be holding a meeting in your area. Feel free to do so you can write to this email address its that's We're all okay here we go. I thought we had a lot of lines open.

We do not. It looks like I was looking at a screen that was blank.

Okay, so our talk. First of all to Michael from Huntington Beach, California.

Michael look into the narrow path. Thanks for calling God for you. In chapter 5, verse 25 to you, you know, when the son of God, and they that hear show. I don't understand now is and is also how someone entered yet determined how to determine interpret the book of Revelation. Some parts, yes, certainly when you're looking at Revelation chapter 20 in your ear at the first resurrection in order to understand what John means by the first resurrection helps to have the book of John, which he also wrote and where he recorded these words of Jesus because Jesus talks about two senses in which the dead. I hear the voice of the Son of Man and come to life. He said the time is coming and now is in which those who the dead will hear the voice of the Son of Man and those who hear shall live while we know that people can be spiritually dead. And when they through the voice of the Son of Man. They come to life and we were dead in trespasses and sins but God has made us alive in Christ, so that's a spiritual resurrection.

But there's also the fact that the dead bodies will someday hear the voice of the Son of Man and they will physically write so that's future what is now is that people are experiencing this spiritual coming to life by coming to Christ and all of us have done so for been born again if were regenerated that was coming to life from the dead, so that's happening now. Jesus said, but he says the time is coming, in which even those who in the graves of this or not he actually speaks of both of these two phenomena in the passage because in verse 24. The verse prior to the when you read he says if anyone hears my voice and believes in him that sent me. He has everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation but has passed from death into life and those who talk about hearing his words, actually okay. People are hearing his words, the dead are hearing his voice and they are coming to life, they have passed from death into life.

If they have believed, so he's talking at this regeneration is the first resurrection. The first coming from death to life. But then the part that is not yet the hour that is coming is mentioned in verse 29 and 30 just couple verses later says 28. 28, 29, do not marvel at this for the hours coming in which all who are in the graves will hear his voice.

Now this is the same as what he said. Verse 25's adversaries are the dead will hear his voice, which leaves ambiguous you mean spiritually dead or physically dead will both one now and one later, but not the later. Those who are in the graves that's physically dead. That's the hours, coming those who are in the grace will hear his voice and come forth some, to resurrection of life, and some to resurrection condemnation so when he says the hours coming and now is he means in one sense it now is in another sense, it's yet future and he explains both both types the passage right right.

Thank you Michael, good talking to you. Okay our next caller is Tom yes, Tom from Tacoma. Welcome to the narrow path on thanks for coming back? I you in the past Scripture About the possibility of people losing your salvation. And then when I you do the gospel John that you made a choice that the first resurrection is when a person is saved, and I can't remember any wrapped around if we resurrected how can you lose that well if you come into life was saved by being born again. Okay, that's a metaphor for being coming up spiritual death is her choice of being resurrected is another metaphor for it. There's a lot of metaphors for salvation.

Being born being resurrected so forth. But the thing they have in common is as a person who is saved, has eternal has life. Okay now we ask, how can a person's life ever not have life. While we see that happen all the time everyday there's people who have life who die so you some killed themselves. Some are killed by other summer kiln access that mean the fact that a person has life doesn't mean they won't die as Trudy said they have eternal life. That's but the eternal life is in Christ, so if you abide in Christ as he said in John 15, then you remain in him and you have life and you bear fruit. On the other hand, he said if anyone doesn't abide in me. He's cast forth as a branch and wizard and they gathered and burned them so the life, the eternal life that we have is ours because we are in Christ.

Now the question of whether we will remain in Christ is very much on the table because Jesus says we should eat. He commands us to do so. You know when you get some of the command to do something, it's clear that is not inevitable.

You don't have to give people commands to something that's going to inevitably happen but it when they have a choice in the matter then you can command them what what choice to make. So Jesus said, some don't abide in him and their cast forth like branches may wither up and burned so you having life is what we have when we believe in Christ when were trusting in Christ we are in him were abiding in him. And while we abide in him.

Of course, the life that he that is in him is our suite. We that's what he saying it says in John at first on scary first John chapter 5 verse 11 and 12. He says and this is the testimony that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his son. He that has the son has life. He who does not have the son of God does not have life. So if you have Christ, then you have the life and it is eternal life if you don't have Christ, while it still eternal life. You don't have it because you're not in him. Just like a as long as the branches connected to the vine. While it will live. For as long as the line lips, but but if it doesn't attack if it gets on this attachment.

Vine then it dies.

Even though the vine continues the life is still there but the branch is not taking it in. It's not participating resurrection. To me it felt like something gets.

And I know that we actually when Judas was with Christ. You know, people would look to human doubt that he was a true believer that Jesus said that he was a devil from the beginning. Sure, there are people like that deftly people who pretend to be Christians and in the not real Christians but there are also people who are real Christians and that is the ones who were abiding in him as a branch and have the life of the vine in them, but they don't remain in him. He's telling them his disciples that if they remain in him they'll yield their fruit.

If they don't remain in him. The weather at the remaining in him doesn't decommission leisure in him in the first place you you can't remain somewhere that you've never been you, and I like just to say Paul has another similar illustration where being saved is being connected by faith to the olive tree, and he says that the Jews who rejected Christ had been broken off from the altar and we know the Jews who rejected Christ like Judas are not Christians or not, do not believe is saved. But he said we Gentiles who believe have been grafted onto the tree. So now we share in the life and the root of the tree says.

But he says this in verse 22 is Romans 1122 therefore consider the goodness and the severity of God on those who fell, severity, but toward you goodness if you continue in his goodness. Otherwise, you also will be cut off.

Now he makes very clear that he's talking to Gentiles who have been added to the tree they been grafted on because their faith and they should they participate in the life of the tree picture says they do they participate in the life of the root of the tree, but if they don't continue it well than the boat be broken off, just like the Jews who disbelieve in Christ of the Jews who disbelieve in Christ are not saved, just like Gentiles and obliterate Christ or set so if you're really broken off like them and I don't see how you could be considered be saved.

Badges check out such like back in here listening to you.

Almost everybody and then when it came about when you talk about social insurrection against I understand. Let me back a little bit so I just just as I think you very much talk to Tom but okay next caller is James from Dallas Texas. I assume there's another Dallas and Oregon were with assessment James welcome to the narrow path other than it is you say you believe in the bathroom resurrected Jesus Christ as a Gentile in the body of Christ.

They did not have eternal security Matthew Mark Luke John Ebert's revelation that they had to keep the law and we are not under law were under grace and get a hold program and glacial while Alanis is a man preach any other gospel than the one at all in his breach their accursed price and I think outside the bar all the religious leaders in this country almost not all all calls the Catholic Church the Pentecostal Baptist body would be Seventh-day Adventist church Christ promoted gospel glacial stop Peter and James and John preach same gospel. Paul absolutely not and they were cursed right not know know know they they were contemporary with Paul there in the same game in the same dispensation game, the sort of God to the 12 tribes scattered abroad since it's not written you Mr. Greg you insert into the body of Christ and not wait to get out the 12 cosmos will not know but I've been grafted into the same tree that that part now you you been brainwashed by the Lordship salvation in Pentecostalism and we've been in you been brainwashed by voluntarism and you know that's the way you converse and I guess we can converse okay. Let's talk to Scott from Phoenix, Arizona Scott, welcome to the neuropathic circle or comment about how blinded dog man nurse lady's lessons bound by the law bound by law, and I'm bound by no where that is what the word bind is used figuratively.

It's true I mean to say were bound by oath were not literally bound the same. I am, I am compelled by the oath and not free to release myself from it any more than if I was physically bound with ropes and chains yeah there's a lot of metaphors for the word bind is used to in or even we if we get someone to say you know I'd like to help out, but my hands are tied. You know whether or not literally tied but there there saying I'm I can't do anything, you know, I really am powerless and to say that's Satan was bound weather were seated in Jesus statement about binding the strongman or in Revelation statement about binding the Dragon to say he's bound is to say that he's been reduced to helplessness so that would be a figure of speech, of course, about its we have to understand the figures of speech as they occur in the context that yeah I mean Satan is is bound in the sense that he could not stop Jesus from plundering his house. That's the obvious meaning of Jesus words in Matthew 12 and in Revelation 20. He's bound in the sense that says that he cannot deceive the nations anymore and he deceives people, but the nations in the Bible refer to the part of the world. It's not Jewish and the Jewish world was enlightened by the law. The Gentiles were in darkness. That was that was Satan's domain whole world lies in the lap of the wicked one Johnson and so that when Jesus of course gave his great commission to his disciples to go make disciples of all the nations he was claiming them for himself and Satan. No longer could only Satan can no longer keep the nations in an complete darkness as he had before and and we can see that because all nations now have Christians on there is the light of the world there there's individuals. Of course that are still deceive, but that's their own choice. The devil can still deceive anybody that wants to be deceived but if something wants the light. Once the truth that he won't be able to see them anymore. My question is about when God commanded Adam. Adam not to eat up the tree of knowledge of good and evil been born yet, so I'm not heard back from Adam and obligate the fact that well. She obviously heard something very much like it from Adam whether he passed on the command exactly as God said it and she changed it or whether he change that we pass on her. I don't know, of course, when the serpent said has God for vineyard eat of any tree of the garden. She said well we can eat of all the trees gone, but not this one.

Because God is said you should not eat of it nor touch it. Now of course not insanely not touching it, but she either added that, or maybe Adam added when he gave her the information working okay okay Scott, thanks for your call okay let's see who's next. It's going to be evicted from Charlotte's Victor welcome to the neuropathic for calling in Daniel nine when he is in. Would that be first in five we knew no sin became sin for and if that's the case, all WF think because legal substitution where and from low to high would be put on Christ. At the same time. The question about the way you tell me that all the said little to be would be put on quite at the same time, he would have to also the father like saying you are guilty and that will be forgiven and be the father goes I am going to think you at the same time to be punished so that he died of course would not be in and add words. Suffice for God to say, all the same that been wrapped up in the will now given to that prophecy in Daniel nine soon to where no more second type of sin of the Jews would do you know you well. I'm sure the implications of what you say I do understand that when Jesus died, that all the sins of the world were placed upon him, and he atoned for them.

That's what I understand, be true, and yes I do believe that that's Daniel nine is talk about what it talks about in verse 24 that you in the 70 weeks to put an end to sin, but I'm not sure what the ramifications are bringing out of it what all and wrapped them all up in that one second type prophecy.

Second type all now can be forgiven sent that last said that God say no name or for any sacrifices need to be done anymore right all and that one sacrifice with no practical okay okay appreciate your call Colors Brad from Comiskey Idaho and that whenever I see Brad's includes he's calling me. I don't get to get chewed out hi Brad how we doing well and good wanted to get when you challenge yesterday.

Now I homeschool my 12 years and I listen to lectures all the time so I have a lecture for you on YouTube that some that I picked out because he specifically talking about California and anti-Christian and non-YouTube. This is your challenge about racism in black like you. What was what was the challenge and that if you are wrong you okay so it's partly which parties on which which part of my being wrong is that there's structural and institutional racism in America and it's been ongoing since the 1600s and still going on right now.

Well I had no okay okay let me just say what I think about institutional racism.

I think there are institutions that are racist. I don't think it's built into the, the founding documents of our country. So I think that there's I think the Democratic Party has been racist for very long time they started the KKK. The Jim Crow laws were there's there's been a lot of institutional racism in that party and some individual racism in the population in general but institutional racism suggests that it's it's like just it's baked into the countries very founding and I don't think it was you well and I got used to not done many lecture and I watched many hundred lectures I listen to hundreds of hours in your letter, so I've been doing 30 years but I know what is that what is the like.

Give me an example of the conflict you think is institutional racism where the FBI is racism and never heard of Frank Abbott now did catch commute And killer okay we need to create commands that will I bring him up. His eye listed a few of his lectures and when he was forced in a way to be an informant for the FBI in his armchair in his book I am writing about this several lectures. He just casually says that the FBI was nearly white. There is no black FBI agents when he went in and now it was all made up of of the rich oligarchical families of America and non-there were no poor whites who are agents eat, not according to Abigail. Racism isn't that's me that's that's classism, racism, class structural class problems in America to bed on top rated and so when the FBI was now did my own research when the FBI was formed right off the bat yet behind in early 1910 and 20 started undercover against black organizations. To this date are doing and thank you. I'm not the FBI was found guilty of murdering Martin Luther King Jr. in a name Memphis, Tennessee with 70 witnesses.

William Currently attorney okay I don't I don't get the whole story on the seals free to simulate well. We could then say there's institutional anti-triumphalism in the country to because the FBI's answer because, well, like I said there are institutions in our country that are racist. There deftly are the FBI might be one of them. There also institutional anti-Trump and and some other things to me and to say there's no there's no white, no black people. FBI don't know what the demographics are today of the FBI. I don't have any concern about demographics because I don't judge by race, I would like to think that we have good people in the FBI we might not we probably don't have some. The point is I'm I don't really care if any people of my race are in an organization are not. I want what I want honest and competent and good people in there now. The FBI has some very corrupt people in it and apparently some racism to. But that doesn't mean that the nation is institutional recency is the documents of our country are not racist.

The fact that there has been racism, even slavery in certain institutions that are racially prejudiced is going against the Constitution and it took a while.

Obviously, for for the country to realize a way that slavery is against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And that's when the war was fought and yet there are racist people and say institutional racism.

It's very ambiguous because to say this country was founded on racism as some people say no I don't think it was founded on the declaration of independence. The other were racist among them. But it was the very Declaration of Independence upon which was founded that caused you know racism to be condemned in in many ways it still of course survives and anyone thinks it doesn't isn't paying attention to say it's an institutional baked into the country.

I don't think that's correct I take a break. I appreciate your call for free bread to simulate to that video.

Your dog listening to the narrow path radio broadcast for another half hour ahead of us and I will be taking calls and that half hour to the narrow path is listener supported. If you'd like to help her stay on the air. You can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1730 macula CA 92593 or you can donate if you wish from the website where everything is available for free, but the website is the narrow I'll be right back. Please state the name of the narrow path radio show is Bible radio that has nothing to sell you everything to do the right thing and share with your family and friends. Tell them to tune into the narrow count on this radio station narrow where they will find topical audio teachings blog articles and diverse teachings on the radio shows you know listener supported Nero With Steve Greg share with you now. Welcome back to the narrow path radio broadcast, Steve, Greg and we have a line open for you at this number 844-484-5737. The program you have questions about the Bible of the Christian faith again. That number is 844-484-5737 and we do have a number of calls waiting and talk to Cheryl from Lincoln, California.

Welcome to the narrow path is recalling Bible that 30 day period.

It was published in 1988 and an overview by Glenn from wrong just to Cheryl.

Let me know if you need to the studio. I'm hearing another radio show in my headphones and it's make it hard for me to listen to Cheryl so studio if you know what's going on you might throw switch there so I don't have to hear that in my headphones don't go ahead.

Sure I'm still here in my headphones I listen to you so you are going to a study by Mac Sanders. You will be logically highlighted people all and any little statement in your I would say you could point out gently that that's not necessarily what Christianity teaches. Some Christians teach that a lot of Christians, but the Bible doesn't that man has an immortal spirit is not what the Bible teaches infected teaches the opposite in first Timothy chapter 6 and verse 16 says that God alone possesses immortality which means nobody else does. So immortality is his alone, but we we receive his life as a targeted previous caller in the past that are in Christ we share in his life that eternal life is in him.

He hasn't and we can have it when were in him that is only because we have him that if we are not in him. We don't have it so I would say that that's what the Bible actually says on the subject is true. Most Christians have been taught that humans are innately immortal, but I don't find anything about all well yes well it is it is a me the question of what the Bible never speaks of the fall never uses that term really that's a theological term that used to describe what happened to the creation. When Adam sinned, and it was Adam's fall.

That, of course, much of Christian theology has taught that the whole the whole human race fell in Adam and again that's and that's the most widespread view largely from Augustine and and it could be true, but it's not stated as such. The bonsai would just say you know you're just seeing some of these things are disputed because they're not actually stated in Scripture. A lot of these things were starting our things that the church is taught ever since Augustine but we don't know them to be true from Scripture they might be true but if it so the Bible silent on. That's how I would approach were and I don't want to go down a rabbit because controversy patient okay got bless you, thank you very much okay just now the other voice in my headphones when away program. I am glad to have a gun, it was me. By the way is me another one of my programs but I don't know why I was hearing it all okay studio just spoke to me and said that it was foul up and okay John from Gainesville Texas.

Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling hi HR expect a whole lot you know I'm not people mention him to me a lot but I've never listen to them so I don't really know what he teaches really good back aspects of the Bible is everyone so I'll he'll bike a reference to our which I am part of the strategy and should Christians are. That's my basic question about the Zohar. I'm not sure. I'm not sure if you've heard is section of the Kabbalah.

Okay, I know the Kabbalah is his Jewish mysticism and so some someone who's interested in Jewish tradition and so forth might consult the Kabbalah, but it's not an inspired work and I think that you capitalism the people who follow the Kabbalah are into things that I think border around how cultic you know so I I don't know much about its contents because I've never studied it, but I do know that it's pre-Christian Jewish mysticism and so if somebody said in an Zohar if that's part of the cabal. I didn't know it is an Zohar. They say such and such.

It depends on why they're saying that. Are they saying that because they're saying this is authoritative or is it just like if we say well you know Plato said this or Socrates said that there's nothing wrong with noting what these people say.

But it's a different matter for saying that this is on the par was saying. Isaiah said that sort.

Moses said that so II would depend on how he's using it. I don't think there's nothing wrong with referencing nonbiblical even non-Christian or anti-Christian source so you know Richard Dawkins said that we know that evolution allows me to be a intellectually satisfied atheist quoting Richard Dawkins doesn't mean I'm supporting what he same, although I think that's a true statement anyway. But the point is that I need to know why I don't I don't think there's nothing wrong with Christians. Teachers quoting things other than the Bible.

But if he's quoting them as if they are on the level of the Bible as if that's just another source of divine authority than I would have to disagree with that. I don't think Christians should be Christians to read the Kabbalah for research obviously but I don't think they should read for spiritual formation.

Thank you so much. All right John, thanks for your call.

Got bless you. Okay our next caller is Josiah from San Diego hi Josiah, welcome to the hello your debating there is a little old Bill future. Well that's an ongoing debate. The church has helped some of those things like that.

There's going to be an antichrist is something that you will find stated in church fathers, though they don't explain an awful lot about who the antichrist is or what, but the rebuilding of the third Temple I don't I don't think that was widely taught or are very is even taught before dispensationalism, dispensationalism teaches that the there's to be a restoration of Temple worship in the millennium and mostly they believe the temple will be built before the millennium will be built to be built during the tribulation and in the antichrist. They think is going to set an image of himself and that's groovy the abomination of desolation that will start the second half of the great tribulation.

I used to believe those things to because I was a dispensations like so many but I couldn't find any of the Bible and said that saving the Bible speaks of the third Temple. I don't see anything in the Bible speaks specifically about an individual antichrist, and certainly nothing about him putting an image of himself in the temple so I don't know of any scriptures for that. I buy my own views have moved from the position of dispensationalism many years ago now largely due to my reading the Bible more. But I I would never say that the Jews won't build another temple because they might the Bible doesn't predict it as far as I can tell that they might because I know someone to whether they will or not.

I don't know but if they do not please God.

That's why God destroyed the temple. Again, please import to continue because Jesus had become the final sacrifice and the Jews did not change that continued offer animal sacrifices. That's what the temple is the temple's slaughter right exactly so. So, if the Jews build a 40 know they have no need for either don't know needs what the Jews need is like a mouse antichrist. There's no Jew or Gentile. In Christ, and there's no Jew or Gentile out of Christ.

As far as that's concerned. All who are in Christ are his people, Jew or Gentile. All who are all who reject Christ are the devil's people, Jew or Gentile Bible right exactly in the end of the temple sacrifices. Like I said the Jews, who continue to do those and rejected Christ were doing so you know as an act of rejecting Christ. Now the Jews in Jerusalem still for most part reject Christ. There are some messianic Jews there, but the small minority, but for the most part, Jews in Jerusalem and the rest the world still reject Christ.

So if they build a temple and start off animal sacrifices. Again it's it's a way of saying we still don't believe in Jesus you know we didn't we didn't want it. When the temple was destroyed, and we still don't. So to build the temple again and were going to start doing the animal thing again, which is an outright rejection of Christ side in a whiny Christian should be excited about if their plan to do it. The Bible doesn't predict it but there's all kinds of rebellion against God because on the bond that the Bible doesn't specifically mention that could be something that will happen in the book of Revelation is strictly ball it in your view, well, strictly, I would say predominantly, although I don't see you talking about a temple there.

The temple that's mentioned in Revelation 11 verses one and two, I believe, is the temple that was standing when Revelation was written, and therefore it it it predicts Revelation 11 wanted to predicts that the temples can be destroyed and given over to the Gentiles be trampled on and Jesus said that in Luke 21 he said the same thing only says going to happen in that generation. So I believe that the destruction of the temple that's mentioned Jerusalem is the instruction of the second Temple. I don't see any reference to third Temple in Revelation, or anywhere else in the bottle and also I eat. We are going to have a chance. The people rejected because you mean thousands. There's no yell yet because of what convicted of murder are going to be. Does he mean that they'll repent after death. From there, and how does it mean that they're dead now so well when one is that he thinks they'll repent when you when you know I pricing well yeah I don't understand the Bible. That way I know what you mean because Jesus said to Jerusalem in Matthew 23. You will not see me anymore until you shall say, Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord and some people understand that to mean that when Jesus comes back it will be because they have received they have converted the same lessons he comes in the Lord. I don't see that is predicting that myself. I mean I understand that verse different. There's a lot of people who do see it that way. You number and email. I don't recall what was your name you know and I was hoping to meet you in person but are not.

Imagine your meeting off right now my there's so many people who email me and I who talk are getting together and we don't.

I'm afraid I don't mind that's that's just my shame. I appreciate okay just paste a circle. Okay were good talk next to Mark from Clifton Park, New York: welcome to the narrow path so I'm cited and pushed the button right height. Well, it might be me. I don't think there's any in the Bible that says Christians must vote, but there are some principles in the Bible that might say that it would be and I don't mean every time, but sometimes when something of importance is at stake because we the Bible talks about us being stewards of the blessings of God's given us and to whom much is given, he said of them much will be required. Now most people who lived in history have never had a opportunity to vote for their leaders that had kings and tyrants and dictators and other things but they never got to decide and and therefore there was an awful lot of injustices against people that they couldn't correct now. Modern states, especially the United States, but also some in Europe and so forth.

In other places, even Latin America, and such. They have elections and and therefore if there is unjust to government. It is possible, at least for citizens to vote for someone who will bring more just government our God is for justice and Christian should be for justice.

Christ is for justice. So the boxes God has ordained to the government to enforce justice to punish evildoers and appraisers who do well now even though God has done that it doesn't doesn't send the Bible we have to vote for anybody but that's because in difficult times.

No one had the choice to vote for anybody. Now that we have that choice. If we might consider and I are inclined toward this position that we have an obligation to steward opportunity just like we have an obligation to steward money or any other benefit would been given that most people don't have whatever we have that others don't. Is a special stewardship. Now, if God is given us the ability to choose our leaders then if we do not know vote for someone who's good and we get somebody who's bad instead then there is some sense in which we have to own that we have to have responsibility because we could've done something about it now. The Jesus didn't come to set up a governmental system or an earthly government system or political party.

I don't think we need a Christian political party, but I do think we do need to candidates who are for justice now. Unfortunately, the in our society. The word justice has been almost completely co-opted by somebody who who destroyed the term by calling social justice which basically says groups have identity and if members of one group have suffered at the hands of members of another group, then the members of that group. The suffered have every right to take it out on those who now lives in different parts the group of the people at once, so that it this is called so social justice which is not justice. It's basically denying individual rights. For example, there is a black man was wrongfully killed by a white policeman in Minnesota. As you know, now there's people work on breaking the windows out of the stores and in impoverishing the owners those stores on those orders.

This is never doing anyone as far as we know, and certainly people who are losing them know that they did it so they're doing is there there send these people are white and it was a white cop that did this to black guy so certainly the Blacks have every right to to lose the weight search now not saying that the left is certainly not all black people feel that way. Thankfully, not just to say that you know people who never doing wrong should be punished because they belong to a group that contains some people who did something wrong and and that they owe something to the members of the group who never suffered, but some members of the group have suffered most the people who haven't suffered a group, are you owed something. This is not justice. The Bible says you should not pervert justice in favor of the poor, and you should not pervert justice and favor the rich and the exes and so you know, if you say well poor people up and down trodden by the system. So we need to correct justice in their favor. That is, we need to give them things they don't deserve and take them from people who don't owe them. That's injustice but that's what social justices say social justice is just a leftist, it's really an Orwellian term with a lot of Orwellian terms right now is basically on the left and what Orwellian terms are they take words at once had a meaning and they just put a different spin on it so that they still use good words, but they mean terrible things and so I'm in the Bible for justice and the Bible does not indicate that in courts of law. For example, that a son should suffer for his father's crimes that says he should not its individual responsibility is where justice lies and so on.

Not to be all that and I mean one thing but a little bit more that accurate I think. Frankly, I think that no one should participate in politics unless they know something and I think most people who vote don't know enough to really be to vote responsibly, but I think that everyone who has the opportunity as a Christian should try to acquaint themselves enough with the issue so that they can be responsible in deciding what their children will have to live under and their grandchildren live under. You know this is not a matter of selfishness. When you vote for freedom you're voting for freedom for the whole country, including your descendents. Sure I like to be free, but my vote for freedom is not for me it's like when people first started talk about you know should we allow for gay marriage, same-sex marriage and divorce I was, not for it.

And people say what is it to you. You're not gay it's like a hurt your marriage.

I don't vote for things because they hurt me don't hurt me. I mimed I'm voting on principle, I don't believe marriage should be redefined by anybody in this is not against gays about this. I don't think that a man who wants to marry his dog should be able to redefine marriage either, or the woman in England who wanted to marry Dalton. I just don't think marriage is up for grabs like that. I think marriage is something that God ordained and defined and nobody, including me, has the right to redefined so on principle him against insured.

Maybe you could say doesn't hurt my marriage.

Maybe not, but I can't say it won't hurt society and won't hurt the perception of righteousness and marriage to the future generations and that's what I'm interested in Christian should be concerned more about their fellow man than about themselves and if they are if they are they will not be following leftist agendas will be voting for freedom and for justice instead. Thank you for your call all right. Let's talk next to John from Corvallis John, welcome to the neuropathic circling lady who called earlier to get into huge debate in anything but she was talking about the idea of sin entering into the world and you kind of indicated that there were really listening to local support for that, you know, there is no biblical support for Augustine's ideas certainly sin entered the law historically through Adam. There's no question about that is the first Romans 512 12. You will be the right historically. That's true in the first centers 18.

The first person to send her Adam and Eve and Adam was the responsible party sin became part of human history it entered in the world through him, but Augustine is so grand as through one transgression there resulted condemnation to all men, even so through one act of righteousness there resulted justification of life to all men, so the idea so I guess I'm saying is that there's reasons why positions you may disagree with that. You may disagree with that versus here's a reason people teach savannas through one transgression resulted condemnation to all men. People back to verse right there that people are saying because of that one transgression resulted condemnation for all men now people can take different positions or interpretations as to what that means but right I guess what I'm trying to say is I guess of value least an argument as to why why those positions in existence which I never did okay. I just wish you would've believed that those verses to their callers.

Is that okay look this is why whitest, here's a verse and send this like my difference with this is why I think it said something else you think about thinking means that's a good question, but you know what it says in verse 12 therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because all sin.

Sounds to me like the condemnation of death, happy people, because they'll send now I get the question because you could take it entered into the yeah I and I actually haven't. I actually have a lengthy answer to that question that I am afraid I only have a few minutes left and I can't get into, but I would say that if you go to my website.

The narrow under topical lectures.

I believe you finally called original sin or depravity, depravity and original sin or something like that try to get the title match up there but I do to a specialist, I'm sure, but I just want to explain that Augustine did not read Greek hero. He read Latin, and he said that he didn't read Greek, now in the Latin of Romans 57 Romans 512 it says, in whom all sent speaking up deaths spread to all men, in whom all sin is referred back to Adam and him all sent the Latin says that and so Augustine argued that we were in Adam and therefore we send in Adam when he sent and because it he read the Latin Bible now in the Greek Bible it says desperado men because all sinned in and all sin is the same phrase that you find and you know Romans three where it says all have sinned and fall short of glory God so all sounds in the in the Greek when you're not reading Latin with the Greek.

It sounds like Paul is saying that death has come upon all of which is condemnation because all of sin, but Adam sin started that going and we sin largely because of him. Now I don't have the time to get it is much like what I understand is this that Adam and Eve lived in fellowship with God and had they chosen to continue doing so, we would all live in fellowship with God but because they were alienated from God.

Everyone that came from them was born.

Haley never got were out of outside the garden, you know, and without God.

We cannot control our flesh.

We cannot control our appetites. We cannot be righteous because we have self center as our nature. Some animals readily animals are self-centered by nature is not a sin to be self-centered in the sense of you know, having desire to satisfy your needs, but it's wrong for people to be self-centered when they're supposed to centered on God and that's I'm sorry a lot of times I wish I could talk but I do have a lecture on it and they got find that election.

If the title there. I appreciate your call. Okay John could talk you listening to the narrow path radio broadcast. My name is Steve Greg where Lister support go to our website. The you can find these lectures and other resources are you Everything is free. Let's talk again Monday. Have a good weekend

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